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03 December 2020



bt 812pm

That was the point of The Bell Curve but it was pretty much drowned out by the anguished screams of "that's raysist"!

db 820pm
Before sending the news out to an aviation list I frequent, I went looking for confirmation and the first mention I could find was in Yubanet.com

There are many who worship the ground he has walked on.

George Rebane

Here are some memories of 'the General' Chuck Yeager.

The general and wife Victoria were shooters, and I am a regular range master (Range Safety Officer) at the Sportsmen Club rifle/pistol range. They shot when I was on duty, and I had opportunities for long memorable conversations with both of them. Chuck Yeager has been my hero since boyhood when I still had my pre-myopia dreams of becoming a fighter pilot. Even though I knew the man, I never called him Chuck, only 'General' and 'Sir'. I recommend his autobiography 'Yeager'.

Rest in Peace.

Barry Pruett

I brought chuck yeager’s book with me to Prague in 1995. I read it twice, because I had only brought a couple books with me and didn’t speak Czech yet. He was my hero as a adolescent child. Godspeed Gen. Yeager. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

Don Bessee

Unintended consequences -

Goya CEO says AOC was named 'employee of the month' after her boycott call led to sales spike
Bob Unanue: 'When she boycotted us, our sales actually increased 1,000%'



Bill Tozer


Barry Pruett

Alan wrote a very nice obituary of the general here.



I remember sitting in the airport admin building in a bs session with a couple pilots who had flown themselves into Grass Valley. A woman came in and put some old aviation magazines on the table, hoping someone would read them one more time.

One of the out-of-towners picked one up, looked at the mailing label and went into shock... I piped up and said "Yeah, that was Mrs. Yeager".

It's been awhile since the Yeagers were at the airport... perhaps not since a hangar owner had to get a court order to evict them. Personally, I had an understanding with the General... I didn't talk to him and he didn't talk to me. Suited me fine... I learned to ignore famous folk growing up in SoCal.

Victoria Yeager is personable and chatty.

Bill Tozer

‘Feds Canceling Tests Will Hide For Years How School Shutdowns Screwed Kids’
Four to six months ahead of possible testing times, the test's commissioner pre-emptively canceled this only way to measure the effect of varying school shutdown regulations across state lines

“Historically, Republicans have made deals with Democrats to increase federal funding for K-12 in exchange for so-called “accountability” measures, most of which are tied to tests. With no consistent and reliable test results for nearing a decade now — testing was also both disrupted and rendered less useful with the massive Common Core overhaul President Obama forced on the nation — Democrats once again continue to achieve their objectives while requiring Republicans to forfeit theirs.”

The group that is least likely to die in CA from the China Virus, least likely to transmit the China Virus to adults (in our State of 40 million, zero such cases of student to teacher infection, not to mention zero cases of child to adult C-19 infection resulting in death), and the place where the threat of COVID is statistically insignificant....that group is hurt most by following the science. Even Europe has kept their schools open through all this with no fallout or measurable risk. The risk to this group by demanding schools to be closed is immeasurable. The damage done is incalculable, the lives lost, the rates of depression and suicidal thoughts skyrocketing, lost future wages and income, and to top it all off, being robbed of an education. Even our CDC said on Thanksgiving Eve to open the schools and close the bars. Ok, follow the blankety blank science, you government and science worshiping asshats.

I won’t say that those who run America’s teachers’ unions hate children. I will only say that they act as though they hate children. The teachers’ unions are the number one obstacle to education reform, by far. They stand in the way of school choice, school safety, and virtually any attempt to improve teacher quality or reform schools in any way. They feed off of, and promote, incompetence and lack of accountability. No one harms America’s youth as much as the teachers’ unions, not even drug dealers.


In the entire USA of 330 million persons, 123-127 deaths total of people under the age of 18. That means all minors, from toddlers to 17 year olds. Read one piece that said 123 through August, another said 127 through the year. Let that sink in.

