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16 January 2021


Scott O

Jason The Hick 3:21 - "My guess is y'all know EXACTLY who this pissant is."
Well - you guessed wrong.
So what do you have to say now?

Don Bessee

You know the funny thing about botox nancy delaying the transfer of the articles to the senate is that it lets the grim reaper really own the agenda of the opening of creepy grampa joes dotterage.

Cryin chuck clearly does not have his 50 in line and they have said they wont whip. Then you have the issue of doing it after the term ends which drags up all kinds of constitutional issues that might make the SCOTUS recuse since that issue may end up on their desks.

That's all before they even get to stimulus much less appointments.

The best part is that the congressional review act only goes back 60 days so the socialist dems have already ensconced many of the flurry of agency regulations that went live recently after long efforts plus plus! ROFLOL!



"...it lets the grim reaper really own the agenda of the opening of creepy grampa joes dotterage."

Joe who? All I'm seeing is a deserted capitol with razor wire, Nat'l Guard being tested for political reliability, occasional clips of some tottering old man with an official seal on a podium. At the end of the day, it's still all about a certain Mr. Trump.

My guess is that we'll have a CG President while the elected one is pensioned off to the basement to lounge in a hot tub with his 'little fishes' ala Tiberius.


President Max Headroom at our service!


Someone just found out what happens when you DON'T support your constituents point of view.
"Wyoming’s Carbon County Republican Party unanimously voted to censure Republican Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney after she voted to impeach President Donald Trump on the charge of “incitement of insurrection.”"

“Representative Cheney has violated the trust of her voters, failed to faithfully represent a very large majority of motivated Wyoming voters, and neglected her duty to represent the party and the will of the people who elected her to represent them,” the statement reads.

The resolution asserts Cheney “cast her vote without any quantifiable evidence of High Crimes or Misdemeanors.”

Jason Hicks

Walt 5:07
"Murder is up 75% in D.C., yet no troops called in to protect the people."

Agreed Walt. Since Wash DC has no governor, it is up to Trump to call in the troops. Abject failure, isn't he?


lol. Perfect.


Did anyone get a load of the 200k flags in the Mall to 'represent the missing crowd'?

I figure that's about 1000 flags per person that was at a Biden rally.


Going great guys......Number #1 fan!

“Nothing says ‘normal, legitimate election’ like a swearing-in behind 12 feet of razor wire and 25,000 troops that you’re not sure you can trust.”



Well now. Eric Weinstein had something of a rant this morning.

Brooke Goldstein: "WHERE ARE OUR INTELLECTS ON THE LEFT SCREAMING ABOUT THE SHUT DOWN OF FREE SPEECH IN AMERICA? Have we such a failure in education that we have forgotten the value of our freedoms? WHAT’S HAPPENING IS DIRE! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!"

Eric Weinstein:

I actually thought about this more...here goes.
What is going on is this: mainstream media and tech are co-creating an illusion. The illusion is this: the entire Left has gone stupid, corrupt & insane. And the way it is accomplished is by collective institutional make-believe."
All the civil libertarians are still here. The “free speech for ideas we hate” crowd is still here. The “Woke doesn’t make any analytic sense” crowd is here.
Ironically the Left leaning institutions are “manufacturing our consent” w forced “diversity & inclusion” loyalty oaths."
Now, individually, we object. But I’m told we’re “thirsty” by the internet if I say: “NPR, I used to have John Ydistie on speed dial” or “NYT I would talk to Robert Pear or Dennis Overbye or others with some frequency.” until something about 8-9years ago: Our lines went dead.
This was about the time of the Obama Era “Dear Colleague” letter that converted the Universities to indoctrination factories. This is the era of the DOJ “Operation Chokepoint”. And many of us who objected were suddenly just frozen out. More or less completely with no explanation.
Now, via you, I’m seeing this differently. I don’t need NPR/NYT or any of these outfits to talk to me. But they stopped taking to ALL of us. Effectively center Left media ghosted EVERYONE who didn’t sign on to the new extra crazy version of identity politics and safety culture.
And this is leads to several illusions:

A) The Left is insane & wants the police abolished so some can riot, firebomb courthouses, suspend policing at will.
B) The Left hates borders.
C) The Left is all in on collective guilt for slavery.
D) The Left is done w due process."
E) The Left has traded in Free Speech for Safety culture.
F) The Left wants equity as a cover for new discrimination and racism.


