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18 December 2020



A couple of trillion for more wuflu graft, a tril for GND and another to get rid of that awful debt held by America's fortunate college grads- c'mon man, you could be a loser before June.

paul emery


Send me a direct email with your proposal or no deal.

The Estonian Fox

Quote from Elizabeth Banks (supposedly a Hollywood celebrity):
“I believe that women’s equality begins with our fundamental human rights over bodily autonomy...” she told The Hollywood Reporter in 2019.

She is now against 'stand your ground' laws. It's OK for her body to have control over a helpless individual, with an undeveloped brain, inside her. Yet she wants me NOT to have rights over my bodily autonomy with 'stand your ground' when a completely independent person, with a functioning brain, is trying to harm me.

Certain persons should not be allowed to graduate from high school if they cannot recognize irony.

The Estonian Fox

Traditional model for disease spread may not work in COVID-19:
Paper from Georgia Med School-Augusta says short-term predictions should use a geometric mean model rather then Ro. "While this geometric method can't predict long term trends, it can more accurately predict likely numbers for the short term."

"The R-naught model can't be changed to account for contact rates that can change from day to day when lockdowns are imposed," Rao explains. "In the initial days of the pandemic, we depended on these traditional methods to predict the spread, but lockdowns change the way people have contact with each other."

A uniform R-naught is also not possible since the COVID-19 pandemic has varied widely in different areas of the country and world. The R-naught also did not predict the current third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic."


Looks like all the king's horses are still trying to get Humpty figured out. The king's men are busy figuring out the voting machines.


"With his baseless claims of widespread voter fraud rejected by dozens of judges and GOP leaders, President Trump has turned to a ragtag group of conspiracy theorists, media-hungry lawyers and other political misfits in a desperate attempt to hold on to power after his election loss.
The president’s orbit has grown more extreme as his more mainstream allies, including Attorney General William P. Barr, have declined to endorse his increasingly radical plans to overturn the will of the voters. Trump’s unofficial election advisory council now includes a pardoned felon, adherents of the QAnon conspiracy theory, a White House trade adviser and a Russian agent’s former lover. - WaPo


Lin Wood speaks the truth! Republicans, don't vote!

"At the center of the conflict is pro-Trump trial lawyer Lin Wood. His advocacy for President Donald Trump — and his unsubstantiated claims of election fraud — have been so extreme that he’s now taken to publicly discouraging people from voting for Republican Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, arguing that the runoff elections are already rigged.

Amid party fears that a MAGA boycott could cost them control of the U.S. Senate, Trump privately spoke by phone this week with Wood to tell him to “knock it off,” a source briefed on the discussion told POLITICO."

Bill Tozer

re: Lin Wood @ 7:31 am

So, that story is weeks old. You already posted that last month. I guess with your squirrel cage spinning in your melon, it was new and news to you, my Biden Bro....formerly my Hillary Guy. Yes, this is Biden County in a Sea of Red.

Lin Wood goes back to defending the FBI wrongly slimmed, slammed, and spit on innocent Atlanta Olympic Bomber (Richard Jewel) against the defamation of the press, namely the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and others in shit-for- brains media and sheet stains that comment on the Union pages. Let no good deed so unpunished. Of course Lin won a handsome settlement for the unconscionable treatment he received by Lying Press and Bill Clinton’s Justice Department leaking to that lying press, aka, the Enemy of the Truth. Jewel went from hero to zero at the speed of light.

Fortunately, Lin got Jewel a handsome defamation settlement against the “media”, just like Lin got the Catholic High School Boy millions against the Enemy of the People (Washington Compost, CNN, and the Democrat commenters on the Union’s pages.). Unfortunately for Jewel he was dead when the money came in.
Just like Alaska Senator Ted Stevens who got falsely accused by the Dirty Dems and sleazy Prosecutors at DOJ’s Convictions Before Truth Department which withheld evidence clearing Stevens and brought forth charges based on lies, speculation ,and falsehoods....even through the Justice Department /Media Slim Machine had a paper trail knowing Stevens was innocent. Stevens was dead when the Court cleared his name and overturned his conviction. A prosecutor (with a reawakened conscious promptly went out and killed himself after Stevens was wrongly convicted.

The Dems and the media actually won that one. Stevens was set to be deciding vote on Obamacare, but Stevens got taken out by the Media Industrial Weaponized Justice Department and the rest is history.

Like when Harry Reid got on the Senate Floor and claimed he had evidence that Mitt Romney was a tax cheat who had not paid his taxes for years with not even the tiniest thinnest shred of evidence, knowing full well that every word out of his mouth was a bold face lie.