The survival rate of those under 50 years old (as most teachers are) is 99.99 percent. Add some nuances and it drops to 99.5 % survival rate for older teachers. For a minor in grammar school, it’s 0.0001%. Open the schools. They are hurting the least vulnerable the most. Small business owners may disagree, but these kids are being slammed 6 ways to Sunday, not just monetary. And are suffering the most because the teacher’s unions have made unreasonable and totally unrealistic demands before reopening schools that cannot ever be met. Follow the science, at least in this important instance.

Don Bessee

Now thats interesting -




Db 1154pm

Yes, indeed. An evil genius came up with that end run play.
Straight to SCOTUS.

Barry Pruett

I had the same experience with Gen. Yeager as well Gregory. Victoria kind of ran the show. Lol


Bessee, Gregory, Texans are bigger whiners than Georgians. It does point out the need for national standardized election rules, including requirements that there are the same ratio of voting places to the local populations.
The depths that Cons will go to in a coup attempt is evidenced by their plan to replace state electors with Trump brown-nosers who will vote Trump him.


Posted by: D | 08 December 2020 at 06:56 AM

The depths that Cons will go to in a coup attempt is evidenced by their plan to replace state electors with Trump brown-nosers who will vote Trump him.

Eat something....you'll feel better!


Hmmm......no wonder.....Swalwell is as big a tool as he appears......too much Chinese!


Bill Tozer

“The depths that Cons will go to in a coup attempt is evidenced by their plan to replace state electors with Trump brown-nosers who will vote Trump him.”

Well, the Trump haters are not going to vote Trump him. It’s dirty job, but somebody had to do it.

Barry Pruett

Doug: The constitution is a contract among the great citizens of this great country. It was founded in a very deliberative process in order to in man’s attempt form a more perfect union. If you don’t like the contract by all means you can amend it and change the contract. What you can’t do is simply violate it because you choose a certain result.

Texas has a very solid and well support in case Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia all violated their own statutes, their own constitution, and the constitution of the United States in putting together the parameters of the 2020 election. These elected officials who are not members of the state legislatures created rules they were simply illegal using the Covid crisis in an effort to illegally help Joe Biden beat Donald Trump.

It’s time we let this legal process play out in order to properly determine who will be the President of the United States. That said it is interesting that Clarence Thomas and his “wing of the Supreme Court” will be the ones to determine whether or not Joe Biden who was the chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee when Clarence Thomas was the subject of an “high tech lynching” before such committee will be the one deciding whether or not Joe Biden becomes president. Karma is a bitch.


DISPATCHES FROM THE “IT’S DIFFERENT WHEN WE DO IT” PARTY: Top Biden COVID adviser cheered George Floyd protests despite pandemic.

I'm sure that Nevada City's most prominent citizens will roundly condemn these acts of biological terrorism?!

Denny? Cheryl? Don? George?


Todd Juvinall

Those democrats sure are amazing at finding Waldo. In New York 22 after more than a month they just found 12 ballots in a drawer and they were all for the democrat. Amazing! The race is just a few votes difference. And a freaking Judge allows them to be counted!


Seeing Mike Pence swearing in a Democratic Senator while a bisexual woman wearing a purple wig and zebra print coat holds the Bible is extremely satisfying.


Bill Tozer

Did I detect a wee bit of uncertainty in Dim’s comment? Like, what happened to RIP Republicans just a few days ago? That innate feeling of Impending Doom, the deep seated uneasiness, is starting to shake the foundations of his World as he sees it View?

That fat lady has already gone back to her hotel. She can be reached by phone when the time comes.

Bill Tozer

Uncle Bernie! How could you.

