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28 January 2021



Melissa and her Quietech Team are and have always been nothing less than sensational! I am so sorry the county is changing in such a manner that good people are placed in a position of being abused. Jude and I appreciate and thank you for bring this important matter to the attention of the county citizens who care and are concerned for Nevada County's future.

Barry Pruett

“As the country sinks into its woke-powered autocracy, we will be reminded more frequently than ever that a gossamer thin veil separates civilization from barbarians at the gate.” I don’t think that your garden variety liberal truly understands the dangerous game which they are playing and from which millions of lives can be lost.

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe caves to the congressional jihadi cacus so 9/11 attackers get it first-



Bill Tozer

‘Spoiled Rotten’
Students at the United Nations International School launch an anonymous social media campaign denouncing their teachers as “racists” and “oppressors.”

Money quote: “The Instagram campaign demanded that the school “fire the racist principals,” threatened to begin naming their “oppressors,” and pledged a policy of no mercy: “No one is obligated to protect you from those consequences and no one is obligated to forgive you.””
“The dynamics at this bastion of elite progressivism reveal something important about the American political environment. The children of the most privileged people on the planet have donned the mantle of oppression to satisfy their moral narcissism and to exercise power over their elders. The adults, crippled with anxiety about any threat to their status, immediately bow to anonymous teenagers leading an online mob.

This is the same basic pattern now spreading through most major institutions in the country, from federal agencies to state boards of education to Fortune 500 companies. More than anything, what’s needed in America today is moral courage—precisely the virtue that has vanished from those who administer our institutions.”



For life after Trump,, a new record of executive orders.
26 in just the first week!
The mark of a true dictator. But how many did HE actually think up, and not his caregivers?

Just who is the one whose hand and arm are elbow deep up his bum?

Steven Frisch

You are so colossally full of sh*#.

First, the "barbarians at the gate" are the very people you and your crew have supported who refuse to mask when entering a private business and who attack those who seek to comply with public health advice. You are the barbarian at the gate.

Second, Joe Biden never said antifa is an "idea," he said in the first presidential debate, "His own [Trump's] FBI director said ... antifa is an idea, not an organization," referring to FBI Director Christopher Wray's testimony to Congress. Biden has consistently said that if the FBI or local prosecutors find a specific organization that is engaged in violence they should be prosecuted, a position shared by the vast majority of Democrats, who you continue to paint with a broad and inaccurate brush.

You are correct that many will not compare antifa or Biden to "Mussolini or the Nazis" and that is because it is not antifa nor Biden who is adopting the language, rhetoric, symbols, arguments, or political philosophies of "Mussolini or the Nazis." it is the right.

There is a direct and identifiable link between for example the protesters who attacked the Capital building and radical right wing extreme organizations in the US who have adopted fascist ideas. A simple perusal of the attendees at the insurrection will show dozens if not hundreds of examples of runes, logos, symbols and messages from the fascist radical right. I could bury you in photos of those symbols. The use of those symbols is of course not illegal, but it is indicative of the ideas being advanced by their bearers.

In addition it is increasingly clear that the crowd had organized presence from several groups inciting the larger group to insurrection and violence, including not just the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, and Three Percenters, but also people associated with various remnants of the National Alliance, KKK groups, Aryan Nation groups, and Christian Identity groups.

It is also clear that many of the participants were current or former members of the military or law enforcement, along with a smattering of current and former elected officials, all of whom swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. In cases where these people engaged in violence they should be arrested and prosecuted, either under current civilian criminal law, or the UCMJ if there were serving members of the military. But it is equally clear that if a member of the military is merely exercising their first amendment rights, they should be free to do so.

The problem here is that it has been and continues to be a clearly stated strategy of right wing militia groups to recruit from the ranks of the military and law enforcement, both for their skills and their ability to train others in their skills. This strategy shows up not just in the statements of early fuckheads like William Gale, Luther Pierce, David Duke and Richard Butler, but the new breed of violent right wing activists like Stewart Rhodes (OK), Michael Vanderboegh(3%) and Enrique Tarrio (PB).

Finally, your lumping together of, "the media, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Hollywood, top retired military brass, corporate America, universities, and professional sports..." is about 1 tiny short step away from the theory that all of these things are part of a jewish worldwide conspiracy to create a new world order.

That is how you roll George, you go right up to the edge of violence, right up to the edge of sedition, right up to the edge of anti-Semitism, right up to the edge...and you edge your stupid fucking posse...then draw back and claim like a coward, "I never said that!"

That is why I have said many times here, your entire political philosophy is the opposite of patriotism; it is un-American, anti-constitutional, separatist propaganda, right at the edge of treason.


New high score for Emperor Xibiden.

George Rebane

re StevenF 823am - Here is yet one more example of our local progressive pundit's attempts at critique. Save for "barbarians at the gate", every other quote or notion that he attributes to me is fabricated. Among his other deficits is that the man has poor reading skills.

Yet he shares his socio-political fantasies with many like-minded hereabouts and across the country. And their intents are scary for those of us who disagree.

Michael Kesti

The derangement cost lives.



Frisch, You are so colossally full of sh*#.

Your delusion is missing a big piece... Critical Theory. Wokeness. That's what is driving the takeover. Destroying classical liberalism, free speech, individual vs group rights.

Gramsci, Buttigieg, Marcuse, Derrida, Lyotard. Say their names.


Posted by: Gregory | 29 January 2021 at 10:23 AM

........typical reactionary.


Scott O

Frisch 8:23 - "Second, Joe Biden never said antifa is an "idea," he said in the first presidential debate, "His own [Trump's] FBI director said ... antifa is an idea, not an organization," referring to FBI Director Christopher Wray's testimony to Congress."
Biden was quoting Wray because he agreed with Wray.
Biden was advancing the idea of Antifa just being an 'idea'.
Biden refused to denounce Antifa and refused to denounce the actual violence going on all summer.
We saw the lawlessness and rioting allowed by the leftist mayors and governors all summer, Frisch.
That riot at the capitol was nothing compared to what happened when Trump was inaugurated. They just rioted against people that the Dems don't consider important. You know - citizens of the United States.


Damn, left out a key name...

Gramsci, Buttigieg, Marcuse, Foucault, Derrida, Lyotard. Say their names.


Posted by: Gregory | 29 January 2021 at 11:29 AM


Barry Pruett

LMFAO. Steve...you need to go bowling with Paul. Enrique Tarrio (a black Cuban) is a racist?! He must be the most self-loathing black in the USA. LOL. You throw out all of this bullshit that you read from biased sources but never try to know these folks or any facts. Sounds like CNN. You just yell racist and move along. And now George hates Jews?! Wow. You are what is wrong with America. Poster child.

