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10 November 2020



BTW Lil' Bob,, I can't wait for FL. to declare "open season" on rioters and looters. Miss that news? Legalized vigilantism.
When the authorities can't or won't do their job,, well, Winchester, and Mr. Colt are ready to fix that problem.

Bill Tozer

So that’s where D picked up his gibberish this morning about the 9/11 Commission Report, specifically the part about Presidential transition. Trump don’t care about National Security!!!
Just as I expected. CBS Morning and the Today Show. Probably sat in his bathrobe with long socks and slippers all day watching the soaps. Talk about social isolation. Think someone needs a hug.

NBC & CBS: Trump’s Concession Delay Could Cause Another 9/11!

I reckon that is just the risk we have to take. I am surprised D hasn’t mentioned (yet) that they still let Trump near the black box. Found some priceless gems today:

‘WTF, they still let him have his hand on the button! What are they doing letting him access to the nuclear codes? Trump is going to launch!!!!’

Good night D. Sweet dreamies.
Earlier today, Bobbie did his usual riff about how stupid he are falling for someone who has told 20,000 lies. That really gets him to come unglued. Oh boy.

Yo Bobbie. Try these apples. 20,000 lies is nothing. Your dude (Gramps) just told 450,000 lies by each and every fraudulent ballot he stole. He’s a dirty rat. Come on, man.

rob't x

Walt and Scooter. "stupid Commie butt greaser...how much kiddie porn does rob't X watch a day?" : I understand your anger. You should be pissed off since everything you believed about trump turned out to be totally false. Once again you have go make excuses for trump's crime mob ripping off the little people ..like you.. Well, it's almost over. Eventually, his latest scam (voter Fraud) wile exposed for the fraud that it is and he will take his ball and go home.. and wait for the indictments that are soon to follow. Will you continue to make excuses for him then..you know.. deep state out to get him.. dems stole the election, he really won.. the over 5 million more votes for Biden were all from dead people just like Clinton.

Bill Tozer

“from dead people just like Clinton”

Oh Bobbie, she is still alive. She is not as dead as she looks.


LOL Lil' bob.. Trump has been more honest and forthcoming that ANY President in modern history. That's a fact Lil' asswipe.
Who has been doing the lie'n for the past for years? Your damned elected LIBS. Sen Schitt for brains. "There is collusion in plain sight!" " Yaaa, we knew the evidence was fake, but we used it anyway".. " Sure Judge, all this evidence is rock solid... Thanks for the secret warrant".
All the BS "racist " shit you and yours have been propagating..
YA?? What rasism? Got anything to back that crap up with?(Ly'n scum)

Trump did exactly what he said he would do.
SOMEBITCH!!! Peace in the Middle East... What Proggy bastard did that? Yup, some real good lies there Babs,,, From you Neo Coms.

OH yes Whiney Bobby Sue.. Ya' got the dead to vote!
Tired from all the digging?


Here is the LIB media excuse

"“Now when we pull into actual examples of dead people having voted, the media comes back to say, ‘Well, that’s not enough,’” Murtaugh said."


“We already know and have documented and are documenting that there are people who registered to vote while dead, requested an absentee, mail-in ballot while dead and cast that ballot by mail while dead,” Murtaugh said.

Don Bessee

Not gonna be easy to be a marginalized speaker with the senate in opposition -

I just don’t think they’re going to be sold out for Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco policies, and I think she’s going to have a hard time keeping all of her members in lockstep with her, and especially these progressive agenda items they’re trying to push through. I don’t think she’ll have that support automatically built-in, and that’s what just a beautiful surprise that was for everyone,” she said.

Herrell charged that Republicans could likely get many Democrats to vote with them on contentious issues.

She explained, “Picking off three or four or five Democrats could be the difference between a stalemate and having it sit there or getting some policies through the White House and for the American people.”

Herrell added, “Following in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi’s – again with her agenda – is not necessarily going to keep them in office. And when we go into the midterms in 2022, I think that Republicans will take the House back in a big way, but that gives us that big leverage in 2021, where we will be able to pull some of those votes our way.”




Lil' Bob?, D-?, Care to say just how this half baked idea is supposed to work?

"On Wednesday, he appeared on CNBC and attempted to rationalize a national lockdown order.

“We could pay for a package right now to cover all of the wages, lost wages for individual workers, for losses to small companies, to medium-sized companies or city, state, county governments. We could do all of that,” he said.

“If we did that, then we could lock down for four-to-six weeks.”"

And what say you spend thrift Emery?

