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15 March 2021


paul emery


Your guy Trump was a strong supporter of a $2000 check. How do you explain that and did you speak out against his support when he was president?


Seek professional help Emery. This is the 5TH time you have asked than lame question.(and it's been answered FOUR times.)


Going to party in the street Emery? This is the news you have been waiting for.

George Rebane

PaulE 1206pm - There a lot of issues that I oppose against which I do not speak. But in this case Trump only proposed, Biden fulfilled.


Posted by: paul emery | 15 March 2021 at 12:06 PM

Your guy Trump was a strong supporter of a $2000 check. How do you explain that and did you speak out against his support when he was president?

Could be something like being totally against adding to the nations debt when Trump was president and being enthusiastically in support of it when Crackhead Mc Stripperbangs dad was "Weekend at Bidens" into the office.

Don Bessee

Dont forget it -



Don Bessee

The big lie -

Psaki acknowledges ‘big problem’ at border, blames Trump administration
Psaki insisted 'we certainly do' have situation under control




Posted by: Don Bessee | 15 March 2021 at 01:13 PM

Psaki insisted 'we certainly do' have situation under control

I think Jen Psaki did the backstroke head first into the side of the pool one too many times!


Well look who admits to printing LIES...
"The Washington Post has issued a correction to a January 9 story in which it claimed that then-President Donald Trump had told a Georgia state elections investigator to “find the fraud.” In fact, an audio recording showed Trump said no such thing.

The Post‘s original article was headlined: “‘Find the fraud’: Trump pressured a Georgia elections investigator in a separate call legal experts say could amount to obstruction.” It relied on information from a single anonymous source, described as “an individual familiar with the call who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the conversation.”"


Posted by: Walt | 15 March 2021 at 12:11 PM

You act surprised......it's what his Chinese patrons want.....a perpetual drag on the real economy coupled with scads of wasteful government spending.

Bill Tozer

"To me that just adds to the evidence that we would not err much if we gingerly treated all Democrats as we would the clinically insane"

And some as criminally insane....especially the Soros funded District Attorneys and State AGs.

George Rebane

And here I thought that Paul or some from his cohort would defend my unabashed attacks on Bumblebrain and the Dems' policies, both in place and planned. I admit that it's a tough row to hoe, but I did expect at least an attempt.

Bill Tozer

@3:19 pm
Live and learn, good doc. I, too, have been guilty to extending them that much credit. Expectations can be deceiving. :). Best to gingerly consider treating them all as clinically insane. It solves the ‘expectation problem”.

Come on, man. Did you truly expect a clinically insane person to come up with a rational response? Or sane reply? Well, at least your heart is in the right place.


One more thing to keep Emery quiet. Think it was a good idea to tell LIBS about TRILLIONS?
"Dem Sen. Cardin caught on hot mic telling Buttigieg how Dems will jam trillions of dollars for infrastructure"

You got what you voted for. All the tax hikes will pay for it all.... Right Emery?

Bill Tozer

Yep, that’s the short term plan and doesn’t but scratch the surface of their ‘to-do’ list.

2 trillion under the rouse of ‘Covid Relief’ immediately followed with 2 trillion for infrastructure. One-two punch. Looks like we are half way to the magic number of 8 trillion in less than 90 days.

“Get back to me when Biden spends 8 trillion (like Trumpf the liar did)”. Ok fine. I can wait another year for Biden to match what the Liar Trump did in 8. Suits me just fine to get back at a later time and date.

The slow moving train wreck just picked up much velocity. From slow moving train wreck to runaway train in just a matter of weeks. The destruction will be awesome.

Don Bessee

Its a little late in the game for that after empowering them and cutting the police off at the knees -



Don Bessee

Who knows who else is rushing the door after creepy grampa joe threw open the gates without a plan -

Signs of new caravans headed to the border as WH faces backlash for not calling it a 'crisis'
Most of the individuals were from Central America, but at least 17 were from Romania, CBP says.



George Rebane

DonB 631pm - Portland's belated epiphany and all the other 'defund the police' movements by the Left presents the most persuasive evidence yet that they really are insane (formally 'idiots').

Bill Tozer

Another long essay.....by a former Portlandia resident for those who might take interest. The end of the Golden Age of Portland?
Kinda on topic. Dovetailed with my experience of a trendy yet dirty old warehouse town in 1977 with the Portland of 72 as portrayed in Drugstore Cowboy. Portland is what other cities have become.

