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09 December 2020


Don Bessee

Ya sure right follow the science -


Scott O

Don 8:39 - Sure it's science. 'Political' science.


OH!! It get better!
"Mr. Biden is entering office with the stated intent of restoring credibility to government — and to the briefing room,” one article from The New York Times read. “His advisers have said that the communications team will endeavor for a return to pre-Trump ‘normalcy.’ And that seemed to be reflected in the communications team he announced this week.”"
Obummer 2.0!!
#goodluckAmerica....(your gonna need it)

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane: Excellent title for a post; Signs of Our Time. Indeed. And what times these are. That was then, this is now. And we are here.
Gotta be here to hear because there are a whole bunch of folks out there that aren’t all there.
re ‘On the road to progressivist autocracy, YouTube has announced new censorship rules.’

Yep. They have threaten to boot Dan Bongino completely off Youtube for his dastardly election conspiracy misinformation. Of all the things Bongino has said and done on his daily free podcasts for years, YouTube’s new media watchers at parent company Google found this ONE thing they find most objectionable:
Dan Bag of Donuts Bongino is getting the death penalty for airing the Georgia ‘suitcase under the table in a place where they count votes’ video clip that we all have seen. How dare he!

I dunno, maybe the vote counting lady in Georgia, got up early, did her laundry at the Lost Sock Laundry Mat before work and brought in her clean clothes in suitcases cause she did not want to leave them in her car and have her undergarments stolen. I am sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation.

But why go through all the hassle and debunking when you can simply erase the story, ban any reference to the widespread video we have seen with our own eyeballs, and....well....silence is golden. The most strenuous thing our Media Fact Checkers do in this age of the internet is burn books. That takes more effort than simply push a button and problem solved.

Bill Tozer

Sign of the times:

Tom Kirsch is President Trump’s nominee to fill the seat on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals vacated by Justice Barrett. Kirsch is well qualified for the judgeship, and his nomination has received approval from the Senate Judiciary Committee.

However, some Senate Democrats are opposing Kirsch because he is White. For example, Sen. Blumenthal says the Seventh Circuit lacks “diversity,” and that if Kirsch is confirmed, the court will continue to be all-White.

The NAACP, in opposing Kirsch, goes so far as to call the Seventh Circuit “a segregated court.” The charge is absurd.

Bill Tozer


Bill Tozer

Vive Les Resistance. The ragtag band of irredeemable free speeh advocates is fighting back. Oh my. What will the SJWs do now???

'Department of Education Launches Free-Speech Hotline'
ED says it will combat censorship of 'dissenting voices'

Bill Tozer

More evidence is rolling in and all studies show the same thing. Talk about putting children in cages. More likegiving children a death sentence.

‘Depression Among Children Has Increased ‘Substantially’ Under Lockdown: Study’

“The study is yet another example of the toll that COVID-19 lockdowns are taking on young people. In August, a study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) determined that more than a quarter of young people aged 18-24 had “seriously contemplated” suicide in the prior month.“

Children and teens have seen an increase in anxiety, depression, and thoughts of self-harm due to the isolation caused by the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns.

Those same lockdowns are keeping these young people from getting the help they need, The Associated Press reported.

“With schools closed, routines disrupted and parents anxious over lost income or uncertain futures, children are shouldering new burdens many are unequipped to bear. And with surging numbers of hospitalized COVID-19 patients, bed space is even scarcer,” the outlet reported. “By early fall, many Massachusetts ERs were seeing about four times more children and teens in psychiatric crisis weekly than usual, said Ralph Buonopane, a mental health program director at Franciscan Hospital for Children in Boston.”

“I’ve been director of this program for 21 years and worked in child psychiatric services since the 1980s and it is very much unprecedented,” Buonopane told the outlet.”

Bill Tozer

RIP Chief Wahoo. That mug made you the ultimate fan.

Bill Tozer

Team media-biden will take all of the credit which someone else did and none of the blame for what they did.

'The Zeitgeist Is Already Lyingly Crediting Biden with Trump’s Successful Everything'

Bill Tozer

For the historical record of The Signs of Pychos in our Times.

If you don’t live in Manhattan, well, first of all, congratulations, but also you probably haven’t heard about the meltdown currently underway at the Dalton School, one of Manhattan’s more elite private schools. While many other private schools in New York City have reopened, Dalton has remained closed, much to the annoyance of tuition-paying parents.

The Dalton faculty, it seems, consists of community college rejects who flunked a Dr. Jill course, judging from their list of demands for agreeing to resume normal teaching"
Last paragraph:

"It doesn’t get any better from there, but I thought I was merely joking a few months back when, as COVID authoritarianism started growing, I referred to “white-coat supremacy.” Little did I know. ."

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