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02 March 2021


Bill Tozer

What’s that smell? Good Lord, it smells like rats.


“A shocking discovery out of a Baltimore City high school, where Project Baltimore has found hundreds of students are failing. It’s a school where a student who passed three classes in four years, ranks near the top half of his class with a 0.13 grade point average.”


Oops, that belongs under “Unity” stuff. :)

Bill Tozer

Looks like Biden gets a honeymoon. Things back to normal. First 100 days are free.
Pick a poll, any poll.

Trump's revenge? Antagonists of 45 suddenly struggling with scandals, political crises of their own

‘Mississippi judge orders new election after finding 79% of absentee ballots invalid’
The judge said he also found clear evidence of voter intimidation and harassment at the polling place on Election Day.


Yep, things are going swimmingly.


Bill.. He who shall not be named,, really has no issue with voter fraud.. It got Biden elected. He's content to stand on his weed box and proclaim that no court would take up the issue... "It's all good".....
I bet he has no problem with the electoral college now.



This is the Gaffemaster Flash of old......the Gaffemaster I missed when he was being hidden in the basement in “Campaign Mode”!

Biden tells NASA engineer Indian Americans are ‘taking over the country’



The 10th Walgreens in SF closes due to progressive governance......

Watch this cheeky bastard ripoff one of the last ones.....


He’s so untroubled about potential repercussions that he didnt bother watching where he was walking and probably stepped in a big ol jeffi sized pile of bum deposited Than Fran Thisthco valuths on the way out of the store.

Bill Tozer

Let’s see. The March 4th attack on DC didn’t happen, but Nancy needs another two months of military encampment. In two months another attack on the Capitol will be rumored and the encampment will remain on high alert...and extended. I am starting to see a pattern here. The biggest scandal of the Jan. 6 mostly peaceful riot was how in the heck did the Capitol Police bobble the ball with such utter incompetence? That is the real scandal. How could any agency whose job is it to protect the Capitol Building and members of Congress be caught with their pants around their ankles? No wonder the Capitol Police chief resigned from his post on Jan 6. Dereliction of Duty is putting it charitable.
‘The Capitol Police Chief And Her Democratic Bosses Are Lying To You All To Hold Our Capital Hostage’

WASHINGTON — My city has been occupied for more than eight weeks. Major thoroughfares blocked, thousands of armed soldiers, armored vehicles, seven-foot fencing, concertina wire.

What’s it all for? An invading army across the Potomac? Rising far-right militias, ready to strike at any moment?

Nope. It’s because when angry rioters and protesters attacked the Capitol on Jan. 6, a Capitol Police force hobbled by its leadership’s poor training regimens, nearly non-existent fitness standards, and fecklessness in the face of crisis were incapable of protecting the building or even shutting the big doors on time.

It’s because those idiot rioters had finally — after months and years of left-wing riots here and across the country — finally given Democratic lawmakers and the corporate media the right-wing riot they always claimed was around the corner.

It’s because panic porn and agitprop are useful tools when you’re working as hard as you can to spread fear and distrust against the half of the country that disagrees with your policies.”.......

(Money Quote). “While headlines like “Capitol Police Say Intelligence Shows Militia Group May Be Plotting To Breach The Capitol” ran in The Washington Post, readers who got seven paragraphs down learn the FBI actually didn’t “have any indication of violence or a specific, credible plot at this time” — the kind of fact that might cause more intelligent or honest journalists to wonder what “intelligence sources” the Capitol Police were citing. None of that got in the way, of course.”


Barry Pruett


Lol. Aaaand where are the people in the Sierras moving after they sell their house for $25,000 over asking price to folks from the Bay Area? Idaho, Tennessee, North Carolina, Indiana, Wyoming, Texas, Montana, South Dakota, Arizona, and Florida. Just a sprinkling of where our friends have moved to in the last two years. It won’t stop either. We are already planning our escape from the Soviet Socialist Republic of California.


Gotta love a little vigilantism.
This is how crime rates can drop.


Hawaii is as corrupt as Chicago or New York.

Every month a new gov politician is in the news and in cuffs.
The last one I recall was a police chief.


Gotta love the "trust the science" we keep hearing. Sorry,, it's ALL a crapshoot.
"On March 3, seismometers detected acoustic signals linked to the movement of magma through the crust close to the peninsula’s Fagradalsfjall flat-topped mountain and the Krýsuvík-Trölladyngja volcanic system, a series of fissures streaking through the ground. The ground here also deformed, confirming the migration of molten rock.

Volcanologists and civil authorities began to suspect an eruption was on its way. “This looks like the turmoil we would expect in the run-up to the eruption,” Kristín Jónsdóttir of the Icelandic Meteorological Office told local media that same day. The flowing magma below the surface suggested an eruption could occur in a matter of hours.

