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06 November 2020



Hey Punch.....Bidens minder......corporate lobbyist.

Like Fannie Mae and asbestos? You'll love Joe Biden's revolving-door chief of staff Ron Klain



Hey Punch.....Karen Bass, Bidens HUD Secretary.....Fidel snuggler.

Biden HUD secretary frontrunner praised top communist as her 'mentor'



Hey Punch......Joe Biden “The Senator from MBNA” sells out women and “working families” to the credit card companies.......Liz “Lieawatha” Warren said so.




Boohoo haha, Looks like GoldFish is going to be hating the next four years.


And the difference between Biden and Trump? Goldfish? Goldfish? Goldfish?


Too easy, D: Trump works for the American people, Biden for his son (himself) and the communist world.


Isn't Libby Land great?
"Violence and gunfire are raging in Minneapolis as officers leave the department at such a rate that residents are warned that 911 responses may soon cease."

When is D- moving to Progressive utopia?


LOL!!! The Queen of the DAMNED doesn't get her dinner party.

Rubber chicken in a box! How nice........

“Members-elect are now picking up their boxed meals and departing the Capitol,” he said. “There is no group dinner. Members-elect are in DC already for orientation”

Nan gets to stand next to her giant fridge and guzzle boxed wine.


"IF" Biden wins,, THIS is what you will see at his installation.


Hey Punch...,.Biden made Delaware little more than a PO Box for corporate/finance America....

House of Cards: How Joe Biden helped build a financial system that’s great for Delaware banks and terrible for the rest of us.



Hey Punch....Biden is paying off his propaganda arm.....

IT WAS ALWAYS OBVIOUS: MSNBC’s exodus to work for Joe Biden shows it’s been shilling for him all along.



Hey Punch.....there goes the 1st amendment.......

QED: Joe Biden transition official wrote op-ed advocating free speech restrictions.


Todd Juvinall

What fools like Emery forget is they are the first ones up against the wall when the socialists take charge.


Hey Punch...Mr. Science....political animal first, physician second!

Fauci Showed Breakthrough Pfizer COVID Vaccine Results To Biden Before Trump, Azar Confirms

"It's just the latest sign that Pfizer's breakthrough vaccine data was deliberately delayed until after the election".


Bill Tozer

Random pics from Ballot Recount Week:



h/t to Gregory via W C Fields.



Posted by: L | 14 November 2020 at 09:29 AM

Commies??? Take care L,



Hey Punch.....you still gonna be upset about deficit spending come January?

It’s a good thing the government spending $9.5 billion a day, or $400 million an hour, or $6.5 million a minute, or over $100,000 a second beyond what it vacuums up in taxes doesn’t matter, because if it did, all the money creation underwriting this utterly unpayable debt might destroy the currency it is denominated in.


Your D- student,
Your Commie fascist claiming to be anti fascist.

I bet D- can't wait to start bleeding tax money from South of beltline.


Then I give you this Commie racist somebitch.
You Proggys sure know how to pick'm.
He makes Rev. Wright look Concervitve.


Hey Punch....I thought a President Biden was going to listen to the science?

Biden Coronavirus Advisers Nix National U.S. Lockdown


.....but, but, but science!

Biden adviser floats possible 6-week lockdown to slow spread of COVID-19



D @ 12:43- You're right and I should be more careful with my labels. What we see in North Korea and Cuba are the best current example of international socialism (or communism if you prefer). What has evolved in China and is about to be installed in the US is a corporate-political alliance similar to the national socialism of Europe in the '30s. AKA fascism. Antifa doesn't call itself that for nothing- people like Keach will actually believe that they are anti-fascist when in fact they are the brown shirt militant arm of the Dem party- Fascists.

Or to use their favorite slur, Nazis.

As I and others have often said, watch what the evil ones accuse our side of doing; it's usually advance notice of what their next move will be.


Posted by: L | 14 November 2020 at 04:05 PM

..... people like Keach will actually believe that they are anti-fascist when in fact they are the brown shirt militant arm of the Dem party- Fascists.

Man Who Agrees With The Media, Universities, Corporations, And Hollywood Thinks He's Part Of The Resistance.....

Well that certainly sounds like the brave partisans of the “Fightin 420th” of Nevada City.



Hey Punch.......Biden is going to be your new “General” in the COVID war......and hey, doesn’t this look promising?

SHOCKER: Tax filings reveal Biden cancer charity spent millions on salaries, zero on research.

“ The Bidens stacked the board with leading oncologists and celebrity cancer survivors, including musician Jimmy Gomez from the Black Eyed Peas.

After only two years, the charity “paused” its operations when Biden and his wife stepped down for Joe Biden’s presidential run.”

......and if you like Joe’s work on the war on cancer you’re going to love his work on crime, the economy, and the environment.


Bill Tozer

Not about Fox Media, nor about Election Fraud and mucho irregularities, so it goes here.

Transition Hysterics. As written about a truckload....er.....boatload of times, we all gave Gore 37 days and the (fill in the blank) are now feigning their moral outrage and oozing with contempt over national security issues; as it preparing for Biden to sit behind the desk. He already knows where the bathrooms are. Patience is a very attractive virtue. Don’t be like Trump, grasshopper.

