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13 January 2021


Bill Tozer

AOC: Nation Can Only Heal Once ‘Oppressed’ Southern States are ‘Liberated’

During the stream, she said that Democrats’ U.S. Senate wins in Georgia were a result of “multi-racial” and “multi-cultural” grassroots organization and a sign that “southern states are not red states, they are suppressed states.”

“Which means the only way that our country’s going to heal is through the actual liberation of southern states,” she said. “The actual liberation of the poor, the actual liberation of working people from economic, social, and racial oppression. That’s the only way.”


Just like Sherman’s march to the sea.

George Rebane

re BillT 1221pm - another confirming example of the Dems' objective. Things will only be healed in the land, according to their lights, when America becomes a uniformly one-party nation - just like the Third Reich, USSR, China, Cuba, Vietnam, ... . And that is why a leftwinger doesn't give a big rat's ass for even looking for any compromise or middle ground.

Barry Pruett

“A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved — I do not expect the house to fall — but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing or all the other.” Abraham Lincoln

These words hold true once again as the communist Democrats take our most basic freedom (speech) away. Religion and guns will be next followed by the 4th and 5th amendment protections. Tyranny is not on the door step...it is in the living room.


re: [email protected]:21PM

Oh well, you can't make a revolution wearing white gloves.

Barry Pruett

And here comes the censorship

Bill Tozer

'How Silicon Valley, in a Show of Monopolistic Force, Destroyed Parler'
In the last three months, tech giants have censored political speech and journalism to manipulate U.S. politics, while liberals, with virtual unanimity, have cheered.



Now ain't that special?? Change the rules to call Trump a "racist",, which we all know he's not.

Barry Pruett

And to your point George. She is a symbol of the old Republican Party.


Barry Pruett

If she is removed, it is a symbol to the masses that the old Republican Party is dead, and a completely new Republican Party is born. It is not about Trump. It is about the people. And these republicans have to convince 75 million people that they got the message.


Now I wonder how many sitting Repubs will survive the next election? Their turning on Trump like rabid dogs will be remembered.

Still waiting for one of the TROLLS to point out how Trump is racist.

Barry Pruett

The New Republican Party is going to eat it’s own, weaker members and solidify its base. It will take a couple weeks, but there is now no going back. The people have taken over finally.


Bill Tozer

re: impeachment stuff


Boy, is it just me or is 2021 making 2020 look less exciting.


So a good sized crowd just wanted to talk to their "representatives" and it's called "inserection"?

The Left is going to make damned sure another American revolution won't happen.
Now wasn't it the radical LIBS that condemned the use of troops to bring peace to the streets when ANTIFA and BLM were burning cities? Yet bring in troops to guard their collective asses.

Barry Pruett

Anyone want to speculate what this memo is all about. It is weird to point out the obvious



re: [email protected]:40AM

No problemo, they'll just have a Double Secret Impeachment next month sometime.

re: [email protected]:55AM

The insurrection was a near-run thing. Between the 100 person army of old ladies and over-hefty middle aged guys and the appearance of the Buffalo Horn Hat, Florida Man nearly made off with the magic lectern.

Luckily the plotters are being foiled by a 50 state and some territories manhunt. CNN is putting up their mugshots and the heinous crimes. Crimes as follows:

. making interstate threats to Speaker Nancy Pelosi
. knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority
. pushing an officer
. disorderly conduct (a fair charge)
. a few gun carry violations

Walt, there's no point bitching about unequal application of law or commercial force. You're dealing with Blue Mob Cultists. They lost any resemblance to a 1990's Democrat (pro national health plan, pro immigration enforcement, pro tax the rich) some time ago as economic issues were replaced by a secular religion.


"Anyone want to speculate what this memo is all about. It is weird to point out the obvious"

Sure. They want to keep their jobs, which are a rather sweet deal all told.

You'll probably see a more-thorough-than-usual Month of the Long Knives as they ferret out any trace of Trumpist thinking in the executive branch. Unlike Trump, who really couldn't bring in a turnkey staff, the friends and families list for fedgov appoints will be rather large.

