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11 December 2020



Squirrel chew...


D- with wire cutters?

Bill Tozer

“My internet has been mostly off all week long, and ATT doesn't know where the fault is. But they've finally isolated it to somewhere up here on Hind Tit Rd. Patience please. gjr]”

They are trying to silence you, Good Doc. It’s been the local lefties’s wet dream for years. ;)
As if sorting through the post election legal briefs (and various opinions and yet to be tried legal theories) isn’t enough to consume one’s time and energy, now we have to sort fact and fiction concerning the Hunter Sleaze. I ‘ll let ‘by the book’ Andrew McCarthy do the heaving lifting for me.

‘Hunter Biden Investigation: Overt and Primed for a Special Counsel’

Barr’s Critics Should Reconsider

“.....Does any of that fit a man who knew that his department was in the early stages of a criminal investigation of the son of the Democratic nominee, and kept it out of the newspapers?”...

“Why did Barr’s critics misjudge him so badly? Because despite their proclamations of open-mindedness, they have a very limited worldview. Despite their confidence in their ability to see a complicated world of nuance and shades of gray, they’re actually pretty Manichaean in their worldview — you’re either a progressive Democratic good guy or you’re aligned with one of history’s greatest monsters. No one is allowed to be merely mistaken or wrong; all of the opposition’s arguments must be made in bad faith and they must be driven by malevolent motives.

Most Democrats and progressive commentators couldn’t accept that Barr could have good-faith disagreements with them on matters of law. Also, “Barr Is Mistaken, But It Is a Good-Faith Mistake” makes for a less dramatic headline than “Bill Barr is setting the stage to interfere in the election” or “Bill Barr, Trump henchman, is sending armed agents to ballot-counting locations.””



Now lets see if Joementia gets grilled about his Son's dirty dealings as if he were Trump.
You know damned well if it was one of the Trump kids, the LIB news would be on them like a pack of wolfs.


Glorious.....simply glorious!




AAAwwwww. The Queen of the DEMNED suffers another LOSS.
In more ways than one.

Bill Tozer

Morning Walt. China, China, and mayors and others getting oral sex in their cars ftom fine Chinese spies gobbling the goop. Love at first sight.
US politicans now ownthe new casting couch for Chinese spies, especialkt them lady spies.. Odd how the Commie Bastards pick Democrats on the intelligence committees. Opps, Di-Fi was on the judicary committee,. Call it a one-off.

A few minutes of Dan on what was said on Fox last night. I warned the Dems about do they really want to open up the Urkaine thang? Do they really know that when they opened up that can of worms used for impeachment(and rhe Russian Hoax) that all roads lead to the Chi-Coms?

Anyway Brother Walt, a few minutes of Dan asking the obvious. The covert has now moved into the overt.



George, have you seen this? It might be worth looking into.


How about that AG Ken Paxton. Not very good optics for an AG to be under indictment for FRAUD!



AAAhhhhh. Douchey TROLLING the less traveled back roads of the net looking for a cheap,,, uh,,, "story".
Dragging a dollar bill through trailer park again D-?


China PISSED! Chow Mein scattered from floor to ceiling.
The DIMS were supposed to keep the cat(dinner) in the bag!
" As if 2020 weren't already chaotic enough, it’s coming to a close with revelations of a federal tax investigation into President-elect Joe Biden's son and severed ties between a House Intelligence Committee and a Chinese spy."

Access to W.H. all "F"ed up now. Xi no happy one bit!

OK Proglodites,, just why in hell are "no background check" foreign nationals (especially from CHINA) allowed to "intern"
on Capital Hill? Talk about cheap (free) labor. Your LIBS love it.( and the nob slobb'n can't be bad either)


WalDoh! showing us what abject hypocrisy looks like.

Hunter Biden again? A private citizen's taxes being looked into? But Fraudster Texas AG Ken Paxton being under indictment is not newsworthy?

How about a President that you are a lemming for making hush money payments and under investigation for tax evasion and multiple other crimes?
Nothing to see there?

Bill Tozer

Worth repeating. Grand Juries do not investivate civil matters. Impaneled grand juries only investigate criminal cases, as the TWO grand jury criminal investigations going on right now into the son who did not fall far from the apple tree, aka, the Big Guy

Is it just me or does anyone else believe the Dems will not be demanding the release of grand jury testimony... in Hunter's case(s).

