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13 November 2020


paul emery


So you now concede publicly that Biden will be our next President

"Exciting times ahead as the nation starts its foreplay with socialism after Biden’s inauguration."


Parler.com, Gab, OANN, NewsMax, Patriot Post,8Chan, Daily Caller; plenty of RW echo chambers to choose from.


Bill Tozer

"The dismal performance of FOX News on election night put an exclamation point on the descent of the network into the trough of antipathy and distrust conservatives relegate its competitors. One can infer that FOX News is disturbed by the reaction of conservative media outside the network’s circle to the network’s election night pratfalls (to put it charitably)."


Imagine a world where Wolf Blizter (and all of CNN) is telling his audience that BLM is commiting no violence whatsoever as we watch with our own eyeballs people heisting TV sets, shopping carts full of new Nikes and bags of jewelry for some kind of down payment for Social Justice.

"Imagine all the people...." was the worse song ever written. Fox's ratings are headed south and NewsMax is at 4 million viewers. Not bad since it takes years to build a network from the ground up.

Spehard Smith has yet to catch on at CNBC, ratings that killed Air America back in the day.

NEWS FLASH: We are no longer to refer to MSM as MSM. The new proper term is corporate media. No word about Lamestream Media or Fake News. Whatever you think of them, it does not change the fact that they have become The Enemy of the People.

Bill Tozer

SHOCKED USA Today Warns: Conservatives Shift to Alternate Social Media!

“..... The recent rise of Parler – as well as other social media alternatives that appeal primarily to conservatives and that got their start largely by attracting the far right – raises the specter of further political polarization through digital means. Parler and others, like MeWe and Gab, are gaining momentum with a promise not to censor their users for behavior that might violate the policies of their rivals.
And now for Parler's great sin of acting as a platform, and not a publisher, which engages in neither censorship nor placing warning or advisory labels on posts.

Parler said in its Nov. 7 "community guidelines" that it won't decide what content will be "removed or filtered, or whose account will be removed, on the basis of the opinion expressed within the content."

Supporters say Parler is preserving free speech and is correcting for the overreach of the mainstream social media platforms, which applied labels to or limited the reach of many of President Donald Trump's misleading posts during the week of the election.


Think our brother Dan Bongino is a co-founder of Parler. Buck uses Parler. Where are you going to go? This place in hell and your opinions and literally yourself and family erased? No thanks. I can abuse myself just fine without corporate media’s help:

-Media ENRAGED Zuckerberg Refuses to Ban Bannon from Facebook

-OUTRAGEOUS: Twitter Labeled 300K Tweets This Election Cycle
-Petulant Pelosi Slams Facebook for Allowing Free Speech

“U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi scorched Facebook for allowing conservatives to criticize and mock liberals.”

-Showtime Documentary Smears Reagan as Racist Precursor to Trump

Ok, one more.

-Twitter Censorship Spikes: Site Restricts Trump and Campaign 111 Times

Through its rampant censorship, Twitter has done its best to silence President Donald Trump. However, neither former Vice President Joe Biden nor his campaign have received any labels or filters of any kind.

Election Day brought with it a huge spike in Twitter’s censorship. The company’s arsenal used against Team Trump included labels, filters, blocking URLs and preventing users from commenting on certain tweets. This same treatment was also handed to the Trump campaign Twitter account. Since Nov. 3, Trump’s personal Twitter account was censored 35 times as he tweeted about ballots and election counts. Overall, Twitter has censored Trump since May 31, 2018, a grand total of 111 times. In contrast, Biden and his campaign have received no forms of censorship or suppression.

Nine tweets over the past 24 hours were given labels from Twitter. The latest censored Trump tweet, a Nov. 8 video clip from Fox News’ “The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton,” was given a label: “This claim about election fraud is disputed.” However, in the video, Fox News contributor and Washington Times columnist Tammy Bruce simply said, “There’s always some kind of fraud, that’s unavoidable. But when you’re dealing with the most vulnerable voting dynamic, which are the mail-in ballots, that’s the biggest issue. And now with it being about 50 percent of what came in, we have to be able to deal with the nature of the legitimacy of this and if it can be legitimate.”

In a second censored clip, Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo discussed with Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) the concept of “dead people voting.” Twitter labeled this video with “This claim about election fraud is disputed.” Yet, according to 2012 research done by the Pew Center on the States, 1.8 million deceased people were registered as voters. This topic has been discussed broadly by both sides in the past 10 years.

The third clip, an interview with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” the senator addressed the claims of voter fraud, saying, “The legal process is how you resolve those questions.” Twitter also labeled this video, “This claim about election fraud is disputed.”

