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25 March 2021


Don Bessee

WHAT!!! -

Foster parents in California are being asked to hold as many as 26 unaccompanied migrant children in their homes amid the burgeoning border crisis, according to a new report.



George Rebane

DonB 124pm - I wonder who pays for the repairs to your home and replacement of household goods after the kids leave.


Chairman Biden says illegals ain't getting across the border.
So the river of people coming North , and reports of ICE just letting them in (by orders from above) ,,,is all BS... Got it..

Where is that Lie counter Emery? Your abicus run out of sliding beads to keep count?

Don Bessee

That wont happen it makes too much sense to link funding to employment prospects for specific disciplines. -

Opponents of the measure told the station that it unfairly puts liberal arts degrees at an unfair advantage and that the government ought not to be involved in choosing what scholarship money covers.

In a letter to state senators on Monday, Baxley said he believes that all students should be encouraged to pursue their passions, but noted that "higher education comes at a significant cost to both students and taxpayers and there needs to be at least some element of career planning involved."

"We have awakened a giant. We have to reconnect the education and economic model and we have begun that process," Baxley wrote.



Bill Tozer

Blast from the past.


Bill Tozer

“ In short, since our Left is cutting the Right no slack, tell them to tell it like it is, and cut the ‘go along to get along’ crap.” GJR

There was a whole lotta lyin’ (and cheatin’) goin’ on at the lectern when President Biden turned up for his first press conference yesterday. Michael Goodwin takes up the lyin’ in his New York Post column. His friends among the media made sure that they kept the degree of difficulty low. Biden was among friends. Michael Goodwin takes up these leading features of Biden’s performance in his New York Post column this morning. Goodwin bluntly calls it “a sickening spectacle.”


Bill Tozer

Lost in Cyber Space… The Miseducation of 2020


Don Bessee

The propaganda ministry hard at work -

Associated Press warns staffers not to call influx at southern border a ‘crisis’ in internal memo
Biden White House has also pushed back against media framing surge of children at border as a 'crisis'



Bill Tozer

Dear Dark Dark Diary

Biden Wants the Supreme Court to Allow the Police to Seize Guns From Your Home Without a Warrant


Don Bessee

Cliffs notes for the impaired -

It appears to show the pictures and names of 25 journalists who were allowed into the East Room of the White House for the hour-long event, and their outlets.

The faces of a select few were circled, in apparent reference to those he would take questions from, and in what numerical order.

Critics of the president suggested that the “cheat sheets” were proof that Mr Biden was incapable of being president.



Steven Frisch

Posted by: George Rebane | 25 March 2021 at 01:28 PM

Yes, because we all know that foster children are inherently more damaging to property than than natural children.

George Rebane

StevenF 216pm - What you seem to miss here when the govt wants foster parents to lodge 25 or so 'kids' in their house is - 1) their sheer number, 2) potential language difficulties, 3) ability to legally discipline so many foster kids, and 3) the short shadow of the future that the kids have with their temporary home. How many of them will you take?

Barry Pruett

Now Steve I don’t want to speak for George, but I don’t think the fact that these migrants are foster children or migrants is the issue. I think that the issue is that there are 26 of them in a single house. I’m a little disappointed in you taking every effort and opportunity to simply mock and attempt to humiliate people by purposefully taking them out of context. That’s the kind of stuff someone else in town does, and I believed that you are smarter and better than that.


OK Steve,, Got a challenge for you. I dare you to visit a porta "john" on any job site where undocumented workers happen to be "employed".
The supposed adults ain't even house broke. They crap all over the seat, throw used TP in the urinal. I can just imagine what
condition the young would leave a bathroom.

So sign up to take a few dozen Steve,, Bet ya' won't.


LIB got all in a rage because Trump cut off funding for the Ukraine. "That money was allocated!"
Now Biden has done the same damned thing, but cutting off allocated money for the border wall...
Proggys have splain'n to do.
"Like Donald Trump, Joe Biden has made a border wall promise he might not have the legal authority to keep.

On his first day in office, Biden hit pause on billions of dollars set to be spent on his predecessor’s long-touted barrier between the U.S. and Mexico while his administration figured out next steps for the money. Now the Government Accountability Office is launching a review to determine whether the new president broke the law by freezing the money in violation of budget rules designed to keep Congress in control of the cash flow, the federal watchdog confirmed this week."

Don Bessee

Let the retirements and resignations begin, gonna be hard to find a cop in comrade diblasios shit hole -



Don Bessee

Full blown revisionist history is a thang for the socialist dems -

White House appears to scrub Biden gaffe from transcript after calling Afghan president wrong name
Biden also appeared to question legitimacy of Afghan president, whose election the US has recognized



frisch 216pm


Whoa.... I just checked your staff page and you're now down to 13 worker bees... all female?

What... no guys could pass the employment exam?


Don Bessee

WOW lost the independents already! -



Don Bessee

OUCH @ 554 lily white and one token, no change there. LOL


Bill Tozer

Condolences to Steve. Being in the office with all women is like being in a shark tank. Alliances change swiftly. Estrogen OD. My condolences.

Interesting to note that one major mega company got high marks for the number of blacks and women in management positions. But, fault was found because despite the high numbers of blacks and women, there were not enough Latinos and Asians. Failing grade.

