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16 December 2020


George Rebane

At the local Fric and Frac website two of our liberal luminaries have been trying, without much success, to figure out the ‘Dr Jill Biden’ brouhaha. In the process they took the opportunity to include me in their deliberations. As an example of what I discuss in the above commentary, neither Fric nor Frac have a clue about academic doctorates, nor do they seem to have gleaned the correct degree for FLOTUS-elect. Perhaps the lamestream news outlets they consume are equally confused. Fric and Frac believe she has a PhD, and don’t know that she actually holds an EdD. This error gives them the mistaken opportunity to claim that Dr Jill and Dr George share something in common, when we do not. Anyway, it’s all a big knee-slapper over there where Fric (I may have misspelled his name) takes a parting snark at me with his “Übermensch” remark that continues his campaign to paint me as a racist. The unending joys of ignorance.


The Latin verb docēre [dɔˈkeːrɛ] means to teach. This should be self explanatory to all but the most dim among us. Dr. Biden is a teacher. End of story.


Posted by: D | 16 December 2020 at 02:00 PM

Fric? Or fat...err...Frac?

George Rebane

D 200pm - Again you miss the point; regular like clockwork. Just because the progenitor of Dr is docere, to teach, doesn't mean or even imply that the adopted appellation of Dr was then loosely applied to all who just taught - its bestowment communicated a much higher achievement. That lax appropriation of the honorific occurred in the latter part of the 20th century. I apparently did not make that clear enough for you to understand.

Bill Tozer

One man's hard hitting opinion. One gal's meat is another guy's poison. One man's trash is another person's treasure.

Jill Biden’s Doctorate Is Garbage Because Her Dissertation Is Garbage


Dr. Pepper or Dr. Demento? Garbage in, garbage out.

Scott O

Duh 2:00 - My parents taught me well as in turn my wife and I taught our children well. We're all doctors, right?
It has been the custom in our country for decades to not call someone with Jill's credentials a 'doctor', beyond a few moments of higher ed grandstanding. In public, her role is to have her hair sniffed and her finger sucked by her husband.
Since she was happy to have her husband run with that during the campaign, she should gracefully submit to that position in the White House.

Don Bessee

Well lets take a look at her so called dissertation and who let it through the review? ROFLOL -

Biden's 137-page "executive position paper" discussed issues of student retention at community colleges.

"It's bad," Matt Bethlehemanti tweeted Sunday, according to RedState, before listing examples of word salad like, "The unique nature of the classroom allows for a complexity of problems as well."

Elsewhere, Biden appears to forget her fractions, writing, "Three quarters of the class will be Caucasian; one quarter of the class will be African American; one seat will hold a Latino; and the remaining seats will be filled with students of Asian descent or non-resident aliens."


Cue fric and frac


Scott O

Don - you be so racist. All arithmatic and shee-it.

The Estonian Fox

Whom does The New York Times consider a doctor? R.J.Lehmann. Analysis of the NYT Style Guide. Excerpts from a long article.


"Thus, head-to-head, we see that (NY) Times blogs refer to Jill Biden as “Dr.” nearly half the time (48.3 percent) while referring to Ben Carson as “Dr.” just 8.9 percent of the time. She is called “Mrs. Biden” just 6.9 percent of the time, while he is called “Mr. Carson” 34.7 percent of the time.

Incidentally, our prior second lady, Lynne Cheney, holds a Ph.D. in British literature from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. By my count, her name has appeared in The New York Times or its blogs 293 times. She has been identified as “Dr.,” on either first or second reference, exactly zero times.

The simple – and, no doubt, at least partially accurate – explanation for these findings is political bias on the part of the notoriously liberal New York Times. A more sinister explanation could be inferred that Carson’s race played a role. Is there any other potential explanation?"

Maybe stupidity? No human law against that yet.

Bill Tozer

‘Whoopi Goldberg Calls Ed.D. Jill Biden ‘a Hell of a Doctor’ Who Would Be Great Surgeon General’

“Joe Biden’s wife,” she said. “She would never do it [take the Surgeon General’s job] but, yeah, she’s a hell of a doctor. She’s an amazing doctor.”......

“The only thing that Goldberg knows about Jill Biden is that she is a Democrat, and that was all she needed to know to tout her imaginary medical record as “wonderful” and amazing.””


Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane @ 2:42 pm, Dec. 16

From memory, the word physician means ‘healer’ from Latin. Also, ‘to massage’ also comes from the same root word of old.

So, we have apparently two kinds of real doctors plus another category. We have medial doctors like Dr. Ben Carson, we have those who have added new information to the body of knowlege, and we have ED-docs that teach, whether or not they step in a classroom.

With the plummeting test scores of our nation’s youth, the purposely designed edit to lower standards, and the all crap teachers put in our children’s minds to scare the hell out of them them and make the students feel responsible for things that happened a couple hundred years ago, I can confidently declare that our teachers generally suck, and are a disgrace to the teaching profession in general. Not very bright as well. Those hare brained ideas that have destroyed America’s public education standing in the world and CA’s standing in America are usually set forth as policies coming from those clueless ones with Ed-doctorates.

Two of the group of “doctors” save lives and add something of value to humanity. The third class of doctors (education) have contributed greatly to the dumbing down of America. Those with Ed doctors have a debt to society of which they cannot ever repay. Chaos, confusion, turmoil, carnage, and falsehoods, rewriting history, mediocrity, ad infinitum is all they have to offer society. No thanks to what Ed-docs peddle; I use toilet paper.