Noted conservative figures like pundit Dan Bongino, The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, and Paul Sperry, a media fellow for Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, have been retweeted by Trump, only to be either labeled or given a filter over their tweets.

In a previous study, Twitter had been found to have censored both Trump and his campaign 64 times. Tweets about the president’s concern over mail-in voting, COVID-19, and the Black Lives Matter protests have been given “public interest notices.”


Another BIG LIE is because of Trump and his hate, journalistic standards and censorship will return to normal after Trump is gone. Yo, this is the new normal and there is no going back. They see this as progress, Progressive style: Don’t just silence those hung up on individual liberties, destroy them now!

George Rebane

PaulE 1231pm - Paul, I'm not "conceding" anything new here. I have said for some time that the odds favor Biden for president. And that's what I continue to say here. Were you to read RR more carefully, you'd recall that I stated before the election that Trump's probability of winning was 0.05 or one out of twenty. Given the evidence of election fraud that is now coming to light daily and contained in the ongoing blizzard of Trump's suits, I am increasing Trump's chances to one out of ten, or 0.10.

Bill Tozer

Rebane: Nate Silver’s 438 gave Trump a 11% chance before the election, per our resident poll watcher. Why concede anything, even Georgia where they are still counting the recount as we speak and media calls Georgia for Biden. It’s killing two birds with one stone. Distrust in the electoral process and distrust in government media (NPR). Opps make than three birds with one stone. Add corporate media.

As a sidebar, I have found myself awestruck over Silver’s magic show. He once again turned his audience into a bunch of asses. Amazing talent. Was that magic or just a great illusion??

Nope it was magic. His closest followers are still jackasses as we speak


Thank you all for the wonderful discussion. Especially you George for creating the forum. I’ve been voting a long time and watching. Many years ago a good friend turned me onto, and introduced me to the political world. She was an active voting poll watcher for many years and described how strict the rules were...which was good. However, not long before she stopped working at the polls she was concerned that they were not as strict and becoming sloppy with security. This election really proved she was right. Pretty obvious since Republican observers weren’t allowed during the counting at some polls. An observer told me that they had to stand so far away that they couldn’t actually see if the count was valid.
Hate to say it, but in all the years I’ve voted I’ve never witnessed the destructive, violent behavior of those against Trump when he first ran for President. It reminded me of went on in all those third world countries we spent so much money to help. If you watched and remember...this is the same corruption that’s going on here now. The solution is an uptick of morals, following our strict voting law, and standing by our Constitution. Personally I feel like our Founders if we want a good government of, by and for we the people.That’s what it boils down to no matter what political Cult you belong to....If you’ve paid attention you’ll notice which Cult supports the middle class businesses and those they employ who pay all the taxes that pays our government and keeps America going.


When Trump starts his Conservative alternative news Plenty will be switching.
There is another in the works. So I hear.

Todd Juvinall

I am a subscriber to Rush and to Bill O'Reilly. com. Bill gives a daily news take and Thursday he said CNN will be laying off 2,000. Comcast revenues as well as their NBC, down 70 to 80% He says a huge number are finding other sources. I also suggest NEWSMAX on Comcast channel 1115.

paul emery


Nate gave Trump the same odds that George gives him. 1 in 10.


I'm confused about your claim of "election fraud"? Can you show me a few examples that in your view might alter thousands of votes in at least three States? That's what it would take to flip things around and I see nothing like that coming even on Breitbart which I read daily. Help me out with this and be specific with links so I can learn more.

thanks Here's todays Breitbart.


Wayne Hullett

Another conservative outlet is OANN (One America News Network). Website is (obviously) oann.com.


Hey Punch how come you are always panhandling others to do your research for you?

Steven Frisch

Yes George, why don't you shift to become an OAN acolyte...it would be kind of a full circle thing...from fleeing the Russian communists to joining in the Russian fascists.

Scott O

PE 3:28 - "I'm confused about your claim of "election fraud"? Can you show me a few examples that in your view might alter thousands of votes in at least three States?"
Remember when Paul claimed there was no voter fraud?
Now he changes it to only when it will alter 'thousands of votes'.
It doesn't matter who wins, Paul. If there is election fraud, people need to go to prison.
Do you have a problem with that, Paul?

Scott O

Little Stevie Frisch - "...to joining in the Russian fascists."
Are you sure they aren't racist and homophobic as well?
Define 'facist' and provide proof that One America Network is run by 'Russian facists".