“The problem with Reid's allegation? It's just not true. We know that, at least in 2011 and 2010, Romney did pay taxes. How do we know that? Because Romney released his tax returns for those years. In 2011, Romney paid $1.9 million in taxes; in 2010, he paid slightly more than $3 million in taxes.
Our own Fact Checker gave Reid Four Pinocchios for his "no taxes" claim. PolitiFact gave the claim a "Pants on Fire" rating.
Yet Reid (D-Nev.) not only refuses to retract the allegation but also seems to take great pride in it. When pressed by CNN's Dana Bash last year about continuing to defend a statement that is not true, Reid responded, "Romney didn't win, did he?"


“Romney didn’t win, did he?” A Senate Leader of the Lying Dems has a point. Trump didn’t win, did he???

The only difference between Harry Reid, the Media, some Union commentators, and a bucket of shit is the bucket.


Bill.. Don't waste the finger work. The Douchey never got past the third line.


Paul @ 8:54- I could hardly have offered a more public wager and the detail than was presented above, and the offer remains open. E-mail, no.

Actually, this is a wager I'd prefer to lose. Why?

Assuming about half the population actually pay Federal taxes, that means there are about 150 million of us on the hook. Each trillion the Gov borrows means about $6000 per taxpayer. Add in interest and it means the generation that pays for the borrowing of today will be out around 18k per trillion.

I won't be around for thirty more years, but somebody will be on the hook for $72,000 for the 4 trillion Biden would need to spend for me to win the bet.

Next to that, the price of a nice dinner for two looks like chicken feed.

Let me know if you change your mind...

Bill Tozer

I know Walt, I know. Just something to do while I am vacuuming the ceiling corners for any hint of cobwebs and dusting the chandeliers as I do the finger work on the keypad. Gotta make the place OCD clean for Santa’s little elves. Are you going to dye your beard white and put on a red hat this year? Are you on solid food yet? In not, I will take your fudge and cookies made with love. :)

Well, I guess the ones with fluid on the brains are watching us, so I best not spill the beans. But, I do wonder if the demon possessed Wing Watchers are watching us (and they will never forget their daddy issues), who is watching them???

Aha! “I see you when you’re sleeping”. Oh, naughty Santa.

Bill Tozer

Boy, Punch should put a ‘Rand’ before his first name. What about the Washington spending sprees? The budget, the deficient, the debt, and the squeaky wheels?

‘Rand Paul Gives Viral Speech On Senate Floor Railing Against Covid Bill’

When the Senate voted, only six Republicans voted against the package: Paul, Rick Scott of Florida, Mike Lee of Utah, Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, Ted Cruz of Texas and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. Paul ripped the rest of his GOP colleagues.

“When you vote to pass out free money, you lose your soul and you abandon forever any semblance of moral or fiscal integrity,” Paul said.

But Paul said the government is not in the business of providing free money, adding “the only thing that can save us is opening the economy.”
“If free money was the answer… if money really did grow on trees, why not give more free money?” he said. “Why not give it out all the time? Why stop at $600 a person? Why not $1,000? Why not $2,000? Maybe these new Free-Money Republicans should join the Everybody-Gets-A-Guaranteed-Income Caucus? Why not $20,000 a year for everybody, why not $30,000? If we can print out money with impunity, why not do it?”

“We can’t keep pretending that more debt is a sustainable policy course. Leadership is not passing on the problem to someone who can’t protest. Leadership is making the hard choices now. This is what we have to do. I will oppose this new debt and I will continue to sound the alarm until we change our course. Our country can be saved. We can survive this if we pull together, but adding more debt is a mistake. It is not the solution,” the senator said.

Paul also went on a Twitter rant, pointing out that no lawmaker even had time to read the massive bill.

“Deficit busting bill will be 5,593 pages! If 250 words per page, then that’s 1,398,250 words. If Congresspeople read at the American average of 300 words/min (a big assumption) then a Congressperson might read this in 4,660 minutes or 77.68 hours! (if no rest breaks),” he wrote.

And he tweeted: “There is no free money to get us out of this situation. In fact, there is no more money at all. The answer is not printing up and distributing free money to everyone. The answer is immediately opening the economy. We can choose to let our economies open, with guidance and precautions but not obstruction. Let people rebuild their livelihoods. Reopen our schools so kids can learn and parents can go back to working and earning a living.”


“Only thing that can save us is reopening the economy.”

Remember when the private sector passed out $1,000 bonuses to their thousands of employees as Trump’s Tax Plan kicked in? Nancy called that much appreciated bonus to private sector employees crumbs as well and she was none to happy that it was a private sector thang ans she got not credit. Crumbs!

