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06 March 2021


Don Bessee

Change the subject yet again when it gets too hot in the kitchen @ 819. ROFLOL

Here is a quandary for the pony tail of ignorance and the 420th volunteers -

The burgeoning weed industry is becoming a sizable source of carbon emissions



Scott O

Walt 7:57 - "Joe has answered more questions than you have Emery..(all of 40 in a month)"
And remember that Slow Joe always had someone at his side to prompt him with those 40 Qs.
Our Senility-In-Chief has yet to go solo in answering a single question from the press.
All they have so far is blank stares.
The dude is toast.
Our country is being run by a consortium of Obama re-treads and left-wing uber-wealthy string-pullers.
They know how to gain power, but no clue how to govern.
And most of the news media is going full Pravda.
Fun times.

Scott O

Walt 8:14 - I think it was up at Cascade. A 3 is pretty small potatoes (pun intended). But thanks for asking. Looks like you got some white stuff today. 56 and sunny here -lots of yard work today.

Bill Tozer

Fact checking the fact checkers.

I been waiting to jump on this since the moment this Ruminations was posted.

The fact checkers hold way too much power and are the most convenient excuse imaginable for Tweeter, FB, Amazon and the rest of the social media platforms and delivery systems to hid behind. I compare them to the Bond Rating Agencies (Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, Fitch Rating) leading up to the Great Recession, but worse.

Let’s say, for a hypothetical scenario, Twitter suspends your account. You ask them why. Answer: fact checkers say you used hate speech, fake news, or any of the violations on the list. Sorry Charlie, fact checkers said so. But you appeal again, claiming you posted a video of Senator Joe Biden grilling Clarence Thomas, a clip taken from C-Span. Answer: You are suspended because some fact checkers we use says it is violation of our standards. You are out of here, Charlie. We hid behind these Fact Checkers. Not just us at Twitter, but Google and its YouTube arm, Apple and its payment transaction arm, FB. We all do. Don’t blame us.

So, who are these fact checkers who monitor every single conservative podcast, program, radio show, editorial?? Usually interns. A lot flagged by Move On.org sent immediately to fact checkers. But, interns pla a critical role and they need to please their bosses to keep the gig going.
That’s right, left wing interns chops off your hands and cuts out your tongue so you can never use a keyboard again, deliver a pod cast address or speech, or play guitar in some dive bar for tips. :)

This really, really came home when conservative folks with a brain pointed out that on Jan. 6, AOC was in no physical danger, was not at the Capitol Building, the only ones she was with while “she almost was murdered” by Ted Cruz was a fellow Dem Congresswoman in her office next door and a Republican Congresswoman’s office two doors down from AOC’s office, their staff, and one Capitol Police Officer who was calming rounding up anyone in the off site office building down the way and was going to evac them as a safety precaution only. The building was not breached, no rioters outside, but a pipe bomb was found outside both the RNC and the DNC....so evacuate all the Congresspersons’ offices off site just to be on the safe side.

Later, AOC went into a 45 minute podcast how she was almost murdered, “they” were looking for her to kill her (“they” being the solo Capitol Police Officer who was going door to door and telling our Representatives to gather in the office of the Congresswoman. 2 doors down from AOC’s office.

The fact checkers rated those who pointed out these irrefutable facts of not immediate danger to AOC as ‘Mostly False.’

WTF? Mostly False??? Yes, mostly false because the fact checker went into a long EDITORIAL about how AOC FELT at the moment when she was hiding in some Congresswoman’s bathroom as the Congresswoman sat at her desk sipping coffee, demanded the Congresswoman staffer give up her tennis shoes to AOC so she run faster (AOC was wearing heels), and of course, spilling her deepest fear of being killed that hour and not living to have a child. Pure unadulterated fear. Forget Everything and Run! False Evidence Appearing Real.

Most false because the very nuanced (that’s the one time the Lefty fact checkers did not hate nuance painted on their stark black-n-white worldview canvas) and AOC felt she was going to be murdered by Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, so that pointing out she was in zero physical danger is mostly false because AOC was correct because she was concerned she was going to be murdered in the annex complex down the way.

What is important to point out is that “mostly false” ratings accumulate and when you get too many of those bad marks and they reach a certain number, Twitter or PoliticoFact really can bring have your voice erased for per·pe·tu·i·ty, a big word.

“Don’t blame us,” says Dorsey or Zuckenberg or Bezos, “we use fact checkers. Nothing but the best from the non-partisan SPLC and the ACLU and some interns just off the unemployment line with the most SJW credentials a good college education can by.

Barry Pruett

I don’t care if it was 500. Everybody in the running around inside the Capitol that day are idiots. Period. It’s pretty simple Paul. You are trying to make it partisan. Those Capitol idiots are no different than the looting and rioting idiots last summer. Fools.