‘Sanders Blasts Democrats For Blocking $1.8 Trillion COVID-19 Relief And Now Accepting Half That’



Barry: The Texans should probably mind their own business, don't you think? They sound like a bunch of whiners anyway,

"7. The rampant lawlessness arising out of
Defendant States’ unconstitutional acts is described
in a number of currently pending lawsuits in
Defendant States or in public view including:
• Dozens of witnesses testifying under oath about:
the physical blocking and kicking out of
Republican poll challengers; thousands of the
same ballots run multiple times through
tabulators; mysterious late night dumps of
thousands of ballots at tabulation centers;
illegally backdating thousands of ballots;
signature verification procedures ignored; more
than 173,000 ballots in the Wayne County, MI
center that cannot be tied to a registered voter;2
• Videos of: poll workers erupting in cheers as poll
challengers are removed from vote counting
centers; poll watchers being blocked from entering
vote counting centers—despite even having a
court order to enter; suitcases full of ballots being
pulled out from underneath tables after poll
watchers were told to leave.
• Facts for which no independently verified
reasonable explanation yet exists: On October 1,
2020, in Pennsylvania a laptop and several USB
drives, used to program Pennsylvania’s Dominion
voting machines, were mysteriously stolen from a
warehouse in Philadelphia. The laptop and the
USB drives were the only items taken, and
potentially could be used to alter vote tallies; In
Michigan, which also employed the same
Dominion voting system, on November 4, 2020,
Michigan election officials have admitted that a
purported “glitch” caused 6,000 votes for
President Trump to be wrongly switched to
Democrat Candidate Biden. A flash drive
containing tens of thousands of votes was left
unattended in the Milwaukee tabulations center
in the early morning hours of Nov. 4, 2020,
without anyone aware it was not in a proper chain
of custody."


"Hannity Tries to Un-Debunk Georgia ‘Suitcase’ Video That Fox Debunked" That Hannity is one desperate loser. Has he been given an honorary membership in the Circle of Jays?


Barry Pruett

Posted by: D | 08 December 2020 at 09:19 AM

Thank you for supporting my position and that of Texas. Such details of election issues as demonstrated by your post above are examples of how Texans and Pennsylvanians (and a bunch of other citizens) were denied equal protection under the law.


"Today is the day that the Trump “legal team” aka clown car, probably goes 1-50. 50 losses in a month. That can only happen through 2 things. NO evidence and incompetence."


Donald Trump is considering not returning from Mar-a-Lago after the Christmas break. He'll leave the White House for the holidays -- and never return.

It's a Christmas miracle!


Why is '({[Billionaire]})' asking for money to help pay his legal expenses? Y'all can't be that stupid...can you?

"(Reuters) - As President Donald Trump seeks to discredit last week’s election with baseless claims of voter fraud, his team has bombarded his supporters with requests for money to help pay for legal challenges to the results: “The Left will try to STEAL this election!” reads one text.

A donor would have to give more than $8,000 before any money goes to the “recount account” established to finance election challenges, including recounts and lawsuits over alleged improprieties, the fundraising disclosures show."


I wonder who the Yeagers supported in 2020...

George Rebane

Administrivia - Please migrate your thoughts re voter fraud related topics to 'Voter Faud 5.0 ...', thank you. And also note the 8dec20 Scattershots update.


Told ya' so.. Douchey is pro voter fraud. "By any means necessary",, right Douchey?


Lets test the theory.

Will D- jump from the South Fork bridge?

You know they are going to eat the fat ones first.

Maybe the ETs messed with the elections just to see how far some will go to obtain power.

Word has it that George Washington's ghost as well as Abraham Lincoln's have been seen in the W.H.
They are known to only show up when things go to shit for the country. With Biden and the Commies there,, yup,, proof positive shit runs downhill.


Mega church pastor dies of Covid.
Heaven's Gate cultists have nothing on mainstream churchgoers. They want to bunch together and spray each other with Covid. No need for anything other than the Orange Kool-Aid.



Better stay on that ridge D-.. YOU could be next.

Bill Tozer

Oh boy. The internet is buzzing about this, calling it a bombshell and all. I heard it first on this site...yesterday. Those bad mask haters stay ahead of the curve. Thank you Walt and Don and others.

