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12 January 2021


Scott O

Barry P. 6:50 - "What is trumpism Paul?"

Paul 7:01 - "Blind support and obedience to Trump and his ideas Barry."

OK, Paul - Name the people that post here that have 'blind obedience' to Trump?

This should be good.

Barry Pruett

I would posit that it is actually trump that has blind obedience to his base.

Don Bessee

All 75,000,000 of them @844!


George Rebane

Free speech (1st Amend) does indeed give us the freedom to lie all we want. There are, however, laws already in place which punish the liar if the lies cause harm in certain protected domains like contract law, securities sales, medical advice, and other professional communications. As a practicing professional engineer, I can be sued if I purposely mislead a client with whom I have assumed a fiduciary relationship. Journalism, unfortunately, is not one of those protected domains. They can lie all the want in their reportage. They are only bound by a laughable code of ethics which I have much discussed in these pages years ago. I am NOT a journalist.

Don Bessee

Neither are the pony tail of ignorance and the Dark Lord of Liberal Lament Land @902


paul emery

Why should I do that Scott? You know who you are.

Bill Tozer

From the Vast Wasteland Shithole of Public Educations, courtesy of the Leftinistas.


[Bill has seen this happen a hundred times before]: “This is a classic of leftist bureaucratic arrogance: they undertake to promulgate a new set of benchmarks pursuant to a statute, they solicit public comments per the statutory requirement, and then ignore the public’s views and proceed with their far-left agenda. We see this pattern constantly.”


Isn’t it time we grab our state’s superintendent of education and charge him with crimes against humanity?

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane @ 9:02 pm

“I am NOT a journalist.”. Sir, nobody here or even our unhinged local Stalinists would ever sink that low to call you a journalist. They can call you a racist, Nazi, liar, and a hundred other disparaging put downs a d smears, but nobody but nobody would ever stick you with the worse of worse frigging lowest of low cuss words, aka, a journalist.

Mentioned here before that you can call Dan Bongino anything you want because he believes that strongly in protecting free speech. But, with that said, if you ever call Dan Bongino “a journalist”, you will be banned from his platform for life, no questions asked.

Calling someone a journalist in this age is like smearing someone as a child predator, but worse. Worse than White Supremest, worse than a heartless puppy tosser off the Broad St bridge, worse than sending the innocent off to the gas chamber. There is nothing more contemptuous than a journalist.

I may not agree with what you always say, sir, (ok, that’s a lie), but I will fight to the death to protect you from being viciously slandered with the most foul and wretched name in the book; a journalist.


"OK, Paul - Name the people that post here that have 'blind obedience' to Trump?"

Why should I do that Scott? You know who you are.
Punchy 94⁵pm

You should do it, Paul, because there ain't anyone like that here and you should acknowledge that.

Bill Tozer

Free speech survey.

‘Exclusive: 60% call impeachment a ‘waste of time,’ Big Tech backlash for censoring Trump‘

The survey memo included a warning against pushing on with impeachment, as Pelosi is poised to do, possibly with a full House vote on Wednesday. Nearly half of those polled are “less likely to vote for a member of Congress who votes to impeach.” Just 36% are more likely.

And it found a backlash to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms that have erased Trump for his comments on last Wednesday’s Capitol protests.

The fear found in the survey is that if Big Tech can ban the president, there is nothing to stop it from censoring regular members of the public.

McLaughlin of McLaughlin & Associates, which polled for the Trump campaign, said 70% believe that technology firms, including Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Apple, are too powerful and need to be regulated.

And 74% agreed that if they can take away Trump’s free speech, “they can take away the right to free speech for any American.”

Wow. This shows the degree to which the darken chambers of the Left’s evilness will go to kill, crush, destroy fellow humans. I wonder if he is eligible for Obamacare, but he probably would get cancelled there as well. Die, Republican, die!

‘Curt Schilling says AIG canceled insurance over his social media posts’

[Former Baseball Star who played on two different World Series Campion MLB teams] “Schilling, an outspoken supporter of President Trump, also tied the company’s alleged retaliation to “the coming storm” and recent election wins by President-elect Joe Biden and Senate Democrats.

“We will be just fine, but wanted to let Americans know that @AIGinsurance
canceled our insurance due to my ‘Social Media profile,'” Schilling tweeted Tuesday.