FYI, in the on going effort by Dems on the impeachment and Russian Hoax committees to get some court to order the release of Grand Jury testimony, witnesses, and all records has met another setback and big roadblock. Court says ex-nay to that idea. And Barr ain't going to release anyone's GJ testimpny either, be they good, bad, or ugly. Be they Left or Right, the POTOS or Hunter Biden. Rule of law, not men

Bill Tozer

PS; the FBI has confirmed the e-mails found on Hunter's laptop are authetic. No futher details given, no anonymous sources named, and no leaks. Just an FBI short statement. How refreshing. How unusual in the Trump years. How unDemocrat Party way of doing things.

PSPS. Pilgram D, you are free to discuss the Lt Gov of Texas to your heart's desire here. And others are free to discuss Hunter Biden and Joe Bidin's brother latest grand jury investigation to our heart's desire.

I hear you frustration turn into exasperment. I feel your pain. For a few years straight, everytime we would discuss any Obama policy or his AG becoming the first Attorney General to be held in contempt of Congress in our nation's history (no penalty), Punchy would race in with his hair on fire breathlessly stating, "Bush did it too!"
Yep, my frustration turned into exasperation for those years. BDS proceed TDS. Now, I mostly just tune it our.

Its only politics and politics has pushed its way into areas of our lives where it does not belong. The Great Divide.

Truly, D, I feel your pain.


News FLASH!!! Illegitimate Prez. Elect Biden, runs off stage when asked about Hunter. " I'm proud of my son"...

Barry Pruett


Looks to me like Johns Hopkins is going to get canceled.😂😂😂

George Rebane

Yep, we're all waiting for reliable broadband. Starlink is a definite possibility - anything but ATT.


Voting machines that connected to the net were such a FINE idea.


Herr Gavin is beginning to sweat... GREAT!!!!!
"“Today our efforts to Recall California Governor Gavin Newsom have entered a dramatic new phase, and we cannot be prouder of everyone who is working tirelessly to remove America’s worst governor from office,” the effort’s lead proponent Orrin Heatlie, said in a statement.

“The campaign is full speed ahead,” said senior adviser Randy Economy.

The campaign has gained considerable momentum over the course of the last few months, Netter previously told the DCNF. He credited Newsom with being the best representative for the campaign in light of recent scandals."


And a sense of humor too..
12:16 p.m. — A woman dialed 911 accidentally. She was told to provide her address or law enforcement would perform a welfare check. She said, “I’m not on welfare and never have been,” before hanging up.

Bill Tozer

Walt, I know many woman who are tough birds like the one in your link. “If you take the white man’s money, you sell them your soul,” comes from an old tough woman on the rez, Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma. She should know.

Speaking of a sense of humor...


Ted Cruz gets the last word on the Eric Swalwell fiasco: More than once, I’ve said “screw the Chinese communists.” Little did I know how closely Swalwell was listening. — Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) December 10, 2020


paul emery

George re ATT

That's what I have and it's fairly reliable but sometimes so slow it's almost useless. Let me know what you find for an alternative


Dougy is wizzing all over himself on the Daily caller .
His latest post "The kraken has landed."


WalDoH! what name was I using, Lavender again?


Poor Sidney Powell, eh WalDoH!? She pulled that Kraken out of her poop chute! So it looked and smelled like what her and Guiliani's case was.


German magazine Der Spiegel names Trump "Loser of the Year"

George Rebane

Internet again on/off.

George Rebane

Internet again on/off.



Sorry to hear of your internet woes.

I've had ATT ADSL (6MBPS, about 5.2M down, 0.8M up) for maybe fifteen years... originally through NCCN/Spiral, now Om. Rarely any problem, but a couple of times a squirrel chewed into the lines.

Starlink sounds interesting. Not sure I'd want to be an early adopter.

Bill Tozer

I heard it a thousand times. Like John Brennan, they are all long time pubic servants who have dedicated their lives in service to our country and you have the audacity to question them! Shame on you!
Ok, fine.

‘Key impeachment witness gave 2017 corruption warning about Hunter Biden-tied Ukraine firm’

“Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., who led Republican efforts to defend the president during impeachment proceedings, said the evidence that has emerged since the hearings raise questions about Yovanovitch’s testimony.

“If prosecutors indicted Roger Stone for lying to Congress, they should be taking a long, hard look at Yovanovitch’s testimony,” he said.”


Bill Tozer

“Yesterday we noted the embarrassment announced in understated fashion by the U.S. Department of Energy that California imported 25 percent of its electricity in 2019. It seems almost as if someone at the very excellent Energy Information Administration has a thing about California’s silliness, because today’s EIA “Today in Energy” brief has another understated but devastating smackdown for California’s energy pretensions.