At volcanoes elsewhere in the country, those sorts of signals would herald emergence of lava, McGarvie says. But then nothing happened."

Barry Pruett

Patience Walt. By all indications, Iceland is going to light up pretty soon. The earthquake activity there has been off the charts for some time now. I read that it won’t likely be an explosive eruption but only a seeping-type lava flow. Should be cool to see mother nature at work reshaping our beautiful planet.


Barry.. this spot has been growling for a year or two.
It's been an interesting watch.
I have to laugh at what the experts have predicted.. Anything from "It's gonna BLOW!! to "it's just going to settle down in a week or two," Translation,,, "We don't have a clue."

Now why they haven't started mining the last big eruption that happened a few years ago... The ejected material was 2/3ds the way to aluminum. (must have burned through a bauxite deposit.)
Being rabid ECO may have something to do with that.

Barry Pruett

We would be arrogant to think that we could control over even accurately and consistently predict the actions of Mother Nature. Lol. And that’s a lot of aluminum.

Bill Tozer

The Streets of Liberal Utopia Shithole City

‘Reporter Robbed At Gunpoint While Filming Television Segment On Robberies In San Francisco: Report‘


paul emery

Hats off to our President Biden for his leadership in the inevitable passage of the Covid Aid Bill that will boost the economy and bring needed assistance to millions of American families. That and the massive improvement in the distribution and manufacturing of vaccines will jump start our trashed economy as a result of only four years of Trump. Well done Biden, no wonder you are soaring in the polls.

Barry Pruett

Exactly Bill. Such occurrence is a glaring example of why folks are leaving the Bay Area in droves. With the increasing crime in our sleepy town, folks are on the way out of here in droves as well.

Bill Tozer

Another poll or survey. Living in fear of the Woke.

‘Dissidents and Doublethinkers in Our Democracy’

“I am not speaking here of people holding their tongue in order to be polite. I’m speaking about people who are closeting their common-sensical beliefs for fear of a censorious, merciless ideology that tags any skeptics as bigots.

These aren’t simply anecdotes. A recent national study from the Cato Institute found that 62% of Americans say they self-censor. The more conservative a group is, the more likely they are to hide their views: 52% of Democrats confess to self-censoring compared with 77% of Republicans. But still: 52% of Democrats.”

Not Pepé Le Pew!!!!!!

‘NYT Columnist: Cartoon Skunk Pepé Le Pew Perpetuates Rape Culture’


Reminds me of the old line about the monkey who humped the skunk which applies on several levels, “He didn’t get all he might of, but he got all he could stand.” Whats that smell?

Don Bessee

Thats quite the ass kissing @519 must have taken a full roll of charmin to clean your lips! LOL

Ah the joy of being under the thumb of the teachers union in comrade deblasios shit hole. Maybe its ebonics economics? -

A Queens mom working at home was outraged to discover that her son’s Zoom economics class at a Brooklyn high school consisted of rap videos featuring drug deals, prostitutes and vulgar language, including the N-word.

The mom got so upset during the lesson on "money, power and respect," she grabbed her son’s laptop and yelled at Deyate Hagood, a social studies teacher at A-TECH High School in Williamsburg, for wasting valuable instructional time.

"You honestly ought to be motherf–king embarrassed. Disgusting!" she shouted at Hagood, infuriated by the videos and lame discussion.

When Hagood told her, "I don’t like how you’re speaking to me," she shot back: "You have rap videos using N-words, talking about whores and bitches and selling drugs. I’m working from home, and this is what I’m hearing my kid in his senior year learning in class."



Bill Tozer

‘Biden Abandons Middle East Peace’


That’s no surprise considering the Left’s mega anti-Semitism “problem” and the way Biden like to gobble the goop of our enemies....our biggest enemies Must be Some kind of professional courtesy.


Biden did do anything Emery. News flash. It now goes back to the House for more fun and games... Then back to the Senate.

Yup,, so much for checks on "day one".

Still no Q&A Emery! That's going to be a fun train wreck to watch.

George Rebane

PaulE 519pm - What made you believe all that Paul? It seems that's even too much Kool-Aid for you to consume at one sitting. But it's OK as long as you realize that at least half the country doesn't believe any of that crap. We all get to embrace our own opinions and facts.

How would you structure a peaceful Great Divide?



But of course,, nothing will come of it.

Don Bessee

The new party for workers is the Republicans -



Don Bessee

The same old party against the workers -




Don... FORCED extortion.. How communistic is that? Democrats really are playing hardball for their kickbacks.

paul emery


You write: "at least half the country doesn't believe any of that crap"

What are you referring to specifically? Biden is doing very well in consensus polling and the Pandemic relief pacage is very popular. Where do you get your information to support your statement?

