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06 January 2021



"Today our country is again unhappy with how our national election was carried out". Not really..only 'your' country is unhappy. You know, the imaginary world of Donald Trump and the trumpanzies, the fools who continue to think, despite dozens of court rulings, that something was amiss.

"it remains my hope that we will not go quietly into that dark night which our disillusioned and disoriented brethren have prepared for America." It is the hope of real patriots, rather than phony insurrectionists like yourself, that trump and his lies just go quietly into the dark they have created for themselves. You and yours are the ones who are disillusioned and disoriented. The kettle calling the pot black as it were.

Yes there needs to be election reform like eliminating partisan gerrymandering, the electoral college, and the Citizens United ruling that gives incorporate entities like corporations and trade associations the same status as human beings only they have a whole lot more money to throw toward politics than real people do making their speech way more powerful than an ordinary citizen.


"Yes there needs to be election reform like eliminating partisan gerrymandering, the electoral college, and the Citizens United ruling"

Partisan gerrymandering is as old as the country, the Electoral College is as old as the country, and Citizens United is settled law.

You are delusional.


Raping and pillaging are as old as the country as well..does that make it right? "You are delusional." another example of the pot calling the kettle black...

Steve Frisch

Blood on your hands today boys.

Looks a lot like Leninism over the rule of law to me George, and you have aided and abetted all of the lies and conspiracy theory that leads to insurrection like this here for more than 10 years.

I have a lot of faith that law enforcement will get control of this situation, and hopefully without more bloodshed.

But when they do....

Every one of these hooligans should be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

President Trump must be impeached to ensure he can never hold office again.

And every member of Congress who took part in this un Constitutional election challenge charade must pay a very heavy political price.

Oh, and by the way, the American people won’t stand for this, The Republican Party will pay a very heavy political price for this, if it survives the next year without splintering into factions.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane.

Good VDH link in your post. One line of it popped out for some strange reason. “Is spray painting easier than reading?” As goes California, so goes the nation. How many PTA s will rise up and say, “No mas! We have had enough.” To be continued....

Bill Tozer


Don’t grow weary.

BREAKING: Congress halts vote certification, recesses as protesters breach Capitol Hill buildings
Buildings are located directly across from U.S. Capitol.


Barry Pruett

Excuse me Steve. The polarization caused by the left-wing and separating and dividing people along racial, sexual, gender, age, national origin, and anything else you can think of is what’s causing this anxiety. We have been on this path ever since the Republicans took the house in the 90s. I’ve about had enough of you gaslighting everybody here that conservative are causing these issues. If you’re gonna sit here and throw stones instead of excepting any personal responsibility, you are part of the problem. 🇺🇸

George Rebane

Actually, truth be told, both sides remain unhappy with the current system since it has not materially changed for some years. Each side expresses its displeasure only when it loses.


Barry has it exactly backwards, as usual.

Bill Tozer

Oh Bobbie. You have us confused with CHOP City, Seattle. Opps. Name got changed to Chaz, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. We haven’t declared the Capital Hill an autonomous zone, now have we?
It’s just mostly peaceful protestors airing their grievances with signs and Americana attire and walking around waving flags and enjoying the sites of DC. Kinda like the red-white-and blue flags and all the red-white-and blue buntings hanging from the second floors on Broad St for the Teddy Bear Festival. Main Street, USA. Our Town.

“Raping and pillaging are as old as the country as well..does that make it right? "You are delusional."

Wonder what kind of spray painted graffiti and mountains of trash they will leave behind. It would be the perfect time for Sabo to strike with his handiwork. Dude’s got talent, that’s for sure. Guerilla warfare.

Barry Pruett

Welcome to the world in which it is okay to kill Trump supporters.


Barry Pruett

And another...


Barry, Fascist Trumpers are storming the Capitol to halt and overthrow the peaceful transition of power. Deplorable! She was shot as a traitor.


Trump is playing the Alternative Fact card again saying the Georgia runoff was rigged. Deplorable!


Barry Pruett

You don’t know who was in the Capitol fool. 😂😂


Fool Barry, so tell us, who was in the Capitol? Biden supporters?