In one sentence, today’s brief essentially says, “Without lots of natural gas-fired power, California is screwed.” Of course that’s not the actual language—these are government analysts were talking about. But it’s not hard to read between the lines. Let’s start with the chart:”


Goodie. I have grown fond of exit questions.

“Question: What will happen to natural gas “peaking” demand after California closes its last nuclear power plant in a couple years, and supposedly replaces it with wind and solar power? Good times for natural gas I suspect. And the promises of carbon-free electricity by 2035 or 2050 will go poof faster than an Eric Swalwell emission on MSNBC.”

Bill Tozer

Moving on to Georgia on my mind.

Someone leaked a zoom call that Joe Biden had with “civil rights leaders”–i.e., grifters like Al Sharpton–on Tuesday. It is interesting in several respects. Here, Biden urges his audience to lie low in talking about the police until the Georgia Senate elections have been decided on January 5, since “That’s how they beat the living hell out of us across the country, saying that we’re talking about defunding the police.” Yes, and it worked, because numerous Democratic Party leaders have said that when they say “Defund the police,” they mean “Defund the police.”........

....l But don’t worry, Biden says–once the Georgia elections are over, we can come out of the closet:

“But I guarantee you, there will be a full-blown commission. I guarantee you it’s a major, major, major element.“-Joe Biden

Just don’t talk about it until January 6



I'm sure not everyone has run across the latest person of our history to be at risk for cancellation... Johns Hopkins has been discovered to have been a slaver.


It's only a matter of time before degrees conferred by JHU are looked at askance.

Barry Pruett

Racist school. Lol


No, Mr. President, you can’t fire Justice Gorsuch, Justice Kavanagh or Justice Barrett.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 12 December 2020 at 12:35 AM

“But I guarantee you, there will be a full-blown commission. I guarantee you it’s a major, major, major element.“-Joe Biden

It’s OK Bill....forming a commission is pretty much a guarantee that the matter is “slow walked” until it quietly dies! Joe knows his “supporters”. Rest assured that both he and the Democrat party apparatchiks want them adequately policed.


Joe has a moment of rational thinking. "No, I can't ban guns by executive order". I'm sure his keepers helped him with that.


Facts of the Hunter and "big guy" start flowing out.

All hand on deck cheating bastards,, it's damage control time.

"Hunter Biden sent an email to the manager of his Washington, D.C. office building in September 2017 asking her to make keys for his “office mates” Joe Biden and Gongwen Dong, who he said was the “emissary” for the chairman of the Chinese energy conglomerate CEFC.
Hunter Biden’s dealings with CEFC in 2017 were at the center of Tony Bobulinski’s October allegation that Joe Biden was “plainly familiar” with his family’s Chinese business dealings.
Multiple news outlets have reported this week that a federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s “tax affairs” is focused on his foreign business activities, including with CEFC."


And ANOTHER assumes room temp.

This was the "fine upstanding citizen" Lefties want to keep living.

"A Louisiana man on death row for more than 15 years for the abuse and murder of his young daughter was executed Friday evening, the second death penalty case in as many days to be carried out by the federal government.

Alfred Bourgeois, 56, was executed by lethal injection. He was pronounced at 8:21 p.m., according to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons.

Bourgeois, a long-haul trucker, was convicted of torturing his 2-year-old daughter physically, sexually and emotionally, and during a delivery route to the Naval Air Station Corpus Christi in Texas, beating her to death after she tipped over her potty training seat, according to the Department of Justice."

Thank You President Trump for sending this POS to the 8TH level of Hell where he belongs.


Gotta love how WalDoH!® leaves out Jill Biden and Hunter's uncle Jim.

Bill Tozer

Rather than bury this in ‘In the Wake of the Lying Leftwing Lamestream, Nov 25,’ I will bury these here: No worries Crime Family Boss Joe about your son, we got you covered. Election is approaching and we got it all under control.

Ben Weingarten
‘Why Does Corporate Media Amplify John Brennan’s Neverending Lies?
The only inadvertent benefit of Brennan's airtime is that it exposes how unmoored our ruling class is from the public it is supposed to serve’

“Former Obama administration Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan lies. He doesn’t just lie in the sense of speaking hyperbolically, spinning events, or painting in shades of gray out of purported fealty to national security considerations. Brennan tells outright falsehoods, in venues from television studios to Congress, on matters of utmost importance.

