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18 January 2021


Bill Tozer

Quotes for our Dark Days

Upright I: “If you say that targeted deplatforming, though not Stalinist, is troubling, the same people who want to compel everyone to buy state-mandated health insurance, who want to dictate how corporations compensate their employees, who want to force nuns to buy abortifacients and who want to destroy the lives of bakers and florists who run businesses according to long-held religious beliefs will vigorously defend the value of free-association rights that allow corporations to act this way. So I’m pretty skeptical that most of these people are genuine champions of individual market choices, and aren’t just super excited about silencing people.” —David Harsanyi

Upright II: “Perhaps we could take Twitter’s claim that it is upholding the sanctity of democracy more seriously if it didn’t host Chinese Communist officials who treat slave ownership as a social good or anti-Semitic Iranian officials who regularly use exterminationist rhetoric. I’d rather we just hear everyone, and mock, stigmatize, debunk and undermine bad actors.” —David Harsanyi

Upright III: “Cable news is bad for you. It doesn’t matter if you are addicted to Fox or MSNBC. It’s all infotainment. With some notable exceptions, and there are some, TV is not designed to inform or educate you. TV producers are a lot like the engineers who obsess over how to keep us in casinos. Casinos famously spend amazing amounts of time and money figuring out how to keep people at the tables: the sounds, the air pumped in, the free drinks and the confusing layouts with the hidden exits. These are not perks or design flaws. They are all deliberately placed to keep you in your seat gambling more than you planned on. Most cable news is the same. They know what you are emotional about, and they play it up to keep you watching. If guests aren’t partisan enough, the producers tell them to up the volume and the rancor. This can make for entertaining programming, but it’s not good for us.” —Neil Patel

Upright IV: “We have an amazing country, unique and impressive in so many ways. It’s worth fixing. Given where we are, though, things are not going to fix themselves. It’s easy to pretend that the problem is just with our leaders or with the people who think differently, but it’s not. We have the leaders we deserve. We are the problem. We each have some responsibility for the sad place we are at, and we each have a role to play in fixing it.” —Neil Patel

Upright V: “[Democrat leaders] put these [COVID] rules in place. They’re not even following their own rules. I mean, how many people have gotten caught? ‘Don’t travel. Don’t leave the state.’ Oh, here’s so-and-so on a vacation. Oh, here’s so-and-so at a salon. ‘Don’t eat out at a restaurant unless you’re wearing a mask and separate.’ Oh, here’s a picture of the governor of California violating those rules. Oh, public schools are closed, but I can send my kids to a private school in person.” —NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers

Non compos mentis: “[Not wearing a mask is] chemical warfare so far as I’m concerned.” —Rep. Ayanna Pressley

Hot air: “In protecting our Constitution and our Democracy, we will act with urgency, because this President represents an imminent threat to both. … It is their constitutional and patriotic duty… They will do so guided by their great love of country, determination to protect our democracy and loyalty to our oath to the Constitution. We know that we faced enemies to the Constitution … and we know that the President of the United States incited this insurrection, this armed rebellion against our common country.” —Nancy Pelosi on the Democrats’ “oath to the Constitution” and protecting “our Democracy [sic]”

Orwellian: “We have to turn down the capability of these conservative influencers to reach these huge audiences. There are people on YouTube, for example, that have a larger audience than daytime CNN, and they are extremely radical and pushing extremely radical views.” —Alex Stamos, former chief security officer of Facebook

And last… “A week before Biden’s inauguration and a study is released announcing that lockdowns don’t work, [Andrew] Cuomo comes out and says that New York can’t stay closed, and the mayor of Chicago is urging restaurants to open ASAP. We are supposed to believe that the timing is coincidental.” —Matt Walsh


"So far, Biden has refused to halt a divisive impeachment, questioned the loyalty of the troops, sparked an immigration crisis, and surrender to China via energy policy. He hasn’t even started yet."

- Scott Adams


I was considering if these 'First Amendment' issues might be a good solid push towards the real revolution...a digital one.

Given that the large publishing houses will probably boycott any Trump autobiography (the publishing business is just under the film biz in terms of left-wing partisanship per studies on the matter), I can simply see that as one more property in a potential Trump media organization.

They'll have to build it up from bare metal, but that's not such a bad thing. The Party might have leverage points involving money (Visa) or common carriers, but it would be cool to see something like that evolve.

Truth is, the more your reality is digital, the more you can choose your own reality and nation.

I wonder if www.orangemanbad.com is taken? Is there a .trump domain? Lotsa questions.


Great analogy du jour.

Scott Adams: "I tell you how the giant pile of pocket lint called Joe Biden is doing so far."

Response from someone: "I worked with Joe Biden in Senate Judiciary during Carter admin. “Pocket lint” is accurate. “Being There” is the 21st Century’s “Animal Farm”"


Behold the new assistant secretary of health.


I was debating whether the Ministry of Health was going to get obese appointments (like Belgium) or men in dresses.

Son of a gun. A two-fer.


Posted by: scenes | 19 January 2021 at 11:35 AM

I was debating whether the Ministry of Health was going to get obese appointments (like Belgium) or men in dresses.

Son of a gun. A two-fer.

A testament to the efficiency of the incoming administration.


as predicted....and heeere weeee go. Mr. Greenwald gets it.

"The New Domestic War on Terror is Coming
No speculation is needed. Those who wield power are demanding it. The only question is how much opposition they will encounter."