Here's mine:


Also check this out

As the Senate prepares to advance President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill, new Morning Consult/Politico polling shows strong bipartisan support for the measure is holding against an uptick in Republican attacks on its size, scope and price tag.

In the new survey, conducted Feb. 26 to March 1, 77 percent of all voters and 59 percent of Republicans said they supported the measure which provides direct payments to some Americans, extends enhanced unemployment benefits through July and provides funding for state and local governments as well as K-12 schools and universities.

That level of backing from the public is consistent with findings from a survey conducted ahead of the House’s Feb. 27 successful vote on the bill, which passed without any GOP support.


Don Bessee

What an ignorant maroon @ 832! LOL

Well thats one way to keep the border secured -



George Rebane

Paul, only the country's double dummies don't know that less than 20% of that $1.9T of pork will go to Covid relief. What percent of the nation is that? Are you among them?

Don Bessee

Its a race to the bottom for gavin and fredos brother -



paul emery


Can you show me a breakdown of how the money is being spent to verify your 9:19? Specifically what you categorize as the 20%. After that we will continue our discussion. What is different about the distribution of the funds this year from Trumps plan from last year and in January which you supported or at least you didn't speak out against.

Barry Pruett

Lol. Paul supports the “COVID” bill yet doesn’t know what’s in it. A clear example of the lemming left.


Posted by: paul emery | 06 March 2021 at 11:11 PM

Can you show me a breakdown of how the money is being spent to verify your 9:19? Specifically what you categorize as the 20%. After that we will continue our discussion.

You are at your most hysterical when you try to play “legitimate newsman”.

Bill Tozer


A well deserved lol. 'After that' we will continue our discussion.

The Washington Post Faces Backlash Over Headline Praising Biden: ‘Did Joe Biden Write This?’


paul emery

In the midst of any conversation about Trump and Jan 6 this quote by Mitch McConnell will always come up.

“They stormed the Senate floor. They tried to hunt down the speaker of the House. They built a gallows and chanted about murdering the vice president. They did this because they had been fed wild falsehoods by the most powerful man on Earth ― because he was angry he’d lost an election.”

I played for the Qween

Grasping at straws. Every good informercial always has plenty of glowing testimonies about the product. “Here’s Helen from Hortonia, Wisconsin and Joe from Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey to tell you in their own words how wonderful Extreme Berry Juice worked for them.” Helen, you had years of suffering joint pain until you tried Extreme Berry Juice. Tell us about it.”

There would be no informercial without testimonials, as if that is all it takes to cloud over the data behind the product.

The Left comes up with a narrative, then goes looking for some “Republican” to verify their hypothesis as proof. Jeff Flake said, former staffer to Bob Dole said, the Lincoln Project said, conservative Jennifer Ruben said, Make them Queen for a Day and fond over them.

George Rebane

PaulE 946am - Do you think the Capitol mob did all that chanting as a unified body per some plan, or was it just a few of the more radical voices venting. And were not McConnell's remarks more than a little over-heated rhetoric since he was pissed at Trump for his over-heated rhetoric? BTW, where was this gallows built? I haven't seen any pictures of it.


george 1043am

The "gallows" was stage prop quality.

it might have supported a 170lb sack of potatoes, but not a VP who didn't want to be hanged.




here's a better view of the fake gallows:


In short, it's sooooo short Paul is too tall to fit under the crosspiece.

paul emery

ho knows where the gallows was built George but it surely was built and strung in advance. So are you implying that McConnell was a little over the top in his comments? What I provided was just a snippet. I'll send the rest of his response later.

George, they were chanting stop the steal and hang Pense before and while they broke in and looted the capital causing our Senators and Reps to flee in terror. What do you think would have happened to Nancy or Pense if they would have gotten their hands on them?

Here's a link with details and pictures of the nooses.

"A mob of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol on Wednesday, disturbing Congressional lawmakers who were counting Electoral College votes and preparing to certify President-elect Joe Biden's win.
Photos from the scene showed rioters slinging nooses around mannequins, while another was hung on a makeshift gallows in clear sight of the Capitol building."


George Rebane

PaulE 1203pm - I think Gregory's 1101am & 1109am demonstrate that there was no gallows constructed. The figures clearly demonstrate that what panicked you and yours was a stage prop, not something functional with which to hang a human.