Exclusive: Suspected Chinese spy targeted California politicians


Bill Tozer

BREAKING: Elon Musk: Bye, California, I’ve Moved To Texas

That was quick. I heard rumors last week that Elon Musk is pulling up stakes and taking his show to Texas. Heck, he got a Texas drivers license, been seen all over the place with Gov. Abbott, and already has his Rocketman Space X division there...a nice new humungous
center (thanks Gov) and nice tax break with a minisule business tax on top on no state income tax. Me thinks he is riled up over CA personal income tax and is doing this for personal reasons. He will pay billions if he stays here. He does have that true Jeffersonian Liberal/Libertarian streak to him.



When did Bill start writing for the Daily Caller?

Bill Tozer

Afternoon, Walt. Daily Caller? Nope, Free Beacon.



Let me be the first to point out the return of the LIB loved, crony capitalism.

"Journalist Glenn Greenwald slammed President-elect Joe Biden’s pick for defense secretary as “yet another high-level Biden nominee enmeshed in D.C.'s corporatist ‘revolving door’ of legalized influence-peddling.” "


The first promise Biden can't keep.


Are the endorsed by Donald Trump Proud Boys the new Hell's angels of the 1950's? They disrupted a Toys for Tots drive for crap's sake. And those are real patriots, right? You know.. good people on both sides...


Bill Tozer

Evening Walt

Your 2:18 pm link mentioned the Governor of Jersey violated his own decree and then lied, LIED about it, the article said. Well, for every action there is an equal reaction.

Meet reaction:

'Gov. Murphy Begs New Jersey To Work With Contact Tracers After Most Residents Tell Them To Get Lost'


Scott O

RXX 5:04 - Exactly what did they do? And who are they?
The KCRA story didn't mention anything about a 'disruption'.
When they start murdering, looting and burning down buildings - let us know.
Until then...
Nice try, X.

Bill Tozer

Maybe we (the Good Guys) already have 51 seats in the Senate on the big issues. Or, maybe the Dems sent out the distinguished Senator from WV to allay voter fears that the Dems are a bunch of Leftwing radical psychos before the Georgia elections. Maybe not. He must have said 40-50 times over the course of a month the following:
-No to court packing
-no to defund the police
-no to Medicaid for All
-no to the Green New Raw Deal
-no to ending the filibuster, Buster
-no to AOC and a double no to the Squad.
-no to being counted on as the Dem’s 50 vote in the Senate.

Joe Manchin Slams Fellow Dems’ ‘Crazy Socialist Agenda’ amid Intra-Party Battle: ‘Defund, My Butt’

“Defund the police? Defund, my butt. I’m a proud West Virginia Democrat. We are the party of working men and women. We want to protect Americans’ jobs & healthcare. We do not have some crazy socialist agenda, and we do not believe in defunding the police,” Manchin wrote in a tweet Wednesday evening.

“Under no circumstances would I support packing the court or ending the filibuster if there is a 50-50 tie,” he said.


Looks like KKamala Harris won’t be voting much in the future....unless she goes back to the Senate if Biden is not the next POTUS.
Spiking the ball

“Sen. Joe Manchin is pledging to block major progressive legislative goals if Democrats retake the Senate.
Speaking to Fox News’ “Special Report” Monday, Manchin (D-W.Va.) made the promise while discussing the future of the upper chamber of Congress, and how the 100-member body was facing a down-the-middle split between Democrats and Republicans.

If Democrats are successful in their two Senate runoff races in Georgia in January, bills in the Senate could be moved by a single vote.

“50-50 [control] means that if one senator does not vote on the Democratic side, there is no tie and there is no bill,” the West Virginia Democrat said.”

Did you know....that the very morning after the 2016 Election, Joe Manchin was the first to call in to the Laura Ingram radio show. I know, I was listening to the show before she found herself too busy to do radio. Anyway, while Dems were having a mass hysteria mental breakdown, Joe was calling in saying the Dems have to listen to the people instead of being in a bubble and they didn’t and blew it again.