But that is not what is happening AT ALL. The true Left HATES this institutional strategy. So institutions have settled on “Smear & isolate”."
We just don’t exist if media never talks to us. And if we manage to poke through using podcasting we are classified by the zealots running this strategy as Alt Right despite an enormous number of Jewish surnames and prominent black intellectuals in our ranks. As if we vanished.
So here is what I want to say. I’m on a platform here which has the power to throttle my speech. But if this tweet reaches you as an ANTI-Identity politics/pro-free speech-for-ideas Democrat, quote tweet the lead tweet of the thread & say that you still exist. We’re here dammit.
What I now see is that I allowed the internet hyenas to push me off. The point isn’t that I need to speak to the press, but that the press has to speak to the Left who HATE the direction of our modern Democratic Party away from equality & fairness for all independent of identity.
With smear&ghost, they have simply disappeared an enormous wing of the party. Vanished without a trace.
So if you are here and sick of our insane tech-media-academic-political “leadership” undoing our civil liberties, add your name?
With numbers, they can’t gaslight us all. Folded hands...


Hey "jason",, you sure ditched and dodged yesterday's pointed questions. Too tough?
D.C. is run by the FEDS,, and has a Mayor.(LIB of course
No protection for the people.. but plenty for Proggy asswipe politicians.
"Troops for me,, but not for thee".

More troops than in Baghdad. From all 57 states.

Funny,, in Seattle, "troops made the riots worse" according to the Proggy press.(Because they were Trump troops? The same ones guarding Biden now?)

paul emery


What would you propose to ensure the safety for Biden and other participants in the inauguration?

George Rebane

Walt's got his own answer, but mine is to secure Biden the same way that Obama and Trump were secured. Have you seen any evidence, beyond the politically motivated histrionics, that Biden will be in some extra level of mortal danger at his inauguration?

Steven Frisch

"The third Reich was a socialist state too. Right?"

No the Third Reich was not a socialists state you boob!

Barry Pruett

The Nazi Party was officially known as the National Socialist German Workers' Party. Yet somehow the Third Reich was not socialist?! I can’t wait to hear the response. 😂


Posted by: Barry Pruett | 19 January 2021 at 01:48 PM

Relax Barry.....you're arguing with a guy who uses the term "reactionary".....and uses it seriously.

George Rebane

re Frisch 135pm - We have circled this barn many times in these pages. Since Operation Barbarossa (June 1941) all leftwing cum communist 'thinkers' have hewn to the line that Nazism (fascism) is not a form of socialism as is communism - a stark difference had to be made. Before Hitler double-crossed Stalin, each agreed that their social order was a form of socialism - formally communism was international socialism, and Nazism was national socialism. A clear indication of this was also Mussolini's migration from communism (they kicked him out for internal political reasons) to fascistic socialism which immediately attracted Hitler, who then began coagulating his own deranged version of socialism. In the end it was the global Left and their journalistic cohort that branded Nazism and fascism to be of the 'Right', and socialism/communism to retain the Left mantle - after all, there had to be a reason 20+ million men had to be sacrificed in the Great Patriotic War.

Frisch understands none of this, and continues to echo his betters with the ridiculous assertion that the rightwing extremism of conservatives and libertarians is bookended by large autocratic governments capable of making and enforcing central planning and control. Nothing could be further from the belief systems of conservatives and libertarians, yet the Left and their lamestream revel in promoting that communist cum Democrat narrative to the un-read.

For the student of morphological migrations of ideologies, today's Dems are hell bent to get the US into a form of fascism that integrates the workings of a large, elite-run, autocratic government within a robust halo of wealth generating corporatists. Hitler showed the world how this arrangement works in an advanced and developed country. In the end, the 'Right' is nothing more or less than the umbrella label that covers all who oppose the collectivist Left.

Bill Tozer

We have to differentiate between the old school liberals and the far left. Old school liberals would say that the assault (armed rebellion per the Botox Queen) was horrible, but we should not to squelch free speech or de-platform any opposing views. Freedom to bitch and mock and ridicule opposing ideas, but not to silence all, and I mean all, voices that diverge from the Greater Good, the true moral high grounders. Civil libertarians, Jefferson Liberal thought, the old school Libs be. No censorship, no doxxing, no erasing folks so it looks like they never existed. None of that shit.

OTOH, the far left truly believes they are the one and ONLY good way, the truth, and the light. They believe that they are the true arbiters of Moral Supremacy and all, and I mean all, others are pagans and inferior. Thus, the call to de platform Fox News, simply because their audience is too large and reaches too many people. Monopolies indeed hate completion and the only way to deal with those outside the rez is to kill, crush, destroy, get in their face and tell them they are not welcome here or anywhere no more.
Anywhere? Not even Devil’s Island or the Black Hole of Calcutta? Not even the State Mental Hospital for the criminally insane? Big frown. I am not welcomed anywhere. The Far Left told me so. And I believe them. They know better.