One must ask: Why does corporate media continue to give someone who has proved to be a uniquely deceptive character, whose most noteworthy activity since leaving government has been spewing invective against the president on Twitter, valuable airtime?“
-Brennan Lies About Russiagate
-The Media Doesn’t Care About the Truth
-The Media Loves the Ruling Class


You know, Brennan called Trump a traitor (again), but even he had to walk it that one back. Exemplary behavior one would expect from a former CIA Chief, eh? And he does not even have access to the new intel info flowing in.
“You say Hunter, I say Russian Propaganda. You say Hunter Biden’s laptop, I say Pravda! You say let’s look a bit closer, I say bury it.”—John Brennan’s demon within.

Bill Tozer

I was going to call this week’s gallery the “Swallowing Swalwell Edition,” because who doesn’t love a great sex scandal involving foreign spies? But then Time magazine gave its “Person of the Year” designation to two people, Biden and Harris. Is this a subtle acknowledgement that together they might add up to one person, or at least one brain? If so they’re still short at least one frontal cortex, and in any case, given the media coverup of the Hunter Biden scandal, isn’t it time to give the media a Time-out in the corner somewhere.



Proud Boy says he was invited to the White House - it was a public tour Bwahahaha


Bill Tozer

Yo Walt, check this video out. Signs of our time

Video: TV Journalists Flat-Out Lying About Hunter Biden's Laptop


Bill Tozer

Is Our Second Civil War—also a 'Forever War'?

“American politics will be even more poisoned and polarized than it has been for the last four years. Tens of millions of Americans will see themselves as disfranchised and believe that the greatest champion they have had in decades was illegally driven from power by the same deep state-media conspiracy he fought for four years. Reinforcing this perception is the sudden revelation this week that Biden's son Hunter is indeed the target of a federal tax investigation.

That is a story the mainstream media not only refused to cover but sought to bury. And it further buttresses a widespread belief that the mainstream media were in the tank for Biden and will use the power they have to fix the outcome of future American elections in favor of the establishment to which they belong. For scores of millions of Americans, the mainstream media have lost any credibility and moral authority they once had.

The media have spent four years promoting the falsehood that Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump conspired to steal the 2016 election, a charge for which the two-year Robert Mueller investigation could not find any substance at all. They championed the cause of impeachment of Trump over a single comment in a phone call to the president of Ukraine. And all the while, they painted Trump as racist, sexist, homophobic, and treasonous, and his followers as torch-carrying deplorables. The hypocritical calls from the mainstream media today for us all to come together, after the atrocities they perpetrated, boggle the mind.

Amazing. And now that the Democrats appear to have captured the White House, the message is, "Can't we all just get along?"

What lies ahead?

Some see secession. But though secession is unlikely, a secession of the heart has already taken place in America. We are two nations, two peoples seemingly separated indefinitely. Can a nation so divided as ours, racially, ideologically, religiously, still do great things together, as did the America of days gone by, to the amazement of the world? “



Here denying Proggys,, these guys "ain't leaving" Kalif. either.
"The smart money may be sticking together and sticking it to California.

Oracle is joining Tesla and Hewlett Packard Enterprise in moving some operations to Texas, detailing the move in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission late Friday."


A nice part of the Constitution I know you cheating SOBs haven't read.
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.—That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness… it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security"

LIBS, Progressives, or whatever you are calling yourselves this week, have become destructive, and corrupt.

And no,, your socialist ways are far from it.

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe has the mark of the chi com beast -

Hunter Biden requested keys for new 'office mates' Joe Biden, Chinese 'emissary' to CEFC chairman, emails show
Joe Biden has repeatedly denied involvement with son’s business dealings



Don Bessee

So why do the same people who say follow the science fail to follow the science? -



Bill Tozer

Oracle is following Telsa and HP's lead and moving to Texas.


LaMalfa explains the MAGgot party line when confronted with Trump’s Lies: ‘No Proof of Man on the Moon Either!’"



Yes Bill, HP, Oracle, Tesla moving to Texas is a big win-win!
Lots of housing will free up as workers sell resulting in a buyer's market - Win!
Lots of young progressives moving to Texas will turn it Blue - Win!

Bill Tozer

Another Trump lie exposed!

FLASHBACK: Media Said A Vaccine By End Of Year Was Impossible, Even Fact-Checked Trump Making Claim


Bill Tozer

Is it just me, or have others noticed this Biden Crime Family story has legs. Drugs, sex, international dark money--all the mystery, intrigue, and ingredients of a Thriller Spy novel. Just like the D-CA Congressman's Fang Fang Bang Bang. Stuff of bestsellers.

