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25 November 2020


paul emery

Come on George do you expect any reasonable person to believe those "survey" numbers. Here's a direct quote from the link you provided:

"Roughly 17% of Biden voters said they wouldn’t have voted for him if they had known about his record as well as that of President Trump, found the survey commissioned by the conservative Media Research Center.

I'm astonished you used them as an authoritative unbiased source. I mean the MRC was founded by Kelly Anne Conway!!!"

Here's more about them:

The Polling Company, which was founded by former White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, surveyed 1,750 individuals online who self-identified as Biden voters in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Your link provided:


Bill Tozer

FYI. Broken link

".... and hydroxychloroquine as safe, proven drugs for early intervention. (here) Instead, the Democrat politicians and their lamestream...."

Good post. Great post.


But WE were supposed to believe YOURS?????????????????
DAMN!!!,,,, Emery! And how wrong were you for SOOOOOO long?
Your "blue wave" went down with the Tidy bowl man.
At least he did the honorable thing and went down with his ship.

Bill Tozer

'Amazon Censors Alex Berenson’s Booklet Pointing Out Face Mask Ineffectiveness'

Amazon censored the third installment of former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson’s booklet on the ineffectiveness of face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic on Tuesday.


Censored again!


Speaking of LIB lies,,, Biden is spreading his bullshit....Again. Who schooled him on his lame ass sappy way of speaking? Looks like he got his degree from some Hollywood
acting school.


What are you afraid of Billy T? Wear your damn mask!

Release the Kraken!

Bill Tozer

re: The poll. The idea that Punchy acted as if he never heard of Kellyann's poll that has been circulating the internet platforms with numerous articles on the topic...well. Punchy just made your case for you, ie, lamestream media choosing not to cover certain (all) important stories that may be unhelpful to the narrative.
Oh, and Kellyann founded her little polling-consulting company long before Trunp picked her to be the first woman in US history to run a successful Preaidential canpaign.

This link has more data on the polling in question



DAMN Douchey,, watching those Johnny Deppends movies again?
No one wants to see your crack.

George Rebane

PaulE, you no doubt can provide us with reliably unbiased pollsters and reporting outlets, in addition to evidence that your assertions of bias are founded. We await your report.

@1137am - thank you Mr Tozer, the link is fixed.

Don Bessee

Oh that's just for the little people -

Climate czar nominee John Kerry racked up massive carbon footprint through yacht, private jet



Bill Tozer

Oh my. The social media platforms said it would be just temporary. Gotta protect the integrity of the elections from disinformation, they said. And they said that journalists, once Trump was gone, would revert back to unbiased and real journalism. Sure, whatever they say. I’m sorry, but my bullshit detector is working just fine, especially after all the downright lies and lies of omission that the Enemy of the People has dished out long before Trump rode down the Golden Elavator

‘Following The Election, Facebook Tightens Choke On News Outlets It Disagrees With’

Facebook purposefully throttled specific news outlets after the election, limiting the distribution of posts from certain pages and accounts under the guise of combating “false and misleading claims” about election results and fraud. The New York Times reported the censorship increase Tuesday.


Right on cue, when asked what he would do on Day One (concerning technology priorities), Biden said he would stop “misinformation”. And so it continues, Mr. Orwell.

“And just like that Russians didn’t meddle in our elections anymore and our votes were 100% secure”——Forrest Gump chatting on a bench
Dr. Rebane @ 1:23 pm

One would assume that our local popinjay would cut Kellyanne some slack, if nothing else other than professional courtesy. Opps, strike that. Di-Fi just got thrown under the bus for the unpardonable sin of showing kindness to Senator Graham. Bus driver, put it in reverse and run her over again.


Why no, "In the Wake of the Lying President and his Lying Cronies"?

Plenty of proof there.


Oh look, a liar is in the news today!

"Trump Pardons His Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn for Lying to FBI"

I guess the Libs and mainstream press can just pardon themselves,

Or as Steve Martin used to say, Well, excuuuuse Me!


Barry Pruett

Man Doug. You need to read books. Any book. 😂😂


Barry.. The dime store graphic novel (comic book) is above he/she/ it's reading level.. The poster child for outcome based education.


Speaking of the lie'n media, Fascistbook stepped up it's censoring of relevant "news". They didn't like any posting of anything where voter fraud and vote tampering was the subject.
Gotta protect their interests. They had voter suppression down pat, only allowing PRO Proggy propaganda to slither through.
Now hide the vote tampering...
Fascistbook let this through?

Bill Tozer

re “Because of that criminally misguided messaging, thousands of additional people died who could have been helped by vigorous intervention with these proven medicines. But the progressive narrative was saved, and worth every life sacrificed in its service.”

1) A 90-Year-Old Woman Killed Herself To Avoid Another COVID-19 Lockdown. She’s Not Alone
In a tragic irony, the prospect of another 'life-saving' lockdown has drained some senior citizens of their will to live. Assisted suicides and depression are up.