Escaping the Melian Dialogue

Fast forward over two thousand years to 2021. After an incredibly turbulent presidential election, the relationship between the political Left and Right slightly mirrors that between Athens and Melos. The Left is today's cultural hegemon. They drive the prevailing narrative and dominate most established positions of power in American society: government bureaucracies, media, corporate board rooms, education, and more.

The left is a fount of virtue, while the right is a deplorable trash heap.

The Right represents a declining cultural power. If conservatives occupy positions of influence they know it is in their best interest to just keep quiet. The right is always playing from behind, and wildly out of sync with the Republican party which makes achieving any significant sustainable political victory nearly impossible.

In the ensuing fallout from the Capitol Siege, we witnessed a coronation of the Left's hegemony over American society. In a matter of just two years, they have gone from de-platforming people like Alex Jones to censuring a sitting President of the United States. One day we are told that rioting is the language of the unheard but on the next, we are told similar scenes amount to insurrection. Some bad actors are given the noble rank of social justice warrior, while other bad actors are labeled domestic terrorists. Politicians on the left question election results because they are the valiant defenders of democracy, and politicians on the right question election results because they are seditious fascists.

Cries of "hypocrisy" and "double standards" pour out from people on the Right in vain. The Right is not being treated fairly, but that should not come as a surprise. Such is the true, primal, and ruthless nature of politics. The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must.



"OH NOOOoooo Nothing socialist about us."
I'm sure Steve can explain this away.
"Many on the left are promoting a recent video created by novelist and left-wing activist Don Winslow, which calls upon citizens to become cyber detectives to monitor and report fellow citizen Trump supporters to authorities while comparing the work of this “army of citizens” to that which led to the capture of al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden."


A decent article as these things go.

You Can’t ‘Just Build Your Own Twitter’
To build an alternate social media website with a dissenting moderation policy, you must first invent the universe. Good luck."


paul emery

McConnell flips on Trump-blames him for the riot at the Capital

"Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a figure as complicit as any in President Donald Trump’s rise and rule, sharply rebuked the president on Tuesday, saying he provoked the insurrectionist mob that attacked the U.S. Capitol.

“The mob was fed lies,” McConnell said on the Senate floor. “They were provoked by the president and other powerful people, and they tried to use fear and violence to stop a specific proceeding of the first branch of the federal government which they did not like.”

The other powerful people McConnell ostensibly referred to include Republican colleagues in the Senate who, on the day of the violent Jan. 6 insurrection, objected to certifying the election as a victory for President-elect Joe Biden. Among them are Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who was presiding over the Senate during McConnell’s remarks Tuesday, and Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), who was the first senator to say he would act to throw out the election results."



"McConnell flips on Trump-blames him for the riot at the Capital"

Of course.

He's a member of the ruling class and a spreadsheet prepared by a staff member told him to change sides.

So, would you vote for FDR or Hoover? Just exactly why?


It's a crazy old world.

"Defying Democrats, Feinstein calls Hawley and Cruz's crusade against election results 'important'"



Well of course Emery, he wants to get the old circle jerk
back to the way it was. They finally got the party crasher out.
Remember? Trump was not a member of that club.
He made both sides look real bad. Trump got results. That's not a good thing in D.C.

Hell Emery, you still have yet to point to anything Biden is going to do better than Trump.
How bout that TWO TRILLION LIBs are looking to spend in the first week? Real reminiscent of your boy "O"'s Crapulis Bill.. All those "shovel ready" jobs that didn't exist.

Tough night? No repubs to blame it on?

NC Right Wing Watch

Again do I have to congratulate you boys for getting registered on a pretty famous regional/national right wing watch site (see below). Good going guys, you earned it! A few of you are minor superstars so please watch yourselves, I know for a fact that your very own Walter B gets some attention from time to time. Not to exclude a few other of you who run your mouth 24/7. This organization certainly knows your reputation and moniker as the Home of White Nationalism in Nevada County. The insurrection of January 6 changed it all and thanks to all the scared little birdies who are now chirping to the FBI and other authorities. Check em out below and be proud!


Bill Tozer

Looks like Biden is planning to declare martial law and take over the government. Or, Joe Demento does not want anyone or any loud noises disturbing his daily naps. He gets irriatable and has a hair trigger. Easy to set him off which triggers his brain cells. He has had surgery twice for leaky noggin vessels. Anyway,



Posted by: scenes | 19 January 2021 at 09:14 PM

So, would you vote for FDR or Hoover? Just exactly why?

That’s just mean!

Well done.

Barry Pruett

Paul just didn’t get it. The Republican Party as you knew it is done. McConnell was never a pro-Trumper. I met at the Capitol with a bunch of tea party activists and McConnell’s staff just shined them on. McConnell, like Pelosi to the socialist left, is an old fossil to patriots. He is a game player in a world that needs folks that don’t play games


After Investigation, Pentagon Finds ‘No Plot Against Biden’ Among National Guard Troops.....

Like women.....progressives need a little drama in their daily lives.

Pearl clutching is just so satisfying......



Barry... the GOP is playing catchup with the Dems, who launched their new party 12 years ago.

It's Intersectionality vs Rationality now. No, there's no love lost between the Turtle and the Trumpers but the gulf is greater between left and right.