George Rebane

EstonianF 509am – Well, there seems to be some confusion as to how R0 can be used both spatially and temporally. The reproduction rate number has none of the shortcomings they ascribe to it. R0 need not be a constant, as I make clear in my Epidyne model. What they want to do is abstract a current spread rate from recent data (that’s possibly locale-specific). To get this rate from N periodically measured spread rates is not necessary, since these simply evaluate to the Nth root of the ratio of the first and last spread rate – i.e. r(ave) = ((1+r(last))/(1+r(first)))^(1/N) – 1. Since the dynamics of the spread rates in the data window don’t count, and the result is constant spread rate to be applied to a future interval, then it would be just as easy and valid to calculate the rate constant for exponential growth over the data interval T, and use that for near-term predictions. This gives the desired rate as r(mean) = ln(nL/nF)/T, where nL is that latest total number infected, and nF is the initial number infected at the beginning of T. Finally, note that in the geometric mean calculation the spread rates are really somewhat specious numbers since the dynamics within T are noise corrupted which the mean calculation is expected to smooth out or remove. Also, the implication is that r(ave) will be used in a linear fashion over some future interval TF – i.e. nTF = (1+r(ave))*n(now). In nature, the more usual case is that things grow exponentially so that nTF = n(now)*exp(r(mean)*TF). This is not to say that they could not use r(ave) similarly.

Finally, of course R0 did not and could not “predict the third current wave”, and neither could the use of a geometric mean computed within the same time frame (data window) as R0. Without a marvelously complex and reliable population mixing model (that incorporates timed lockdowns, quarantines, masks, and other response policies with assumed effects), no epidemic model is able to predict subsequent infection waves.


Where is that book keeper Emery? Now how bout those big bucks to secure OTHER nation's borders? But NOT OURS.
Billions to other nations in this pork barrel spending.


Here, Emery,, justify THIS!

Now there is money well spent by LIBs,,, ain't it?


They are eating their own!

"President Trump lashed out at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Monday night for acknowledging Joe Biden won the election, sending a slide to Republican lawmakers taking credit for saving McConnell's career with a tweet and robocall.

Why it matters: It's an extraordinary broadside against McConnell by the sitting president and most popular Republican in the party, ahead of a crucial runoff election in Georgia on Jan. 5 that will determine control of the Senate." -Axios


That don't beat this D-.

A low scum LIB state enforcer entrapping a business owner thinking he was helping a hungry guy.
No good deed goes unpunished in Proggy town


WalDoH!™ - Gets his crap news from Breitbart. Try a local source next time. Charlie's was already out of compliance,


Scott O

Duh 2:05 - Thanks for the link. Stories like that terrify you lefty pussies. People who refuse to hide under their beds and openly meet to conduct business as usual. Oh, we can't have that.
No one was working there that didn't want to work there and no body was forced to go into the establishment. It's the biggest sin that leftys can conceive of. Someone, somewhere, is enjoying themselves and having a good time.
Rioters and arsonists remain exempt. Amazing logic from people who want to run our lives.


Ahhh The bastard prezident to be. His Alzheimer's is showing again.

C'mon MANNNnnn.. Get it right! Horse faced pony soldier.

One horse pony?,, EMERY?????


Now how many more LIBS are on the Chinese take?

"Please Queen Nan,,, PLEASE!!! let me keep my seat. Make that bad Repub just go away!!! How come you didn't help me rig MY election?????"

"Iowa Democrat Rita Hart was on the payroll of two Chinese companies while running to represent the state’s 2nd District in the U.S. House of Representatives, a financial disclosure shows."

""Why does the Chinese Communist Party need to pay thousands of dollars to an elementary school teacher who's running for Congress, if not merely to buy influence?" said Adam Guillette, president of Accuracy in Media, a conservative media watchdog with a history of political activism."

Now the best part......
"Hart on Tuesday contested the certification of her election with the House of Representatives after dropping her challenge through the legal system, admitting she couldn’t "get the results" needed to overturn the outcome. Hart says her six-vote loss to Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks would have been a nine-vote win if 22 excluded lawful ballots were counted."

Don Bessee

You guys wanted this -



Don Bessee

Here's you antifa -



Bill Tozer


Insight: “It is the common fate of the indolent to see their rights become prey to the active. The conditions upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime, and the punishment of his guilt.” —John Philpot Curran (1750-1814)

Observations: “Biden isn’t even bothering to try to convince you that he’s choosing the most competent people for key [cabinet] jobs. Instead, he’s telling you what they look like. Their appearance is all that matters. So it turns out your mother was wrong; you can judge a book by its cover. In fact, you’re now required to.” —Tucker Carlson

For the record: “The fraud happened. The election in many ways was stolen and the only way it’ll be fixed is by in the future reinforcing the laws.” —Senator Rand Paul

He has a point: “If money really did grow on trees, why not give more free money? Why not give it out all the time? Why stop at $600 a person? Why not $1,000? Why not $2,000? Maybe these new Free-Money Republicans should join the Everybody-Gets-A-Guaranteed-Income Caucus. Why not $20,000 a year for everybody? Why not $30,000? If we can print out money with impunity, why not do it?” —Rand Paul, who further declared, “To so-called conservatives who are quick to identify the socialism of Democrats: If you vote for this spending monstrosity, you are no better.”

