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24 November 2020



Furthermore D ungbreath, we see how the LIBshits "cared" in Seattle, and all the other ANTIFA infested cities. The LIB authorities really "cared" when they didn't do a thing to stop the destruction.
So.. Tell us more about this "caring" you seem to drag out of the unicorn dung heap.


I may put the movie Gaslight on my list to watch again, soon. The one with my old heartthrob Ingrid Bergman as the lead, with Charles Boyer and Joseph Cotton, with a very young Angela Landsbury in a small part.

The number of attempted gaslightings in this apres election season will be the stuff of legends.


Sorry WalDuh, only a few brainwashed types buy your Venezuela narrative.


Come on Trumped Trumpsters, release the Kraken!

"Federal appeals court panel rejects Trump request to block certification of Pennsylvania’s election results"



Posted by: D | 27 November 2020 at 01:34 PM

Come on Trumped Trumpsters, release the Kraken!

Is all this preoccupation with Powell because you still need representation for your movie piracy charges? That is still a Federal beef isn't it.....I mean I still see the FBI warning (250K and 5 years) on DVD's that I play.


Anyway dug.....she is familiar with the Federal court system and Justice Department procedural methods....

I'll just leave this here.


psssst......I'd just throw myself on the Mercy of the Court.......they're sure to believe that you're not competent to stand trial based on your online activities alone.


Those Hollywood producers are closet capitalists Douche man.
Ya' think they will take kindly to your past piracy?
And some of them live up HERE! They don't care how you vote.
They may hate Trump, and help rig elections,, but rip them off of one dirty dime, and they will help the environment by making you landfill. The have friends in low places too.

And Nope,, your not paying a bit of attention Douche water.
Still watching CNNLOL? We are two Senators away from the downhill Venezuela slide. SPEND!! SPEND!! SPEND!! Restriction after restriction.
Don't you listen to AOC and the crew? How bout Dizzy Izzy Warren?
Praise the Lord and the SCOTUS! But then again, you Commiecrats never did abide by the Constitution.

Have anymore statues you want down?

Bill Tozer

Ironically, the only statue in the Northwest that was not molested is the statue of Lenin in Seattle. Even statues of animals didn’t survive the Blue Mob.

paul emery

Yeah D whe whole thing is crashing down daily on the Trumpsters. Rudi even came out claiming Trump won Virginia if you can believe that.

Here are some details from Politico about Penn:

"‘Voters, not lawyers, choose the president’: Appeals court shoots down Trump suit in Pennsylvania

A Trump-appointed judge wrote a 21-page opinion rejecting the campaign’s appeal of a district court ruling that similarly shredded the suit.

"“Voters, not lawyers, choose the President. Ballots, not briefs, decide elections,” Judge Stephanos Bibas — an appointee of President Donald Trump — wrote for the three-judge 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals panel composed entirely of GOP appointees. Bibas’ opinion, delivered just after noon Friday, rejected the campaign’s appeal of a district court ruling that similarly shredded the suit."


Also Giuliani claiming Trump won in Virginia and likely New Mexico. Trumps lawyer is really off his rocker and needs to retire along with his only client, our soon to be ex President:

Virginia: Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani said Wednesday afternoon that he thinks Trump “may have actually won” in Virginia, a state Biden carried by 10.1 percentage points and more than 450,000 votes.

New Mexico: During a now-infamous press conference last week, Giuliani claimed without evidence the campaign has seen lots of fraud in New Mexico, which Biden won by a nearly 100,000-vote and 10.8-point margin, though he admitted the allegation “would surprise you.”


Bill Tozer

From Walt’s 7:26 pm on Sandbox:

“Despite Democrats’ confident predictions of a “blue wave” sweeping statehouses in the November election, the final results showed that almost nothing had changed. Yet in California, a Democrat stronghold, Republicans are poised to flip more House seats than in any other state.”

Why do you think that is, Paul? No voter fraud exists, so it must be the Dems got their message out in Stockton. No Stockholm Syndrome in Stockton, I reckon.

George Rebane

PaulE 232pmm - Actually Paul, this may surprise you, but it is through lawyers' briefs that contested ballots which decide elections get adjudicated. That high sounding quote is out there to make the 'little people' feel good.


But Emery.. Look how you and yours "contested" the Trump election for four years.
I can't see why this election should not be "contested" the good, old fashioned way.