“PLEASE understand that this is and will in no way be a ‘one off’. This is the coming storm, this is the ‘future’ of the nation if we allow Demokkkrats the power they fraudulently came into. At their core, this is exactly who they are. Power and control, then FU.”

‘Mexico’s Left-Wing President Mounts International Campaign Taking On Tech Companies After Trump Bans’

‘Elon Musk Rips Big Tech Censorship Of Conservatives’
And finally, we get to the Lying Lefties’ concept of a “journalist”.

‘CNN Anchor: Everyone Who Voted For Trump Sided With ‘The Klan,’ ‘Nazis,’ Rioters’


Exit Question: Is Don Lemon the dumbest man on TV or is it his followers that are the dumbest people on Earth? Hard to make the call. Lemon is the richest man on CNN, so it must be the viewers that are just that plain ole dumb. Dumber than a man-bun. Dumber than a box of nail clippings. But, Dumb Lemon May be dumber than his Biden County followers. He has less going on upstairs than a one story house.

Barry Pruett

This got lost in the page turn Paul.

I would posit that it is actually trump that is blindly obedient to his base. We made him.

Barry Pruett

Today is my daughter’s birthday as well as MLK’s. Let all reflect on his words about equality and judging folks by their character and not the color of their skin...something you communists Democrats forgot.



This made me smile......,

”Everyone talks about how dumb education majors are, but forget about the people who pursue journalism degrees.”


”Everyone talks about how dumb education majors are, but forget about the people who pursue journalism degrees.”

Damn straight.

The statistics regarding Democrats and college degrees need fleshing out... how many stay-puft degrees are they talking about? the average ba is an undereducated but overemoting putz.

speaking of such, the super of the njuhsd is off the critical race theory deep end of the pool:

"NJUHSD remains firmly committed to fundamentally changing individual beliefs and institutional systems that condone and/or support hate and racism in our community. The district recently established a Task Force on Racism and Unconscious Bias. The Task Force includes a wide spectrum of district and community stakeholders that have begun work on developing a series of policy recommendations for eventual consideration and possible adoption. However, like any local government institution, we acknowledge that our school district has a long way to go when it comes to its own journey to address internal and external systems of racism. Nevertheless, we are resolute in continuing that journey. In closing, I want to express my appreciation and pride for how well our students, staff, and schools have navigated discussions and reactions to national and worldwide events of this past year. We continue to welcome and encourage courageous conversations within our schools and community that are peaceful, respectful, and kind. NJUHSD will continue to teach, practice, and model these ideals for our students and broader community."


Posted by: Gregory | 15 January 2021 at 08:40 AM

I can translate that statement for you Gregory.

“I really would like to be able to keep paying my mortgage so here’s some progressive bafflegab the offering of which will allow me to continue doing so.”

Barry Pruett

McFadden is a putz. I can’t believe how the school leaders are so blatantly political. Lol. Their job is not parenting our children or instilling their fake morality. Maybe McFadden should read some MLK today in celebration of his birthday. He may learn something about racism and what it really looks like.


No fish... that's the babbling of a true believer to his flock, which includes everyone living in the district.

If it was merely empty words to keep his phony-baloney job, it would be easier to counter.


Posted by: Gregory | 15 January 2021 at 08:58 AM

Well that’s just sad......


Some spending plans for Emery to excuse.

"Sanders said, “My first priority is to work on a comprehensive reconciliation bill…and I’m going to make that reconciliation bill as bold and aggressive as I possibly can."

Translation.. "Piss away as much money as possible"


I'm sure Emery can tell us is a justified cost..(at whose expense?)


If I see the word 'stakeholders' I usually quit right there.

You do have to wonder if there's a bunch of high quality private schools firing up out there given the switch to distance learning.


Damn that Trump!!

"Anew study evaluating COVID-19 responses around the world found that mandatory lockdown orders early in the pandemic did not provide significantly more benefits to slowing the spread of the disease than other voluntary measures, such as social distancing or travel reduction."


Trump killed 300 billion people by making us lockdown and not making us lockdown!!

Thank goodness we can get rid of lockdowns right after the election. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 9:13 am
“Translation.. "Piss away as much money as possible"”

Another translation: Chairman Bernie. Opps, as of the first day of our new Congress, government cannot say ‘Chairman’’or ‘Chairwoman’. Such an important thing to make it the #1 bill/resolution to pass. Top priority with China stealing technology, Bog Tech social credits, the Corona Lab Virus, the economy in tatters due to artificial mandates, islands actually growing in size (measurable shoreline increases of area) cancel culture running amok banning the former ‘greatest novelist in American History‘ (Samuel Clemens), Dr. Seuss, and banning To Kill a Mockingbird along with a professor getting fired for reading to his class MLK’s ‘Letters from Jail’ on MLK’s birthday.......with all this stuff going down.....we have Chair Bernie.