George Rebane

More on the Frisch screed. Does it ever occur to him and his that they are labelling at least half of Americans as being "right at the edge of treason"? Yet, the policies they promote and implement to completely destroy our country as a sovereign nation-state never occur to them as being existentially anti-American - they demand and are working feverishly for an openly-declared "fundamental transformation" of the United States. And in their one-track collectivist minds, opponents of such a transformation are simply labeled domestic terrorists and traitors.


Days get darker with LIBS openly protecting LIBS.
"Tech giant Google is actively removing negative reviews of the Robinhood trading app from the Google Play Store after users expressed their anger over the trading platform’s halt on buying certain stocks yesterday, including Gamestop."
Anger "speech" is now forbidden against Lefty thieves.

Scott O

Here's what happens to the swamp when they are caught.
Gee - what's all this talk about attacks on our nation's democratic institutions?
Pure BS.
Nothing to see here, folks - move along.


Posted by: George Rebane | 29 January 2021 at 11:39 AM

“Does it ever occur to him and his that they are labelling at least half of Americans as being ‘right at the edge of treason’?”

Even if he’s vaguely conscious of it it wouldn’t bother him. Scratch a “progressive” and you’ll find a person who dreams of filling the camps with his political enemies.

Don Bessee

Something team frischy will ignore because it does not fit the approved talking points for lefties -



Steven Frisch

Posted by: George Rebane | 29 January 2021 at 09:34 AM

Except of course George you did not refute any of my core points.

Is it or is it not true that the "barbarians at the gate" of Quietech were not the "woke-powered autocracy" but anti maskers?

Is it not true that Biden was quoting Wray, so his point was actually that Trump's own hand picked FBI director was saying antifa is an "idea?"

You also failed to note that that that statement was based on their own domestic terrorism threat assessment, released by the Department of Homeland Security on October 6th, which also stated, "However, I am particularly concerned about white supremacist violent extremists who have been exceptionally lethal in their abhorrent, targeted attacks in recent years."

George Rebane

Steven 159pm - I have refuted your "core points" for over a decade on these pages. As you have apparently forgotten, you and yours don't have enough similarities in what I and mine view out there in the realworld.

And you understand so little (anything?) of what I write. For example, the Quietech entry above has little to do with VDH's commentary in the second entry. Quietech's experience was not detailed by MelissaH, I have no idea as to their political make-up. And the context of Biden's own assertion of Wray's statement also makes it an expression of his own belief - he neither cited nor qualified it as otherwise.

Finally, the logic you use to connect ideas, notions, history, ... is totally foreign to me. Perhaps you were schooled differently, and have lived in a world in which the products of your logic are of little moment in the making of things that work and taking decisions. I have not had that luxury.

Finally, you continue unabated in the supreme hubris that you know what other people think and mean, absent any supportive evidence from their actual expressions.


Yup REAL dark... Change one name and the LIBS go blind with rage.

Now can the Libbys tell us who this was first said about?
"“If you see anybody from the Cuomo Administration in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd,” the account wrote. “And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”"

When some people on the Right take her up on it, it's called "insurrection".

Barry Pruett

Gavin Newsom is my hero.



Just how butt stupid is this new "regulation"?
"Outdoor dining in Los Angeles County reopened Friday with a catch: restaurants and bars can’t have their televisions turned on for customers, according to a new health order.

“Televisions or any other screens that are used to broadcast programming must be removed from the area or turned off. This provision is effective until further notice,”"

Scott O

Frisch - "Is it not true that Biden was quoting Wray, so his point was actually that Trump's own hand picked FBI director was saying antifa is an "idea?"
No, Frisch - that was not his point and you know it.
You quote people for one of two reasons - either to bolster your argument or as a setup to refute the person you quoted.
Biden was clearly quoting Wray to bolster his position that the ongoing left-wing violence was nothing to be bothered with.
His VP pick was actively trying to bail out the rioters so they could get back to their playful antics.


Now don't forget what Nadless Nadler stated..
"ANTIFA violence is a MYTH"



I'm sure Frisch has an excuse for that too.

Don Bessee

The chi coms are tying to bitch out creepy grampa joe out of the gate -

Chinese bombers recently simulated an attack on a US Navy aircraft carrier in the South China Sea, the US military said Friday, confirming earlier reporting from the Financial Times.

As the Navy's Theodore Roosevelt carrier strike group sailed into the South China Sea this past Saturday, the Chinese military sent eight H-6K bombers, four J-16 fighter jets, and one Y-8 anti-submarine warfare aircraft flying past Taiwan and into the contested waterway.

Tracking data indicates the US carrier strike group entered the South China Sea by way of the Bashi Channel as the Chinese fighters flew through Taiwan's air defense identification zone.

The Financial Times, citing persons familiar with the US and allied intelligence, reported Friday that the Chinese bombers and fighters simulated an attack on the Theodore Roosevelt carrier strike group. The Chinese bomber pilots were also reportedly overheard confirming naval strike orders and simulating the firing of anti-ship missiles.



Scott O

Walt 5:24 - It's science, Walt. Everyone knows that if you sit at a table with a beer you will get sick, but if you have a sandwich with the beer, you're good.
Same with TV - if it's on while you have your beer and sandwich, the light emissions from the TV will negate the protective power of the magic sandwich. LA County would love to explain this in more detail, but you'd just get confused.


Just an idea.........

Antifa Attacks Portland ICE Building, Hurls Mortars And Rocks At Feds

Now I don’t have a great deal of sympathy for federal law enforcement but still...... I do wonder when the feds will finally decide to pull a Branch Davidian on the Teefers though?



Posted by: Scott O | 29 January 2021 at 10:39 PM

That explanation is no worse than most Climate Science. Maybe some diagrams with a TV and squiggly lines emanating from the screen........

Steven Frisch

Posted by: Scott O | 29 January 2021 at 11:04 AM

I am not saying that Biden does not agree, I am saying that George misrepresented Biden's statement by not providing the context, and that Biden sourced his comment with data directly from the FBI and DHS, positions appointed by Trump.

Scott O

Frisch - George did not misrepresent Biden's view. Biden's view was that Antifa was just an 'idea'.
It is you who are trying to present a false narrative.
The notion that the FBI and DHS are in agreement with Trump in this matter is laughable. You might want to brush up on the history of the FBI and Trump. The FBI was caught red-handed in a dispicible plot to frame Trump. Trump never advanced in any way the position that Antifa was just an 'idea'. Biden did.


Give it up Frisch, Biden stated "ANTIFA is an idea".
So when will you admit AGW is a myth? (But it makes s great excuse for free money.)

