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16 December 2020



Watched some of the hearing today.
Listening to one of the investigators, Nevada was real dirty.
Hiding from those issuing the subpoenas? 1000 dead cast ballots? And other underhanded bamboozling.

Yaa. Really on the up and up... You Proggys sure had something to hide.

Scott O

George - "So, dear listener, that President Trump lost is neither the point here nor my lament, politicians win and lose all the time."
The Dems and the left will never believe this.
To them, it's it's all about winning and losing. The idea of a truly free and fair election is nothing but an empty platitude trotted out for display when they lose.
It's the same as their BS blubbering about how unfair the EC is.
Does anyone alive believe that A. Gore or H. Clinton would have refused the presidency had they won the EC but lost the popular vote?
I'm sorry Trump lost (not nearly as sorry as many on the left will be) but the absurd joke of election officials turning the voting into a free-for-all bothers me far worse.
Gregory laid out what needs to be done to clean up the mess. We need to have a set day for voting and if your vote comes in late, it gets tossed. Absentee ballots need to be requested and they need to have a traceable serial number. Signatures are to be checked. Voters in person need to show ID. All, ALL!, election tabulation related activities are to be done in full and immediate view of observers. No ballot harvesting. And something needs to be done about the software for the elections. The system I used in the last 2 elections seemed fine to me until it gets to the point of the data being transmitted from the physical location of in-person voting off to somewhere by means that I have no way of checking. The voting machine I used was stand alone, so there was no way it could be tampered with remotely.
It provided me with a printed copy of my choices as well as the view on the screen. My printed copy was then scanned and the results had to match. That part was fine. What happens next is the part that needs to be more openly dealt with and made more secure. The idea of thumb drives that were supposed to be delivered going AWOL and other thumb drives that show up late as well as ballots 'found' in a drawer or a trunk of a car or elsewhere is just not to be believed. Single day voting gets rid of most all of the 'strange' occurences that cause people to loose faith in the integrity of their vote. There is much to be done before the mid terms to straighten things out. Anyone not on board with making voting fair and open simply wants fraud. There's no other way around it. Of all the issues that should be bipartisan, this is foremost.

Bob Hobert

George, you overlook the remedies still left to Trump. Do you imagine him not using them to save the republic?

Scott O

Bob H 6:03 - The Republic needs to be saved by the people. We can't look to a single individual, no matter what power he or she might hold. "A govt of, by and for the people". If there is no groundswell to restore our voting system integrity, then Dr Rebane's appraisal of the future of our governance will come to pass. Violence and savagery are never far from the door. History teaches us that.

Bob Hobert

Scott O 6:35 If Violence and savagery are never far from the door, why wait - why not start the fight now? What leader will stand up, other than Trump? The people and any groundswell require leadership. If not Trump, who? When? Just sayin' - now is a good time.

Scott O

Bob H - "If Violence and savagery are never far from the door, why wait - why not start the fight now?"
A curious take on what I wrote. In an alpine climate, if hypothermia is never far away, why not run naked in the snow?
Not quite on the same page, I'll aver.
I don't want the violence and savagery.
It will not fall largely on me and mine, (at least not at first) but on those who are innocent of any guilt but are by their living conditions, most vulnerable. And it tends to spread.
Pretty damn fast.
There are plenty of 'leaders' besides Trump. But they need to have the validation of a citizenry who will back them. Our nation has had elections stolen by naked fraud. But this one was the most brazen. It was the first national election in modern times in which the fraudsters told us how they were going to set up a situation not only ripe for fraud but also one in which they would make sure the rules would be changed at will and how the fraud would be made impossible to prove. If the people of the nation are OK with this, then there is no point in some 'hero' stepping forth to 'save' us.
Sure - we can just start lining up lefty dolts and shooting them dead, but is that really the kind of life/govt/society you want?
Part of me wants to agree to that because reality will provide an end of the same sort eventually taking down a lot of others as well.
The idea that patriots will band together to restore freedom and liberty in this day and age works as well as Bush thought that the Iraqis would cheer the Americans like the French would cheer the Americans in 1945.
Huge record sractch sound.
Nah - you'd be surprised how many Americans care more about keeping their check from Uncle Sam coming in and their ability to spend it at Wally-World.
What is it we are willing to risk our lives for?
The Constitution or the citizens that would happily trade it away for a 60" flat screen?
These are uncertain times.