You can imagine the background checks going on right now given our Surveillance State Lords 'n Masters. Any whiff of sulfur around a White House employee will result in expulsion. It's part of that great National Hug that Creepy Uncle Joe is all about.

What I'd like to watch is the behind the scenes Hunter Biden laptop cleanup crew. Anyone who leaks the rest of it will need an Icelandic citizenship in hand.

paul emery


Your "new Republican Party" is a dream come true for the Dems. Trumpism will split the Rebub Party and will never represent a majority of people of this country. Also Impeaching Trump is, in my opinion, a strategic error on the part of the Dems. Letting him run again will be such a ruckus in the Repub Party that the Dems will glide to an easy victory. Same to be said if he starts a Third Party.

Trump is a loser of historic proportions. He's the only President since before Teddy Roosevelt that not only lost his re-election but also the House and Senate in his first term.


Nope.. none of trumpler's people incited violence as these clips will show.



We get it Spongebob.. It's Just fine when you do it.
The attack on the White House last month was more than justified.. No "inserection" there.... Right?
Getting Trump to a safe place was just a publicity stunt.
Right Babs?


No comment from Emery?
"The plan, which could carry a price tag of at least $1.5 trillion, is widely expected to include a commitment for $1,400 stimulus checks"

I'm sure Emery will call it money well spent.

Chanslor Biden will be signing spending bill after spending bill. The days of "billions" are gone. It's Trillions or nothing.

Paul Emery

Yeah Walt, it's Trillions now. Trump put us over 7 Trillion in debt in only 4 years, all time record.

George Rebane

PaulE 1223pm - How do you think that could have happened?

Barry Pruett

Paul. How would you define “Trumpism?”


Posted by: Paul Emery | 14 January 2021 at 12:23 PM

Yeah Walt, it's Trillions now. Trump put us over 7 Trillion in debt in only 4 years, all time record.

I'll say.....not like that lazy slacker Obama who took 8 years. How fast do you think "your" president will outspend Trump...18 months....2 years?

Now's the time to get your prediction on the record!


LOL Emery,, who WROTE those spending bills? Most of if from the House when your Queen of the DAMNED and her flying monkeys took over. You know,, "power of the purse" and all that.

Funny, not ONCE did you agree with me that Trump should have shut down government till the spending was decreased...
WHY Emery,, WHY!!??????
Nope,, you shuffled off and waited for the subject change..


paul emery sez: "Your "new Republican Party" is a dream come true for the Dems."

It was always baked into the cake.

The last two elections were the last chances to escape the uniparty. You can see the violent reaction when an outsider won the Presidency for the first time in 100+ years.

Between an absolutely brilliant campaign of mass third world immigration and our new Google Archipelago running what the public sees and hears, I think of the US as lost. Hard to say what it'll be replaced by besides surveillance and thought police, but it was a good run while it lasted. There's no guarantee that Corporate Socialism in league with a street army will be quite as immoral as the Soviets, but the track record isn't good so far.

paul's good friend and ally R Cross sez: "Nope.. none of trumpler's people incited violence as these clips will show."

lol. Yes. It's just 'chilling'. You know darned well how many hundreds of hours of Democratic politicians at all levels + Leftist street violence a person could make a montage of, but honestly that doesn't matter.

The interesting thing is that for the very first time, some people from the Right got overly rambunctious, wore buffalo horns, swiped a podium. Realistically though you can feel the energy in the thing starting to ramp up a bit.

You easily could have real things to complain about in a year rather than all of the weeping about D. Trump the Twitter Meanie and some guys driving around in trucks with flags. It's a natural side effect of being pushed and pushed, especially when you consider the higher ability for kinetic activities by regular guys. There could easily be a difference in scale when compared to an army of looters led by transsexual generals. A real economic downturn could light quite a fuse.

Kind of a bummer for everybody, but these things have their own sort of rhythm.


BarryP: "Paul. How would you define “Trumpism?”"

lol. I doubt anyone much knows, I suspect it's mostly running in front of a crowd.

