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10 January 2021



"In the present case of gratuitous imposition of censorship and/or cutting off public communications completely, the corporatists are outing themselves as 1) the strong partisans they are, and 2) taking advantage of the current political environment to also quash competing companies, and all of it done as virtue signaling to support the public good."

I think not. Why do you think they are gratuitously kicking folks off social media? I think they have been pressured by their user base, and by impending regulations such as Sec. 230. Trump wants 230 so he can start sueing whatever social media company he wants to shut them up. Of course, he is not the only one. People who have had their reputations unjustly smeared, or had personal information released online might want recourse also.
Look what happened with gambling and porn. They had to go offshore to do their business. Did it stop anything? Parler et al. will just move to servers in Europe or wherever.

But it is not gratuitous, it is a public service to decline to host public officials and their water carriers who constantly repeat conspiracies and falsehoods.

What ever happened to letting private enterprises refuse service to whomever they want? Just because you feel sympathy for some lying, sniveling, crazy person does not mean the Internet has to serve him.

Scott O

from Duh, a very ignorant person:
"What ever happened to letting private enterprises refuse service to whomever they want?"
You might want to talk to small businesses way back about 60 yrs ago.
Seems it was left wing judges said you can't do that.
Sucks to be you, Duh.

Jeffery Ellison

Hmmmm. Wasn't it your pack of whining hand wringers who ruled that private enterprise had the right to refuse service to a gay couple who wanted a wedding cake. "Oh, oh, oh, but this is different." and of course your mantra, "Keep the fat hands of government out of business". Your hypocrisy is so transparent it is laughable.


Posted by: Jeffery Ellison | 11 January 2021 at 09:50 AM

....pack of whining hand wringers

Sorry....wrong blog! You probably want to try ""....oooh my bad...."" for all your hand wringing needs!


"Wasn't it your pack of whining hand wringers who ruled that private enterprise had the right to refuse service to a gay couple who wanted a wedding cake."

I think that's a fair point.

The mistake was allowing a central point of control (and failure) in social media. It's not unlike the stranglehold that a VISA, AWS, or large DNS has. These systems all need to be re-architected to be noncentralized. Hopefully Bitcoin pricing moves from speculators to users at some point.

A person or company should be able to hire or fire, sell to or buy from, anyone they choose for any crazy old reason. It only becomes a problem with gigantism in a market whether it's Standard Oil or the gubmint. The day might come when your electricity connection might be determined by a social credit score. Self reliance becomes more than a theory in terms of it's importance.

Live and Learn. The alliance of the Corporatists with the Left (each using the other) has simply been made more clear for once. There's bound to be a reaction although I don't know how successful it would be. It might be simply that the choice is between anarchy and a kind of CIAFacebookGoldmanSachs surveillance state....all arrived at through a form of political Brownian motion, although the kinetic part could get exciting.


You can't yell fire in a theater George and that is just what trump did, so Twitter etc. have every right to shut him up for the public good. Plain and simple regardless of what the Rebane Doctrine (LOL) says.


re: RC@10:30AM

Trump recent tweets that might have anything to with this last hullaballoo:
"The 75,000,000 great American Patriots who voted for me, AMERICA FIRST, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, will have a GIANT VOICE long into the future. They will not be disrespected or treated unfairly in any way, shape or form!!!"

"These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly & unfairly treated for so long. Go home with love & in peace. Remember this day forever!"

"I am asking for everyone at the U.S. Capitol to remain peaceful. No violence! Remember, WE are the Party of Law & Order – respect the Law and our great men and women in Blue. Thank you!"

"Please support our Capitol Police and Law Enforcement. They are truly on the side of our Country. Stay peaceful!"
nice try. I guess it's no different than the Russiagate lie and the Charlottesville lie and the Kids in Cages(tm) lie. Believe what you like.

Now, if you'd like me to dig up numerous tweets and public pronouncements by Democratic politicians either encouraging or excusing burning looting murdering, I'd be happy to oblige.


re: moi@10:47AM

It occurred to me that all of the outrage about Trump's latest tweets are that they involve campaign rhetoric *after* the campaign.

It all depends on what you mean by 'campaign' though. I'd say that this is a combination of a man who leaves it all on the field combined with a ramp-up for 2024. It's pretty obvious that Trump likes to campaign more than he likes to manage and he's having a wild ride.

