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24 February 2021


The Estonian Fox

George, You made a good analysis of the Texas situation. Their independent power system (46,000MW) has never been connected to the western power grid, and lightly connected to the eastern (800MW) & Mexican grids (436MW).

Gee, who knew there could be problems? Oh wait, the FERC knew. See this “Report on Outages and Curtailments During the Southwest Cold Weather Event of February 1-5, 2011” prepared by the Staffs of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation. Yes, it was not a typo – that was a decade ago, not 2021. So again, when humans stumble over the truth, we get up, dust ourselves off, and continue on our way. N’er the worse for wear.


The 300MW Sharyland back-to-back HVDC Converter (dedicated 2007), 36MW Eagle Pass DC Tie (<2014) and 100MW Laredo VFT (Variable Frequency Transformer, 2007) connects the Texas AC grid and the Mexican AC grid. I don't know why there was no mention of the Mexican connection being used, even though it isn’t much power. Although someone may have used those ‘Mexican connection’ words to Pres. Joe, and he immediately went the drug route and stopped discussion.

Another oddity - the 5 commissioners on the Texas grid Board (ERCOT - Electric Reliability Council of Texas) all resigned. OK. But the odd thing is that NONE OF THEM WERE RESIDENTS OF TEXAS. Why, it's almost like Mario Cuomo was deciding to shut down restaurants in California. I have no idea why the Texans ever agreed to this.

Scott O

Texas is a big place, but the parts that had trouble with power outages got all the headlines. Our daughter and her family had one hour on/one hour off for a couple of days. They had watched the weather reports and stocked up with supplies ahead of time. They also have a nat gas fireplace they kept on 24/7. The house stayed above 60. Most of the neighborhoods in their town did alright. They are in north Texas. The areas that did have problems were not related to anything one could point to as a "Texas" problem. El Paso did OK.
Ah - nuke power. And good planning. It wasn't a state-wide issue.

Bill Tozer

Might be on topic.

When AOC first proposed getting rid of cars and airplanes and have everybody take the trains, the first thing that popped in my noggin was, “Of course, she has always lived in a major city like New York where everybody rides the trains and subways and few own cars. I have known folks in their 30’s and 40’s that have never owned a vehicle...from Chicago and NYC. No need, especially with parking at 20 bucks a day and not necessary if one lives and moves and have their being in the metro area of a large city. I have a niece who does not have a car and it’s not necessary as she lives and moves around the Columbia U Campus for work, lives close by, and a vehicle not needed social life. Shuttle buses everywhere, bicycles, and mass transit. Same with Boston. With that said, the great Green Raw Deal is not one size fits all. No big deal to the Socialist Democrats....they be urban rats. Sewer rats. Call Uber and ride in someone else’s car, lol.

‘Economic Civil War’


Bill Tozer

‘Biden climate policy on track to punish blue-collar America, prop up Putin, experts warn’

“Moore said one of the ironies is that the Biden agenda will aid Russia, Saudi Arabia and Iran to the detriment of U.S. markets.

Oil- and gas-dependent economies like Russia thrive when crude is north of $70 per barrel, and they suffer when it falls below $50, experts said.”

"There is no doubt in my mind that the irony of the Russia collusion nonsense was that there was no one who hurt Russia more than Trump and his America-first energy policies," Moore said. "Russia really is nothing more than a third world country, with oil and gas.

"Trump's pro-America energy policies were a disaster for Russia, and the truth is Biden is a godsend for Russia."

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