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16 November 2020


Don Bessee

Ahhhh fresh kitty litter just in time for another shut down.


Show-Me Kid

Notice that San Francisco and Marin are in the red and not the purple. Tell me that with all those homeless and drug addicts there that the virus is not being transmitted at a higher rate than somebody's Halloween party caused. No, now Nancy and Gavin can both get their hair done.

And for Emery and D (for dunbass), before you tell me we must follow the science, remember this...Josef Mengele was also a doctor and a scientist and we see what good he did for mankind.


Congrats LIBS,, Nev. Co. is "purple" again.. Just not the way you planned... (or did you?) Back in lockup..Warden Gavin says so... While HE attends shindigs with party members in good standing.
No bars for you Emery. You better have a case or two of that cheap Irish crap to get you through. No,, no good stuff for you. Herr Gavin has seen to that.

Don Bessee

Here is your coming together socialist version -

Antifa-aligned group cheers alleged arson at police officer's home, Twitter allows tweet
Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front has used Twitter to advocate its radical position

When contacted by Fox News, Twitter did not immediately say whether the post violated its policies.


A law enforcement official reportedly said that there was a "concern in this case that the officer was surveilled and followed home."

Sunday's tweet came after months of protests in cities like Portland, Ore., and Seattle, where some destroyed or defaced property.



We(our family) is only hearing about this NOW????

The missing woman is our Grandkids OTHER Grandma.

And why were they out on that lone unused excuse of a road?

Too many questions, and no answers.


Yup, Impeach the somebitch.

"Business records show that Hunter Biden continues to hold a 10% stake in a Chinese private equity firm despite multiple promises from President-elect Joe Biden that no one in his family would engage in business with foreign corporations or governments if he is elected president."


The pictures still on the wall Scott? Had a little shaker I see.


Biden will let them have them.
LIBS have no balls against terrorists..

Scott O

Walt - 13 in the last 24 hours. All of them north east or north of where we are. Why do you think Idaho has so many hot springs?
The real mind blower is that when you get up on the ridge west of Riggins and look across to the other side of the canyon, you're looking at another mass of land that used to be out in the ocean.
But don't worry - the Dems will calm everything down by jacking up the price of gasoline.
Because - !SCIENCE!


Glad to hear the house is still standing Scott.
But we had a small one just the other day. The windows just rattled a little.


LOOK!! Joe managed 12 questions!! Trump could go for hours.

Don Bessee

So the entitled pols say fuck you to your life but we get to do what we want. A thousand bucks a head at the french restaurant for the elites but no thanksgiving or restaurants for you oh and you cant go out after curfew -



"No one, up until last February," Viganò wrote, "would ever have thought that, in all of our cities, citizens would be arrested simply for wanting to walk down the street, to breathe, to want to keep their businesses open, to want to go to church on Sunday. Yet now it is happening all over the world ... The fundamental rights of citizens and believers are being denied in the name of a health emergency that is revealing itself more and more fully as instrumental to the establishment of an inhuman, faceless tyranny."

There's a reason you may not have heard those words before. The usual foot soldiers for conformity in our news media did their best to suppress and discredit Viganò's letter to the president. Yahoo News tried to tie the elderly clergyman somehow to QAnon, which to them made sense. He alleged that a global health emergency was being used by the people in power for ends that had nothing to do with the virus itself, and of course, that's crazy talk. That's the media position on that.

"This is our chance," says Justin Trudeau. Not our chance to save you from a virus with a 99% survival rate. This is our chance to impose unprecedented social controls on the population in order to bypass democracy and change everything to conform with their weird academic theories that have never been tested in the real world and, by the way, don't actually make sense.

"This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset." Keep in mind, that's not from QAnon, that is a head of state talking and he's not alone. Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum, has written a book called "COVID-19: The Great Reset." The book isn't really about science or medicine. Instead, it describes, "what changes will be needed to create a more inclusive, resilient and sustainable world going forward."

What's telling is how different this is from the way our leaders were talking back when the pandemic began. Statewide coronavirus lockdowns in this country started about eight months ago, in mid-March. At the time, California Gov. Gavin Newsom predicted that 56 % of his state's population -- more than 25 million people -- would become infected with the virus within eight weeks. Businesses would need to shut down, Newsom acknowledged. But he also promised he would all be over soon. "This is not a permanent state," Newsom assured us. "It is a moment in time."

That should have made us nervous. Because in the end, that moment continued indefinitely. Pretty soon Gavin Newsom was telling us who we were allowed to be around and who we were allowed to talk to.

NEWSOM, IN JULY: As always, I want to remind you, limit your mixing with people outside of your household. It's just common sense. But the data suggests not everybody is practicing common sense.

What have we learned from the data since then? Well, as of Nov. 15, about 2.6% of the total population of California has been infected. That's roughly 20 million fewer people than Gavin Newsom predicted to be infected by May. So in some ways, that looks like a victory. Can we declare victory? No, just the opposite.

Monday, Newsom announced that more lockdowns are underway. Right now, 41 counties in our biggest state are under the most restrictive form of lockdown. Churches, gyms, and restaurants cannot conduct any kind of indoor operations.


