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02 March 2021


Bill Tozer

When the bully cries foul. One thing the Leftinista Elitists cannot handle is push back. Strike that. One thing our elites absolutely cannot tolerate is any contraire view to their unchallengeable statements and actions. Poor thing was sent to boarding school in Switzerland and is the victim here. If sow radish seeds and you will never get pumpkins . Ironically, she hasn’t even tasted the Karma for destroying other people’s’ lives.....yet.

Hypocritical Snitch NY Times Reporter Lorenz Cries Online Harassment ‘Destroyed My Life’

‘Tucker Blasts NYTs for Claim He Harassed Reporter, They Harassed Him’


Listen to the journalism children. They have it soooo rough. Brings a tear to my eye.

In related news,

Teen Vogue Loses Seven-Figure Ad Campaign From Beauty Brand Over New Editor’s Old ‘Racist’ Tweets


Chop, chop.


Nailed it.....

Heroic Secret Service Agent Dives In Front Of Biden As Reporter Tries To Ask A Question



LOL Fish!!


Feinstein Promises Assault Weapons Ban Hours After House Passes Background Check Bill

Poor DiFi......it's 1993 all over again. She and Joey Dementia .......the true intellectuals of the democrat party!

Don Bessee

This would have never happened if Trump had not been president -




OLD MAN YELLS AT CLOUD: In First Major Speech, Biden Lectures Americans About What They “Can and Cannot Do.” “Further, Biden took full credit for the vaccination of Americans, despite the vaccination program being developed under President Donald Trump through Operation Warp Speed. Biden claimed his goal of 100 million vaccinations in his first 100 days was ambitious, but the Trump administration was on track for that number when he took office.”

You can’t really blame Biden. He just reads — and signs — whatever they put in front of him.

Simpson reference: https://imgur.com/gallery/CYcLgIh



That A-HOLE Biden... Taking credit for all of Trump's work on the Kung Flu.
Trump didn't dely at the start of the pandemic. LIBS gave him crap from day one. Even the WHO downplayed the spread.
The queen of the DAMNED was in Chinatown Frisco saying "all is well" Remember " Trump was "xenophobic" for stopping travel.

Biden even takes credit for the vaccine. Nice try Muppet,, Trump did it, not you.
We have a plagiarizer in chief.

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 8:30 am

I hear ya pain. But, Dr. Rebane in a post maybe two months ago laid it all out. The Dems are going to take all the credit for ‘fixing the COVID-19 mess that Trump got us into and likewise the Dems will take all the credit for the rescuing the economy. He Who Shall Not Be Named, the high maintenance child, the needy attention whore....is exhibit A, per usual. Expect something different??

Moi only once posted the world outlook from in-house brokerage houses and a couple of ex-gov’t economists that said the 3rd quarter of 2021 in the US should hit 6% GDP, with the COVID economic recovery starting in the developing markets (Indonesia, Asian countries, some African) in the 2nd quarter through the summer and hitting the developed world in the 3rd and 4th quarters, with Great Britain and the US looking rather good for the Holiday shopping season and growth.

In fact, one economist representing a mega international finance consortium said if Biden does nothing the economy will come roaring back. A lot of pent up economic activity out there waiting to be uncorked. He also hinted that if Biden messes up with higher taxes (business, corporate) and throws the brakes on, the economy will still grow in spite of doing their best to drive the car in the ditch....to quote Bill Clinton (2012) , Barrack Obama (2012) and he who arrived a few years late to the party, our own He Who Shall Not Be Named, as posted just a few days ago, lol.

Those damn Repubs have drove the car into the ditch again and it’s a good thing Biden is here to clean up the C-19 fiasco and save the beaten down from financial ruin and starvation by getting the economy going. He cares for the poor!!!

With all the horseshit aside, Biden....well, who knows if Biden even knows what’s going on.....the Dems are going full steam ahead to ERASE Trump. From the top of me melon;
Vaccine? Biden did it!
Economy is coming back? Biden did it!
Trump’s tough on Iran policy? Erased!
Illegal immigration reduced to a trickle? Erased!
Trump’s historic and unprecedented Middle East successes (4): Erased!
Trump holding China’s feet to the fire with deeds, not words: Gone with the Wind!,
Getting our allies to have their own skin in the game for their mutual defense and protesting their own interests: Ain’t worth the paper it’s written on. We will pay for everything, including the defense of the biggest powerhouse in the EU, Germany.