Steven Frisch

Posted by: Barry Pruett | 29 January 2021 at 11:36 AM

Barry you are obviously either very ill informed or intentionally lying.

The Proud Boys are a racist organization...period.

The organization itself originated in the far right movement that promotes white replacement theory, the theory that whites in western society are the victims of s slow genocide, and open promote what they call "white chauvinism." The originated in the very on line journal that Richard Spencer was the executive editor of. One of the key tenets is the idea that there is a battle for western civilization between Islam and Christianity. Sounds familiar here.

The Proud Boys ally in media, on line propaganda, and in marches and action, with organizations like the Traditionalist Workers Party which is a direct descendent of several American Nazi organizations, various Klan factions, and numerous militia organizations.

The Proud Boys openly advocate violence against both other organizations ands people and elected officials, including engaging in re-enactments of lynching a public assassination. The FBI has documented the Proud Boys ties to various white supremacist and separatist groups that have directly engaged in political violence.

If you believe that because Enrique Tarrio is of Cuban ancestry and appears to be dark skinned that somehow absolves the organization of its actions and statements, then you are 1) underestimating the Proud Boys skills at intentionally manipulating messaging, and 2) forgetting that this sort of misinformation is a tool that these groups fully understand.

Finally, you, in your previous role as a self styled leader and member of various groups in this county roundly rejected by voters I might add, have welcomed this racist, right wing, violent, anti-democratic, un-American treasonous mind set in, and are complicit in the rise of racist hate.

You are a embarrassment to your profession, and to Nevada County.

Bill Tozer

Reply to Steve’s first post @ 8:23 am, Jan 29, Year One. (The first posts are usually the ones that tell ya what’s it’s all about. And the first line or two of the first post sometimes gets to the meat and potatoes.

“First, the "barbarians at the gate" are the very people you and your crew have supported who refuse to mask when entering a private business and who attack those who seek to comply with public health advice. You are the barbarian at the gate.”

In defense, some of us have grumbled about wearing masks in heat waves and all, but none of us here that I know off promotes the refusing of wearing masks when entering a public building, or business or attack those (physically?) to make them not to comply with public health advice. No one I know of. The mandates and guidelines are for personal hygiene (I follow that one only when I have to get cleaned up and venture out, while letting the facial hair grow in-between), mask wearing in public (including retail stores and strolling among humanity), and social distancing.

That broad brush that the ‘dreaded we here” encourage not wearing masks is a most common talking point consistently hurled at ‘us’ from the Ozzie Von Barron Lavenders of the world, local The Union lefty commentators on articles, etc. It’s such a given to the ignorant that we are all anti-maskers to the point of refusing to mask up before walking into the local stationary store. What a load of horse shit.

NEWS FLASH: Asking for more data is not anti-science. It is what those who follow the data request because they are looking at the data and are following the scientific mind and principles by asking questions. That is the scientific method and miles from being anti-science. How well to masks work? What’s the percentage of efficiency? What’s the infection rate between groups that mask up 100% and groups that mask up 50%, 80? Last I looked, about 90% of the population have been masking up anyway, whether they like it or not. For months. Liking it is not a requirement.

Yes, I have posted memes, one with a chain link fence that said something like, ‘Trusting masks to keep out micron particles is like putting up a chain link fence to keep out mosquitos.’ This, I believe in social distancing is more effective than masks. When you social distance, masks become a mute point until one....like the miners of old.....comes out of the hills and heads for those distant city lights.

Full disclosure: I don’t mask up at the gas pumps if few vehicles are at the pump and I am using a card to pay and not going inside. Sometimes I have masked up at the pumps when it’s packed, it all depends on the circumstances.
Some places you are required to mask up outside your home. “Hey Sugar Plum, you better mask up if you are going to trim those roses on the side of the house. Don’t want to be accused of supporting some yahoo who refuses to wear a mask at the Knic Knac store and makes a big friggin deal over it and the cops are called and....well, Sweet Cakes, looks like “we” anti-science domestic terrorists. just killed another C-19 poor soul out there because....well, because that’s what we do best. Just think what would happen if the Wuhan China Virus did not have a 96% survival rate across the board. Much less for those under 60, way much less for the 20 something 2nd grade school teacher. And way way less for the school kids. Think the entire death toll for the Virus in 2020 for minors (17 and under) nationwide was 130. Total. Nationwide. Out of 60 million. Got to add a lot of zeros after the decimal point to make it even show up in the stats

I am personally to blame for 400,000 deaths, not Dr. Rebane. And I AM personally responsible for every time some Nevada City bush rat denizen causes a disturbance at some downtown wrinkle village retail outlet I read the police blotter. The anti-maskers seem to like to target the Briar Patch. Wonder if that is the same bunch of guys that have been seen naked along the trail up there or harassing our women, chasing after them with an erection with needles dangling from their arms or between their toes. I take full blame for those messy Incidents of Human Behavior at the Patch, Steve. OK, except the hippy looking shoplifters.

Bottomline: Steve is a pinky. My broad brush forced me to say that. Forced I say. Ihave no choice in the matter.
It’s true. He is Commie Bastard socialist Anti-American facsist....er....a Post American Pinko

Bottomline II: This C-19 thang is just a dress rehearsal for the GND.

Steven Frisch

Posted by: Scott O | 30 January 2021 at 08:29 AM

Biden cited a source, George failed to disclose that. The point that Biden may agree with that is irrelevant; by not acknowledging the full quote and the source George is intentionally misrepresenting his view and what he said.

And that is precisely how he edges every one of you here. George is a propagandist...he twists words and quotes to advance an idea, while leaving plausible deniability about the meaning.


Frisco Frisch sticking to the party memo.. "Don't talk about ANTIFA.. They are just and idea and myth."
Think Portland and Seattle think that? How bout Frisco?
30,000 business owners with property damage and high insurance costs say otherwise.

Barry Pruett

Propagandist lies Steve. None of what you said above is true. None of it. Except that I lost an election. 😂

George Rebane

re Steven 917am - The point that Biden may agree with the words that come out of his mouth is "irrelevant"??!! If someone else said them first, then he doesn't have any responsibility for his mouthings. Oh my.

For the still interested reader, when the focused topic is on what A said/did, then, as long as A is a fully franchised agent, there is no need to dig out and cite the causal beam or basin of what B, C, D, ... said/did as A's progenitors. These are concepts totally beyond reach of almost all liberals.

Steven Frisch

Posted by: Barry Pruett | 30 January 2021 at 09:28 AM

Absolutely everything I said about the Proud Boys is demonstrably true and that you don't see that says a lot about not just your sympathies but you character. You are an apologist for racist and violent organizations and as such are complicit in the acceptance of their actions.