Has anyone else noticed that the Lefties wish the whole story would just go away? Maybe it is just me.


You know things are going batshit when Sarah Palin crawls out of the woodwork.


Bill Tozer

Ecomony predictions by Mr. Always Wrong, Never Right. The mental midget:

Red flag: Paul Krugman is optimistic about the economy


George Rebane

Re D 159pm - and now we know how society’s scum spreads to infect all green pastures.


All the bozos were
at the MAGA fest,



Fake news Capt. D-pends.


Destroy the GOP, hey that sounds like a rally I would like!


Bill Tozer

Oh, now it can be told? Yes, now that the election is over, it can be told.

We closely covered the New York Post stories on Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell in the run-up to the election. Anyone who took a close look at the story could see a self-authenticating element in it and, indeed, every piece of additional reporting that followed up on the Post’s reporting corroborated it.

Yet the garbage media ranging from the New York Times to the Washington Post to NPR to CBS and CNN all rushed to suppress the story. They suppressed the story to defeat Donald Trump and protect Joe Biden. The social media giants worked in tandem with the garbage media to suppress the story.

This week the Biden bidet comms team itself let on that Hunter Biden is the target of a criminal probe consistent with the Post’s reportage. The bidet released statements crafted in the name of Hunter and his old man, emphasis on old. In the interest of defusing coming attractions, the story must be intimated. What a shock this must be to those who get their “news” from the garbage media.

The New York Post is the go-to newspaper to learn what can be learned from this turn of events. Miranda Devine assesses that “The Biden family put national security at risk.” Devine, by the way, links to the just-released final draft of the Senate Homeland Security/Finance Majority Committee report Hunter Biden, Burisma, and Corruption: The Impact on U.S. Government Policy and Related Concerns. Devine covers a lot of ground (with links) in this valuable column.

The Post took a lot of heat from the garbage media for breaking the story of the laptop from hell. Post opinion editor Sohrab Ahmari looks back in “Media disgraceful in trying to suppress Post’s Hunter Biden reporting.” The Post also runs David Harsanyi’s column “How the media covered up the Hunter Biden story — until after the election.” The Post itself comments in the editorial “Surprised by Hunter Biden criminal probe? Blame media collusion.”

Speaking of “collusion,” one key to the garbage media’s suppression of the story was the letter disseminated to the garbage media by more than 50 former senior intelligence officials — John Brennan, James Clapper, Michael Hayden, Michael Morell, et al. — to assert that the laptop emails allegedly belonging to Joe Biden’s son “ha[d] all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

“Russian disinformation” instantly became the party line of the garbage media. The “collusion” of our law enforcement and intelligence agencies with the garbage media was of course instrumental in the Russia hoax perpetrated by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party over the past four years. The gang was back together again for a sort of alumni reunion.”


Does Leslie Stahl have two brain cells left? Is she that stupid, or is she that full of evil intent and deception. It’s can’t be both.

Does Christiane Amanpour or Leslie Stahl have any idea that if they are journalists and they claim, their only job is look behind the curtain and report news? Do they have any idea that is their only job? Apparently that is not their job according to them. As Dr. Rebane would say, they just got arrived here from Mars. Are they that stupid or just that majorly corrupted?


TL;DR Bill

Bill Tozer

Sorta undermines Joey Fingers’s unequivocal declaration that he and the bidet never discussed the bidet’s business arrangement or bidet’s business at all.

‘Hunter Biden Email Requested D.C. Office Keys for Father, Chinese Business Partner‘


The bidet did not far from the Poison Tree.

Bill Tozer

‘As Swalwell Spy Scandal Spirals, Pelosi Won’t Say How Many Other House Intel Dems Had Sexual Relationships With Spies.’
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will not say if any other Democrats sitting on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence have had political or sexual relationships with foreign spies.

“This week, reporting by Axios revealed that suspected Chinese spy Christine Fang cultivated deep connections with U.S. Democratic politicians in the Bay Area for years, including with California Rep. Eric Swalwell, to send political intelligence and personal information back to China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS), one of the country’s primary spying agencies.

Fang reportedly developed a relationship with Swalwell, raising millions for Swalwell’s re-election in 2014 and assisting in placing at least one intern in his Washington, D.C. office before abruptly leaving the country in 2015, around the same time a counterintelligence investigation was opened on her.

The Federalist previously reported that in addition to bundling donors for the congressman, officials believe Fang may have been sexually and romantically involved with Swalwell.