Oh yeah, who was the sitting President when it was Bush vs Gore? Why, it was Bill Clinton and the transition team had to go rent office space cause Bubba would not give them a closet in the WH. When the dust finally settled, George W Bush and team walked into White Hours only to find every computer had one missing key. The W. Double U. Like in George W. Bush, get it? Funny guy that Bubba. Anyway..... nobody was wailing to the heavens about Bubba not giving W briefs or national security transition issues then. CC, a frequent Party Line voice the Union’s comments, sure is doing it now. :) A popinjay, fa sure.
Presidential historian Tevi Troy has an article in the Washington Post about presidential transitions. His piece is in “five myths about” format the Post likes to use in its Sunday Outlook section.

The myths are :

(1) A transition requires an official GSA sign-off to begin.

(2) Same-party transitions are smoother.

(3) Transitions start after the election.

(4) Transitions show how an administration will operate.

(5) Biden faces a very difficult transition.

Team Biden is likely to blame whatever difficulties it encounters in transition on President Trump and his team. However, Tevi concludes:

A transition is largely an internal exercise, and the results are up to the incoming president and the surrounding aides. If the transition works well, it’s a tribute to them, but if it falters, there is no one to blame but themselves.

I would add that, to the extent cooperation from an outgoing administration matters, Biden forfeited his right to expect much of it when, during the first presidential debate, he called Trump a “clown” and told him to “shut up.” Even a less egomaniacal president than the current one wouldn’t be likely to cooperate much with a successor like that.“

“No link for you”. sez the Soup Nazi.


Chit!!! Reloading brass is nowhere to be found. Has to get some once fired military brass from back East.
What sucks, I have to fork out what I was paying for a factory bullet just last year.... For an EMPTY!!!

Bill Tozer


Observations: “Liberals are quick to dub anything they don’t like a conspiracy theory. But four years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined that top officials of the FBI and the CIA would collaborate with Hillary Clinton’s campaign to propagate lies in order to try to swing the election to her, or failing that, to disable the incoming administration of the candidate that they didn’t favor. That scandal has greatly expanded my, and our, understanding of what may be possible. This isn’t your grandfather’s United States of America.” —John Hinderaker

Upright: “In recent decades, the differences the right and left fight about have often been marginal. Debating a top tax rate of 35% versus 39% is not inconsequential, but it’s not existential either. That’s not the sort of thing the left is talking about these days. They are talking about structural changes to alter our system forever and a full march to the left in numerous policy areas.” —Neil Patel

For the record: “The Democrats’ heroine, Stacey Abrams, lost her race to be Georgia governor by more than 50,000 votes in 2018 (Trump is down 14,000) and she never conceded. Yet she’s widely celebrated by the MSM and the [Democrats]. The hypocrisy never ends.” —Ari Fleischer

Flashback I: “America needs to repent for its worship of whiteness.” —Georgia Senate candidate and extreme leftist Raphael Warnock back in 2016

Flashback II: “I’m so sick and tired of all of these folk talking about ‘socialistic medicine.’ And I really get upset when I hear Christians in the midst of this debate talking about socialism. They ought to go back and read Acts Chapter Two, where the Bible says that the church had all things in common.” —Warnock in 2009

Lack of Self-Awareness Award: “Is this what we’re gonna have to sit through for the next four years — Republicans just doing investigations and refusing to legislate?” —MSNBC’s Joy Reid to witch-hunt obstructionist Adam Schiff

Grand delusions: “[The election] was an overwhelming referendum by the American people. … It should move things in our direction.” —Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (Democrats lost House seats, likely won’t gain the Senate, and Biden won by razor-thin margins. But other than that, the election was splendiferous!)

D'oh! “Of course, the loss of the House majority is just extraordinarily upsetting to all of us.” —Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with a Joe Biden moment

The BIG Lie: “I sometimes find it amusing when our opponents talk about the far-left agenda. The truth is that when you talk about raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour, when you’re talking about expanding healthcare to all people as a human right, when you talk about effectively taking on climate change, when you talk about making public colleges and universities tuition free, these are not far-left ideas. These are commonsense ideas that the majority of the American people support.” —Senator Bernie Sanders

Non compos mentis: “[Our county has] that independent spirit … but now is the time to do what you’re told.” —Anthony Fauci

How the Grinch stole Christmas: “Christmas is probably not gonna be possible.” —CNN’s Jake Tapper

Look in the mirror: “People are going more and more into their own echo chambers, more into their own bubbles, especially Trump voters. There’s this new social media app, called Parler, getting a lot of attention. Because conservatives are leaving, saying they’re leaving Twitter and Facebook, going off to Parler because they believe Parler is a safer space for them. What we’re seeing is even more of a bunker mentality in right-wing media. Ultimately, that’s not good for the country.” —CNN’s Brian Stelter, who’s oblivious to the fact it’s Big Tech and Leftmedia censorship that’s forcing conservatives into “a bunker mentality”

And last… “I wish people were more concerned about offending the heart of God as they are about offending each other.” —Abby Johnson

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