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17 November 2020


Don Bessee

Nice to admit the mistake but the damage to free speech and the election -

Facebook, Twitter take heat over Hunter Biden story during hearing; Dorsey admits 'this action was wrong'



Don Bessee

Crazy cuomo and the socialists dont want us out from under their thumbs and have convinced a ton of people to ignore the vaccine because of the current admin. Bat shit crazy, rivaling the nevada city tinfoil hat crew -

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday said the speedy process by which coronavirus vaccine trials are being rolled out are being driven both by President Donald Trump’s ego and the profit motivation of the drug companies manufacturing the vaccines.

The Democrat made the comments during an interview on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning radio show. His appearance came as Moderna Inc. and competitor Pfizer Inc. recently announced preliminary results showing their vaccines appear more than 90% effective, at least for short-term protection against COVID-19.

President Donald Trump on Monday praised Moderna as one of two recent “great discoveries.”



Bill Tozer

“Safeway ratted us out.“.

Yep. Today I did the run up to “town” and saw turkeys in the frozen aisles at that place across on the other side of Brunswick (dent can store grocery outlet) and I noticed not many folks grabbing the birds. None of us want to be rattled out. However, the police and sheriffs have always been rather nice and lenient to me on Turkey Day over the years. :).

Yo Gavin, you can stuff it. You are going to lecture moi after that embarrassing episode last week when you snuck off to that 50th birthday party with more than 3 different family sets there. No mask and 500 bucks a plate, 350 bucks to see the sampler menu. Capitalist Pig, but enjoying the pleasure of being free of the mask and enjoying warm glows, laughter, and social lubricants. Still, Gavin, go pound grapes. And why was your vineyard open when all the vineyards where ordered closed? Anyway.....

We are all social beings, after all, Except the SOJs. It’s easy for them to do the social isolation thang on Thanksgiving because nobody wants to invite them over or be around them.
H/T to Milo.


🖕'm.. My place is hidden in the trees away from prying eyes
where the 15 cars can be seen from the road.
If the cops come looking for the one who bought the 25 pound bird, they won't be home! They will need the PG&E vapor sniffer helicopter.

They can't bust us all.

Don Bessee

The socialist are doubling down on defund the police, that should make sure they lose what little edge they may have in congress -




If you try and get a concealed weapons permit,, and they cops ask "why do you need it",, Just say,,Seen the news? and your going to be out of a job,, sooner than later."


Putting this here in the 'grinch that stole thanksgiving' scattershots...

There's been a long rumored randomized trial of mask wearing as a protection of the wearer, done in Denmark. They were unable to find a journal to run it. Now published in tthe Annals of Internal Medicine:


"Landmark Danish study shows face masks have no significant effect"

Bill Tozer

Oh course one could see this coming a mile away. Hard to keep a lid on an overwhelming preponderance on evidence. Fun to see at least a few individuals in print media have their Moment of Clarity.

NYT Columnist Admits ‘Trump Was Right,’ Dems ‘Wrong’ On Crucial COVID Policy
"Democrats helped preside over school closures that have devastated millions of families."


It would be nicer and better for our Nation if more writers would step out of the bubble and see what’s really going on where the rubber meets the road. I can dream, can’t I?


Gregory. Do you fly around Pyramid Lake? Or do you prefer to stay on this side of the summit?

Our missing in-law has yet to be found.


Walt, I'm so sorry about your missing in-law. Looking for volunteer aircraft for overflight in a search pattern?

I fly over NV when I have reason to.

My plane isn't ideal for such searching but I would be happy to help... perhaps GR can give you my email address.

CAN'T today. And I feel obliged to mention I'm not a commercial pilot, the plane isn't an air taxi or for hire. We can split gas and oil costs.


Thanks Gregory, I'm not sure how many flyovers there have been. Maybe 2 or 3. It's sure to be a recovery by now. It been way too long for any chance of survival. Search and rescue have been looking for at least two weeks now, and still nothing.
I'm still not in any shape to even make the drive yet, or I would have been up there by now.

But if you know anyone who is willing to do some looking by air
It would be greatly appreciated.
Yes, George can give you my info anytime.