Newsom is implementing these lockdowns on scientifc grounds, of course, but he doesn't believe in it for himself because apparently he is exempt from the laws of epidemiology. We know this because nine days ago, the governor was caught violating his own guidelines by eating at one of the state's most expensive restaurants with a dozen other people. By the way, he's fine. He didn't die from it. When you're God, you don't fear viruses. Lockdowns are for mortals.

You'd think getting caught would hurt Newsom. Getting caught ignoring your own rules used to be a major problem for politicians, but it's not anymore. They are no longer humiliated by their own hypocrisy. The point of the exercise is to humiliate the rest of us by forcing us to obey transparently absurd orders.

"Everyone has to wear a Viking hat with horns every Wednesday. It's the law! Dr. Fauci's orders!"

By the way, people would do that. They would follow the orders and would scream at others if they didn't. In an environment like this, dominated by completely unreasonable demands from the people on top, mediocrities like Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot thrive. This is a moment created for her and people like her. Lightfoot explained on MSNBC Friday that she has no personal obligation to follow the lockdown restrictions that you could be arrested for ignoring.


STEPHANIE RUHLE: What do you say to those who are criticizing you, where less than a week ago, you went out and stood before a massive crowd who was celebrating Joe Biden's victory, and now you're saying your city has to shut down? How do you have one and not the other?

LIGHTFOOT: There are times when we actually do need to have the relief and come together. And I felt like that was one of those times. That crowd was gathered, whether I was there or not.

Notice the complete lack of embarrassment and shame. "There are times when the rules just don't apply to me."

So when specifically are those times when the rules don't apply to the people making the rules? Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser decided that her rules did not apply to Joe Biden's victory party in Delaware, so she went. Going to the party, she explained, was, "essential." Muriel Bowser didn't have to quarantine or restrict her travel in any way because it was on behalf of the Democratic Party.



Don Bessee

OK for me not thee -




Well Don.. The Likes of Emery, D- and Lil' Bobby voted for that iletisim. Kinda "Venezuela" like.


And not to be out done,, Herr Gavin and friends go to Hawaii..
How nice,, and on our bucks no less.

"Although the coronavirus pandemic has largely grounded the global travel industry, it did not stop the annual political conference that brings California lawmakers to Hawaii for five days of policy discussions and schmoozing with corporate sponsors.

The conference, which has been hosted by the Independent Voter Project every November for more than a decade, is taking place this week at the Fairmont Kea Lani on Maui’s southwest shore."

Did "Paul Emery Presents" get to bid on that contract?(Naaaa)
Better learn to code Ol' boy.. It's your Biden plan at work.

Show-Me Kid

USAF Boy Scout reserve Emery is real quiet. Maybe he's trying to sue for abuse he suffered while in the USAF Boy Scout reserve....


That's how you do it,, hire the rats to guard the cheese.


"USAF Boy Scout reserve"👍🤣👌


If Emery had a lick of sense, he would get his healthcare from the VA. Its FREE! You know how he whines about it.
I hear they have great mental health as well. He could use it.


When the resident LIBS wake up from their drunk,,
Herr Gavin was doing what the accused Trump of doing.(but never did)
Ruling by decree.
"the judge rejected Newsom’s argument that Section 8627 of the Emergency Services Act gives him autocratic powers. At least 24 of his executive orders rely on that section."

"The court rejected Newsom’s extraordinary claim that a state of emergency centralizes the state’s powers in the hands of the Governor, thus turning California into an autocracy. This is the unlawful basis on which Newsom has collapsed our system of checks and balances, issuing 58 executive orders and changing over 400 laws unilaterally"

Don Bessee

Hey Walt, i don not think that a 60's weekend warrior without any active duty time gets VA benefits unless he became disabled on duty.



It don't work that way Don. If he was active at any point.(doing his weekends and such) he's good to go. No need to be injured.
I did my tour, and came out unscathed. I only found out ten years ago that all I needed to do was sign up.
Went to the local VET office, and did the paperwork.

He even (supposedly) served during a time of war. More points in his favor.

Getting a local Dr. is still a pain, but doable.
I don't have any problem going to Reno for the small stuff.

Have an issue that needs a trip to the emergency room? That VA card takes care of it.

My latest trip to the hospital (where I took up residency for a damned month) was fully covered. Not one buck out of pocket.
Trump sure cleaned up the VA and made it work.

Don Bessee

Walt, weekends and summer training are not active duty under the law, its when you actually retire as a reserve that you get some benefits, disability notwithstanding. This law only recently allowed retired weekend warriors to be called veterans but does not extend benefits. You were active. -

During the December 2016 transition period, President Obama signed H.R. 6416, a bill that says National Guard and Reserve retirees who had zero active duty time are now eligible to be referred to as Veterans.

The bill states:

Any person who is entitled under chapter 1223 of title 10, United States Code, to retired pay for Non-regular service or, but for age, would be entitled under such chapter to retired pay for non-Regular service shall be honored as a veteran but shall not be entitled to any benefit by reason of this honor.

Although the bill does not expand any benefits, it allows men and women who served in the Guard and Reserves to describe themselves as veterans.



Hummmmmm.. If I recall, the Buzzard of Broad St. may have been "activated". Like most reserve units. Does that change things?
My Son has been in the Air Guard for 25 years. Done six tours in the great sandbox. Plenty of high profile missions.
Even dragged Manuel Noriega back to the states. (The crew chief of that C130)
His unit flew PVT. Lynch out when they recovered her.(Not on the plane that night)

Yes, he was a busy man. Now owns his own auto repair shop that he built from the ground up.