I am clearly on record here multiple times rejecting political violence of all types from anyone, including the organizations and people commonly collected here under the label "antifa." That many of you won't do that with right wing organizations and people says everything that needs to be said.

Steven Frisch

I noticed you guys are saying almost nothing about the groups identified within the crowd at the insurrection at the Capital that I cited, or about the openly Nazi, white supremacist, Klan and symbology displayed by many of the participants.

Scott O

Stevie Baby - "I am clearly on record here multiple times rejecting political violence of all types from anyone, including the organizations and people commonly collected here under the label "antifa."
Yeah, Steve. We all remember clearly the many, many times you denounced the violent BLM and Antifa riots last summer. And the Dems that cheered on and encouraged the violence.
Is this where I say "sarc off"?
This is the internet, Steve. Your postings and silence on different occasions are a matter of record.

Barry Pruett

Sorry Steve. Nationalist does not equal racist. I can’t argue with stupid. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Posted by: Steven Frisch | 30 January 2021 at 09:43 AM

I noticed you guys are saying almost nothing about the groups identified within the crowd at the insurrection at the Capital that I cited, or about the openly Nazi, white supremacist, Klan and symbology displayed by many of the participants.

I noticed you are saying almost nothing about the groups identified within the crowds of insurrections all across the country last year or about the openly Communist, Black Bloc, Black supremacist, and Anarchist symbology displayed by many of the participants.

Notsees under Steve’s bed again.

I suppose it’s OK to bring this up but for the love of god try not to sound like Punchy!

Barry Pruett

Enrique Tarrio is literally a black Cuban. And you say that he leads a white supremacist organization?! You do realize how dumb you sound I hope. Maybe you should research instead of listening to SPLC and CNN and the rest of the democratic propaganda machine. I am very cognizant of the dangers of nationalisms and racism combined. Such unity between nationalism and racism is the cause of millions of death and should never happen again. Such is not happening now. What is happening on the right is nationalism around our ideals of life, liberty, and pursue of happiness for all men and women. Black, brown, male, female, gay, straight. No matter. I know that such unity on the right scares you for it portends the end of your leftist dreams. You scream racist in an effort to cloud the issue. I abhor all forms of racism and division...Especially the racism and division sown by the left-wing whackos you support.

Scott O

Frisch 9:43 - The fact that you can't "notice" reality is not our failing. My comments on the violence are a matter of record.
I'm not saying much as to the particular 'groups' because I haven't seen a lot of hard evidence about all of the different factions involved. I'm more than sure that a lot of bad actors, including Antifa infiltrators, anarchists, ultra right wing and yes - some outright racist people were taking advantage of the crowds and tumult to cause violence and trouble. These people were not there to support Trump nor were they even listening to Trump.
A lot of the early reports of who these people are and their aims turned out to be partially or completely false. I'm waiting for actual facts and court proceedings before jumping to a lot of hysterical conclusions.
There certainly was zero evidence that this was an attempt to overthrow the govt. And there is zero evidence that Trump advocated or encouraged the violence. The same can not be said for a lot of Dem leaders. They are on record encouraging and advocating violence against elected leaders and the public.

Scott O

Barry 10:14 - You must remember that Steve is using the new, new definitions of 'racist' and 'violence' that are quite the in thing these days. We're in a new world of Alice In Wonderland. This is the land of opportunity! Anyone can now be a white supremacist, racist, ultra right wing nationalist, NAZI, facist or whatever!
Ya gotta know all the secret codes.
Is this a great country or what?


Just where did you learn history Stievie?
The KLAN belong to you on the LEFT. Nazis were(and still are) socialists and white supremists.
Holding the position of keeping illegals OUT is not racist.


Frisch is a propagandist...he twists words and quotes to advance an idea, while leaving plausible deniability about the meaning.

Melissa Hannebrink - Quietech Associates, Inc.

I am Melissa Hannebrink with Quietech Associates, Inc.. Regrettably, this post forces me to speak out. I am incredibly disappointed to see my name and business being used as a poster child (without my permission) to stand for someone’s political opinions. Mr. Rebane admits in the comments that he has “no idea as to their (Quietech’s/my) political make-up”. With that quote in mind, I find it audacious that Mr. Rebane has chosen to speculate, without asking for my confirmation, as to the happenings at my private business, and what caused them. Even further, he chose to make a bombastic statement, which while simply being his opinion, looks informed when combined with my quote. I would add that I was PURPOSELY vague in my open letter to my clients/community about what lead to this, because my message was specifically NOT about politics. It was about human decency.

The “barbarians at the gate” were indeed, as Steven Frisch speculated, primarily the anti-masker crowd. We’ve had hundreds of people enter our doors and spit venom at us about how we are “sheep”, “libtards”, “anti-constitution”, “anti-freedom”, and many other things that are not appropriate for me to share publicly. We had a woman lay down in front of our doors and wildly cry out of refusal to wear a mask to be able to come inside to receive our services. We had people open our doors and yell obscenities at us before closing them and “taking their business elsewhere due to our anti-patriotism”. We’ve had countless people feign medical issues, like pretending to gasp for air while wearing the mask and then screaming at us (mask still on and suddenly plenty of breath to spare) when we advise that we must help them outside if they can’t wear their mask. We’ve had people spread garbage all over our parking lot at night. I have NEVER seen people behave so much like feral animals. What has been confusing to me is that the many who have called me “anti-freedom” are forgetting that, as a private business owner, I am just as within my rights to enforce the state mandated mask policy as I am to insist that individuals wear shoes and a shirt when entering my building.

I find it to be a troubling sign of what our community (and society at large) has become that people can turn a piece of fabric, worn temporarily and painlessly over your face and designed to prevent from infection and further loss of lives FOR OTHERS can be turned into a political agenda. Not just troubling, but downright sad. The lack of compassion that people now show for those around them is astonishing.

In the end, we are ALL responsible for our own behavior as an individual. These events were caused by individuals who lacked the self-control to behave like decent human beings while being served. I don’t care what side of the political spectrum you’re on, you are CAPABLE of respect, and you are CHOOSING to not give it when you scream at people who are just trying to help you.

George Rebane

MelissaH 1058am - Let me begin with the strong assertion that your email blast to your customers and "community" was neither a confidential nor privileged communication. And since I gave Quietech nothing but plaudits, there was even less of a reason to inform you, let alone seek permission. My only editorial observation, with which you apparently disagree, is "As the country sinks into its woke-powered autocracy, we will be reminded more frequently than ever that a gossamer thin veil separates civilization from barbarians at the gate." You and your employees have witnessed that on your own premises. I stand by my words.