Upright: “Folks, we just received a 5,600 page PDF that represents one of the largest spending bills in our history, and NOT ONE Member of Congress will have had time to read through it before voting later today. This is awful governance, and a disservice to the American people.” —Rep. Ralph Norman

Non sequitur: “People say around here sometimes, ‘I’m faith-oriented, so I don’t believe in science.’ And I said, ‘Well, you can do both. Science is an answer to our prayers and our prayers have been answered with a vaccine.’” —House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Non compos mentis: “We missed our opportunity to impeach [Trump] for treason. [New York] can make up for it!” —Rep. Maxine Waters

And last… “I don’t really let statues bother me, because, well… they're statues. They don’t make me angry, because they’re just inanimate objects. The only way a statue can hurt you is if it falls on you while you’re tearing it down. I avoid this danger by not tearing them down.” —Jim Treacher


See? Told you, you rat bastards, Trump has looked out for the American people.
Just look at who wrote up the spending bill. Nancy and her flying monkeys.

"Trump argued that the relief bill in its current form, which is included with $1.4 trillion in omnibus spending, has "almost nothing to do with COVID."

"Congress found plenty of money for foreign countries, lobbyists and special interests while sending the bare minimum to the American people who need it," Trump said."

Remember TROLLS? Your queen of the DAMNED called the 1000 bucks most of us got when Trump rolled back taxes "crumbs".
Yet 600 bucks is "significant"?

Yaaa. You stay real quiet under your rocks.

I hope to Christ Trump VETOS the current buttwipe.

Plenty of money to other places,,,, other than to the U.S.
Yup.. that's a Proggy way of doing things.

And the Repubs that voted for this, just to pass anything are just as bad.


Leave it to Hollywood.. The episode of "Law and Order" that aired tonight sure made the people on the Right look bad,,, and ANTIFA the poor misunderstood victims.

Bill Tozer

The Great Divide

Can Democracy Hold Us Together?


Bill Tozer




Trump thinks murderous Blackwater mercenaries are heros.


I must have been a quid pro quo to get Betsy DeVoss on board,



Trump golfed while Congress bickered.
"A day late and a dollar short"


D-TROLL is up early. LIB Congress screwed the American people over. Yet you rejoice. So Trump was playing golf.
Now just was your boy "O" doing on this day 4 years ago?
Forget he holds the record of prez. golf games?

Scott O

Duh 6:44 - Say, Duh - why don't you set up the total scene and back story of what happened in the tragic incident in Iraq?
Ah - that's right. You haven't got a clue.
You leftys operate in a total la-la land.
Wish you were grabbed by the neck and shoved out into the real world. You'd shit your pants and be a wet puddle instantly.
By your standards, most all WWII vets should be tried and imprisoned.
Iraq isn't Nevada County, but I realize you will never be able to grok the difference.


Scotto, sounds like you would be sitting in your own puddle in a foxhole shooting at anything that moves.

Bill Tozer

Earlier this week in an important New York Post column Betsy McCaughey took up the “racialization” of vaccine distribution by the public health authorities. Now comes the Washington Free Beacon’s Aaron Sibarium to follow up in “How the Centers for Disease Control Went Woke.” Sibarium shows in devastating fashion how the epidemic of racism that runs rampant throughout our institutions has now manifested in the CDC. Sibarium goes in for close analysis:


Funniest line in link (IMHO): “Marcella Nunez-Smith, a co-chair of Joe Biden’s COVID-19 advisory board, commended the experts at the CDC for “taking political interference out of the process” and...”

So, that’s how you don’t politicalize the vaccine? Lol.

Bill Tozer

More Hunter Biden’s e-mails released. Dribble, dribble. Pay me up front!

‘Emails obtained by FBI detail how Hunter Biden landed Ukrainian gas gig in 2014
Memos show concerted strategy to leverage VP Joe Biden's trip to Kiev to score Burisma Holdings deal.’


Bill Tozer

Remember when those wack jobs (including the usual wet brain commentators on the Union’s site) said Trump was threatening our national security? I remember. The media claimed Trump was firing all our Defense Intelligence personell. Moi countered with a short reply here that Trump fired civilians in a Cyber Security division, and did wipe the floor with our Defense Department. Ok, boasting done.....I would rather boast how great our country is anyway.
‘Cybersecurity agency where Trump fired boss was flagged repeatedly for poor performance
Internal reports show CISA rated low on information security, slammed for physical election security and intel sharing.’


Just the facts, ma’am.