No more kicking in 1.4 % of Merkel’s GDP, Grandpa Joe will pay for all of little Johan’s and Greta’s expense.s. It is sooo important that everyone takes us for,granted. It’s better to be liked than respected is how the Put America Last crowd sees things.

Erase Trump, but keep him in the box to open just long enough to blame him when their grand plans of mice and men fails again.

It’s baked into their consciouses now....as referred to above as Exhibit A.


Get a load of this Bill,,,
Queen Nan's personal gestapo.

"Joshua James is a war hero, a veteran, a Godly man, a provider, and a business owner. Joshua James DID NOT commit any violent crime. He attended the January 6th speech by President Trump at the Ellipse along with a million other Americans. He volunteered to work security with other members of the Oath Keepers.

The FBI is holding him until trial because he was seen speaking with two other members of the Oath Keepers that day."

"SHOCK REPORT! FBI Sends in Armored Vehicle with Turret, 2 Vans, 6 FBI Vehicles, 3 Local Police Vehicles to Arrest Young Father Who Attended Jan. 6 Rally "

George Rebane

The best illustration of how massively mistaken are most Americans on the economy, national sovereignty, and foreign relations is how they willingly swallow the lamestream's version of reality. We see a microcosm of it in these pages from our liberal commenters. It's all Biden who will pull us through, and it all started on 20 Jan 2021.

Don Bessee

The chi coms are the problem as everyone already knew -

As top U.S. officials prepare to meet their Chinese counterparts for their first face-to-face meeting during the Biden administration, the State Department's former lead investigator who oversaw the Task Force into the COVID-19 virus origin tells Fox News that he not only believes the virus escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, but that it may have been the result of research that the Chinese military, or People’s Liberation Army, was doing on a bioweapon.

"The Wuhan Institute of Virology is not the National Institute of Health," David Asher, now a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute told Fox News in an exclusive interview. "It was operating a secret, classified program. In my view, and I’m just one person, my view is it was a biological weapons program."

Asher has long been a "follow the money" guy who has worked on some of the most classified intelligence investigations for the State Department and Treasury under both Democratic and Republican administrations. He led the team that uncovered the international nuclear procurement network run by the father of Pakistan's nuclear program, AQ Khan, and uncovered key parts of North Korea's secret uranium enrichment. He believes the Chinese Communist Party has been involved in a massive cover-up during the past 14 months.



paul emery

Bill, George
He left a trashed economy and exerted poor leadership in the "war" against Covid (as he puts it). In the end he left office as the biggest Presidential loser in modern history and the RR's still believe he was some kind of 2nd coming. What a hoot. Biden is doing just fine and the economy will boom.

Bill Tozer

About last night.....it was a dark and gloomy speech. Quite pessimistic, devoid of hope or inspiration. Dark.

COME OUTSIDE YOU DON’T SCARE ME, B-TCH’: Watch Antifa Menace Portland Courthouse In Another Fiery Night

What’s all this horseshit that fences don’t work?

‘Rioters Set Fire to Federal Courthouse in Portland One Day after Fencing Removed’

Yo asshole with dementia. If may not seem like a big deal to you and the rest of you Hate America First psychopaths in and out of your administration, but don’t mess with my country’s 4th of July. Keep your Constitution Shredding “America Was Never Great” sexual assualt prodding fingers off this Nation’s only birthday or else I will take my Kentucky Long Rifle and shove it up your ass sideways.
“I found President Biden’s speech last night (“on the anniversary of the COVID-19 shutdown”) profoundly dispiriting, mean-spirited, ungrateful, petty, and otherwise wanting in good qualities. The state of mind reflected in it as craven and deceitful. Can’t we all just get along? No, we can’t. Not when you tell me we are all the government and you are grasping ever more tightly onto the levers of power and making sure your team never has to let go. That is the way it struck me.

Go to hell, you blithering phony. You can’t even fake sincerity. I appreciated Tucker Carlson’s instant analysis, as we used to call it (video below). I felt that he spoke for me.”