George Rebane

As predicted and on schedule, our leftwingers arrive with their 'bang-bang' worldview on display. As commenters above have already pointed out, there really is a difference between a corner bake shop and a giant corporation ensconced in a corporatist oligopoly supplying a critical public good. Such gorilla-in-the-room nuances are totally invisible to those today busy making and maintaining their enemies lists.

Bill Tozer

Jeffery Ellison.

I did wish (hoped) that SCOTUS would have resolved the issue of religious objections and the other Constitutional issues in the cake baker case instead of tossing the case because of the blatant and extreme hostility the government (Colorado Civil Rights Commission) showed the cake maker. Government must be neutral in hearing cases and because statements by the CO government showed clear animus to one party, the case was tossed. So, the real Constitution issues were not addressed. First Amendment issues.

A flaw in your simplistic argument is the gay couple was not denied a wedding cake. They, as the court pointed out, were free to buy any cake in the display cases the chose. No problem, the bakery serves everyone.

What I wished the Court would have resolved is whether the small bakery was compelled to perform a service. A freedom of expression 1st Amendment argument put forth. Artistic expression, if you will. Not sell a cake, but compel anyone to perform their artist expression, i.e, a custom made cake.

Does the law compel a local band that plays for small events like weddings and birthday parties to play for a KKK party? That’s the artistic expression argument. Does the law compel a local artist (and rabbid Trump hater) to paint a flattering portrait of Donald Trump as God Emperor? One can buy any painting in her studio, but is the artist in this hypothetical case COMPELLED to use her artist expression (protected 1-A as “speech”) to paint such a portrait?

The real clincher to for me to drive 60-80 miles from my home in search of a Muslim bakery. Let’s say I want a bacon covered cake with a little figurine of Mohammad on top engaging in sodomy of a 11 year old girl. Ok, the figurine probably does not exist, but just make me a custom bacon filled cake covered in pig’s blood. Maybe write Death to the Mullahs on top. What, I can only buy a cake in the bakery’s display case? I have been discriminated against!

I don’t know about you, Mr. Ellison, but if I was throwing a wedding to celebrate the moment of bliss, the last person I would want a the joyous occasion is a photographer who did not want to be there in the first place and was compelled to show up (with big frown) and create images. You only get one crack at Wedding photos and the photographer (artist) may not be on top of his/her game that day.....especially under the threat of lawsuits to be there in the first place.

Don’t know about you, Mr. Jefferies, I certainly would not serve my wedding guests stacks of pizza pies from 60-80 miles away just to prove some power point. I have never been to a wedding that served pizzas, catered or not.

To each his/her/its/they’s own. But extra bacon and a little Jewish Synagogue on top of my cake, Mr. Muslim Baker...or else. And have Punchy sing for Hilter’s -day batch.
About the topic of this post, monopolies have always hated competition. Collusion as a legal term (that we all learned in the Russian Collusion Hoax) is a word found in.our criminal statues that applies to anti-trust violations. Collusion. All the social media platforms appear to be colluding.


The likes of Cross Babs should reread Trump's speech.. Not one word in it was "riot inciting". Again the Left makes up crap to fit the need.

The Left has gone full fascist.

paul emery

ßçenes writes

"Now, if you'd like me to dig up numerous tweets and public pronouncements by Democratic politicians either encouraging or excusing burning looting murdering, I'd be happy to oblige."

Go for it Scenes.


Posted by: George Rebane | 11 January 2021 at 11:05 AM - "giant corporation ensconced in a corporatist oligopoly supplying a critical public good." That is not a reason for them to not censor comments or participants.
You are getting very close to making the case for Socializing social media. PG&E supplies a critical public good also.
But I know you don't like government intervention.


This is interesting. It doesn't look like it helps Trump much,

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States on Monday imposed sanctions on several Ukrainian individuals and entities, accusing them of U.S. election interference and associating with a pro-Russian Ukrainian lawmaker linked to efforts by President Donald Trump’s allies to dig up dirt on President-elect Joe Biden and his son."

Bill Tozer

"Go for it Scenes"

Well Scenes, you certainly don't need my imput after you posted here about 100 hours of footage. Maybe more.
With that disclaimer out of the way, here is ratively beneign list of only 10, some of more toned down ones to start.

