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02 December 2020



Dr. Rebane how dare you use science and facts to refute "such a wonderful crisis that shouldn't let go to waste!" /sarc


Don't know how much better it can be said.

Bill Tozer

Well said, with a delightful sense of wit, knowledge, and common sense.

"I’m Not An A**hole, The Governor Is’: Celebrity Chef Blasts Newsom’s COVID-19 Regulations


Bill Tozer

Judge orders LA County to provide evidence for outdoor banning


I would like to see the evidence too.

Don Bessee

All the small business who failed in the last months can thank botox nancy for using relief as a weapon against the prez in the election -

Pelosi on reason for shift to supporting smaller coronavirus relief: 'New president'



Bill Tozer

‘State health departments across country failing to collect critical COVID-19 pandemic data’
"Cycle threshold" information for COVID tests remains largely absent from state data.

“......Investigations by both Just the News and the New York Times have revealed that many of the "positive" test results recorded throughout the country may actually denote nothing more than fragments of dead COVID virus picked up by overly sensitive testing equipment.

The issue hinges on the method by which many COVID-19 tests detect the viral load within a sample taken from a patient. Polymerase chain reaction — or PCR — tests are among the most popular diagnostic tools to detect the COVID-19 virus. They work by amplifying DNA from a viral sample to the point that an antigen can be detected and classified.

The "cycle threshold" is the number of amplification cycles a PCR test goes through before it determines the presence of a virus. The lower the cycle, the higher the viral load from the original sample; a higher cycle, on the other hand, means that the machine had to work longer and harder to detect a scant amount of virus in the original sample.

Higher-cycle "positive" tests potentially indicate that a patient is non-infectious and at little health risk from the virus; those results may also indicate that a patient need not subject himself to strict quarantine measures, given the potential lack of infectivity. “


Bill Tozer

‘Media Spins Kristi Noem’s Grandmother’s Death To Shame The Governor’s COVID Policies’
The mainstream media is exploiting the death of South Dakota Gov. Krist Noem’s grandmother in an effort to shame the Republican for her COVID-19 response.

According to the governor’s office, Noem’s grandmother, 98-year-old Aldys Arnold, died in her sleep on Nov. 22


“The dog psychic story had more journalistic integrity than this," conservative commentator Stephen Miller tweeted, alluding to about the pet psychic who claims to have communicated with President-elect Biden's dogs.” —another site.
Did you know? On Nov. 27, 2020, Governor Noem announced the birth of her first grandchild, just days after the passing of her 98 year grandmother. One leaves the family, a new one arrives. Her grief is turned to joy. Kristi was been blessed at this time of mourning.

Bill Tozer

‘CNN Criticizing China Is No Longer Racist. What Changed?’
It seems that mentioning the geographic source of the virus — Wuhan, China — and criticizing China’s responsibility for COVID-19 is no longer evidence of bigotry.



bt 850am

Let's remember that the names COVID-19/COVID-2019 were developed by the WHO to avoid blaming China.


It's Wuhan SARS, SARS being severe acute respiratory syndrome. The technical name given the virus by the organization that names viruses is SARS-CoV-2. It's Wuhan SARS to differentiate the earlier China virus, the Guangdong SARS or SARS-CoV-1 .

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