Robert Cross

under the category of "the family that goombahs together goes to prison together". an investigation has began into Lara Trump and her association with a charity called Big Dog Ranch Rescue that will spend $225,000 this weekend alone at Mara Lago. The group has spent almost two million dollars over that last few years at Mara Lago and the nearby trump golf course. In 2018 Lara Trump has named the group's 'chairwoman for charity events.' I wonder if by arranging these events she gets a kickback from the trump organization?

One has to give credit when credit is due. This crime family really knows how to work the rubes.


Note to Babs,, That's what rich people with money DO.


Oh.. Babs... Rich ECO bastards fly private "gross polluting" jets, then complain about about AGW.


Emery smoking dope again?(judging by his post,,, uh,,, YUP)

Even the Proggy Press is turning on Xi Ho Bi Den

"NBC News’ White House correspondent Peter Alexander pushed White House press secretary Jen Psaki on why the administration won’t give former President Donald Trump credit for the vaccine."

Biden has done little to nothing in 51 days, other than kill half a million jobs.


Merry Christmas Emery!!🤣

Bill Tozer

You know, I heard about Joey Fingers deteriorating mental unhealth. During the primaries and on the campaign trail in Delaware, when all mixed up in his jumbled scrambled mind, Biden would lose whatever train of thought he had and say, “I better stop now so I don’t get in trouble.” It’s like a trick his handlers taught him to say when he was not ‘there’ anymore. There were a couple signal phrases he would go to when he lost it mid-sentence.

Still, I am not a a doctor who has the expertise to make such troublesome judgements of the steps from dementia to Alzheimer's. Yes Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease, where dementia symptoms gradually worsen over a number of years. In its early stages, memory loss is mild, but with late-stage Alzheimer's, individuals lose the ability to carry on a conversation and respond to their environment. Bingo.

Sure, medical docs that deal with Biden’s condition that one of the tell-tell signs is how he snaps when asked a question he does not like or wants to avoid, but the anger if probed could apply to any one of the Leftinistas.

But I finally saw it with my own eyeballs the other night when he forgot the Sec of Defense’s name and even the name of the Defense Department. Yes, to be fair, with hundreds of folks joining the Harris-Biden Administration and all of Creepy Sleepy Basement Joe’s handlers making the choices and selections for him, anyone would be confused and not knowing who is who or what is what under those circumstances. But.......

But....Jumbled Joe was reading a teleprompter. presidents usually always have three teleprompters. The big one straight ahead and two smaller ones to the left and right so one can keep reading as he/she shifts his eyes to the left and right to make it look more like he/she is talking to the audience. If sitting down at his desk as Biden was Tues or Wed, there is a computer monitor in front of him on the desk with two smaller monitors/black screen inserts to read if looking up or towards a questioner.

Bottomline: Biden was reading a teleprompter in front of him and could not continue on. The name of the person he nominated, the outfit he was in charge of (Pentagon ring a bell, Joe?)...all gone. Vanished from Joe Biden’s mind.
Our President can not even make it through reading a speech without the “individuals lose the ability to carry on a conversation and respond to their environment”.

I wasn’t joking when I said the Dems in the inner circle are scared shitless that Biden cannot make it through reading a text, not to mention having a presser solo without Dr.Jill or the Laughing Hyaena Kamala finishing his sentence for him or jumping in to help Joe when he forgets where he is headed or to simply steer the conversation to save Joe from himself.

Truly, a most troubling reality we face as citizens. Joey the little girl hair sniffer can’t say he ‘better stop before he gets in trouble’ anymore because he is in charge. Or, “Tell me what to do Nance and I will do it.”
Brings me no pleasure to see our President suffer so and only some real sick mofos would continue parading him out before the cameras, even if it’s only twice a month. Real sick evil people do real sick evil things. If Joe’s problems and declining health where physical in nature (FDR in the wheelchair), we wouldn’t be having this ‘conversation’.

It breaks my heart seeing our President lose touch with his surroundings. It is painful to watch and no joking matter.
The Houseplant President:

Ben Shapiro Rips Democrats, Biden: ‘President Houseplant Is Not Fully There,’ A ‘Friendly Face On Radical Policies’


paul emery

Here's an example of how the economy is rebounding under Biden's leadership. Fox business reporte:

Two of the biggest U.S. airlines have canceled employee furloughs after the House passed COVID-19 relief that will provide much-needed payroll support.

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker and President Robert Isom circulated a memo to employees informing them that 13,000 furlough warnings issued last month will be “happily canceled.”