Actually, if I believed the Pinky Far Left totalitarians for one millisecond, I deserve be placed in the State Hospital for the insane, criminal or not. No hope. Throw the key away. For sure. The ones of the periphery who got caught up in a weaken moment and voted for Trump should definitely have their kids taken away and sent to re-education camps to watch Big Bird come out of the closet as Big Flamingo Bird! He’s come a long way, baby.

So, the liberals are not the biggest existential threat to our democracy and all democracies on the planet. The Far Left is. And boy do the hate the Constitution with a passion, even more that us inferior righties. Hey, isn’t part of the definition of racism is felling superior to other groups. Not equal, but superior.

Strike that. Liberals or the Far Left are like fish. They begin to smell after three days. They all reek the same to me after a period of time.


Speaking of the New School Liberals. Bullish for gold? (axios.com)

"Led by incoming Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, the economic policy team has signaled that it will be the first administration ever to construct economic policy around issues like race, gender equality and climate change, rather than around traditional indicators like gross domestic product or deficit ratios."

lol. We are so screwed. Build up relationships with your neighbors, become more self-sufficient, enjoy the battle from a distance.

Bill Tozer

Re: Unclear on Partisan Politics ?

News from outside the Golden State.
1) as folks heading out like a line of refugees turning their backs on the setting sun over California, what I am hearing from from various local sources out-of-state is that the Californians are coming in with cash, buying nice homes that they (former Californians consider cheap or better than what they had) and are making good neighbors. Most are Republicans and all say the same thing: “We just could not take it anymore.”

Some are liberals moving to the same places and they, being total liberal but having witnessed and lived in the same destruction (mainly S. Cal) say, “We just could not take it anymore.” While good comprehensive data is not readily available, it looks like 30%-40% of the new comers from CA are Democrats.
LA has lost 76,000 residents to other places. The homeless population of LA is around 76,000. For every tax payer that moves out, a homeless person takes his/her place.
It’s it just me, or have others noticed for months, a few years now that black are leaving The City? The black population of San Fransisco has continued to decline year over year. Either the black folks became upwardly mobile and said, “We just could not take it anymore” or moved away for other reasons.
According to the head volunteer main man of the effort to recall Pretty Boy Gavin, of the million signatures gathered and run through the first of several voter verification test, about 300,000 of the first million are Democrats. Don’t sound like a far right wing coup to me.

“We just could not take it anymore,” says the 300,000 CA Dems. Where do I sign?


re: People Leaving San Francisco.

I can't say that you have to be of a particular political mindset or ethnicity to get bored with the Leftist city government love affair with street excrement.

Forrest Gump meme department:

and just like that, liberals loved guns and walls.

"KenCuccinelli says DC MayorBowser requested crew-served machine guns be included in the National Guard's arsenal to protect the capital. Cuccinelli says she was told no - that weapons like that have no place in securing a civilian event."



another one bites the dust.

Second City Cop goes dark. The Cultural Revolution keeps on keepin' on.

The last issue is here:


George, you might want to consider moving off of typepad.


...well jeez, that link didn't work worth a damn.

another route. Go to here:


and paste in this:


This is becoming something of a serious matter.

Don Bessee

As if we didnt already know they lied and botox nancy pimped for them -

New York Post
Wuhan medics admit they knew COVID-19 was deadly, were told to lie




This alone makes it all worth it......


I mean not having to suffer Hillary Clinton for four years was good too but this....



So Steve only went to school to eat lunch.

OK genius,, just what WAS the Nazis if not Socialist?(murdering bastards comes to mind)
Who is running the show here in the U.S.? Is it not the Democrat Socialist party?
Tell us how what the current idea of silencing any Conservative thought and media isn't fascist.

It's your "F"ed up side that calls us on the Right "nazis".
Tell us how we are acting and thinking as Nazis.


Emery.. A sure sign the elites fear the people. Their own actions a result there of.

Funny,, the "riot" at the capital started long before Trump ended his speech. Did the Proggy Press tell you that?
Trump was still speaking. Yet you and yours blame him.
So another sham impeachment.

So Emery,, who made it real clear, riots and violence were acceptable? Your Proggys. What was done to stop the riots by ANTIFA and BLM? ( hint....NOTHING)
Even the attack on the White House was not considered "inserection". Tell us how that's not a double standard.


Posted by: Walt | 19 January 2021 at 04:04 PM

Walt......expect a vague open ended question in....5....4....3....2.......


I know Fish,, but putting them on the spot is so much fun.
Like asking them just what makes Joe Tuna fingers Prezidential.
A brain damaged, woman assaulter, and owned by China. Yup, a real good choice.
Emery still won't take my bet on how soon the 25TH will be used to make the fastest loser of the LIB debates Prez.
HELL!! Emery won't even give a half assed reason he voted for Biden. ( No,, "I hate Trump" don't cut it.)