Bill Tozer

Fact Checkers: For those who cannot get behind the WSJ’s paywall to read Dr. Rebane’s posted article above, here is a brief snapshot of the article.

WSJ Fact-Checks Facebook Fact-Checkers
The Journal finds the "independent" fact-checkers are nothing more than opinion checkers.


Don Bessee

BP they just are trying to use the optics to fuel revisionist history on the ativa-socialist riots and murders and to use their media lap dogs to put up a smoke screen for them doing exactly what we warned. Socialist commissars in creepy grampa joes team actually run the show. I wonder if they have someone to stroke his leg hairs in the pack of basement handelers??




I'm sur Emery thinks the ANTIFA inside the capital were patriots.(just peaceful protesters,, right Emery?)

Scott.. Even here in PV turned white,,Ahhh shit.. PV is now racist. So is GV,Nevada City.. Emery better get his WOKE squad on the issue.

Bill Tozer


Those who work in the neurotic entertainment/music/media businesses I used to refer to as “assholes in training”. That’s the facts, jax. Strike “used to” refer. Still applicable.

‘California Officials Cancel Vaccine Clinic For Elderly After Media And Hollywood Workers Try To Cut Line‘



This is the chicken shit administration Emery has a woody over?

Can't even handle a few questions. Hummmmm. Just like Emery.
Cut and run..

Don Bessee

Enough is enough -



Bill Tozer

Georgetown Law School has fired a professor for noticing and commenting on the fact that Blacks make up a disproportionate number of low-performing students in her class. Another professor has been placed on administrative leave.

Adjunct professor Sandra Sellers was caught on video telling adjunct prof David Batson:

"I hate to say this. I end up having this angst every semester that a lot of my lower ones are Blacks. Happens almost every semester. And it’s like, ‘Oh, come on.’ You get some really good ones, but there are also usually some that are just plain at the bottom. It drives me crazy."

Batson replied:

"What drives me crazy is, you know, the concept of how that plays out. And whether that is, you know, my own perceptions playing in here and when certain, my own, you know, my own unconscious biases, you know, playing out in the scheme of things."

The law school called Sellers’ statement “reprehensible.” However, it didn’t say she was wrong on the facts. Unless she was, she shouldn’t have been punished.


Don Bessee

Tru dat -

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said Thursday that President Biden appears to be so focused on trying to prove President Trump wrong on several accounts, including Mideast foreign policy, that it may backfire on him.

Ratcliffe told host Trey Gowdy on "Fox News Primetime" that foreign policy is one specific area where Biden and his administration have essentially taken the exact opposite tact as Trump did during his presidency.

"The Biden administration seems so intent on proving Trump wrong they are going to prove him right at the sake of national security, literally snatch defeat from the jaws of victory," he said.

"We are enjoying peace in the Middle East because Iran is poorer, weaker and less influential than they've been in decades and nobody can argue otherwise with a straight face, and that's because we pulled out of the JCPOA (Iran nuclear deal) and implemented sanctions that have put Iranian regime on the verge of real trouble and preventing them from engaging in the kind of mayhem across the Middle East that has allowed the peace agreements, the peace accords to move forward."

"The [Biden administration] wants to go the opposite direction."



Bill Tozer

Follow the Democrat $$$, honey. Another sad day for America.

'The Real COVID Nursing Home Scandal Is Why Cuomo And Other Democrats Did It

What's worse than using political and legal authority to cause the agonizing deaths of a large number of elderly? Doing that as a cynical favor to monied corporate donors


Bill Tozer

re: C-19.
No matter how much they try, the control freaks can’t hide their obsession to control.

‘Biden: Obey Dr. Fauci Or You’ll Be Locked Down Past July 4’


Oh dear Masta, are you going to LET us out now? We’ve flatten the curve, our hospitals are not overrun (not one US major city hospital ran out of needed equipment or space—the operative words being major, urban, and hospital) and we have done that which thou has commanded your subject to do. Will you ALLOW us to crawl on out of our subterranean dwellings soon??? I respectfully beseech you, oh benevolent Masta.


[Nine-year-old Oliver is a resident in the parish workhouse where the boys are "issued three meals of thin gruel a day, with an onion twice a week, and half a roll on Sundays." The workhouse is run by Bumblebrain Biden....er....Bumble the Beadle, Limbkins is Chairman of the Board of Guardians for the workhouse.]

Barry Pruett

For class, I was reading Churchill's "Iron Curtain Speech" and Stalin's Response. It is interesting how Stalin characterizes Churchill's pro-democracy, pro-capitalist free market speech as racist just like Hitler. Also in his propaganda filled response, Stalin talks about how the communists are really pro-Democracy. Seems as though our American left is simply taking a page out of Stalin's communist playbook in characterizing freedom-loving, pro-free market capitalists as really just racists and fascists. Same fight that has been going on since the late-19th century. Thankfully freedom always wins in the USA.



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