Bill Tozer

Good morning gentlemen and scumbags. The government tells me its a burn day, but the breeze swaying the trees around The Inferno Zone tells a different story. Best to check outside where the rubber meets the road first and listen to nature. No burn day for me. Best to give the firefighters a Sunday off. :)

It is readily apparent to me that the anti-facist Antifa makes our 3%er wackos look like the bumbling amateurs that they are. The gang that couldn’t shoot straight. They were so disorganized what they would be laughed out of Court on RICO (organized crime) statues. They make The Keystone Cops look professional.

Now, Antifa has their act together. Mass organization via social media and many paramilitary like arms. The planning, support, logistics, the organizers on the ground monitoring LE movements and crowd cover.....well, they do it right. Often coordinate with BLM for a real show. Street folks holding umbrellas to hide arsonists and those hurling objects of great bodily harm’s identity. Place to grab a different tee shirt.

Antifa got its scouts and it’s fake journalist teams to do some big time harassment of the media to certain ones of them keep away by yelling ‘fascists! racist!” when detected to have the mob turn on some dude videoing their dastardly deeds. Enemy! No videos getting out! Beat him up and take his camera, and kick him extra hard while he/she freelance documentarian is on the ground. Facist! And, of course, the media covering and worse, spinning it for them. It’s like they are the good folks. So what’s a little graffiti?

Hang Pence? Remember CHOP CITY? Chop was synonymous with the guillotines of the lovely Jacobins who are always yelling, “Hey Pierre. I need another basket over here, this one is full. Chop chop. And their guillotines looked more professional that the gallows someone with-a pick up truck ran to a Home Depo and bought some plywood and posts. Probably used a portable cheap screw gun. Amateurs. And, CHOP CITY suddenly but up a wall and fence around the place. Burned down the cop shop and the officers had to abandon the building and flee for their lives. Feet don’t fail me now, lol

That guy with the horned helmet and coyote pelts is now referred to as ‘The Q-Anon Shaman’. lol.
The Capitol Police reported that one of their officers caught some people milling around in the Senate Cambers, with one guy sitting in Chuckie Cheese Shummer or Moscow Mitch’s deck. The guard said, “Ok fellows, time to leave.” The Terrorists got up and left the Senate Chambet peacefully and with no back talk and not taking a souvenir. I might have grabbed the gavel in a weak moment of temptation. But, that’s just me. At least one of the insurgents got to pick it up and play with it.

All in all once the riotous throngs of insurgents made it inside the Hallowed Halls of Congress, they looked around and said, “Uh....now what?” Selfie time.

I can see punch’s outrage over the most radical of the bunch vandalizing and throwing Nance’s papers on the floor. Idiots! Complete morons. No imagination. Personally, I would have taking a big old boneless brown on top of her desk...and put her papers neatly on the desk first. Maybe add a plastic straw to the token of my appreciation and spin it to blame some Eco-nut.

Afterall, it was some eco-nazi that put up those Go Back to Berkeley,You Stink Asses signs.


Gotta love the LIB double standards..
This asswipe was all for Trump resigning due to allegations,,
but when they call for HIM to fall on his sword,, "It ain't gonna happen!"

Paul Emery

So Gregory it was OK then. Just kidding right.


Punchy 129pm

The fake gallows faked you out, eh?

Note how a petite woman fills the frame, barely able to fit underneath the cross piece. Pence is reportedly 5'10" 200#.


Just think how Emery would be spazzing if there was a tar pot and freshly plucked wagon of feathers, and a rail waiting for it's rider.


How the states bitched when Trump formed a commision to clean up the voting across the land.
Will you Proggys do the same with Biden pushing to game the system?(HELL no.....)

Remember "no voter fraud" Emery the news from last week about the massive voter fraud by mail in ballots.

paul emery

60 court proceedings and multiple investigations in at least 10 states along with the Federal elections office and the DOJ showed no voter fraud Walt. It's a done deal. You are making a fool of yourself even by the standards on these pages.

Don Bessee

Says the pony tail of ignorance so foolishly@310

Lets have a giggle other than at the expense of the pony tail of ignorance! LOL




You don't read links... Do you Emery?
So what's the point anymore?
waste of time giving you facts you don't read.


Has Emery got his shots yet thanks to Trump? or is he holding out for the least effective that Biden got cheap at the bargain barn?

Don Bessee

Life in the basement -

Kayleigh McEnany says Biden avoiding press questions because his staff has no ‘faith’ in him
Biden hasn't held a formal press conference as president




You just KNOW a LIB filed for grant money to pay for this bogus "research". Even worse than "shrimp on a treadmill".


Here is a good one Emery;
"promoting voter registration for federal prisoners."
FELONS can't VOTE!!!!