Barry Pruett

Folks say that the Republican Party is becoming the party of Trump. The fact is that the Republican Party is becoming the party of the people, the workers, the Patriots. These folks latched on to Trump, because he said what they wanted someone to say. Trump speaks their patriotic language of freedom and love of our fellow patriots. Black, white, brown, gay, straight - our common language is freedom and love of the American ideals. The communist Democrats in the United States hate it, because they want everyone to hate the United States and to hate the ideals upon which it was founded. The people are rising up and are in a Cold War with the socialists. The official Republican Party must become the party of the patriot or go away to something new. The Turtle is part of the Whig party. Lol. He is still playing political games for which we have no time, as the race between socialism and freedom is a sprint to the finish. Time to pick a side Turtle.


Where's the progressive contingent? I figured that they would stop by for a well deserved gloat!

I guess the mood is a little somber......when you finally rid the world of OrangeManBad only to wake up to.....Joe Biden!

Not to worry......TEAM EVIL probably has plans in the works for Grandpa Badfinger.

Bill Tozer

Dear Dark Days Diary. Dark days ahead.

Rachel Levine is Joe Biden’s selection for Assistant Secretary of HHS. She will be the first transgender nominee to a Senate-confirmed position (or maybe just the first known one). I don’t care. Do you?

What I care about is Levine’s record as Pennsylvania’s Health Secretary. It is sickening, as Ed Morrissey shows:

While Levine ran the Pennsylvania health department, she followed the example of Andrew Cuomo in ordering nursing homes to readmit residents who tested positive for COVID-19. Levine then made sure to get her own mother out of the nursing home to avoid the consequences of that decision.

Good call for mama. Bad call for public health. Six of the 10 long-term care facilities with the most coronavirus deaths nationwide are in Pennsylvania.

Even Democratic politicians in Pennsylvania have acknowledged the folly of ordering nursing homes to accept recovering coronavirus patients.. And, of course, Levine recognized it when she pulled her mother from one of them.

“I suspect that Levine would have to be an ax murderer before they would reject the first transgender nominee blah, blah, blah.”


In this case, our Leftist Totalitarian friends do not wish to follow the science.

Bill Tozer

Clueless’: Jewish Groups Blast Tlaib For Claiming Israel Is A Racist, Apartheid State Denying Vaccine To Her Grandmother

Point: “I think it’s really important to understand Israel is a racist state and that they would deny Palestinians, like my grandmother, access to a vaccine, that they don’t believe that she’s an equal human being that deserves to live, deserves to be able to be protected by this global pandemic,” Tlaib told Democracy Now! host Ann Goodman in response to a question about Israel vaccinating about 20% of its citizens.”.....

Counter point: “@RashidaTlaib, you are entitled to your own opinions, not your own facts,” the American Jewish Committee tweeted. “Israel is giving the vaccine to all its citizens, Jewish and Arab alike. The PA, responsible for Palestinian healthcare, has rejected Israel’s help and ordered its own vaccines.”

Touché: “As a sign of goodwill, Israel approved Tlaib’s request on a humanitarian basis which led to Tlaib refusing to go on the trip. Deri noted in response to Tlaib’s decision that “her hate for Israel overcomes her love for her grandmother.””


paul emery

It's 8:05. In 55 minutes it's over. Sad day for the RR's. To bad all the passion of the early Tea Party was wasted on a Carnival Barker.


Posted by: paul emery | 20 January 2021 at 08:07 AM

So true! You know what would serve as a delightful palate cleanser.....a presidential popularity poll.

PS: When can we expect you to start complaining about debt again......?


"but the gulf is greater between left and right"

I'm uncomfortable with 'left' and 'right' given how much each has shifted over the last quarter century. Given the left's merger with the corporate state, people tend to say 'fascism', but fascism has a tolerably large intellectual underpinning that differs from this modern creature.

One thing I have to thoroughly admire is the use of large companies as an end-run around the Constitution. Not so much of a problem when antitrust law was still observed but now the Blue Mob can impose it's will via corporate policy. Wrongthink? The diversity/inclusion/equity (DIE) people will show you to the door, even a tenured professor. Think you can own a gun? Lawfare against manufacturers, VISA, drop of firearms from oligopoly retailers are in your future. Want to write a book Minitrue disapproves of? No publisher for you. 1st Amendment disappears since comm companies can store or transmit what they like. Pillow-making friend of the President? Retailers drop your line. Use billboards to promote reporting on your neighbors.

Really, you never needed a government to take over matters, simply break and absorb the free market system from the inside. Open the borders to provide a never-ending stream of voters and Amazon customers. Police powers can be saved to enforce asset transfer and preferences to your allies.

Really, this all lacks the nationalism and the pro-nation preferences implied by fascism. On the other hand, socialism isn't really the right idea. Maybe the early expansion of Islam and the destruction of a half dozen civilizations is a better analogy. We are dealing with Jihadis.


....and just like that.

There are many troubling things about this story. Biden forgetting part of a stump speech is bad enough, but this is an incident that took place last year, but has only come out now. Biden’s handlers kept it under wraps until now. How many other examples of Biden’s cognitive decline from the 2020 campaign have been covered up? If it was leaked to the media earlier, they didn’t report on it then. The obvious question is “why not?”

Obviously, Politico got the memo. The election is over. Trump is out of office. Biden’s cognitive decline is no longer taboo. It can be discussed ad nauseam by the media now because getting Biden into office wasn’t the primary objective of getting him elected.

Biden’s sole purpose was to play the role of an “electable” candidate who could appeal to independents and anti-Trump Republicans under the ruse of being a centrist just to get Trump out of office. For all intents and purposes, Biden’s job is complete, and a San Francisco liberal is now waiting in the wings to take his place at the appropriate time.

