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20 January 2021


Bill Tozer

I bet AOC is pissed. But, then again, as a member of the House, she has no say in the matter.

Cocaine Moscow Mitch, aka the Grim Reaper, strikes again.

"With This Win, We Can Move Forward‘: McConnell Says Eliminating Filibuster Is Dead



Watch your six.



Wrong social media? Lose your job.


Maybe Paul can pop by and post something about Trump or Herbert Hoover.


Pretty funny.



Some poetic justice.
If BIG TECH can block use of THRIR service because they don't like what you say,,,
The YOUR politics has consequences as well. "HEY!! It's a "private" business.
"The appropriately named Trigger Firearms and Reloading LLC in Jefferson City, Missouri announced on Facebook on Inauguration Day last week:

“We don’t have guns or ammo for Biden Supporters. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

It’s not hard to imagine why, precisely, this is—they have no interest in assisting those who would vote out the Second Amendment rights of their fellow citizens with freely and hypocritically practicing their own."


Beautiful thing. Yer state government at work.

"SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- As much as $31 billion in California unemployment funds have been paid out to scammers, California EDD admits."



That's the beauty of government. It tends to pick your pocket and either (a)get scammed, (b)buy useless things, (c)shunt money to it's friends.

It's gonna get a lot worse as the President Harris administration appears to be rather liberal with the EO's. It's all about coercion, but a person can make themselves more immune to control by the crazy people simply by withdrawing from them to the degree possible. Build your own Order of Leibowitz in your home.


Posted by: scenes | 27 January 2021 at 08:24 AM

Build your own Order of Leibowitz in your home.



Breaking news!!!
Big fire in Nevada City. Across from the Bonanza Market.
N.Pine and York St. Other houses threatened.
Scratch that, TWO structures on fire.

George Rebane

Administrivia - Please note Scattershots 27jan21 update and 'Our mega-fraudulent Covid ...' post, and continue your topic relevant comments there. Thanks.


re: NC fire. Homeless person no doubt.

re: more Gamestop fun.

I've been watching this whole story for a few days, what an amazing thing. Short squeezin' heading into the pink sheets. Financial warfare.

It would be funny for a reddit group to bring down a part of the financial system but then look at Albania. When your system of wealth is built on top of purest BS, these things happen.

My guess is that either the trading platforms get shut down or the SEC steps in to favor the large houses on the losing side of the trade. Especially with President Xiden in power Wall Street runs the show, but it's an amazing show right now.

Of course CNN has a handle on it, after they got done gushing about the new Presidential dogs.

"How Trumpism explains the GameStop stock surge"


Godspeed Frau Blucher!




or Door Number Three, the social media groups who are messing with the hedge funds get shut down.

"just in: Discord has shut down the /r/WallStreetBets server for "hate speech, glorifying violence, and spreading misinformation", a spokesperson for Discord tells me. "To be clear, we did not ban this server due to financial fraud related to GameStop or other stocks""


Bill Tozer

“Most conservatives I know are disgusted that the Senate is going to try Donald Trump even now that he’s no longer president. At the same time, most think that holding the trial will either benefit Republicans or be a political wash.

However, Andy McCarthy believes that it’s the Democrats who will come out as winners. He argues that the trial will “unite the Left while intensifying the Right’s internecine conflict.” He also says the trial will “distract attention from the new administration’s unimpressive start on vaccine roll-out.”

As to the latter point, I’m not sure how distracting the trial will be. I doubt that many Americans will follow it. Few want to revisit the tumultuous final days of the Trump administration.

In any case, if Americans believe Joe Biden is doing a poor job fighting the Wuhan coronavirus, a week-long impeachment trial of an ex-president isn’t likely to help him avoid a backlash.

But won’t the trial divide Republicans? It doesn’t look that way. It looks like the GOP, with a few “usual suspect” exceptions, will unite to vote against convicting Trump.