Barry Pruett

I am smart enough to wait to find out and not jump to conclusions fool. 😂

I do know that somebody shot a trump supporter. Watch the video.

NC Right Wing Watch

Ja zuch a gut German. Always shooting ze traitorz.


No blood on my hands, Stevie. Yours, maybe.


Trumper Traitors,


Scott O

Well, isn't this interesting.
Steve has become all "Lawn Order" after the election.
Where were you all summer, Steve?
It's OK to burn private buildings to the ground and refuse to even prosecute the arsonists, but - boy howdy - gun them Trumpsters down!
We see how it is.
Looks like you lefty fools forgot about that shit that goes around.
Here it comes.


Charmin cannot tell the difference between destruction of private property and forcefully invading the Capitol to attempt to halt the operation of the Federal government through violence and halt the peaceful transition of power. No equivalence Charmin.


Posted by: Scott O | 06 January 2021 at 02:27 PM

Hypocrisy in service of noble goals.

Posted by: Gregory | 06 January 2021 at 02:22 PM

It really does make one wonder who was really culpable when Steve committed tax fraud. The nefarious Trump.....responsible for all crimes committed!


“This attack on our Capitol will not be tolerated and those involved will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law”

US Vice President Mike Pence tweets, asking the armed mob to leave the Capitol and stop the violence



Charmin and WalDoH! think it is really cool to attack the Federal Government.


Posted by: D | 06 January 2021 at 02:37 PM

You would be funny if you weren't so catastrophically stupid! Not a peep from you when the DNC Teefer Shocktroops were attacking Federal Courthouses up and down the west coast.

.....you need your very own short bus!


That was vandalism Goldfish, this is an attack on the function of the Federal Government. Now go back to bed.


Trumpers trying to overthrow government,



Posted by: D | 06 January 2021 at 02:48 PM



Bad link,



Shooting unarmed people?

I'm sure Douchebag will just fine with it... It is supposedly a Trump supporter...

LIBS wanted a civil war,, maybe they just got their wish.


It's all good La' Douche... This is just a peaceful protest.

Scott O

Duh 2:37 - "Charmin and WalDoH! think it is really cool to attack the Federal Government."

Total lie.

Try again when you can talk straight.
I'm merely noticing the 180 you leftys have done since the election. We remember the ho-hum from the left when fed buildings were being attacked last summer.
You leftys have zero cred here.
The protesters and rioters have absolutely no way of upsetting the transfer of power. It will happen - stop crying while you hide under your beds.

Steven Frisch

Posted by: Scott O | 06 January 2021 at 02:27 PM

I never condone or condoned violence here by anybody.

Steven Frisch

Posted by: fish | 06 January 2021 at 02:33 PM

I am kind of looking forward to seeing Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act repealed so I can sue people who lie on the internet.


Yaa,,, Stevie,, plenty of LIBs will go broke. I give you four years of LIES against Trump. "OH NOOooo.. "we" didn't spy on Trump". Manufactured evidence comes to mind. A sham impeachment. A rigged election..
Yaa, Stevie,, LIBS are not known for their truth telling.

and as far as your "not condoning".. you actually have to say so. I don't recall you saying anything against it either.
So DO point it out in case we missed it.


Posted by: Steven Frisch | 06 January 2021 at 03:19 PM

I am kind of looking forward to seeing Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act repealed so I can sue people who lie on the internet.

I am too! Why don't you fill us all in again how you so nobly "paid back every last cent".


The protesters took their gripe to the source.
Not the business owners in downtown. Not Walmart or Piglywigly.


WalDoH! joins the ranks of QAnon,



Rabid Trumpers,


Scott O

Steve 3:16
Hilarious - a total dodge.
You are responding to a statement I never made.

Scott O

Steve 3:19 - OOOOH! Keyboard warrior gets pretty brave!

George Rebane

Memo to file: I note that no one has considered pro/con the point and recommendation of my KVMR commentary. Is it too difficult of a concept to reconsider? We must recall that the rioters could only be set off because their seminal gripes about the evidence were never aired in a public forum, the were summarily dismissed. Such hubristic responses by government have ALWAYS eliminated the civil means to seek redress, and left people with very few alternatives - taking to the streets being the obvious one, and that accompanied by all the unknowns that can develop from such initially peaceful protests.