“An elderly woman who had experienced strict confinement and isolation in a Toronto nursing home under a previous COVID lockdown has narrowly avoided reliving that experience, although at a horrible cost. Toronto went into Ontario’s most restrictive “grey” tier on Monday, including a near-complete ban on social gatherings. Unlike many others in North America who have packed up their belongings and relocated to less restrictive areas during the COVID-19 outbreak, however, her “escape” from lockdown came tragically at the cost of her own life.”


2) ‘Forcing The Sick And Elderly To Die Alone Is Crueler Than COVID-19’
Keeping people from their suffering loved ones does not safeguard them. It merely subjects them to a different kind of suffering — one for which there might be no recovery


Talk about family separation.

Hello in there.


Bill Tozer

Lockdowns and Jordan Peterson's view on lockdowns.

'Civil Disobedience Over Lockdowns Spreads Across America'



Since Twittverse now thinks it's a "news" source,, and thinks it "knows what's best for you",, Emery won't see this.
A number of users across Twitter have reported being unable to share links to lawyer Sidney Powell’s lawsuit relating to voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential election. When attempting to share the link to the document, users receive a notification stating that the link has been identified as “potentially harmful.” "

So..“potentially harmful” to just WHO???? Progressives?
The likes of Emery? Or Proggy snowflakes in general?


The Koch sucker's money didn't do his bidding?
"“Some of the politicians that we had helped get elected, I would see them on TV, and they would be talking about policies that were antithetical [to our goals] — against immigration, against criminal justice reform, against a more peaceful foreign policy. I was horrified,” he told Axios for a November 24 interview."

Don Bessee

He should sue the feds -

Former National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (Ret.) released a statement today, shortly after being pardoned by President Trump. Flynn was targeted by the outgoing Obama administration on charges of “Russia collusion,” and pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI when put under pressure. He withdrew his plea when further evidence was revealed. Under the Trump administration, the Department of Justice sought to drop all charges, but the judge refused to do so.

Never again should any family or individual be so viciously targeted, maligned, smeared, and threatened such has been the experience of my family and I. Not you and your loved ones, not me nor President Trump, our First Lady, and the Trump children. Stand with me today in renouncing this betrayal of trust that has burdened our nation and proclaim with one united voice across this land that we will never again allow the rightful power of the citizens of this country to be uprooted, undercut, usurped, or held hostage by a coup against our nation, a duly elected President or any future president of these United States.

For over three decades, it has been my honor and privilege as a Soldier and public servant to fight for the rights of American citizens and for citizens of the world. I have fought alongside the bravest men and women on distant battlefields in the midst of the fire and fury of war. In this fight for my life and liberties on the battlefield of justice and truth, my faith in God and the love and support of my wife Lori have seen me through.

Along our journey together, we have been blessed to have the trust and support of millions of Americans across our great country and around the world. These are our Digital Army of Patriots who inspired us to keep fighting, uncovered secrets we would otherwise have not known, and shared with us their thoughts, dreams, and wisdom throughout this ordeal.



Bill Tozer


‘Are the American Media Legitimizing Terror Attacks in France?’

“According to Le Monde, Macron, in a recent cabinet meeting, said: "Alignment with American multiculturalism is a form of defeatist thought... Our model is universalist and not multiculturalist... You should not care if someone is black, yellow or white; first, they are citizens...." Multiculturalism in France seems to keep ending in "no-go zones".

Macron, after that, arranged an interview with The New York Times to criticise the Anglophone media:

"So when I see, in that context, several newspapers which I believe are from countries that share our values – journalists who write in a country that is the heir to the Enlightenment and the French Revolution – when I see them legitimising this violence, and saying that the heart of the problem is that France is racist and Islamophobic, then I say the founding principles have been lost".”.......

“You would have to search a lot to find a single voice defending Norris in all the mainstream American media.

The New York Times -- ostensibly out of "respect" towards the Muslim faith -- censored the Mohammed caricatures of Charlie Hebdo, but defended the work of Chris Ofili's "The Holy Virgin Mary," in which the mother of Jesus is covered with feces and images of genitalia. The American media, it seems, show "respect" only toward Islam. Are the American media, one wonders, expecting any reciprocity?”......

“On Friday, October 16, an extremist Muslim beheaded a teacher, Samuel Paty, in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine. The New York Times headlined its article on the attack: "French Police shoot and Kill Man after a fatal Knife Attack on the Street". It seems that the Anglophone media live in a world deaf to reality and based on imaginary victimization; they see racism where there is none, and they do not even know what to name it when it appears in the French streets to behead a teacher.

Associated Press immediately succumbed to an avalanche of criticism. The news agency again cancelled a tweet, one accusing France of "inciting" hatred against Muslims after the wave of Islamic terror attacks the country just suffered.