Chair Bernie just does not have the same ring to it as Chairman Bernie. But, then again, the Maoists and Stalinists and Commie Bastards always try to hide their true intentions behind ‘Democratic Socialists‘ from the People’s Democratic Republic of (fill in the blank).


Posted by: scenes | 15 January 2021 at 09:36 AM

Trump killed 300 billion people by making us lockdown and not making us lockdown!!


Bill Tozer

Well, we do need media litercy despertly, but not the way AOC proposes. True colors comming out. If only the Constitution could be cancelled, there would be nothing holding the Leftinistas back.

'Wholly Un-American’: Ocasio-Cortez Slammed For Advocating Congressional Clamp Down On Media



oooh, I like this idea.

"Some are calling for Facebook to be banned from the app store after a Washington Post report revealed that a great deal of the Capitol Hill riot was planned on Mark Zuckerberg’s platform.

According to the Post, “a growing body of evidence shows that Facebook played a much larger role” in the storming of the building than COO Sharyl Sandberg previously acknowledged."


Never gonna happen as the Google Archipelago looks after it's own, but it's a funny idea.

paul emery


Do you believe Trump when he says he won the election by hundreds of thousands of votes?

Bill Tozer

‘Texas Woman Who Bragged About Ballot Harvesting Arrested for Fraud’

“Based on the footage, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, a Republican, opened an investigation. That probe led to the arrest, Paxton announced on Jan. 13.

“Many continue to claim that there’s no such thing as election fraud. We’ve always known that such a claim is false and misleading, and today we have additional hard evidence. This is a victory for election integrity and a strong signal that anyone who attempts to defraud the people of Texas, deprive them of their vote, or undermine the integrity of elections will be brought to justice,” Paxton said in a statement.

“The shocking and blatantly illegal action documented by Project Veritas demonstrates a form of election fraud my office continually investigates and prosecutes. I am fiercely committed to ensuring the voting process is secure and fair throughout the state, and my office is prepared to assist any Texas county in combating this insidious, un-American form of fraud.”

The Election Fraud Division of Paxton’s office reviewed dozens of hours of footage before making the arrest.

Rodriguez was charged with five felonies: election fraud, illegal voting, unlawfully assisting people voting by mail, and unlawfully possessing an official ballot.

She could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.”


Hmmm. I do wonder if what the woman did is completely legal in CA.

Bill Tozer

Follow the science.

America begins to re-open. Joe Biden says most schools can be back in business in 100 days. Across the country, shutdowns are being relaxed or ended. Here in Minnesota, for example, restaurants and bars were allowed to re-open at 50% capacity on Monday.

Via InstaPundit, Stephen Miller comments on the phenomenon:


Montana’s Governor just announced Montana is open. Guess that’s why they call it Big Sky Country. There was never any scientific evidence to justify closing public schools. I do have to give a shout out to an unlikely source: Chicago! The Chicago Bosses told the Chicago school teachers if they do not show up to teach last Monday, they will not get paid. Summer break is officially over in the Windy City. The only ones pissing and moaning about it is the teachers unions and the teachers, lol.


Posted by: paul emery | 15 January 2021 at 01:47 PM


Do you believe Trump when he says he won the election by hundreds of thousands of votes?



LOL Emery!! And you still have yet to answer if you believed there wasn't any election fraud. ( Nevermind the 1000 dead that voted) (Nevermind the video of stashed ballots being run through machines when all the people got " sent home".)

No Emery,, you don't answer up when facts are presented.

LIBs LIE,, LIBs CHEAT... That's what they do.

DAMN Emery,, LIBS can riot and burn with no consequences..
Never once did you speak ill of those actions.


One more for "crickets" Emery.. So do you believe that the dotard you voted for actually is mentally competent?

You still have yet to take my bet on how fast he will be removed... You must know I'm right, and moving to Seattle ain't a good place to land.

Don Bessee

Ya lets revisit the pony tail of ignorance rancid russian dressing -



George Rebane

Again, rig for the cricket chorus.


What happened to Emery? Cricket chow?
Facts get in the way of your BS?