Bill Tozer

And so it begins. Another The Best of The Enemy of the People, 2020 Edition”

‘20 Stories The Media Got Horribly Wrong In 2020’
It should be no surprise as 2020 approaches an end that corporate media covered a horrific year as horrifically as expected



In the category of "I wonder if this has anything to do with Betsy DeVoss' brother Eric Prince". trumpy pardons the Blackwater operatives who murdered 14 civilians in Iraq along with the convicted liars from the Russia scandal. Isn't that just great? Screw the rule of law.

paul emery

Looks I'm on the poop list with the Trump campaign. Just got this email. I guess they are looking for bucks to get them through his soon to be employment and housing crisis. I'll be able to help if I get my 2K as Trump and Nancy propose. Keeping my fingers crossed. Here's his personal note to me:

"This is your FINAL NOTICE, Paul.

So far, you've ignored EVERY email inviting you to join the Presidential Honor Roll. You've ignored Team Trump, Lara, Don Jr., AND the President of the United States.

We've done everything we can to get you to join this prestigious group, and now we're reaching out to let you know that this is your LAST CHANCE.

President Trump is holding your spot until 11:59 PM TONIGHT. After that, you will no longer be considered for a spot on the Presidential Honor Roll.

The President is counting on YOU, Paul. Don't let him down."

George Rebane

There you have it Paul, stand up and be counted - write 'em a goddam check!

paul emery

I can't afford it George unless I get the 2K Trump and Nancy want to give me. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

Bill Tozer

RX Crosstops: I heard Trump is pardoning George the Geek Papadopoulos, two border patrol agents and four Blackrock Dogs of War. And Duncan Hunter, not to be confused with the other Hunter under FBI criminal investigations (2), money laundering and tax fraud....just like Paul Manafort.

I do take exception with along with the “convicted liars from the Russia scandal”

I would love to see the video of Papadopoulos’s FBI interviews, if they were recorded as SOP. No can find. The Geek was convicted, did his 20 days in prison, not jail, and is good to go. Yep, The Geeky Greek’s crime was he was 10 days off in events, late March as opposed to early May and plead quilty just to make the constant harassment go away. Same for Michael Flynn, but his was a little different cause they threatened to ruin his son. So, Flynn fell on the sword for his son,

All those stories of the “convicted liars” and non-convicted liars are the same. They almost got RT McFarland the same way, but she fought back and had to go take a gig on Fox to pay her legal bills. Anyway, the stories go like this. The FBI shows up, say they just have a couple of questions, sieze records and stuff, and a few hours later walk away. Some, voluntarily gave the FBI everything they had.

Then, later they show back up for a 9 hour grilling, again that was just going to be another brief couple of questions to clear things up, followed by day two of intensive phycological warfare.

FBI: On such and such date you had communications with so and so. What was the purpose of that communication.

FBI Target: McFarland any many others: Oh my. That was months ago. Can I see my calendar and notes to refresh my memory?

FBI: No. Tell us about the communication on that date.

McFaland: Oh, so and so left a message at my office number so I called him back the next morning.

FBI: No, you texted him back the next morning. Now that we got you on perjury, if you don’t give us dirt on Trump (or Roger Stone) saying you overheard Trump telling Stone ( or vice versa) that he had foreknowledge on what’s in the Wikileaks leaks....(or something related)

McFarland: You want me to lie?

FBI: If you do not cooperate, we will sent you to prison for a long long time.

That is what a politicalized and weaponized Department of Justice looks like. Not interested in the truth, lay a perjury trap on them to get them to “recall” something much differently than they recall or “suddenly recall” certain time stamped dates of interest. If you cannot the dots, you have no case against Trump for treason or conspiracy with the Russians.

George Papado served his time and paid his debt to society. Don’t see why you, RX on Crosstops, are so upset about it. All Trump did was remove the stain on the young Geek’s record. As the Grateful Dead sang, “Set up like a bowling pin.


Coronavirus Relief checks, progress history

D: $2000 checks
R: $600 checks?

D: $1200 checks
R: $600 checks?

D: $600 checks.
R: $2000 checks! Take it or leave it!



Trump is tired of golf and needy for attention. He knows Congress can override his veto but he threw out the $2,000 as bait for his base.


See? you prove your the Douche bag I claim. It's your damned LIBS that said "600 bucks". TROLL ASS POS.....
Then they want to billions to OTHER nations? Nope,, that you won't address. Secure OTHER borders,,,, but NOT ours..
Mow your own damned lawn.

paul emery

Trump gets his wish for support for $2000 assistance. Tweet From Nancy:

"Republicans repeatedly refused to say what amount the President wanted for direct checks. At last, the President has agreed to $2,000 — Democrats are ready to bring this to the Floor this week by unanimous consent. Let’s do it!"