Bill Tozer

Yo folks, Dog Whistle Steve brings up a valid point. It’s true, it’s true.

“I noticed you guys are saying almost nothing about the groups identified within the crowd at the insurrection at the Capital that I cited, or about the openly Nazi, white supremacist, Klan and symbology displayed by many of the participants.”

No argument there with me. It requires no thought or courage to blink my eyes, breathe, or call out the Klan or Nazis. It’s such a given it not worth decrying the a Holocaust every 5 minutes of the day. Guess that is where Dog Whistle Steve gets his GEORGE is an anti-Semite bile. Silence is violence and silence is complicity. Connect those dots, we certainly do, Pinky. But we both draw the same conclusion: “I did not hear YOU denounce BLM or Proud Boys or hundreds of public statements by wackos like CNN, MSCBC, NBC, Dried Up Crack Amy G, and a host of Hollywood starlets I never even heard of once before they talk about censoring and de programming us. Denounce them louder and every day or else you are not only supporters of “them”, you are them!!! Is complicity the same as colluding?

I read the Powerline Blog. Writer was talking about violence in the streets and riots and the finger pointing blame game and mentions the Left ripping their faces off over “Q-anon, whoever they are.” Then I read the National Review. Conservative thinker writing on the same topic, also articulates his confusion over what is the big fuss over Q-anon is about, something he doesn’t know much about. Bingo! That’s me. I have no idea what goes on at Q-anon or what the Proud Boys are about. Seems like most movements/fads, they have moved from their mission statements. I did check out the Prayer Boys when they gathered in Berkeley, pre-Charleston and post-Milo. They were there to pray for peace and encourage dialogue among different factions in People’s Park. A most naive endeavor simply because the Prayer Boys, albeit mostly conservative, did not know the nature of the violent hateful Leftiniast Pinkos. Take no prisoners! Oh, violence erupted and after watching long clipd of the Prayer Boys, I switched to the Lefty Propaganda sites and learned that the Prayer Boys were a bunch of White Supremists Nazis and Mussolini Black Shirts and KKK Storm Troopers and were the cause of all they violence because.....drumroll please......because just the name Prayer Boys triggered the Post-Americans big time and it was all the ones calling for prayer and peace fault. They made us do it! They are Nazis! Racist Nazis. They don’t want to put Blacks back in chains, they want to string up the darkies!

So, after that p, I confess I have confused the Prayer Boys with the Proud Boys. That is because I don’t know much about the Proud Boys or White Supremacists or however big the KKK is in 2021. Researchers and the FBI have put the number of KKK members at maybe as high 2,000, nationwide. My guess it may be as high as 400 in one specific area covering parts of three states, but no way is there 400 KKKs in any one particular state. 2,000 KKKers divided by 50 states equals 40 per state, average.

Ok, that’s the Klan. Now, how many White Supremists are out there? Haven’t a clue. Don’t know any personally, but did research on White Nationalists to see what they believed in so I would not be ignorant as I conflated the two. Even had a 40 minute dialogue with a young(er) man from another county who laid his position out in a most articulate way to separate fact from fiction. Want blew my mind was his depth and breathe of history.

Anyway, white Nationals do not believe they are superior to anyone. They believe in birds of a feather flock together. Let black or brown or red or yellow or rainbow downstairs they want with no interference from anybody, and let those who prefer to be among their own kind (skin color and culturally) do their own thing without being interfered with. He say it as more peaceful solution to the racial tensions of he country.
In a way he could be right where the rubber meets the road IF one takes his point of view. We have ‘China Town’ neighborhoods, and other places neighborhoods are filled mostly by Russian immigrants or Latinos or African Americans or Indians from India, Hmongs communities, and hundreds more to list. The melting pot in this day and age was become a tossed salad with each facet on the diamond separate yet part of the whole. Kinda the way it is turning out anyway with the blue box check marks hanging out together, making judgements about “those people” and feeling superior to the others.

Anyway, I once posted the above about having a dialogue with a true White Nationalist and Fatius Maximus started pounding his pud in excitement that he had uncovered a White Supremist over at RR, one anonymous “bill tozer”. Sad but funny.
A White Supremist believes they are superior to all other races. All. So, I do not believe that white people are superior to all other races in the least. That’s a falsehood. Some Native American cultures I am familiar with believe that the White Man is not sub-human in the least, but believe that the White Man is not a human being....yet. Black Nationalist want their playgrounds, separated from Y-T, as evidenced by the (Black) student demands to have segregated dorms and black only spaces in the library and separate places to have what the cafeteria is serving.

Now, a true Black Supremist is exactly like the woman Joe Biden picked good run the Civil Rights Division. She believes blacks ARE superior to whites and is a strong anti-Semite....pretty much along the Minister Farrakhan way of thinking. Now our Civil Rights Division in the Biden Administration is going to be run by a Black Supremist...or two. Oh well.


Bottomline: the reason I ain’t pounding the table, getting all red in the face, and denouncing the Proud Boys of Pepe the Frog is
I have not bothered to research all the fringe groups and cults and communes in the USA. Not something that grabs my attention. So, I just don’t who is who.

I once thought I was an Alt-Right because I was ignorant and thought Alt-Right meant right of a RINO. So, I was an Alt-Righty.....until I discovered I was not an Alt-Righty, very much to my embarrassment. Yep, humiliation is the INVOLUNTARY leveling of the pride and I done humiliated myself taking out of ignorance, lol.


Someone needs a nap.

Ms. Hannebrink, no one here is guilty of the antics shown by a minority of your customers.

Barry Pruett

Same Melissa. We had to kick out and client and fire them for refusing to wear a mask. One of our staff has a grandchild who is high risk. Bye Felicia. My friend is more important than the client. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Steven Frisch

I am of course going to respect her wish that the individual case of her business be exempted from being used as an example of "barbarians at he gates" and move on to the original most important point of the post.

Steven Frisch

So Barry, if you can't see how a Cuban can be involved in an organization that is a white supremacist organization and allied with white supremacists organizations based on a shared perceived interest in "anti communism" then you are blind.

Many members of the Proud Boys and Proud Boys chapters were present at the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville. The Rally was organized and promoted by the white supremacist web sit The Daily Stormer.

The organizer of the UTR Rally was Jason Kessler, a Proud Boys member. There is dispute over whether or not Gavin McInnes kicked Jason Kessler out of the Proud Boys before or after UTR.

One of the two individuals prosecuted for the beating of DeAndre Harris at the UTR was Alex Michael Ramos, a member of the Proud Boys Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights.

At the UTR the Proud Boys marched in lockstep with the National Front, the Traditional Workers Party, Vanguard America and the National Socialist Movement, all Nazi white supremacist organizations. They also marched with the Loyal White Knights an Fraternal Order of White Knights, both Klan organizations, and with Identity Europa and a dozen other white supremacist organizations.