You Proggys are a sure destroyer of economies.


bobby x

the usps whistleblower is back on, with a story of being harassed to change his story, contrary to all whistleblower statutes.

the thot plickens

Bill Tozer

Oh Walt @ 6:52 pm. That’s just the definition of a Democrat...er...Socialist Democrat.

“We already know and have documented and are documenting that there are people who registered to vote while dead, requested an absentee, mail-in ballot while dead and cast that ballot by mail while dead,” Murtaugh said.

Brain dead and cold dead. Those Dems are rather savage. Imagine stopping by the graveyard to get themselves a cold one. Not my style, but who am I to judge?

Bobbie Sue should be dancing mask free on the rooftops with limitless euphoria. But nooooo. What’s wrong, Buttercup? What, you upset that Woke Nation got set to the guillotine this election cycle? Losing two statehouses does put a crimp on your plans to amend the United States Constitution. Takes 3/4 of the state legislatures no matter how or what a Congress votes for. You are aware of that, aren’t you? Takes, what, 2/3 of the Senate as well? . Anyway, be careful of those darned expectations. What does up must come down.

Why are you such a meanie lately? You right the good fight then be magnanimous in victory, graceful in defeat. You sure are acting like somehow you lost. That is a big head scratcher.
Cheer up and get hold of yourself, Bobbie Sue. Where is that attitude of gratitude? Why so unhappy? It’s true. Me are from Mars, Women are from some other place.

Year in and year out, they remain the glum lot. Nothing new under the sun. Come on, man.


You are not upset about the phrase “until the fat lady sings” are you? I bet that’s it! Don’t worry, be happy. We aren’t going to ship you off to the gulag....not just yet. Boo!


450,000 lies and counting.

George Rebane

For the lefties here and across the land yelling that there is no evidence of voter fraud, they should know that in American jurisprudence a sworn affidavit is indeed considered to be evidence that can be introduced in court. And over the last week there have been a truckload of affidavits of witnessed fraud filed with state, municipal, and county LE agencies.

paul emery

Well with Arizona now declared for Biden that leaves only one state, Georgia, to be declared. there is only 1% uncounted there. That leaves Biden with 290 compared to Trumps 232. Biden will have 306 when Georga declares. It makes me laugh because Trump declared he had he greatest electorial margin in a 100 years. Looks like Biden Trumps Trump also by winning massively in direct votes with the most in history.

Also any reversal of numbers to give the election would have to include several States which is beyond reality.

What a hoot it is. He is reduced to being a poor desperate and pathetic man.

George Rebane

PaulE 852pm - Actually, what you seem to miss is that Trump's challenge of voter fraud in the courts is doing the country an enormous service in the attempt to restore confidence in our elections. At least 72M voters want to see this mess of mail-in votes cleared up. It is only the lamestream that is lying to their light thinkers that there is no evidence of fraud, when in reality it abounds - e.g. see my 846pm.


Not certified Emery.. The Proggy Press doesn't get to say who won.. Despite your hopes and dreams. Your sure living up to
"No voter fraud" Emery. Just PLENTY of it.

Now how bout that open season on LIBSHIT rioters and looters?

paul emery

A "Truckload" of affidavits" George? That would be in the thousands. Really, where is your factual basis for your statement that there are thousands of affidavits of vote fraud in Trumps favor?

Scott O

roby X'd 6:38 - "I understand your anger."
What anger? I'm laughing at you. Even when you think Trump has lost, he still lives in your head. Now roby X'd is freaking out about a Trump 'fraud' that roby has absolutely no evidence or proof of.
And roby - we understand why you're reluctant to answer my question about your peculiar viewing habits.


Posted by: paul emery | 11 November 2020 at 09:43 PM

What is your “factual basis”......”factual basis”! Dammit we should know the factual basis! That’s a totally reasonable request Mr. Steele Dossier......

Yeah.....I would demand t know the factual basis too.....completely reasonable.

Barry Pruett

Below is the most comprehensive collection of evidence of the alleged election fraud that I have seen to date.



George is still beating the election fraud drum I see,
but he fails to mention if any of these supposed fraud affidavits are from states that could change the results of the election, and no word whether the fraud amounted to a hill of beans as far as vote totals are concerned.

Bill Tozer

From 7/2014 Vox poll: 68% think elections are rigged. VP Biden's then chief of staff and just picked for his youPOTUS chief of staff retweeted that 68% poll and commented, "Because they are."



This thread reminds me of the scene in The Hunt for Red October where the clueless crew was made to believe that Donald Trump (played by Sean Connery) was really sticking it to the US when in fact it was all just a smoke screen so they would not be upset and depressed at their commander's capture.