The Federalist asked Pelosi if she knew how many other Democrat members of the House Intelligence Committee have had political, sexual, or relationships with spies for hostile foreign countries. Her office did not comment and instead pointed to her statement that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s questions about the influence Fang had on Swalwell, a sitting member on multiple intelligence committees, are simply a distraction from QAnon conspiracy theories.

“You know what he’s trying to do? He’s trying to deflect attention from the fact that he has QAnon in his delegation over there. And that I think is a danger in terms of our debate here about, you know, what the possibilities are for undue influence to Members of Congress,” she said at a Thursday press conference.””


ROFLMAO. The Botox Queen can’t answer how many over Dem Congressmen (or Congress ladies) have been hiding the salami in fine female Chinese spies because the botox makes it hard for Queen NanNan to say anything but......
“The Federalist asked Pelosi if she knew how many other Democrat members of the House Intelligence Committee have had political, sexual, or relationships with spies for hostile foreign countries. Her office did not comment and instead pointed to her statement that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s questions about the influence Fang had on Swalwell, a sitting member on multiple intelligence committees, are simply a distraction from QAnon conspiracy theories.

“You know what he’s trying to do? He’s trying to deflect attention from the fact that he has QAnon in his delegation over there. And that I think is a danger in terms of our debate here about, you know, what the possibilities are for undue influence to Members of Congress,” she said at a Thursday press conference.”

ROFLMAO. QAnon conspiracy theories. That’s a good one.

Triple ROFLMAO....”Swalwell previously refused to answer The Federalist’s questions about the extent of his relationship with Fang, ignoring allegations from sources directly familiar with the counterintelligence investigation of Fang who told The Federalist that she and Swalwell may have had a sexual relationship.

Instead, Swalwell, who was a leading proponent of the Russia hoax, implied on national television that the story of his connections with a Chinese spy was leaked as retaliation for his work on impeachment.

“The wrongdoing here, Jim, is that at the same time this story was being leaked out is the time I was working on impeachment on the House intelligence and judiciary committees,” Swalwell said in an interview on CNN on Wednesday.“.


When Swallowswell, says when asked about his bang bang with Fang Fang,"It's classified" means , "Yup I sure a hell did".
(and Queen Nan approved!) Only when it was exposed to the light of day did the information gathering fortune cookie go home to a hero's welcome.(and gargle plenty)
Kinda like taking the 5TH when asked.. You know damned well the somebitch is guilty.


Well here is a nice "Thank You very much", After ALL the help Google did to help fix the election for LIBS and Biden.
"California filed on Friday to join the Justice Department’s antitrust suit against Google, becoming the first state led by a Democratic attorney general to participate in the case.

: The DOJ and 11 states sued Google for antitrust violations on Oct. 20, two weeks before the presidential election.

The majority of U.S. states, who have been investigating Google over antitrust concerns since Sept. 2019, opted to hold off signing on to the DOJ’s suit because of concerns about the timing and litigation strategy. That group, led by Colorado and Nebraska, is expected to file its own antitrust suit against Google over its power in the online search market in the coming weeks."

All that suppression and redirection of incriminating stories was hard work.


Has civil war 2.0 already started?

Now what was it that "O" said about "If they bring a knife....."?

The election riggers pissed off millions of people.

Bill Tozer

Boy, the media lies with impunity. Not that the Enemy of the People lying is newsworthy in today’s world. Wonder who fact checks Politico?

‘Politico Makes Up Devin Nunes COVID Diagnosis, Twitter Follows Suit Amplifying The Fake News’

.Politico writer Carla Marinucci reported that California Republican Rep. Devin Nunes tested positive for the novel Wuhan coronavirus Friday following an interview with a local California radio station.

“New!” Marinucci began on Twitter. “Ca Rep [Devin Nunes] tells @KMJNOW he tested positive for COVID-19.”

An honest reading of the transcript, however, reveals Nunes said no such thing.


The Estonian Fox

Spot on-
"In direct contradiction to the official forecast, a team of scientists led by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) is predicting that Sunspot Cycle 25 that started this fall, could be one of the strongest since record-keeping began. https://news.ucar.edu/132771/new-sunspot-cycle-could-be-one-strongest-record.

In a new article published in Solar Physics, the research team predicts that Cycle 25 will peak with a maximum sunspot number somewhere between 210 and 260, which would put the new cycle in the company of the top few ever observed.