“For our 13,000 colleagues who received worker adjustment and retraining notification notices last month, those are happily canceled … you can tear them up!” airline leadership said in the memo, which was provided to FOX Business.

United Airlines similarly withdrew 14,000 furloughs, which would have gone into effect in April.


paul emery

More news from FOX business. Things are booming under Biden:

The U.S. economy added 379,000 jobs in February, evidence the labor market's recovery is gaining steam nearly one year into the pandemic as coronavirus caseloads fall nationwide and many states ease restrictions on business activity.

The unemployment rate fell slightly to 6.2% — well below the April peak of 14.7%....


Don Bessee

Now that freakin funny from the pony tail of ignorance @714. Creepy grampa joe didnt set up warp speed and is just continuing the program that was in place as has been widely reported. DUH!


Bill Tozer

The question remains concerning President Biden. At what point does a cucumber become a pickle?

Bill Tozer

Yep, throw a trillion against the wall, and the GDP will jump a quarter %. So, much derided and demonized governors in Red States start opening up the economy and Biden claims the improvement in job numbers, a continuing trend for the last several months.

Just wait until Blue State governors reverse their outrageous, diabolical, and artificial shut downs they mandated with their broken Lety thinkers and the economy will soar again and almost search the heights of the greatest economy in our lifetimes under Trump and before Blue State governors demolished our economy. Take all the credit without any blame or acknowledge making grievous and fatal errors.

Being a Punchy means never having to say you were wrong....or is that say I am sorry?
“PolitiFact: 90% of Biden Stimulus Spending Not Directly Related to COVID-19”


Bill Tozer

Yep, throw a trillion against the wall, and the GDP will jump a quarter %. So, much derided and demonized governors in Red States start opening up the economy and Biden claims the improvement in job numbers, a continuing trend for the last several months.

Just wait until Blue State governors reverse their outrageous, diabolical, and artificial shut downs they mandated with their broken Lety thinkers and the economy will soar again and almost search the heights of the greatest economy in our lifetimes under Trump and before Blue State governors demolished our economy. Take all the credit without any blame or acknowledge making grievous and fatal errors.

Being a Punchy means never having to say you were wrong....or is that say I am sorry?
“PolitiFact: 90% of Biden Stimulus Spending Not Directly Related to COVID-19”



It has to come back sometime Emery,, Yet what has Prez House plant actually done?(other than kill a half mil. jobs) Funny,, you never can answer that.
As they say,, your still barking at the moon and recycling your own turds.

Inserection Emery!! Your LIBS are trying to overthrow an election...You should know all about it.

paul emery

Well Walt abd Bill if Trump was so great how come he not only was not re-elected but lost the House and Senate as well and Biden set an all time record for number of votes?


Sundowner syndrome again Emery? Plenty of room for Trump to live rent free in there.
Jobs killed, fuel prices up, illegals flooding across the border, pissed away money like the navy on shore leave in Frisco.


I'm sure Emery calls this good news.
"Nevada County’s labor force shrunk by more than 4% year over year in January, according to the state Employment Development Department.

The county’s labor force retracted by just under 2,000 workers, going from 48,770 in January 2020 to 46,780 this January, the latest month for which data is available.

While the county’s unemployment rate continues to be among the lowest in the state at 6.7%, that figure represents a 73% increase in unemployment year over year. Statewide, the unemployment rate was 9.2% in January."

Isn't Proggy rule just grand?




Don Bessee

BLM riot no problema, 4th of july fireworks NO F'N WAY!




A Great liar Emery strokes with loving care.
"On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) criticized President Joe Biden’s coronavirus speech on Thursday by stating that “instead of denouncing China, he tried to discredit Operation Warp Speed.”

McCarthy said, “You know, instead of denouncing China, he tried to discredit Operation Warp Speed.”

He added that people should get vaccinated, but that Biden is able to provide the vaccination because of Operation Warp Speed. McCarthy continued, “He also said when he got into office that they didn’t have the vaccine until he came in, even though he was already vaccinated. Let’s give credit where credit is due. Because it is the American ingenuity that came together, that we had a virus hit us from China, that we came together and made vaccines. Now, there’s three out there that [are] already approved, so we’re going to — we’re producing more than 2 million a day into people’s arms.”"