Steven Frisch

Posted by: Scott O | 14 November 2020 at 05:30 PM

Well yes, they are racist and homophobic as well, thanks for reminding me.

paul emery

There is always some voter fraud Scott. They seem to be anecdotal and involve individuals and seldom involve more than a hand full of votes. What Trump needs is some systemic effort involving thousands of votes or system mistakes and to the best of my searching there haven't been any up to now. Call it a conspiracy or what ever. They don't seem to exist up to this point.

If any one has examples that could change the election I'm open to checking the information out.

paul emery

I have done research fish bu haven't found anything of the magnitude that could change the election.

Bill Tozer

"I have done research fish bu haven't found anything of the magnitude that could change the election."....says the one who pushed the idea that a $100,000 spent on FB buys could alter the billion dollar election in 2016, not to mention a couple hundred thousand spent on FB that ran only overseas and another $250,000 FB buy that was never used.

Don Bessee

HAHA! No green deal for you -



Scott O

PE - 5:46 - "They seem to be anecdotal and involve individuals and seldom involve more than a hand full of votes."
They 'seem to be' anecdotal?
As in - the sun 'seems' to rise in the east.
Like the 'glich' that switched far more than a 'handful' of votes.
Just happened to be in favor of Biden.
Oh, and 'seldom' involve more than a handful of votes.
Care to back that up with facts, Paul?
"What Trump needs..."
No Paul - what America needs is clean elections. Try to stop talking about Trump for maybe a millisecond or two and focus on the topic.
Voter fraud. This isn't new. I've complained about it for decades.
Now it's out in the open and you don't care because it helps your side to win.
We all notice you refuse to denounce voter fraud, Paul. Why are you leftys afraid of investigations into voter fraud?
Finally - "I have done research fish bu haven't found anything of the magnitude that could change the election."
Claiming that you have done 'research' is hilarious, Paul - it's well known you don't even know how to use a search engine on the internet.

Scott O

Little Stevie Frisch is back with more name-calling.
I asked for a definition and some proof and Little Stevie can't step up to the plate.

Scott O

DB 6:09 - Hilarious!
Has AOC told Nancy the news?
Have any islands in the Pacific tipped over?
Frisch and Emery - this is your party, dudes.
This is what you voted for.

Barry Pruett

“ There is always some voter fraud Scott” - Paul @546.

The acceptance of any fraud is misguided. Fraud creates lack of faith in our democracy. You need to think through what you are saying Paul.

Scott O

re different sources for news - (Paul cover your ears) - I'm pushing Parlor for now. So far, it looks legit. Here's just one little tidbit the so-called news media thought needed strangling in the crib.
It's pretty obvious the Dem mayors and governors are full of shit with their 'orders' to prevent covid.
Large groups with no mask mandates are actually pretty cool when the leftys NEED (their term) to par-tay.
But you don't need to.
Can hardly wait for Biden to end the Covid Pandemic "on day one".
Easy-peasy - just have all the news media say he did.
Done deal.

Don Bessee

Here you can watch frishies new red guard bet up women of color and old folks just to remind them of their responsibility to tow the socialist dem line, how frishy is that -



Don Bessee

Defund the police and wont follow covid lyft rules, just another self entitled socialist who expects LE to support her little sntit -

Hardesty then complained about the driver's windows being down, which is in line with Lyft's policies to prevent the spread of COVID-19, according to KATU News.

Frost eventually pulled into a Chevron gas station, canceled the ride and asked Hardesty to leave the vehicle. The city commissioner said she called 911 and refused because "it was cold and she was a woman and alone," the dispatch report shows.

She continued: "When you’re living in a city where white supremacists are proudly riding around in their big trucks with their flags, and you’re a Black person, and somebody wants to put [you] on the side of the road at night -- not gonna happen."


The commissioner told the 911 operator: “I’ve got a Lyft driver that decided he would just drop me off at a filling station. Well, I’m not getting out of the car, in the dark, at a filling station, not happening. All because I asked him to put the window up."

"I am not going to allow him to leave me on the side of the road. I paid for a ride and he says he canceled it, so I’m just going to sit here until he sends me another ride," she said.

The dispatcher explained that the vehicle is Frost's property, no crimes were committed, and only she can order another Lyft.

After Hardesty called 911, Frost made his own 911 call.

"I canceled the ride so she's no longer involved or engaged with me. She's refusing to get out of my car," he said. Officers were sent to the scene.



Scott O

So - here's the latest offical blast-from-his-ass:
So - if you're from out of state and come to WA to burn buildings, riot, spray paint graffiti, block the roads and loot stores - you're good to go!
We are planning to visit our son and daughter-in-law in Seattle at T'giving. We're not to travel to his state to enjoy the company of our relatives. He isn't asking us not to travel if we are sick or have a fever - he's saying we shouldn't come.
What kind of F'd up country have we become?
Ought to get interesting or as my neighbor loves to say - "shit's about to get real".

paul emery

Fair enough Barry. Sure, no crime is acceptable.