Proggys want 16 year olds to vote.. Then I say reinstate the DRAFT. Give them some growing up on the fast track.
It might keep the feral free range LIBshits from going the way of ANTIFA,

Bill Tozer

Brother Walt you ignorant slut. :). Didn’t you hear what those 17 Intel Agencies said??? Are you telling me they are wrong? All agree. Or ( in snarky tones), do you know more than they do?

Or was that 17 fact checkers? I get these narratives from the Enemy of the People all mixed up.

No need to remind the closed minds, closed like a steel trap I say, that Jimmy Carter, who would never lie to you and spent his working post retirement years going around the globe monitoring elections and checking for fraud here and abroad.....and was on the bipartisan blue ribbion election committee in 2002.....well, that Jimmy said mail in ballots have twice the fraud rate (a d much more the potential for fraud rate) than voting in person.

At least post-2020, we got them to admit there was at least a smidgen of unexplained irregularities and got them to at least call it fraud (but inconsequential) for a brief period of time. No it’s back to 17 Intel agencies say there is no fraud. No. None. Not even a smidgeon of corruption going after folks who donated to the the Tea Party. Oppps, not a smidgeon of fraud. None. What was there is gone. None. No election fraud!!!!!! It’s that so hard to understand, Brother Walt?. Haven’t you read my links??????


Really Bill!??,,,,, Me?,, a slut you say?? Yes, I identify as a lesbian too.


No getting Dr.Seuss out of Amazon,,, but any book you care for on Marxism. (and of course,, Hitler's best seller)


The first transgender toy can't even catch a break.

Don Bessee

Looks like 0 was a warren fan -

At a private meeting with Black corporate donors in October 2019, former President Barack Obama threw his support behind Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., while showing "tepid" support for his former Vice President Joe Biden, according to an excerpt from the new book, "Lucky: How Joe Biden Barely Won the Presidency."

The book excerpt, provided exclusively to The Hill, details how Obama made the case for Warren, while anticipating objections to her that "existed in the minds of his corporate and financial friends."

So, what if she raises your taxes a little bit? Compare that to what we have now," Obama reportedly said, referring to then-President Donald Trump.

Obama said he would support Warren if she won the nomination, and reportedly "stressed that he wanted Wall Street and corporate types to do the same."

"’Everyone in this room needs to pull their weight,’ he said. Republicans, he continued, are winning cycle after cycle, up and down the ballot, because their donors care more than the Democrats’ donors."

A donor who was in the room recalled that night being a "ninety percent Warren sermon."


At the time, the crowded field of Democratic presidential candidates was narrowing to Warren, Biden, Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Asked why Buttigieg couldn’t win the nomination Obama cited his youth, and the fact that he is "short" and "gay."

On Harris, Obama merely acknowledged that he knew her, but offered "no further commentary." When an executive in the audience reminded Obama he had forgotten his two-term vice president, the former commander-in-chief was "apprehensive," according to the book.

"’His support for Biden was tepid at best,’ the person said. At that point, it didn’t matter what he said about Biden. His silence spoke for him."




me... Knock Knock
you...Who's there?
me... Derek Chauvin.
you...Derek Chauvin who?
me....Your Honor, this juror is acceptable to the defence.

jury selection is scheduled to start tomorrow morning.
ps... I stole the idea from a joke about the OJ trial. I freely release it to the public domain.


db 458pm

"Mayor Pete" has baggage beyond umm, you know.

Antonio Gramsci wrote the seminal (ummm) pieces justifying the cultural Marxism promoted by the Frankfurt School, what became Critical Theory and more to the point, Critical Race Theory.

Gramsci who ranked with Lenin and Trotsky, did most of his writing in prison, in Italy. His works became known as his "Prison Diaries" and he died young (though not young enough for some folks).

The translator into English of the Prison Diaries later founded The International Gramsci Society. That person was Joseph Buttigieg, "Mayor Pete's" dad.

Mayor Pete needs to explain his father's work and contrasting CRT with Constitutional norms.

Don Bessee

And now the no accomplishments socialist who was a failure as a podunk mayor is now in creepy grampa joes cabinet clearly the cream didn't rise to the top in creepy grampa joes admin @617.


Don Bessee

Destroy small business and education in America for a year because of covid and then invite in all the unvaccinated illegals. They legislate and show in every move they hate american citizens.




And this is the guy LIBS here and everywhere else where so buttsore about not getting confermed to SCOTUS? And still has a shot becoming AG????
"President Joe Biden’s attorney general nominee Merrick Garland as a college student at Harvard University wrote in a review of a musical that a song about rape was one of the play’s “hilarious group numbers.”"

OK Proggys,, just for fun,, put an "R" next to his name... Still back the bastard?