The cycle that just ended, #24, peaked with a sunspot number of 116, and the consensus forecast from a panel of EXPERTS (my emphasis) convened by NASA and NOAA - https://www.weather.gov/news/201509-solar-cycle - is predicting that Cycle 25 will be similarly weak. The panel predicts a peak sunspot number of 115.

If the new NCAR-led forecast is borne out, it would lend support to the research team’s unorthodox theory – detailed in a series of papers published over the last decade – that the Sun has overlapping 22-year magnetic cycles that interact to produce the well-known, approximately 11-year sunspot cycle as a byproduct. The 22-year cycles repeat like clockwork and could be a key to finally making accurate predictions of the timing and nature of sunspot cycles, as well as many of the effects they produce, according to the study’s authors.

Cycle 23 began in 1998 and did not end until 2011, 13 years later. Cycle 24, which is just ending, was quite weak as well, but it was also quite short — just shy of 10 years long – and that’s the basis for the new study’s bullish prediction that Cycle 25 will be strong.

“Once you identify the terminators in the historical records, the pattern becomes obvious,” said McIntosh. “A weak Sunspot Cycle 25, as the community (‘but not OUR community’ – my words - I had to hack into Dr McIntosh’s inner brain monologue for his true, non-publishable, thoughts) is predicting, would be a complete departure from everything that the data has shown us up to this point.” ‘Those idiots’ (more inner monologue)."

So it looks like both groups have made concrete predictions.
Ain’t it great when we finally have settled science, especially for something so near & dear to us. But on the other hand, we only did have 270 years of data to work with.

Too bad NCAR didn’t predict that the increase in spots would kill all viral life on earth as a side effect. Of course, that would put a large chunk of Big Pharma out of business.

Barry Pruett


Liberals caught up in their own bullshit. 😂😂

Barry Pruett

A good friend of mine was a professor at Johns Hopkins. We spent a lot of time together while he was there in Baltimore and DC. He left Johns Hopkins. He told me that the university was full of half-baked intellectuals like Cal and was a bunch of bullshit. Just a bunch of professors playing inside politics constantly with the teaching and the research coming in a distant second. Typical progressive bullshit university. Our daughter had Johns Hopkins on her college list, but after talking to our family friend, she quickly changed her mind. School is pretty though. Lol


Bill, got caught up in your own fake news - brainwashed much?


Bill Tozer

I see your reading comprehension has not improved. Cognitive decline much? It was Politico that spread the false rumor that American hero and Profile in Courage Hispanic Devin Nunes had tested positive for The China Virus.

No biggie if you did not open the link. A glance at the headline, ‘Politico Makes Up Devin Nunes COVID Diagnosis, Twitter Follows Suit Amplifying The Fake ’ should suffice....one would think. Oh yeah, never assume.

Sure D, anything you say. If i were a sadist, I would encourage you to keep putting your ignorance of full display. But, I am not a sadist and it gives me no pleasure (well maybe a teeny weenie amount of satisfaction) see you pull the rabbit out of the hate and then for your next trick you turn yourself in a jackass.

Anything you say, pilgrim, anything you say.

Full disclosure: I am a Russian bot.


So, superspreader Nunes had Covid and was asympomatic. True.


Some great news for the tool known as SBC, And the rest of the AGW extremists in Nevada City.
"Western environmentalists are the useful idiots of the Chinese Communist Party, says a report from the Global Warming Policy Foundation."


WahDoh!™ NGOs doing business in China. Is SBC doing business in China?


You better ask him D-... Ask him how well his "business" trip was.
You still can't keep up.

Bill Tozer

Hunter Biden Exposes the Fact We Are Living in a ‘Post-Journalism’ World

Bill Tozer

Dems Were Effective in Distracting from Their Own Skeletons in Closet



WOW Scott, your still having all the fun up there.
Need me to send you a case of DAP caulking to hide the earthquake cracks in the walls?
A 3.0 once or twice a week?


That The LIBS sure like their China money.

"California Rep. Eric Swalwell, whose contacts with a Chinese spy were revealed this week, spoke at a same event in 2013 as another alleged Chinese agent who worked for decades for California Sen. Dianne Feinstein."

Bill Tozer

Now that we have seen pics of Fang Fang Bang Bang, I would love to see picks of this spy.

““It was definitely suggestive. Azra Turk is a vision right out of central casting for a spy flick. She’s a sexy bottle blonde in her thirties, and she isn’t shy about showing her curves—as if anyone could miss them. She’s a fantasy’s fantasy,”

FBI sent a blond bombshell to meet Trump aide Papadopoulos: report


Well, in George the Greek’s case, as opposed to Eric Swallowell, he can truly claim he was set up. Unless, of course, you are Leslie Stahl who continues to this day to say their is no proof that the Obama Administration spied on Trump’s campaign. Or if you are a popinjay.