Here's a State by State look at Trumps lawsuits. Doesn't seem to be anything what would involve that many votes.

"A barrage of lawsuits and investigations led by President Donald Trump’s campaign and allies has not come close to proving a multi-state failure that would call into question his loss to President-elect Joe Biden.

The campaign has filed at least 17 lawsuits in various state and federal courts. Most make similar claims that have not been proven to have affected any votes, including allegations that Trump election observers didn’t have the access they sought or that mail-in ballots were fraudulently cast.

Below, the AP examines Republican efforts to fight the vote tally in six states that Biden won or is leading:


THE CLAIMS: Trump’s campaign has sued seeking the manual inspection of potentially thousands of in-person Election Day ballots in metropolitan Phoenix that they allege were mishandled by poll workers and resulted in some ballot selections to be disregarded. The campaign is asking the court to bar the certification of election results until such a manual inspection is completed.

Secretary of State Katie Hobbs’ office has called Trump’s lawsuit a repackaged version of a now-dismissed challenge over the use of Sharpies to complete Election Day ballots in metro Phoenix.

WHAT’S NEXT: A judge will hear arguments in the case on Thursday.



THE CLAIMS: Georgia’s two Republican senators have demanded the resignation of the Republican secretary of state over what they say are “too many failures in Georgia elections this year.” But their statement didn’t specify what failures they had seen beyond “mismanagement and lack of transparency.”

While the AP has not called the race, Biden leads Trump by more than 14,000 votes out of nearly 5 million votes in the state. A Democrat has not won Georgia’s Electoral College votes since 1992.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger rejected the demands of Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler — who face January runoffs that will decide control of the U.S. Senate — and denied there had been widespread problems. On Wednesday, he announced an audit of presidential election results that will trigger a full hand tally.

WHAT’S NEXT: The secretary of state said the process is slated to begin by the end of the week. He expects it to take until Nov. 20, which is the certification deadline.



THE CLAIMS: The Trump campaign’s latest lawsuit, announced Tuesday night, alleges “illegal and ineligible ballots were counted” without providing proof.

The lawsuit includes assertions from poll watchers that their challenges were ignored or that they weren’t allowed close enough to the vote counting. Some say they saw apparent double-counting of some ballots. Others alleged they saw signs of political bias, including poll workers rolling their eyes when they opened ballots with votes for Trump. Several people noted in affidavits that they saw poll workers or Democratic observers wearing masks or clothing supporting Black Lives Matter, implying that they therefore opposed Trump.

There is no evidence anyone miscounted votes out of political motivation.

WHAT’S NEXT: No hearing has been scheduled in the latest case. Injunctions sought in two other lawsuits were turned down. Another case is pending.



THE CLAIMS: Two Trump campaign officials stood before a crowd of chanting protesters Sunday and, without evidence, claimed that there were thousands of potentially fraudulent votes, including votes cast on behalf of dead people and by people who were no longer Nevada residents.

The election security agency at the Department of Homeland Security says states have strong safeguards to detect illegal voting under the names of the deceased, including signature matching and death records. Rumors that people 120 years and older voted in the election “are actually innocuous clerical errors or the result of intended data practices,” such as someone typing “1/1/1900” into a database as a placeholder item.

The Trump campaign settled one lawsuit that was before the Nevada Supreme Court, saying it had reached an agreement with Clark County, which includes Las Vegas, to add more observers to a ballot-processing facility.

Officials in Clark County said they have forwarded two allegations of ballots being cast in the name of dead voters to the Nevada Secretary of State, which declined to comment on ongoing investigations.

WHAT’S NEXT: A lawsuit challenging the use of an optical scanning machine to count ballots and verify signatures is still pending.
Full Coverage: Explaining Election 2020



THE CLAIMS: Trump loyalists have filed at least 15 legal challenges in Pennsylvania alone, some before Election Day arrived. Two pending cases involve a state Supreme Court decision before the election that allowed mail-in ballots to count if they were sent by Election Day and arrived up to three days later.

The state estimates there are about 10,000 mail-in ballots at stake. Biden currently leads by about 50,000 votes.

On Monday, Trump’s campaign sued to stop the certification of the election results in Pennsylvania, alleging that Republican votes were “illegally diluted by invalid ballots.” The lawsuit itself contained no evidence of voter fraud other than a smattering of allegations such as an election worker in Chester County altering “over-voted” ballots by changing votes that had been marked for Trump to another candidate.