This will help the Party, in my view. It may demonstrate to Trump’s base that the GOP mainstream isn’t looking to throw Trump under the bus. The trial gives mainstream Republicans another chance to stand up for a man who still commands strong support within the party, and do so at no real cost.

The worst thing that could happen to the Republican Party right now would be for Republicans who have become ardent Trump supporters to drift away from the Party as the Trump presidency recedes. The hope is that, as Biden’s leftist presidency comes into its own, Trumpites will stay with the GOP on ideological grounds. An impeachment trial in which nearly all Senate Republicans back Trump should help keep the party united in the meantime.

Therefore, I’m guessing that the impeachment trial will either be a win for Republicans or, at worst, a non-factor in the ongoing struggle between the two parties.”
Well, the Hillary Machine tossed up ‘Trump got his Kneepads on and is going down on his buddy Putin and they are in cahoots together to do some big time conspiring’ horseshit to distract from the huge e-mail scandal Hillary never dealt with. What do you mean the State Department has zero records concerning communications with Ambassador Chris Stevens, any Benghazi records of repeated pleads for more security.....no State Department records at all? None? How could this be? What do you mean State Department records are on Hillary’s private server with gmail address in the linen closet in Bill and Hillary’s home. Trump is a Russian asset! Traitor!

Don Bessee

Have my G5 idling i will be there soon after i crush good paying jobs, they thought wrong when they got those good paying jobs. Now they can compete with all our new illegal alien voters for crappy jobs -

Cruz blasts Kerry for 'arrogant' statement that solar power job is 'better choice' for workers
'The Democratic elites have decided that blue-collar workers ... they've made the wrong choices,' Texas Republican tells 'Fox News Primetime'




What the HELL?? Just think if a Trump tried this.


Posted by: Walt | 27 January 2021 at 10:38 PM

What the HELL?? Just think if a Trump tried this.

The chorus of, Grifter, Grifter, Grifter....Emolument, Emolument, Emolument....Goombah, Goombah, Goombah would be deafening!

To be followed shortly thereafter by Roberta whining for a Valium, Valium, Valium!

paul emery

So it begins-the unraveling of Trumps illegal doings with Campaign money. And he gave Bannon a pardon from ripping off contributors to the Wall.

"The supplement, filed Thursday morning with the Federal Election Commission, is in part based on Insider's reporting in December about American Made Media Consultants, a secretive shell company that operated inside Trump's 2020 campaign committee," said the report. "American Made Media Consultants, the shell company, along with a political firm owned by former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale, 'served as conduits that hid the ultimate recipients of nearly half of the campaign's overall spending,' the updated complaint states. 'These schemes disguised which firms or individuals were working for Trump's committees, how much and when they were being paid, and the purposes of those payments,' it continued."



OHhh.. The Liberal shows up. More TDS?
Too embarrassed to even mention the mentally deficient
emperor who rules by exec order? (just signs whatever is put in front of him.)
And even more ruling by decree today. You should be so pleased.
Can you tell us how many jobs he's created since being placed on the throne? The body count still rises of killed jobs.

So Liberal,, tell us how happy you are.

paul emery

Of course Trump never used the Executive Order right Walt. Most of what he's doint is reversing Trumps EO's


that's the LIBERAL'S excuse?
OK LIBERAL,,, how many jobs did Trump kill by exec. order?
Trump's signatures did the country good. made things better.

Go ahead LIBERAL,, prove that wrong.
Never mind the lies he's made. Promises MADE,, Promises BROKEN.

Trump kept his promises. Your Master, not so much.

Better take glass cleaning classes LIBERAL. Oh... You can't get that job.. The ILLEGALS get those jobs.


Posted by: paul emery | 28 January 2021 at 11:56 AM

Of course Trump never used the Executive Order right Walt. Most of what he's doint is reversing Trumps EO's

Well Punch....much like the debt (something else you've lost all interest in) President Le Petomaine is already way out in the lead on the EO front!



