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26 December 2020


Don Bessee

Funny how they change their tune no that Trump is on the way out -

NY Post Editorial Board: China’s deadly COVID cover-up was worse than we thought
China launched an obscene effort to protect its own image at huge and deadly expense for the entire world



The Estonian Fox

Political Calculations blog for Dec 23, 2020 (https://politicalcalculations.blogspot.com/) does an end-of-year best math of the year.

Two significant math mistakes in 2020 have affected the lives of billions of people, which makes 2020's math mistakes the biggest math story of the year. Has links to several papers, excerpts from one:
Public Health Lessons Learned From Biases in Coronavirus Mortality Overestimation, Ronald B. Brown, PhD, 12 Aug 2020.

Case fatality rate (CFR) is defined as the proportion of deaths among confirmed cases of the disease. CFRs indicate the disease severity, while infection fatality rate (IFR) is defined as the proportion of deaths relative to the prevalence of infections within a population. IFRs are estimated following an outbreak, often based on representative samples of blood tests of the immune system in individuals exposed to a virus.

Even after adjusting for the effect of successful mitigation measures that may have slowed down the rate of coronavirus transmission, it seems unlikely that so many deaths were completely eliminated by a nonpharmaceutical intervention such as social distancing, which was only intended to contain infection transmission, not suppress infections and related fatalities.

CONCLUSIONS Sampling bias in coronavirus mortality calculations led to a 10-fold increased mortality overestimation on March 11. This bias most likely followed from information bias due to misclassifying a seasonal influenza IFR as a CFR, evident in a NEJM.org editorial. Evidence from the WHO confirmed that the approximate CFR of the coronavirus is generally no higher than that of seasonal influenza. By early May 2020, mortality levels from COVID-19 were considerably below predicted overestimations, a result that the public attributed to successful mitigating measures to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus." Dr. Brown points out that the public is incorrect.

There is much more detail in the 8-page paper. Note - the paper is from August.

Bill Tozer

As new supportive evidence/data/tracing results/mortality rates come in to add to the continuing body of ‘science’, science says: open schools, open bars and restaurants.

Schools, bars, and restaurants combined make up 2% of the cases of C-19. If you double that to cover those who contract tracers missed, then its 4%. Triple the cases and it’s 6%. So, what about the other 94%? The Lock Er Down control freaks on power fueled pride and arrogance, step in and willfully destroy small businesses while offering no compensation to them. And those bureaucrats never miss a paycheck and will get most likely get C-19 relief checks. And they are never held accountable for their actions. Sometimes “better be safe than sorry” is a sorry excuse for blowing it....and not following the science.

They always pick on the little guy, the little children, and hate with an Hell Hath No Fury rage anywhere where their fellow human being like to gather. Specially on any given Sunday. Especially in the most Blue of bluest extreme lock down states.

You no drive, you stay home. Everybody stay home. “In China they welded shut the doors to people’s homes while they were inside. You have been warned. No school, no work, no supporting yourself and family. Consider China, subjects. You want us to nail your doors shut and put ankle monitors on you? You should be grateful, ye little people.”


Now that covid-20 is on the loose,, What to the Commiecrats propose?
Like I said from the start. The virus will mutate about the time a vax is found.
Now why are flights and travel from the UK still arriving?

Oh... Wait.. Trump caught HELL for shutting travel from China..

Bill Tozer


“The lockdowns imposed on us to prevent spread of the disease are both futile and destructive. The collateral consequences of the lockdowns render them unconscionable on any rational scale weighing costs against benefits.”........

“[N]early all states used the same draconian policies that people now insist on hardening, even though the number of positive cases increased while people’s movements were constrained, business activities were strictly limited, and schools were closed. Governors in all but a few states—Florida and South Dakota are notable exceptions—imposed curfews, quarantines, directives on group gatherings, and mask mandates.

Mobility tracking verifies that people restricted their movement. Gallup and YouGov data show that 80% to 90% of Americans have been wearing masks since early August. Lockdown policies had baleful effects on local economies, families and children, and the virus spread anyway. If one advocates more lockdowns because of bad outcomes so far, why don’t the results of those lockdowns matter?”

That is a good question. There is much more to the same effect here.

Considering the role of the media in misinforming the public with political attacks about who is to blame for the pain and misery of the lockdowns, Dr. Atlas concludes: “It is not at all clear that American society with its cherished freedoms will survive, regardless of our success in defeating the pandemic threat.”