Posted by: Scott O | 06 January 2021 at 03:40 PM

Again, he desperately needs to "stay above the fray" so he can continue to spin his "guilt by association" political tropes.

Remember...nobody in DC today had free will. They were all clearly under the spell of Trump, LaMalfa, and McClintock!


Could it be,, that those there, don't care for the march to Communism on our soil? Especially by fraudulent means? You know,, like from a rigged election?
Four years of being LIED to by LIBS and LIB minions (Proggy Press) Manufactured accusations and charges against President Trump, Impeached over a perfectly legit phone call, by a 4TH party (ha) whistleblower who was kept in secret.

Funny,,, I thought LIBS loved the art of protest..
Burning and looting while "complaining" was just part of the fun.
But now that THEY are on the receiving end the whine is epic.

Don Bessee

How soon they forget -



Barry Pruett

Shooting unarmed protestors.



Barry... looks like murder to me.

Scott O

Barry 4:06 - I watched the clip a couple of times and it looked like the person shot had been trying to climb through a smashed window. That wasn't protesting, that was rioting.
I'm trying to remember the feds even threatening to do that last summer.
None of this is surprising to me. History is replete with eerily similar scenarios.
My sense of the whole thing is that the Dems have actually started to believe their own BS and are too stupid to stop themselves in their quest for total control of the nation.

Scott O

Gregory 5:26 - I wouldn't say it was - I'm waiting until a lot more facts are known.
One thing everyone knows is that if that had been a lefty black, there wouldn't have been any shots and the feds would be running away so as not to 'escalate' the situation.


The dead young woman was unarmed and not a threat that I can see.

Scott O

Gregory 5:49 - "...not a threat that I can see."
Agreed, but that only applies to what we could see in a very short clip. There will be more info in due time.
There needs to be an explanation from the feds as to why this lethal force was never even considered when the left assaulted fed buildings and used lethal weapons against fed and local law enforcement.
But I doubt we'll ever get a straight answer.


Darrell Issa made an admission that has been kept quiet.
" Some places had more ballots turned in than there were voters".
And that news gets brushed aside, like it was no big deal.

And the Proggys wonder why some are pissed?

Barry Pruett

Insecure elections that can sow doubt about our democracy and then censorship of questions re such elections by new outlets. Sounds more like the USSR and 1984 than America.

Scott O

re George's original topic here - The Dems have no interest in voting integrity.
Proof is the order to flood many states with unverifiable ballots sent out to addresses, not people who requested them. They could be easily duplicated, marked and delivered by the truck load in the dead of night. Their excuse that they did it because of CV19 was just a complete lie. Anyone could simply request an absentee ballot per usual.
A 'peaceful and orderly' transition of power starts at the ballot box. That wasn't done.
If it doesn't start properly, it doesn't end properly. The Dems want disorder and violence and they want to destroy the American people's faith in our system. It all plays into their hands.


"Barry... looks like murder to me."

Got it in one try.


You probably should watch this before it's taken down if you haven't. Observe the position of police on Ms. Babbitt's side of the door. Scared cop basically shot into a crowd.

Barry Pruett

In the police officers defense, she was trying to get into the speakers lobby which is one room away from Vice president, all representatives, and all senators. I suppose that was the line drawn by law enforcement and she crossed it. The whole thing is horrible.


These are strange times, you can add whatever storyline you like to the video.

Video Shows Trump Supporters Stopping And Pulling Away Antifa Men From Breaking The Capitol Windows


Scott O

Barry 9:40 - "I suppose that was the line drawn by law enforcement and she crossed it. The whole thing is horrible."
I could have told those idiots that broke into the building they would face lethal force.
The same politicians that encouraged the left-wing violence against innocent people will always decide it's a different story when they are personally threatened. They care about no one but them selves.
Remember the mayors of Chicago and Seattle?
They openly allowed all sorts of violence and destruction when it was some poor schlub downtown, but the instant the 'mostly peaceful' protestors showed up at the mayors' homes - all units were to respond and drive away the protestors. The taxpayers' watched their buildings burn while the police stood by idly.
Don't you ever dare to actually go after the Dem power structure - they'll happily gun you down in a heartbeat.

