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23 February 2021


Don Bessee

Keeping them dumb is to their false narratives advantages -

We recently read a research paper called "How Informed are Americans about Race and Policing?" It was published by the Skeptic Research Center, and it's a pretty amazing document. The researchers asked people to estimate the number of unarmed African-Americans who were killed by the police in 2019. Accrding to the results, 44% of Americans who describe themselves as liberal believe about 1,000 or more than 1,000 unarmed African-Americans were gunned down by cops that year. The actual number of unarmed African-Americans killed by the police in 2019 was 27.

The rest of the study found similar results: Self-described liberals, for example, believe that a strong majority of people killed by police in 2019 were African-Americans. The actual percentage was less than half that, closer to 25%.

These are not small mistakes. A lot of Americans are completely and utterly misinformed, and that has actual consequences. Public policy can change dramatically on the basis of things people think they know but don't actually know. So it's worth finding out where the public is getting all this "disinformation."

Is it QAnon? Marjorie Taylor Greene's Twitter feed? The Kremlin? The Proud Boys? Alex Jones?

The answer is none of the above. It was cable news and politicians talking on TV. They're the ones spreading disinformation to Americans. Apparently, not only are huge numbers of unarmed African-Americans murdered every year because of their race, to deny that or question that fact is to effectively participate in those killings yourself.

Where, and this is the missing piece of the puzzle, are all the victims of this indiscriminate racial violence? Last month, MSNBC was pretty sure they had found one. The channel claimed cops had tried to execute an unarmed African-American man called Jacob Blake in Wisconsin. They repeated the claim that Jacob Blake was unarmed again and again and again.

However, someone in MSNBC's news division forgot to check with Jacob Blake about that because a week later, Blake himself admitted on camera that he was, in fact, armed.

We can give you many examples. Here's one from the weekend. Hundreds of activists gathered in New York to stage a march against White nationalism. They said they were seeking justice for an 84-year-old man from Thailand who had been attacked in San Francisco and later died from his injuries.

Protesters stormed through Washington Square Park chanting slogans like "Whose streets? Our streets!" One held a sign that read, "White nationalism is the virus." Maybe it is, but it's hard to know exactly who's been infected with it. Police have arrested a 19-year-old man called Antoine Watson for the crime, and let's just say it's hard to imagine that Antoine Watson is a White supremacist.



Barry Pruett

Nailed it. CNN et al are the root of all problems.

Thomas O'Toole

Bessee, Good Post. Thank you

Bill Tozer

The House can pass any bill the choose. However, the Senate has a different set of rules. Wonder how long the Senate Parliamentarian keeps her job or how long Chuckie the Clown Schumer tries a work around. What the heck does the minimum wage have to do with C-19 relief?? The new word for today is ‘germane’.

‘Biden’s COVID-19 Relief Plan Can’t Include $15 Minimum Wage, Says Senate Parliamentarian’

“Under the reconciliation process, the Senate can pass a bill with a filibuster-proof simple majority, but any amendment must be germane, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.”


Bill Tozer


‘Environmentalism, Trumpism, and the Working Class’


Our Covid-19 lockdowns and closures is just a dress rehearsal for the Green Raw Deal and other Big Brother dictates (I say again and again).

Bill Tozer

‘AOC's Terrible Minimum Wage Argument’
Denmark can afford its system because high taxes are paid by all its citizens, not just the wealthy.

“Then there is the matter of what exactly $45,000 — the salary an employee making $22 an hour on a full-time basis would earn — means in each country. Denmark can afford its system because high taxes are paid by all its citizens, not just the wealthy. Not only do Danish fast-food employees making $45,000 hand over around half their earnings to the government, they pay a 25% value-added tax on most purchases, as well as a number of other levies. In return, Danes are afforded all kinds of government-provided services. Presumably, Ocasio-Cortez approves of this arrangement. Either way, Americans whose eyes light up at the prospect of making $22 per hour should know that nearly $11 of that goes straight to the state.“


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