While conservative media outlets didn’t shy away from reporting on Biden’s deteriorating mental faculties, the mainstream media tried to pretend they didn’t exist. But the rules have changed now. Expect more anecdotes like the one above to make their way into mainstream media reports.

Buh bye then.....


Bill Tozer

Wacko appears on wack job’s show. She was so excited about impeaching Trump, yet was so ignorant she did not have a clue that it takes a conviction to oust Trump. Two impeachments and she is still is bitching. Whine, whine, whine. Bitch, moan, bitch and moan.

Somebody please do some mansplaining to Rashilduh,

‘Tlaib: Senate Would Have Removed Trump From Office If He ‘Looked Like Me’ Or Obama’

“And, Amy, I have to be honest: If it was somebody that looked like me, if it was President Barack Obama, there would be no question that he would be held accountable,” Tlaib went on. “He would be convicted. He would be removed from office. He would never, ever be able to run again. He wouldn’t ever be able to get public benefits. He has truly sent us on a dangerous path that I don’t thing is going to go away very easily even after he leaves office.”

“Tlaib, who was elected in 2018 to represent Michigan’s 13th Congressional District, called for Trump’s impeachment on her first day in office. Speaking to a crowd of supporters in January 2019, Tlaib said, “People love you and you win. And when your son looks at you and says, ‘Momma, look you won. Bullies don’t win.’ And I said, ‘Baby, they don’t, because we’re gonna go in there and we’re gonna impeach the mother****er.’””


Hmmm. Trump (or Obama) looked like her, the Senate would have stick a big cantaloupe in that gaping pie hole. Maybe two cantaloupes and and nice big shiny apple and turn every half hour.


ABC News political director speaks. Nothing else need be said.


Bill Tozer

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. It takes less muscles to smile that to frown.

As I write, we’re about an hour away from Biden’s swearing in and inaugural address. I’ve got my whisky shots lined up and ready to roll. Here’s what to watch for (and down a shot to):

• Appeals to unity and reconciliation—followed by more of the standard Democratic divisive disaggregations of Americans into segments, i.e., “people of color,” “LBGTQ,” etc.

• Reaching out to have better relations with our allies (never mind spitting in the face of our largest trading partner—Canada—by canceling the Keystone XL pipeline).

• “Climate crisis.” (Hey—a shot of whisky is doing your part to include ethanol in your daily routine.)

• And the big one: quaff a double-shot if he uses the phrase “Great Reset,” which is already becoming the left’s euphemism for what they envision as New Deal II (or is it New Deal IV by this time?).

• Open a second bottle if he says, “C’mon man.”

Chaser: From Politico yesterday reporting on the process of writing speeches for Biden:

For higher-profile remarks, he’d obsessively rehearse portions until he committed them to memory. And at times through the various iterations of outlining remarks, Biden could grow downright ornery.

“I would never say this,” Biden once snapped at an aide, aghast over the prepared remarks he was reviewing, according to a person in the room during a speech prep session last year. “Where did you get this from?’”

The aide explained that Biden had just said it in a public speech a couple of weeks earlier.

paul emery

It's over. Dark days are gone.


"It's over. Dark days are gone."

Welcome to Clown World.


Welcome to Thought Police, race-based preferences, open borders, the War Party, huge 'green' projects where the only green is the money, Defund the Police, gun confiscation, Single Party Government, Drag Queen Story Hour, the heckler's veto, social credit scores.

Paul, remember back in the day when you were in favor of split-party governing? Not a corporate shill? Maybe had the odd libertarian instinct? Perhaps even knew something about news rather than just feeding up endless click-bait propaganda?

paul emery

Yes scenes

I was so young and naive in those days. Four years of Trump ended that optimism. At least McConnell is coming around to realizing the Repubs need to accept some responsibility for the chaos Trump and his followers are leaving for future generations.


Posted by: scenes | 20 January 2021 at 09:51 AM

Paul, remember back in the day when you were in favor of split-party governing? Not a corporate shill? Maybe had the odd libertarian instinct? Perhaps even knew something about news rather than just feeding up endless click-bait propaganda?

With Trump gone Punch will finally have time to start that project that he's been postponing.......rebuilding the California Republican Party.


I was watching a few of Biden's Greatest Hits, here's the start of the child-fondling series.


And someone in the comments mentioned a thing that's interesting.

Search for the title, with and without quotes...

The Joe Biden You CANT See (Unless you want to)
The Joe Biden You CANT See

and it doesn't show up in either google or youtube search.

A small thing, but Minitrue is the summation of a lot of small things.

paul emery

I was encouraging the RR's to rebuild the party not me. I don't feel qualified for the job. That the party was so pathetic was a concern to me because they were incapable of representing Conservative values to balance out our governing process. They are still pathetic so it's time for you Conservatives to get to work.


Posted by: paul emery | 20 January 2021 at 10:16 AM

Always the hippy......."that sucks maannn......you guys should fix it!"

You remain Punchy McFreeclinic till the very end.


re: fish@10:21AM

It's worth considering that Paul (and most all of us) have lived most of their lives in a time of ever-decreasing social trust. Paul falls into the trap of thinking that there's some personality (Trump right now) driving the ship. 'Rebuilding' a political party, by anybody, probably isn't worth the trouble if you can't identify the cause or understand the symptoms.

Here's a chart from sociologist Robert Putnam. The calculation is off-chart, but it shows the summation of a number of measures of social glue.


Paul's job, as news director, is to make sure we follow the course.


"I was encouraging the RR's to rebuild the party not me."

No, punch, you were (and are) dancing around the folks you love to taunt, daring conservatives to land a blow.

