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15 January 2021


Bill Tozer

‘Left-wing activist charged in Capitol riot after saying he was just there to 'document'
John Sullivan told Fox News last week he regularly attends and takes video at protests



Those are both good points, and oddly I was thinking about both of them this morning.

tl;dr (1)A culture of violent protest has begun with no end in sight. (2)Weaponization of de-personing has been ongoing for some years, is accelerating, is hugely enabled by the internet.

on (1)

The news in DC wasn't that 100 people wandered around the halls of power, Buffalo Horn guy and Holy Podium Swiping Guy among them, but the size and general pissed-off behavior of the people outside. Mind you, a lot of these people flew in. After a few years of a wink and a nod enabling the Blue Mob to burn and loot courthouses, downtowns, nightly Kristallnacht, the inevitable reaction begins to spool up.

As an aside, it'll be interesting to watch the law enforcement establishment swing into action in a NATIONWIDE MANHUNT! against any pro-Trump protesters. While the rank and file may be somewhat sympathetic, management was suborned long ago.

The working and non-urban middle class has more to lose, is more competent, genuinely capable of more mayhem if a Rubicon is crossed. Where she stops, nobody knows.

This is more like an internal religious civil conflict (think Catholic v. Protestant) than it is one that creates cohesive cultures (think Russian v. steppe tribes). More likely to end up with a Torquemada than it is defendable borders.

on (2)

My personal Rubicon. Civil strife comes and goes (usually), and a person can have a heated argument about national health care, marginal tax rates, specifics of gun law. OTOH, there is something wicked this way coming from the Corporate Socialist + Blue Mob social 'justice' cult. Literally thousands of instances of firings, dropping from essentially monopolistic providers of internet and financial services, protests at homes, struggle sessions at companies, the insanity at the modern university, censorship...all due to wrongthink.

Our local liberals are either small-town ignorant of such matters or, swimming in The Party's pool, simply don't care.

This is where the Great Divide lives and if you can't trust your neighbors to not turn you in, you need different neighbors. It's probably the case that a Great Sorting needs to occur.

George Rebane

scenes 808am - Agreed; well said Mr scenes.

Bill Tozer

Forgive me as I wander into the current favorite mantra of the Leftinistas, aka, Whataboutism. Must not do Whataboutism! Forbidden to use Whataboutism! Well, I did not get the memo.

‘Democrats were for occupying capitols before they were against it‘

“The police retreated in the face of the horde, giving up the first floor, then the second. “The protesters ran amok, chanting ‘­This is our house!’ and ‘This is what democracy looks like!’ ” we wrote. “And they then began searching for the Republican senators who had dared to defy the will of the unions.” As the crowd scoured the building looking for the offending legislators, police sneaked them out through an underground tunnel to a government building across the street. But a Democratic representative posted on social media that the Republican senators were escaping through the tunnels, so when the senators came up into the lobby, the mob was there waiting for them. ­
“The tall windows that framed the lobby were plastered with people yelling and banging on the glass,” we wrote. “They were trapped. ­The senators hid under a stairwell, out of view, while the police ordered a city bus to pull up in front of the building. Officers then formed a human wall on the sidewalk, parting the sea of protesters and creating a pathway for the senators to reach the bus.” ­Once the senators were on board, “the mob on the street began punching the windows and shaking the vehicle. … The police told the senators and staff inside to keep their heads down in case a window shattered.”

What to do, oh what to do? Thiessen writes for both the Wa Compost and the Patriot Post. What’ will the TDSers say about that? Cancel the Wa Post or cancel the Patriot Post?

George Rebane

BillT 220pm - Good pick-up Mr Tozer. Let us now batten down the hatches against the din of the progressive crickets.

Bill Tozer

@ 2:33 pm: lol.
Wha happened? We used to call that a slam, bam, thank you Speaker.


You can always trust reddit (in /politics) for the hivemind. Regarding "Democrats were for occupying capitols before they were against it"

"Opinion by Marc A. Thiessen

Downvote, move on."
"Marc A. Thiessen is one of the Republicans' top propagandists and an ardent fascist.

But the Post publishes his work as a matter of course.

The Washington Post adopted the motto Democracy Dies in Darkness, but frequently publishes the propaganda authored by those working overtime to turn out the lights forever. Which makes the Post's editorial board inveterate hypocrites and renders their publication an unreliable source."
That really depends on what you're occupying the capitol for and when.

If people are being murdered, you want that murder to stop, and you are being ignored, then by all means. Don't do it during in the middle of the most fragile time of our democracy, but definitely, go ahead. If you're doing it because you want to overthrow the government to install a fascist dicator, then no.

It's very simple.

Equal rights and democracy = Good

White supremacy and fascism = Bad

I see no hypocrisy here.
Gee, I wonder if there is an important difference between workers demanding rights and rabid fascists egged on by a lying grifter.


So, basically the author of the opinion piece (of course, anything in the Washington Post is an opinion piece at this point) is a fascist and a white supremacy hobbyist.