Thanks, Scott.


Bob Hobert, you are a very disturbed person. Disturbed and dangerous in your advocation of violence toward your fellow Americans, 55 percent of whom despise the Orange Sociopath and 81 million of whom voted for Joe Biden.

You are being watched Bob.

Don Bessee

What a piece of wanna be antifa @1117, you do realize you leave your ip address no matter the lame ass handle. You are not stealthy. Why don't you come over here and watch me in person? My hundred pound pit girl is always hungry, that video would be an internet hit bitch!


Scott O

ncrww - Oh boy! "...your advocation of violence toward your fellow Americans, 55 percent of whom despise the Orange Sociopath and 81 million of whom voted for Joe Biden."
Funny how the leftys and Dems doing the same (as well as actually committing the violence) doesn't bother you one bit.
Better look out for Mr Big Brother - oooooh, he's making a list.

George Rebane

BobH 603pm - Didn't mean to sound as if I've overlooked Trump's remaining plays. The commentary simply reflects my Bayesian calculation - given the priors, the posterior probability of subsequent success ranges somewhere between slim and none. I would be very happy to be shown the error in my noodling on this.

BTW, your 652pm raises an important point in this ongoing saga of unrequited election fraud. I'll expand on my two cents worth in a second addendum.


Even Geraldo has more common sense than the "Last Detail" here,

Geraldo Rivera ‘Dumps’ A Snow-Bound Rant Upon The GOP ‘Knuckleheads’ Who Still Won’t Accept Election Results


Bob Hobert

Scott O - I typically appreciate and agree with your comments. I was questioning why you think now is not a good time to stand up to election fraud and the leftist mobs. Perhaps I should not have repeated your exact words. I'm thinking resistance, but not the type you stated was never far from the door. I'll support President Trump as long as he is willing to fight the swamp. George, your calculation may well be correct. Sigh.

George Rebane

Re BobH's 652pm - I draw your kind attention to Addendum2 above.


"We’ve finally identified the source of fraud in the 2020 election. It’s Ron Johnson.
The Washington Post - By Dana Milbank
Finally, significant fraud has been identified in the 2020 election. It is being perpetrated by Sen. Ron Johnson, Republican of Wisconsin. President Trump lost the election. He lost the recounts. He lost the vote certifications, by Republican and Democratic officials alike. He lost 59 of 60 court …"


Sure Douchebag.. Washington COMpost... Fake news, LIB rag.


The monkey business keeps turning up.

"The Fulton County Board of Commissioners voted to accept a $6.3 million grant from the Mark Zuckerberg-funded Center for Technology and Civic Life “Safe Elections” project at a September 2, 2020 board meeting. It proceeded without asking a single question about the name of the group providing the funding, the origin of the funding, or the details of what the funding would be used for."

"More than $1.4 million of the $6.3 million Zuckerberg-funded Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL) “Safe Elections” Project $6.3 million grant to Fulton County was specifically dedicated to the absentee ballot process, as the grant application submitted to CTCL on August 18 by Fulton County Elections Director Richard Barron"

George Rebane

The Battle of Athens. This incident actually happened in 1946 in the USA. An armed revolt on American soil by WWII veterans took place to stop voter fraud by entrenched despots.

And then there's this card to play -


There were enough actors I recognized in the Battle of Athens that I went looking for it... the full name of the TV movie it was clipped from is "An American Story", (1992). A Hallmark movie.

The guy shot in the first few seconds, "Jack", was played by Titus Welliver who now stars in a good streaming series, "Bosch" that I'm waiting for another season to sit through in a short time.

GW Bailey plays the heavy. The babe was Kathleen Quinlan.