In related news this morning, AOC's 'communications director' has asked Twitter to remove her previous post advocating/excusing violence against people, places, and things. She fears those tweets promoting violence could be used against her and misunderstood, ROFLMAO. Hey Twitter, do a girl a favor and bury my comments, will ya. Thanks.


God knows there's plenty of montages out there.

Here's a bit of a mixture.

Paul old son, I've got an idea. I'll find a news article showing a sketchy statement by a (D) politician, and you can explain what they really meant. We'll do this one at a time.

Let's start with this:

What did she really mean Paul?


in any case, now that we're entering the Blue Mob dream of an American East Germany, I'll post up the occasional valuable link.

George Rebane

D 1157am - I think you've been laboring under a serious misconception if you believe that PGE is a private corporation operating in a free market. PGE is exactly the kind of CPGC that I describe above, and it has always been under strict government regulation. I think the discussion should be about whether the social media giants have acceded to CPGC status and therefore be regulated to the extent that other such utilities already are and have been. And that such a change would not violate any conservative principle of promoting minimizing government, which has been hard for those of the Left to comprehend. If social media are considered as a new public utility, then the proper business decision for each of the corporatists to make is to spin off their social media divisions as separate companies, so that the regulatory burden will not affect the remainder of their business operations.

Bill Tozer

Speaking of East Germany, let’s see what perhaps the most famous former East German soldier has to say....from abroad:

Angela Merkel Slams Twitter’s Decision To Ban Trump: ‘Problematic’ Violation Of ‘Fundamental Right’
Let’s see what another European NATO ally has to say and how they handle censorship...from the safety of abroad:

‘In Poland, Social Media Companies Censoring A Post Could Be Fined $2 Million’
In America, let’s see what a long time free speech advocate has to say:

‘Famed Atheist Richard Dawkins Defends Trump’s Twitter Ban Despite Being A Free Speech Advocate’
Hmmm. Two out of three ain’t bad.


GR: "If social media are considered as a new public utility"

It's way beyond that. For one thing, those social media surveillance monopolies are multinationals.

Do you think that a President of a South American country wants Twitter to suddenly shut him down? By now, it should be obvious to everybody that their policies are arbitrary and subject to the whims of company management and/or a management held hostage to an activist workforce (a crazy modern concept).

Given that network effects lead you to gigantism in these kinds of things, these systems really need to be decentralized.

George Rebane

scenes 155pm - Agreed, and that should be the point of the discussion here, rather than the predicted blather of 'now you want too much government'.

Bill Tozer

Twitter monopolist Jack Dorsey mocks Parler after Parler beats Twitter to the top spot in the App Store, and is subsequently removed
‘Biden Selects Over a Dozen Big Tech Executives to Serve in Administration or Advise Transition’

“Joe Biden has selected at least fourteen current or former executives from Apple, Google, Amazon, Twitter and Facebook to serve in his administration or advise on the transition into power.”

No link. They just took down Dan Bongino was I was reading article. Sorry,

CNN “Reporter” Wants TV Carriers to Censor Their Competition

“The past few days will go down in history as the time when half the country cheered the use of corporate power to silence the other half of the country.”

Opps, that link also got throttled back, erased. A big “delete forever?” banner is floating around all over the article I cannot open anyway. Looks like going through G- mail as a trick to get around the censors is not longer a trick I can use. Sorry


lol. sweet.

"With no explanation other than "repeatedly going against our community standards," @Facebook has blocked me from managing my page. Never have we received notice of violating community standards in the past and nowhere is the offending post identified."

They might as well cut to the chase and call the internet a liberal-only safespace.

It's really worth thinking about how you might redefine the concept of a 'coup'. Of course, in days of yore, you merely took over the tv and radio stations.


Hunting for BillT's original story (CNN v. Fox), I ran into this:

"CNN's Brianna Keilar Calls Tucker Carlson Of Fox News 'A Parasite'"

Anyone recognize the language? By golly, I do.

aha, here we go.

"Tucker Carlson On CNN Seeking to Destroy Fox News, And That Is Terrifying, FOX News, CNN News"


more on cnn v. fox.

I think there's a lot of truth to this Glenn Greenwald post.