He still calls himself a "weekend warrior". (like HELL he was)

Don Bessee

Props to your son and he is the very reserve Veteran they are talking about and should! Just slinging bags onto carts stateside are not active duties, just weekend warriors. You guys earned your benefits!


Bill Tozer

Don’t call me bro, bro-in-law.

‘Portland's anarchists say they support racial justice. Black activists want nothing to do with them’
(LA Times)

“The anarchists believe working within the system is futile and say the political order and capitalist economy must be torn down.

Biden, as head of a party supporting the free-market system and private property rights, is no better than Trump, more than a dozen said in interviews.

Distrusting the media, all refused to give their names. But pamphlets distributed at a recent rally outline their far-left philosophies.

"Abolish All Mayors" — the title of one booklet — advocates "the complete democratization and community control of all city bureaus and the abolition of the police."

"Why We Break Windows" advocates an end to private property and invokes the Boston Tea Party to explain the point of "political vandalism" during revolts.

"Shop windows represent segregation," it says. "To smash a shop window is to contest all the boundaries that cut through this society: black and white, rich and poor, included and excluded."

In some ways, the anarchists have served the Black Lives Matter movement in Portland, creating a spectacle that drew attention to the cause of racial justice after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody.

Some of the anarchists have also been involved in antifa, the movement that clashes with far-right groups.

But the violence has also caused problems for Black Lives Matter.

In June, Black community leaders denounced an arson attack by protesters on a building that houses a police station and Black-owned businesses on Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.“


Yep, just as we all knew all along". White suburbia kids on dope.

Bill Tozer

How BLM turned its success into electoral disaster

“The notion of defunding the police had been rattling around the left for a long time, but the Floyd protests took it mainstream. BLM leaders touted the idea and scolded Democrats for not getting on board ("Read the room," one implored, "people are calling for defunding the police"). Activists painted the slogan on a street near the White House. BLM pushed municipalities to actually act on the proposal.

Whenever someone tried to take the edge off defunding the police by redefining it as simply reallocating some law-enforcement dollars, defenders piped up to say, No, we really mean it. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez balked at a proposal to cut $1 billion in police funding in New York City: "Defunding the police means defunding the police." The New York Times ran an op-ed against incrementalist interpretations, "Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police.".......”

“After support for BLM surged last spring, positive feelings for it have been declining. A Pew Research report in September showed support for BLM dropping from 67 percent in June to 55 percent. Only 45 percent of whites expressed support for the movement.

Given that BLM elevated the dumbest, most self-destructive slogan in American politics in a very long time, and an even more atrocious policy, it's numbers deserve to fall further. Advocates of defunding the police argued that setting out an extreme position could have a political effect even if it had no chance of enactment. They proved exactly right — just not how they expected.“



Don and Walt, speaking as a Army reservist (1965-71) I can address the question:

Generally, weekend warriors from that era are not eligible for VA medical benefits unless they spent time on active duty beyond their initial active duty for training (Basic and AIT).

In my case, 120,000 army guys were called up in response to Tet (supposedly) and to reduce draft calls leading up to the '68 election by 40,000/mo.

I was one of them and spent nearly two years on active duty, ending at Berlin HQ in August '69.


Even so, I still wasn't eligible for VA healthcare until I retired and no longer had a regular income beyond SSI.

Today's reservists in the volunteer military are a whole different animal, integral parts of the force which are cycled in and out as needed to relive the regulars. If you are a career reservists, you can expect an active duty stint every few years, definitely qualifying as veterans deserving of their country's gratitude.

Hope this helps...

Don Bessee

In your house? How does that help??-



Don Bessee

You wont see this from the socialist dems -



Bill Tozer

Daily Quotes and a meme or two. Pancakes and a smoke.

Insight: “A people who extend civil liberties only to preferred groups start down the path either to dictatorship of the right or the left.” —Justice William O. Douglas (1898-1980)

Belly laugh of the week: “We’re ready to come together.” —Joe Biden (Rhetorical question: “How motivated are you to unite with people who continue calling you a racist?” —David Limbaugh)

Beltway bubble: “You can continue to do activities which are good for the economy, but still adhering to the public health measures that we’re talking about. I just can’t understand why there’s pushback against that. They’re not that difficult to do.” —Anthony Fauci

Case in point: “This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset. This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change.” —Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reimagining socialism

Braying jackass: “[Trump] had held his Klan rallies throughout the country.” —Rep. Ilhan Omar

Braying jenny: “Donald Trump had spread racist lies about my husband that had put my family in danger. That wasn’t something I was ready to forgive. But I knew that, for the sake of our country, I had to find the strength and maturity to put my anger aside.” —Michelle Obama

Demo-gogue: “And if we hadn’t been going through a financial crisis, my posture toward China would have been more explicitly contentious around trade issues. But I couldn’t have a trade war in 2009 or 2010.” —Barack Obama

Non compos mentis: “Student debt cancellation is a racial justice issue.” —Rep. Ayanna Pressley

And last… “Please pray for me. Nothing is wrong, I’m just listening to a Kamala Harris speech.” —Caleb Hull




SoJ gaining steam.
Members of two rural Oregon counties voted to push their lawmakers towards moving their communities to Idaho because they feel the neighboring state is more reflective of their political views.