The big fight over the next two years will be peeling back the worst of the election rules put in place for 2020.

George Rebane

Can’t wait to see our leftists start pointing out all the good things that Team Biden will accomplish, or will they just keep pounding on Trump like Obama did on Bush2.


"Yes scenes

I was so young and naive in those days. Four years of Trump ended that optimism."

Well, we certainly didn't buy any national hug fest having moved from pissed-off Team Blue to pissed-off Team Red, although Team Red is a lot less likely to burn down blocks of urban business.

So what do we get back that you missed the most? Affirmative action? Ever-increasing immigration? War?

I'll bet you missed the war part the most. It does make for interesting news footage.


Posted by: Gregory | 20 January 2021 at 10:54 AM

No, punch, you were (and are) dancing around the folks you love to taunt, daring conservatives to land a blow.

It's just that he's so feeble and inept.....


"good things that Team Biden will accomplish"

payoffs a'plenty for one thing. It's probably worth considering a list of Team Blue subgroups and what they require to stay quiescent. Of course, younger millennials will want me to help pay their college loans and get them into purchasing a house at age 25. Hopefully, artificially low interest rates, overpopulation due to immigration, and over-written building code doesn't leave them all living in a car. Hey, don't look at me, I didn't do it.

You can argue that demanding stuff is a stronger GOTV concept than 'just leave us alone'. Genghis Khan proved that some time ago.

I doubt that Trump did one thing, which is leave a stay-behind intelligence operation.

paul emery

Well RR's you can always recall Newsom and then you can bring back the Schwartz. I'm sure he'll be waiting for a call.


punchy, five years ago you were crowing about he reeducation camps it would take to reintegrate GOP voters into normal life after nov 2016. What happened to that?


"I was encouraging the RR's to rebuild the party not me. I don't feel qualified for the job."

That's because you aren't qualified for the job.

The CA GOP has been abysmal at the ballot box because state Dems have the money locked up tight. They own the labor unions in the state... the public employee labor unions. It's a perpetual money motion machine.

Personally, I think the state GOP is a loser until a Democratic State Bankruptcy is being flirted with. A nice touch would be Climate Change becoming such a laugh track that everyone is looking for the back door outa there.

paul emery

Gregory 12:51

Didn't take that position. Dig up some quotes to verify your accusation. .

paul emery


You should be happy that Biden is going to fulfill Trumps desire for a $2000 total stimulus check.


Posted by: paul emery | 20 January 2021 at 01:52 PM


You should be happy that Biden is going to fulfill Trumps desire for a $2000 total stimulus check.


I'm surprised you're so happy that Biden is going to add to the debt so that Scenes can be happy about those $2000 total stimulus checks.

I mean you were such a debt/deficit Hawk recently......what happened....when did you abandon your principles concerning fiscal responsibility?


"You should be happy that Biden is going to fulfill Trumps desire for a $2000 total stimulus check."

Honestly I'm not sure what the 'right' amount is, if any at all. Should it be income based? Asset based? Handing out bread to the masses is a tricky thing. If nothing else, I guess we are finding out which jobs and businesses are actually important enough to continue. The Little Red Hen is an object lesson to us all.

My personal plan is to save any debit cards I get and use them for bar tabs.

It reminds me of the ongoing COVID hullaballoo. Not only do people think they know what outta been done, they know exactly what was done wrong. I guess if you're a bit player in getting The State back in power you just follow your assigned role. Truth is, the whole world is confused about what health policies to enact, what economic policies to follow, and how those fight with one another. Spend a few minutes off of click bait propaganda and check out international papers and you'll see what I mean.

My working proposition is that everyone will get COVID at some point and may well get it multiple times as it mutates. Avoid by common hygiene measures and staying away from concerts. The weapons researcher that picked it out of the grab bag of bat plagues did a good job.


Posted by: scenes | 20 January 2021 at 02:31 PM

My personal plan is to save any debit cards I get and use them for bar tabs.

You're buying......? Here, let me give you my number!

paul emery

Well fish the last 1.8 Trillion stimulus is on Trumps tab since he and McConnell supported it and he signed the legislation. Biden will have a lot of catching up to do and he will be inheriting Trumps wrecked economy and didn't inherit a stable and growing economy like Trump did from Obama. Bush, Hoover and now Trump left a trashed economy for their successor, in this case Biden. History proves it takes a Republican to totally destroy the economy.


punchy 150pm

"Didn't take that position. Dig up some quotes to verify your accusation."

Yes, you did punch. Multiple times. Face to face at Java Johns.

Ahnnna Haynes wasn't there with her recorder fetish.


Posted by: paul emery | 20 January 2021 at 02:44 PM

Well fish the last 1.8 Trillion stimulus is on Trumps tab since he and McConnell supported it and he signed the legislation.

That's correct....and you excoriated him for doing that and adding to the debt.

Biden will have a lot of catching up to do and he will be inheriting Trumps wrecked economy and didn't inherit a stable and growing economy like Trump did from Obama.

What does this have to do with your position that adding to the debt is bad?

Hoover and now Trump left a trashed economy for their successor, in this case Biden. History proves it takes a Republican to totally destroy the economy.

But you don't know history! The Roosevelt Administration admitted that their version of the New Deal was merely an expansion of that which Hoover first implemented. Hoover didn't scuttle the economy the brand new Federal Reserve pulled back liquidity after expending the money supply in the years preceding. Basically walking the economy off a cliff. You can't blame Hoover for a Central Bank caused collapse.