Honestly, all of these folks are so over the falls in terms of histrionics (although it probably should be hysterionics) that you can see where this is all headed. Fail the wrongthink test? Into the camp with you buckwheat. It cracks me up when someone here (usually George) gets called a Nazi as you can just see the Blue Mobbist trying to screw up the courage to put a round into him and charge the family for the bullet.

George Rebane

re scenes 317pm - can we come up with a common working definition for 'white supremacist', not as the leftwing fascists variously and gratuitously use the term, but as we would use it in a rational discussion of topics like, say, 'what is the prevalence of white supremacists in America?'


re: GeorgeR@3:23PM

The dictionaries, which are subject to change as we've seen recently, always go something like this:

"a person who believes that the white race is inherently superior to other races and that white people should have control over people of other races"

So, it's a two part definition but still a little fuzzy.

What is 'superior'? That they, as a group, have a higher average ability or feature in some area? All areas?

So far as 'control' is concerned, I doubt that even the most fringe of the fringiest feel like controlling anyone. Heck, as a practical matter, a slave costs more to feed than a tenant farmer and gets less done.

Looking at one of the more holy websites, the ADL, I'm seeing:

"1) whites should have dominance over people of other backgrounds, especially where they may co-exist; 2) whites should live by themselves in a whites-only society; 3) white people have their own "culture" that is superior to other cultures; 4) white people are genetically superior to other people."

Once again, there's 'dominance' and 'superior', which you really aren't going to run into on the ground...but they've added 'should live by themselves'. Evidently the white nationalists are swept up into the moniker of white supremacists. Dunno if 'by themselves' means on the family, local, or national level. Sounds like Iceland has some splainin' to do.

Another expansion of the term by one David Gilborn, a critical race 'scholar'.

"“By ‘white supremacy’ I do not mean to allude only to the self-conscious racism of white supremacist hate groups. I refer instead to a political, economic and cultural system in which whites overwhelmingly control power and material resources, conscious and unconscious ideas of white superiority and entitlement are widespread, and relations of white dominance and non-white subordination are daily reenacted across a broad array of institutions and social settings.”"

So here it expands to equal a community where white people (or pinkish I guess) are merely more well-off. Maybe this lets Trump supporters off the hook as very few of them are in the moneyed coastal city classes. Somehow, fixing the problem always involves someone like, well, David Gilborn getting a great big piece of the pie.

Stormfront, probably the most famous of the online folks on the other extreme, have as a mission statement
"Stormfront is a resource for those courageous men and women fighting to preserve their White Western culture, ideals and freedom of speech and association—a forum for planning strategies and forming political and social groups to ensure victory."

Dunno what 'victory' means. Survival? Are Russians included in this?

Maybe it's like pornography, you'll know it when you see it.

Mr. Frisch could stop by and come up with a pithy definition perhaps, he's the only one from Team Blue with a full set of keys on his keyboard.


By the bye, if you get a chance, here's a fun google game.

Go to google search, type xxxx is racist.. where xxxx is any old noun you like. Hilarity ensues.

It would be interesting to have a copy of a search engine database from 20 years ago and see what the world was like before it was clogged with nonsense.

Don Bessee

Well the arabs dont seem impressed by the orchestrated pearl clutching about the so called coup -



Hey.....anybody see Ku Klux Keachie recently.....figured with his penchant for Rube Goldbergesque schemes that he’d have been by with his KKKrazy plan for our rehabilitation .....or execution.

I’m sure he could go either way!

Worried about the daft bastard!

Bill Tozer


Me too. He is 75 years old now and still believes our mouths should be washed out with soap. Would you talk like that to your mother?

Actuall, my Mom never washed by mouth out with soap. I had to hold a bar of soap in my mouth and stand somewhere for a few minutes. Only took twice and only a few seconds the 2nd time for it all to come back and for me to break the potty mouth habit. Heck, I heard those words from the neighbor kid’s dad. Got in trouble for saying “crap” and calling my big brother a “jerk”. Nowadays my parents would have been arrested for child abuse and us kids would be hauled away to foster homes....never to see our siblings and parents again. The State would have made us all orphans.

I miss the real Dougkkkski. Helpful hint. It drives him nuts when your add a Polish flare and misspell Pelosi as Peloski. Bet he told a few Polish jokes back in the day. It was all the rage before blonde jokes. Before both of those fads, where the CA jokes anywhere outside of The Golden State, especially every single one of the Western States. Our Gov sleeping on a floor covered with peanut shells and Frisco’s public bathhouses didn’t help CA’s image.
First time I ever read or heard the word ‘Moonbeam’ was when I was in a city of about 300,000 and the front page headline was about what “ Moonbeam” just proposed in Krazy Kaiiforncation. Obviously, I was living out of state and was not in the bubble no more.

Who is this Moonbeam? Oh, is he the same Governor that blew out the budget on the Brown Streak? Probably figured the not so high speed rail would run on burning peanut wheels or something. Come on kids, let’s take the train to Buttonwillow then over to Bakersfield. First, we gotta drive down to Madera or some place to catch it.

Miss ya Doug. Keep your chemical warfare face diaper on and continue to social distance. And watch out for those storm troopers out there downtown on Mill St.

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