This is measure is part of a larger movement to create Greater Idaho, a group mainly composed of citizens from Southern and Eastern Oregon, Northern California, and Idaho who wish to be better represented by their state, according to their webpage.

In Jefferson County 51.02% of voters support the measure, while 52.42% of voters in Union County supported it as well, KGW8 reported."


Nope,, they NEVER change their stripes.
Domestic terrorist is back at it.
"Susan Rosenberg, who made the FBI’s Most Wanted list by the time she was 29, is among the most prominent far-left revolutionary activists in the U.S.

Explore the power of Snowflake and Protegrity
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See more
Earlier this summer, she sparked controversy after it was discovered that she purportedly sat on the board as vice-chair of Thousand Currents, which has poured more than $10 million into grassroots social change initiatives, including Black Lives Matter as of late.

The nonprofit, formerly known as IDEX, quickly removed the director’s page featuring Rosenberg from its website in June. It remained unclear if and to what capacity she still serves the organization. Thousand Currents did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment."

A "non profit" that supports domestic terrorism... How nice.
Yup,, it's "Black LIES matter".
But keep pushing a non existent "systemic racism".. And it's coming from the Black community.


Trump trying to help out ISIS and the Taliban cuts troop levels after firing Espers,

Trump administration announces troop level cuts in Afghanistan, Iraq
By Dan Lamothe


George Rebane

D 418pm - Since you are a critic of that policy of withdrawing troops and attempting to implant there a liberal democracy, can you share with us how such a goal would be reached by our maintaining troops in Afghanistan? Or is yours just another attack of TDS?

Bill Tozer

'Horowitz: This fall’s biggest crime is Thanksgiving'
But actual crime appears to be an essential service


Don Bessee

Ya everyone is still asking that question -



Bill Tozer

"It should be called the Democrat Politician Protection Act," McConnell wrote. Funny guy, that Moscow Mitch.

——-‘Pelosi rips GOP: 'Handmaidens of special interests,' despite Wall Street money favoring Biden 4-1‘. The Speaker of the House denied that Biden outraising Trump on Wall Street damages the credibility of Democrats seeking campaign finance reform.

Pelosi said the public shouldn't view both parties the same when it comes to the influence of money in politics.

"The Republicans are the handmaidens of the special interest," claimed the Speaker. "We are not, but the public doesn't necessarily see it that way. Sometimes they paint us all with the same brush, and we have to make sure that they know who has their interest at heart. By interest, I mean, who is here to serve them. And as was said earlier, there's a reason that the Republicans put this big dark money there. It's the price of doing business for them."

Pelosi said some of the "biggest dark money" on the Republican side has been spent on opposing collective bargaining and unionizing.“


Ah, the broad brush. Don’t paint us with that, paint the other guy. Wall Street went 4-1 for ole hair sniffer? I used to have a credit card from a company incorporated in Delaware. The relationship was brief.

Well, at least we can paint all the Dems with the broad brush of homebred Leninists, Antifa, the leadership of Marxist BLM hell bent on the destruction of the heterosexual spawned nuclear family, the OWS Drum Circle boys, plus a cast of millions of wacky and wacked out insane people too numerous to bother mentioning. They are background noise, the atmosphere, extras in the cast of thousands.

Man, for a movement the size of BLM, one would think that all those corporate donations pouring in would go to some kind of headquarters instead of straight into the co-founders‘ purses. Nice car you bought. Over a hundred grand I bet. I knew it! She a beauty.


LOL!! Douchey was one calling Bush a "warmonger"
"endless wars" and all that crap. HELL! Chicago(or any LIB run city for that matter) is more dangerous than the Middle East .

But piss and moan that Trump is bringing the troops home.
Tough day for some Generals looking to get on defence contractor boards?


Memory problems WaltDuh? When Obama reduced troop levels over there he was accused of letting ISIS happen by your ilk.
maybe it will happen as George said above, "it will be like a miracle" they will just become a liberal democracy with no help from the US.


Go WOKE,,, Go broke.


First it was the 2ND Amendment Biden and the crooks decided to go after,,, as as I predicted, the 1ST. Amend. would be the next target.
Headline: "Member of Joe Biden's transition team calls for more restrictions on free speech."
And guesses on just who's "speech" they care to stifle?
Babs?,,Emery?,,Douchey? How bout you Stevie? That's the America you dreaming about?

Bill Tozer


Here are some excerpts from Holly Bailey’s [Wa Post] report:

“The sound of gunfire has become so familiar across North Minneapolis that Cathy Spann worries she has grown numb to it.

Day and night, the bullets zip through this predominantly Black neighborhood, hitting cars and homes and people. The scores of victims have included a 7-year-old boy, wounded in a drive-by shooting; a woman who took a bullet that came through her living room wall while she was watching television with her family; and a 17-year-old girl shot in the head and killed.

Spann, a longtime community activist who works for the Jordan Area Community Council, cannot recall another time when things were this bad — not even when the city was branded “Murderapolis,” during a spike in violence in the mid-1990s. The police are not as much a presence as they used to be, Spann said, noting that sometimes when neighbors call 911, officers are delayed in responding or don’t come at all.

