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07 February 2021


Bill Tozer

Good example of the above post by Dr. George Rebane; must not look there.

‘A (Failed) Campaign to Smear a University of Toronto Scholarship Student as a Bigot’


Last two paragraphs:
“Nietzsche identified this stereotype in the late 19th century, pinning such specimens as “tarantulas.” “Preachers of equality,” he said, were often motivated by a sinister impulse, often revealed in anger. Speaking as Zarathustra, Nietzsche expounded in parable, “Therefore do I tear at your web, that your rage may lure you out of your den of lies, and that your revenge may leap forth from behind your word ‘justice.’”

Among cancel-culture mobs, “justice” becomes a righteous veneer for envy, and even sadism. Maybe we don’t need to read Nietzsche, or even best-selling free-speech warriors like Jordan Peterson, to understand what’s going on here. These are petty playground children who haven’t grown up. And if there were a scholarship for those demonstrating infantilism, the competition would be fierce.”

Bill Tozer

Charles Murray, the bravest man in America.

Charles Murray must be the bravest man in America. His new book, to be published in June, is titled Facing Reality: Two Truths about Race in America. This is how the book is described on Amazon:


Bill Tozer

‘Destroyed In The Name Of Wokeness’: SF Forces Top High School To Eliminate Merit-Based Admissions

“On Tuesday evening, the San Francisco Board of Education voted to change the admissions process from a merit-based to a random lottery at what some say is San Francisco’s only nationally competitive public school, Lowell High School.”


Bill Tozer

In the spirit of scholarship Ammo Grrrll seeks the answer to the question: ARE THERE LEVELS OF DEPLORABILITY?

“Men, we are assured, are “toxic” by definition, though what the evil crowd that calls half the human race toxic has against toxicity, I cannot say. Most of them enjoy being “intoxicated” either on booze, drugs, or just good old-fashioned hate. Many are insufferably addicted to rage and cannot speak to anyone without spittle-flecked invective. Stand well back.

You would think that at least Men of Color would get, if not a pass, some kind of Certificate of Mitigation. But, no. Not with the #MeToo Intersectional Non-Binary Female Transgender of Color crowd in charge. Black men, these arbiters assert, are currently considered the “white men” in the Totem Pole of Oppression, Privilege and Entitlement. How do you like them apples? How sad for the Old Guard Civil Rights veterans – the Jesses, the Al Sharptons, etc. – to find themselves defined as “white” at this late date when they have made extremely lucrative careers out of being black.

The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. is not even on the current radar. Though he lived his life and gave his life for civil rights, he claimed that character was more important than skin color and we now know that NOTHING is more important than skin color.”....

“Also, there IS no Statute of Limitations on any Wrongthink. If, in 1969, a pioneer feminist signaled approval of an article suggesting that women were DIFFERENT from men (and all those differences were always an improvement, a very popular concept back then), you will be banished from the Advanced Feminist Studies syllabus in 2021 since CLEARLY men and women are simply constructs, not chromosomal certainties. Bye, bye, Germaine Greer, Betty Friedan, all the other feminists of that era, living and dead. Ask J. K. Rowling, billionaire author, leftist, feminist, and transphobe par excellence who believes – no, really she does – that men and women are different! Haha. What a crazy bigot!

Ms. Rowling is proof positive that anyone can be deemed Deplorable. Sure, white, married, heterosexual Christian men have an advantage (as usual!) in snagging the highest Deplorability scores. But, with enough effort, anyone can be “movin’ on up” in no time.”


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