Scott O

Bob H 11:16 - "...you think now is not a good time to stand up to election fraud and the leftist mobs."
It's always a good time to stand up to fraudsters and thugs.
But the courts have signaled that they won't hear the evidence and don't really seem to want to intervene. And that's pretty much it although if there's any other legal remedies that might be brought to bear, I'm happy to see that happen.
As far as any kind of violence at this point, who are you going to target? Judges? Election officials? Short of an all out civil war, violence would be counter-productive.
The answer is in educating the public and working within the legal, and legislative system to clean up the voting process.

George Rebane

ScottO 522pm - Given how the institutions have answered the initiatives "to clean up the voting process", how do you propose "working within the legal and legislative systems" that don't succumb to Einstein's definition of insanity? BTW, Einstein also warned us that "Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth."

Imperious governments have always reacted most favorably to credible threats from the citizenry prepared to act outside established systems and institutions. If so, then how can we look credibly threatening?


Maybe begin small, by shooting dead looters and arsonists as was common until early in the 20th C when police began to be effective. Don't want police? Get vigilantes instead.

Don Bessee

So the crack head is the smartest person creepy gramp joe knows, what's that say about his vp and cabinet nominees? ROFLOL! -

We have great confidence in our son," Mr. Biden told Colbert. "I am not concerned about any accusations that have been made against him. It's used to get to me. I think it's kind of foul play but — look, it is what it is. And, he's a grown man, he is the smartest man I know, I mean from a pure intellectual capacity. And as long as he's good, we're good."



Scott O

George 5:53 - There's plenty to do. Retake the House, hold onto the Senate. Look, if the Dems flood the country with tens of millions of illegals - give them free health care - give them amnesty - give them citizenship - give them the vote - the cleanest elections going will still end up solid blue forever.
I suppose a few hundred thousand demonstrators camped out for days at the capitol demanding to get the vote cleaned up might get their attention, or some kind of massive strike that would cripple a few key industries...
I said years ago CA was going into the toilet and it's not coming back. Now it looks like our nation is starting to head the same way.
The only thing to reverse the course would be the Dems blowing it by trying to boil the frog too quickly. That could set off a civil war. Besides that, I can only see rear guard action from here on.
That's not to say 'just give up'. Keep the spotlight on the election procedures and keep at it with the courts.
The biggest boost would be to break the stranglehold of the handful of news outlets. And that's a whole other topic.

Bill Tozer

We have yet to settle accounts with the Axis of Evil linking Democrats, mainstream media, and big tech. We have yet to settle accounts even with the perpetrators of the Russia hoax (and related hoaxes). In his current New York Post column Glenn Reynolds argues that the Deplorables remember and decline to stand down:

“One can observe the desire to settle accounts in the striking exchange between Senator Ron Johnson and Senator Gary Peters in the Homeland Security Committee hearing on election irregularities earlier this week. It doesn’t usually go down like this in the United States Senate”

It’s time for the ‘Deplorables’ to become the Unconquerables




Maybe all we need to do is find the one piece of fraud evidence that Punchy just can't ignore?


It can't be done on the spur of the moment with half the country ready to riot if Biden isn't sworn in on the 20th, and the media going full Gaslight on folks seeing smoke from the fraud fires.

We live in interesting times.

George Rebane

Scott 1033pm - Yes, there's plenty to do, but "retake the House, hold on to the Senate" sound like objectives and not a plan of action. We have both diagnosed the problem correctly and agree on the country's current direction. I think your suggestion of a massive, long-lasting demonstration on the Capitol Mall is a good idea - it would undoubtedly generate pyrotechnics and be hard for the lamestream to ignore.

Bill Tozer

A million man march? A million can be there in 48 hours. They ain’t standing down and are ready to go to DC today.


Well hells bells. The same asswipe that said "the most secure in American history". Is the one who let the Russians hack everything else.
Trump was right to kick his ass to the curb.
"Krebs headed the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) until Trump fired him in November. He had called the 2020 election "the most secure in American history" and said there was no evidence of changed, deleted, lost or otherwise compromised votes.


I hope they sue the crap out of Georgia.
There are Fed laws that protect whistlebowers.