“If you want to talk about pandemics, we’re dealing with a pandemic of violence,” Spann said on a recent afternoon, just as word came of two more nearby shootings. “We’re under siege. You wake up and go to bed in fear because you don’t know what’s going to happen next. . . . And our city has failed to protect us.””

The numbers support this assessment:


Funny, as soon as the election was over, suddenly ‘defund the police’ just doesn’t carry the same weight, , people suddenly are lining up to take Trump’s Not To Be Trusted vaccine, and Thanksgiving and Christmas are to be cancelled. First steps to ‘erased’.


See? Mexico wants their free money back. And Biden and the Marxists will be happy to give it to them.

Bill Tozer

Yesterday’s Quotes today

Observations: “If historians are even remotely fair in judging Trump’s response to the pandemic, he will get some credit for the rapid, unprecedented development of these vaccines (assuming they are, in fact, effective). If historians are remotely fair to Trump, the shortcomings in his response — excluding those inherent in a situation as novel as this one is — will be viewed primarily as falling in the realm of public relations.” —Paul Mirengoff

A trip down memory lane: “Fact check: Coronavirus vaccine could come this year, Trump says. Experts say he needs a ‘miracle’ to be right.” —NBC News, May 15

A blind squirrel finds a nut: “[Operation Warp Speed] is an unmitigated success and we should acknowledge that.” —CNN’s Jake Tapper

The BIG Lie: “Nobody I know who’s running for office is talking about ‘defunding the police.’ What we’re talking about is making police officers accountable.” —Senator Bernie Sanders (Exhibit A: “Defunding police means defunding police.” —AOC | Exhibit B: “We can’t go about creating a different process with the same infrastructure in place. And so dismantling it, and then looking at what funding priorities should look like as we imagine a new way forward, is what needs to happen.” —Ilhan Omar | Exhibit C: “We’re going to defund the police and refund our social services.” —Congresswoman-elect Cori Bush | Exhibit D: “Defund the police means defund the occupation of black bodies and the militarization of our communities.” —Congressman-elect Jamaal Bowman)

Dezinformatsiya: “It is alarming that a candidate came so close to winning while polling more than 5 million fewer votes than his opponent nationwide. The electoral college, whatever virtues it may have had for the Founding Fathers, is no longer tenable for American democracy.” —Washington Post editorial board

And last… “Find someone who loves you the way Barack Obama loves himself.” —Kyle Mann


Rudy is melting,


Bill Tozer

Todays Quotes today

Political futures: “If Republicans blow themselves up in Georgia and hand Joe Biden control of the Senate, it will be a reckless act of self-destruction that will impose a steep cost on the country for years.” —Rich Lowry

Yep: “Teachers unions are about giving your kids the least amount of education for the most amount of money.” —Frank Fleming

For the record: “Make no mistake about it, I will seek to prosecute those who try to undermine our elections to the fullest extent of the law. The integrity of our elections is paramount. Outside groups who seek to interfere with democracy in Georgia should be forewarned that the consequences will be severe. We thoroughly investigate every single allegation of voter fraud.” —Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger

Nanny governor: “It’s going to happen because it’s human behavior. Be smart. I get it. I understand it. It’s wrong.” —Andrew Cuomo on having Thanksgiving with family

Grand delusions: “I’m hoping there’s going to be no activity that really is going to make it more difficult for us to try to repair the damage that has been done over the last four years in terms of Donald Trump’s actions on Middle East policies.” —former CIA Director John Brennan (On the contrary, Trump’s Mideast policy successes are quite impressive.)

Non compos mentis: “If you say ‘socialism’ three times in a mirror, a corporate lobbyist-backed candidate grows their wings.” —Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (“Actually, if you say ‘socialism’ three times in the mirror, another Republican is elected to the House.” —Caleb Hull)

Lack of self-awareness: “It’s very hard for our democracy to function if we are operating on just completely different sets of facts.” —Barack Obama, whose Democrat Party thinks, among other things, that “male” and “female” aren’t biological “facts” and that voter fraud is a myth (unless it’s Russia)

And last… “You mean to tell me that the party that had no problem baselessly accusing Brett Kavanaugh of being a gang rapist in front of his children would be above orchestrating voter fraud to grab power from Trump?” —Charlie Kirk


Trump is a pathological liar,

"In a follow-up tweet Wednesday morning, Trump wrote, "In Detroit, there are FAR MORE VOTES THAN PEOPLE. Nothing can be done to cure that giant scam. I win Michigan!"

Detroit's unofficial election results show roughly 250,000 Detroiters voted in November's election. Detroit is home to about 670,000 people."


Trump suffers from TDS,



Trump's former colleagues know him best,


Bill Tozer

re: China, China, China.

‘Beijing Sends Biden a Warning’

Because of Donald Trump, Vice President Joe Biden thundered during the campaign, the U.S. “is more isolated in the world than we’ve ever been … America First has made America alone.”

Biden promised to repair relations with America’s allies. And he appears to have gone some distance to do so in the congratulatory phone call he received from Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga of Japan.

According to Suga, during the brief call, Biden said Article V of the U.S.-Japan Mutual Security Treaty of 1960 covers the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea, islands Japan controls but China claims as its own.

“President-elect Biden gave me a commitment that Article 5 of the US-Japan security treaty applies to the Senkaku Islands,” said a delighted Suga. And what does Article V commit us to?