A few callers later Michele Obama’s mom called in all upset that Trump was going to jack hammer up Michele and the granddaughters’ flower/vegetable garden and she was very, very upset. He (Trump) better not touch that garden, they put so much work into it. Oh, she was worried sick about the future of the garden plot.
Everybody has an agenda.

Gotta love the name Man chin. It’s so Alpha Male. So manly. So made in the USA.

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe has already lost the tribal council on his sec defs required waiver. -



Don Bessee

Bad news for the trollish set good news for society at large, i have to wonder if we will have more low rent trolls lurking around here? -


Don Bessee

Ooopsie link for @749 -



Don Bessee

Well no suprise that the socialist dems did well there -

Of the 266 far-left or socialist candidates evaluated in the races, nearly 90% won according to the report’s findings.

The greatest number were elected to Connecticut’s state legislature, at 38, followed by New York, 23, Illinois, 22, Minnesota, 21, and California, 19.

A similar analysis from the Heartland Institute, a conservative and libertarian public policy think tank, found that, uncontested races aside, “socialist candidates received on average 49 percent of the vote.”



Bill Tozer

Well, its no surprise that Wicked Gretchen and her AG are coming after the Joy to the World stuff. Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and other illiberals made it their top priority as well.


Bill Tozer

Meanwhile over in Minnesota...

In St. Anthony, Minnesota, a St. Paul suburb, at least four families whose homes displayed Christmas lights received this letter from a neighbor:
Last oaragraph

"For whatever reason, liberals now feel emboldened to reveal the full insanity of their creed, and demand that the rest of us go along with it. Somehow, I don’t think that is going to happen. Merry Christmas!"
Got a kick out this line from above:

"The idea of twinkling, colorful lights are [sic] a reminder of divisions that continue to run through our society, a reminder of systemic biases against our neighbors who don’t celebrate Christmas or who can’t afford to put up lights of their own."

Eureka! Found the problen. Can't afford to hang up lights on their own? No problem, got it covered. Just ask, neighbor
Heck, you can get a good string of lights for $7.99 right now. How many do you need, its on the house. I'll bring over a big bag of stringed lights and a ladder as well. A good sturdy one, never moves a hair or slips; not some flimsy ass cheapo bargin bin ladder.

So, the real reason Progressive have a problem with Christmas lights in the neighorhood is they can't afford a string of lights or put them up.

Tis true. tis true. Get Woke, Go Broke.


Florida Governor goes Bat💩 after indoctrination by QAnon/Trump - raids house of data scientist.



It has become obvious to all that the Cons are the millennial Confederates.
Back in Honest Abe's day when the Southern States did not like the results of the election, they seceded.
The Cons are always trying some crap like this. The "State" of Jefferson is but one example of the secession mindset that runs rampant among Cons.
Lately, unable to handle the truth, they have been suing everyone over the reality that Trump was fired.
Now, the calls to arms are going out.


From the airport: ..." we were made aware that there will be a memorial dedication [today] 12/9/2020 @ 2:00 P.M next to the F-104 display at the monument. From what we have been told so far, the media will be there, some people who aided with the original implementation of the memorial will also be there, and there is also the potential of a military gun salute in honor of General Yeager."


The folks who couldn't handle the truth were calling for secession over Trump not that long ago... and would be a'gin were Trump being sworn in Jan 20.

That's one of the delicious bits that the Trump fight promises on the unlikely event it succeeds.


From the airport...

Never mind.

The 2PM memorial dedication is off due to Wuhan SARS.


The Devil's going down to Georgia
He's looking for votes to steal
He's in a bind, he's way behind
And he's looking to make a plea deal.
He brought his crooked lawyers and a
Couple of liars too, but the Devil knows
that his wicked lies had a bill that's coming due.
The Devil said "my name's Donny, and
it might be a sin, but I'm willing to bet, you're going to regret voting for me again."