Posted by: D | 12 November 2020 at 07:59 AM

George is still beating the election fraud drum I see, but he fails to mention if any of these supposed fraud affidavits are from states that could change the results of the election, and no word whether the fraud amounted to a hill of beans as far as vote totals are concerned.

Then why do you care (D)ugsKKKi?

Scott O

And here I thought that being for a fair and openly-processed election was a good thing...
Turns out I'm more deplorable than ever.
"The term “legal vote” is as fictionally fraught and functionally racist as the terms “illegal alien” and “race neutral” and “welfare queen” and “handouts” and “super predator” and “crackbaby” and “personal responsibility” and “post racial.”
- some guy with the middle name X. So you know you aren't supposed to question him.
I'm still trying to work out that 'personal responsibility' thing.
Maybe there's an online code book for what I'm allowed to say and think. You know - updated every hour.

Barry Pruett

Democrats in many states during the 2020 election and campaign created an environment which resulted in nearly 40% of the population not trusting the results of the presidential election. These issues need to be investigated and either proven or disproven so that the citizens of this nation have faith in the democratic process. Without faith in the Democrat process we will lose our democracy. Are you OK with that Doug?


Posted by: Scott O | 12 November 2020 at 08:09 AM

Try not to take it any more seriously than you have to Scott! There's a jockeying for for position amongst the new cadre of race hustlers....Henry Rogers currently holding the pole position!


"D" 805am

try to prove the vote count in any battleground state with fraud in evidence


scott o 809am

There's no dictionary. You just have to attend all of the struggle sessions so you can hear the language cracking under duress in real time.

George Rebane

PaulE 354pm - I gave you kudos for your 354pm on the postal worker's recant, because it was substantive and could be refuted. Well, it turns out that the postal worker really did not recant, and states that his postal investigators lied. This, of course, give rise to another story.

Apologies if a commenter already posted this item in the current comment stream.

paul emery

Curious story George. Looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

Scott O

fish 9:25 and Gregory 9:34 - Thank you. I was starting to worry I might have to report myself to the authorities.
I have soooo many bad thoughts!
fish - 'Henry Rogers'? I'll have to check him out.
As a person noted under the Dr. I.X. tweet - "you got to respect the scam!"

Scott O

Paul - "Looking forward to seeing how it plays out."
You'll have to look here on George's blog.
The LSN media is only talking about how he has 'recanted'.
Beyond that - nothing.


Posted by: Scott O | 12 November 2020 at 10:02 AM

fish - 'Henry Rogers'? I'll have to check him out.

Apparently the given name of Ibrahm X. Kendi..... scourge of academia.


The strange logic being applied by the circle of cluelessness is that they conspire about voter fraud as if it will help Trump to win ---
but they don't seem to realize that in these same swing states on those same "bogus" ballots there were Republican congressmen and women who won their states.

George Rebane

re D 1127am - All should note D's inability to process the logic behind the lawsuits that most importantly are being pursued to restore confidence in our country's election system.


Posted by: D | 12 November 2020 at 11:27 AM

Again (D)ugsKKKi…..you are every bit as obsessed about this as any of those you mock. One would think that you wouldn't give it a second thought if you were remotely as confident as you claim to be.

Scott O

Duh 11:27 - Slow to catch on, are we? Already told you I can accept the result of the election. As George pointed out, we are interested in clean elections. There is no 'secret conspiracy' - the Dems F'up the election right out in the open. Mass mailings of ballots with no accountability, ballots accepted after the deadline, no matching of signatures, rules changed on the fly, observers kept away from the voting process, program 'glitches' that just happen to give votes to Biden, 10s of thousands of votes (all for Biden) that just happen to 'show up' in the middle of the night, - shall I go on?
There is no dispute that all of that happened.
Until elections are run cleanly with ballots only going out in the mail to those who request them (with a verification process) and are returned by election day should be counted. Any ballot returned that is not properly marked and signed is thrown out. No 'fixing' ballots days after the election. Voters showing up in person show a state issued ID. Anything else is simply voter fraud, clear and simple.


If you can't trust the postmark, you can't trust the postmark.

Needs to be at the counting center by the date certain.

But the people counting votes aren't trustworthy, either.

What can we do? How did we get this done nationwide before digital technology paved the way towards really screwing things up, and I say this as a patented inventor of digital technology that has been part of the pavement?


"Trump campaign’s lawsuits have so far been “summarily dismissed,” Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel (D) said Wednesday"

Lawsuits are not going anywhere.

Don Bessee

Oh really @ 1226 -

Pennsylvania court: Secretary of state lacked authority to change deadline 2 days before Election Day
Judge ruled ballots that were previously set aside should not be counted




Don, "A Pennsylvania appellate court handed President Donald Trump’s campaign a minor victory Thursday, barring counties from including in their final vote tallies a small pool of mail ballots from people who had failed to provide required ID by a Monday deadline."