“Each Party recognizes that an armed attack against either Party in the territories under the administration of Japan would be dangerous to its own peace and safety and declares that it would act to meet the common danger…”

Message: The U.S. will treat a Chinese attempt to take the Senkakus, tiny rocky outcroppings in the East China Sea, as an attack on the USA, and America will fight China to secure Japan’s right to keep the islands........


While we reject China’s claim to all the reefs, rocks and islets in the South China Sea and her claim to the Senkakus in the East China Sea, should we be obligated to go to war over these tiny parcels of land, especially when their legitimate owners are unwilling to fight for them?

Biden repudiates an “America First” foreign policy that puts U.S. security, sovereignty, liberty and vital interests above the interests of any other nation.

But what is it, then, that Biden puts first?

Globalism. A New World Order. A Crusade for Global Democracy.

Been there, done that.

Sixty years ago when Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy faced off, the foreign policy debate was over whether the U.S. should fight Mao’s China to defend the tiny offshore islands of Quemoy and Matsu.

Kennedy thought not. Kennedy won.


Don Bessee

Antifa air force?



Bill Tozer

It’s a great mystery, I tell ya.

‘After Insulting Trump Voters For Years, NYT Writer Complains Reaching Out To Them Is A ‘Waste Of Time’

Wajahat Ali spent the better part of the last year mocking and mischaracterizing the very type of person he claims to have attempted to "reach out" to.


Wow. Maybe I was wrong when I thought that Gov Cuomo was #1 in the absence of self awareness category. Ali is #1 and a big number two. Watch where you step.

Don Bessee

We warned you -

A sign of America’s future under Biden? This transition team member has questioned the First Amendment




See? Gunfire has rabid LIBs crapping themselves.. And us Trump people get the blame.🤣🤷‍♂️
"8:46 a.m. — A man from the 300 block of Miners Trail reported hearing revving engines and shot fired. He was advised it was a shooting match at the police range, but he said he believed it was related to Trump rallies."

Then again,, Trump rallies may just do that. Be afraid... Be VERY afraid.


Screw your socialist carrot on a stick.
Only if you make them pay it back.

You commie bastards forget where that money comes from.

Looking to turn the U.S. into Venezuela six months into Joementia's short term?


Commie bastards, that's rich coming from a brainwashed Breiterbater.

Don Bessee

Geez Dr. R, can we import a better class of troll, the rock thrower is too pathetic to engage. Even makes the pony tail of ignorance look somewhat normal, kind of. -

“We discussed the need to help states with Title 32 funding for the National Guard. That’s the fancy way of saying governors, governors need to be able to get funding when they disp— when they dis— they need to, uh, and, and, bring their, bring their National Guard into play,” Biden said.

Minutes later, he gave a meandering answer:

“I’m going to— we’re going to impose the— we’re going to enforce the— excuse me, employ the defense, reconstruct the act, to be able to go out there and dictate companies build and do following things,” Biden said.




Nevada City Fats took the lowest covering the Rudy and Sidney Show today, mostly punting any actual journalism to the Daily Mail which was absolutely fascinated by the sweat running down his face and oher superficialities. Anything to avoid the subject raised by Trump's legal team.

When 76 you are, look as good you will not, Jeff. In fact, I suspect you will have returned to dust by that age.


Where did Lil' Bob go? Too much of his Rx? He needs to make excuses for "babbles" Biden.

Barry Pruett

Gregory. So far there are a lot of fraud allegations which are being ignored by the MSM. Of course NCF would ignore and mock, because that’s all he does. He was never a “journalist” but a purveyor of rhetoric posing as a journalist. Same education as the MSM but clearly not as successful. In any event, Rudy has some evidence of fraud. Is it enough to drag this election out through the courts? I don’t know yet, but what I do know is that making this argument to a biased media who would be voiced from a jury is pointless further judges don’t like litigants to be airing dirty laundry and arguing with the media. Sidney Powell however better have something solid or she’s gonna end like Geraldo in Al Capone’s vault. 😂🇺🇸


“Having failed to make even a plausible case of widespread fraud or conspiracy before any court of law, the President has now resorted to overt pressure on state and local officials to subvert the will of the people and overturn the election,” the Utah senator and frequent Trump critic said in a statement posted to Twitter. “It is difficult to imagine a worse, more undemocratic action by a sitting American President.” - Mitt Romney

Barry Pruett

Obviously Keachie failed to watch the press conference yesterday. There is substantial evidence of fraud. The question is whether the evidence is credible and whether it is sufficient to sustain a finding of pervasive fraud which calls into question the alleged results. These questions need answers. Voting is not just important to democracy. It actually is democracy, so I would think that even democratic socialists like the FUE and keachie would be interested in making certain that we have a democracy of the people. The stability of our nation depends on the elections being fair.


sorry brainwashed berry,
Sidney Powell has no proof.

Are you really a lawyer?

“We took Sidney Powell seriously. We had no intention of fighting with her, we’ve always respected her work,” Tucker Carlson said. “We simply wanted to see the details. How could you not want to see them? So we invited Sidney Powell on the show. We would have given her the whole hour. We would have given her the entire week, actually, and listened quietly the whole time at rapt attention. That’s a big story. But she never sent us any evidence despite a lot of requests, polite requests. Not a page. When we kept pressing, she got angry and told us to stop contacting her.”