I think of him as an enemy of my enemies, and that's enough.


Posted by: Barry Pruett | 14 January 2021 at 12:29 PM

Paul. How would you define “Trumpism?”

Careful Barry.....you wouldn't want to fall into the trap of thinking and sounding like Punch.

This was entirely predictable.....



OK Proggys,, Harris aided and abetted rioters. She helped set up bail funds to get the arrested out of jail so they could get back into the looting and burning game.
So DO tell us how aiding in a criminal activity isn't a crime?
And THAT while running for office!

Bill Tozer

The Scenes [email protected] 12:38 pm
“but it was a good run while it lasted. There's no guarantee that Corporate Socialism in league with a street army will be quite as immoral as the Soviets, but the track record isn't good so far.”

I never in my wildest dreams could imagine the day when Socialism was something that sounded good.....compared to what is evolving. There, I said it. Socialism might be better than the gulags in the short term.
Oh my, Louie Gohmert gets cancelled for violence inciting speech and the mob is after him now. He really stepped in it big time. Face plant. He quoted The Botox Queen on the House floor!!

Donald Trump Jr.
“Rep Louie Gohmert R-TX being cancelled by leftist media for inciting violence by literally quoting Nancy Pelosi verbatim is the most 2021 thing ever“
‘Holy S**t!’: Critics Blast Louie Gohmert For ‘Encouraging More Uprisings,’ But He Was Quoting Pelosi‘
On the lighter side of these Dark Days Diaries, I was listening to a podcast from a couple dudes I have never heard of before. Not known names but funny conservatives. Think they are from Texas, blue jeans and tee shirt types, scraggly beards. Anyway, somebody gave them a pass to get into the Trump Towers Bar where all important folks were. Like a fish out of water. Laura Ingram walking around, media types, Congressmen, killer drinks and they looked over and ole Louie Gohmert all stretched out on a coach snoozing away, made himself comfortable. Nice place to pass out, lol. They said that two of those Trump cocktails should be the limit. I figured ole Louie’s limit is one Trump Tower drink. They are twice the normal size.

That Louie Louie is something else. What a character. One mo’ time.



You know, this is really an interesting question, I need to think on it.

"Portland mayor @tedwheeler is offended when KATU reporter @GenevieveReaume asks the obvious: Did Portland's tolerance of months of riots help provide a new normal that political violence against government property is okay?"



In short, has Portland normalized political violence? It's a purely tactical issue, but I'm attracted to the idea.


See what the anti gun LIBS did? Brought in a bunch of them
to protect the ruling elite.


BillT: "I never in my wildest dreams could imagine the day when Socialism was something that sounded good.....compared to what is evolving. There, I said it. Socialism might be better than the gulags in the short term."

I think it boils down to the Blue Army jettisoning economics arguments in favor of quasi-religious ones.

It's one thing to be in favor of national health care or more progressive tax rates and quite another to demand that people all share a belief system. The ability to enforce belief systems has climbed by leaps and bounds in recent years of course.

Maybe they'll leave a spot for us dhimmis at some point.


BUT if it was BLM,, of course a permit would be given.

Sac RAG headline
"Newsom calls up National Guard, CHP denies permit for pro-Trump rally at California Capitol"

ANTIFA never got permits,,,,,.....


Posted by: Walt | 14 January 2021 at 03:59 PM

ANTIFA never got permits,,,,,.....

But Walt......they're just an idea.

Bill Tozer

re update: Today President Trump was impeached again by the House,

Worth watching a couple minutes of Dan. “19 minutes after Trump was inaugurated on Friday, Jan 20, 2017 at noon the Wa Compost’s HEADLINE was ‘Campaign To Impeach Trump Has Begun’. 19 minutes.



Told ya so. (directed at the resident TROLLS)
"John Sullivan, who is the founder of Insurgence USA — a social justice group he started after the death of George Floyd — was arrested and charged in federal court in Washington, DC, according to a report by Salt Lake Tribune."

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