Leaving Portland

“Portland, Oregon, has been the most politically violent city in the United States since Donald Trump was elected in 2016. Just a few days after the result, a peaceful protest against the incoming president turned into a riot when anarchists broke off from the main group and rampaged through the Pearl District, a renovated SoHo-like neighborhood adjacent to downtown packed with art galleries, loft apartments, bookstores, and restaurants. Vandals used baseball bats and rocks to break cars, plate glass windows, bus shelters, electrical boxes, and anything else that looked smashable.

The election-night mayhem was not an attack against Republican voters. Donald Trump received a paltry 7.5 percent of the vote in that precinct. It was an assault on the urban middle class and bourgeois society itself, and it was perceived as such by most people who lived there. (The protest organizers, not incidentally, raised tens of thousands of dollars on GoFundMe and disbursed checks to damaged businesses.)

I was born and raised in Oregon, and it’s where I live now. I spent most of my adulthood in Portland and all of my childhood less than an hour away, and I instinctively knew that the violent postelection spasm was but an opening salvo. I was not proven wrong by events. Throughout Donald Trump’s presidency, left-wing extremists battled it out with right-wing extremists in and around downtown, turning the central business district into a Thunderdome and the city as a whole into a poster child for urban dysfunction.

And that was before the perfect storm of 2020. First came the coronavirus pandemic, the evacuation of office workers from the towers downtown, and the terrifying economic freefall. Next, homeless camps mushroomed, not because anybody was freshly put onto the street (the governor issued a moratorium on evictions) but because the Centers for Disease Control recommended that local governments leave homeless tents in place until the pandemic subsides. And finally, protests following the death of George Floyd during his arrest in Minneapolis degenerated into riots that continued unabated for months. The urban core turned into a battle space every night as anarchists waged war against just about everyone: the police department, local elected officials, federal buildings, struggling businesses, the Oregon History Museum, statues of Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt, and the local Democratic Party headquarters building.”


Bill Tozer

Lefties say Cancel Culture does not exit. They burn words, not books. :)

“Cancel culture became so central to the discourse in 2019 that even President Obama weighed in. The idea is that if you do something that others deem problematic, you automatically lose all your currency. Your voice is silenced. You’re done. Those who condemn cancel culture usually imply that it’s unfair and indiscriminate.

The problem with this perspective is cancel culture isn’t real, at least not in the way people believe it is. Instead, it’s turned into a catch-all for when people in power face consequences for their actions or receive any type of criticism, something that they’re not used to.”


Hmmm. People in power like guest lectures on campus, professors who object to No Whites on Campus Day? Like a researcher from Brown whose study of young shy girls pressured by peers into saying they are boys (and get all the attention in the world and it’s cool). You mean, people of power like them? Or any number of unknown conservative podcasters? Lol.
Chuck Todd on Sunday’s Meet the Mess (a formerly decent program) said that the embattled Gov Cuomo should not have used “Fox talking points” by blaming his woes on Cancel Culture. To add to the hilarity, Mr. Todd, who is paid millions of dollars a year to speak English to the American people said Cuomo “choose poorly” his words, lol.

Hmmm. Cancel Culture does not exist, but it exists as a Fox talking point. Other than that, nothing to see here.
Ah, the Washington Compost. May not be insanity, but they got what our local left wing non-idiot wingnuts have been inflicted with. Affliction of the mind.

Viewed 100% through the lens of the Democrat Party. Not how the border crisis will hurt the country, affect you or me or fellow citizens (left and right), but ONLY how it may hurt Uncle Joe, the babbling idiot no one listens to but has to be invited every year to the family Thanksgiving dinner. It was their front page print edition headline earlier this morning.

‘Biden faces growing political threat from border upheaval’

“Nearly two months into his first term, Biden faces a growing political threat from the upheaval at the border and is drawing criticism from across the spectrum. Centrist Democrats are nervous about attacks casting them as soft on border security. Liberals and immigration activists are sounding alarms about how migrants are treated. And Republicans are increasingly laying the groundwork for immigration-centric attacks in the midterm elections.
“The Republicans will turn around and use this for a political weapon against Democrats — that we’re weak on the border, we’re not doing enough, we’re letting everybody in,” Cuellar said in an interview. “I’ve been warning the party and the administration: Don’t let this get out of hand, because all you’re going to do is you’re going to give Republicans an issue.”
Border arrests and detentions during the final months of the Trump presidency rose to some of the highest levels in a decade, but illegal crossings have skyrocketed since Biden took office. In February, detentions topped 100,000, a 28 percent increase from the previous month, and March is on pace for an even larger surge, with more than 4,000 border apprehensions each day, according to the latest U.S. Customs and Border Protection figures.“. Blah, blah, blah.