Minor victory, Don. Small pool, Don, small pool.

Penn. count stands at Biden plus 54.5k votes.

Scott O

Duh 12:26 - "Lawsuits are not going anywhere."
And in a little over one hour, Duh has to eat crow.
Notice that it was the Rs that had to straighten out crooked Dems trying to fudge the rules.
If Biden is so far ahead, Duh - why are the Dems cheating?

Bill Tozer

Another white dude bites the dust. Bring on the fine ladies.

'Republicans Pick Up Tenth House Seat With New York Victory'

House Republicans added one more to their ranks this week after New York Democratic Rep. Max Rose conceded defeat Thursday in the Staten Island-area district.


Scott O

Gregory 12:25 - "How did we get this done nationwide before digital technology paved the way towards really screwing things up,..."
There's nothing wrong with digital. Back in the '70's in Sacramento County, I thought it would be interesting to volunteer to be worker at election time. And it was. The rules were strict and everything seemed to be done above board. I was assigned to work at a govt office that had a computer. The first data processing center I had ever seen in person. We worked as a team to verify the votes coming in from the precincts. We double checked all the info on the ID cards and signed off on the vote totals going to the tabulator. After lunch and breaks, we were always assigned to a different team so there could be no one working in co-ordination with anyone else. There were always people coming by to watch over our shoulders to see what we were doing. Back then, everyone knew what day was election day and you figured out a way to vote if you really wanted to.
Don't blame high speed off/on switches. It's humans that are deliberately trying to muddle the whole system with voting from weeks out until way past election day with all sorts of fiddle built in.
I won't bore anyone with the system here, but rest assured it's designed first and foremost to let everyone know it's clean. You have to show your ID and you are instantly logged to make sure that you haven't already voted by mail and that you haven't voted somewhere else. You get to review your votes on the screen and with a printed sheet before you turn the printed sheet in. The printed sheet is then scanned and it has to agree with your electronic vote. You only get a ballot in the mail if you request one and it has to be back by the deadline. If it's late or you mess it up, too bad.
If the rest of the country ran like this, everyone would have confidence in the vote and there would be no need for law suits.
Of course, votes for Dems wouldn't be found in some one's car trunk or brought in at 3 am.

Don Bessee

Says the guy that unleased the full power of federal agencies against his legacy opponents administration right away with rancid russian dressing even if he hated shrillary! LOL -



Wayne Hullett

Foxnews is working overtime to suppress information on the status of investigations and lawsuits on election fraud. The first link in George's article, to the Youtube grab of Tucker Carlson's 11/9/2020 broadcast, has been deleted from Youtube on "copyright grounds". It is not available on foxnews.com either. Fortunately, people keep posting that broadcast on Youtube, so if you want to watch it, keep searching Youtube and grab it as soon as you see it, because if will most likely quickly disappear again.

I myself have switched to newsmax.com as the content on foxnews.com confirms that it has switched to the other side.

Interestingly, my first two posts of this information disappeared from RR. That could make some people paranoid.


Yes Wayne, you are paranoid.
Here we have a witness speaking out on Michigan conspiracies.
Those bastards smuggled ballots in on food trucks.


Bill Tozer

Okay, who’s up for more election-related charts and graphs? I know I am.

First, like a timeshare pitch, you have to sit through some narrative before the good stuff. I was privy today to some extensive survey and voting data analysis by several political scientists, all of them liberals needless to say, but nevertheless offering some very interesting findings free of ideological bias. These data are proprietary and unpublished (and not based on exit polls, but on large samples cultivated over several years, plus a close look at actual election results on a state-by-state level), so I can’t share specific charts and graphs, but I can pass along a couple of significant general findings.

First, while media attention to Trump’s increased share of the Hispanic vote has focused mostly on Florida and Texas, the data show that Trump significantly increased his share of Hispanic vote everywhere—even in Arizona, Colorado, and California. About Trump’s improvement with Black voters the data is more uneven, finding that Trump is only up slightly with Black voters in most states. But there are two states where Trump did considerably better with Black voters than he did in 2016: Pennsylvania and Michigan.

So why did Trump lose those states? Aside from vote fraud, the increase in Trump’s share of the non-white vote was not enough to make up for his slippage in the white vote. Increasingly it is clear that it is Trump’s lower share of the white vote from 2016 that cost him re-election. That doesn’t really fit the leftist narrative, which even The Guardian has noticed, because it spells long term trouble for Democrats


Bill Tozer

Election related.

