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24 November 2020


paul emery

Oh I get it George, they are all part of the same conspiracy against Trump and cannot be trusted to render an honest opinion.


It is really trashy to make fun of someone who has an accident, Very adolescent of you but to be expected from one who went after his neighbor with a hose-hence the nickname "hoseman".

Bill Tozer

@ 5:29 pm
17 Intelligence agengies and the lied to impeccable FICA Court judges were so qualified that they qualified as experts..."blue ribbon" is accurate.

Oh course, all the non-partisan Blue Ribbon Commissions impaneled on the topic of immigration since Reagen and Presidents of both parties since.....well, those are Blue Ribbon Commissions the Dems do not/will not discuss.

In today's world, civil rights activist and the first black since reconstruction to serve in the Texas Senate and later the first black woman to be sent to Congress from Texas...Congresswoman Barbara Lee...would be in 2020 erased as a bigot racist and some one who hates brown people. Barbara Lee served on the distinguished Presidential Commission on Immigration from 1994 until her death. Nazi!

Don Bessee

That's lame even for the pony tail of ignorance, how much did measure S cost the taxpayers? LOL


Bill Tozer

Correction. Barbara Jordan, not the wacko Barbara Lee from California, where else.


Some more info the likes of Emery and the Douche will ignore.
Hummm... ALL those LOSSES..... And Biden still wins?

Yes..... "CRUSHING LOSSES"... But not one TROLL can explain why. Emery has yet to show the Proggy probability formula.

Kinda like proving cold fusion works, and making carbon capture viable.

OK poll dancer,, care to make another piss poor prediction for the midterms?
You know damned well Harris will fuck up the country and economy most righteously.
Really think the minorities want their welfare checks back?
Forced union dues?

That should glaze over the eyes of TROLLS.


"Oh I get it George, they are all part of the same conspiracy against Trump and cannot be trusted to render an honest opinion."

Punchy, no, you don't get it. They're folks who don't investigate anything; they talk amongst themselves, make lists and check off the boxes.

Not a conspiracy. All the boxes got checked off... no problems!

Don Bessee

Oh by the way oh great pony tail of ignorance, there is another reason someone gets called a hose man, just ask the hottie. ROFLOL


Bill Tozer

17 Intel agencies can’t be wrong. Off topic, but it applies here.

“When this power mad totalitarian bureaucrat (Fauci) is wrong based on data that he will pretend he doesn’t know about, everyone who continues to believes every word he says will just ignore it and move on to next panic surge.”—Buck

Don Bessee

Yup need some splain' on that -

Senator Rand Paul
Interesting . . . Trump margin of “defeat” in 4 states occurred in 4 data dumps between 1:34-6:31 AM. Statistical anomaly? Fraud? Look at the evidence and decide for yourself.(That is, if Big Tech allows u to read this)

'fraud' in states where Trump lost, calls out Big Tech
These supposed “vote spikes” occurred in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia, according an analysis cited by Paul




Republican cry babies get laughed out of court again (by Trump appointed judge),



That's an Obama appointed judge, "D".

Bill Tozer

If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane

‘Georgia Recount Delayed After Dominion Server Crash In Fulton County: Report’

“Technicians from Dominion have been dispatched to resolve the issue,” Fulton County election officials told 11Alive in a statement. “The Georgia Secretary of State’s office has also been alerted to the issue and is aware of efforts to resolve the problem.”


Quick, call the firebugs to put out the fire, lol.


Morn'n Brother Bill.. Ya' beat me to it.
A server crash.... A likely story.. Now to get the plumber in there and switch some chips. Make sure the Senate races are "fixed" as well.

Bill Tozer

Morning Walt. Gotta run some errands. Talk with you later, gator. Carry on with the Resistance. Chomp, chomp.


Gregory, which judges are you referring to?

Smith, D[avid] Brooks
Born 1951 in Altoona, PA

Federal Judicial Service:
Judge, U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania
Nominated by Ronald Reagan on July 28, 1988, to a seat vacated by Carol Los Mansmann. Confirmed by the Senate on October 14, 1988, and received commission on October 17, 1988. Served as chief judge, 2001-2002. Service terminated on September 23, 2002, due to appointment to another judicial position.

Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit
Nominated by George W. Bush on September 10, 2001, to a seat vacated by Timothy K. Lewis. Confirmed by the Senate on July 31, 2002, and received commission on August 2, 2002. Served as chief judge, 2016-present.