"Liberals (and a good chunk of their loyal allies on the left, though not all) are in full 9/11 mode:

* What good are all these fancy civil liberties if we're dead?

* This is a war. We can't afford free speech or due process.

* If you oppose our power, you're pro-Terrorist."


The Left was more than happy with the riots all Summer.
Those chickens came home to roost.

A friend of my Son was there.(actuall,, one of his employees.)
He witnessed a busload of ANTIFA unload and put on pro Trump garb. They had their usual "battle dress" on as they got off the bus.
That Proggy pricks is what's called a "false flag" operation.

Don Bessee

Its on -



Maybe one of the so-called "freedom loving" TROLLS can tell us just WHY this isn't Fascism?

This is what you voted for.... Care to tell us how this is acceptable? Did Trump do anything like what the Left is doing TODAY?

Your side sure is smelling very "Hitleresque" all of a sudden.

Trying to oust ANY Repub that voted against the vote certification? REALLY? When they did the same damned thing when Trump was elected?

Yup, The Proggys have plenty to reflect on.

Don Bessee

The new red guard aka antifa suppressing their story -



Here is a blast from the past.
"Billy Jack Goes to Washington (1977)"

Anyone remember this one?

Bill Tozer

Walt. Never heard of that one. I saw Billy Jack the movie, then a sequel which was unwatchable after 20 minutes. Looking back, those films were so bad they are now laughable. But, laughs would be hard to find unless you like to mock actors struggling to act. Best thing by far was the theme song of Bill Jack, One Tin Soldier by the Original Caste. Ok, I confess. I probably loved it at the time. Freedom School, the rez, the counterculture and the white town bigots, Green Beret comes home from Nam and kicks ass, protects the children, and let’s all end the movie by raising our fists. Yaaa.

I have made no pretense about being a recovering liberal. “Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nixon ordered Watergate!” Jail to the Chief Jail to the Chief.”

Now it’s, “Lock Her Up, Lock Her Up! CNN sucks, CNN sucks.” One mo’ time. “Lock Her Up” and raise that fist at the end of chant. :) Opps, can’t say that no mo.
Walt, if you really really want a blast from the past, remember this old silly saying? It once was the essence of liberal thought.:

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"
Isn’t that quaint. I made the right decision to Walk Away many moons ago.

Bill Tozer

Not surprisingly, Daily quotes go here.

Insight: “The ultimate decision about what is accepted as right and wrong will be made not by individual human wisdom but by the disappearance of the groups that have adhered to the ‘wrong’ beliefs.” —Friedrich August von Hayek (1899-1992)

For the record: “This is also an opportunity for [Democrats] to go and put pressure on social media companies to literally not just erase the president but erase everybody. We are now living in a country where four or five companies, unelected, unaccountable, have the monopoly power to decide, ‘We’re gonna wipe people out. We’re going to erase them from any digital platform, whether it’s selling things and the like.’” —Senator Marco Rubio

Friendly fire: “I don’t like anybody being censored or taking away from the the right to post a message on Twitter or Face[book]. I don’t agree with that. I don’t accept that.” —Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador

A trip down memory lane: “Twitter stands for freedom of expression. We stand for speaking truth to power. And we stand for empowering dialogue.” —Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, October 5, 2015

Grand delusions: “We came close to nearly half of the House dying on Wednesday.” —AOC (Clearly, there’s no justifying the riot, but to say “nearly half of the House” almost died is complete bunk.)

Braying jackass: “Anyone now seeking national redemption by claiming to no longer support Trump must acknowledge how wrong it was to ignore & enable his corrupt, dishonest, & divisive agenda. Total denunciation of a despot’s legacy is necessary to eradicate any remaining malignancy.” —John Brennan

And last… “For all its talk about safety, community, and the health of discourse, we see today that Twitter acts in favor of one interest and one interest alone: its own, even when it means destabilizing the American people. On Friday, the company permanently banned Trump from its platform and began a purge of conservative voices. They claim this is needed to protect America from a coup. That is a farcical lie. They did it because their political enemies such as Trump and Sen. Josh Hawley are now out of power, and they mean to keep it way.” —David Marcus

The Big Lie

Don Bessee

They are going to hate hearing their own words back at them -

Hannity warns contents of Hunter Biden laptop will 'shock the soul of this nation'
'I have numerous, credible sources telling me the contents of this laptop will be devastating to the Bidens and the Democrats,' Fox News host says


Bill Tozer

Great article by Joy Pullman, happy mother and wife. I knew they would start clamping down with unabashed delight and ratchet wrong think down (gives flattening the curve a whole new meaning) but I did not imagine they would more so fast. And here we are.
Too many nuggets to quote.

