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18 January 2021


Bill Tozer

Dark Days Ahead. Biden just killed women’s sports.

In his first day as president, Joe Biden had something for almost everyone in his far-left coalition. For the climate alarmists, he signed an executive order revoking the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. For the radical LGBT crowd, he signed an executive order that I read as calling on schools across the country to allow transgender athletes to participate in the sport of their gender identity. (It says, “Children should be able to learn without worrying about whether they will be denied access to the restroom, the locker room, or school sports.”)

For the pro-illegal immigration crowd, he instructed the Department of Homeland Security to stop deporting illegal aliens. For the pro-abortion folks, the new administration announced that Biden will soon revoke the Mexico City Policy, that prohibits U.S. funding for nongovernmental groups that provide or refer patients for abortions.

As for the BLM racemongers, Biden had already nominated a Black racist to head the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice.

None of these moves has anything to do with helping our economy or combatting the pandemic. Some of them will clearly make the lives of many Americans worse.

Revoking the Keystone XL pipeline will damage the economy and cause unemployment. The order on transgender athletes portends harm to female athletes.

The decision to stop deportations helps illegal immigrants, not Americans. It will lead to more crime and to a new flood of illegal immigration that will deprive Americans in the lower economic strata of employment opportunities and/or wages.

There are two ways of looking at Biden’s maiden initiatives. Maybe he wanted straight away to check boxes with the left-most elements that supported him, so as to get the most controversial or unpopular items out of the way early, while the honeymoon (if any) is still on and well before the next election.

But maybe the early hard-left moves reflect what the Biden presidency will be — a preview of coming attractions.

That’s Tucker Carlson’s view. He says:

You can tell a lot about what people value on their first day in any job, so what’s at the top of Joe Biden’s to-do list? Opening the borders and crushing our country’s last remaining independent economic sector.

I think Biden’s early moves reflect what his presidency will be, though not for the reason Carlson gives. A president’s first day actions might be driven by strategic considerations, as opposed to what he values.

In Biden’s case, does he really value anything other than power and money? I doubt it. He could just as easily be on the side of female athletes as the transgender side, and might be if the former were organized in a powerful lobby. As for deportation and abortion, Biden has been on both sides.

The Biden presidency will likely be driven by the hard left because adhering to its agenda will be the path of least resistance. The same groups that set his first day priorities will continue to set them.

Who might resist? Not Susan Rice, Biden’s top domestic policy adviser. Her background is in foreign policy. She lacks the chops and the spine to stand up to the hard left. Rice didn’t get where she is by eschewing the path of least resistance.

Furthermore, to the extent Rice holds views on domestic policy, these views are likely to be those of Barack Obama, whom she loyally served. Obama is a hard leftist. He yearns to see Biden implement the radical agenda he desired but, in some cases, was too cautious to push.

What about Ron Klain, Biden’s chief of staff? He’s a Biden guy, not an Obama man. In addition, he comes across as somewhat pragmatic.

I can imagine Klain causing Biden to take the occasional non-woke initiative. Not all executive orders will promote the interests of minority groups, climatistas, and enemies of the unborn.

But there’s little reason to believe that Klain will cause the president to resist the hard left. He will believe that Biden can’t afford many enemies on the left and that the media will give Biden the cover he needs to do the left’s bidding.

Thus, Biden’s first day likely was, in fact, a preview of coming attractions.


Posted by: scenes | 22 January 2021 at 02:57 PM

I'd love to see an argument between the younger and feistier Paul Emery and the current corporatist one.

Just more Emery Bot whining......in stereo.

Bill Tozer

Paul. You ok today?

“Biden mortgage scams by the Dems”

Biden goes goth? “Fact is goth Biden”. Now, my fine senior citizen, who is the incoherent one? Time to have someone appointed to handle your affairs.

Please people, don’t ask Punch who is in Grant’s tomb.

paul emery

Things long past Walt??? You mean lke Hillary? She's soooo 2016


Posted by: paul emery | 22 January 2021 at 01:57 PM

Obama was 8 Trillion in 8 years. Trump is over 8 trillion in 4 years. Do you dispute those facts

Nope.....but I still know that when Biden goes over 8 in two years you’ll be fine with it.

paul emery

Bill, Walt

I didn't see either you objecting to or speaking out agaisnt Trumps supporting $2000 stimulus checks. Do you support that now it's part of Bidens plan


Where is Emery Vineyards? I bet there is plenty of whine there too.
So the last 30 hours you don't dare talk about Emery?
Suck it up. THIS is what you swooned on.
No comment on the puppet, and who may have been talking in his ear? Messed up the signing of exec. orders, and refused to take questions,, and shuffles off? That's what you voted for?