George Rebane

BillT 1204pm - You're a hard man Mr Tozer. Isn't there a gentler and kinder manner in which you can point out the truths in the sordid record of our educators and education industry? ;-)


Don't feel TOO bad Dr. "R",, The Brits cheapened knighthood too. It could be bought for the right price. And NOW ONLINE!!

paul emery

Bill writes:

"The third class of doctors (education) have contributed greatly to the dumbing down of America."

Wow Bill! You are contending that those doctors contributed greatly to the election of Trump as President due to the dumbing down of America? Wow, it all makes sense now. thanks for the insight.

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 1:05 pm

I noticed Sir Van Morrison is now on the Lefties cancel forever list.
But, Brother Walt, Matt Walsh said it best. We have to call Matt “Lord Walsh” now just because he is an essential worker (media). Lord Walsh Essential. Matt said he could buy a plot of land in Scotland just to make it official.

I can send off some money and in return receive a divinity tile so I can marry off a friend. Common practice. Call me the Very Reverend Chief Wahoo, non-essential, but protected by the First Amendment.


punch 110pm

Wow, Paul, that's even dumber than I've come to expect from you.

I recall a piercing of both Right and Left wing beliefs by Jordan Petersen (dare I refer to him as a Dr?) that NO, there isn't a job for everyone, and NO, you can't train anyone to do any job.

Meaning also NO, you can't turn a 105 IQ teacher into a 140 IQ rocket scientist by sitting them in a chair and forcing educational drivel into them for another three years.


Well my friend Bill,, Thanks to DNA testing,, Emery must now call me LORD Walt.(by birthright) King Edward was one of my forefathers. (that and 15 bucks at Starbucks will get me a cup of bad coffee)
This ONLY applies to serf(royal pee-on) Emery. He's a monarchy lover. ( The Revolutionary war was illegal in his opinion)

By the way Chief Tozer..(that's got a good ring to it...)
Has Emery forked over the title to his land yet? He's supposedly woke to the indigenous people's land theft.

Bill Tozer

Reply to our paid local news director @ 1:10 pm

Thank you Punchy. You usually don’t leave yourself that wide open by throwing such a big floating slow pitch my way. Again I thank you.

“Wow Bill! You are contending that those doctors contributed greatly to the election of Trump as President due to the dumbing down of America? Wow, it all makes sense now. thanks for the insight.“

Thank you for proving my point. Since the left owns public education lock, stock, and barrel, that would indeed explain why Biden got 80 million votes. 80 million, what a hoot!
Later D


Score 2!,, for Bill. Yes Bill, outcome based education,,and fuzzy math.

paul emery

So you agree that Biden won the election with 80 million votes Bill.

Bill Tozer

So you agree to pull Biker Bill's finger Paul

Bill Tozer

"The great thing about the “Dr. Jill Biden” issue is that it means the Bidens and the media will double down on this pathetic pretension and remind a large swath of the population the condescending elitism at the heart of liberalism today. This, at the same time liberalism is agonizing over the need to overthrow the whole idea of meritocracy, which is the invention of an older liberalism, because our conventions of meritocracy (things like test scores, academic performance in difficult fields, etc) are not kind to liberalism’s favored victim groups just now."

:Time was when everyone understood that Ed.D degrees were substantively weak, and largely grew as part of a racket for teachers and administrators to get higher salaries and puff up their resumes. Even People magazine, which you’d think you could rely upon to puff up the egos of politicians, once understood this:"



Someone slap Emery upside the head. Election rigging is for the other page.

George Rebane

PaulE 305pm - Your impenetrable election logic belongs somewhere else.

paul emery

Oh George you guys are so thin skinned you can't take a little jiving . Kinda tough with your guy having to pack up and get out of town but hey that's the biz he chooses to be in.


No, buzzard of Broad St.,,, rules apply to you too.
Ask Dougy.


Oh........... Wait...... Emery thinks he's a Dr. too.
Plenty of practicing without a licence for the past four years thinking he's a qualified psychologist.


By what salutation is Henry Kissenger referred?

“Dr. and Mr.” or “Mr. and Dr.”? Which is correct?
December 13, 2014, 12:00 a.m.
I recently received the following letter from a reader:

How do I address a letter to a husband and wife when the wife is a PhD and the husband is just Mr.? Would it be Mr. & Dr. or Dr. & Mr.?

The answer to the question is pretty straightforward: When using the wife’s professional title, you would address the letter to: Dr. Jane Smith and Mr. Stanley Smith or Dr. Jane and Mr. Stanley Smith. The standard is to start with the higher titled person, male or female."



How do the Cons refer to Condelezza Rice?

Conservatives - doing their best to keep women in the kitchen.



"D" 892am

"Conservatives - doing their best to keep women in the kitchen."

Leftists... doing their best to smear their opponents out of bounds.


punchy 611pm

"Oh George you guys are so thin skinned you can't take a little jiving . Kinda tough with your guy having to pack up and get out of town but hey that's the biz he chooses to be in."

Paul... what's with Ms. Harris not having resigned her Senate seat yet? Keeping her options open?

Bill Tozer

MC: Is they are doctor in the house?
A: I’m a doctor.
MC: High ya, doc!


I’ve got it! The solution to the whole “Dr. Jill Biden” issue is right in front of us: she should be the next Dr. Who. Or maybe Hollywood should do a spin-off series, called “Dr. What.” It could even cross genres, with Dr. Jill Biden running into the Tardis, and coming out with a different superhero costume every time. Why not? It’s no fun being a liberal if you can’t make stuff up.


Bill Tozer

Roger Kimball’s is the unmistakable voice of the January New Criterion editorial “The ‘Dr.’ will see you now.” Roger takes snapshots of the episode arising from Joesph Epstein’s Wall Street Journal column on Jill Biden, Ed.D., from a variety of perspectives. Roger arrives at the heart of the matter in his conclusion:


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