Posted by: gOLDfish | 27 November 2020 at 02:10 PM
"Is all this preoccupation with Powell because you still need representation for your movie piracy charges? That is still a Federal beef isn't it.....I mean I still see the FBI warning (250K and 5 years) on DVD's that I play."

Nah Fish, I moved my operation offshore so the feds cannot touch me. My porn sites are far more lucrative than the good old days of bootleg videos.


...still waiting for the Kraken to sing...

Bill Tozer

Roflmao. Pot, meet kettle. Frying pan, meet fire.

‘Leftists Fomented Attempts To Have State Electors Vote Against Trump In 2016

In 2016, leftists and the mainstream media lobbied for people to protest President Donald Trump’s election by having state electors vote against him.

Among those who called for electors to potentially vote against their state’s popular vote numbers included corporate media journalists and contributors such as Chris Hayes, EJ Dionne, Paul Krugman, Peter Beinart, activists, Harvard professors, former Democrat staffers, and other elites, all of whom openly expressed their disdain for a Trump presidency



Posted by: D | 27 November 2020 at 03:58 PM

My porn sites are far more lucrative than the good old days of bootleg videos.

Eeeeew........geriatric dugsKKKi porn......a crime against nature.

Don Bessee

Welcome to the TDS memory hole -




Keach @ 3:59- The "Kraken" you so urgently claim to be awaiting was linked by our host nearly four days ago, but you, in your infinite wisdom, have neglected to read.

If you did, you would see what I have seen: Ms. Powell has orchestrated a couple of well-written complaints. Of the two, the Michigan version is the more persuasive (better writer), but both allege sufficient wrongdoing to call into question the outcome in both states.

Hopefully the copy submitted to the Court in Michigan is free of the numerous run-on sentences and paragraphs present in this copy- some courts can be pissy about such details.

In both cases, there is enough to decide that there is no way easily to definitively determine a winner and the proper response would to not certify the result.

Go and read them and then come back and speak with a little better understanding of what's involved legally.


The problem for those of us with some considerable time in the courtroom is that while the allegations are coherent, comprehensive and likely true, the referenced testimony/declarations/affidavits that would confirm the allegations contained in the basic complaint are not attached for reference.

This creates the impression, for newbies, that the only thing being presented are naked allegations, most assuredly not the case.


No "L", I am not that interested in armchair quarterbacking Sidney Powell's allegations.

I like the phrase quoted by Powell because it reminds me of all the conspiracies your ilk comes up with that never seem to go anywhere.

Remember Birthergate?


Put another way, the issues raised here are so enormous, it's doubtful if anyone will ever know the full story.

What springs to the fore is the extraordinary number of dishonest low-level public employees we have in our midst. Most don't even need coaching, do you?


The issues raised here would be enormous if they were true. But like most of Trump's made up conspiracy theories like Birthergate and the Ukraine and blah blah blah yada yada yada they are just more hot air coming out of Trump's pie hole.
You do remember that Trump has been saying since 2016 that if he lost it had to be rigged, right? and now he lost so it had to be a fraud, right?

... let's hear it from the Kraken...


"Donald Trump has angrily declared Twitter a national security threat after #DiaperDon went viral following a news conference in which he repeatedly complained about perceived injustices.

“Twitter is sending out totally false ‘Trends’ that have absolutely nothing to do with what is really trending in the world. They make it up, and only negative ‘stuff’,” the US president tweeted without providing evidence in the early hours of Friday morning."

Barry Pruett

Slowly the constitutional process remedying Democratic election fraud is beginning...


Bill Tozer

The fat lady is all warmed up and ready to sing? Silly, that is just The Royal We donning a mop as a wig. Some dudes make real ugly ladies, morbidly obese or not.

paul emery

Do you really believe that has a chance of becoming a reality Barry? Even if it does it happen doesn't create enough electoral votes to swing the election. Remember, Trump needs 38 electoral votes to swing the election so where would the other 19 votes come from? It would take two other states since Penn is only 20 electoral votes and no other battleground state has the 19 votes by themselves. What ideas do you have on this. Time is running out.

Check this out for details:


Bill Tozer

L and Barry

The “allegations” of what Sidney Powell (and other groups of citizens) brought to the table are breathtaking in their scope. Stunning. Whenever and if they ever see the light of day is a completely different matter. That’s the political angle I was referring to when I mentioned the 3 aspects of our elections: 1) The state legislators write the election laws, the judicial process investigates any criminality and takes it to a judge, and the juggernaut of the political process that dismisses it all out of hand as “NO PROOF”.

