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27 January 2021


Scott O

Our daughter just sent this link to a German movie made in 1979
But it can't happen here.
The full movie is available here but no subtitles:




Given how incredibly political this pandemic has been from the beginning, many people smell a rat. Is it really the case that the reopening of the American economy, particularly in blue states, is so perfectly timed? Do the science and politics really line up so well?

* * * * * * * *

● Washington, D.C. will resume indoor dining.

● Maryland’s governor has decided that the state needs to reopen schools now and no later than March 1.

● Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan says Michigan restaurants can reopen for indoor dining on February 1. Her health adviser decided to resign. Let us hope it is the beginning of many.

● Chicago’s mayor is now demanding an immediate opening of restaurants and bars. Chicago is also threatening teachers unions that they must return to work.

● New York Governor Cuomo has dramatically reversed his rhetorical course and demanded a reopening of the city. More announcements are expected in the coming days.

● California Governor Gavin Newsom, incredibly, has lifted all stay-at-home orders across the state and is permitting dining to open up. Many restaurants have defied orders for months now, and good for them. This new announcement shows that their defiance had an influence.

● Montana’s new governor has lifted some Covid restrictions.

Why, it’s as if: Without Trump to blame, coronavirus turns the corner.



Doctor Tells NBC: Americans Should Consider Wearing Four Face-Masks

Why stop there....why not 20...or 100...or 500!

After all.......it's science.



It seems that NY nursing home covid deaths were UNDERCOUNTED by 50% --https://www.huffpost.com/entry/new-york-covid-19-nursing-home-deaths_n_6012d6a4c5b67848ee7e8b73..

another feeble Rebane attempt to prop up the beyond dismal GOP response and somehow blame the dems for the pandemic by playing down the death count.

Add this hoax to all the others: the virus is a Chinese hoax, climate change, Russiagate, Ukrainegate, the deep state, 2016 election fraud, 2020 election fraud, mask fraud.......

trump was a hoax and you and yours have expressed your keen sense of character by believing it...


Posted by: RXCross | 28 January 2021 at 12:24 PM

There, there now. Why don't you pour yourself a nice glass of wine and set for a while. You're all discombobulated.

George Rebane

RXCross 1224pm - Now where did I ever "blame the Dems for the pandemic"? The Dems have received plenty of deserved blame for their response policies that pretty well tanked the Trump economy as planned. For the Dems, it was the perfect crisis not to be wasted. Now that Bumblebrain is president, their hypocrisy is spilling out from all sides.

Bill Tozer

Crosstops: take a chill pill, and stay off those diet pills. They sure get you wound up.

Oh course they undercounted the deaths in NY nursing homes. Haven’t you read the papers over the last 6 months. Big scandal, folks are pissed. Even the Wa Compost suddenly is being rather critical of Governor Cuomo’s intentional ordering of the killing our grandmothers. Well, at least dear sweet Grandmother will be with grandfather now.

Big political blowback from both sides of the aisle appalled at the way Gov. Cuomo totally bobbled the ball and made things worse. F’ed up, big time.

So, after the outcry (and heat) hit Cuomo in the face, they then began to undercount the COVID deaths in the old folks convalescent homes in the most deceitful way. If they had a dying patient with C-19, they would call the meat wagon and have them taken to the hospital where they died. As long as all the C-19 positive elderly patiences did not die INSIDE the old folks homes....as long as they had one foot in the ambulance while strapped to the gurney, then it became a C-19 death of course, but NOT a rest home death.

The ole ‘one dry foot’ trick. One foot on a banana peel and the other in a grave...and our grandmothers and grandfathers did not die in the nursing homes.

Then, they started doing this and that and other shady things to overcount cause of deaths—-like the two guys who got killed in a gun battle between criminal gangs who also happened to be C-19 positive. Cause of death was not big bullet hole in chest or head. Cause of death was C-19 of course, and it was all Trump’s fault.

I do blame specific Democrats, not all D’s. I blame Cuomo and Wilhelm deBlasio in New York. Shit, DeBlasio did not get needles in arms because he wanted to be ‘equitable’ and needed fairness committees to decide on the pecking order of skin color/underclass of who is first in line to get a needle in the arm...and then declared the homeless junkies get the vaccine BEFORE any of the elderly in the nursing homes, aka, the ones most vulnerable and most likely to die from C-19 of any group, bar none. The 1918 Spanish Flu targeted those in their early 20’s, cutting them down when the whole world lay as their oyster before them. The CHINA virus cuts down people near the end of their natural days. Anyway, Wilhelm De Blasio dropped that Liberal Logic idea of junkies before Grandma like a lead ballon only AFTER he got blowback.