Barry Pruett

"I could have told those idiots that broke into the building they would face lethal force." I never thought that they would, but the situation was completely chaotic so I get it.


OH NOooo... LIBS have no love for socialism...
This sure sounds like Commie speak to me.
"Rick Klein, the political director for far-left ABC News, is openly calling for a “cleansing” of Trump supporters.

In a tweet published Thursday, one day after protesters stormed the U.S. Capitol and an unarmed woman was shot and killed by a Capitol police officer, Klein appeared to deliberately wield Stalinist eliminationist rhetoric as a means to increase tensions and divisions even more."


Lindsay Graham called it in 2016,

"If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed.......and we will deserve it."



Hey Douchebag. At least your bastard prez and fake woman of color are getting called out for the fine double standard they put up.

Now don't forget what you queen of the DAMNED said about the LIB riots. "People will do what they are going to do". Yet now she gets pissed?

Forget the LIBSHITS trying to break into the (in)justice building trying to disrupt the Kavanaugh dog and pony show?

I know... That means jack squat to the likes of you... It was just fine when it's your side looting and burning...AND of course,, tearing down statues of dead DEMS,,, and the stupid LIB educated tearing down Abraham Lincoln... " Didn't support blacks enough".... Yup,, you have some real edumicated LIBshits.
But TROLL on Diaperman...That you have down pat.

Bill Tozer

re: update, KVMR

Not surprising in the least. To be honest, sometimes when I go to this site I wonder if this is the day RR is forever erased. Seriously. As long as Dr. Rebane's stays under 250,000 followers, then this may be a safe place. Once those clicks start adding up, expect to be crushed like a cockroach under a cowboy boot. Heck, His Lardship has been calling for you to get the boot from KVMR for years.

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 8:38 pm

Like pretty much all conservatives, I have consistently criticized riots and other forms of political violence for many years. That includes yesterday’s Washington, D.C. riot. You can’t say the same about liberals, however. Until yesterday, one might have thought that liberals consider rioting and other forms of political violence to be as American as apple pie.

You could write a book in support of that proposition, but for now let’s cite just a few examples. Do you remember when President Trump was inaugurated on January 20, 2017? Leftist Democrats rioted in Washington that day. That riot was arguably worse, more violent and more destructive, than what happened in D.C. yesterday. The liberal rioters destroyed stores, set vehicles on fire and battled with the police. Six police officers were wounded. Here is a video reminder:



Well sure he was.. And Proggys voted for Trump.

"An anti-Trump activist who once said he wanted to "rip" the president out of office entered the Capitol Building Wednesday alongside a mob of pro-Trump protesters, but he said he was just there to "document" it. "


WalDoH!™ "violence is the last refuge of the ignorant" and you are definitely ignorant as well as brainwashed.
What happened to your states' rights mantras? BLM graffitied some federal courthouses. Your whataboutism BS just doesn't fly Dumbo. DC is federal property. Your ilk attacked the federal government.
Now that your ilk has caused the death of "Blue" all those MAGAts that broke into the Capitol are accessories to murder. Hope you're happy. 10 year prison terms coming for all.


Is this Scotto aka Charmin?





Scott O

Duh 7:34 and 7:36
Duh is especially slow-minded this morning.
Boise is in the state of Idaho and I made it clear on George's blog my wife and I are enjoying the company of our family in Texas.
That's a different state, Duh.
Please do try and keep up.
Perhaps your personal physician can adjust your meds. It could clear up your paranoid delusions.
Worth a shot, anyway.


Still Douchey is frothing at the mouth. Riots are just fine when it's LIBshits burning and looting.
And you can bet it was LIBSHITS instigating the attck on the capital. That's what they do.
Le' Douche needs to read up on a "false flag" operation.