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 15 January 2021 at 02:06 PM

We should have elected Biden years ago! If only we’d known of his “healing” properties.


N.Y. loses another. And Texas Bound with open arms.

Now why all the gun makers haven't pulled out yet is another head scratcher.

Don Bessee

Now that's funny -



Don Bessee

Emperor xi know creepy grampa joe wont push back on the whuhan flu -



Don Bessee

Emperor xi know creepy grampa joe wont push back on the whuhan flu -



Don Bessee

Follow the science, when? -




Now I wonder if the LIBS in D.C. have checked the political status of each and every weekend warrior carrying a gun.
Liberals are not known for joining the military. You know,,,, just say'n....


All these troops in D.C. reminds me of a question that was being asked on the "down low" to us when I was still in uniform. The question was..." Would you/ could you fire upon U.S. citizens?" I thought the question real strange and scary even back then.(back in the 80's)
Now I can see why.

Bill Tozer

re: And then there's more suppressed news 'Media Mostly Silent As BLM Activists Clash With Capitol Police'.

Excellent find, Dr. Rebane. Good one.

“No cops! No KKK! No fascist USA!” the crowd chanted”....with no permit. Damn it, who forgot the permit? We don’t need no stinkin’ papers. This is social justice, man. Suck to be you.
A line of National Guard troops backing up a line of Capital Po-lease is like not how the game is played. What’s up with dat? What, new rules?. Fascists!

At least all parties involved were masked up. All donned their black face diapers. A moment of healing and unity. Always a silver lining..

Exit Question: Since rumors say that DC looks like an armed encampment (or war zone), is it just me or have others noticed that is the Capital Police, FBI, the DC mayor, DC Police....are kinda doing the CYA to the max since they got a big black eye on that Wednesday afternoon? Talk about overkill.

Like being a Hot Shot Firefighter and having to move the command post and line ASAP because the fire got behind you. But, then again, those same Capital Police and DC Metro have witnessed plenty of MAGA rallies. Not much of a concern of violence with them before. But, the MAGAs do have a habit attracting a criminal element of counter protestors whever they go. Stalkers.

Ever see the footage of Rand Paul and his wife just trying to walk one block between the RNC Convention and their hotel room? Or was it walk one block to the RNC shindig? The street mob awaits. Pauls got surrounded, mob squeezing in, pressing flesh against them 360 degrees. One brave cop grabbed his bicycle as a shield (after the other cop was knocked/fell to the ground and got pummeled) and got the Senator and his bride to safety. The Pauls visited him in the hospital to express their deepest heart-felt gratitude for a good possibility of saving their lives. Mrs. Paul was convinced. They were telling her what they were going to do to her. Unspeakable things.
The cop that jumped in to muscle them out of there with his bike as a defensive/offensive weapon certainly spared them of great bodily injury at a minimum, no doubt.

Turn on the lights and you will attract all sorts of bugs......the creepy kind.

Bill Tozer

Change of pace. For our math wizdards and problem solvers, a nice sports story.

'The Last Browns QB to Win an NFL Championship Is, Ironically, a Math Genius'


I do my sports math differently. 108 years passed between the Cubbies winning the World Series, 108 stitches on a baseball. Year of the Reckoning Stuff.


Probably want to start thinking about burial plots now.....

Biden: We'll 'manage the hell' out of feds' COVID response

You know.....to beat the rush!


I can’t believe it! The answer was there, right in front of us the whole time!

Gentlemen I give you “Q” - https://tinyurl.com/y5t2poey

QANON told me to post this


The Masters of the universe's fascism starts to stretch.

"Facebook has censored a video of Cardinal Juan Sandoval Íñiguez, archbishop emeritus of Guadalajara, for suggesting that globalist leaders are exploiting the coronavirus pandemic to bring about a new world order."


Hear the news Lefties? THOUSANDS of "migrants"(soon to be illegals) are headed El Norte' and be a the soon to be dissolved border. Just in time for the bastard prez to say "Come on in!"


Here you go Bill......my pleasure!



re: Walt@8:44AM

The best way to go is to see the real deal, draw yer own conclusions.


It's possible to set youtube to put up closed captions and to auto-translate into English if your Spanish is too weak.


Posted by: Walt | 16 January 2021 at 09:18 AM

Hear the news Lefties? THOUSANDS of "migrants"(soon to be illegals) are headed El Norte' and be a the soon to be dissolved border. Just in time for the bastard prez to say "Come on in!"