Bill Tozer

Haha. Nanny Nan is one funny old bittie. Trump for months wanted a stand alone bill for every worker and their spouses at $1,200 each plus a few hundred for each kid. But Nancy said "noooooooo". We got to add money for prisons and equitablr outcomes for criminals based on race and gender studies in Pakistan and the Green Raw Deal and bail out states that are going broke due (pre-China Virus) to wreckless mismanagement and hare brained wild SJW Woke Idea spending.

Give Trump his stand alone bill and I will have yet another unneeded check in a week. Oh, sausage making makes the Left and the Right both see red.


"President Trump vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021 Wednesday, calling it a "gift" to U.S. adversaries China and Russia and making good on a promise to veto if it did not repeal a law that shields certain Big Tech companies from liabilities.

"My Administration recognizes the importance of the Act to our national security," the president wrote to House members after vetoing the bill. "Unfortunately, the Act fails to include critical national security measures, includes provisions that fail to respect our veterans and our military's history, and contradicts efforts by my Administration to put America first in our national security and foreign policy actions.""

George Rebane

And can you imagine it? All this spending will again be laid at the feet of Trump by our self-righteous know-nothings. Their own leadership will remain as pure as the fresh-driven snow.

Paul Emery

Well George you and your fellow RR's had no problem blaming Obama for all the spending that occurred under Bush's watch. Fair game I guess.

Bill Tozer

Good. Bury them lawsuits. Thats how Jeff Sessions broke the back of the KKK in Alabama by lawsuits. The Left has simply swapped out their white hoods for black ones.

'Detroit Counter-Sues Black Lives Matter Protesters For ‘Inciting Riots,’ Attacking Police'


George Rebane

PaulE 408pm - Exercise for the astute student - delineate the situational differences that dictated Obama's and Trump's spending.

Bill Tozer


For the record: “Robert E Lee was a far better and more impressive man than all of the people pulling his statues down.” —Matt Walsh

Double standards: “So $1,200 in Trump tax cuts is crumbs, but $600 in covid stimulus is significant, according to Pelosi?” —Liz Wheeler

Observations: “The covid relief bill is indeed a crap sandwich. All bills now are. The size and scope of government is the problem; there’s a case to be made that the earmark ban actually effectuates MORE pork barrel spending.” —Ben Shapiro

Interesting insight: “[Democrats are] trying to essentially use the COVID lockdown model for the climate emergency model. And they are going to go from COVID lockdowns to climate lockdowns.” —Marc Morano

The Grinch: “Here is the simple truth: Our darkest days against COVID are ahead of us, not behind us.” —Joe Biden

Braying jackass: “I’m counting down the hours ‘til [Trump’s] gone. I plan to pull him out of there by his hair, his little hands, and his feet.” —Nancy Pelosi

And last… “[Democrats] want to make rich people poorer, and poor people more comfortable.” —Mike Pence


Shovel ready jobs Emery,, Remember those? Now can you tell us what your boy "O" said about those? "O"'s trillion dollar crap,,, uh,,, stimulus? DO tell us where all that money went.
(hint.... into thin air)
Gov. motors ring a bell? How many got phucked with that deal?
" Bin Laden is dead, and GM is alive!" (on life support with OUR money) Then handed over to the UAW.
How much was "given" to health insurers? They got rich while we got crappy health care.

Take your memory loss meds Emery,, your way behind.

paul emery


Obama inherited a trashed economy under Bush with the great recession which happened under his watch. Remember Bush inherited a virtually balanced budget due to the Clinton and Gingrich policies and efforts. Under his leadership we ended up with the Great Recession. Obama had to deal with that and left the economy with slow but steady improvement when he left office. Biden now has inherited a totally trashed economy and has to start over just like Obama, to pull things together. That's the background to where we are today.

As far as the "situational differences" they are obvious. what economy would you rather inherit? The one that Obama inherited or the one that Bush inherited? Also would prefer inheriting the Obama economy or the one that Biden will face?


Keep making those excuses Emery. You forget you Proggys held the House AND the Senate with Bush? BDS again Emery?

Yet Trump fixed most of "O"'s and Biden's damage. Nope,, you refuse to see that.🙊🙉🙈

Hope your looking forward to a repeat of the O'loser years.Just worse.
Your Proggycrats will never be able to accomplish what Trump has done..(they have no intention to.)

OK Emery,, DO tell us how people are going to pay their taxes. No worry about income taxes,, since MOST (thanks to Proggyism) did make any money.
Is the bastard prez. going to make all the states forgive property taxes?
You really don't think past yesterday do you???

Bill Tozer


Bill Tozer

Andrew Yang has taken out papers to run for Mayor of NYC.