‘Big Corporate Uses Capitol Riots To Push Communist-Style Social Credit System On Americans’

It appears that global oligarchs have decided to not only collude with China's totalitarian control over its society, but to export it to formerly free nations such as the United States

Attend a Trump rally? You get put on a no-fly list. Youtube banning all voter fraud videos and discussions. Key words such as ‘voter fraud’ will no longer go across Google, which owns Youtube. That have a big eraser.
-The one that gets me is the complete nuking of #Walkaway without notice, without naming one violation. Probably a threat to the National Security of China. Nah, just the Totalitarians.

For those who might be unaware of Walk Away, it is a unique site. No commentators. No editorials. What it is is a camera is set up on a tripod, roll tape, and ONLY those who were former liberals/Democrat lifelong voters explain in their own words why they choose to walk away from the Dems/Left. 100% testimonials. That’s it.

Walk Away has been de-platformed. Gone. Erased. But, that is not what bothers me. What gets to me is the viciousness and extremes the unhinged power mad haters have gone. Blocking Walk Away is one thing, personally going after and suspending accounts of everyone/anyone even remotely associated with Walk Away is another.

The person that sets up the camera (video lady) has all her/his accounts suspended. FB, Twitter, even her personal g-mail. Hired staff all report the same thing. They are all being punished. Even a contractor that goes some work for Walk Away got erased, his accounts, and access to his banking.
Access to (employees’) locked out bank accounts on-line is a big gripe for obvious reasons. It’s horrible for the contractor whose own business site is now blocked. . How can he survive? He has other clients, but no more growth or someone trying to find his business.This evilness all for just for being on the periphery of Walk Away. #WA has always survived on ads and donations. Access to donate to Walk Away gone. They probably are tracking anyone who fruitlessly tries to donate to the site tonight.

When they come to block RR, they will come for “all six of us.” That’s the facts, jack


Bill.. It's just fine being a recovering Lefty. We welcome you back with open arms. It's the other mules that are the problem. No matter how many whacks with the 2x4 upside the head,, and still just as mule headed. You can't fix stupid.

Hell.. The buzzard of Broad St. who claims to be a Libertarian
is laying real low. They, are supposed to be against this kind crap we are seeing from the born again fascists.

The Billy Jack flick was a (sorta) modern remake of "Mr. Smith goes to Wash." It wasn't all that bad.
I just can't tell ya' which party he was fighting against.
(Democrats,, most probably)


When they come to block RR, they will come for “all six of us.”

Well,, there is always CB radio. I just happen to have one stashed... It even has more watts than KVMR.


The Lefty TROLLS all being "good party members" and attending the new Communist front meeting?

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane @ 1:42 pm
“If social media are considered as a new public utility, then the proper business decision for each of the corporatists to make is to spin off their social media divisions as separate companies, so that the regulatory burden will not affect the remainder of their business operations.”

In my lifetime.....I witnessed on the old antenna black and white boob tube a cartoon commercial with all this confetti falling and flags waving and camera lightbulbs flashing away with patriotic music playing. It was a TV commercial promoting Pay TV. “Pay TV? What’s that, Dad?” I asked my father. Imagine, paying to watch TV. Ridiculous. Forget my Dad’s answer, but he showed little interest in the concept of paying to watch free tv.

Turn the page and there was a time when smart cable operators and satellite companies realized that power and telephone were necessities of life and TV programs like HBO, Disney Channel, etc were luxuries. Not essential. Difference between a want and a need.

Fast forward to day you realized that internet, once a luxury for a niche market became an necessity, seemingly in just ten years. Not only a necessity of life, but a requirement in today’s society. A nice infectious smile or a good sense of humor can only carry you so far. To keep from falling way behind and disappearing off the edge of world, one must have Internet. And to communicate in the here and now, one must use social media platforms. Thus, like the phone companies (landlines) and power companies being regulated the shit out of stacked 10 tall, the social media part should be regulated as a public utility.