“Sir” sez Stahl to the President, “ there is no proof of that (spying).” “Sir, this is 60 minutes and we can’t report that.” Yep, we all know you are 60 minutes and can’t report that, lol.

Yo Leslie. We have the names, yes names, of the two spies sent over to Trump Towers and the names of the one sent over to the Whitehouse as the FBI liaison . Usually a political type job to be the FBI’s liaison to the WH....but in this case the liaison experience was not in public relations or anything like that....he was an premier FBI surveillance expert.

Proof it. Ok, but it will be like throwing pearls before swine. Oink, oink, piggies.

Bill Tozer

RIP Charley Pride, Country Music’s First Black Superstar, Dies of COVID-19 at 86


"The Russian government hackers who breached a top cybersecurity firm are behind a global espionage campaign that also compromised the Treasury and Commerce departments and other U.S. government agencies, according to people familiar with the matter.
The FBI is investigating the campaign by a hacking group working for the Russian foreign intelligence service, SVR. The breaches have been taking place for months and may amount to an operation as long-running and significant as one that occurred in 2014-2015." -WaPo


Good find D-... Now wasn't your boy "O" President? and that was done under HIS watch????


And some news from Libby Land.

Don Bessee

So much for AG -



Bill Tozer

Report: Huge Data Leak ‘Exposes’ Chinese Communist Party Members ‘Embedded’ In Western Companies And Governments


Don Bessee

The socialist dems wont be able to roll this back -




The REAL pussy grabber (Biden) looks to appoint another.
Gotta have another to as AG to brush things aside.

Bill Tozer

Lol. I am certain there are sock puppets and most of the major media wet brains that would whole heartily agree with Donny Douche.

MSNBC's Deutsch: Trump Supporters May 'Really Suck as Human Beings'

More Sunday night chuckles. Where do the dredge up these knuckleheads?

‘NBC's Presidential 'Historian' Hilariously SCHOOLED for This MASSIVE Gaffe’


Shit Howdy! I know more about Lincoln without ever doing a deep dive into his Presidency than a major major major network‘’s Presidential Historian. ROFLMAO. Learned all that in 6th grade at a public non union elementary school. Yep, Lincoln tossed a few of the Chuck Todd, Brian Williams and Rachel Maddcow types in the hoosegow. Fredo would have been taken away in restraints as well. Too funny. Presidential historian, lol.


Posted by: WalDoH!™ | 13 December 2020 at 04:41 PM

And since this was going on since the beginning of Trump's term, what did he do about it. Reality check for Walt, it's 2020.

Bill Tozer

My, what a lovely group of peacefull citizens.

By Andy Ngo and Mia Cathell

'Every person arrested at the growing Red House Autonomous Zone (RHAZ) in Portland had their charges immediately dropped by the progressive district attorney.'

the raid on Tuesday morning, local law enforcement recovered a stockpile of guns and weapons. Soon after, Antifa accounts on social media rallied their comrades to retake the space. Authorities were forced to retreat both on-foot and by vehicle. Police have not returned since. The zone has continued to grow with additional barricades. Occupiers have also laid nails and other “booby traps” on the street to stop vehicles from approaching.

By Friday, nearly $300,000 had been raised for the Kinney family on GoFundMe. Separately, it was revealed that the family owns a second home nearby the “Red House” despite continuing to raise funds on CashApp.


Bill Tozer

Opps, correction

"And since this was going on since the beginning of Trump..." should read "And since this was going on since well before the beginning of Trump..."

Fixed it. Trump became President in 2017, years later.

Don Bessee

Looks like those mutha mullahs are at it again -



Bill Tozer

#2 is a real dozy. Shouldn't a exemption be granted to all? Its a public safety issue, or so we were told. Guess not.

This Week In Campus Insanity Vol. 23


Don Bessee

They can thank the littlest congressional commmie -




The douche bag needs a refill of vinegar.
You forget the deep state proggys didn't tell Trump about how bad they fucked up. Lets see how fast Microsoft gets thrown under the bus. It was their stuff that allowed it to happen.

But HEY make excuses for your boy "O" is a real winner.
You might as well start canning the excuses for stink finger Joe and Commie Harris. You should damned well know things will go to shit on day one.

Don Bessee

Now that's fucking funny -



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