Heather Mac Donald; ‘Biden-Harris aim to cripple cops nationwide in name of Black Lives Matter’


Odd, one of the demographics that oppose defunding the police or reduced presence of the police is Black American and immigrants living in high poverty crime ridden inner city neighborhoods.

Someone already posted that Minneapolis is looking to contract outside sources to fill the vacancies in their police department as many LE leave are police forces as soon as they can.

So, who is it that hates the police so much? Besides the “What do we want? Dead Cops! When do we want it? Now!” chant from BLM in the streets of the nation’s capital (which earned them an invite to meet with Obama) and Colin Kap’s cops as pigs socks.....besides that, if appears to me that the biggest pushers of defund the police are the Social Democrats (Jacobins) and white young punks from the suburbs. Remember Occupy Oakland? It was white bored punks from the white suburbs that came out at night and trashed banks, cars, and Starbucks. Starbucks never made sense to me because the white suburban punks in college are the ones most likely to be Starbucks customers.

Well, using the old adage “You don’t shit where you eat”, they come out and trash black neighborhood businesses, but never the ones in their suburban neighborhoods. Must be some kind of professional courtesy.

RX Cross

There is a sound blowing through the hills and dales and the mountains and valleys.. blowing through the cities and towns and plains and forests...IT IS THE SOUND THE FAT LADY SINGING..Trump called his 306 electoral college votes in 2016 "a landslide." With the new addition of Georgia to Biden's column:

Biden: 306 -- Trump: you're fired

Bill Tozer


Check this wackazoid out:

"Clyburn Suggests Putin Might Be Behind Trump Not Conceding. CNN’s Tapper Doesn’t Challenge'

See, I’m old enough to remember Nikita Khrushchev. I remember that speech at the United Nations when he looked out and says: ‘We will bury you.'”

“I will never forget that,” Clyburn concluded. “And so, I don’t understand how Republicans can allow Putin to dictate the fortunes of this country. And that is what is going on here.”


Well, looks like we will have no justice, no peace until we all denounce Trump. The Hillary County herd here has been demanding we Denounce Him! for years, so at keast they are consistent and boringly predictable.

Ok, kiddies, if we just denounce Trump now, then they will stop with all the hatred directed our way. We will be treated with fairness as we come together to back Biden here in Hillary County.

I might have been more at night, but no last night. When in the last 60 years have they ever stopped hating us. Denounce Trump will ve like a kicked dog who cowers back for more.

Denounce Trump or we will put you on the list! Fuck off and die.

paul emery

The Fat Lady has sung

2020 election ends at same electoral vote as 2016 — 306 to 232, with Trump losing this time


George Rebane

PaulE 938pm - not quite. CBS is not in the Constitution.

Bill Tozer

Well, Trump does have a way of sucking all the air of the room. This whining I hear sounds like Trump has ruint yet another celebration party. And Trump wasn’t even invited! Is there nothing Trump cannot do? Trump not only has free rent in their heads, he owns their heads.

Bitter CNN Wails: Trump Is ‘Stealing Moment of National Pride’

The DNC-aligned CNN continued its gushing over Joe Biden’s declared victory on Friday’s New Day, but bitterly whined that President Trump was ruining their partisan celebration. Co-host Alisyn Camerota complained: “This should be a moment of national pride. But President Trump is stealing that moment of national pride for us, that we did something so well, because he's tainting it.”

So CNN and the leftist media did not try to taint the results of the 2016 presidential election with their panic-ridden coverage? They didn’t admit just this month that they were still “suffering from collective PTSD?” The difference in coverage of the two elections is just hypocritical and startling.


Hey, who flushed the Dem party bowl? I believe I heard the lamentations of their women. For confident winners, they are having a rather subdued 3 day party down victory dance.

Bill Tozer

It’s looking like Hail Mary time. Don’t worry Mr. Trump, we got ya covered. Time to pull out the race card......er......our trump card.






Help me understand this......I just want to learnnnnnnnn......!

paul emery

OK George lets do a little test here. First of all Biden has won the election by a margin of 306 to 232 electoral votes. Those of you that think Trump is going to win must have a path to victory you have confidence in. Precisely 38 electoral votes have to flip from Biden to Trump. For example if Penn and either Michigan and Georgia were to flip that would be exactly 36 votes and Biden would still be ahead 270 to 268. So it would take flipping a third state for Trump to win. Here is a chance for those of you that are so confident of a Trump win to show your cards as to how that can happen. Also, give a summary as to how that would come about-recount, revealed fraud that takes away votes, Supreme Court intervention etc... etc

This is a chance for you to display your numeracy justifying Georges applaudng the numeracy of the Trumpers as opposed to the dimness of the Dems.