I will get to the kangaroo court sham impeachment later.
Read up on just what the impeachment is for. But do show where you can impeach a private citizen.( Good luck)


Where the hell were YOU Emery? Fail to read posts again?
I said open business back up. You really are losing it.
Your queen of the DAMNED would NEVER give Trump that win.
So there is nothing to the "2000 bucks". The Senate would not even pass it.
Your brother Joe was pandering for votes. So what happened to "checks on day one!"? Christ your such a sucker.


Speaking of money,, Emery,,, How bout the tens of thousands Biden just put in the unemployment line?
More crickets to be set loose.


Repub protest gets a little out of hand,, and LIBS crap themselves on the spot.
LIBS riot, loot and burn,, Paul Biden,(or is it Joe Emery?... Hard to tell the diff anymore) has yet to denounce, or disavow any of that violence..

In other Proggy news,, The American flag with the blue line is now considered FAR Right and racist, and banned from the usual places. Yup,, LIBS hate cops.(right up until they call 911... )



oooh, yer right on that.


Rollin' up the deplorables. Lookin' for clues and finding all the Nazi, white supreme supremacist, super-far-right, bad guys. I can imagine the billboards going up next week "SEE A THIN BLUE LINE FLAG? REPORT IT!"

lol. This is gonna end well. We're well beyond arguing about national health care and tax rates, it's about de-personing and persecuting half the country. It isn't just about forcing people to do certain things but forcing them to think a certain way.

emerybot: "I didn't see either you objecting to or speaking out agaisnt Trumps supporting $2000 stimulus checks."

It's a highly inefficient way to get a minority of people enough money to actually eat, but inventing a fair system is hard and takes too long given that it's government and all. I figure that the bond apocalypse might get pushed up some months, but the spending right now doesn't mean much in the scheme of things.


Imagine that. Emery is MIA , and not a word on the tens of thousands of jobs his vote helped KILL. You know UNION jobs.
HIGH paying jobs.
More windmills Emery? Square miles of Chinese solar panels?

Trump created the atmosphere for jobs on day ONE.(actually,, before) Your guy killed jobs intentionally.

Good choice Emery,, now go smoke some of that legal dope.
You must have been high to vote for Biden.


Reminds me of Biden.

Gotta love how Queen Nan inspected her royal guards.

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe's family being bought and paid for he wont bat an eye but they would not have dared this under 45 -



Don Bessee

Ya here's your socialist dems man for the people -

Biden admin freezes Trump HHS rule meant to lower insulin prices



Don Bessee

More big lies from team lefty -

The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) is a United States Government Cabinet-level official, required by the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004

Pete Buttigieg congratulated for masterclass confirmation hearing as he’s set to be first openly gay cabinet member



Death threats cap campus effort to 'cancel' Richard Grenell
Dec 11, 2020 · The campaign by staff and students at Pittsburgh's Carnegie Mellon University to dump visiting scholar and former Trump administration Cabinet member Richard Grenell turned ugly last month when an...


Don Bessee

Now way, really, wtf, could she pass a mensa test, entitled eeliest, pick your own now way item. -

Katie Couric 'Jeopardy!' gig in peril? Producers fear she's 'too polarizing' after anti-GOP comments: report
The veteran journalist suggested Republicans be 'deprogrammed' because of their support for Trump




Eric Weinstein, who is about as Republican as Paul, sez:

"It is hard to escape the idea that somewhere in Washington DC, there is a Democratic Working group trying to figure out if we can get the Republican Party classified as a domestic terrorist organization so that we can silence, arrest & deport 70M+ voters who don’t agree with us."


Bill Tozer

“Aug 31, 2020 - “I am not banning fracking. Let me say that again. I am not banning fracking, no matter how many times Donald Trump lies about me,” -

Jan 20, 2020 -
: Biden to ban new fracking on federal land.

Biden Administration: Yes, We Are Following Through With a Fracking Ban
Speaking at the White House Tuesday night, Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed President Biden will follow through with campaign promises to ban new fracking on federal land. "President Biden...


Here's a pretty wild turn of phrase I picked up from:


Bari Weiss being once of those non-insane liberals who got cancelled (from the NYT) by the Blue Mob.