Posted by: Walt | 08 January 2021 at 10:38 AM

Oh it’s better than that......dugsKKKi (or jetski....”D” appears to be another sock puppet with multiple hands up its ass) is just senile enough to have forgotten that DC was literally burning as recently as this summer! No pearl clutching then!



Goldfish, fires? Yes, there were debris fires in the street, dumpster fires, and arsonists torched buildings and cars in many locations across the country.
But why were they rioting, police brutality and racism, what else?

So there is your whataboutism. Now, how does that compare to attacking the seat of government over voter conspriacies? No equivalence.

What about this whataboutism. Seems like a better comparison? Bush v Gore? Florida election recount stopped so the total votes could not be counted, Bush wins by only 500+ votes. And then the Dems ransacked the Capitol. Do I have that right?


Posted by: D | 08 January 2021 at 12:18 PM

No sense trying to justify it after the fact dugsKKKi! It only makes you look more foolish than usual (I hadn’t thought that possible).

George Rebane

What were the threshold observables and measures of police brutality and racism in the land that caused the Left to riot, pillage, and burn? The actual data shows us as the least racist country in the world, and all the 'police brutality' numbers declining steadily. How then was one such incident blown into nationwide riots, and maintained there for months? The last question is rhetorical since everyone knows the answer.

Bill Tozer

D sez:

“ Yes, there were debris fires in the street, dumpster fires, and arsonists torched buildings and cars in many locations across the country.
But why were they rioting, police brutality and racism, what else?

So there is your whataboutism: An unarmed female was ‘murdered’ by the Capitol Police and I, for one, won’t hold my breathe watching- -waiting for the Left to riot and loot the most expensive stores for the finest of jewelry and fashion (down payment of reparations) and torching buildings they do not own and cars they do not own .....all the while decrying Police Violence! in the wake the woman’s preventable death.

Say her name. No justice, no peace. Silence is violence. Say her name!


George, because the country saw video proof of the murder of Floyd.

And what proof do the MAGAs have that the election was stolen?

I want to repeat the Bush V. Gore summary here for comparison,

Florida election recount stopped so the total votes could not be counted, Bush wins by only 500+ votes.

All the Georgia votes were counted. Why weren't the Florida votes recounted three times? And what did the Dems attack?

Some vague amorphous Antifa organization did not storm the Capitol over some votes, The Republican party attacked the Government based on lies and innuendo by their cult leader, DJT.


Enjoy, Bill,


Bill Tozer

Looks like election integrity is DOA.

More on whataboutjism:

Niskanen Center VP Mocks Dozens Of BLM Riot Murder Victims, Claims Damage Was Limited To ‘The Window Of A Jamba Juice’

A leftist think tank VP and New York Times contributor mocked dozens of murder victims by claiming that the damage of this summer’s surge of Black Lives Matter riots was limited to “smashing the window of a Jamba Juice.”

“Violently overrunning police to storm the seat of government during a joint session of Congress in a bid to overturn the result of a presidential election is categorically different from smashing the window of a Jamba Juice during a BLM protest. So f*cking stop it, right now,” Will Wilkinson, who works for the Niskanen Center, wrote on Twitter on Thursday.”
Despite these claims that this summer’s protests were “mostly peaceful” and fought by massive police presence and law enforcement crackdown, cities all around the United States were quickly plagued with looting, violence, arson, vandalism, attacks on police, and damage to public property.

As of August, an estimated 30 protestors and bystanders ranging in age from 14 to 77 lost their lives in the chaos largely linked to BLM that media outlets labeled as “peaceful demonstrations that intensified.”

Victims of the violence included a police captain, a former football player, a federal officer, a photographer, business owners, teens, and others. A majority of their deaths were caused by shootings, but a few were caused by being hit or dragged by cars. One news report documented that a body was found burned to death in the remains of a Minneapolis pawn shop set on fire by rioters.

By the end of the summer, the destruction caused by people claiming to be protesting in the name of racial justice totaled more than an estimated $2 billion in damages.”

