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03 December 2020



"edicts that reopen liquor stores and bike shops but shutter churches, synagogues and mosques" - That would be apples to apples as long as church goers are masked and maintain social distancing. Otherwise, going to a church service is no different than going to an indoor Christmas party or a concert or anything else where people are breathing heavy and singing, chanting, etc.
No surprise which way 'Handmaid' Barrett would vote on a religious issue.


George: I appreciate and thank you for the introduction to Yuja Wang. Simply Brilliant!

Scott O

Duh 11:41 - "Otherwise, going to a church service is no different than going to an indoor Christmas party or a concert or anything else where people are breathing heavy and singing, chanting, etc."
Don't worry, Duh - no one's inviting you to anything.
P.S. You forgot to include riots and Biden celebration parties. They seem to be totally acceptable.
How does that science work?
From Duh:

Bob Hobert

Yuja Wang has supernatural talent on the piano. Thanks!


So does her dressmaker...


Bill Tozer

re: SCOTUS and the unalienable rights of the First Amendment, freedom of association, freedom of association.......

‘Supreme Court Smacks Down California Gov. Gavin Newsom, Tells Him To Stop Targeting Churches’


It looks like CA is finally spitting the baby to adhere to the Constitution of the US. Lock it all down, EXCEPT worship and the right to peacefully protest (demonstrate). These two ‘exceptions’ to the dictates are not exceptions at all, but the rule of the land. The framers wanted our God given rights that preceded our government to work in bad times, not just good times.

Opps. There is now a 3rd exception to the shutdown ordered by our Supreme Leader of CA.. Entertainment industry employees (unionized) are off the hook. They are free to go to work and work as they please.

I cannot imagine a worse place to be under current circumstances than standing for 12-14 hours a day in a enclosed sound proof film production stage (set) with 70-100 people with the doors closed and AC off. But, then again I don’t watch soaps or TV series or many movies anymore, so I might be missing the humongous importance of the carve out. Social distancing was not a consideration back in the day when Christians were fed to the lions for public entertainment. But, what do I know? As they say, “break a leg”. The show must go on.

The Estonian Fox

from The Guardian 2 days ago-
"The (U.S.) government has decided that when it comes to air travel, only dogs can be service animals, and non-human companions used for emotional support don’t count.

The transportation department issued a final rule Wednesday that aims to settle years of tension between airlines and passengers who bring their pets on board for free by saying they need them for emotional support.

It also cited the increasing frequency of people “fraudulently representing their pets as service animals”, and a rise in misbehavior by emotional-support animals."

Joe Biden was heard to comment "Hey man, they shouldn't allow dogs on planes either".

Scott O

Ivermectin? We've bought and used barrels of that stuff. Heart worm prevention for the numerous canines that graced our Nevada County digs. I thought that drug sounded familiar. I'm afraid the good doc is trying to use !SCIENCE!. He doesn't realize that !SCIENCE! has to be run past the politicians and policy wonks to be approved as such. The results of medical trials are only to be announced at such a time as promotes the 'proper' political line on such matters.
Nothing to see here, move on please!
In other news - 'record deaths' in the cv19 pandemic!
Which isn't difficult, considering any new total of a 'novel' virus would be a record.


Talk about lying scumbags, Ivanka gets busted,



C'mon, Keach, don't be such a cheap bastard. Dominion cost the Wuflu perps 800 mil in two tranches and you want to vent about a maybe scandal 3000 times smaller?

Scott O

D 10:46 - Busted? I haven't seen anything about her being arrested.
Maybe you had better provide some facts.
Some guy doesn't like her. Yada, yada, yada.
If you think she's a liar, perhaps you can link to the facts.
Not some one's opinion.

Scott O

re R. Cairns - A "real conversation"...
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ...
Total comedy.
Have you written to him to set up this 'conversation'?
It could be a recorded video chat with him and a person to be named later.
Any volunteers?

Bill Tozer

Re: Rob Cairns.
What ever happened to the Breaking Bread show on NCTV? Perhaps Dr.Rebane got some insight to R. Caires column from that experience. Can you say "Kumbala"? Good cause I can't even spell it.

Don Bessee

BT @903 - The then nctv committed financial suicide with the move to the big space at the old tech center and all the pricey stuff that was not financially sustainable in any sense. My hottie and me invited to the the grand opening and are in the vip pics of the event.


Bill Tozer

My sympathies Don. :) When I was introdused to it was known as the Bongo station operating out the bunker hidden in the bowels of St Joseph's 'cultural center.' Lots of Irish names in that old cementary across from the first orphanage/nunnery in these parts.

Whatever happened to JJ Johns? Whatever happened to

At keast NCTV had the puupy adoption show and the feathers and fur puppet shows and lots of bongo music. :)

What ever happened to the pickle barrel? They had hair then.

George Rebane

BillT re NCTV - The best I recollect about 'Breaking Bread' is that it really ended when the station was forced to move out of its (former) Grass Valley Group digs and into a storefront operation in GV. Part of what happened concurrently was that the station manager and their resident producers were also replaced/resigned. And even before that the program went into a bit of a hiatus because on of our five members, who was supposed to compose and host the next show, kept missing deadlines with excuses that indicated she would never put her show together. The rest of us had already done and aired our productions, and were ready to leap in and start a new round when the station's move became a necessity. After the move, the new management never contacted any of us to continue the program.

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