The most reported chant of the UTR was "Jews will not Replace Us."

This was not the first time the Proud Boys worked in concert with white supremacist groups, they did the same thing in Berkeley, Halifax

That is the very definition of an alliance between nationalism and racism, and by denying it you are advancing it.

You say: "What is happening on the right is nationalism around our ideals of life, liberty, and pursue of happiness for all men and women."

I say that if your "nationalists" are marching with Nazi's and Klansmen, working in alliance with organizations that promote the mass murder of people of color and jews, and promote the overthrow of the United States government to create a white ethnic state, then they are white supremacists and racists.

You condoning that with your faux patriotism is despicable. These are fundamentally anti-American values you are promoting.


These are fundamentally anti-American values you are promoting.

Barry.....were I you I wouldn’t concern myself about Steve’s views on what is anti-American anymore than you should care about his opinion about properly paying taxes, running a successful restaurant, or sobriety behind the wheel while operating an automobile.

PS: Steve .....Jewish or self loathing German? For the files.....you understand I’m sure.


So Stevie, if you can't see how an Afro-Cuban American cannot lead a white supremacist organization, then you are blind.

back to the fake unite the right rally... you just can't live in the present, can you?



I noticed you are saying almost nothing about the groups identified within the crowds of insurrections.....

I noticed you are saying almost nothing about the groups identified within the crowds of insurrectionists....

Yeah.....that was what I was going for.


Enrique Tarrio is literally a black Cuban. And you say that he leads a white supremacist organization?!

Enrique Tarrio is literally a black FBI informant. You have to wonder if we’ll find out in a few years that the whole Unite the Right kerfuffle was another Bureau cock up similar to their penchant for talking retards into planting explosives 🧨.....usually right before budgetary appropriation hearings.


Does Steve even know the "leader" of the Proud Boys is Black?

Gv resident

You are a fucking tool.

Steven Frisch

You guys are all frigging idiots...of course I know Tarrio is an Afro Cuban.

I am saying he leads an organization that supports white supremacism, marches with white supremacists, chants "Jews will no replace us" and allies with white supremacists, so it is a white supremacist organization, amongst other things it is, like violent, seditionist, and treasonous.

You don't know of gay Republicans politicians that railed against gay rights, because I could name off the top of my head about 10; or don't remember the black Klansman that David Duke used to trot out; or that the infamous founder of Posse Comitatus and anti-Semite William Gale was Jewish?

BTW, 2 Proud boys today arrested for conspiracy to incite insurrection, and likely will also be charged with sedition as more evidence comes in.


Posted by: Gv resident | 30 January 2021 at 04:13 PM

You are a fucking tool.

Could you narrow it down a bit?

Scott O

Stevie Baby - "You guys are all frigging idiots..."
We love you too, Steve.
Please keep us up to date with all the people that "march".
I tend to watch the ones that loot, murder, and burn down buildings.
I'm funny that way.

Scott O

Speaking of Dark Days.
Anyone remember that Hunter Biden thingie?
His daddy gets to appoint some one to be in charge of making it go away.
Biden just appointed a fair-skinned Euro-centric Whitey White Boy to the top of the criminal div of the justice dept.
He really wanted a crippled Samoan transvestite, but it seems he needed the law partner of Hunter's lawyer.
Now we know that Hunter's lawyer would never ever talk to his partner about Hunter's case. No siree.
I'm sure the new guy will hire that Samoan as a go-fer in his office.

Steven Frisch

Posted by: Scott O | 30 January 2021 at 05:13 PM

Don't have to look far back in history Scott, it was Trump supporters who beat a cop to death and whose actions led to the death of 5 other people just 3 weeks ago. The same crew who stormed the Capital of the United States of America chanting "Hang Mike Pence" and who threatened to murder the Speaker of the House.

Scott O

Gv resident 4:13 - C'mon, tell us how you really feel.
Gv - hmmmmm - might stand for 'Grass Valley'.
You do know that there are Biden Boys watching us and are ready to report you to the authorities?

Scott O

Steve - "it was Trump supporters who beat a cop to death and whose actions led to the death of 5 other people just 3 weeks ago."
Would love to see your version of the proof of that statement.

George Rebane

Scott 540pm - If I recall correctly, on their side allegations are perfectly acceptable proxies for evidence - recall the last four years.


"You guys are all frigging idiots..."

Stevie's vocabulary has failed him a'gin.

Don Bessee

And you wonder why it cost so much for each homeless when every lib and his brother is cashing in- ?Why does little nevada county need a 150k a year plus benefits homeless czar? Perhaps one of the erudite trolls could mansplain it to us??

Amid a projected $675 million deficit in Los Angeles, city officials cashed in on their efforts to combat the swelling housing crisis in 2020, and yet homelessness grew.

According to auditors at OpentheBooks, 20,000 city employees across all departments make over $150,000.

Former Housing and Community Investment director, Rushmore Cervantes, who resigned in July, earned a salary of $254,937, more than former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson. Carson, serving in a Cabinet-level position, was paid $199,700. Four assistant general managers with the LA department earned more than $200,000.

Voters approved a $1.2 billion bond issue in 2016 with the promise of 10,000 new apartments for the homeless. But the actual number of units to be builts is projected to be around 7,600 as consultant fees and construction overruns pushed the average cost per unit to $559,000.

Members also agreed to drain the city reserve and borrow $150 million to cover ongoing operations.

The package of budget-balancing measures passed with a 13-2 vote would cut 628 jobs from the LAPD-- 355 officers and 273 civilians.



Scott O

Steve Frisch - I'm somewhat surprised you bring up the death of a law enforcement officer as something we're just now supposed to be concerned about.
Waaaaaaay back in the dark ages of 2020, the cool thing to chant was "All Cops Are Bastards".
Did you vote for any Dems, Steve?
Cause if you did - 'ACAB' was the war cry of the Dems.
Oh yes, we're aware of your general theories and amazingly hidden personal feelings, but it seems to me you're just a tad late to the party to be conveniently upset about the apparent murder of the officer in Washington.


" Don't have to look far back in history Scott, it was Trump supporters who beat a cop to death"

Wasn't it one guy who threw a fire extinguisher at a cop, who waited hours to seek medical care?

"and whose actions led to the death of 5 other people just 3 weeks ago."

Ummm... it was rumored to be a Capital cop who shot the only person actually shot and killed during the whole event. But we still don't know the name of the shooter. Perhaps Queen Nan will release that soon.

Led to the death of three others... skipping over the truth that it wasn't a shooting or a stabbing...it was just emergency care being a problem in a ruckus.