Emery must have heard Biden make those claims while he watched.
No vaccine till Biden was in office?,, Really Emery?
Back to picking and choosing which liars you hate?

That's worse than calling Trump xenophobic and a racist for shutting off travel from China.. You DO remember that,,, right Emery?


Now would be a good time to buy stock in Ruger.
The next big gun rush has started.

Bill Tozer

Well punch, if Trump is so great, why did he win more votes than any other sitting Prez in history? Knocked Barrack Hessian Obama off that perch. Or, it could be because a thing called population growth.

And why did Trump in the poorest two counties in Texas (if not the entire Southwest) straddling the Mexican border with populations of 90% Hispanic swing 60 points from Hillary in 2016 to Trump in 2020 and the other county, which he got 56% of the vote in Never Vote Republican land was a 50 point swing from Hillary to Trump from 2016 to 2020? Man, those are some poor poor American Citizens of Spanish blood with a Democrat Congressman who are not buying whatever the Libs are selling.

Can you say, “Open Borders?” Good, I knew you could. Now say “Open Sesame”. Ok, the last one was optional.

While you with your TDS living in the About Trump section of the news, there are actually some extreme Leftwing policies being proposed via the ventriloquist hold his Biden puppet that will guarantee we will be not leave our nation better off than we found it. In fact, we will break the contract that every single previous American generation since our founding had fulfilled dutifully. That contract that we as American have always dutifully fulfilled is to leave the next generation a better future than they started with.

The reason Trump got elected in 2016 is because Americans across the heartland felt they were leaving the next generation a worse off America, the first time in US history. And they were right to feel that way.

Now, Biden gets all the credit since he took over the helm. The economy, the wiping the not named Wuhan Virus off the face of the map, plus silly little bonuses like new kids in cages and setting fire to the FEDERAL Courthouse in Portlandia yesterday. It’s on his watch now.

Let’s give the man a chance to prove his muster, I say. Come on, man.

‘Faithful Joy Behar Believes Biden Will Solve Border Crisis: 'I Have My Money on Joe!’


Same problems, same facilities, but Biden is doing it differently. He is doing it humanely!! And the problem is we don’t give illegal aliens more housing! More free compassionate humane detainee housing will fix the mess, so that puts the onerous on us.


Nothing to say Emery? (nothing new there...)
Trying to overturn an election? You sure had plenty of yap when Trump was trying.
"Iowa GOP rep blasts Democrat's election challenge: 'They want to go against the laws of our state'"

"Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks, R-Iowa, joined "Special Report" Friday to react to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi leaving the door open to overturn the result of Miller-Meeks' November race, in which she defeated Democrat Rita Hart by just six votes."

Bill Tozer


‘Trump Delivers Vaccines, Biden Claims Credit’
The new president's first major address was full of plagiarism and falsehoods.


A dark speech. Dank.

George Rebane

And what exactly has Biden done to bring about all these economic wonders? Note that others are beginning to ask the RR question - name one good thing that Biden has done since being sworn in.

Bill Tozer

The Devastating Price of Ineffective Lockdowns
“Lockdowns are the "biggest public health mistake we've ever made."

Twain (1835-1910)

Upright: “In a cancel culture, you have some people who believe that they are special, that they are superior, that they have the power to be able to shut down those who have ideas and views that are different. … You see the final expression of cancel culture in Islamist terrorist groups like ISIS and al-Qaida who basically go and behead those who … they deem to be infidels or heretics.” —former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard

Re: The Left: “Singing about sexual acts of the highest raunch factor is considered artistic expression and yet a children’s book that has served up timeless stories that have been read to hundreds of thousands of children is now verboten? On what grounds? Let’s not forget that some of Dr. Seuss’ books have been converted into movies … which have made the liberals of Hollywood millions of dollars.” —Armstrong Williams

Political futures: “Liberal Christians like to speak of other issues, such as immigration (how’s that going for them?), the environment and helping the poor, along with personal character qualities as having equal importance — and for some, greater importance — than abortion. The problem with that argument is that the right to life is the most fundamental of rights. It is mentioned first in the Declaration of Independence. If you can’t be born, nothing else matters.” —Cal Thomas