George Rebane

President Biden has assembled the most lackluster, unaccomplished, and/or incompetent cabinet in my lifetime. None of them are capable of producing anything constructive, so I guess that explains why Biden has launched a destruction derby against all the Trump accomplishments, and denies the existence of the the ones that he plans to continue. It takes no talent to destroy what was built.

Bill Tozer

Brother Walt, again.

“... but any book you care for on Marxism. (and of course,, Hitler's best seller)”

Ah, but how things can change.

Breaking news. While Amazon was selling copies of Mein Kampf like hot cakes just a few days ago while giving Dr. Seuss the woke death sentence, a new discovery has been unearthed, something written on the draft of Mein Kampt.....something that Hilter himself doodled in the margin of the draft makes Hitler’s best seller suddenly quite problematic. Hitler was racist against Asians! Friggin chop sticks!!

‘Ebay Pulls 'Mein Kampf' Upon Discovery Hitler Doodled Chinese Man With Chopsticks In Margins’


Scott O

Gregory 5:58 - That trial promises to be one heck of a barn burner. The DA and the politicians have painted themselves into a very nasty corner and if Chauvin can be sacrificed as an escape door, they'll cut him open with a chain saw.
This 24 minute video seems to be the clearest and most comprehensive take on the case I've seen so far. There is expert commentary.
It is a hard to watch video showing a pathetic man dying of a drug OD and the reality of what the police and other first responders have to deal with every day. It looks like Chauvin is guilty of providing a bad optic, but I don't believe that's against the law.
Lady Justice with the scales and blindfold won't be around for this trial.

Bill Tozer

Topic has already been previously posted byWalt or DB, but it’s great for a chuckle.

The Democrats intend to ride the mini-riot at the Capitol on January 6 for all it is worth. One aspect of their strategy is lawsuits by people like Eric Swalwell. Swalwell has sued President Trump, Donald Trump, Jr., Rudy Giuliani and Congressman Mo Brooks for, among other things, intentional infliction of emotional distress. Is there any chance the rest of us can sue Swalwell for the emotional distress he has caused us? I suppose not.


Bill Tozer

‘New MRC Poll PROVES Media’s Cuomo Cover-Up Distorted Public’s View’


Throw Mama from the train. Makes sense. Slowly, then very quickly. They smell blood in the water now and the Dem sharks are circling. Wilhelm de Blasio will run for Governor now that Emmy Award winning Andrew Cuomo is bleeding out on the floor.

Heck, our own native girl, Kamala Harris, was the first to call for Al Franken’s head and as soon as Al Franken of Air America fame and author of the book, “Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Liar”, she took over his coveted seat on the Senate Judiciary Committee. That’s one way to move it on up after spreading it wide for the married Willie Brown.

And let’s not forget how the young State Senator from Illinois pulled a fast one and got the incumbent and popular US Senator from the Land of Lincoln disqualified from the ballot.....and that’s how Barrack Hussein Obama muscled his way into the US Senate, Chicago style.

Politics ain’t no mamby pamby sport of touch football or female mud wrestling. Nah, politics is bare knuckle brawling.
H/T to the Swamp Thing, the Ragin’ Cajon, the one and only Mr. James Carville to telling it like it is.

Q: Why can’t we all be nice and caring for each other???
A (with a question): Are you on drugs?

And all the while the Dems are praising Sleepy Joe with one hand and demanding he relinquish the nuclear codes with the other. Can’t trust what’s left of the old man’s grey matter. The balancing act is truly astonishing.

Wonder who will take Di-Fi’s place on the Committee? She got the boot off. E tu brut? “Whose party?”—AOC, 2017, to old Joe Lieberman.

Bill Tozer

PS: Rather ironic that NY State AG Andrew Cuomo smelled blood in the water and took down Governor Eliot Laurence Spitzer, the popular governor who won with 69 percent of the vote, the largest margin of victory ever in a New York gubernatorial race. Heck, Bill Richardson called Eliot Spitzer the "future of the Democratic Party" at a fund raiser held in June 2005 for Spitzer's gubernatorial campaign. By November 13, 2007, Spitzer's approval rating as governor was 33 percent, a further decline from his 44% approval rating of October 24, 2007..bleeding well started.

By March 2008, the NYT’s ran a story about Spitzer spending two hours with a $1,000 an hour lady of the night (call girl) from nothing but the finest Manhattan Escort Service. Odd, the conversation with the two belly bumpers was caught on an FBI wiretap and promptly leaked to the NYT, who promptly leaked it to je public. They too smelled the blood on the Governor’s office floor. Spitzer was gone by March 17, 2008 with that latest coffin nail. Hero to Zero at the speed of light, political time.