"The same crew who stormed the Capital of the United States of America chanting "Hang Mike Pence" and who threatened to murder the Speaker of the House."

It was a theatrical prop gallows, Steve. They weren't going to hang Mike Pence.

Small vocabulary... skilled at spinning lies with plausible sounding bites... yes, I do believe you were capable of getting a Bachelors in PoliSci at CalState 'frisco.

The truth of the matter is a few hundred folks who didn't know their ass from a hole in the ground didn't know what they were doing... and you're holding 75 million plus voters to task for their idiocy.


Posted by: Gregory | 30 January 2021 at 06:04 PM

Stevie's vocabulary has failed him a'gin.

Oh no.....that’s the vocabulary that comes out when reasonable Steve isn’t listened to.

Chicago Smart Boy doesn’t appreciate it when his arguments aren’t ...ahem....appreciated immediately.

Scott O

Don 6:10 - "...cost overruns..."
The magic words.
Government Contract
Projected Cost
Actual Cost
Hows that Kali ChooChoo coming?
As I remember back when it was presented to the voters:
"In 2008, now 10 years ago, voters passed the 10 billion dollar Prop 1A bond measure to fund a High Speed Rail project that would, in phase one, connect San Francisco to Los Angeles, promising passengers a one-seat ride between these cites in 2 hours and 40 minutes.

The train was to run on dedicated tracks and was to be up and running by 2020. The projected cost of $33 billion was to be funded one-third by Prop 1A funds, one-third by Federal funds and one-third by private investment. The voters of California were promised that the $10 billions from Prop 1A bonds would be all the funding required from the State’s residents. Importantly the train was promised to run without any operational subsidy."
Ah, what happened?
Laws of physics get in the way?
I knew back then the whole thing was a gigantic scam.
Gee - did Steve Frisch vote for it? And he calls me a "frigging idiot".
Funny how I seem to know what is actually going to happen and he doesn't.
Funny how I have one set of principles that apply to what ever happens no matter who does what.


Posted by: Gregory | 30 January 2021 at 06:37 PM

The truth of the matter is a few hundred folks who didn't know their ass from a hole in the ground didn't know what they were doing... and you're holding 75 million plus voters to task for their idiocy.

Of course.....when will he get this big a lever again!


Posted by: Scott O | 30 January 2021 at 06:34 PM

Waaaaaaay back in the dark ages of 2020, the cool thing to chant was "All Cops Are Bastards". Did you vote for any Dems, Steve?

75 lbs overweight and a dodgy hip else he would be manning the ramparts.....fighting the power last summer!

Conspicuous by his absence last summer Scott.

Scott O

Gregory 6:37 - "Hang Mike Pence"
Yeah, that part is hilarious.
Has Stevie Baby checked out the recent posts by his birds of a feather in regards to their feelings for Mike Pence?
It's only bad when we think we can pin it on Trumpers.
Otherwise, death threats against Pence are groovy!
Oh, I know - Steve was going to just now denounce those terrible death threats against Pence by the left, but his really important work in saving polar bears got in the way.
Silence is violence, Steve! Say the words! Say the words!

Scott O

Hey Stevie Baby! My 5:40 is still out there.
You mouthed off real quick like and I called you out.
You don't get 48 hrs to scour the internet for stuff.
Where's your proof?
Typical left wing BS artist.
You can scam the govt agencies with your nonsense, Steve, but this is real time here.
You made quite a statement and we're waiting for your back up for that statement that was the basis then for the statement.
Name calling won't work, Steve. Facts. Just Facts.

Don Bessee

So right out the gate the new PC wokesters of creepy grampa joes train wreck put people who should be shot and are real terrorists ahead of Citizens but oh wait, the American people found out! Never mind! ROFLOL-

Pentagon pauses ‘absurd’ plan to give Guantánamo prisoners Covid vaccine



Scott O

Don 8:02 - Love the money quote - "We’re pausing the plan to move forward, as we review force protection protocols,” Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs John Kirby wrote in a tweet on Saturday. “We remain committed to our obligations to keep our troops safe.”
As always - "It's for the children".
Who can argue?
So - what is the infection rate in Guantanamo?
Below zero?

Don Bessee

@817 - Perhaps comrade deblasio will give his families shots to them, after all he thinks cuba is a communist paradise, ya know, like he has been making NY.


Don Bessee

This is rich, since we already know there is no way the former prez will be convicted in the unconstitutional dem show in the senate so why keep an army of lawyers who can cash in bigger now??




Well look who lights the first match for the next D.C. dumpster fire.
"Schumer: We Have to Address Issues Like D.C. Statehood, Automatic Voter Registration, We’ll Get ‘Big, Bold Change’ ‘No Matter What’"

Hear the shredder warming up? The Constitution is getting dragged through the getter on it's way there.

Scott O

Don 8:43 - Yes, since they know they've been warned they won't work again if they try to defend Trump.
How 'democratic', how 'civilized'.
So the Dems really do want to reduce this to bloodshed.
You can't use the courts, you can't have counsel...
Where are our lefty friends?
Wherefore art thou soothing words?
This really is starting to look more like Shakespeare than Orwell.
And the left is ignorant of both.
Mores the pity.
They might want to read the endings.

Scott O

Walt 9:34 - I've always said the Dems will overreach. They have that tendency. Only reality slaps them back down.
Yes - "no matter what".
How principled.
They are in a blood frenzy. Like wolves after the kill.
Actually, wolves start eating before the prey is even dead.
It's their nature.


No Frisch ?

Leftist violence is speech.
Everyone else's speech is violence.

Back to sleep.

Bill Tozer

Guess I will put this here under Dark Days Diary. But before I continue, I would be amiss to not point out that the tossed around word ‘treason’ is reserved for acts during war time. Thus, when President Trump met Putin in Helsinki and the Left had their usual and predictable ripping the flesh off their faces in mass hysteria, John Brennan yelled out Trump was a traitor and was committing treason (and repeated the treason claim recently), John Brennan & Lamestream Co were wrong. Brennan had to walk that claim back....again.
Dear Dark Days Diary: the Socialist Democrats continue to have a Big anti-semitism problem which fills their ranks.

‘California’s New Ethnic Studies Curriculum Ignores Or Maligns Jews, Trashes Capitalism’

“In one sample lesson, she saw that a list of historic U.S. social movements—ones like Black Lives Matter, #MeToo, Criminal Justice Reform—also included the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement for Palestine (BDS), described as a “global social movement that currently aims to establish freedom for Palestinians living under apartheid conditions.” Kaplan wondered why a foreign movement, whose target was another country, would be mischaracterized as a domestic social movement, and she was shocked that in a curriculum that would be taught to millions of students, BDS’s primary goal—the elimination of Israel—was not mentioned. Kaplan also saw that the 1948 Israel War of Independence was only referred to as the “Nakba”—“catastrophe” in Arabic—and Arabic verses included in the sample lessons were insulting and provocative to Jews.