I'm sure the union stooges that voted for Biden (at gunpoint)
will love this news. "Your out of a JOB!!"

The likes of Steve and "hicks" should be happy to be back to being dependant on OPEC fuel.
Biden will fix that little problem of being energy independent, and a big exporter of gas and oil.

Don Bessee

Now we know -




News for Emery.. the Biden plan." American rescue plan"
We await the complaining!


Yup,, time to switch to NEWSMAX.

FOX is going full LIB.


Posted by: Walt | 19 January 2021 at 04:48 PM

Yeah.....I hit him with this over the weekend. No comment so far.

He seems fine with more debt....Harris Administration debt....as I was sure he would be!

Don Bessee

More peaceful protests eh -



Don Bessee

A parting gift to the rancid russian dressing set, yes that's you trolls! -



Bill Tozer

Now, if any of you fine people out there in cyberspace land reading this in the now had any lingering doubt in your melons of the true depth and breath of the Great Divide....if any of you are out there minimizing The Great Divide or are still unclear about partisan politics, just read today’s daily quotes and remove all doubt.

Insight: “As to the evil which results from a censorship, it is impossible to measure it, for it is impossible to tell where it ends.” —Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832)

Upright: “Fossil fuels, far from being the great villain of the climate story, have been the main source of greenhouse-gas reductions in the United States over the past several decades, as relatively clean-burning natural gas displaces relatively dirty coal in electricity generation. But that is not the kind of intelligent tradeoff that interests American environmentalists, who are moralists and romantics and committed to the notion that hydrocarbon fuels are, simply, evil — and that they must be fought on every front. Hence, the American Left’s comprehensive and total war on any and all infrastructure associated with our most abundant energy sources.” —National Review

Belly laugh of the week: “There are channels in which lies are told, and there are channels in which facts are told. And people who want the lies, they don’t come here. They go to a different channel.” —CNN’s Jake Tapper

Braying jackass I: “There are millions of Americans, almost all white, almost all Republicans, who somehow need to be deprogrammed.” —The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson

Braying jackass II: “The question is: How are we going to really almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump?” —Katie Couric

Paging the “fact-checkers” I: “I would love to see [Trump’s] phone records to see if he was talking to [Russian President Vladimir] Putin the day the insurgents invaded our Capitol.” —Hillary Clinton

Paging the “fact-checkers” II: “I don’t know what Putin has on him politically, financially, or personally, but what happened last week was a gift to Putin because Putin wants to undermine democracy in our country and throughout the world.” —House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Non compos mentis: “The [National] Guard is 90-some-odd percent I believe male. Only about 20 percent of white males voted for Biden. … There’s probably not more than 25 percent of the people that are there protecting us who voted for Biden. The other 75 percent are in the class that … might want to do something [sinister]. … So, it does concern me.” —Representative Steve Cohen

Grand delusions: “I don’t think there’s a human being alive in America today that could do a better job than Chuck Schumer in this moment to bring this country back together again.” —Senator Kristen Gillibrand

And last… “You need a valid ID, credentials, and approved passage through a predetermined checkpoint before you enter the nation’s Capitol right now. Why shouldn’t that be the same standard we apply at our nation’s borders?” —Charlie Kirk


So "jason",, Don't like my truck? Is it the 4 wheel drive that sets you off? Or the old democrat flag? ( in honor of my Grand Daddy who was a Johnny Reb.. Did you do your homework on that?)

Funny,, not a peep from you Lefties about Biden's association with Klansmen. and also,, no facts connecting us "rightys "with the klan, OR the Nazis. Hell... You can't even make your accusations against Trump and Russia stick.

But you have Harris /Biden .... And just what grand things will they do? ( turning America into a third world shithole don't count.)

Don Bessee

They are never going to give up on the rancid russian dressing schtick -

Clinton, Pelosi blasted by left for continuing to push 'Russiagate': 'They're never going to give up'
'What if I told you not everything is about Russia,' one critic reacted




Don... then what is Comey going to do with this?

Putin didn't play that card for four years.

Lord knows what they will accuse Trump of pissing on in the White House.

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 6:11 pm.

This morning I pulled onto the highway and lo and coming the opposite way was a 4wd “pickup” type truck that looked like It was bought at the Army Surplus. Green or course, not shiny. The driver was wearing his camos complete with field hat and as he passed he had a big ole Trump Flag flying out the back of the bed flapping mightily in the wind. Did not recognize the patch, so could be national guard.

Anyway, I started laughing so hard and smiled for hours after that I said to self, “Self, there’s the proof. One of those DOMESTIC TERRORIST National Guardsman secret Trump sympathizers heading down the to the State Capital to.....you know...very bad things. Bang, bang. Armed rebellion and all that stuff, ROFLMAO.

I saw the proof with my own eyeballs.

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