10 Times Democrats Urged Violence Against Trump And His Supporters

“While Democratic politicians and the corporate media blamed President Donald Trump for the mob riot at the Capitol on Wednesday, saying his rhetoric incited violence, many of these same lawmakers and bureaucrats have for years called for violence and physical action against those who believe differently than they do”

Election integrity? Nah, there are more important stuff to do. Never let a crisis go to waste.

‘Power-Drunk Democrats Join CNN In Lobbying To Ban Fox News From The Airwaves’

Democrats and corporate media outlets such as CNN are lobbying for right-leaning news outlets such as Fox News to be pulled from the air following a mob riot at the Capitol on Wednesday

“The Left Won’t Be Satisfied Until Conservatives Smear Trump Voters As Bigots

As expected, the left now insists conservatives who lashed out at Wednesday’s rioters are nothing more than greedy cynics”


See, so much for election integrity. Got put back on the back burner until close to the next election.


The blood of Ashli is on the hands of MAGAs brainwashed and radicalized by cult leader Trump,
Enjoy Bill, your ilk did it,

Video shows fatal shooting of Ashli Babbitt in the Capitol
By Jon Swaine, Dalton Bennett, Joyce Sohyun Lee and Meg Kelly


George Rebane

D 139pm - I'll take that as your best answer to my 104pm that gave rise to months of leftwing riots and mob violence all based on the egging on of countless Democrat electeds and prosecutors. Not one of them has taken responsibility or has been held accountable.

We continue to see how fruitless theses conversations are.


The blood of Ashli is on the hands of MAGAs brainwashed and radicalized by cult leader Trump,
Enjoy Bill, your ilk did it,

Sad....now you’re plagiarizing Frisch. He couldn’t sprint here fast enough the other day to spike the football.

Never go full Frisch!

Bill Tozer

Sorry D, I never open your links anymore. Its been weeks.

What you are looking for you won't find. Conservatives have been clear, concise, and ruthless in condemning violence, especially the Capital Hill.

I don't know one commentater I have read that was trying to justify the DC protest to dste. Not one, even thought peaceniks like Glen Beck, Constitionalists like Mark Levin...yet they are blamed for the violence, ROFLMAO.

No need to justify the violence. No need to miminize it, to romance it, to sugar cost it.

I and some others are pointing out context. I would say the Brits torching DC in 1814, the 9/11 Attack, Pearl Harbor, the Cuban Missle Crisis that terrifed thw whole nation, etv were sone of the darkest days in our nstion's history...not the DARKEST DAY in our nation's history as the peaceful protest turned riot a couple or so days ago.

Context, D, context. When two folks through a lit molotov coctail into a police vehicle with cops inside, that incident was not called attempted murder nor even a simple assualt nor even destruction of gov't proptery. It was called Social Justice. Now that is the definitionof 'justufication.'

Glad to see so many finally come around to condemn violence.

I need a meme with Forrest Gump sitting on a park bench saying, " And just like that everyone stseting condemning violent protests."


"George, because the country saw video proof of the murder of Floyd."

No, they did not. They were led to think Floyd's problems with breathing were due to the carotid compressions by Chauvin, and not continuing from before he was restrained.

Floyd was suffering from start to finish with a fentanyl overdose. This will come out at the trial.

George Rebane

Gregory 258pm - Yes, I stand corrected, thank you. I meant to say that they saw what was reported as proof of gratuitous police violence. And this Big Lie was repeated forever by the Left (lamestream and politicos and our locals here), even after evidence to the contrary was released.


I haven't read where "far Left extremists" were ever arrested
for their rolls in looting and burning.

If the LIBS didn't have double standards,, they wouldn't have any standards at all.


It has become obvious that Republicans are afraid to compare the 500+ vote win to Bush after the count was stopped with the, now, three examples of Democrat wins in Georgia, conveniently forgetting Occam's Razor principles.
George desperately wants to talk about BLM, Antifa or anything else but what is happening today.
They continue with their whataboutisms, trying to cover their asses and avoid the truth.

There is no equivalency between street rioters (obviously property destruction and violence is wrong, everyone knows that, but Walt has been brainwashed to believe Democrats or liberals condone violence) and the ransacking of the Capitol (for any reason)as they try to conduct the business of resolving the election.