Kaplan was also surprised to learn that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., John Lewis, and Supreme Court Thurgood Marshall were not included in a list of 154 “influential people of color,” but the murderous communist leader Pol Pot was.

The ESMC appeared to be based on critical race theory, a radical ideology that teaches students across the country that whites are inherently racist and that all other skin colors are victims of oppression.”.....

“Tablet noted that while “classism, homophobia, Islamophobia, and transphobia” were all listed as examples of oppression, anti-Semitism was not part of the list. “Jewish Americans were not even mentioned as a minority group,” the outlet reported.”

“The reason I’m doing this—full time and not sleeping” she told Tablet, is because “this curriculum is pervasive and all-inclusive. It creates a means of understanding the world that does not allow questioning. And it’s a view that actively invites anti-Zionism into the classroom. It requires it. This is the greatest threat facing American Jews today.”

It is interesting to note that the person who receives the most death threats from White Supremists and “Nazis” and racists in the media is one Ben Sharpio, an Jew. He is the number target of the white racists, and hated more by those wack jobs than any other person, bar none.

It is also interesting to add that the Leftinistas cry out for Ben Shapiro to be erased, rubbed out, and silenced. The far left Marxists attack Shapiro relentlessly and the “far far right” attacks him even more. He must be doing something right. And he did not vote for Trump the first time and Glen Beck begged for people to not vote for Trump in 2016. Begged, pleaded he did, lol.

Bill Tozer

“Kaplan was also surprised to learn that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., John Lewis, and Supreme Court Thurgood Marshall were not included in a list of 154 “influential people of color,” but the murderous communist leader Pol Pot was.”

I have been saying for awhile (couple of years at least) that Dr. MLK ideas of judging an individual on their character and not the color of their skin is the antithesis of everything CRT and the Social Justice Warriors and Academia and BLM stands for. MLK iis to be dismisssed nowadays. An anecdotal example is a professor who got fired for.....drumroll please....for reading to his class of young bright minds MLK’s Letters from Jail..... on MLK Day! Mercy
One could argue that Clarence Thomas is one of the most influential persons of color in the USA because of his position on SCOTUS which influences the lives 330 million Americans. Also absent from the list are the brillant black minds of Thomas Sowell, Walter E. Williams, and others on my list of the great black thinkers of our time.

Thomas Sowell does not get invited to debate anymore, simply because it is fruitless to win a debate with Sowell. Not one known intellectual of note has been after to beat him in a debate. Guess all the greatest Lefty thinkers got tired of loosing to Dr. Thomas Sowell so they quit debating him. Mercy.

MLK is not on the list of the 154 most influential people of color says it all. Nuff said.

Barry Pruett


Doesn’t sound racist to me. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Others are now noticing the "rule by decree".

If Joe Biden’s first ten days in office can be marked by any one thing, it is the frenzied pace at which he has signed executive order after executive order.
Simply put, the old dude is making his recent predecessors look like pikers.

As of Friday night, Biden had signed 42 executive orders. His herculean effort dwarfs that of the previous three presidents combined. At the end of their respective first weeks in office, Donald Trump had signed four, Barack Obama, five, and George W. Bush, 0.

This was painful to watch.

"'Uh, the second order I’m gonna be signing, changes what the President has done, what the former President has done… It, uh, a memorandum, a reverse on my predecessor’s attack on women’s health access as we continue to battle COVID-19, even more critical,” Biden said, coughing in between.

"He was seen shuffling through index cards of notes while claiming he will “change what the President has done.” “Uh, the second order I’m gonna be signing, changes what the President has done, what the former President has done… It, uh, a memorandum, a reverse on my predecessor’s attack on women’s health access as we continue to battle COVID-19, even more critical,” said Biden as he briefly seemed to tumble his words and get choked up in the middle of his speech. After clearing his throat, he was able to continue his speech. “Today I’m about to sign two executive orders to, basically, the best way to describe them, undo the damage Trump has done,” Biden told pool reporters."

So.. With a stroke of a pen Obummer care is back?

So Enjoy Emery,, the 40 other people in that Dr.'s office have a 9:00 appointment too.
Nope,, no Ruth Bader Ginsburg coverage for you.


Douchey!!! An old sock from the pile?

Nice try with the "approval".. Must have called the Klan and
Socialist party members.


So TROLL,, you DO KNOW that Chanslor Biden was real good friends with Klan members? Forget the high profile Klan members on Capitol Hill? 99% were DEMS.

George Rebane

re SteveF - I just want to share some recurring thoughts about Mr Frisch. While I don't agree with almost every notion that he promotes, I have never discounted what he says. Frisch is seen as one of our county's leading leftwing intellectuals, and he can ably express himself with what appear as reams of factual back-up to the less well read. Therefore his opinions and his voice in general should be heard and understood, especially in their promotion of progressive policies.

When he visits these pages, the job of those of us who don't share his worldview and who are the targets of his opprobrium is to vigorously counter his ideas with our own, and let the middle-road reader judge for himself. And we should always remember that inserting gratuitous ad hominems, whether in retribution or not, into any argument always weakens it in the eyes of the independent reader.

We need to dialogue and debate with the Frisches and Emerys of our country, lest this blog's comment streams become yet another echo chamber like the several leftwing blogs that freely dispense their ideas to the hosannas of their narrow constituencies while censoring counter arguments.


In what alternate universe is Steven Frisch a 'leading leftwing intellectual' in this county?

Checking the staff page of the SBC, the total number of indians to his one chief is now down to 15, and all save one are women. 14:1? That's a bit lopsided to be viewed as being gender-neutral, isn't it, Steve?

This blog has been seen by the left as a right wing echo chamber since it was started and certainly before nc fat's banished me here, before his blogtraffic dropped to near zero. I suspect Frisch will be back... there is no other game in town.

Until the cancel cultured get over it, they won't come. Perhaps there will be good climate news, good news in this case being a disaster of a cooling climate that will kill many millions, despite less CO2 being produced.


All well and good George,, but prying any kind of meaningful answer out of them a mission in futility.

Has Emery answered ONE question asked of him as to Biden? (Nope...)
Steve as regards to the insurrectionists known as ANTIFA?
The Maxest BLM? ( Did I miss his disavowment? His condemnation?)

The usual noise is all about Trump. Terminal TDS.


I’m Xho Bi Den and I apploov the messerge.

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