Feature. Not a bug!

The only good thing about progressives inviting 100 million stray cats into the country is that there’s no longer need to pay any attention to their patently false but ostentatiously presented “concern” for the environment.


Democrat o' the Day Award Goes To!!!:

"Antifa supporter Daniel Alan Baker was just arrested for plotting an attack on Trump supporters on Inauguration Day.

He trained in Syria in 2017 with the YPG, was featured on VICE, and in 2020 participated in the CHAZ insurrection in Seattle, per DOJ documents"



You do have to wonder about the training:

"18. On October L4, 2020, BAKER authored another Facebook post
advising of his training. The post states: "did 30 min jiujitsu, 30 min forced march
with full medic backpack and weapons and then ashtanga yoga. The enemy is

Maybe he could do a set of classes like Sonny Puzikas.


"The only good thing about progressives inviting 100 million stray cats into the country is that there’s no longer need to pay any attention to their patently false but ostentatiously presented “concern” for the environment."

It would be interesting to see the average greenhouse gas cost of moving a single person from the Third World to the First. Sadly, any study like that would ruin your tenure track.

Oh well, there was a time when the Sierra Club was an ecology-minded group rather than yet another immigration lobbyist.


I just want to leave a breadcrumb here and get back to it sometime.


Question: Will that document be on the fedgov website in a few months?



Somehow this figures.

"President-elect Joe Biden has appointed Thomas Zimmerman as a Special Assistant to the President for Presidential Personnel as part of a raft of new appointments announced on December 30.
Recently, Zimmerman worked as a visiting scholar at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, focusing on Afghanistan, Somalia, and Chinese regional policy."


" Since at least 2014, the FBI has assessed that Chinese intelligence officers have used SASS affiliation as cover identities."


Question: Just how easy is it to get a security clearance nowadays? One friend of mine had a heckuva time getting one just because his wife was a (Western) European foreign national.


18. On October L4, 2020, BAKER authored another Facebook post
advising of his training. The post states: "did 30 min jiujitsu, 30 min forced march
with full medic backpack and weapons and then ashtanga yoga. The enemy is

30 minutes......? Impressive....an efficient method for achieving combat readiness....like “7 minute abs”!

Bill Tozer


I refer a quick run through of Brazilian Butt Lift work outs. Love to swing open the door and run through their class as all the young ladies in spontaneous combustion screech “ It’s a man, it’s a man!” Reminds me of the streaking fad or the collegiate panty raids.

Thanks for the gift at 9:27 am. This one made my top five list. Hard to whittle it down to just today’s winner. So, top 3-5 will do. Thank you.



You just know it'll be a successful administration when the run-up includes this kind of thing.

"Federal prisons on lockdown in run-up to Biden inauguration
The lockdown decision is precautionary, no specific information led to it and it is not in response to any significant events occurring inside facilities, the Bureau of Prisons said."


Bill .Tozer

Twitter Says ‘Bug’ Kept Users From Searching ‘The Lincoln Project’ Amid Co-Founder’s Sexual Misconduct Allegations


Bill Tozer

Good news. Its about time.

Phil Spector, famed music producer and murderer, dies at 81



More deaths. Kathy Shaidle. It's a shame.


A public service announcement!

Bill Tozer

The candle expoded inside? Shoulf hsve bought a nice Bubba cigar instead. Get the same smell.

Bill Tozer

‘First Trump declassified Russia document: Christopher Steele's 2017 confession to the FBI’
Steele told FBI he leaked Russia collusion story to help Clinton and Great Britain, and was connected to his primary dossier source by former NSC staffer and impeachment witness Fiona Hill.

“The 26-page report also discussed in detail Steele's reliance on his primary sub-source, an Eastern-Europe-born academic who had worked at the U.S. liberal think tank the Brookings Institution.

The FBI recently released documents showing that the sub-source had been the focus of an FBI counterintelligence probe back in 2009-11 and that the bureau assessed he had posed a possible national security threat to the U.S. and had Russian intelligence.

The FBI was seeking to obtain a FISA warrant against the man when he fled the U.S., causing the FBI to close down its probe.

The most explosive revelation about the sub-source in the newly declassified documents was that former Trump National Security Council Russia expert Fiona Hill, an impeachment witness in 2019 against Trump, had introduced Steele to his sub-source in 2011, well after the FBI had opened up its probe on the source.”


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