Re: the “American Rescue Plan”: “Look back a year — the CARES Act was roughly $2 trillion. That was the heart of the pandemic. We had just shut down the economy. We were sending people home. And here we are a year later [with] the Democrats acting as if nothing has changed. … We’re on the way out of this. We’re about to have a boom. And if we do have a boom it will have absolutely nothing to do with this $1.9 trillion. … What we should have been doing — and would have been doing had this been a bipartisan discussion instead of a jam-the-other-side approach — is $500 or $600 billion directly targeted at the problem.” —Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell

For the record: “When I was President, our Southern border was in great shape – stronger, safer, and more secure than ever before. We ended Catch-and-Release, shut down asylum fraud, and crippled the vicious smugglers, drug dealers, and human traffickers… Our country is being destroyed at the Southern border, a terrible thing to see!” —Donald Trump

Friendly fire: “[Andrew Cuomo] can no longer serve as governor. It’s as simple as that.” —Mayor Bill de Blasio

Dumb… “I trust the Biden administration’s policy to be based on humanitarian and love of children rather than political points or red meat … for their Republican base.” —House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

and dumber… “I think the difference between this administration and one before is great in terms of how we meet the needs of these children, placing them as much as possible with family, but in other safe homes and in the meantime, to have a humanitarian reception for them wherever they are.” —Nancy Pelosi

Re: the Royal whine-a-thon: “I said I didn’t believe Meghan Markle in her Oprah interview. I’ve had time to reflect on this opinion, and I still don’t. If you did, OK. Freedom of speech is a hill I’m happy to die on. I’m off to spend more time with my opinions.” —Piers Morgan

Non compos mentis: “When this pandemic ends — and it will end soon — we’re not going back to normal. Normal was never good enough. Normal accepts inequity.” —California Governor Gavin Newsom

And last… “[New York] requires ID for COVID vaccinations — a driver’s license, passport or other proof of residency. Why is it ok to require ID to save someone’s life, but not ok for voting?” —Ari Fleischer

Bill Tozer

Matt Taibbi

'The Sovietization of the American Press'
The transformation from phony "objectivity" to open one-party orthodoxy hasn't been an improvement


paul emery

George for you specifically

If Trump was so great why eie he lose the farm in only four year?


It's called CHEATING Emery. And your proggy press was in on it.
Why else would LIBS lose so many seats? Not what you poll monkeys claimed would happen.

Still nothing to say on the LIBS trying to overthrow an election? Oh.. Got it.. It's fine when you do it.


Is this what the resident TROLLs where wizzing themselves over?

Now I know where to send my donations.
Why give it to those that stabbed him in the back?

The RNC forgets who does the voting. "We" ain't LIB minions who vote for who we are told to. (like Emery)
You on the left must have collectively sold what little soul you have left to the devil to get Biden installed.
You got the potted plant puppet.


George for you specifically

If Trump was so great why eie he lose the farm in only four year

......sigh......”Matlock” really losing his touch.

I suppose you could ask the same question about why if Hillary Clinton “was so great”, such a shoo in, why she lost to Trump. And let me just say how much I’m looking forward to yet another Punch Emery non-answer (stand by for another Punchy Brand open ended question in 5.....4.....3....2....)

PS: If it’s for George specifically just send an e-mail.....really.....this isn’t that hard.

Bill Tozer

@ 6:54 am

“PS: If it’s for George specifically just send an e-mail.....really.....this isn’t that hard.”

CaChing. Fish, my first thoughts last night. Exactamundo. Then, upon further consideration and refraining from posting “send an e-mail for a private discussion like ‘normal’ people do!”(unless you work for Dove Soap), my next thought was a chuckle saying within my inner self, “Yeah, I am sure that Dr. Rebane has more important things on his platter than engaging in a back and forth e-Mail exchange that will go on daily and nightly for months without any resolution,” lol.

Even in retirement, he loves to be the one shoving his mic in your face and asking all the questions. Attention whore in control.
....Is it just me, or have others wondered why so many times we read and learn about stuff happening here in the land of the free from the British newspapers and not from the US press? There has been at least 4 breaking stories with wings over the last 2-3 years that the US press was mum on and we found out from the Brits. Anyway.....just a passing thought..

“Green’s column went viral in Britain yesterday. For some reason, however, it seems to be unpublishable in a Telegraph-like newspaper in the good old USA, where Green serves as deputy editor of the Spectator’s American edition.”


Bill Tozer

Why be normal?



And the rest of this week in pics.