The way Twitter, FB, Apple App Store, and Amazon acted in unison to collude cut off users in a 24 hour period leaves no doubt in my mind that some kind of non-arbitrary non-discriminatory net neutrality fairness doctrine is needed ASAP. (Not the other ‘net neutrality’ nor that awful poison pill filled coercive Fairness Doctrine). Times have changed and the Internet’s time has come. A natural evolution from the first days of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company.

Bill Tozer

“Well,, there is always CB radio. I just happen to have one stashed... It even has more watts than KVMR.”

Funny you should mention that. I was just thinking the other day about getting an old used ham radio somewhere before it’s too late to find one. :). CB or CB Savage? Keep your hammer down, good buddy. Got Richard Pryor on the 8 track. Keep an eye on the bear in the sky, numb nuts.

American Armed Radio’s business page has been “no workie no more. Just a big blank page.

George Rebane

BillT 1034pm - you got it Mr Tozer.


BillT: "The way Twitter, FB, Apple App Store, and Amazon acted in unison to collude cut off users in a 24 hour period leaves no doubt in my mind that some kind of non-arbitrary non-discriminatory net neutrality fairness doctrine is needed ASAP."

I wouldn't hold out any hope for that. With the current ascendancy of Corporatist + Blue Mob forces, the Chinese social credit model is just looking too enticing. lol. Bet that Paul never thought he would be shilling for The Man in his old age.

Short of a breakthrough in something like quantum computing (which changes everything), encryption should hold up for a while, so contents can always be safe. The trick becomes either constructing a distributed system or storing it all in a trusted and safe central location, probably offshore. Parler's security problem show how an opaque setup is hard to trust. The doxxing and personal attacks that stem from that by Der Mob should be epic.

It's a tricky thing since social media implies size and ease of use and centralized systems require funding (which implies either direct .gov payments from intelligence agencies or surveillance advertising). Soup to nuts solutions look hard to me since there's always a coercible single point of failure. I don't doubt that the US will have a Great Firewall at some point to keep the hoi polloi in line.

All of these things also apply to online payments (and computerized offline ones), cell phones, etc.

Truth is, if you don't want to be part of The Big Machine, everyone needs to think like a resistance cell network. Any network can be politically attacked (they're insurrectionists! they're selling drugs! they're trading child porn!), so just assume the worst from the get-go.

Bill Tozer

So that is what lit a fire under Jeffried Ellison’s bum-bum yesterday. Another The View watcher. Figures. Makes perfect sense.

‘Really? Whoopi Compares Big Tech Censorship to Baking Gay Wedding Cake’
January 11th, 2021 1:58 PM


re: Mr. Ellison

I just wish that people would stick a nom du guerre and stick with it. I'd prefer not knowing identities since having a name *and* an address might be a problem going forward.

The thing is, if a person is a nameshifter, you're always starting over. I naturally assume that Paul never reads links, has a tenuous grasp on history, went to Denmark once, doesn't read books, can play guitar. God bless him, at least it simplifies how to communicate with him.

I'll propose Jeffery Baizuo as a moniker, but everyone has to choose the online skin they are comfortable in.

Bill Tozer

Scenes and Dr. Rebane

I have wrestled with the tech-oligarchy for a some hours and currently am holding conflicted views. One view that does not change is the oligarchs hold way too much power and control over all of our lives, (personal and professional), livelihood, and speech. I would really have to dig into Rule 230, an apparent subsidy from the US Gov’t to the titans of tech, to comment about changes.

A line I heard last night went something like this. ‘It’s not silencing speech that is point, it’s silencing what is heard that makes it so dangerous. Could that one story of the FBI in possession of Hunter’s laptop been a game changer? We will now never know for sure.’ It’s controlling what is heard, if you turn it around.

Bottomline: There are no new laws that need to written. Its all already on the books, found under our anti-trust statutes. I am in on regulating monopolies. There is a good reason those laws are on the books. Stifling competition, unfair business practices, etc. The playing field is not level. :)

‘Social-Media Oligopolists Are the New Railroad Barons. It’s Time for Washington to Treat Them Accordingly’
(written by Quillette Magazine)

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