Chagares, Michael A.
Born 1962 in Pittsburgh, PA

Federal Judicial Service:
Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit
Nominated by George W. Bush on January 25, 2006, to a seat vacated by Michael Chertoff. Confirmed by the Senate on April 4, 2006, and received commission on April 20, 2006.

Bibas, Stephanos
Born 1969 in Queens, NY

Federal Judicial Service:
Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit
Nominated by Donald J. Trump on June 19, 2017, to a seat vacated by Marjorie O. Rendell. Confirmed by the Senate on November 2, 2017, and received commission on November 20, 2017.


Well how bout that? The computer guy sent to fix the Dominion server "glitch" works for Cammie Harris....
A small world no doubt.


Arizona certified the vote.
Fat lady?



Can Emery and the Douche explain why votes magically showed up in the dead of night when the polls were closed? And all for Joementia no less.

"Naaa,, no voter fraud" says the two.


Kirsten Flagstad sing the Trumpist blues,



Yes, people ARE watching. Desperation setting in Proggys?


"You are free to destroy the evidence."

Deep state got to the judge? "Nice house you have there... It would be a shame if something happened to it."

Bill Tozer

For those who are of mathmatical fluency and understand statistics, here is a long read. It got all the right people upset (a small but influencial group) so it must be over the target:

'Anomalies in Vote Counts and Their Effects on Election 2020'
A Quantitative Analysis of Decisive Vote Updates in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia on and after Election Night



Sure Bill, an article written by someone called "Vote P. Analysis".
Try fact checking that.

George Rebane

D 803am - You really continue to amaze exhibiting about as much shame as one-year-old shitting on the floor. It doesn't matter if the author of Tozer's 736am signed his name Howdy Doody, it is the content that matters, since it is all there. Apparently that content didn't register with you, so you went for the max level of snark that was available. Doing your best.


George, have fun with the numbers. Votes tabulated for heavily Dem districts are going to be heavily skewed in Dem favor. It's not a Conspiracy no matter how badly you want to believe there is a conspiracy. Those vote dumps don't mean anything. The votes have been recounted, so no more vote dumps, just vote totals showing Biden won.

Since we know that Dominion was involved in the 2016 election, that must mean the Cons rigged that election.

You need to get over it - the fat lady sang -Trumpism lost.

BTW - I learned that snark from your bro Walt who outright rejects anything posted that is not favorable about Trump as Fake News. Do you really believe every bit of news, or article that is written about Trump that is a critique of Trump or points out the BS coming out of Trump's mouth or his administration is Fake News?
You boys just cannot handle the truth.


Republican pundit Frank Lutz says the reason Trumpists believe Trump's cries of Fake News, and rigged elections, etc. is because.. wait for it...because they want it to be true.

Bill Tozer

@ 11:44 pm

Wallowing in self pity is so becoming of you. You wear it well.

“BTW - I learned that snark from your bro Walt who outright rejects anything posted that is not favorable about Trump as Fake News.”

Oh my. “Walt started it! Why pick on me, George, Walt did it too!!! It’s soooo unfair.”

Psst. Walt is a teachers pet. Sucks to be you.


Not only has the fat lady sung, now the fat man has sung. Get ready for Trump and the Circle of Jay's to throw Barr under the bus.

"Barr says he hasn’t seen fraud that could affect the election outcome"


Posted by: D | 01 December 2020 at 11:44 AM

You need to get over it.....

Nahhh.......you guys bitched and moaned like teenaged girls for Trumps entire term....it wouldn't be right if we didn't return the favor.


George, you should know better than to imagine that Keach is capable of understanding the analysis Toes posted. (Fascinating read, btw) His understanding of the world of numbers ended at age 13. Your essay considering innumeracy from a few weeks ago applies here in spades and includes every single one of your progressive readers. Unable to pour piss out of a boot with instructions printed on the heel..


Barr was pretty nonspecific. Not particularly worried about his proclamation, given his mentioning of civil court as the place people should often go rather than criminal court, which is his playpen.

I'd still like this to be better explained:

Bill Tozer

“Nahhh.......you guys bitched and moaned like teenaged girls for Trumps entire term....it wouldn't be right if we didn't return the favor.”
Posted by: fish | 01 December 2020 at 12:48 PM

We are just warming up to do a little ‘equal outcome’ on our brethren from across the aisle. That ‘s’ is silent in aisle, just like Psalms. Anyway, we got the ugly stick Big Welt Makers at the ready to smash on their heads followed by a can of Whoop Ass chaser. Just to be fair and all.
Funniest thing I have read this week. Keep it coming. Kudos.