Here's a map to help you with your math in counting votes,


George Rebane

PaulE 640pm - What does all that have to do with anything actually claimed in these pages as opposed of the words you are putting in people's mouths?


That's it Emery, crow about a rigged election.
When the same people who do the recount, who stuffed the ballot box in the first place,, of course they will call it for the
Neo Coms.
Proggy judge sympathisers ruling for the DEMS was also a big help..
Remember? Herr Newsom's "ballots in every mailbox" was deemed unconstitutional. But WAY too late to be of any good.


Punchy 640pm

Patience, grasshopper.

Bill Tozer

Love those staticial anomalies that have about a .0001 to the 26th power chance of happening. I am sure there is a completely pausable explaination that will put all our minds to rest. We have reasonable concerns about the intergity of our elections and thus, our democracy.

Putting aside the question of voter fraud, there are some irregularities, flags, statical anomalies that leaves me concerns.
Ease my mind and open the hood and check it out. Probably nothing there. Assure me. Its for restoring trust in goverment.
HyHpocrisy Is Damaging Democracy- OpOpinion' https://www.newsweek.com/democrats-sore-loser-hypocrisy-damaging-democracy-opinion-1546118

paul emery

Of course it's not in the Constitution George but the media makes decisions when it becomes apparent that any remaining votes can't overcome the lead in the voting. They are seldom, 2020 in Florida being an exception. My question to RR readers is what is the path to victory for Trump based on electoral votes that have given Biden a 72 point lead which means reversing around 36 electoral votes.
By the way Trump had no problem declaring victory based on media consensus in 2016. Kinda ironic that you accepted his declaration of victorythen but deny Biden the same courtesy.

George Rebane

PaulE 956am - And therein lies your error. 1) The media can "decide" NOTHING regarding an election; all they can do is report their own opinions. 2) This election is fraught with fraud which the lamestream is not reporting, and thereby giving rise to your erroneous reasoning and conclusions. Hammer/Scorecard is now implicated in the switching of votes that can range into the millions. Biden's Texas chairman has already been arrested for his part in it. More to come, and you'll be up to date if you expand beyond CNN and MSNBC so you won't have keep beating that broken drum prematurely. It'll be some time before the fat lady sings.


Repubs just may wind up running the House.
How bout that Emery? Then just maybe an impeachment of Biden will be in the works. You know, for all his past illegal activity as VP. Corruption is illegal you know.

Now how many seats did you lose? How many more WILL you lose?

Last go round, 10 Lefties voted against Pelosi. They are coming back. Those ten plus all the new Repubs (and more pissed DEMS) just may show her the door as speaker.

Hear that massive "flushing" sound? That's that "blue wave" you were yapping about.

Bill Tozer

Paul. Perhaps if you repost your question under a proper post such Scattershots, 2020 Election Edition, then you may get some much needed attention and responses your OCD or Bipolar self desperately seeks.

Punchy—“My question to RR readers is what is the path to victory for Trump based on electoral votes that have given Biden a 72 point lead which means reversing around 36 electoral votes. (No question mark)

Dr. Rebane— “PaulE 640pm - What does all that have to do with anything actually claimed in these pages as opposed of the words you are putting in people's mouths?”

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 10:09 am

Forgive me for posting a link a few days ago that was titled something like “Blue Wave turned out to be Blue Trickle. I realize now that Blue Trickle was being way too charitable. I should have found a link that was titled “Blue Retreat“ or something. Also flipped two Statehouses (plural) not the mere lower chamber in some state statehouse (single). Mea Culpa, my brother. I underestimated the power of those who know in their depths of their being that America is Great and Progressives are Evil.
Hey, I sent Kim five dollars and she is first on the list! Winner. I have always found it difficult to say no to strong intelligent articulate women that are easy on the eyes, thus elimInating Pelosi or Omar, or Rashida Tlaib off the top of my head. Oh yeah, Amy Goodman, Fauxahonas Squatting Bull, Kim Foxx, Lori Lightfoot, Ralph Northrop..........

“As of this morning, with five races yet to be called, RealClearPolitics notes that Republicans have picked up a net of 9 House seats. RCP projects that Republicans will pick up a net 10-13 seats when the counting is done.

A few more excellent candidates helped the GOP hold House seats where there was no incumbent. I am thinking, for example, of Beth Van Duyne, one of the successful candidates Rep. Dan Crenshaw supported for election in Texas House races. See Crenshaw’s “Texas Reloaded” ad below.”