WHAT’S NEXT: Court hearings are scheduled in at least one pending case, while filing deadlines are ahead in others. Trump has won one victory: A state court ruled his campaign observers had to be allowed closer to the actual vote counting.



THE CLAIMS: State Republicans are providing no evidence that any of the problems affected the overall outcome of the election.

Instead, the effort appears aimed at sowing doubt in the election results among Trump supporters ahead of a possible recount. And one Republican has raised the remote possibility of setting aside the results altogether.

The issues they have raised include clerks filling in addresses on absentee ballot envelopes and a vote-counting error in one county that was quickly corrected. The state’s top elections official, Meagan Wolfe, has said repeatedly that there were no problems with the election reported to her office and no complaints filed alleging any irregularities.

But Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has ordered an investigation into the election results. Said Rep. Joe Sanfelippo, a Republican appointed to the committee overseeing the probe: “If an investigation shows these actions affected the outcome of the election, we need to either declare this past election null and void and hold a new election or require our Electoral College delegates to correct the injustice with their votes.”

Under state law, the Republican-controlled Legislature has no role in picking electors, who are bound to cast their vote for the winner of Wisconsin’s popular vote as certified by the state elections commission. The commission is chaired by a Democrat, and Democratic Gov. Tony Evers has to sign off on who the elections commission certifies as the winner.

WHAT’S NEXT: Trump is expected to request a recount as soon as possible, likely Nov. 18 under state rules.


George Rebane

PaulE 328pm - You continue as confused as ever. Evidence of voter fraud is orthogonal to evidence of the extent of fraud to change the election outcome. Evidence of voter fraud is overwhelming with the eyewitness reports and sworn affidavits and ... . The magnitude of that fraud is yet to be adjudicated, but by no means is there evidence yet that the fraud was insufficient to change the election outcome.

SteveF 503pm - Careful there Steve. Coming here just to call me names will result in getting your hall pass pulled again. Stick to substance, you'll look much better in the eyes of your compatriots.

Don Bessee

No such problem says botox nancy xi and the socialists -

"Real Time" host Bill Maher closed his show Friday night by scolding Democrats for what he viewed as their underwhelming performance in the 2020 election -- and offered them a warning ahead of January's Senate runoffs in Georgia.

Maher began by pointing to a New York Times headline that read "Something went wrong" that summarized a Democrat post-election conference call where they "wept, cursed and traded blame."

"Wait, I thought we won this one," Maher reacted, alluding to Joe Biden's projected presidential victory. "Yes, we did ... but Democrats were supposed to flip the Senate and didn't, supposed to flip state legislatures, not a one. And they lost seats in the House.

"In a year that was so much about making people aware of racism, their share of minority votes went down!" he continued. "The message to Democrats from so much of the country seems to be, 'We don't like Trump but we still can't bring ourselves to vote for you.'

"If Cracker Jack was made of popcorn and dog s--- and half the people threw out the popcorn, popcorn should want to know why. Either liberals can either write off half the country as 'irredeemable' or they can ask what is it about a 'D' next to a candidate's name that makes it so toxic?"

He cited several Democratic lawmakers who offered their assessments on how they can win back voters, like U.S. Rep. Ruben Gallego of Arizona, who urged the party not to discourage Latino voters by using the term "Latinx," something Maher says is used by "pandering White politicians who mistake Twitter for real people."

Maher then cited Reps. Abigal Spanberger and Jim Clyburn, who discouraged the "defund the police" slogan and pointed to Rep. Conor Lamb, who urged Democratic rhetoric "needs to be dialed back. It needs to be rooted in common sense."

"Thank you. Thank you. There, in my opinion, is the crux of the problem," Maher stressed. "Democrats too often don't come across as having common sense to a huge swath of Americans ... but as I've said before, politics in this country is binary. You have to wear everything your side does. Republicans are the party of don't wear masks, kids in cages, lock her up, and Democrats are the party of every hypersensitive, social-justice-warrior-woke-bulls--- story in the news. They're the party that disappears people or tries to make them apologize for ridiculous things."

He pointed to several stories involving celebrities issuing apologies for perceived offenses, including Mario Lopez's remarks on how parents shouldn't allow toddlers to choose their own genders.

"I can do this all day, cite stories big and small that are endlessly on people's newsfeeds that add up to a constant drip drip drip of 'These people are nuts'!" Maher exclaimed. "That's what people vote on, not policy. Democrats kept saying in the campaign, 'You can't possibly think Trump is preferable to what we're selling,' and many voters keep saying, 'Yes we can.' In fact, our primary reason voting for him is to create a bulwark against you because your side thinks silence is violence and looting is not. Because you're the party of chasing speakers off college campuses and making everyone walk on eggshells and replacing 'Let's not see color,' with 'Let's see it always and everywhere' -- formally the position of the Klu Klux Klan. It would be so easy to win elections if we would drop this s---."