Spoken by one Arthur Chu, a Jeopardy champion (of all things), syndicated columnist, Twitter 'influencer', speaking about Ashli Babbitt.

"When a bullet goes through the fatty tumor a Nazi has in the space where a human being would have a brain, nothing is lost

A pile of meat that moved and spoke and acted like a person was made to stop moving, and thus could no longer fool people into thinking it was one of them

— Arthur Chu (@arthur_affect) January 7, 2021"

You can see where this is heading. Watch yer six.


Bill's 8:36,,
OK Emery,, Tell us how that's not a lie.
Tell us again your stance on liars...
What's the count on Biden's lies Emery? You sure kept a running title on Trump's no matter how outlandish the claim was.


How come you didn't say this before you ran for prez.?

Biden was going to run it into the ground and all would be better as soon as he was elec... installed.
He claimed he could do SO MUCH BETTER than Trump to stop the kung flu.


Posted by: scenes | 23 January 2021 at 08:50 AM

Wondered what had become of Arthur after his outing at GamerGate!


We are so screwed........

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, tasked with enforcing federal immigration law, are being instructed to free all detainees in their custody, as President Joe Biden’s administration halts deportations.

An internal January 21 ICE memo, independently reviewed by Breitbart News and first reported by Fox News’s Tucker Carlson, orders agents to “stop all removals,” including land and air deportations.


LOL!!!! LOL!!!!! LOL!!!!
Where they a few months ago?
"E-commerce giant Amazon is reportedly seeking to postpone a unionization vote at a warehouse in Alabama and is fighting back against federal labor authorities’ decision to allow mail-in voting. Amazon claims it has created a “safe, confidential and convenient proposal for associates to vote on-site, which is in the best interest of all parties—associate convenience, vote fidelity and timeliness of vote count.”

The Wall Street Journal reports that the e-commerce giant Amazon is aiming to postpone a unionization vote at one of its warehouses in Alabama. The company is also reportedly requesting that federal labor authorities reconsider a decision to allow mail-in voting due to the pandemic."

I hope it comes back to bite them in the ass!


"We are so screwed........"

So now it's basically wet foot/dry foot, except there's no water barrier.

It would be interesting to get a good explanation on why open borders are so desirable. I can think of some reasons...

. Payoff to Latino political leaders and an understandable need by non-assimilated Latinos to fill up the country with people that look like and think like them. It's human nature after all.
. More customers for Amazon and other large corporations
. Xenophilia and white guilt
. The strict libertarian model of free movement and of all people having equal value.
. Hatred of traditional culture and a need to find any hammer you can.

It certainly doesn't do the environment or existing US citizens a whole lotta good.


I'm not getting much backing of a Biden anti-ICE move from the archives...

"I promote sealing the borders all the time. Just not in a way that uses lethal force. We don't need more guns, border patrol, or even a fence. What we need to assure undocumented immigrants don't become illegal immigrants is to have extremely strict laws on employment and to enforce those laws on employers." Ben Emery

"I agree Bill we must control our borders." Paul Emery


I know none of you have had the displeasure of using an outhouse on a construction site. Those that come from South of the border, apparently have yet to be potty trained.
Crap all over the seat, and throw TP(when they actually use it) in the urinal.
If they can't even attempt to keep a crapper half assed clean,
just think what they will do to any housing you give them.


"I know none of you have had the displeasure of using an outhouse on a construction site."

I just use an old paint bucket and a piece of fiberglass insulation.


Scenes,,, you can be diabolical sometimes.

Don Bessee

Talk about changing your tune, fund steal by mail but oh no not on a vote that matters to you -



Bill Tozer

Report: ‘Surge Of Student Suicides’ Forced Las Vegas School District To Return To In-Person Learning

“The nation’s fifth-largest school district, Clark County, Nevada schools, will return to in-person education “as quickly as possible” following a “surge” of student suicides in and around the county’s central city, Las Vegas, according to the New York Times.

The shocking news of a rash of student suicides in Nevada has school districts across the country rethinking the strategy of in-home and online learning amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and reconsidering their position that students might fully recover from a year spent out of the company of peers.“


The latest report I have seen is the lockdowns will cause 900,000 deaths, which is more that twice the current total of the CHINA-19 deaths in our homeland.


"The latest report I have seen is the lockdowns will cause 900,000 deaths, which is more that twice the current total of the CHINA-19 deaths in our homeland."

I think that the best way to look at it is to compare total deaths per year with prior years.

After that, it would be fun to compare those changes with countries with different approaches (like Sweden fer example).