Exit question: why do you think that is, Walt? :)

paul emery

What a scammer! Got this from the Trump campaign today. The money goes right into his election committee claiming voter fraud changed the election when there is not one serious charge yet to be filed that would make any difference and his legal teams are quitting by the hour. That's why he turned to god ol" Rudy to pull him out which has already proven to be a disaster. Show me one situation where Rudy has prevailed in court representing Trump as President?

The money they are begging for under false pretenses will get back to Trump when he claims millions of campaign expenses like he did in '16.


Posted by: paul emery | 16 November 2020 at 11:40 AM

Somebody give Punch his morning Valium……he's lashing out at e-mail again. You don't have to send him money Punch….you can just delete it.

They did explain how e-mail worked to you….didn't they?

Bill Tozer

Re: Nov 11 update, the media sucks.

MSNBC Reporter Alarmed as Million MAGA Marchers Shout Down Her Live Shot: ‘They’re Following Us and Chasing Us!’
‘It’s hostile here, at least for us’


paul emery


I'm referring to the thousand of sad but idiotic Trump followers that will send him big bucks for this scam. He's laughing all the way to the bank. I'm sure some RR supporters are falling for it.


Posted by: paul emery | 16 November 2020 at 12:12 PM

What do you care about Trump supporters except as to use them as props in your ongoing political melodrama?

Bill Tozer

"I'm sure some RR supporters are falling for it."

Names, give us names! Sounds pretty certain, like unearned certain. Who can possibly agrue with that? Not only it must be true, it is true, with certainty.

Somebody woke up with vultures on the headboard. Quite common for the glum lot with their dark, gloomy pontifications. TDS does that to people.


"He's laughing all the way to the bank"

Paul, what evidence do you have for this? Any photos, any twits?


Got a new topic for the good Dr.
"Biden's BULLSHIT"
He still thinks he and "O" did a GREAT job.
He still thinks Trump's economic recovery is his to lay claim to.(🖕)
Now he and the LIBS are back to student loan forgiveness?(🖕)

Someone is behind the curtain telling him what to say(an earbud?) Looking down with is eyes closed answering a question??

paul emery

Ever hear of Brad Parscale Gregory? I'm sure you have but perhaps this will refresh you

"President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign violated the law by masking millions in spending, a nonprofit democracy group alleged in a complaint filed with the Federal Election Commission on Tuesday.
The Campaign Legal Center said in the 81-page filing that the president’s reelection campaign and campaign committee hid $170 million in spending to major vendors as well as family members and associates by diverting the money through firms headed by Brad Parscale, who was replaced as campaign manager earlier this month, as well as other senior campaign officials.
The nonprofit alleged that the campaign effectively laundered money in order to hide payments to contractors and advisors, including the maker of a campaign app, as well as Lara Trump, the president’s daughter-in-law, and Kimberly Guilfoyle, a former Fox News host who is dating the president’s son Donald Trump Jr. "

Here's a link for you:



So, when asked for evidence of Trump "laughing all the way to the bank" with a current fundraiser, you cite a story from four months ago.

Try a'gin, punchy.

Paul Emery

It illustrates how Trump has profited from his phony campaign pleas. He's a crook Gregory. Look at all the money he's made off his properties doing business with the government. Here's an example

"Ballrooms, candles and luxury cottages: During Trump’s term, millions of government and GOP dollars have flowed to his properties:

Those 2018 payments, revealed here for the first time, are part of a long-running pattern whose scope has become clear only in recent months.

Since his first month in office, Trump has used his power to direct millions from U.S. taxpayers — and from his political supporters — into his own businesses. The Washington Post has sought to compile examples of this spending through open records requests and a lawsuit.

In all, he has received at least $8.1 million from these two sources since he took office, those documents and publicly available records show.
The president and first lady Melania Trump sit with then-Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife, Akie Abe, at Mar-a-Lago on April 17, 2018.
The president and first lady Melania Trump sit with then-Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife, Akie Abe, at Mar-a-Lago on April 17, 2018. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP)

The president brought taxpayer money to his businesses simply by bringing himself. He’s visited his hotels and clubs more than 280 times now, making them a familiar backdrop for his presidency. And in doing so, he has turned those properties into magnets for GOP events, including glitzy fundraisers for his own reelection campaign, where big donors go to see and be seen.

Trump says the reason is comfort. “People like my product, what can I tell you, can’t help it,” he told reporters last year.

But documents show that visits by Trump, his family and his supporters have turned the government and the Republican Party into regular customers for the family business.

In the case of the government, Trump’s visits turned it into a captive customer, newly revealed documents show. What the government needed from Trump’s properties, it had to buy from Trump’s company.