Maybe more of a Micheal Cohen or Rudy Guiliani style lawyer?

Barry Pruett

I said, “Sidney Powell however better have something solid or she’s gonna end like Geraldo in Al Capone’s vault.” Can you even read Doug? I haven’t seen any evidence from her supporting her wild allegations. That said, hundreds of American citizens both democrat and republicans have signed sworn statements alleging widespread fraud in Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia and Georgia. These citizens (who are percipient witnesses) should be heard and vetted. There is a lot of evidence of fraud. Is it enough? That’s up the courts and the state legislatures to decide. Not me or you.

Barry Pruett

When nearly 40% of American citizens believe that there was some shenanigans going on during the election, we as a society owe it to each other to properly vet these allegations. Our democracy depends on it. You should support such vetting...that is if you have nothing to hide. 🤷🏻‍♂️


I was responding to your comment to me Barry, not yours to Greggy.

We know Sidney Powell is George's heroine, and Walts.

Does anyone realize that Trump has not talked to a reporter since the election.
He is not going to Margo Largo either.
He is doing his Hitler impression.
Afraid to leave his bunker at the White House, afraid they will change the locks on him and throw all his stuff out onto the White House lawn.


"D" is performing a Godwin's Law seppuku.


"Sidney Powell has no proof" - "D" 743am

I don't know what Sidney Powell has. Only a few people do at this moment. None of these people will be posting comments here.

patience is a virtue.


Loved Godwin's Law


But for all we know, Trump does have syphilis.


For all we know, "D" has syphilis. In fact, that would explain a lot.


Greggy and his "Godwin's Law" spiel are getting quite worn out. Godwin himself said that in the case of trumpler, comparisons to Hitler are more than appropriate as would comparisons between real patriots and the partisan morons who, despite overwhelming evidence to the opposite, continue to pass on unsubstantiated and stupid claims based on mountains of lies from trumpler about election fraud. What does it tell you that he fired anyone and everyone who contradicts his lies? FBI statistics show that hate crimes against Jews have skyrocketed in America since trumpler cozied up to Q-anon and labeled Neo-nazis as patriots. Sound familiar Godwin?

Barry Pruett

Honestly and if there is this much alleged fraud going on, the FBI ought to be very quietly looking into these allegations. The allegations are serious, but the FBI cannot go public that they are investigating as that would only sow more doubt in the results. I really do want to know if Trump et al are correct about the voting systems. Such a serious allegation deserves scrutiny from both sides.

George Rebane

re rxcross 1031am - Now here is an excellent example of the outpourings from someone who 1) knows nothing of Hitler, 2) fabricates what Trump has said, and 3) makes a tenuous case connecting Trump and hate crimes against Jews (totally ignoring fundamental Islam).

In the meanwhile, move your voter fraud related comments to the appropriate topics, they don't belong here.


rxc is sounding a lot like Michael P. Anderson

There are a lot of GOP voters who believe there was significant fraud.
There are also a lot of DEM voters who believe there was significant fraud.

We shall see what there is to see in the next few weeks.


Posted by: Gregory | 20 November 2020 at 10:38 AM

rxc is sounding a lot like Michael P. Anderson


A little too whiny for Michael (as well as insufficiently homicidal) and too preoccupied with who is a legitimate news source.

Err ....um .....25 Quatloos (yes....that's it....Quatloos) on the gravitationally challenged former pretend newsman who calls your fair burgh home!

Bill Tozer

RX Crossed Up

I agree with your FBI stats. While black and Muslim discrimination against and alleged hate crimes suck all of the. oxygen out of the room, hate crimes against Jews has skyrocketed faster than any other group. This is due to blacks and Muslims and black-Muslims attacking innocent Jews walking down the street. Especially In Blue NewYork City where the two communities share the same space.

From Rev Al to Rev Jesse Jackson to Minister Farrakhan to Keith Ellis to Rev. Jeremiah Wright to the Squad to the Women’s March to Dem members of Congress, the Democrat Party has a BIG anti-semantic problem in it’s ranks, in academia, and in its psychotic psychic.

The biggest threat to the Jewish (and LBGTQQ community) today comes from the Muslim and Black Community, not the far right or Christian Fundamentalists, aka, the former Moral Majority.

RX Crossed Up, don’t you keep up with the news? Must have been a hundred articles on the skyrocketing hate dreams in NYC alone. Usually some black woman who gets triggered at just the sight of them, and, of course, picking on Orthodox Jews that stand out like a sore burka, full length. The Jewish people represent to Islamics the “little Satan”. The USA represents the Big Satan.

Bill Tozer

‘NYT Columnist Who Called For ‘End Of Israel’ To Appear With Noted Antisemites‘
Anti-Israel activist groups are sponsoring a panel discussion on “dismantling antisemitism,” featuring New York Times columnist Peter Beinart who previously called for the “end of Israel” as a panelist.

“Beinart’s words echo those of former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi who also advocated for Palestine to gain more authority and status in 2001 in the New York Times.”.....

“Hill, another guest on the panel, was fired in 2018 from his contributor position at CNN after calling for a “free Palestine from the river to the sea,” using language eerily similar to that used by the Hamas, an Palestinian Islamic militant, and nationalist organization. In addition to his anti-Israel comments, Hill endorsed an anti-Israel BDS targeting the Jewish state.