The "Real Time" host then played a clip of President Obama, who previously told liberals, "This idea of purity and 'never compromise' and you're always politically woke and all that stuff, you should get over that quickly."

"Quickly -- like before they vote in Georgia," Maher warned.



paul emery


You've never given me any details or links about what you refer to as truckloads of sworn affidavits. You refer to this as fact but nowhere have I found evidence of that and you have failed to provide any details other than you're own statements.


Posted by: paul emery | 14 November 2020 at 07:47 PM

You see.....YOU CAN DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH WHEN ADEQUATELY MOTIVATED.....you otherwise useless twat


Paul @ 7:47- can't believe you wasted your time writing that and mine reading it. What are you worried about?

Go back to sleep...

Don Bessee

Those mutha mullahs pretend to be in conflict with al qaeda but harbor their leedareship -

Al Qaeda’s second-in-command, accused of helping to mastermind the 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies in Africa, was killed in Iran in August by Israeli operatives acting at the behest of the United States, the New York Times reported, citing intelligence officials.

Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah, who went by the nom de guerre Abu Muhammad al-Masri, was gunned down by two men on a motorcycle in the streets of Tehran on Aug. 7, the Times reported on Friday.



Scott O

Paul 7:47 - "Doesn't seem to be anything what would involve that many votes."
Yeah - it's like rape.
As long as there aren't that many, who cares? Right, Paul?
Why are the Dems so afraid of the investigations into voter fraud?
Since when is an investigation of a possible crime some kind of threat to democracy as the Dems are complaining?
Paul admits (now) that there is voter fraud and that it is wrong.
But investigating it and punishing the wrong doers doesn't seem to be anything that Paul wants. Why?
Paul claims it won't alter the election.
How does he know?

George Rebane

PaulE 829pm - I should have put semi-quotes around 'truckloads' because I thought you would get it - my mistake.

Bill Tozer

Majority Preservation Act. Good one.


Mrs. Pelosi unveiled a 600-plus page bill devoted to “election reform.” Some of the legislation was aimed at weaponizing campaign-finance law, giving Democrats more power to control political speech and to intimidate opponents. But the bill was equally focused on empowering the federal government to dictate how states conduct elections—with new rules designed to water down ballot integrity and to corral huge new tranches of Democratic voters.

Looking down the road at a possible, if not probable, scenario.....it’s all boils down to the next election and all future election. There backkkkkk by the truckload.

‘Return of the Propeller Heads’
Column: Heavy-handed bureaucracy is set for a comeback under Biden

“It was recently disclosed that Iran has 12 times the nuclear material allowed under the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and installed advanced centrifuges in its underground research facility. The theocratic government of Ayatollah Khamenei is isolated internationally. Its economy is under tremendous strain from American sanctions. And Biden and his team are ready to reenter the nuclear deal if Iran will have them, rewarding an authoritarian state sponsor of terrorism in order to demonstrate to Europe that "America is back."

There's nothing more dangerous than a propeller head who doesn't know his limitations," David Brooks wrote in 2009. Today's propeller heads are more ambitious than they were a decade ago. And far more moralistic. Come January, they will return to their old offices and resume their old games. Sure, a few of the names will be different. But the results will be the same.”


RX Cross

George-- you often rail about the "lame stream media". What news outlets do you consider to be accurate and trustworthy?

paul emery

I get it George but your reference refers to a huge mass of affidavits etc. Are you saying in the thousands or hundreds?

George Rebane

RX 922am - I'm in the process of re-evaluating many of my formerly trusted sources as you can read from the above commentary. Current survivors in my stable of "accurate and trustworthy" outlets are WSJ, Washington Examiner, Epoch Times, Newsmax, Daily Caller, Daily Signal. However, as the long RR record shows, I am constantly re/evaluating my news sources due to the low regard in which I hold the entire journalistic profession (in which I am joined by an overwhelming share of my fellow Americans). To me none of them are 100% reliable, and before consuming all of them require to be seasoned with a bit of NaCl.

PaulE 1046am - I don't think anyone has published that actual number known to the administration or to the various states' AGs, but its a goodly amount of evidence that's enough to be reckoned with in the re-examination of this election. IMHO, the political bottom line of this electoral review is to establish the record of pros and cons of using unsolicited mail-in ballots that were initially distributed to names on grossly out of date voter records. The affidavits alleging massive influxes of boxes of Biden votes, and the illegal use of vote manipulating software like Hammer/Scorecard is a different matter. What smells there is that the Dems oppose the resolution of any of these enquiries. They clearly have a different agenda for how future elections should be conducted.

paul emery

Well George are you satisfied with Trumps legal strategy in answering these questions? I see he put Giuliani in charge of his legal surge which is amazing since O'l Rudy was such a flop in the pitiful Hunter Biden charge.

