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30 November 2020



Of course it is the Dem's fault that PG&E took profits out of the company rather than invest in upgrades. It's also the Dems fault that PG&E failed to adequately clear right-of-ways of dangerous vegetation in fire prone areas. It's the Dem's fault that massive wildfires that destroyed hundreds of thousands of acres of land, thousands of homes, and killed over 100 people were caused by PG&E equipment failures. You bitch because the service is crappy and you would have whined about over regulation if PG&E would have been regulated more rigorously. You seem to cut it both ways as long as the Dems come out as the evil doers. PG&E is a 3rd world utility because, like the dictators in those 3rd world disasters, money comes first and people come last. The culprit is not the Dems' it is corporate capitalism where profit is not only the bottom line.. it is the only line. SMUD, that socialistic public owned power company down the hill, does a much better job of it than PG&E, as do cooperative power agencies everywhere.

So get off it George, your 'Dems are the source of all evil' shtick is really getting quite trite.


DAMN Bobby,, run out of the Rx? We know supplies are in short supply.
Don't you comprehend the BS from the state PUC? The extra hoops power companies had to jump through? That's costs money.

SMUD? LOL! O nutty one. It's EASY to put utilities underground in that potato dirt.( I know!! I put plenty 4 feet under) They don't have tall trees to contend with. You think it's great down there? YOU can pay the high dollar "green" power bill.

Don Bessee

Its the fault of the democrats that they denied the 2004 infrastructure rate increase and looted PGE for green new deal programs in the last 20 years DUH.



One more thing Babs,, Unions. PG&E is UNION. Lets see you pay union wages.
Now why is PG&E hiring NON UNION tree trimmers?

George Rebane

Deleted 'NC Right Wing Watch' snarky comment on "mental giants" because he couldn't figure out the topic of this commentary.

RX 712pm - Good point. How do you Dems on the Left keep from blaming everything on the Repubs? Perhaps you could enlighten us so that you wouldn't be subjected to all these trite arguments.

Scott O

XCross 7:12 - "Of course it is the Dem's fault that PG&E took profits out of the company rather than invest in upgrades."
PG&E is a govt controlled monopoly. The Dems run the CA govt.
So yes, it is the Dems fault.
What Republicans can you blame?

Scott O

Oh wait, maybe the Cross one is blaming the Green Party or the Libertarians...
You leftys have control and now you blame others?

Bill Tozer

Now I am going off topic

RX 712pm - Good point. How do you Dems on the Left keep from blaming everything on the Repubs.--Dr Rebane.

The only way the Dems did as well as they did was to join forces with the far left extremists and the Hate America First crowd in 2020. Now, with Orange Man Bad seemingly gone from the picture, what will be the unifying glue that holds the party together? The far left has already told us what they think of the Democrat Party Establishment, the Constitution, the police, capitalism, home schoolers, the First Amendment and who should get the vaccine first (3rd World Countries), and equal protection under the law. Without Trump to blame for the China Virus and their mass hysteria mental breakdown, they will turn their attention to the circular firing squad. Blame away.


PG&E is a private corporation. Sounds like George wants to Socialize the utility company so he can blame it on the Dem majority legislature.

Scott O

Bill 9:47 - "Without Trump to blame for the China Virus and their mass hysteria mental breakdown,..."
Are you kidding? They'll blame Trump forever. In many lefty opinion pieces, it's already starting. Just one example:

George Rebane

D 734am - You continue to reveal the level of your knowledge in these pages, many thanks. PGE is a private corporation about as much as I am Bill Gates. You have a lot of fruitful learning ahead of you about how highly regulated, monopoly 'corporations' are chartered, operate, and are succored. Let's take up this discussion again when you think you're ready.

Bill Tozer

re: reliable energy, CA style...or....Baja California style....or 3rd World Country Style. Grown used to expecting it from the pompous asses.

‘Environmentalists Now Pressing For ‘Economy-Wide Lockdowns’ To Address Climate Change

My life long friend who put California in his rear view mirror forever, just had to rub it in a week ago. He was feigning outrage and moral indignation that the price for he paid for gas at Costco. It spiked from $1.87 to $1.89/ gallon. If that isn’t enough to get my attention, today’s (this day) national average for gas at the pump in $2.13/gallon.

Somebody has to pay for California Dreaming. At least they waited until 6:00 pm Thanksgiving Day to cut the power to 6 million SC Edison customers, plunging them into the dark.

Pay more for less! That’s a Lefty’s idea of a silver lining.