There have been riots before and for many reasons. But there has never been an attack on our Capitol.

Trump does not play to the country, Trump does not try to unite, Trump plays to the division, the us vs. them, agitating his base, pushing them with trigger words, fight, strength, stolen election conspiracies, telling them he will be right there with them as the advance on the Capitol. Then, probably looking at their cell phones they learn that Georgia has gone blue and they probably figure that election was stolen also because Trump said so.

Trump says he won by a landslide. And you believe this crock of shit? Wow!


Ok, Gregory, was the police force told to compress the neck of an overdosing perp until he died? Hadn't heard that one before.


Trump didn't win by a landslide, but Biden's win came from behind in the middle of the night in a few states.

That's what DEMS refuse to discuss.


"Ok, Gregory, was the police force told to compress the neck of an overdosing perp until he died? Hadn't heard that one before."
-"D" 421pm

I hadn't heard that one before, either. You just make it up?

It wasn't known he was overdosed until the toxicology screen came back, but the officers trying to keep him put were thinking he probably was on something.

Just think... Biden will be president when the Floyd trial shitstorm hits.

Scott O

Duh 4:20 - "There have been riots before and for many reasons. But there has never been an attack on our Capitol."

And that's the point, isn't it?
You can threaten, harass, beat on, and loot/burn down private citizens and their businesses - and that's OK with the Dem leaders - as long as you're a lefty.
You can vandalize, tear down, and destroy public property - including fed property and as long as you are a lefty - you're good.

But don't you dare make Queen Nancy feel a little uncomfortable.
Lethal force for you and then we spit on you and fabricate all sorts of lies about you and Trump and we also forget all about our encouragement of violence the summer before.

Sorry, lefty-losers. The Dems are on record as saying rioting and violence is good and should continue.
All I'm hearing now from Dems is hypocritical BS.


I’m getting one of these....



"But there has never been an attack on our Capitol."

Sure there was. Place was shot up by Puerto Rican separatists, sometime in the 1950's.


March 1954


Ah,Gregory found something. True that there have been bombings and gunfire in the Capitol over the years, one claimed by the Weather Underground. So MAGAs are in good company there.


Very charming Charmin, you know that property damage or violence in various communities by vandals tagging along to civil rights protests are state's rights things, unless they happen in DC.
No one has said the violence and property destruction that occurred in various cities is okay. That is what the right wing media mullahs say to radicalize the MAGAs. That’s why MAGAs attacked the protesters in Nevada City. They saw BLM march mentioned and are brainwashed to believe all BLM marches are violent.

So, that's your excuse Charmin? Because Antifa got to do it the MAGAs get to do it. Wow, clueless! Way to minimize and apologize for MAGAs who set up a gallows, were running around with zip tie cuffs looking for Pence, Pelosi or whomever they could grab.
If that is the way MAGAs "appeal to election integrity" - good to know.

Why did they do all this? Because Trump told them he won by a landslide on Riot Day. Are you really that stupid as that to believe him?

Trump lost Georgia then lied about being the winner. Ok, recount the vote by hand, same result. Recount it again, same result, Recount it again, same result. Then Trump supports two candidates for Senate and they lose. Occam's razor says the simple explanation is that Trump lost because a majority of Georgians don’t like Trump . But clueless MAGAs riot anyway.

Still not getting any takers as to why the Bush v Gore recounts in Florida were halted when Bush was only 500 votes ahead. Both sides should have wanted to know. They should have counted the votes 3 times, don’t you think?

So, a vote was too close to call but Republicans made sure Bush won.
That’s election integrity?

Occam’s razor tells us that the majority of Americans did not like Trump and that is why he lost.
Not that hard to figure out.
Then, Trump made even more of a fool out of himself on Riot Day and now more people than ever want him gone.


Posted by: D | 09 January 2021 at 03:19 PM

No one has said the violence and property destruction that occurred in various cities is okay.

Remember.....silence is violence.....or are you guys changing the ,alerting plan again?

Barry Pruett


Lots of questions out there about Democrats cheating. It all sounds quite fishy.

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