You are fighting a losing battle, Steve. The Woke can never be satisfied. White cis heterosexual male like you best start socking the greenies away, as much as humanly possible. Beans and rice time. You got a target on your White Privileged back. Now, back into your shark tank. And try to be nice for once. Sometimes you get real bitchy. You ain’t at work, Steve. You are on a blog! Cat fight tonight. Gotta get away?


It will really get ugly when they decide to UNIONIZE!
Guess who will need the "counseling" then!!


db 559pm

no tokens at all... the youngest and newest worker bee at SBC has DNA from the Indian Subcontinent and therefore... white equivalent, unless running for VP.

Really stunning, great smile. I doubt she'll stay longer at SBC than she has to.

Bill Tozer

Gregory @ 6:22 pm.

It looks like Steve is the token now. 'Super Straight Cis' is an idenity group that has not quite caught on. No long for this world, I reckon.

Don Bessee

Playing the race card on creepy grampa joe to the chi coms advantage -

Chang explained how Chinese officials and state-run media frame criticisms of China as a cause of “hate against Asian-Americans” while characterizing the American government as pursuing policies of “white racism.” China also pushes narratives of “white supremacy” to denigrate American society.

“The Chinese rolled into Anchorage, not to have meaningful discussions with us, but as part of coordinated campaign on racism,” Chang stated. “Yang Jiechi [pictured], who was China’s top diplomat in Anchorage, talked about Black Lives Matter. Just after that, [China’s] foreign ministry issued a statement on the ‘strong smell of gunpowder.’ That doesn’t mean anything to Americans, but to Chinese it means white racism [and refers to] the Opium Wars of the 19th century with Britain.”

Chang continued, “And then, in conjunction with all of that, there have been a number of media pieces about how, first of all, there should be no criticism of China because that causes hate against Asian-Americans, which is a lunacy position. And also, they talked about America’s relations with its — quote-unquote — few allies in Asia as all about — quote-unquote — white supremacy. So, there really has been a concerted campaign on racism.”



Don Bessee

With that soros drone DA the guy will likely get more for killing the dog and the guy who stopped him will get even more. -

Los Angeles-area woman and dog fatally stabbed, suspect knocked out with rock




He used and assault rock to stop the somebitch.. Did he have a permit for that rock? was it registered?

Don Bessee

@722 YA whats the serial number of that rock asks the socialist dems?-


The usual suspects who hate cops in nervana silly -



Don Bessee

Boy do they love their cheat by mail -

Biden: Georgia voting restriction law is 'atrocity'



Don Bessee

The propaganda ministry thinks our brave DHS officers who are mostly hispanic are going to police the rio in canoes?

If anyone sees the pic its just who am i kidding, no one will see the real picture.

The woken will only listen to the socialist pablum from the propaganda ministry.



Bill Tozer

Don @ 10:56 pm

Is that Dazed & Confused Joe Biden standing at the bow? Mercy. He looks serious.


Barry Pruett


We are not African-Americans. We are not Asian Americans. We are not Italian Americans. We are not Mexican Americans. We are not German Americans. We are not Irish Americans. We are simply Americans. We need to get on the same page together and be like MLK envisioned. Judging people by the content of their character not the color of their skin


I don't think so Bill,, Cruz would have pushed him overboard.

Bill Tozer

Let me get this straight. The Socialist-Marxist want to defund the police, yet want the police to go around to people’s homes to confiscate weapons?? Did I get that right?
2017 — “Kids in cages!”

2018 — “Kids in cages!”

2019 — “Kids in cages!”

2020 — “Kids in cages!”

2021 — “To be clear, while technically minors, what we’re talking about here are mostly 16- and 17-year olds, most of them males. These aren’t young children.”

George Rebane

re BillT 1102am - Yes, these are among the Democrats' big lies that must be perpetuated but not examined. Where are their liberal apologists?


Speaking of which,George,,,


Crap.... The Mrs. beckoned.....

"Amid reports Hunter Biden may have given false information on an ATF background check form, it is notable that the punishment for false answers on that form includes fines up to $250,000 and/or ten years of imprisonment."

This will really show just how "tough on crime" the prooys really are. Especially the gun grabber crowd.
Their "First family" of crime are in the spotlight.

Bill Tozer

Such an inspiration to us all.


Bill Tozer

Dear Dark Days Diary,

One of our faithful readers down in Australia (you know who you are down under) wrote in to say that perhaps we need to have a regular TWiCC (The Week in Cancel Culture) to go with TWiP, and TGiP. Not sure if the topic lends itself to this format, because pictures of witch trials and ritual drownings would get old pretty fast. Plus, if the coverage was comprehensive at all, the item would get very long every week.

So perhaps a Sports Center-style highlight reel. And we have actually reached the point where the cancellers are starting to cancel themselves:

Education Insanity: Top 10 Stories Of The Week (Vol. 8)





Don Bessee

Team lefty does not like uppity minorities that dont follow the approved narratives -

Walker first reacted to Washington Post reporter Hamza Shaban’s tweet in which he linked coverage from CNN of the murder in Washington Saturday. He responded, "There are a lot of far-right commentators sharing this horrific story and highlighting the fact the perpetrators are Black."

Drag him. This is the exact same way Asian people got treated when calling anti-Asian murders/violence in SF. Nothing makes these dudes more angry than watching low-priority minorities stepping out of the intersectionality pecking order.



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