Posted by: D | 09 December 2020 at 10:03 AM

Did your wife help you with that? Totes adorbs!


Social Media Goldfish


Let Donnie in!



Posted by: D | 09 December 2020 at 10:37 AM

Copying without attribution....? I thought that was anathema to you?


You lame LIBS have been blowing that Russian mule for so long,
the real enemy(China) started giving it to ya' hard and dry.
(spit roasted Proggy comes to mind)
"Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., was “so preoccupied with going after President Trump” that he was not “protecting the USA from bad actors,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., said on Wednesday, reacting to a report of a Chinese spy infiltrating Congress.

“This is only the tip of the iceberg because remember what we’re hearing. These are Chinese spies that go down to the level of a mayor,” McCarthy told “The Ingraham Angle."

"[China] helps a city council member become a congressman. This congressman now gets on the intel committee. They are only selected from the intel committee by the leaders of their party meaning Nancy Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi is one of the Gang of Eight, along with myself,” McCarthy said.

“Did Nancy Pelosi know this had transpired when she put him on the committee?”"

Don Bessee

So it begins -



Barry Pruett


All you progressives better be careful what you ask for. If you guys keep supporting this shit, it’s going to get awfully physical, and I don’t think you would like that.


poor ol' brainwashed Bar now has to resort to Rumble, Parler and the like.


Hate to break it to you Bar but The woman recorded in your link is just using Trumpspeak. He's been doing it since the early campaign days in 2016.


I guess Linn Wood's speech about not voting is having an effect in Georgia they're getting rid of more polling locations.



Bar must live in a fact free zone where there is no mention of armed Trump lemmings threatening election workers.

Bill Tozer

Barry @ 12:23 pm. Update. Whats happening in Michigan? Those little Nazis are giving women politicans in MI are giving women a bad name.

'MI Democrat Removed From Committees, Facing ‘Investigations’ After Making ‘Threats’ Against Trump Supporters'


Bill Tozer

To quote a popinjay, "LIAR, LIAR, LAIR! You can't trust anything he says. He is a liar."

'Why Does Corporate Media Amplify John Brennan’s Neverending Lies?'
The only inadvertent benefit of Brennan's airtime is that it exposes how unmoored our ruling class is from the public it is supposed to serve.
By Ben Weingarten

"Former Obama administration Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan lies. He doesn’t just lie in the sense of speaking hyperbolically, spinning events, or painting in shades of gray out of purported fealty to national security considerations. Brennan tells outright falsehoods, in venues from television studios to Congress, on matters of utmost importance.

One must ask: Why does corporate media continue to give someone who has proved to be a uniquely deceptive character, whose most noteworthy activity since leaving government has been spewing invective against the president on Twitter, valuable airtime?


Don Bessee

Of course most of creepy grampa joes voters never heard of this thanks to the msm throwing the cloak of silence on it -

President-elect Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, said Wednesday in a statement that he learned his tax affairs are being investigated by the US Attorney's Office in Delaware.

Hunter Biden said his attorney informed him on Tuesday that the US attorney's office advised his lawyer of the investigation.



George Rebane

D 109pm - link please.


Well look who is complaining now bout leaked dirt.
"California Rep. Eric Swalwell is calling for an investigation into leaks about his contacts with an alleged Chinese spy, marking a stark reversal for the California Democrat, who seized on leaks of classified information that falsely portrayed former Trump campaign aide Carter Page as a Russian agent."

But the dirt on this Proggy SOB ain't washing off.


George, here you go.





Another one,


Barry Pruett

Doug. Protestors gathered at Benson's house. So what? Nobody said that they were gonna kill her and her supporters...


So what Douchey? You had no problem with the multitude of attacks of Trump supporters. SO many documented right here.
Forget the one murdered by an ANTIFA sympathiser "rent-a-cop"?
By a Colorado TV"news" coward?