I don’t blame all Dems. Only the mayors of cities run by Dems and a few inept Dem governors....from coast to coast. Most, but not all. I cut the Rhode Island Governor a break because RI got hit by hordes New Yorkers fleeing The Plague, as well as getting slammed by Bostonians fleeing The Plague. There is always a one-off.

What, me worry? We are in good hands with Biden. BTW, Biden just made another decree by fiat that the words China and Wuhan are now banned when discussing the China virus or the Wuhan Flung Poo respiratory thang.

That will fix everything and no blaming China or wet brain Democrats.

Bill Tozer

Timelines are fun.

Nov, 2020: ‘CDC Data Suggest Lockdowns Could Kill As Many People As COVID’
COVID has clearly been devastating. But our reaction has turned a bad pandemic into an unrivaled self-inflicted national disaster

Jan 23, 2021: ‘Career Scientists And Frontline Staff At CDC To Blame For Coronavirus Shortfalls, Not Just Trump Administration, (Government) Report Finds’

(Reuters) Critics have widely asserted that the CDC fumbled key decisions during the coronavirus scourge because then-President Donald Trump and his administration meddled in the agency’s operations and muzzled internal experts. The matter is now the subject of a congressional inquiry. Yet Reuters has found new evidence that the CDC’s response to the pandemic also was marred by actions – or inaction – by the agency’s career scientists and frontline staff.

“At a crucial moment in the pandemic when Americans were quarantined after possible exposure to the virus abroad, the agency declined or resisted potentially valuable opportunities to study whether the disease could be spread by those without symptoms, according to previously undisclosed internal emails, other documents and interviews with key players.

Health experts and ethicists told Reuters that the CDC “should have proceeded given the fast-moving public health emergency.””

Jan 25, 2021: ‘Left’s Anti-Science School Closures Are Killing More Students Than The Virus‘
While the science suggests educators should end virtual schooling, many schools remain closed to millions of young people whose mental health is tanking.....
And Finally, ROFLMAO (x2!)

Jan 27, 2021: Fauci: 'Not productive' to rehash Trump handling of pandemic: 'Let's look forward'

Jan 28, 2021: ‘California To Outsource Vaccine Distribution Amidst Poor Rollout’

Robot Cross: Always remember, my fine feathered woman, that is “Not productive to rehash Trump’s handling of The Pandemic.” Dr. Fauci says so and we must follow science. Get with the flow.

Bill Tozer

Bobbie, I forgot something. The scathing report: follow the $.

Report: Grandma-Killer Andrew Cuomo Undercounted COVID-19 Deaths In Nursing Homes


Don Bessee

They are exactly what everyone was warned about -



Bill Tozer

@ 3:40 pm

“Let’s not just give ordinary Americans a one-time $2,000 check. With our new majority and a worsening crisis, let’s meet the need: $2,000/month, every month, until this crisis is over,” Khanna said this month.”

Ro Khanna, another CA. Democrat from the Shithole district by the Bay. Figures.

Bill Tozer

“The New York Post reports Governor Andrew Cuomo’s memorable response to “the damning state attorney general’s report that revealed his administration downplayed the total number of nursing home residents killed by COVID-19” (video in tweet below).

Cuomo explained, “A third of all deaths in this nation are from nursing homes,” Cuomo said. “New York state, we’re only about 28 percent — only — but we’re below the national average in number of deaths in nursing homes.” He’s done a good job! “But who cares — 33 [percent], 29 [percent] — died in the hospital, died in a nursing home? They died.””

The Post provides some useful background on Cuomo’s modus operandi:

Well, well, well. ‘But who cares if they died in a nursing home or a hospital? What difference at this point does it matter anyway. They died. End of story.’ Yep, they died, get over it.

And they gave Gov. Cuomo an EMMY award for his daytime press conferences. He deserved p, IMHO, an Oscar for his acting performance, but the Academy deemed he was the wrong color.
‘Cuomo Team Mocks Janice Dean, Who Lost Both In-Laws Following Nursing Home Edict; Backlash Is Fierce For Cuomo
"She’s not a credible source on anything except maybe the weather."

“A spokesperson for Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo mocked Fox News’ Janice Dean on Wednesday after she criticized the state’s botched rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Dean, an apolitical meteorologist known for her sunny disposition, became a fiery advocate for New York’s elderly after both of her husband’s parents died at long-term care facilities that were adhering to policies Cuomo approved, which proved deadly”


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