Bill Tozer

re: Addendum Two; Is it time to start soaking the cannons?

Don Bessee posted a link, buried in the C-19 Related post on the eugenics thread @ 19 Dec, 6:57p,pm. I am stealIng the link from Don and repost it here with ‘soaking the cannons in mind.’

‘Pinkerton: The Covid Class War — the Liberated vs. the Locked Down’

“One rule for thee, and one rule for me. That sort of hypocrisy has been baked into human power relations, since, well, forever. As the Greek historian Thucydides wrote 2,500 years ago, “The strong do what they will, and the weak suffer what they must.””..

“So can the Horseshoe come together? Can Covid populism finally unite the proletarian left and the proletarian right? Could there be, someday, a Worker-Soldier Party? A coalition that truly unites the hard-working left and the hard-working right? We can’t know the future, of course, and the polling data are spotty, but we do see some signs that ordinary people are organizing in their own defense.

For instance, last month Gallup found that 82 percent of Americans are confident that they can protect themselves from the virus. And since part of any strategy, of course, is wearing a mask, it’s good to know that the same poll found that 88 percent of Americans are supportive of masks.

From these numbers, we can conclude that the American people are ready to take a firm stand. That is, they are ready to demand that they be treated as adults, that they be allowed to to make their own decisions about their own lives and livelihoods—and that they not be subject to what Breitbart News calls “Covid-1984.” And just on December 10, the same Sen. Hawley was actively teaming up with Sen. Bernie Sanders to craft a “trickle up” Covid relief plan. That’s some serious populist realignment.”
“Of course, there is an alternative to populist power. And that alternative is submission. Submission to the elites, even when they are remote and thus clueless about the specific needs and circumstances of diverse places and people.

After all, as Thucydides explained those 2,500 years ago, the powerful are always happy to do as they please—and they’re also happy to tell the masses to shut up and hop to it.

Oh, and there’s one last thing: The political struggle over Covid—including the stark hypocrisy of the elite—is just a practice-run for the struggle over climate change.”

Bill sez: I stated here in 2016 that the Basket of Deplorables (with the others in the basket being Irredeemables) had more in common with Bernie than Hillary. It was sentiment I was talking about. I quoted several times the late Pat Cadell’s observation while running the Perot Campaign that David Duke and Vermont’s Bernie Sanders — one the head of the KKK and the other a Jewish socialist, both with rising profiles in national politics — were “supping out of the same pot.”

Pat was one of the first to see that the RFK voters and the George Wallace voters both shared the belief that American was broken and had entered a permanent political divide since the aftermath of World War 2 where the need for an outsider to shake up the Establishment and the Establishment Parties were shared by both the Left and Right. A nation feeling alienated from the powers to be. The people Caddell polled since 1968 as a college sophomore (working class white people) said that they have been left behind, America is in decline. “You don’t have to convince people (the forgotten ones) that America is in decline, they know it.”

All that to say is I do not foresee at this juncture the Patriots and Jacobins forging an alliance. In the Year Zero, the Democrats became the party of the lifestyles of rich and famous while the Republicans became the party of the blue collar working class. Topsy turvy.
The reason I say there will be no forging on an alliance is because of today’s media. The partisan activist media is perhaps the new wildcard in preventing forces from joining together. Thus, I do not see much besides the cementing of the Great Divide. Permanent fixture.

BTW, it was the late Pat Caddell that came up with the phrase, “The Enemy of the People.”

“no one wants to know anything” about how the country is being destroyed from within by the media.

George Rebane

BillT 1022am - Actually the progenesis of 'The Enemy of the People' reaches back to the French Revolution, and became a staple in USSR show trials, then adopted by other communist regimes worldwide.

The 'Worker-Soldier Party' coalition of the Left and Right is a stretch, because its necessary underpinnings require the Bastiat Triangle of Rights. The Left's adoption of the triangle will see them embrace meritocracy and an individual's diversity and responsibility. Such an embrace will cause them to abandon its tenets and no longer belong to the Left.

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