History will not be kind to the prior administration or ‘the resistance’. As Trump is quoted by our Leftinista friends here, “time is running out”. That is true. The clock is ticking. Only have until Jan 20, 2021.


Barry 5:40. Here is what the Judge, a trump appointee, in Pennsylvania had to say about trump's lawsuit: -- "Charges of unfairness are serious, but calling an election unfair does not make it so. Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here."
This has been the case almost verbatim for every suit trump has filed with regard to his total fabrication of election fraud. The whole fraud thing is total fraud on trump's part and yours, as well, for passing on such tripe as any semblance of truth.

This is what Media Bias/Fact check has to say about Newsmax as a source: "we rate Newsmax Right Biased and Questionable based on the promotion of conspiracy theories and pseudoscience as well as numerous failed fact checks." Hardly an accurate source for anything but right wing propaganda.

Bill Tozet

Who checks the fact checkers? Hmmm?
Its worth listening to a couple of minutes of Bongino to hear "the gasp" and laughter.


paul emery

What a joke!!! Trump lost votes in the Wisconsin recount in Milwaukee County Wisconsin that cost the Trumpers 3 Million Bucks.
I'm sure some of the RR's paid for that since they are such solid Trumpers.

"President-elect Joe Biden’s lead over Donald Trump in Wisconsin extended on Friday as Milwaukee finished their recount.

The Trump campaign had to pay $3 million for the recount in Wisconsin.

“Milwaukee County concludes its recount of the presidential election — one of two counties where Trump sought a recount in Wisconsin. The results: Biden’s lead, currently at about 20,000 statewide, grew by 132 votes,” Rosalind Helderman of The Washington Post reported"




Posted by: paul emery | 27 November 2020 at 07:18 PM

I'm sure some of the RR's paid for that since they are such solid Trumpers.

Do you ever stop whining.....?


punchy 718pm

When the pile of ballots are separated into a stack of proper ballots and fraudulent ballots, what are the counts of each?

Oh, yeah... that's a problem... no one knows which is which.

Bill Tozer

More Dan cuts. I am sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation.


Just give 7 minutes alone with that little USB stick. 7 minutes is all I ask.


An interesting summary


Here Emery,, some cheese for that whine.
"Former Republican California Rep. David Valadao has won California 21st Congressional District over Democratic Rep. T.J. Cox, the eleventh House seat to flip to the GOP in the 2020 general election, the Associated Press reported."

Hummmmmm All those LIB seats GONE..... Yet somehow Trump is supposed to lose?

Explain the statistical probabilities of Trump losing.

You have been coming up real short in the facts dept. Emery.
Simple questions have been put to you.. and all you have to answer with are your crickets.

HELL! You won't even give a "yes" when asked if you think the election was legit! (Guess that means you KNOW it was rigged)


Now don't forget this boys and girls,, how the LIBS found a NEW way to cheat.. The three card Monte voting game.(ranked voting)

"The voters in each community would meet and deliberate, then gather in different parts of the room, raising their hands to indicate their choices. That much remained the same as in previous years.

But in 2020, there was a new twist: candidates who received less than a 15% threshold of votes would be eliminated in the first round of voting.

Then, in a second round, those voters were freed to vote for other candidates; to pool their votes to reach 15% for a candidate who had failed to clear the threshold in the first round; or not to vote at all.

As if that were not confusing enough, the state’s Democratic Party had adopted a new smartphone application for the reporting of results.

On the crucial night, with the nation watching, the app failed. News anchors muttered in frustration in front of their multimedia screens as the vote count stood stubbornly at zero.

Sensing opportunity, Pete Buttigieg — the former South Bend, Indiana, mayor who had built a fundraising juggernaut as the first openly gay presidential candidate — delivered a victory speech. "

So when will you LIBS demand on line voting? I'm sure you can find some lame way of convincing the stupid of just how "safe and secure online voting can be.. Just like the stuckload of crap you sold them that "vote by mail" is secure.


Locals here like to repeat the definition of insanity as doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome...as Georgia continues its third recounting of the votes.


Posted by: D | 28 November 2020 at 08:59 AM

Locals here like to repeat the definition of insanity as doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome...