Anybody would be preferable to David Durkins or the current mayor, Warren Wilhelm Jr. Some call him de Blasio. Guess Bloomberg did a decent job as mayor. Do you remember way back in the day when the Democrat Party was desperately seeking an alternative to No Malarkey Joe, any alternative to a Biden, and they got all excited about Bloomberg? Another Great White Savior that went from the Penthouse to the outhouse at the speed of an elevator descending from the 130th floor with a snapped cable. Reminded me of Kamala Harris’s campaign. She was the first Indian woman to win a seat in the US Senate, farther back in the day. Now she is the first Black woman to be VP.

He could have been the One, but nooooo. The Dems got stuck with Biden for a couple of years, maybe less. An asterisk placeholder will suffice. Anybody except Joe was that Party’s mantra. That was back in the past, back in 2019.

Bill Tozer

Pardon me sir, did you say "Merry Christmas"?



Bill Tozer

'Top DOJ Officials In ‘Ongoing Discussions’ About Appointing Special Counsel In Hunter Biden Criminal Probe: Report'

"A second source told Fox News that high-level officials at the department believe that a special counsel is “warranted” in the case and noted that the special counsel statute was created for situations like the Hunter Biden criminal investigation.

“It was passed to deal with a potential conflict of interest of the attorney general or the president of the United States,” the source told Fox News. “A president-elect coming in, where his appointed attorneys will be investigating his son? That’s textbook conflict.”


Bill Tozer

Duke University Official Admits ‘It Would Be Easy’ To Remove Due Process Protections From Accused Students Under Biden Administration


What the media and universities overlook is the disappropiate number of students accused of "rape" and booted out of college without a minimum of due process like seeing evidence and knowing accusations BEFORE the Kangeroo Court are black students.

Where is BLM when a brother needs them?

Bill Tozer

‘Politico Hails Justin Trudeau's Mighty Beard, Mockery Ensues’

Rafael Cruz asked "Tell me, why is 'Significant' capitalized?"

Daily Caller asked "Is this journalism or fan fiction...?"

Cam Edwards, whose beard is headed for ZZ Top territory, joked "That is *not* a Significant beard."

Derek Hunter just wrote "Adults produced this."

Giancarlo Sopo tweeted "Did Justin Trudeau's abuelita write this?"

And Joe Gabriel Simonson made it personal:

my mom: you need to shave, i want to see your face

me: The beard is Significant, a symbol of a once-youthful prime minister who was now older and wiser and battle-scarred.
Politico Canada's Maura Forrest wasn't entirely complimentary, but this gurgly clickbait prose is how they tried to attract readers:

At the very beginning of this interminable year, Justin Trudeau grew a beard. The beard was Significant, a symbol of a once-youthful prime minister who was now older and wiser and battle-scarred. Many headlines were written. It was a simpler time, when we had nothing better to do than debate the merits of facial hair as an indicator of gravitas. But beard or no, this year has changed Trudeau’s image....

Way back in the before times, those battles seemed to be setting the stage for Trudeau’s second mandate, given they embodied all the issues that were most important to him: climate change, Indigenous reconciliation, natural resource development....

The image: Some argue Trudeau grew into that beard this year. In the Toronto Star, Chantal Hébert claims Trudeau has become more “cold-blooded,” while the Liberal government’s “days of being associated with unicorns and rainbows are definitively behind it.” In Maclean’s, Shannon Proudfoot reminds us that Trudeau will turn 50 next year and will likely head into his next election campaign “as a grizzled veteran, and not some impetuous wunderkind.” PM photographer Adam Scotti has published this series of photos of 2020, including several of Trudeau looking very tired.

The record: But if Trudeau’s image has been altered for good, much of what he’s promised to achieve sits where he left it in March.


Bill Tozer

WORST OF 2020: The Media’s Trump Derangement Syndrome

(Video Clips of the Enemy of the Truth)
Stopping the Looting = “Declaring War on Americans”

Russian Hoax Redux

GOP Affirmed “Most Mediocre White Man” In History

Appalled by “Dictator” Donald’s “Viperous” Victory Speech

Trump Would Totally Throw Us In Jail If He Could

Trump’s Post-Election Challenges = 21st Century Kristallnacht

Belittling “Wannabe Dictator” Trump

Trump’s “Sneak Attack” On Protesters Just Like Pearl Harbor

Lizza’s Ludicrous Inquiry

“Dictator” Trump’s “Fascism” Is the “End of Democracy”

Dictator Trump’s Speech a “Repugnant” “Crime” Heralding “End of America”

Condemning Trump’s “Obesely Immoral” Debate Behavior, “New Low”

Trump Took a “Dump” on Debate

Do You Want to Live In the America of “Bad” Man “Bull Connor” Trump?

Trump Era of “Cruelty” and “Meanness” Is “Coming to an End”



This is how trickle down works-for the rich,

"Tucked away in the 5,593-page spending bill that Congress rushed through Monday night is a provision that some tax experts call a $200 billion giveaway to the rich.