Again what it does show that you really don't know history

Paul Emery

Are you denying that Roosevelt inherited a wrecked economy fish from the Republican Hoover? That was my contention.

My argument against Trump is that he campaigned on balancing the budget and lowering the deficit. He was a miserable failure and broke his promises in both cases. It was not specifically an opposition to the stimulus.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 20 January 2021 at 03:58 PM

But Trump is gone......and so is your claimed opposition to more government indebtedness!

What's up with that?

Don Bessee

We will see -



Don Bessee

If its portland it must be riot day -




Emery. You deny you don't know real history?
Why do you make shit up? Trump's economy has been the best in your lifetime. Right up till your China Commie friends bio attacked us.

So,, ponytail of stupidity ( nope,, no fix for stupid)
Tell us when we had less unemployment, Minorities were better off.( slaves for democrats don't count) Tell us just which DEM that was.

You still have yet to even say just what Biden is going to do better than Trump. (Taxing the shit out of us don't count either)


Fish 4:06
Well,, you see,,, we have our own dotard right here.
History just ain't how the buzzard of Broad St. remembers it.

paul emery

Excuses excuses Walt

When he left office it was a wreck. Do you deny that fact?


So Emery,, prezident, or dictator?

Can we put you down for 30 refugees? Your dream has come true! The border wall has now been stopped!

China will get our jobs back, and BIG Bizz will get slave labor from same. Happy?


No Emery,, no he didn't. Any damage, was done your Proggys.
The kung flu is a FACT. (need to look up the meaning?)
YOU slammed Trump for doing what he did to slow the infection.
So did your queen of the DAMNED. We know your memory is as bad and dotard Biden's.

Still waiting for all the great things Biden is supposed to do.. Your not real big on answering the question... WHY EMERY,,WHY???
Hell!! You rarely answer ANY question... WHY EMERY,,WHY?


Telling LIES right out of the gate!

Illegitimate Biden won't answer (like Emery) about "crack" Hunter Biden.

paul emery


I told you long ago that Trump was lying when he said he was going to build a wall and you just verified that he never finished it. Oh yeah-Mexico was going to pay for it. That's another Trump lie.

Give it up Walt Trump was the biggest Presidential loser since before Teddy Roosevelt. He's the only President in that time-since at least 1900- that not only lost re-election but the House and Senate as well in his one term.


Keep grasping Emery. Trump built it faster than anyone. Despite your Commie roadblacks. Nope,, secure borders is nothing you want. That's UN American. Maybe you should have stayed in Greece.

Still going with that rigged election? The LEAST attended "inauguration" in history. Trump got more people today in FL. than Biden.

Plenty of troops got sick having to listen to the bastard prez.

I'm sure your pleased with D.C. being a police state.
Looked like Cuba.


OH... How bout that "inserection" in Portland Emery?
They hate Biden TOO!

They took over COMMIECRAT headquarters! HOW DARE THEY!!!!

Antifa marched through the streets of Portland, Oregon, on Inauguration Day carrying a sign saying “We don’t want Biden — We want revenge!”

A video tweeted by New York Times journalist Mike Baker whose a group of Antifa protesters marching down a Portland street with a sign bearing anti-police and anti-Biden messages.

Oh... Wait.. They are anti cop.. Now didn't you march in an anti cop protest this Summer? ( another question that will receive NO answer)(But we already know that answer)

Barry Pruett


McClintock sums it up all here. Good policies make good politics.

Bill Tozer

Dear Dark Days Diary. Quotes from gatherings storm.

Upright: “Woke-ism, multiculturalism, all the -isms — they’re not who America is. They distort our glorious founding and what this country is all about. Our enemies stoke these divisions because they know they make us weaker.” —outgoing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

For the record: “The left fears dissent. And they do so for good reason. Leftism is essentially a giant balloon filled with nothing but hot air. Therefore, no matter how big the balloon — the Democratic Party, The New York Times, Yale University — all it takes is a mere pin to burst it. Leftism is venerated by intellectuals. But there is little intellectual substance to leftism. It is a combination of doctrine and emotion. The proof? Those with intellectual depth do not stifle dissent; they welcome it.” —Dennis Prager

On the mark: “The last time the Senate convened, we had just reclaimed the Capitol from violent criminals who tried to stop Congress from doing our duty. The mob was fed lies. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people. … We stood together and said an angry mob would not get veto power over the rule of law in our nation.” —Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell

What could possibly go wrong? “Other countries have domestic spy agencies to fight extremists at home. Does America need one, too?” —The Daily Beast

That’s racist! “It’s really important to understand Israel is a racist state in that they would deny Palestinians like my grandmother access to a vaccine; that they don’t believe that she’s an equal human being that deserves to live.” —Rep. Rashida Tlaib

Braying jackass: “There’s one other element that I have been talking about for a long time that gives me great grief as a Catholic. I think that Donald Trump is president because of the issue of a woman’s right to choose. … Many of these people are very good people; that’s just their point of view. But they were willing to sell the whole democracy down the river for that one issue.” —House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Alpha jackass: “I did see a similar dynamic in the evolution of al-Qaida in Iraq, where a whole generation of angry Arab youth with very poor prospects followed a powerful leader who promised to take them back in time to a better place, and he led them to embrace an ideology that justified their violence. This is now happening in America.” —Gen. Stanley McChrystal, comparing conservatives to al-Qaida terrorists

And last… “For a side that is anti-gun and anti-wall, they sure bring in a lot of guns and walls for the inauguration.” —Kevin Sorbo



My, my. That was quick.