Barry Pruett

Paul I don’t think you’re understanding where people of my thinking are coming from. They voted for a president of United States in 2016 and selected Donald J Trump. Most of us have at least a minimal amount of distrust in our government already. That’s how Donald Trump got elected. Donald Trump talked about draining the swamp. Personally I don’t think the swamp was that bad. That said, over the course of four years I watched my own government attack and use the department of justice and the FBI and any other legal entity to harass and try to remove a duly elected president.These actions alone caused me to completely distrust my own federal government. Their actions have led me to believe that they do not respect the will of the people. After all the things that these people did over the past four years, I do not find it hard to believe at all for one second that they tried to rig the election. If you cannot see that our elections are not secure just based on simple logic, the nature of man, and the activities which we observed for the past four years, then you are blind and you’ll never see the world in the same way I do. Period.

Barry Pruett

Personally I did not think the swamp was that bad. Sorry for the typo. In 2016 I did not think the swamp was that bad at the time. My opinion has completely changed in the last four years

Barry Pruett

Let’s talk about feelings like liberals like to talk about. My feelings on these matters in connection with the federal government and my distrust should be respected and not discarded. You and I as Americans have to trust our government. And if we don’t trust our government, it is your obligation to unite with me and build my trust. We are Americans, and we are in this together. If I don’t think elections are secure, you should be helping me feel better and that you should be assuring me that these elections are secure with proof not words. You should join me in supporting voter ID laws and anything other law that will secure our vote, so I don’t ever feel like this again. You cannot discard someone’s feelings by telling someone who is upset not to be upset. Try doing that with your wife. Lol. I am sure that will go over well. If progressives want true unity, then let’s unite around fair and secure elections. You should be with me on these reforms, or you are just playing politics and I don’t have time for your bullshit.

George Rebane

PaulE 1121am - Yes, best that I can tell. To more than half of Americans "ol' Rudy" was an unqualified success in raising and revealing the Hunter Biden scandal that demonstrated the power of the lamestream to bury any national issue which does not please them. The Biden family influence peddling is coming back bigtime when the Chinese payments are fully documented. Ol' Joe has a lot of people around the world for whom he must now deliver, cause they got the goods on him.


Here's ol' Sidney Powell making sweeping claims of being able to prove millions of fraudulent votes.

It's getting interesting...


NC Right Wing Watch

Uh, actually 52% of America doesn't have time for YOUR bullshit. Living in a world of right wing make believe is not a good long term strategy.

Funny stuff though, lecturing us about how to talk to your wife to keep a marriage together. Tremendously funny stuff.

How was the #MillionMagaMarch, local version?
Like a scene from "The Russians Are Coming, The Russians are Coming". Is there an iota of self-awareness as to the bizarre nature of these MAGA gatherings?

Don Bessee

The new voice? -



paul emery


RE Hunter

Well Barr and the
FBI were turned loose on the in investigation and so far have found nothing. No arrests, indictments etc. How do you explain that? Trump has been in office for 4 years and it's all his appointees including the DOJ and FBI.


Posted by: NC Right Wing Watch | 15 November 2020 at 02:16 PM


Uh, actually 52% of America doesn't have time for YOUR bullshit.

Sure it does jetsy.....

George Rebane

PaulE 249pm - Don't know what there is to find criminal about peddling influence. Easy to prove that they did it for years, but connecting a criminal act to is hard. I take it that you approve of such transactions.

Don Bessee

This is what's going to drive a new network -

Ivanka Trump slams media for ignoring violence against conservatives
Many on social media have echoed Ivanka’s Trump’s accusations of the media's double standards.



Don Bessee

So sorry, its not going to work out on that socialist agenda -

But while Black activists remain excited about Harris’s ascent, many now worry that the administration will not deliver much beyond her historic election — a fear sharpened by Democrats’ disappointing performance in congressional races, which has dramatically limited Biden’s maneuvering room.

Their worries are underlined by the ongoing uncertainty over what exactly Harris’s portfolio will be in the Biden administration, and how much freedom she will have to chart her own course on issues like racial justice and immigration.

“I really want her to be a transformative leader. I don’t want her to be transactional,” said LaTosha Brown, co-founder of Black Voters Matter. “What I am hoping is she becomes the lightning rod.”