“Careful Paul - those pearl necklaces might not give way under the strain....”. H/T to Scott O

“D must be in the running for the punchy title King of the Hill of Beans.”— Source: Anonymous.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 01 December 2020 at 02:11 PM

That ‘s’ is silent in aisle, just like Psalms.

Or "palmist" if you're "The Pride of Scranton"


Sometimes when we are discussing elections I like to take a journey through time via the miracle of time travel to reexamine the political acumen of the worlds wrinkliest thirteen year old girl!


The Pubbers ticket that could win would be Kasich-Rubio but there's not a remote chance that will happen. My prediction of Biden-Warren for the Dems would be unbeatable. By the time the election comes around they would appeal because of Warren's economic message and Bidens maturity and general good nature. Bernie will easily endorse and support that ticket. . The Repubs are in general snarley and insecure once they get off their anti Obama wagon. No doubt they will opt to s moderate turned right candidate that will feel as uncomfortable in that role as did Romney in 12. At this point Walker, the incredible shrinking man, is disappearing and leaving only Bush, Rubio and Kasich with any sort of middle of the road appeal that wins ellections. The bible thumpers, Cruz Huckabee and Santorum (now below 1%) will bliss and flame out. The others are unelectable in the big leagues.

Posted by: Paul Emery | 17 September 2015 at 12:25 PM

I stand in awe.....!

George Rebane

Gregory 158pm - That is graphic proof that a miracle happened in response to a very fervent prayer by the Catholic candidate.

Bill Tozer

I stand in awe.......of Dr. Rebane!

“D 803am - You really continue to amaze exhibiting about as much shame as one-year-old shitting on the floor. It doesn't matter if the author of Tozer's 736am signed his name Howdy Doody, it is the content that matters, since it is all there. Apparently that content didn't register with you, so you went for the max level of snark that was available. Doing your best.”— The Doc

Confession time. I ripped that link off from our conservative libertarian. Boy, the Lincoln Project Never Trumpers got personal. Called the Senator a moron. Things can change on a dime. Put Rand Paul back on the Public Enemy #1-10 list...in the top five.

Wonder if it was something he said? Odd. They already shot a him, busted his ribs, cheered when he caught a bad case of Covid, and surrounded him and his wife and starting doing violence upon him (as an officer barely escaped with only injuries requiring hospitalization after heroically risking with his own live trying to get the Pauls to safety...on a public street in DC).....well, The Kentucky Inbred has nothing to lose but the truth.



Data dumps? What did the data dumps look like during the recounts?

Bill Tozer

Mea Culpa again. That last part should have gone under We Remember. There is more than one way the Unhinged Ones extend the olive branch. Did I mention how his busted up ribs resulted in a collapsed lung....not to mention what they told his kids at school. My daddy told me to tell you that your daddy is a.....and I cannot be around you and somebody is going to kill you and your daddy.

Back to Voter Fraud. Shoot the messenger named Howdy Doody. As Ben Rhodes said in the prior administration, “Create the Echo Chamber”. You gotta create it and we have the perfect crop of young ignorant journalists to echo it everywhere and back. Me remember. Me no judge.


FED employees coming forward now?
"A conservative law firm says that several whistleblowers from the United States Postal Service have come forward, alleging that thousands of ballots in some states were backdated, tampered with, or tossed out ahead of the 2020 election, to the disservice of President Trump, despite the Justice Department announcing Tuesday it has found no proof of widespread voter fraud. "

Now don't forget Proggys how Adam the Schiff praised "whistleblowers". Especially ones who didn't have first hand knowledge. Remember how the stinking pile of Schitt went to great strides to shield his whistleblower?

There are hundreds of whistleblowers signing documents(factual evidence) stating what they did and saw.

Has your Proggy Press reported on that? Better check CNNLOL.

Bill Tozer

I guess nobody heard of this news. They only had until yesterday to certify the election. It would be fraud to certify a fraudulent election.

Georgia Secretary Of State Opens 250 Investigations Into ‘Credible Claims Of Illegal Voting’

Georgia Investigating Group, Previously Led By Democrat Senate Candidate Warnock, For Voter Registration Activities

Judge Blocks Georgia Officials From ‘Erasing’ Data On Dominion Voting Machines After Sidney Powell Lawsuit

Georgia seizes three voting machines
And finally, just because..

Sarah Silverman: ‘We’re Liberal, So We Can Say Anything’.


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