It involves the tens of thousands of businesses that received loans from the federal government this spring with the promise that the loans would be forgiven, tax free, if they agreed to keep employees on the payroll through the coronavirus pandemic.

“High-income business owners have had tax benefits and unprecedented government grants showered down upon then. And the scale is massive,” wrote Adam Looney, a fellow at the Brookings Institution and a former Treasury Department tax official in the Obama administration, who estimated that $120 billion of the $200 billion would flow to the top 1% of Americans.
The new provision allows for a classic double dip into the Paycheck Protection Program, as businesses get free money from the government, then get to deduct that largess from their taxes."



Trump is stocking the swamp as he bails out. Jared's dad? Hired a hooker for his brother-in-law so he could blackmail him.

Bill Tozer

‘8 Of The Craziest Items In The $900 Billion COVID Blue-State Bailout Bill‘
The prohibitively long and oddly complex document that bails out states that have decided to harm their own citizens contains ridiculous provisions with no connection to the pandemic

[One example]

“The last COVID spending spree severely hampered states’ ability to increase school choice with their education allocation. In the CARES Act, $3 billion was allotted to Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund (GEERF), which gave governors the flexibility to fund whatever educational initiatives they deemed important. GEERF funds were allocated at the discretion of the governors, but could be used to strengthen school choice programs, as was done in Florida, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina.

The new bill specifically undid this flexibility, stating the money cannot be used to “provide tax support vouchers, tuition tax credit programs, education savings accounts, scholarships, scholarship programs, or tuition assistance programs” or provide indirect help for any organization that grants scholarships for “elementary or secondary education.”


Oh, the Kennedy Center has been clamoring for a government bailout for years. Senators like attending concerts there as well.

Bill Tozer

It’s it time to pardon Martha Stewart? Some say yes.
Dr. Biden’s husband speaks.....and Kamala is rejoicing

‘I heard there was a sighting of a sleigh — Santa Claus’


Corn Pop was a bad dude, man.

Barry Pruett

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”


Enjoy this beautiful song and Andrea Bocelli’s voice from God on this glorious day! Merry Christmas to each of you and good tidings.


Jeff Epstein should have hung in there, he’d be a free man now.


Defund the Military! - Donald J. Trump

Paul Emery

D writes "Scum" in reference to Jared's dad. He's Trumps kinda guy D. If you recall Trump was bonking a porn star while his wife had a babe in arms. TRUMP, the admitted pussy grabber bragging about sexual assault. That's just the beginning but all for now


Paul, don't you have an election in Georgia that needs stealing? Git on it, and stop insulting people whose boots you're not fit to polish!

Don Bessee

Don't tell emperor gavin -




Beat me to it Don.. We have more than one Cuban Commie supporter here,,, maybe they should try that Cuban dinner and tell us all about it.


In the "goombah goombah goombah" category-- trump's pardons: family, war criminals, convicted liars, and crooked politicians who supported him. What else is there to say.;

have a Merry Christmas y'all..most wars between Christian nations have a Christmas cease fire.. so there you go..

Bill Tozer




punchy 1134am

what proof do you have that Trump was "bonking" a porn star?


@ pharmacist bobby... Better than the terrorists your boy "O" set free.(in trade for a traitor)
Now have a good read Babs,,
REAL criminals. Not ones caught up in a Proggy witch hunt.


Merry Christmas from the GOP!

"GOP blocks $2,000 checks as Trump leaves COVID aid in chaos"


It's OK D-.. Your Proggys refused to divert funds to their cronies in other countries, or pet pork spending. So blame THEM.

Here is a thought,, reopen the economy.. You know, get people back to work.. This poor attempt to "corral the Kung Flu" has done NOTHING.
Your hero, Dr. Fauci lied.
"Fauci has admitted that he lied to Americans about herd immunity to manipulate their acceptance of a new coronavirus vaccine."

paul emery

Old news Gregory Research it yourself.


Old news that was disputed and never proven, Punch.

What's Avenatti up to nowadays?

Bill Tozer

A win for the Defund the Police and a loss for gun violence reduction advocates....simultaneously.

"Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland spearheaded an effort in June to “increase police accountability and reinvest in black and brown communities.” He proposed over $7 million in shifts from the police bureau, which included dissolving the city’s Gun Violence Reduction Team in favor of seeking ways to “fundamentally re-shape” shooting prevention.

Portland — where rioters recently established the “Red House Autonomous Zone” — almost immediately witnessed a jump in shootings. Though year-to-date shootings had risen 10.8% by May, the months of June, July, August, and September witnessed 96.8%, 186.1%, 195.1%, and 243.8% hikes respectively."


George Rebane

re BillT 740am - We must never forget that these computable marginal deaths are the direct result of horribly misshapen public policies, and that the people who make, implement, and volubly support them should be held accountable.

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