Brown conceded that will be a challenge amid emerging signs that President-elect Joe Biden’s longtime advisers will hold an array of influential positions in his administration. “The entire political landscape has been dominated by White, male-centered power,” Brown said. “I certainly think there’s going to be a strain within the administration. I think there’s going to be a strain within government.”




Just because you say it,, don't make it so.
You lost how many seats in the House?


Don.. The Trump people may start packing heat real soon.
The cops ain't doing anything... Yup,, some good old fashioned vigilantism is in order.
I bet the Proggy Press would report THAT...

Bill Tozer

Hey gentlemen and scumbags, how's that Unity working out?

'Democrats, Media Stand On The Graves Of European Jews To Hit Trump'

"Unfortunately, the Left compares Trump to Hitler and conservatives to Nazis so often that it has (whether intentionally or otherwise) lost its sting. However, 82 years after the Night of Broken Glass, it’s crucial that we push back against this disgusting and unforgivable act of historical ignorance which aims to prostitute the memories of the millions of lives destroyed by Nazi Germany in pursuit of the Democratic Party agenda."


Bill Tozer

The Demos went from Resist! to Unity at the speed of light. I find that rather disingenious as well as distastefully insincere, i.e., a lie.


George, I hope you realize your shortlist includes biased, opinionated sites - echo chambers - which only exacerbate division.

For actual news try something like Reuters.

Don Bessee

Lets have a big one handed clap to the comic stylings @713. ROFLOL


Don Bessee

Ya lets have that 'unity' conversation in the age of resits/reovlutionarysocialists/antifa -



Don Bessee

Hell ya, one big family like the manson family at ranch. Perhaps we could have a once upon a time in Hollywood ending for the family, electorally that is. LOL -



Don Bessee

Now that's freaking funny from the guy who used every lever of government to overturn the 2016 outcome and against the media and conservative that were annoyingly effective, what a 0 -



Bill Tozer

Re: 14 Nov. update. Democracy has died in Darkness.

‘Washington Post Predictably Covers For Leftists Who Attacked Trump Supporters Waving Flags In DC’
This sorry excuse for journalism is one of the reasons Trump was elected in the first place — and it's the reason the more than 73 million Americans who voted for him a second term aren't going anywhere any time soon.

“Any time violent leftists ravage a city, we the people are treated to charitable news stories about mostly peaceful protests. Whenever Donald Trump supporters host enthusiastic rallies, the media depict them as deadly superspreader events rife with racist conspiracy theorists.

The Washington Post this week included both in the same article. It lumped a small, antagonistic, left-wing counterprotest into a story that should have been about an exceptionally huge right-wing demonstration of peaceful Trump supporters at our nation’s capital.

The piece, titled “After thousands of Trump supporters rally in D.C., violence erupts when night falls,” was leftist spin from start to finish. As former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer noted, an accurate account of real-life events would have been titled “After Peaceful Pro-Trump Crowds Gather, Left-wing Opponents Use Nightfall to Attack.” But who needs factual headlines? Everyone knows democracy dies in darkness, and accuracy dies at the Washington Post.”


It was said of Willy Mays playing centerfield that that’s where flies balls go to die. Today, the corporate media is where important stories go to die. Important stories that should be covered/ published are not, and false stories of unimportance are published.

Bill Tozer

This headline had me laughing so hard I almost re-injured my back. The Enemy of the People are not interested in free speech, they want to silence speech. Other people’s speech. They want to control speech. Monopolies hate, hate I say, monopolies hate completion. Sometimes fact is stranger that fiction.

‘New Free Speech App Parler Could Cause ‘Harms’ to ‘Democracy’: Tech Researcher on CNN’

“A lead researcher for technology condemned conservatives for doing what many on the left have told conservatives to do — join a new social media platform. And she used CNN to do it.

Political ads lead researcher Bridget Barrett seemed disgusted by the fact conservatives have any safe-haven online to share their ideas. She joined CNN in an interview Nov. 15. Her comments in the interview demonstrate that liberals don’t care about conservatives’ rights to free speech, but merely want those views to be silenced. CNN anchor Michael Holmes began with a leading question about how Parler constitutes an “echo chamber” and asked “what are the risks in that?” Barrett responded by panicking over how Parler will enable “the spread of hate, of false information” and “terrorists, both foreign and domestic to recruit or plan.”

Barrett also warned that Parler could cause “harms” to “our democracy” itself:

“[I]f you allow a space where none of these claims are going to be countered, that people are going to believe that an election was unfair or illegitimate when every valid and legitimate source has been clear that this was one of the best run elections that we’ve had in years.”

But conservatives concerned about free speech are abandoning Twitter....


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