Now we have Mario’s son in the crosshairs and it’s now 5 women that has come forward. I don’t believe the story of a male staffer also coming forward, so let’s call it 5 and counting. But, the real scandal of unspeakable evilness is Cuomo’s personal directive knowingly ordering C-19 elderly patients to be lace in nursing homes. And for that Nazi concentration camp like death sentence to 15,000 N.Y. senior citizens, the media known as the Enemy of the People not only gave him a pass, The Enemy of the People gave covered his rear for him. Go figure. Sex sells.

Somebody is getting schlonged.


Trump should sue Swallows for slander.. With all the lies he told on TV about Trump being a Russian.
Plenty of proof to back that up.

Don Bessee

The totally authentic former c lister who has no relationships. LOL -

Meghan claimed she and Harry want to 'live authentically' and get back 'down to basics' as they offered a rare glimpse into life in their $14.5 million mansion
The couple also took the talk show host around their home in Montecito and introduced her to their rescued chickens



Don Bessee

A good night giggle -



Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane @ 6:56 pm sez:

“President Biden has assembled the most lackluster, unaccomplished, and/or incompetent cabinet in my lifetime. None of them are capable of producing anything constructive, so I guess that explains why Biden has launched a destruction derby against all the Trump accomplishments, and denies the existence.....“



I think Punch and Miss falls into the 2nd category of Nevertrumpers. I could be wrong. :)
Kristol, Charen, Jennifer Rubin, Jeff Flake, Max Boot (yuck) are in the 2nd category of NeverTrumpers because they would sell their souls and eat their children just to be loved and adored again. Definitely Flake and Boot fits that to a tee. Kristol still longs for the day when people and Presidents sought his advice, his every word say or written repeated, and folks fawning over his wisdom.

‘Being loved’ is more is more important to them that ‘loving.’ Oh, how the neurotic actors and musicians live solely to hear the praise of their audiences fill their ears. Take that away and a empty bitter narcissist shell is all that’s left. I must hear the applause or aIam nothing.

As Cardi B said in defense of an ass-wipe stupid ignorant comment she uttered, “ I am the most popular artist in the world!” Ok, fine. All is good in her world. While I do not want to see a Bill Kristol or Jennifer Rubin beatwith they ugly stick, I do hope Kristol or Flake never hears the applause they seeks again. They just want to be loved instead of loving others. Is more important to them and karma is a mo-fro.


Another RINO see's the light and tucks tail.

Bill Tozer

Institutionalized election fraud. No keeping records for you.

‘15 Insane Things In Democrats’ H.R. 1 Bill To Corrupt Elections Forever’
Here are just some of the unconstitutional, absurd, nakedly partisan, and crime-indulging provisions in this bill that 220 House Democrats voted for


Bill Tozer

Nothing new. It’s what the Left has always done since the old class warfare days...and after the all the former Democrat Socialist Parties of the Peoples Republic of Loss Causes made the terms ‘socialist’ and ‘Commie-light‘ rather unpalatable.

‘Biden Injects Race into HR 1’
Erroneously claiming to be fighting voter suppression, Biden signs an executive order that would do the opposite


Bill Tozer

So it has come to this.

‘The New York Times Is Having An Embarrassing Meltdown Over Josh Hawley’s Existence’

New York Times reporters debased themselves by asking Josh Hawley's middle school principal and former prom date for comment on the Republican senator.

By Mollie Hemingway
“Just before the third chapter of “How I Became A Famous Novelist,” Steve Hely’s 2009 satirical novel lampooning the publishing industry, he includes a fake New York Times Best Seller list. The No. 4 Nonfiction slot goes to “Needs Improvement In All Areas,” an attack on President George W. Bush, written by his former kindergarten teacher.

That happened for real today when The New York Times broke the news that an administrator from Sen. Josh Hawley’s middle school disapproved of his politics.

Barbara Weibling is quoted condemning her former middle school charge. Left unsaid by The New York Times is that Barbara Weibling is a left-wing activist. She is a small but committed donor to Democrats, and a perusal of her Facebook page shows she’s not exactly an unbiased educator. Her avatar is a flattering portraiture of Vice President Kamala Harris in the foreground, with President Joe Biden in the background.

She posts about her strong dislike of Fox News (where this reporter is a contributor) and love of Russia collusion conspiracy theorist Rachel Maddow of MSNBC. She posts outlandish left-wing claims from a group called “Occupy Democrats.” In between the supportive posts of socialism, Bernie Sanders, and Biden are attacks on Republicans going back to Reagan, at least. Is it really news that her dislike of Republicans extends to a former student at her school?

As silly as the whole thing is, the Times’ Elaina Plott and Danny Hakim debased themselves further by — and I’m in no way joking here — asking Hawley’s high school prom date for her thoughts. His prom date. HIS PROM DATE.