So the more he went, the more he got. Since 2017, Trump’s company has charged taxpayers for hotel rooms, ballrooms, cottages, rental houses, golf carts, votive candles, floating candles, candelabras, furniture moving, resort fees, decorative palm trees, strip steak, chocolate cake, breakfast buffets, $88 bottles of wine and $1,000 worth of liquor for White House aides. And water.

Since Trump took office, his company has been paid at least $2.5 million by the U.S. government, according to documents obtained by The Post.

In addition, Trump’s campaign and fundraising committee paid $5.6 million to his companies since his inauguration in January 2017. Those payments — turning campaign donations into private revenue — continued even this year, as Trump fell behind in polls and his campaign ran short of money.

The combined total of these payments was more than Trump’s hotels in Vancouver and Hawaii brought him during the same period, according to financial disclosures.

“If I win, I may never see my property — I may never see these places again,” Trump said on the campaign trail then. “Because I’m going to be working for you, I’m not going to have time to go play golf. Believe me.”

Trump still owns his businesses, but says he’s given day-to-day control to his eldest sons. There is no official total of what Trump’s company has been paid by the government and Trump’s campaign since he took office. The company and the campaign have both declined to say and did not respond to questions for this story.

White House spokesman Judd Deere also declined to give a total.



Posted by: Paul Emery | 16 November 2020 at 02:08 PM

Shhhhh….relax Punch…..soon with Joey Fingers in office you'll be able sleep easy again…..no need to worry your little head about politics ever again with Joe Biden manning the helm.

Don Bessee

So his campaign used a very friendly venue for his events, its not rocket science and paying his staff like Kimberly G. is also standard. What a maroon. LOL



"Since Trump took office, his company has been paid at least $2.5 million by the U.S. government, according to documents obtained by The Post."

Wow! Over a four year span, his company has been paid $2.5 million, for services rendered. Rooms, food, and such. Ever stay at an expensive hotel, Punch? How much per person per day even if the little bottles of booze don't count?


"Less than 141,000 votes separate Trump from Biden in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Wisconsin. That popular vote deficit is just 0.09 of 1 percent of the total votes cast nationwide. Trump needs 38 electoral votes to reach the 270 needed to win reelection; several combinations of Arizona (11), Georgia (16), Pennsylvania (20), Nevada (6), and Wisconsin (10) would get him there. In all but Nevada, the margin separating Trump and Biden is less than 1 percentage point in each of these states."

Punch? These are the important numbers, in context. You can't backfill the excess votes in California and New York into the battleground states.

paul emery


Those were more than the numbers that Trump defeated Hillary in '16. Of course I understand the bloating of the popular vote due to Calif and New York. The question is how is going to change those totals in his favor in the close states. There is the reality of losing a close election. Ask Hillary and Gore and now Trump. So Gregory what is your best guess as to how Trump can pull this off? There will be recounts in a couple states but they never amount to much only correcting random errors that are to the best of my knowledge usually pretty even on both sides.

So how can Trump pull this off RR's. Any ideas? Trump is saying he won by 400,000 votes but he doesn't say how that's going to happen.

Don Bessee

The pony tail of ignorance actually said 'to the best of my knowledge'. ROFLOL



Patience, Grasshopper. I don't know and I really don't care all that much, until the time is up for certification of votes.

At the moment, Trump's lawyer Sidney Powell says "We’re Getting Ready to Overturn Election Results in Multiple States" so it would appear they're getting ready to overturn the results in multiple states.

How do you read it?

Barry Pruett

Either Trumps lawyers have something, or they are all full of shit. Whatever it is that they say they have had better be compelling. 🤷🏻‍♂️🇺🇸

Paul Emery


Here's the scoop on Trump's lawyer
He spoke om Fox News Sunday morning and claimed without evidence that the president "won by not just hundreds of thousands of votes, but by millions of votes." He also claimed that "the evidence is coming in so fast' she 'can't even process it all."'

Sounds like all talk and no rock to me.


Paul Emery

that she spoke on Fox News Sunday morning


Not so fast O buzzard of Broad St.
Clark Co. Nev. has uh,,,, "issues" with their ballot counts.

Then news of,,"Georgia Recount Finds over 2,600 Uncounted Ballots in Floyd County" Hummmmm,,,, DEMS manufacturing ballots? They just keep turning up.
Whatever it takes to win.... Right Emery?
You LIBs did such a fine job of getting more seats in the House. A sure sign of "the people" wanting Proggyism to take hold..(NOT)

Don Bessee

That's sure not going to help our kids -



Don Bessee

Lets remember who they are and what they did to us already -

How Obama-era budget controls have hurt US military readiness against growing China, Russia, Iran threats


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