Bill Tozer

Tel Aviv research: 99.9% of COVID-19 virus dead in 30 seconds with UV LEDs

The study is the first of its kind in the world.


George Rebane

Re BillT 436pm - Recall that this suggestion was posted here months ago as a means to sanitize enclosed spaces.

The Estonian Fox

Up-to-the-minute-news (from January)


Dimer UVC Innovations is offering its GermFalcon ®, a germ-killing robot that sanitizes airplanes, to assist airlines and federal agencies disrupt the spread of a new pneumonia-like illness originating in the Wuhan region of China. The service is being offered at no expense to airlines at select U.S. airports during this crisis.


Several other companies have a similar machine as well. If only the Dems would have mentioned this in March, April, May...

Don Bessee

@616 That wouldn't fit with their election themes! LOL


Bill Tozer



Bill Tozer

‘Trust science? Fauci's admission he misled public puts scrutiny on Biden alliance’
Fauci's "apparent willingness to mislead the public in support of his preferred policy objective should disqualify him from providing public policy advice in any official capacity," said Jay Bhattacharya, professor of medicine at Stanford University.

“Joe Biden's decision to hold over Dr. Anthony Fauci in his administration as his chief medical advisor as a symbol of his commitment to "trust science" is coming under new scrutiny following Fauci's recent admission that he altered public scientific estimates based on opinion polls.”


Bill Tozer

Cuomo Shafts Elderly, Again: Drug Addicts Prioritized For Vaccine, Set For Doses This Week


Bill Tozer

Imagine throwing a block party and only a few show up.

High Percentage Of Frontline Workers Refusing To Take The COVID-19 Vaccine, Many Citing Political Reasons


Bill Tozer

‘China lab leak is the 'most credible' source of the coronavirus outbreak, says top US government official, amid bombshell claims Wuhan scientist has turned whistleblower‘


Don Bessee

BT @354 Well at least he is consistent in killing off old folks who may not vote for his agenda!


Bill Tozer

What 2020 taught us (some of us, anyway) about the SARS Wars.

‘Don’t trust politicos — and other lessons from bizarre year that just passed’


Bill Tozer

Californians doing as their elected leaders do — ignoring lockdown orders


Bill Tozer

When a few writers where saying a few months ago that the C-19 lockdowns are just a dress rehearsal for the Green New Deal, it made sense to me. And it makes perfect sense to the Dem Elite.

‘The American Elite Declares Its Independence From America’
A decade-old Tom Friedman column serves as a Rosetta stone for the elite embrace of China; with comment from Tom Friedman

Last sentences:

“Being treated like an animal by dictatorial autocrats and bureaucrats with no reasonable recourse is a normal condition of life in most of the world. Just not in America. Not until the political, corporate, cultural and academic elite of the richest and most powerful country on Earth decided they weren’t rich and powerful enough and broke their unwritten compact with the rest of society in the hopes of getting richer and more powerful.

China isn’t the the problem. It’s us.“


Bill Tozer

2020: The Year 'Expert' Credibility Died




This nutsack has no idea how bad it is getting in LA.

"The number of cases and deaths of the China Virus is far exaggerated in the United States because of @CDCgov’s ridiculous method of determination compared to other countries, many of whom report, purposely, very inaccurately and low. “When in doubt, call it Covid.” Fake News!" - DJT

Bill Tozer

‘Wuhan Lab Origin Theory for Coronavirus Gains Traction’
"Lab Leak Theory" isn't as crazy as media and establishment elites initially contended.


It’s not so far fetched when you consider the 2012 cooper mine shaft incident in Shi Zhengli that killed 3 workers shoveling bat guano. Not so crazy because Wuhan is a thousand miles away from the copper mine and the bats there are a different type of bat found around Wuhan’s food market and surrounding caves. The Wuhan labs (2) were studying the Shi Zhengli bat virus when the Wuhan outbreak first “appeared.”

Hopefully, more will reveal IF China lets the WHO interview Chinese Labs workers and scientists on the scene. So far its too much for the Commies to allow a little sunshine in. The State cannot be question. China has a death penalty for “bringing dishonor to the People’s Republic”, aka, CCP.

