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07 December 2020



So, if the 6% rate of actual WuFlu fatalities (independent of co-morbidities) is correct, the toll is about 15k or about half the annual flu harvest.

Hardly seems a good reason to destroy the best economy in decades...

Bill Tozer

One man's opinion.

Another Look at the Big Picture

The current joke going around is that the goverment shut us down and made us isolate from each other. Now the government is shutting us down again because we did not develop herd immunity and are unprotected now because of the previous shutdowns. Oh my.

Scott O

L 7:28 - "Hardly seems a good reason to destroy the best economy in decades..."
Helped bigly to get rid of Trump.
There were a lot of folks praying for the economy to tank just for that reason before CV even came along. Just one example:
Of course it will hurt the poor and POC the worst.
So what. I'm rich and I want to get rid of Trump.
The party of compassion.
It actually is killing the lower middle class small businesses.
But Amazon is doing great and Bezos got his 'team' installed and ready for action at the White House.
You leftys are the biggest joke. So friggin stupid - you just helped elect the very people you claim you're against.


Yes, the Wuhan Kung Flu conspiracy is a worldwide one perpetrated by Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, and all the other countries of the world to destroy the US economy.

QAnon/Trump told me to say that.

I didn't see any mention of the fact that with everyone social distancing and masking up, the infection rate of all communicable diseases might be lower resulting in less morbidity.

Scott O

Duh - "I didn't see any mention of the fact..."
What 'fact'?
Oh - "...might be lower..."
There's only around 10 trillion to the nth power 'facts' of what 'might' be.
And we didn't mention any of them.
How about that.
Duh is so cute when he tries to be an adult.
Actually trying to protect against all communicable diseases leads to the population becoming vulnerable to even worse pandemics.
Science told me that.


Keep looking for some sign that the lefties that hang here have actually bothered to read this essay. What I see mostly is confirmation that they can't be bothered with facts, their minds are made up. The failure is a decision to remain scared shitless of the bogey man...

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