For reelz....! Nearly as crazy as your continued posting here and thinking anybody gives a shit.

Bwahahaha indeed.


Morn'n Douchey,, Voting is less secure that Kalif.'s unemployment system.. And look at all the criminals getting unemployment checks, while those with legitimate claims get screwed. A billion bucks is what the fine state workers has allowed to get pilfered.

Bill Tozer

Well, if nobody cheats, why don’t we have mail in drug tests?

George Rebane

Careful Mr Branson, you're talking about all those fine people in government who are eager to run our nationalized healthcare system.

paul emery

Got this from Trump today


If EVERY Patriot chips in $45, President Trump and Vice President Pence will have what it takes to DEFEND the Election and WIN!

Can we count on you, Paul?"

I don't think I'll contribute but you guys likely will.

What a hoot!! Trump is asking for money just after he spent 3 million of his supporters hard earned dollars for a recount that gained votes for Biden.

"Milwaukee County presidential recount wraps up with Biden adding to his margin over Trump:

Milwaukee County's recount of the presidential election vote tally came to an end Friday, with Democratic President-elect Joe Biden adding 132 votes to his margin of victory over President Donald Trump in Milwaukee County.

In all, Biden gained 257 votes and Trump added 125. The results came Friday evening, seven days after the effort to recount nearly 460,000 ballots cast in the county began at the downtown Wisconsin Center. The final tally totaled 459,723.



Posted by: paul emery | 28 November 2020 at 09:52 AM

You should probably send it Punch......it's the right thing to do.

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 9:27 am

Careful there, Walt




Tough morning Emery? Not a thing to say about all those Lefty loses? Hell! You can't even bring yourself to stand behind "All fair and square, and not a smidgin of corruption".
As they say,, "If you won't stand for anything, you will fall for everything." Now care to explain all those bruises?


And now we have thousands of last-minute Georgia absentee registrations where the "voter" used the street address of a Post Office and a Box No. disguised as Apt No. as his residence for voting. Neat trick, huh?


Emery and the Douchey,, will say "that's all legit!"
No need to verify signatures either.


L, I had an address like that for years. Out in the bush, with no mail delivery. Your PO Box is your address. Heck,right here in River City my CDL is my PO Box.
Of course the ever paranoid L, hiding in his bunker, assumes these votes are not from registered voters and he is not above denying citizens the right to vote in order to get the worst president in history back in office.

Barry Pruett

Paul. Another judge says differently. We would be wise to let this play out. We have plenty of time to make sure the election was on the up and up. The future of our democracy depends on patience here.


Bill Tozer

There is not such thing as illegal votes. All humans are legal; thus all voters and all votes are legal.


Dead OR alive.. Got it Bill,,,,,,,Thanks.....
Emery and Douchey agree too.


Time to pay up for the support.

And Mittens Romney thought he did enough.


Bill grasps at straws.


And just what were you "grasping" at for 3.7 years Douchey?
And it takes a rigged election to get the job done?
Is this hanging over the headquarters of the DNC?
"They stole it fair and square" R. Nixon

Bill Tozer

If you click your heels together and say “voter fraud” three times in a row, you can hear the sounds of exploding heads. I love a symphony.

Nothing new under the sun. Dems have gone from hamburger to homicide at the speed of light when the words “voter fraud” are brought up since I can remember. JFK days?

Why look into something that does not exist, exists but not widespread (confined only to swing states) and even there, it’s not enough (voter fraud that is non-existent ) to have any impact on the election in those swing states. Unfounded rumors! Must not venture there. Keep moving folks, nothing to see here.

For stealing an election, the Dems sure don’t have happy feet doing the happy feet dance. No dancing around Trump’s head on a spike drinking jungle juice and chanting “Kill the Beast” into the wee hours of the morning. No drum circle boys pounding it out. The glum lot remains glum. They should go to an Irish wake and have a little merriment and let their hair down for a day or two. Opps. The China Virus (its all Trump’s fault) has ruint all those planned victory parties.

Is there nothing Trump cannot do?

Don Bessee

In other statistical anomalies -

In fact, of the 19 pivot counties across America to correctly pick the president every time over the past 10 election cycles, only one - Clallam County in Washington state - saw a majority back Joe Biden for president.