The big money whores of wall St. again rigg the system.

Some of the "little guys" stuck it to the short sellers.
Now the traders show their cards and only allow the
"big boys" to buy.. Everyone else can only sell.

So some LIB behind the curtain has ended the "free market".

It's not just Robinhood.. Scott trade and others are also in on the "freeze".


To the LIBERAL... Chanslor Biden will make plenty of jobs for
"going out of business" sign makers.

Even the Proggy Press is slamming Chanslor Biden for writer's cramp.

" The House and Senate won't pass my agenda, so I will just do it with a phone and a pen"

Oh.. That's right!!! The LIBERAL,, is a dictator fan.
There is a Queen that he adors. He was even mad because we broke away from England. King George would have loved him.


Posted by: Walt | 28 January 2021 at 01:03 PM

Here you go Walt......



Not looking good for the shorts......

How much? According to financial data analytics firm Ortex, short-sellers - mostly hedge funds - are sitting on estimated losses of $70.87 billion from their short positions in U.S. companies just in 2021 alone! Add puts and other underwater derivatives, and the real loss will be even greater. And just as striking: Ortex data showed that as of Wednesday, there were loss-making short positions on more than 5,000 U.S. firms.

This means that virtually every hedge fund that had short positions on was getting hammered. So when dozens of these giant asset managers sat down and decided to polite call one broker after another what do you think happened.

That's right: Joe Sixpack was quickly sold down the river.

paul emery

This is a direct quote from one of the nutcases Republicans have elected to the House:

QAnon-loving Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene in 2018 posted a bizarre conspiracy theory on her Facebook page involving then-California Gov. Jerry Brown using a giant space laser to deliberately start wildfires.

Media Matters on Thursday revealed that Greene, in a since-deleted Facebook post from November 2018, speculated that Brown started the fires in order to clear out forests in areas where he wanted to build a high-speed rail line up the California coast.

At the center of Greene's theory was a partnership between utility company Pacific Gas and Electricity (PG&E) and renewable energy startup Solaren.

Greene argued that PG&E and Solaren sent solar power generators up into space that were then used to beam the sun's energy back down to Earth to start the California wildfires.

"If they are beaming the suns energy back to Earth, I'm sure they wouldn't ever miss a transmitter receiving station right??!!" she wrote. "What would that look like anyway? A laser beam or light beam coming down to Earth I guess. Could that cause a fire? Hmmm, I don't know. I hope not! That wouldn't look so good for PG&E, Rothschild Inc, Solaren or Jerry Brown who sure does seem fond of PG&E."



I'll trade you Maxine Waters for Greene... a duel, 10 paces. Hamilton and Burr.


The LIBERAL posts from the Proggy Press.
Media(don't)matters? Commie Press, LIBERAL.

Did you get a free tinfoil hat just for taking the clickbait?

The LIBERAL has yet to state it's point of view for voting for the loss of 30,000 jobs(and climbing) Not just pipeline workers,, Truck manufacturers, Caterpillar, and all equipment builders, which takes out the ones those paychecks were spent on.

First rule about LIB club,, is you don't talk about LIB club.
The LIBERAL will NEVER speak ill of his Dear Leader.
You would think the LIBERAL is shining the shoes of Lil' Fat kid.


See LIBERAL?? Was I correct or what??
"The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) will take all necessary measures to “crush” efforts supporting Taiwanese sovereignty because “Taiwan independence means war,” a spokesman for China’s Ministry of National Defense said Thursday."

Your friends know damned well "glassjaw" Joe has no balls to fight China. You LIBS are cowards.

Paul Emery

Really Gregory!!! That's your choice
Greene is a QAnon follower you know. Here's a direct quote from her:
"QAnon is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take this global cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles out.”


Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe gives away the farm to putin in first call like a good little putin cuddler -

Biden’s predecessor, President Donald Trump, was skeptical of the New START treaty and pushed for significant concessions from the Russians, or better yet a new trilateral agreement that would include China. The Russians proposed a one-year extension of New START, which was due to expire in February 2021, but Biden surprised them by offering five.

There was no mention of any reciprocal concessions from the Russians.




That must be the LIBERAL'S "new" religion. the belief of "Q"..
He has been know to change religions like a snake sheds skin.

Has the LIB kissed Emperor Biden's ass today?
But Biden has licked Putin's.

paul emery

It's your gal Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene who is into QAanon Walt. You must agree with her when she says "QAnon is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take this global cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles out.”


WOW LIBERAL,, you feeling some guilt?


LIBERAL.... You have no room to point fingers at one's beliefs.
Like I said.. You have shed skins more times than a certain TROLL has sock puppets.


If there’s ever an Olympic event for frantic pearl clutching I think you’ve got the Gold Punch!

QANON told me to say that - END COMMUNICATION


The LIB seems to really understand the "Q".. A closet believer?
He does hang on their every word.


Oh......this is why Punchy is under his bed....!

GOP Congresswoman Blamed Wildfires on Secret Jewish Space Laser


You should just man up and deal with reality Punch! Let Ruth Marcus be your Spirit Animal

Ruth Marcus


This Jewish space laser thing makes no sense to me. Because, as every Jewish mother knows, you could put an eye out with that!


The funny thing is, the LIBERAL believes,,, SHE believes it.
People like the LIB are so fun to watch take the bait.

Someone needs to take the LIB bigfoot hunting when the season opens. (21ST century snipe hunt?) But hey!! What a way to drag in revenue selling hunting permits.


The LIBS wanted "redistribution of wealth"... Right?
Well the shot sellers are the rich and powerful of the left!
The Reddit gang did a little "redistributing",, and who's pissed? The Left!
Some asswipe wants to compare what these people did to the "attack" on capitol hill? So rich LIBS got beat at their own game and cry foul? There are some rich young day traders today.

Barry Pruett

Doesn’t feel like there is less transparency with “President Biden?” Lol

Bill Tozer

Freebie: new: one hour documentary on Thomas Sowell. He had a rough start out the gate, but preserved anyway.

‘Thomas Sowell: Common Sense in a Senseless World’


Don Bessee

Wong think on the march -




Yes Barry,, "transparency"..We can see right through them.(and their BS)

Don Bessee

OH NOES that was wong of me er a wrong.



Now I thought they were talking about the LIBERAL.
Even tootsie roll getting squeezed?

Bill Tozer

Re: The transfer of billions from the very wealthy to the common man, aka, the Reddit Revolution. If you know a little bit of basics of short selling, you can skip to 16:00 mark. Or 18:00 mark, or 24:00 mark if you are into political ramifications. Interesting moments of unity.

VIDEO: The Reddit Revolution, GameStop and Melvin Capital
One of the most interesting and potentially significant conflicts to happen in some time — not just financially but culturally and politically — deserves serious scrutiny.

By Glenn Greenwald



......the funny!

AYFKM?! Dem Sen. Diane Savino shrieks over violent political quote and demands ACTION UNTIL she learns it came from Maxine Waters



Reading material.......


Bill Tozer

For Walt....and Fish....and Scott.....and all you little people out there with broken thinkers. :)

This is the week that Reddit became a greater menace to the modern world than Donald Trump’s defunct Twitter feed. Or at least that’s what the major media trying to hold on to their three readers would have you think. Hasn’t President Biden come up with an executive order that will make everyone come out even, and deliver cute free puppies while we’re at it? If only GameStop made solar panels. Oh, and we’re not quite done with Bernie memes yet.


NC Right Wing Watch

Back again to visit Rebane Ruminations, the Home of White Christian Nationalism in Nevada County!