The panel is scheduled to be hosted online Dec. 15.”



"Trump's legal adviser Jenna Ellis in 2016 called him an 'idiot' and said his supporters didn't care about 'facts or logic'"

- well, Jenna was on the mark in 2016. Now that she is getting paid the big bucks she thinks the sun shines out of Trump's pie hole.


Bill Tozer

California. Survey explains a lot.

'Don’t ‘Californicate’ The Rest Of America'



Hate Hoaxin....the best hoaxin!!



Legalized extortion is about to make a BIG comeback.
Proggys need the campaign contributions from the unwilling.
(Union dues again with a gun to your head)

Bill Tozer

Dr. Carson speaks from his death bed.

‘Saved my life’: Dr. Ben Carson says President Trump ‘cleared’ him for Regeneron’s experimental antibody treatment

"President Trump was following my condition and cleared me for the monoclonal antibody therapy that he had previously received, which I am convinced saved my life.”


NOT TO BE TRUSTED (factcheckers, that is.)

Bill Tozer

Should I post this under Scattershots: Undercover Thanksgiving or under Follow the Science? Sandbox will suffice.

No, Buck, thats not crazy. That's
Power Mad Guano Crazy



You can see an end to this as well.

No more FED executions. We know how the Proggys love to kill the unborn, but not killers who have lost their right to breath.

NC Right Wing Watch

Question for ya- how does it feel to be a Trump Cult Member? You're not particularly bright if you trust those crazed lunatics Guiliani and Sidney Powell. When have either of them succeeded in any legal cases in the last 10 years? Where's the Hunter Biden dirt and the General Flynn exoneration? lol. Gregory, lets get real, you're just not that smart in real world matters. Stick to whatever it is you are good at, whatever that is.

NC Right Wing Watch

Screw Ben Carson. Another lunatic. Now with permanent Covid damage.

Loser. Soon to be gone in 58 days.


Pellini... is that you? Is your son coming home for Thanksgiving dinner?


Hi Babs,, That's your new TROLL name? NC stand for NEVER CORRECT? Yaa, that fits the stoned Nevada City types.
Still on the Rx we see.

Now that's a hateful LIB for you. Racist as well.

Bill Tozer

What a way to start a morning. Somebody woke up grumpy....two days in a row. Asking what has Sidney Powell done in the last ten years is like asking what has John Lewis done in the last twenty years.

On any given Sunday.....

What’s it all about, Alfie?

You disrespect me? You disrespect me?!?!


Barry Pruett

Dear George: At the behest of my wife, I started writing again.


Bill Tozer

Joe Biden: Why Are Reporters Asking Me Questions?

“Former Vice President Joe Biden isn’t used to getting real questions. On Friday, Biden appeared dumbfounded as to why a reporter was asking the projected Democratic presidential-elect a question as the press pool was being scurried away by staff.

“Mr. Biden, the COVID task force said it’s safe for students to be in class. Are you going to encourage unions to cooperate more to bring kids back to classrooms, sir?” asked CBS reporter Bo Erickson.

“Why are you the only guy that always shouts out questions?” Biden said.”

“..... Meanwhile, one would be hard-pressed to find California Sen. Kamala Harris, Biden’s running .mate, at any point throughout the entire general election campaign taking a single question from a reporter during a press conference.”


And to think Trump got hammered for having two scoops of ice cream. I believe the press has found a way to cure Creepy Uncle’s lifelong foot in mouth disease. Don’t ask, don’t tell.


Bill... (Morn'n) That's a hardball question for the geriatric news guy Emery. Yes,,, WHY is the press asking a relevant question? The BIGGER question is,, WHY didn't he answer?
(How DARE you ask me a question.)

Bill Tozer

Nature abhors a vacuum. The thin Blue Line that separates society from anarchy is growing thinner. Defund the police and we get Lord of the Flies. It has always astonished me how quickly humans descend into their nature state of chaos, mayhem, and murder once the buffer of authority has been lifted. Left to their own devices, they become soulless creatures. Nobody is going to tell me what to do!

‘New York City shootings in October surge 120% year over year’

‘NY descends into chaos’

‘Man with a flamethrower stands atop NYC bus and fires away’

‘Homicides skyrocket across U.S. during pandemic, while robberies and rapes plummet’. Wa Post

‘NYPD Officer Assaulted By Multiple People While Jogging In Queens’. CBS-New York

Minneapolis police: “Be prepared to be robbed.”

Bill Tozer

Morning Brother Walt!

Is it just me, or have others noticed that the Dems are quite touchy when asked about school closures. Those kind of questions like, “Hey, are you shutting down the schools again....or when will you work on getting classrooms reopened ?” is one big flashpoint for our Moral Betters. It ost certainly triggers them.
“Pacino is a lock for next years Oscars. His Cuomo is UNCANNY.”

“I don't care what you think': Cuomo lashes out at reporters at Covid briefing
Governor faced a backlash for berating journalists in response to questions about New York City school closures


rx cross

wah wah wah...fraud fraud fraud..stolen election..wah wah wah said the trumplicans.... bullshit said the judges... YOU LOST fair and square now take your ball and go play golf and pout while the country suffers from a pandemic you ignored and made worse.

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