What's more, in this year's election voters in leading bellwether counties didn't just come out for Donald Trump marginally; they backed him in droves.

In Valencia County, New Mexico, which had correctly predicted the winner of every presidential election since 1952, Mr Trump won by 10 points; in Indiana's Vigo County, which backed every president bar two since 1888, he prevailed by 15 points.

In Westmoreland County, Virginia - a small, rural community south of Washington DC that's failed to be a bellwether only twice since 1928, and is home to twice the number of African Americans than the national average - he beat Mr Biden by 16 points.




Bill.. Ya gotta love this line from the Proggycrats.
"Yaaaa,,, you found some fraudulent votes,,, but not enough to sway the election." Not widespread enough... "Yaaa,,, it may very well have been rigged,, but not enough time to fix it."
Gotta let Joe win,,, all that Constitutional crisis crap and all that..
See? they didn't let a good crisis go to waste. They politicized the pandemic and got the most unsecure way to vote up and running in months.

Don Bessee

So how did we slay down ticket and win the bellwethers and yet... -

How Democrats Suffered Crushing Down-Ballot Losses Across America



Bill Tozer

A wee bit off topic, but in response to the All Knowing Never Seeing Bobbie Always Cross @ 6:39 pm on Nov. 27.

You go girl!

Candace Owens Forces Fact-Checker To Retract False Rating

“I wanted to show that these fact-checkers just lie, and they usually go unchecked because most people don't have the money, don't have the time, and don't have the platform to go after them — and I have all three."



Chris Krebs, the former director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, says there's no evidence voting machines were manipulated by foreign actors. Krebs' public statement calling the 2020 presidential election "the most secure in American history" led to his termination by President Trump.

In his first interview since his dismissal, Krebs was asked by 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley about his reaction to some of the claims of vote fraud that the president and his team have alleged.

"Votes tabulated in foreign countries," Pelley said, in an excerpt of the interview broadcast on the "CBS Evening News."

"So all the votes— all votes in the United States of America are counted in the United States of America," Krebs said. "I don't— I don't understand this claim. All votes in the United States of America are counted in the United States of America. Period."

"Voting machines corrupted by mysterious actors in Venezuela," Pelley said.

"So again, there's no evidence that any machine that I'm aware of has been manipulated by a foreign power. Period," Krebs said.

"Communist money from China and Cuba used to influence the election," Pelley said.

"Look, I think these— we can go on and on with all the farcical claims alleging interference in the 2020 election, but the proof is in the ballots," Krebs said. "The recounts are consistent with the initial count, and to me, that's further evidence, that's confirmation that the systems used in the 2020 election performed as expected, and the American people should have 100% confidence in their vote."

Bill Tozer

@ 4:21 pm
D is finally getting around to old news. The Unhinged Media breathlessly reported that story days ago. It was all over the fakenews and they were oozing with moral outrage out of every pore delivering the news to their deindling audience.
Trump fires our military leaders! Cleans out DoD. Its a threat to national security, the End of our Democracy. Its what Hilter did!" (Add Castro, Stalin, Mao, and all their other heros.)

No, Trump fired civilian employees and some civilian contractors as well. They were covering for Gina and Brennan and Wrey.

Get outta here, knucklehead.

You know, the Left really hates Hilter most because Hilter hated commie bastards.


Dumkopf @ 11:57- You don't even know the scam, do you?
The app asks for residence address (to establish residency for voting, you see) and using Apt. 435 sounds more homey than PO Box 435, no? Sheesh!


You can put down any address you want, if homeless, where you sleep- underpass, parking space, dumpster and you"ll be ok to vote. You won't, however, likely be getting your mail delivered there.

paul emery

RE Barry 12:00

Looks like your latest courtroom prospect has already been dumped. Sure looks like a lost cause. The simple fact is Biden won the election.

"The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Saturday threw out a suit filed by a Republican lawmaker seeking to pause certification of the state’s election results, in another blow to President Donald Trump's ongoing efforts to contest the results of the presidential election.

Rep. Mike Kelly and and two GOP congressional candidates filed a petition in the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court on Nov. 21, arguing that a 2019 law that created no-excuse mail-in voting is unconstitutional. They asked the court to either halt certification of the Nov. 3 election results, which includes more than 2.5 million mail-in ballots, or alternatively allow the state legislator to appoint electors.