Bill Tozer

Strictest US Lockdown Can't Stem California COVID Cases


Bill Tozer

You know, some states and localities are living by “Needles in Arms, Needles in Arms”. Take Florida. Governor announces for people to got to hospital and get your vaccine. Yes, a critic would claim fairly that Florida ran out in places. True, but Florida ran out of vaccines because the lines were so long. All comers welcome.

Now, take New York or MI. Governor of NY says health workers first, homeless addicts second,
then the most vulnerable among us and are particularly targeted by the virus is a nasty way (the elderly) third.

Meanwhile, there are about 30% or so of health care workers that will not take the vaccine, period. Lot of 30 year old nurses and young mothers are saying nope. So, Cuomo has to make the vaccine mandatory to get the healthcare personell on board and that might take time. Get the vaccine or you can’t work in the field and they are short handed already? Anyway, NY, CA, Michigan, and states that have the strictest lock down measures in place (think Deep Blue) also have the worse record of getting Needles in Arms, Needles in Arms.

Think of all the lives that could have been saved if Governors did not think they knew best.

‘As Michigan Vaccine Rollout Fails, Whitmer Taunts DeVos With Photo Of T-Shirt’


Bill Tozer

Gov. Newsom Plans $4 Billion For Economic Recovery

Hmm. Of that 4 billion, 1.5 billion is earmarked for electric cars in the COVID-19 emergency relief section.
‘To Combat COVID-19, Tulane Students Want… $15 Minimum Wage and Fossil Fuels Divestment’


George Rebane

BillT 113pm - thank you Mr Tozer for pointing out yet the latest fuck-up that Sacramento will inflict on the state.

Bill Tozer

Biden: ‘Priority’ For Economic Business Relief To Be Made Based In Part On Race, Gender
"Our priority will be Black, Latino, Asian, and Native American owned small businesses, women-owned businesses..."

Comments include:
“Whites need not apply. Unbelievable,” Obianuju Ekeocha wrote. “Would you want to also just round them up while we are at it? #ThisIsNotOfGod”

“Alliance Imitative Executive Director Noah Pollak responded: “Asians have the highest median household incomes of any racial group in America, and it’s not even close — $87K vs $65K for whites, the next highest group. Why should they get preferential treatment? Identity politics is garbage.”

Ricochet Editor-in-chief Jon Gabriel wrote: “Can we please just help Americans without further dividing us into competing subgroups?””

Political commentator Leonydus Johnson wrote on Twitter: “This is actual institutional racism.”

Attorney Marina Medvin wrote on Twitter: “Discrimination based on race and sex of white men remains unlawful under federal law.”

Political commentator Wu Lebao wrote: “Are you implying minorities and women unlikely to own large businesses? That’s racist.”

Writer Rav Arora wrote: “Asians are doing economically far better than whites. One of the many flaws of the ideological ‘POC’ / ‘white’ model.”

Daily Wire columnist Matt Walsh wrote on Twitter: “If you’re wondering what systemic racial discrimination actually looks like, the Harris Administration is about to give you a tutorial.”


Bill Tozer

“I guess the New York mob knew what they were doing when they suggested Governor "Straight from Central Casting" Cuomo would probably be a better fit for politics than organized crime.”
Posted by: fish | 12 January 2021 at 08:33 AM —from Dark Days Diary
Hell hath froze over. Cuomo must have looked at the books and saw a lot of red ink. A Red Tide, if you will. That helped him see the light.

‘Cuomo Says New York Must Reopen Economy’

“New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Monday that the state must start reopening its economy despite most New Yorkers not having received a coronavirus vaccination, saying that there will be “nothing left to open” otherwise.

“We simply cannot stay closed until the vaccine hits critical mass. The cost is too high,” Cuomo wrote in a tweet Monday morning.”


In related news, Willem Warren ‘de Blasio’ has also felt some heat and is no longer requiring all the homeless junkies be vaccinated before the elderly in the old folks homes. Also, if you have a couple of vaccines left over at the end of the day that will certainly spoil overnight, it is now OK to vaccinate the pizza guy or cleaning crew or any stranger milling about. Before common sense stepped up, breaking the protocol of who gets what first was something like a billion dollar fine and 5 years at Rickers Island. Or was it 20 years on Devil’s Island and loss of medical license?

Anyway, imagine being the pizza delivery dude dropping off pizzas at a medical facility and someone asks you if you would like a vaccine, lol. Yes, he is that important!
The Matrix is not perfect.

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