Our friends at the home office have really enjoyed reading some of your posts. You boys have been on good behavior for the most part but Walter B, you have become a favorite of my friends for your prolific use of LIBERAL 30 times a day. LIBERAL. LIBERAL LIBERAL. Like its a bad word. Liberals actually won the election Walter. The majority of the nation voted for Liberals. Great fun.

Everyone is having a good laugh at you Walter.

How did you like last night's news about your Colleagues and Brothers in Arms, The Proud Boys? Several members of which are facing 20 years in the slammer. You must be very proud of these brave patriots. Too bad that racist cabal will be in tatters after the Merrick Garland and the Feds get done with them. And all the other organizations you guys associate and sympathize with. Its going to be very satisfying to watch these racists and terrorists get put away.

Be good or be gone.

Check us out on Twitter


More from the Xho Bi Den administration .......

Biden has said vaccine distribution was in “worse shape than we anticipated.” White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain said a Trump administration plan “did not really exist.” Adviser Cedric Richmond said they “didn’t leave a plan.” Xavier Becerra, Biden’s choice for health secretary, said it was like taking over a plane in a nosedive.

But while Biden’s approach to the virus -- frank warnings about the pandemic, mask mandates on federal property -- is a reversal from Trump’s policies, his administration’s distribution of vaccines so far looks little different from that of its predecessor. Before Biden was sworn in, vaccines already were being delivered at a pace to meet his goal of 100 million doses in his first 100 days as president.

The Biden administration has said they’ll order new doses, but will do so by exercising options in contracts negotiated by the previous administration, which thought it premature to do so. They say they’ll use the Defense Production Act, which Trump used repeatedly. Rather than a total overhaul, they have otherwise made course corrections and modest shifts. Data released Friday by Johnson & Johnson will fuel hopes that a third vaccine soon could hit the U.S. market. -Bloomberg

We thank Xho Bi Den for bold leadership in satisfying Mandate of Heaven.


George Rebane

fish 348pm - good summary Mr fish. The endless march of Democrat Big Lies started long ago, and now is getting into full swing. Progressive pravda will engulf all, and the lightly read will follow like lemmings.

Don Bessee

Trollish delusions of grandeur @736. LOL



See Chanslor Biden reading crib cards while signing exec. decrees? The Alzheimer's was showing bigly.
A new record AGAIN for decree signings.


Now,, it's "our" turn.
"The New York Young Republicans are planning a “Re-Occupy Wall Street” event in New York City after allegations that popular investment platforms are throttling trading of certain stocks to protect big hedge funds."

Bill Tozer

Punchy sez: Walt writes "Biden lied". Even if true he's got a ways to go to catch up with Trump.

Hmmm. Might not take long for Biden to catch up at this rate.

‘#BidenLied Trends On Twitter As Critics Demand The $2,000 Stimulus Checks He Promised During Campaign’
"Don't say your given us $2,000 checks when your really given us $1,400 checks. That's just cold, bruh."



Bill Tozer

Drip by drip by 💧.

‘Obstruction boomerang: FBI knew DOJ was preparing to fire Comey long before Trump ordered it’
Rosenstein offered to wear wire on Trump, wanted fired Comey's advice on special counsel, newly declassified memos show.

“The FBI memos, however, show for the first time that McCabe and other bureau leaders knew it [Trump was going to fire Comey] even as they opened an obstruction probe predicated on the termination. The revelation undercuts the obstruction case McCabe opened, experts told Just the News.”



Biden lies again!

‘Biden’s Climate Agenda Won’t Replace Jobs It Seeks To Kill, Separate AP, WaPo Fact-Checks Suggest’


Don Bessee

No surprise there they have used that whole cloth lie so much its worn to a see through @742!


Billl Tozer


Long Island official explains when tennis players can safely touch others’ balls


You can kick their balls, but can’t touch them.. Is not kicking their balls ‘touching’ said balls??

George Rebane

BillT 518am - not if you’re wearing shoes.