“I’ve been very disappointed to see who he has become,” said Kristen Ruehter-Thompson, who is pictured here in an online fundraiser from a few years ago with her family.”


Yep, we come up with something big or a real issue of import to discuss. The Enemy of the People, in reply comes up with jr. high petty taunts and insignificant playground chatter. At least we know for certain that the Lamestream is but the JV Team and that’s the best they have. Sigh.

Rather sad and harmful to our democracy when our nation’s vibrant free press has lost its mojo and became just another dickless popinjay trying to please their overseers. Our Democracy has been weaken considerably. Alas.


Something Emery is missing when he watches CNN.
Doing the show in your underwear?(please GOD let it be so...)
Or is he sitting on a Scottish stool?


Yup,, Chancellor Biden is really ready to take questions...
"“So I want to thank you both, and I want to thank the sec… the former general, I keep calling him general but my… my, uh… the guy who runs that outfit over there,” Biden said as he wrapped up his speech.

Austin served as a general in the Army and was nominated by Biden to be the first black Secretary of Defense.

Biden concluded, “I want to make sure we thank the secretary for all he’s done to try to implement what we just talked about.”"

Don Bessee

They didn't let out during the campaign so why would anyone expect a change? -




Gotta give credit when due... Biden has officially answered
more questions than Emery in the past month... All of 40!!!

Bill Tozer

Morning Walt.

DB: If you are going to have a pet, keep it on a leash.


Bill Tozer

And once again!!! And again! There was no Russian Collusion. Golly, I have a mind to post this under 'Another Homemade Crisis':

'Ratcliffe says Durham agrees there was ‘no intelligence’ showing Trump-Russia collusion'


Bill Tozer

For Bobbie

The SuperStraight Movement.

Don Bessee

Now thats an interesting obit -




"This Was A Bloodbath" - Liberal Journalists Outraged After Huffington Post Fires 1/3rd Of Its Staff

/sad trombone........

Don Bessee

They have no proof but since we suck we will self cancel -

Even the fact-checking website Snopes has ruled the Jim Crow connection “unproven.”



Bill Tozer

Aha! Wicked Gretchen may see first hand what a real lockdown is all about.

'Legal Expert: Michigan Gov. Whitmer Faces Possible Charges Over Nursing Home Deaths'


I can dream, can't I?

Bill Tozer

Wonder what our devout Catholic is up to.



Bill Tozer

Did Trump look into the future and nailed it perfectly or what? Scorecards give Trump a score of ten.


Don Bessee

Do we see any problem here? Freebies and cuddling emperor xi and vlad the nerve gas -

While the United States has been able to use long-range weapons on ships and aircraft, there were limits placed on it because of an arms control treaty.

But the United States pulled out of the Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty with Russia in 2019.





This one left a mark!

"When a Hollywood actress gets paid $7,000,000 to complain to a billionaire talk show host about how becoming a Princess made her a victim it becomes clear that America is in dire need of a better class of attention whores."

Bill Tozer

Aha! Not highlighted or expanded upon in the current John Solomon report is this stunning paragraph. Someone who was in the FBI insider room is talking. Let those who have ears, hear.

“The sources said one former senior FBI official has provided invaluable cooperation and context to what decisions FBI leadership and field agents were making in the probe on such consequential matters as what to tell Congress, the courts and Justice Department lawyers about the flaws, political origins and falsehoods in the Russia collusion narrative.”

‘Durham File: A documentary roadmap to special counsel probe of rogue FBI pursuit of Trump’
FBI clearly was warned Russia collusion was Clinton dirty trick, Steele dossier flawed — and persisted anyway.


Don Bessee

Well of course she did, looks like this is the go to play for team creepy grampa joe and whats her name -




Scott with be throwing the BBQ before I can.

Bill Tozer

Red States Should Revolt Against the 'Blue-State Bailout’


Bill Tozer

‘Congress Gives States Far More Money Than They Need, Tells Them They Can’t Use It to Cut Taxes’


Makes perfect sense. First, low tax states are hurting the Blue States in economic competition and thus anything that makes Blue States and their tax policies appear as they are (bad) is not to be tolerated. Second, the Left has never seem a tax cut that they did not hate.

Perfect sense....if you got the same BA in Econ that AOC got at her overpriced and under delivered education at Boston College.

Bill Tozer

Darn. Correction to 8:28 am.

Tax cuts bad: AOC went to Boston University, not BC. Ocasio-Cortez attended Boston University, where she double-majored in international relations and economics, graduating cum laude, ROFLMAO. My apologies to Doug Flutie.

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