Bill Tozer

Thanks Joe.
Kiss due process on college campuses goodbye. Another erasure to Trump’s policies, which now because of Biden, we revert back to campus kangaroo courts that disproportionately affects male students of color.

As promised, Biden has eliminated due process for males on our institutions of higher learning.

“In his second order, Biden instructs the Department of Education to review the Trump administration and former education secretary Betsy DeVos’s due process expansions on college campuses, which gave students accused of sexual misconduct a chance to receive a fair trial, investigation, and evaluation. The president hopes to reinstate at least some Obama-era policies that overhaul Title IX and potentially withhold or cut funding from schools that don’t comply with broader sexual harassment definitions and lowered evidence standards for victims, as he previously promised on the campaign trail.

“It is the policy of my Administration that all students should be guaranteed an educational environment free from discrimination on the basis of sex, including discrimination in the form of sexual harassment, which encompasses sexual violence, and including discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity,” the order states.“


So much for “equity”, eh? Equality does not mean equity and never has to the New Progressives. It is right up their alley to fight so hard to eliminate due process everywhere they turn in every arena of life.
As far Title IX educational protections for women, how equitable is it for boys to engage in competitive athletic events against the girls, or more accurately in the collegiate realm, men against the women? It’s not fair and certainly disproportionately affects cisgenders, to their detriment.

As far as the gender of a plastic potato that the Witch Hunt mob went after recently, The former Mr. Potato Head is now, per his/her/their request is to be addressed by the preferred pronoun Ya’am. “Thats Ya’am I say, Ya’am!”


George 9:37 --"name one good thing that Biden has done since being sworn in." name one good thing that trump did in four years. would it be separating small children from their parents or ignoring the pandemic or funneling tax dollars into his businesses, or trying to coerce foreign officials in quid pro quo schemes, or asking foreign nations to interfere in our elections on this behalf, or trying to coerce election officials to "find votes", or giving the ultra wealthy tax breaks at the expense of the rest of America's citizens, or inciting riots and insurrection, or fanning the flames of racism, or insulting America's long time allies in favor of despots like Putin, or loading the court system with unqualified ultra-conservative judges, or trying to overturn an election he lost by seven million votes, or siphoning money from so-called charities for personal use, or defrauding students at Trump U, or holding super spreader campaign events, or 23,000 lies,or ????

Barry Pruett

RXCross = Lemming (a person who unthinkingly joins a mass movement, especially a headlong rush to destruction).

George Rebane

Paul 1034pm - To me a much more scary question is 'why did 80M Americans vote for Biden?'. This leads me to the answer to your question which was provided by Thomas Jefferson more than two centuries ago - 'A nation ignorant and free, that never was and never shall be.' The Year of the Covid has demonstrated that we Americans no longer have the piss and vinegar required to retain a free country - the dark days have arrived. Biden/Harris will do more damage to us than Obama ever attempted.

But here is a more detailed answer to you question -

And to answer our local leftwinger's 944am, I draw his attention to the bit of poetry posted here -


Really Babs? Too much Rx for the past 4 years?
Here ya' go.

Knowing Babs,, his/her eyes will glaze over at the first paragraph.

Official record,

And a crapton of other websites you can cry over.
Ever try Google Babs?
Your getting as bad as Emery.

Barry Pruett

separating small children from their parents (fake news propaganda)
ignoring the pandemic (projecting confidence and hope)
funneling tax dollars into his businesses (fake news)
trying to coerce foreign officials in quid pro quo schemes (diplomacy)
asking foreign nations to interfere in our elections on this behalf (fake news and misuse of DOJ)
trying to coerce election officials to "find votes" (encouraging locals to count all legal votes)
giving the ultra wealthy tax breaks at the expense of the rest of America's citizens (fake news)
inciting riots and insurrection (propaganda fake news)
fanning the flames of racism (you did this one RXCross)
insulting America's long time allies in favor of despots like Putin (making them pay their share - the putin part is propaganda)
loading the court system with unqualified ultra-conservative judges (see Constitution and fake news re qualifications)
trying to overturn an election he lost by seven million votes (encouraging locals to count all legal votes)
siphoning money from so-called charities for personal use (fake news)
defrauding students at Trump U (fake news)

That's enough for now re the propaganda of the left.

Let's talk about policy Paul and Robert. Pick a disasterous MAGA policy

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