Given in deaths per 1000, from multiple sites I'm seeing 8.9 while seeing 8.8 for 2019.

More deaths than a year ago.

Of course, the funny thing is that 2018 was 8.7, 2017 was 8.6, 2016 was 8.5, 2015 was 8.4, 2014 was 8.3, etc. in an absolutely straight line from 2008-2011 minima of 8.1

Go figure. So far as I can tell, the 2020 death rate is exactly on track with a current trend.

Don Bessee

The lamestream covering for their team -

ABC’s 'This Week' edits out Schumer’s unfortunate Trump gaffe on Senate floor
The network edited the clip to make Schumer’s words appear seamless




It took a minute to find Swedish death rate numbers. Googling is, as usual, pretty useless since most of the hits are from wherever KVMR gets their news.

Okey dokey, from the official Swedish .gov stat site, and this is from a country that basically didn't do a whole lot....

they had an additional 4800 deaths in the first 9 months of 2020 over the previous year's death rate. To put it in perspective, their population is 10.23M

life expectancy in 2020 dropped to slightly over what is was in 2018 (ie. 2019 was a smidge higher).


More good news for Emery. You must be happy.. You have yet to complain.

"Frank Macchiarola, senior vice president of Policy, Economics and Regulatory Affairs at the American Petroleum Institute (API), said in an interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Saturday with host Matt Boyle that if President Joe Biden puts a permanent ban on oil and gas development on federal waters and land, it could cost 1 million American jobs."

Please refute this Emery,, Tell how Biden is creating jobs.
A little proof always helps.

George Rebane

Walt 225pm - you’re not holding your breath hopefully; those issues are totally invisible to progressives.

Don Bessee

@225 - I hear there is a lot of recruiting going on for coyotes in central america!LOL



No way George,, But Emery has to come up for air at some point.
He was sure grouchy last night.
He got what he wanted,, Chanslor Biden.. Orange man GONE..

Even New Mexico is having buyer's remorse. They made a lot of money off of gas and oil. That just came to a halt.

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 2:15 pm
The 900,000 figure (890,000 actually) was from a mostly economic point of view. For example as once posted here, college grads entering the labor market during an economic downturn make less over their lifetimes than those entering the workforce during a robust economy, apples to apples, field to field, same job to same job.

So, 890,000 is overtime. 15 years, 59,000/deaths per year.

Companion piece:

.It is too bad that people in their 70s, 80s and 90s (and up) are dying prematurely due to the Wuhan flu. But the fact that we have devastated the lives of our children and young people in response–the issues considered in John Phelan’s post are only the tip of the iceberg–is unforgivable.”


Bill Tozer

re: the suicide pact.

White People's War on Western Civ


Barry Pruett

Amen brother Hawley.



Biden's 'Idea' takes a stroll.



Best with the sound off as it absolutely positively looks like a zombie movie. The apocalypse continues.

Bill Tozer

You go girl. As Brennan calls even libertarians a threat to our drmocracy I am so grafeful to have at least one Democrat out of millions standing up for our civil liberties. A diamond in the rough for sure. You rock, Tulsi.


Bill Tozer

John Tierney takes up the subject of the current campaign to suppress speech in his City Journal essay “The new censors.” Here is an excerpt:

“It wasn’t enough to ban Donald Trump from Facebook and Twitter if he and his followers could move to Parler—so Parler had to be shut down, too. Big Tech obliged, succumbing to pressure from the media and their Democratic allies in Congress. (Google and Apple removed Parler from their app stores, and Amazon forced Parler offline by booting it off its web servers.) This unprecedented suppression was denounced by conservative and libertarian publications like the Wall Street Journal and Reason, and by a few independent journalists like Glenn Greenwald, but the usual solidarity among the press against censorship was missing.“


Finally somebody had the oxnards to say it. What good is banning Trump for life on FB or Twitter IF he can simply move to Parlor where he would be allowed to speak his mind freely because of Parler’s free speech policy (save promoting or threatening violence, as has its policy has always been). If you can censor Trump and his supporters as well as any others dissenting from the narrative, that is better than merely “feeding two birds with one scone”, —-the non-violent way of saying killing two birds with one stone per PETA.

If you censer Trump, you censor me. If you attack Trump supporters (or conservative activists or civil libertarians or those who hold an a anti-liberal view), you attack me.

“He took a punch for all of us,” Trump said of (Hayden) Williams. “And we could never allow that to happen...”

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