I'm guessing he doesn't mean 'Green Libertarians'.

One of Paul's allies speaks:


"@JohnBrennan Biden intel community “are moving in laser-like fashion to try to uncover as much as they can about” the pro-Trump “insurgency” that harbors “religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, nativists, even libertarians”"

Bummer that one guy who had a twitter machine and a handful of voters in swing states were all that kept us from a Blue Mob Stasi. Maybe it was baked into the cake all along. Up next will be KVMR public service announcements with an FBI phone number urging you to 'report any Trump activity you see, it's for the children'.

Bill Tozer

Well, it looks like inclusion training and White Confession Time is back. Bad Y-T bad. Grovel like the worms you all.

‘Biden Signs Executive Order Disbanding 1776 Commission’

“Without our common faith in the equal right of every individual American to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, authoritarian visions of government and society could become increasingly alluring alternatives to self-government based on the consent of the people,” Trump’s executive order read.

Biden’s order also revokes “President Trump’s damaging executive order limiting the ability of federal government agencies, contractors and even some grantees from implementing important and needed diversity and inclusion training.”.....

...“Biden has tasked Domestic Policy Advisor Susan Rice with leading an interagency process to hold the federal government accountable for “advancing equity for families across America.””



Wise observation o' the day:

"Media ratings aren't going to collapse as some conservatives hope.

The country is going into full on Show Trial mode, as otherwise clueless rubes are held out as great traitors to the regime.

In addition media will induce daily PANIC ATTACKS on terrorism.

Big money in that."



The Swamp Expands:

"Janet Yellen, President-elect Joe Biden's nominee for treasury secretary, suggested on Tuesday that lawmakers "curtail" the use of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin over concerns that they are "mainly" used for illegal activities."


No doubt a China-esque digital currency is in the cards. No anonymous payments for you buster, gotta keep an eye on the wrongthinkers.

Scott O

scenes 10:07 Hilarious!
"...over concerns that they are "mainly" used for illegal activities."
And Janet knows this 'fact' why?


I give the TROLLS a week before they secretly miss Trump.
(of course they will never admit it.)
Hell. They can't even defend that ly'n SOB now.

Bill Tozer

Andy NGO; another story of the Election Day violence in Portlandia and Seattle.

‘Biden won’t stop them, and neither will cops, until Portland is burned down’


Attacking the Dem Headquarters? Busting out every window one by one? Reminds me of a old JJ Walker Dynomite quote as posted here many moons ago: “Look at Northern Ireland. When there are no Jews, Spicks, or Blacks around, the White Man will improvise.” Antifa has a lot of Dumb Suburban White Punks on dope along its ranks.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 22 January 2021 at 09:12 AM

‘Biden won’t stop them, and neither will cops, until Portland is burned down’

I can live with that.

George Rebane

Former Trump economist supports Biden's $1.9T stimulus.

Just so you understand my general disdain for quantitative economists (save a precious few) -
1) almost everyone agrees with very low interest rates that we can service the debt on the additional $1.9T;
2) no one knows how or whether that money will really be a stimulus (Obama's trillions weren't);
3) almost everyone agrees that when interest rates go up due to incipient inflation, the country will be both monetarily and fiscally in deep shit;
4) no one has a clue, especially economists, about how we will dig ourselves out without a Weimar event (i.e. destruction of the dollar), and all that this portends re the global world order and balance of power.
5) spending like this is how drunken sailors got their reputation when they got shore leave.

paul emery

Well George you seemed to have no problem when Trump ran up7.5 Trillion in debt in only four years and not a comment from you when he promised to cut spending lower the deficit and balance the budget in his first term and did just the opposite.


JJ walker brings old memories to the foreground... a minor league major libertarian... dated Ann Coulter "just friends".

He was in the right places at the right time. Dyn-o-mite paid off. Interesting character.


Damn Emery,, lousy memory? And not ONCE did you agree that Trump should close down the Gov. to get a better spending deal.
So quit your bitching.

How bout those Billions your hero Biden just signed away?
I'm sure your fine with that.
What's a meer 60,000 jobs gone with a stroke of a pen?

BTW... How's your coding classes going?


Poor Paull "O" still had Trump beat.
9 TRILLION Emery!! 9!!! added to the debt.

And no damned jobs! WHO paid for all the free shit Emery?



Posted by: Walt | 22 January 2021 at 01:07 PM

I think that after his 4 year pout Punch is taking some well earned time off. What you’re seeing now is simply Emery Bot reruns.

Well George you seemed to have no problem when Trump ran up7.5 Trillion in debt in only four years and not a comment from you when he promised to cut spending lower the deficit and balance the budget in his first term and did just the opposite.

Give it a couple of weeks and Punch will be back defending Gropey Joes rampant out of control deficit spending and any concern over debt will be conveniently forgotten.

paul emery


You seemed to not have a problem with Trumps "rampant out of control deficit spending" (7.5 Trillion in 4 years). Can you explain that?


Posted by: paul emery | 22 January 2021 at 01:35 PM

Ugh.....and not a particularly good or interesting rerun!

Wonder what’s on Hulu?

paul emery


Pretty obvious way to say I don't care to answer that question which reveals you don't really care about the national debt if your guy is in office. Thanks for making that clear.


Your gal was speaker, punch. And Speaker has more power over spending.

paul emery

Trumps debt is worse than I thought. Here are some details:

The national debt under President Trump increased from $20,244,900,016,053 to $26,498,433,296,171 (taken on August 8th 2020). [1] That's $4.825 billion a day.