You might give a read to the reason the 2ND Amend. is there.
Mass election rigging(denied by the riggers) can be considered tyranny.
Speaking of which,, see the gun sales report?

Plenty of people telling to county to F**k off. Not obeying the anti shooting ordinance. Ben hearing gunfire all over the Penn Valley valley.


Oh Bar! The woman in your posted clip said nothing specific either, did she?

But you are all incensed about her.

But The Trumped One has been inciting violence for years,

"Donald Trump briefly faced the threat of criminal charges on Monday night, as efforts grew across the political spectrum to check his increasingly violent rise on the eve of key US primary elections.

Police in North Carolina were reportedly investigating whether the Republican frontrunner should be prosecuted for incitement after an African American protester was hit in the face as he was escorted out of a rally in Fayetteville last week.

Trump has previously said he would like to punch protesters “in the face” himself, expressing nostalgia for a time when those causing disruption would be “carried out on a stretcher”. In common with other recent incidents, he offered to pay the legal fees of the assailant involved on Thursday."



D whines a lot!

Almost as much as Punchy....almost.




OHHHH LOOOOKY!!!! Douchey bag is pulling an Emery!
Change the subject when busted.


Just where is Douchey vineyards? I'm sure there is plenty more whine there.


Threats were just fine when "your side" was doing it...(for years)


AHHHHhhhh HELL... You just KNOW Comilla,will demand Joementia step aside.. Even the Commiecrats turn on each other when control of power is concerned.
"Federal prosecutors in Delaware are investigating Hunter Biden for potential tax crimes, he said in a statement issued Wednesday through his father’s presidential transition team.

“I learned yesterday for the first time that the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware advised my legal counsel, also yesterday, that they are investigating my tax affairs,” Biden said in the statement.

“I take this matter very seriously but I am confident that a professional and objective review of these matters will demonstrate that I handled my affairs legally and appropriately, including with the benefit of professional tax advisors.”"

HEY!!! I know a good attorney who needs the work! He said his innocence would be proven too!.
Michael Avenatti Is sure to get you off..(in more ways than one.... Pretty boy...)


Speaking of whiners.......

Hunter Biden is under federal investigation for his taxes as Joe lashes out at ‘vicious personal attacks’


Hey Grampy Joe......you didn’t help that idiot kid of yours by indulging all his bad habits over the years!


Joe will just pardon his lil' boy,, just after they show him the way to the oval office.


Where did Dung go??? How about THESE threats,,, By one of your PROGGYcrats.
"In the video filmed Tuesday night, Johnson said Trump supporters better be careful and called on “soldiers” to “make them pay.” The video was over three minutes long. Johnson took office on January 1, 2019. Her current term ends on December 31, 2020.

“So this is just a warning to you Trumpers. Be careful, walk lightly, we ain’t playing with you. Enough of the shenanigans. Enough is enough. And for those of you who are soldiers, you know how to do it. Do it right, be in order, make them pay,” "

Good thing she gets kicked to the curb at the end of the month.


LOL!!! Look who also has said "🖕 you" to Kalif.
"Elon Musk has become the latest resident of California to leave the Golden State, opting to head for Texas instead.

Musk cited business interests as the primary reason for the move in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. Tesla is opening a new factory outside Austin and SpaceX uses a launch site in south Texas, according to The Verge. "

And cheaper taxes has nothing to do with it... Right LIBS?
Keep telling yourself that.
Another "High tax" payer... GONE...


Hunter and the LIBS claim "NEWS TO US!!!!"
"Report: Hunter Biden Investigation Linked to Chinese Company in Laptop Emails

💎2.8-carat diamond From Chinese Co Exec Included in Inquiry…
…‘Tax Affairs’ Being Investigated by Department of Justice"

Yet we on the Right have known it for MONTHS.


Sorry LIBS,, the Proggy Press made sure you DIDN'T know till "after" the rigged election.

Remember Emery and the Douche? you two claimed it was "debunked".
Not so "debunked" now,,, is it??????