File under, ‘Your money or your life?’,

I guess you can thank Dear Leader Trump for the big brother tactics since he made no executive orders countermanding their overreach.

Bill Tozer

re: The first Thanksgiving Day of Year Zero, coming to a family near you. It just may very well the last time the family will see Grandma. Ask Grandma or the family what they want to do; stay away and protect Grandmother, or let her suffer Turkey Day in isolation and loneliness? I strongly believe that family members themselves are the most apt at protecting their loves ones, their flesh and blood, thank you very much. And bring a pie or two to help Grandma out.
From Buck Sexton, (not to be confused with Sex Buxton or AV Man or Ozzie or Mr. Dozer).

—-“Ask yourself this: under “emergency covid powers” governors like Cuomo and Newsom have adopted, what *CAN’T* they do?

Lock you up? Quarantine, check. Shut down your business? Check. Ban gatherings in your house? Check. Stop travel? Check.

It’s stunning this is where we are”
Buck Sexton

“If anyone told you 12 months ago that Democrats and the media would be cheering on politicians for threatening to arrest people for the crime of gathering with their families on Thanksgiving, you’d have thought they were insane-

Here we are. This is happening.

Fight it.”

Bill Tozer

This might fit here under the general category of erosion of freedoms, constitutional protections, and civil liberties.

‘Washington Post Demands Elimination of Electoral College’
The paper's editorial board can no longer tolerate one of our Constitution's signature protections.


Control freaks hate restraints.

Don Bessee

The revolt of the sheriffs. Sheriff Moon just released this regarding gavins outrageous orders -

Our staff will not use a suspected violation of this order as the basis for contact, detention, citation, or arrest.



Don Bessee

Are you kidding?!? -

"Were Louis Farrakhan and Richard Spencer unavailable?" the Daily Wire's Harry Khachatrian asked on Twitter. Another user wrote: "This is like having Chris Brown, Mike Tyson, and Tommy Lee have a panel discussion on dismantling domestic violence."



Bill Tozer

Don @ 5:08 pm

Adding to the list; Fresno, Merced, Madera, Visalia, Kings will not enforce the curfew

Bill Tozer

Re Nov 20 update: Its only 14 bucks at Walmart.



WOW!! First Herr Gavin, now Kungflu immune NY.

Bill Tozer

Thanksgiving used to be a day of thankfulness. I am most thankful I not will spend the day with these wackjobs. They are the kind of people whom you gently say, “Smile”, and they shoot back , “Why? What’s there to be happy about?”

‘History by MSNBC: Thanksgiving is 'Colonizer Christmas' and Colonists Were Cannibals‘

“And in this latest attack, Thanksgiving becomes "Colonizer Christmas," celebrating a bunch of cannibals.”

“Or even think about it: that original Thanksgiving, you know, where the colony was starving, and, you know, anthropological research suggests was in such dire conditions they had to resort to cannibalism to remain alive.

“And you know, it always has been kind of awkward to say that you commemorate that by stuffing yourself with as much food as you can find. And maybe, perhaps, people have to actually think about a small sacrifice that would be fitting, in keeping with this day. “


White man tastes like ripe banana.


I'm looking at the recent stats on the Wuhan SARS, and it is *ugly*. It does appear there's been massive superspreading starting at about the election, and folks are staggering into testing two weeks later. The numbers are spiking.

It's worse in Reno, where some family resides and cancelling Thanksgiving altogether is looking very possible for me'n mine.

Hmmmm... has it been Republicans and 3rd Partiers doing the partying on Nov 4, 5, 6, 7?


Gregory, The Trumped and dimwit bikers were warned many times about attending superspeader events. Trump had a big Reno event. The morgue is filling up in Redneck Texas.
But hey, who needs a mask? What me worry?


"D", the scientific evidence is in. Masks don't help the wearer avoid infection.

Three thousand Danes participated... half wore masks, the others didn't. Which group they were assigned to was made randomly.

No significant difference. In the end, 1.8% of the maskers got ill, 2.1% didn't. That's a 0.3% difference.

The best way to avoid the virus is to avoid crowds, not to pretend a 50 cent mask worn under your chin will keep the bugs at bay. But certainly, when going to the market, wear the mask... mostly for the benefit of the squeamish. And stay home if your ill or know you've been exposed.


