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12 February 2021


Scott O

My first thought is that pirates will view this like pirates viewed Spanish galleons in the 1500/1600s. And yes, Virginia - there are still pirates just as there is still a slave trade.
Only now they have smart phones.

George Rebane

ScottO 524pm - Well, the population of one of these islands is supposed to be in the thousands, and I'm sure there will be a collection of guns on board and some security that is not that far off. The only thing to fear for the residents is a nearby nation that will demand tribute payments for, maybe, 'security'. But then again, that would make them pirates and support your point. Hmmm ...

Scott O

George - "...I'm sure there will be a collection of guns on board..."
Is that in the sales brochure?
I doubt anyone would try to board the 'island' with a dagger in their teeth and a cutlass in their free hand.
It's a small city, a 'community'. If they want to thumb their nose at the world, they can hardly expect protection from anyone beyond those they pay.
And if those they pay start to get the idea there might be more 'fun' and better money upfront from simply taking over...
Sounds like a movie!
George - you've got money - I'll scare up a script.
There must be plenty of actors that can't get work in Hollyweird these days...
Don't worry - the production company will be inclusive and equitable.

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