George Rebane

BillT 115pm - Do you notice the roar of crickets from our lefties when you post such revealing comments? They never respond to material developments that compare/contrast socialism with capitalism; it's always back to some snark or another superfluous citation of Trump's latest bombast, or repetition of another baseless allegation of Republican transgression. (We must always remember that in their sense of justice allegation = evidence.)


"Some of us still remember, back before the state became a Democrat political monopoly, when we had reliable utilities."

George denies PG&E is a publicly traded utility. He thinks the Dems run it as a state owned utility.
He thinks it is the same as Venezuela.

"The largest power companies are state-owned CVG Electrificación del Caroní [es] (EDELCA), a subsidiary of the mining company Corporación Venezolana de Guayana (CVG), and Compania Anonima de Administracion y Fomento Electrico (CADAFE [es]) accounting respectively for approximately 63% and 18% of generating capacities. Other state-owned power companies are Energía Eléctrica de Barquisimeto [es] (ENELBAR) and Energía Eléctrica de Venezuela [es] (ENELVEN) and Energía Eléctrica de la Costa Oriental (ENELCO) or ENELVEN-ENELCO (approximately 8% of capacities)."

The Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is an American investor-owned utility (IOU) with publicly-traded stock.

George Rebane

D 210pm - So was Krupp in 1935 Germany.

Bill Tozer

“PGE is a private corporation about as much as I am Bill Gates.”

That flew right over D’s head. Was it In 2012 that the PUC denied a 3.4 billion maintenance request to upgrade old infrastructure by PG&E? Don referenced 2003 or 2008 or something.

The multiple billion request was denied for a few reasons. First, since PG&E only makes money for new installs, the true cost (like with a hike for maintance (and capital. expenditures) would show the customers how much it really costs to have electricity.

But, the other main reason for the PUC (State’s) denial wasn’t because they required PG&E to take those funds, add some more, and fund the GND. Obama did promise us all that our rates WILL go up, unequivocally.

Profits before people. Someday I will reveal what was said in the room when Duke Energy was exploring buying PG&E.

I remember Tear Down Hetch Hetchy and when they tried to outlaw clear cutting....with the definition to clear cutting redefined as one brush per 5 acres....and that 6” or greater diameter tree cutting ban. How does that work out now with the defensible 🔥 space being all the rage?

Opps, should have put the last part under Me Remember.


Keach @2:10- George's comment about Krupp flew right past your response team. What you describe in Venezuela is communist protocol right from the book. What kinder, gentler California has decided to adopt is Fascism where the folks pretend to own the utility but the Gov decides what it can do. And I'm not talking about Italian fascism- Cali's brand looks like the Nazi flavor.
Good luck.


Similarly, what has evolved in China is not the pure communist dream of Chairman Mao, but the economic system of the Third Reich. Funny how the left doesn't seem to notice, probably because they've been taught all their stupid lives that Nazi are the "opposite" of commies rather than two peas in a pod differing only in rottenness.


Of the two, the Fascists are more successful at the same cost as the communists; neither can be lived.

Douglas Keachie

To Whom it may concern:
I have no posted here under other names.
George should be able to check out the IP address I come in on.
I used Digital Path, off the Oregon Peak tower.
I have plenty of fish to fry on FB.
Climate Change, Pandemic, and of course, redistribution of wealth.
e.g. Predistribution tax of 10% on all corporate dividends, and no tax credits resulting from any resulting "losses" to individuals. It's a Flat Tax, paid by rich and poor alike.
And that's the rest of the story,
Good Day,
(just passing by.....oh Merry Christmas!)

Douglas Keachie

Add a "t" to "no" in the first line of the post above. Can't read the screen too well any more.


" I have no posted here under other names."

Starting when, Doug?

You've posted posted under a plethora of names here in the past, and while the prospect of you having finally reached some semblance of adulthood is good, I can't say I accept it without reservations.

If I recall correctly, you followed me here from the blog of Nevada City Fats in order to continue your harassments.


Posting from a ridge, far far away..... Get'm in while you can Dougy,, Your power will be the first to go.
Just a flaccid breeze will be enough of an excuse.


Speaking of scattered shots, Baghdad MidWest is racking up the score.(again)


Posted by: Douglas Keachie | 06 December 2020 at 03:27 PM


Don Bessee

Who cares if they are getting dumber and testing worse at home, especially minority kids, its working in other countries already -

Chicago Teachers Union deletes tweet claiming school reopening push 'rooted' in sexism, racism, misogyny


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