Bill Tozer

‘BillT 518am - not if you’re wearing shoes.‘

And/or not if one is playing mixed doubles. :)

Barry Pruett

Control freaks.

Bill Tozer

Statue toppling is getting closer. Whats next? Removing California's State holiday, Ceasar Cheves Day? That would piss off the state workers for sure, losing a holiday with pay.

'Gandhi statue toppled, defaced and removed'

"Critics of the statue argued that, despite his achievements, Gandhi had character flaws so reprehensible that he should not be memorialized in a public park. “It is undisputed that Gandhi was a hero to many,” Sacramento businessman Amar Shergill said at the meeting. “He was also a bigot and predator of members of his own family.”

"An unveiling ceremony was held on Oct. 2, 2016, Gandhi’s birthday, which is commemorated each year as an International Day of Nonviolence.

Since then, the statue has been a target of repeated protests and vandalism. Last June, in the wake of racial justice protests that targeted Confederate and white supremacist statues across the United States, the Gandhi statue was spray painted with expletives and the word “rapist"."



What??? Saturday Night Live has yet to jest about Biden?
No lost memory? No fumbling of pens? No "lay off my boy" skits?
No hair sniffing yet?(among other things)
And Joe hasn't opened SNL yet... Clinton played his Sax, (and hit up on the cast in back)
"O" danced his way on stage. (like he did headed into the W.H.)

Now we all know how Trump was skewered. That's what LIBS do.


Posted by: Walt | 01 February 2021 at 03:05 PM

What??? Saturday Night Live has yet to jest about Biden?

Xho Bai Den will not be mocked

Bill Tozer

Damn Trump wanted to enforce the law! Stop him.

'Why Are U.S. Universities Hiding Communist China’s Infiltration Of Their Campuses?'

Now is the time to demand accountability in America's higher education institutions. Our national security depends on it.


Yep, China was the winner of the election. Now Biden refuses to join others across the world in condemning the genocide of China's religious minority. Not mistreatment, but genocide. Trump condemned the mass murder at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party.

I fear Biden is a puppet of China. Maybe even a Chinese Government asset. Wonder what the Chi-coms have on him? Every man has their price....and priorities.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 01 February 2021 at 07:14 PM

Yep, China was the winner of the election. Now Biden refuses to join others across the world in condemning the genocide of China's religious minority. Not mistreatment, but genocide. Trump condemned the mass murder at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party.

Xho Bai Den knows who fills his rice bowl. Now you go!! You go now!!


5:06 p.m. A caller on Sacramento Street and Railroad Avenue reported a man in a green trench coat exposing himself. The man was unable to be located.

Don Bessee

So are they bought and paid for or not?


Beijing lays down a marker in South China Sea



Bill Tozer

But of course. What else would one expect from the SF Chronicle letter writer, a professor at Berzerkely.

Leftist Writer: Bernie Sanders’ Mittens Are A Sign Of White Supremacy‘


Damned if you dress the part of the proletariat, damned if you don’t. It’s Grumpy Chic.


Pretty much.......

TWO YEARS AGO: Va. Gov. Northam’s yearbook pic of men in blackface, Klan robe spurs calls for his resignation. Those quickly vanished — at least, those from Democrats — when it was realized that between his resignation, and his Lt. Governor’s rape accusations, Virginia might end up with a Republican governor. All principles were immediately thrown out the window in the name of power.



Posted by: Bill Tozer | 01 February 2021 at 11:12 PM

Leftist Writer: Bernie Sanders’ Mittens Are A Sign Of White Supremacy‘

Finally! This means they're running out of shit to write about.


Anybody else beginning to think that if you found yourself in the hospital and Dr. Fauci was the attending physician that it might be time to have your personal affairs put in order.....get right with. the lord.

Just in case....

Double-Mask, Double Flip-Flop - Are You Kidding Us All Fauci?



Here we go again... Can anyone tell us where we heard this before?
" The evidence is overwhelming."


Did he send Cam a Thank You card?

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