The Danes? I already refuted that. If the participants went about their daily lives, they did not behave identically in the exact same environments.
If they stayed in bubbles and had virus blown in and their eyes were covered, maybe the study made sense.


Keach, what was the highest-level science course you encountered in your education? Hi school biology, or did you end with 8th grade "Health?"

Curious to know your bona fides when you decide to argue with your stem-trained betters.


Posted by: L | 23 November 2020 at 08:08 AM

" I already refuted that."

Yes this line sent me into slumber with a chuckle..........

To his credit Keach did learn to properly don the "Greek Fishermans" cap that the vanguard seems to favor. So there's that!

Barry Pruett

Based on all of the studies that I have seen, we wear masks to protect others as they are moderately ineffective in stopping the wearer from getting the VID


Lar, yes, I get that you imagine yourself a superior being. Heck, you are a Republican!


Try to keep up boys. If one wore a mask and one didn't but they both picked their noses after touching a virus contaminated surface the results would not show much difference, would they?


Keach, name the poet:
You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose,
But you can't pick your friend's nose.

It is not likely at all that the random assignment of 3000 Danes to the mask groups didn't deal with your objection.


Barry... by the ONLY study to date, masks have been demonstrated to be ineffective in protecting the wearer from the Wuhan SARS.


Only the 6TH grade D- student would think about nose picking.
Did you eat it too? The C+ student said it would give you immunity.


Poor, desperate whiners


Posted by: D | 23 November 2020 at 09:24 AM

I already refuted that.


Copenhagen isn't like North San Juan, Keach.


Keach @8:42- the question was regarding your qualifications, not mine. Also, thought the current dogma says no transmission through surface contact, or did that change again too?

Pretty sure that by 'contact surfaces' they don't mean the inside of your nose...


Many transmissions are now coming from asymptomatic people. Yes masks don't protect that well from getting the virus.. but the morons who don't wear masks could be infecting everyone else.. and that is the point of masks.. not that they protect you so much as they protect others from you. You all can thank those massless morons for the current surge. Just look at N. Dakota and other mostly rural republican states that did not support masking.


rxman 1158am

really? where is your evidence?

'frisco is also getting a surge...

you're just hating.

Bill Tozer

Frisco? Where's dat?

Tech icon criticizes San Francisco, announces move to Florida: 'Impossible to stay here'


Bill Tozer

Don’t forget your mask


Bill Tozer

Quotes and a meme or two.

Upright: “Operation Warp Speed exemplifies the Creative Society. Its success is a reminder that there is no limit to American ingenuity when government stands alongside the people rather than in front of them. It underscores the benefits of democracy and a large and resilient private sector. It lends support to the idea that American decline is not an insurmountable condition, but the consequence of bureaucratic sclerosis and risk-averse leadership. Above all, Operation Warp Speed offers hope. Not just for an end to the pandemic. For national renewal.” —Matthew Continetti

For the record: “If you see 7 people in a house eating turkey, the Governor of Oregon wants you to call to police… But if you see 5 people in a house doing heroin, that’s totally legal.” —Liz Wheeler

Excellent question: “If you think our governor can legitimately ban you from church, ban you from celebrating with family, ban you from travel, ban you from your business, & ban you from the funeral of a loved one: what makes you think he doesn’t or wouldn’t also claim the power to ban your guns?” —Rep. Thomas Massie

A trip down memory lane: “There will be no separate peace between Israel and the Arab world. I want to make that very clear to all of you.” —John Kerry, 2016

Non compos mentis: “Unlike Donald Trump, Joe Biden will seek China’s help with global problems such as climate change or covid-19 treatments.” —The Economist

Braying jenny: “People across the country are going hungry, COVID is set to explode, and Mitch McConnell dismissed the Senate last week. I don’t know how these people can sleep at night. I really don’t.” —Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

And last… “Prosecuting people for holiday gatherings inside their own home violates the 4th Amendment — protection from unreasonable search & seizure. Elected leaders who violate the Constitution should be held accountable, & law enforcement should disobey unconstitutional orders.” —Rep. Dan Crenshaw


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