In less than one term, the debt under Trump’s presidency has increased more than $6 trillion, and it will continue to rise. [9]
Key Stats:

To August 2020, Trump had raised national debt by 30.9%
Trump increased spending on agriculture more than any other area, jumping 194% between 2017 and 2019, from $14.2b to $41.7b
Of the $1 trillion federal budget for 2020, $893 billion is a deficit and half of that will be owed to China
Trump cut corporate tax rates from 35% in 2017 to 21% in 2018
The highest federal Income tax rate was reduced from 39.6% to 37% at the start of 2018

It is projected that the president who campaigned on eliminating the national debt will add $8 trillion to it before leaving office. [1] This is likely a conservative estimate given the originally unexpected $2 trillion stimulus just passed by Congress due to the COVID-19 pandemic.



"Give it a couple of weeks and Punch will be back defending Gropey Joes rampant out of control deficit spending"

Not gonna happen. Defending a position takes more work than simply repeating clickbait news and demanding posts from others. Emerybot programming is not far enough along to pass a Turing test so far as I can tell.

In any case, my best is that President Cabbage is besides the point. There'll be some sort of internecine fight between administration factions, somebody'll pull more of the puppet strings than the others. Life goes on.

Most of the fun is beyond administration control. A fairly likely event that the plague doesn't just-go-away. Overheated stock and housing market doing their inevitable denouement. The price is finally starting to be paid for a year+ of economic disintegration. The Blue Mob continues to work up it's courage to sic the levers of state and mob power on the Deplorables. The Deplorables eventually go into a survival mode. The War Party solidifies control by generating lotsa new voters, stuffing courts, increased surveillance, removing filibuster...maybe even a war to keep everyone's spirits up.


Posted by: paul emery | 22 January 2021 at 01:44 PM


Punch you really are embarrassing! When the Tea Party was complaining about the countries finances you mocked them. When Obama pissed away his 8 trillion you were silent. I imagine there was some consternation over Bushes profligate spending but then Obama.....so shhhh! Then Trump is elected and the debt is the worst thing in the world and you complained incessantly.

Now Biden is warming the chair......and from you......nuthin!

You are the very definition of hypocritical shitweasal.

paul emery

Obama was 8 Trillion in 8 years. Trump is over 8 trillion in 4 years. Do you dispute those facts?

Bill Tozer

Fish, I disagree. Totally disagree.

“Give it a couple of weeks and Punch will be back defending Gropey Joes rampant out of control deficit spending and any concern over debt will be conveniently forgotten.”

No, Punch will not be defending Biden’s rampant out of control deficit spending. He will be saying, “Whatabout Trump!!! He did it too!”

No need to for Punch to defend Biden.
Fish again. I totally agree. Not
Walt @ 12:57 pm

That’s for jogging my memory. Yes, I remember Trump’s lockdown over the budget. Punchy indeed was bitching and bitching and bitching. What about some Forest Ranger lady? She is not getting a paycheck through no fault of her own. Sob, sob. No worries. That Forest Service overpaid lady got paid for not working and got every penny, whether she got out of bed or not. Unlike most people. Bitch, bitch, complain. bitch.
Fish again. I totally agree. “ Ugh.....and not a particularly good or interesting rerun!”
Nothing more to add.

paul emery

What are you talking about Bill? You're totally incoherent. Who is the Forest Ranger lady you are talking about?


emerybot: "Obama was 8 Trillion in 8 years. Trump is over 8 trillion in 4 years. Do you dispute those facts?"

You know, previous to COVID, which is kind of a unique situation (you can see the deficit in any Western country's budget), Obama always had a higher debt/gdp ratio than Trump.

I expect it's more a matter of where a President hits the business cycle, not any particular policy. Generally, the tendency is to spend more than you have of course.

Truth is, the currency will collapse, you'll see sizable social unrest, civilizations will topple, it's always baked into the cake at some point. If you can live most of your life playing guitar in bars and actually get by, you've really pulled off something in a historical context. 100 years ago you'd have slept in a horse stable.


Phrase of the day from James Howard Kunstler.

"As for Mr. Trump, he departed as he had arrived in 2016: stridently contemptuous toward the parasitical oligarchy that finally expelled him like a bladder-stone."

paul emery

Republicans always have excuses scenes. Hoover the fed, Biden mortgage scams by the Dems and Trump the Covid. Fact is goth Biden and Obama inherited desperate situations from their predecessors.

The "parasitical oligarchy" Kunstler refers is surely the Republican establishment who is looking to regain their throne for the future. Well noted scenes.


emerybot: "The "parasitical oligarchy" Kunstler refers is surely the Republican establishment who is looking to regain their throne for the future."

I'm afraid that it's the uniparty ruling class that you run interference for.

I'd love to see an argument between the younger and feistier Paul Emery and the current corporatist one.


WOW!! Emery is taking a long ride in that WAYback machine.
Gotta yap about things long past, and NOT what his brother is up to, who need help just finding the door.

Emery has lost any knowledge he may have had on who actually does the spending.
"I don't answer shit" Emery stands for nothing, won't back up his claims won't even back up the one he voted for.(GOD forbid even say really why)

Two Trillion in the first week Emery! Way to start the spending.
Tens of thousands of jobs GONE!!! Yup, You picked a rea winner. Glad you have the deep pockets for the soon to be here fuel and electric rates to go sky high. Going to blame that on Trump too? All those executive orders being signed. You know.. The thing a dictator does.

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