The seven-member state Supreme Court unanimously agreed that the effort to halt the election results came too late, since the suit was filed more than a year after the mail-in voting law was enacted. The court also wrote that the GOP group “failed to act with due diligence” by waiting to file the petition until days before the county boards of election were required to certify the election results."



You don't read do you Emery?
I have already posted the excuses "why". You deny those excuses? You have yet to deny the election wasn't rigged.
Voter fraud has been proven Emery. Now how long have you been saying "it's a myth"?


A slab of ribs says Joementia will be looking to get "O" into the game. Biden has not the mental fortitude for the job. He will be needing a clown behind the curtain to pull his lip strings. Notice "O"bummer has been in the news plenty lately?


Turns out in most American cities, black backing for Biden dropped below 90% for the first time since 1952- usually fatal for a Dim candidate.

There were only four exceptions where an inexplicable spike for Biden occurred- Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia and Atlanta. Odd that it should have been there and only there, no?

How would you account for that, Paul?


As far as hiding in the bunker, today I rode the scooter down to the pool and sat in the Sun reading VDH's history of the Athens-Sparta conflict. About the dangers of "democrats".

Fortunately, there are few within a 10mile radius and the nearest concentration is 25miles away in the downtown antheap of government and university. Not a real problem, so the bunker is always open. No masking please, it makes your hosts nervous.


L, yes, that is how you have UPS/Fedex deliver to your PO Box. You use the address of the Post Office and your box number in the format '#1234', and yes, it does resemble an apartment or office suite. So what?
The paranoid mind thinks millions of people are trying to receive multiple ballots in order to throw elections one way or another. Where is your proof?

Have fun tilting at windmills.
Release the Kraken!


Yup, Douchey has released the "crack" alright....

Proof has been given Douchey,, You have yet to show any that
no voter fraud has been perpetrated.(Oh... That's right,, you can't) That's the ONLY way you Neo Comms can win. By dirty, underhanded, in the dead of night, ballot rigging.
Using the same voting software as Hugo Chavez was a great help.
Digital voting is as safe as online voting. As has always been said with computers,, you can make them spit out anything you want, no matter what info they are fed. Right TROLL master? How many sock puppets are in your walk in closet? Remember? you can write a Russian BOT for any need.
Your Berkeley trained.


I knew the court could find a reason to "toss it out".

Stall all the challenges to run out the clock.


Just need to win by ONE! And another DEM goes DOWN.
And in Iowa no less. Another down ticket seat the LIBS dismissed as theirs. Didn't quite rigg that one enough.


Keach, even you're not that stupid. Devious, perhaps, but something that obvious?

The registration and application form is supposed to have your RESIDENCE address where you actually live, not a letter drop which could be anywhere, including out-of-state. Using 'apt' or 'ste' is a deliberate, criminal attempt to evade being rejected for fraud. People don't actually reside at Post Offices.

Please drop us a line to let us know you actually understand, will ya?

A few thousand of those and pretty soon you have a genuine conspiracy. In Georgia, there were 30,000+.


Here you go L, thanks for the recount!

"NEW: The presidential recount in the state of Wisconsin is completed, with former VP Joe Biden gaining 87 votes and cementing his victory in the state."

paul emery

Yep D those 87 votes for Biden cost the Repubs 3 Million dollars. They keep begging me for money if you can believe that! No wonder our economy is trashed under Trump. Trumps people don't have a clue about how to handle money.



Paul, check out this WaPo article.
George et Al. are all, "where's the fraud? We know it's there."
Yeah, it's right in front of you. Its name is Trump.


Bill Tozer

The 'smartest man in the room' has joined Sidney Powell's team


paul emery

Are you saying that just because he aid it's true Bill? No evidence in you're link, just what's his name's opinion.

paul emery


Are you saying that just because he said it it's true Bill?


BT 1103am

Good one!

pe 1122am

No, but he'd think twice about thinking it wasn't.


A sworn affidavit by Dr. K-N:



Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy,

Dr. K-N has an opinion.

Release the Kraken!

George Rebane

D 1200pm - You should really get to know the difference between an opinion, and citing the results of a study, research, analysis, ... . If you classify all of such results with which you don't agree as "opinion", then you show yourself to be at least a bit weak between the ears, and most certainly take yourself out of any continuing conversation on the matter.


An opinion from a certifiable expert under oath *is* evidence.