Don Bessee

RE 951 -

"This story broke in October. You didn’t do it then," said Grenell, who then asked Tapper point-blank: "Were you instructed to ignore it until after the election?"

Grenell's question appears to be valid after recordings leaked by Project Veritas last week revealed that CNN President Jeff Zucker and Political Director David Chalian urged staff back in October not to cover the explosive New York Post report that shed light on Hunter Biden's shady business dealings overseas.

"Obviously, we're not going with the New York Post story right now on Hunter Biden," Chalian is heard saying during a conference call on Oct. 14, the same day the Post published its first Hunter Biden story.

Chalian and Zucker's messages appeared to have later resonated with Tapper, who said Oct. 22 that the allegations against Biden's son were "too disgusting" to repeat on air and that the "right wing is going crazy."

However, since the election, Tapper has struck a vastly different tone when it comes to Hunter Biden's potential business conflicts

Tapper was previously called out by Grenell in September after the CNN anchor allegedly lied to him while denying accusations that he had urged GOP candidate Sean Parnell not to challenge Rep. Conor Lamb, D-Pa., back in 2019.


"Is it true you asked Sean Parnell to not run against Conor Lamb?" Grenell asked in a direct message exchange that he publicized.

Fox News obtained a screenshot of a Twitter direct message Tapper had sent to Parnell in Nov. 2019 indicating otherwise.




Daily Caller article reinforces the Texas/Trump sore loser, immature response to the rules,

A high school football player in Texas made one of the stupidest decisions in the history of sports Thursday night.

"According to Andrew McCulloch, Edinburg player Emmanuel Duron was tossed from the Thursday night game and he proceeded to bodyslam the ref."

Whiny bitches!



Trump medically pardons himself and his cronies by moving them to the front of the line for the rare Regeneron's REGN-COV2 treatment.

Simply disgusting!


Meanwhile, Trump ramps up executions,



Douchey is up? No comment on Hunted,,A'?
Not so "debunked" after all.... The Media and LIBS marginalized the facts,,, just like they did with the vote rigging.... A coincidence? Yaaa... Sure it is. It sure would be sweet if SCOTUS came back and bit you in the ass.. Just like this Hunter Biden criminality has.

Bill Tozer

About Hunter. The FBI stated a few months ago that Hunter Biden and pals are under investigation for money laundering. This week, the FBI confirmed Hunter Biden is under investigation for tax evasion.

Those are the same charges brought against Paul Manafort. I wonder how many years Hunter will get in prison? 20 plus I reckon. Maybe he will get put isolation in 23.5 hours a day while awaiting trial. Got to let him out for 20 minutes now and then to take a shower, this so 24/7 in the hole is not quite accurate.


Sure Douchey,, Trump is "dead man walk'n" the condemned himself. Throwing the switch personally.

The Justice Dept. getting rid of all the vermin they can before Bummbles gives them all clemency.

Gotta thank the Kung Flu for doing what Calif. penal system didn't. Our "Death row" actually lived up to it's name for a change.

As far as executions,, just consider it "post birth" abortions. That will make you feel all better.


Another Trump prophet,



WalDoH, Investigations into Hunter, a private citizen, cannot compare to the same sorts of investigations into the,now fired, President of the United States.


That's all you got Dung? "fired" you call it?
So that's the code word for "cheated".
Hunter has been the hunted, and protected by the proggy press.
You know damned well it's going to lead back to "leave my boy alone" Biden.
Forget who Jr. called Joe? " The big guy,,, in those incriminating emails.
Dirty not just in the Ukraine, but getting a hand job from China. Speaking of China,, all those LIB politicians now caught with Chinese spies... Oh... And your Queen of the DAMNED supposedly KNEW !! Just ask Swallows... Uh,, Swalwell.
(swallows Well,, is more like it)


WalDoH, good effort! You are really trying hard to nail a private citizen who benefitted from his political connections - as if no Con ever did that! Bwahahaha

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