"This is not only disgraceful but dangerous," the journalist Agnès Poirier replied. "The Associated Press is inciting hatred against France and its people." She too charged the American media with "malicious distortion of facts, ignorance and bad faith"”


Hmm. Is this the same media who called 500 million dollars (half a billion dollars, US) of destruction in Minneapolis alone “mostly peaceful protestors” and the looting, destruction of businesses (many black owned) as the fault of right wing extremists?

Is this the same media who called the horrific (and at the time the biggest mass killing by an individual in US history) at the Pulse Nightclub due to a lack of jobs and understanding hugs for our Muslim immigrants? Wasn’t the shooter employed in a good job at the time?

Bill Tozer

‘The dozen belated disclosures that turned the tide in Michael Flynn’s case‘
Long-withheld evidence of innocence revealed the FBI never thought it had a case against former Trump national security adviser.

‘Two of Joe Biden's national security picks have ties to past scandals’
National Security Adviser-designate Jake Sullivan was key figure in Clinton email probe; Secretary of State designate Tony Blinken faced scrutiny in Hunter Biden business deals.

Have a few minutes next week to grab a cup of coffee? I know you are impossibly busy, but would like to get your advice on a couple of things, Best, Hunter,” Biden wrote.

Blinken responded the same day with an “absolutely” and added, “Look forward to seeing you.”

Records indicate the two men were scheduled to meet the afternoon of May 27, 2015, although it is unclear whether the meeting took place. But other State Department memos, confirm Hunter Biden met with Blinken for lunch on July 22, 2015, at the State Department.

Two days later, on July 24, 2015, Vice President Joe Biden called President Poroshenko of the Ukraine and raised concerns about anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine.

On February 4, 2016, Hunter Biden sent a notification to Blinken indicating he was following Blinken on Twitter.

A few months later, two lawyers working for the Democratic lobbying and consulting firm Blue Star Strategies who were representing Burisma made efforts to lobby Blinken to get State Department officials to stop taking a negative view on Burisma.”

Whole Foods CEO: Socialism means 'trickle up poverty' that 'impoverishes everything'
"The academic community is generally hostile to business," says John Mackey.


Bill Tozer

re: “Then there’s withholding critical information on various proven effective Covid-19 (C19) therapeutics, this because a more successful approach at early intervention could have markedly changed the course of the disease for the better. Specifically, I’m talking about the suppression of fluvoxamine, ivermectin, and hydroxychloroquine as safe, proven drugs for early intervention. (here) Instead, the Democrat politicians and their lamestream lackeys made clear on the daily national news that such drugs were risky and not to be trusted. The latter on the basis that the Trump administration was an early promoter of these medicines.

‘Study finds 84% fewer hospitalizations for patients treated with controversial drug Hydroxychloroquine’


Perhaps the Lamestream media should be taken to court and charged with crimes against humanity. Think of how many people have died listening to the Enemy of the People.

I reckon that that guy who died in Arizona who, at the urging of his Democrat donor wife, drank fish tank cleaner, is a reflection of the critical thinking skills of both the media and our own Royal We. The deceased took one for Team Blue.

Don Bessee

They should be classified as tools of the dnc and stripped of their licenses -

However, a report published in The Washington Post suggested an unprecedented nature of President-elect Biden's female-led communications team.

"Jennifer Psaki, a veteran Democratic spokeswoman, will be Joe Biden's White House press secretary, one of seven women who will fill the upper ranks of his administration's communications staff. It is the first time that all of the top aides tasked to speak on behalf of an administration and shaping its message will be female," the Post wrote.

The Post also shared a report from The Associated Press that had the headline, "Biden chooses an all-female senior White House press team."

McEnany blasted the paper for overlooking the women that led the Trump administration's own communications team.

President @realDonaldTurmp already has an ALL FEMALE Senior White House Press Team. So does @VP... So does @FLOTUS... So does @SecondLady... The completely DISCREDITED @washingtonpost once again reveals their blinding propagandist Fake News proclivities," McEnany tweeted in reaction to the "all-female" headline.



Don Bessee

Oh now you acknowledge what we already knew, oh ya the election is about done now -

CNN mocked for report tying COVID origins to China after 'parroting CCP talking points' for 10 months

'Exclusive: China lies, CNN shocked!' one critic quipped

CNN broke news on Monday afternoon of a "trove" of leaked documents from inside China that showed that it had published "misleading" data on coronavirus cases and deaths in the province of Hubei, where Wuhan is located, back in February and additionally hid a huge "spike" in flu-like cases in December 2019.

"These documents, a rare, clear, and open window into what China knew all along, trying to appear in control while a local outbreak turned into a global pandemic," CNN international security editor Nick Paton Walsh concluded in his on-air report.



Don Bessee


New York Times editor lampooned after claiming paper will cover Biden ‘just as thoroughly’ as Trump
Cliff Levy's tweet prompted sarcastic job offer from Babylon Bee



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