But Keach is certified as an audio visual person for school libraries, what he relied on for teaching AP Computer Science, until he wasn't invited back after his "sabbatical".

Don Bessee

The first step toward the 25th?-



paul emery


why do you think this has not been investigated by the DOJ, FBI or other agencies responsible for insuring an honest election?


Punchy 145pm

How do you know it isn't being investigated by the DOJ?

Reasons they might not jump in front of any cameras include:
1) it ain't time
2a) they don't want to be in front and center when Biden is sworn in, or
2b) they don't want to be in front and center when Trump is sworn in a second time.

Barry Pruett


The FBI is investigating. Be patient Paul and let the system work.

paul emery

The "time will tell" scenario doesn't have much time.

Looks like it's already been done. This was issued a little over a week ago:

Joint Statement from Elections Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council & the Election Infrastructure Sector Coordinating Executive Committees
Original release date: November 12, 2020

WASHINGTON – The members of Election Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council (GCC) Executive Committee – Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Assistant Director Bob Kolasky, U.S. Election Assistance Commission Chair Benjamin Hovland, National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) President Maggie Toulouse Oliver, National Association of State Election Directors (NASED) President Lori Augino, and Escambia County (Florida) Supervisor of Elections David Stafford – and the members of the Election Infrastructure Sector Coordinating Council (SCC) – Chair Brian Hancock (Unisyn Voting Solutions), Vice Chair Sam Derheimer (Hart InterCivic), Chris Wlaschin (Election Systems & Software), Ericka Haas (Electronic Registration Information Center), and Maria Bianchi (Democracy Works) - released the following statement:

“The November 3rd election was the most secure in American history. Right now, across the country, election officials are reviewing and double checking the entire election process prior to finalizing the result.

“When states have close elections, many will recount ballots. All of the states with close results in the 2020 presidential race have paper records of each vote, allowing the ability to go back and count each ballot if necessary. This is an added benefit for security and resilience. This process allows for the identification and correction of any mistakes or errors. There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised.

“Other security measures like pre-election testing, state certification of voting equipment, and the U.S. Election Assistance Commission’s (EAC) certification of voting equipment help to build additional confidence in the voting systems used in 2020.

“While we know there are many unfounded claims and opportunities for misinformation about the process of our elections, we can assure you we have the utmost confidence in the security and integrity of our elections, and you should too. When you have questions, turn to elections officials as trusted voices as they administer elections.”



George and Gregory, we will see.
Remember OJ? They had DNA evidence and he walked.

Chris Krebs was probably your guy's superior and he said No Collusion!

But keep scouring those right wing journals! Everyone likes a good farce.


Wow, punch... that's quite a blue ribbon committee who assure us every thing is ok.



We have a name for the disease,
2020 Truthers!


The same FBI people and DOJ deep state that went after Trump for a unicorn ranch crime? The same people who knew from day one there was no "there" there? The same ones who did "O" and Biden's bidding from before "O" left office?
"Sure thing Barr,, we will get right on that." You know,, the same asswipes that refuse to hand over incriminating documents
to the criminal investigators.


Regarding Keach's 2020 Truthers...

I don't speak for anyone besides myself: I do not consider it a given there is massive fraud in this past election... but there is a lot of 'splainin' to do, and the 'splainin' needs to take the allegations seriously.


Barry @ 2:25- Why would we want the FBI looking into anything? These were the same guys that let HRC walk and O sicced on the Trump campaign in mid-2016.

Same guys, same coup four years later.

paul emery

It is a pretty impressive roster that signed on to the GCC Report Gregory. that should pretty well put an end to taking Trumps bogus claims seriously. Glad you agree with me as to their qualifications ("blue ribbon committee") as you put it.


Committees are where incompetents go to hide, Punch.

George Rebane

D 300pm - I do believe you revealed your sense of 'justice' by celebrating the horrendous outcome of the OJ murder case. Your being open about such adjudications tells the tale on how you view the ongoing legal proceedings and their eventual rulings.

PaulE 529pm - You do realize who are on the advisory board of the Joint Statement from Elections Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council & the Election Infrastructure Sector Coordinating Executive Committees, don't you? Talk about the foxes guarding the hen house, what possible other conclusion could that sham outfit have issued?

Don Bessee

The dottering old fool creepy grampa joe stubbles again -

Biden fractures foot while playing with dog, to wear a boot
17 minutes ago



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