Not that the border patrol has caught 11 Iranians on the terrorist watch list trying to take advantage of the chaos and sneak in, not the “immigrants” from Turkey or Yemen or others on the terrorist watch list, but how it might hurt Biden, the one that must be defended at all costs. Insanity is a nicer term than idiot. Or village idiot.

Bill Tozer

Insanity? I dunno. It’s a word that could describe me.
Reminds me of the old joke about the guy who had a flat in front of the nut house. As he was changing the tire he kicked over the hub cap that he put the lug nuts in and the nuts disappeared down the storm drain. Crap! An inmate watching at the fence told the man to take one lug nut off each of the other wheels and put those three lug nuts on the spare tire. Problem solved.

The motorist eyes opened wide with glee as said, “That’s a great idea.!” The man behind fence replied, “I may be crazy, but I ain’t stupid.”
-Cuomo is blaming ‘counter culture’ for the pickle he is in, which we all are told my our Lefty unfriends that counter culture is not real and only exists as Fox talking points.

-Gavin is blaming extreme right wing radical spreaders of hateful misinformation Fox-like media (in Blue, blue, blue CA) for his woes. I never knew us righties had that much power in CA!!

-Now that our unfriends finally got their man a job in the administration as DOJ, the consistent babbling fountain of insanity, one Shelton Whitehouse, is running over to Garland’s office complaining that the FBI did not take the 2018 investigation of Brett Kavanaugh “seriously enough”, and we need another Kavanaugh witch-hunt...er...new investigation in the charges and get rid of the man once and for all!

I may be crazy, but I ain’t stupid.

Don Bessee

Its total party parrot time in the lamestream -



Bill Tozer

'Teachers Compile List Of Parents Who Question Racial Curriculum, Plot War On Them'
"Infiltrate... shut down their websites… expose these people publicly"



Posted by: Bill Tozer | 16 March 2021 at 02:14 PM

Pampered white women trying to out "goodthinkful" each other!

....this is going to end badly!

Don Bessee

Ya sure let the terrorists in with the other unknowns -

Four migrants with names on terror watch list picked up at border since October
Republicans have been warning of the dangers of what they call 'open border' policies.



Don Bessee

Obviously too obvious a solution for the socialist dems -




Staged dumpster fire? Pre approved questions?

George Rebane

DonB 618pm - Only too predictable from the anti-American party. You can bet the farm on any upcoming policy proposal - if it bolsters American sovereignty and constitutionalism, then the Dems will oppose it; however, if it weakens American sovereignty, reduces individual liberties, and grows government, then the anti-American party is for it. That's why no one has answered 'Name one thing Biden has done to strengthen America (and that most certainly includes the $1.9T travesty he just signed).

Don Bessee

OH YA its going to be an issue in 22 -

"Today, they are coming in. You take a look. They are coming in from foreign countries. I see they are coming in from Yemen. They are coming in from the Middle East. They are coming in from everywhere," he said. "They are dropping them off and they are pouring into our country. It is a disgrace."

"They are going to destroy our country if we don't do something about it."



Don Bessee

Too little too late -

Embattled California Gov. Gavin Newsom adopted an expanded lobbying ban for his political consultants at the behest of state regulators, months after he drew criticism for dining with lobbyists at the luxury French Laundry restaurant in violation of his own pandemic restrictions.




Dr.R,, Emery did say, All the Trump actions Biden ended "was good". He was real happy about that...He just didn't have the wherewithal to repeat it.
It OK that Biden is putting kids back in those cages... Well why not? Biden and "O" built the damned things in the first place.

Bill Tozer

‘Blue states move to tax PPP loans, collect millions from unsuspecting small businesses’

Alfredo Ortiz, head of the Job Creators Network, says though the IRS isn't collecting taxes on the loans, some states are trying.

“Put simply: inflicting unexpected taxes on small businesses across the country whose owners used their PPP funds to maintain their employees’ salaries will not only drive some businesses to extinction, but will also limit the ability of others to hire once the economy is back in full swing.

In Virginia and Wisconsin, more than 200,000 small businesses are now liable for hundreds of millions of dollars in state taxes. In California, where more than 600,000 PPP loans were distributed, businesses that have barely been allowed to open at all this past year, are now facing millions in taxes they were not expecting. It should come as no surprise that small businesses of all sorts are picking up and moving to friendlier terrain especially when the Biden administration has paid little attention to their issues, Ortiz said.

"Small businesses are not being helped by the Biden administration, that’s the reality," said Ortiz, especially as compared to the former administration, that prioritized the growth of small businesses and American entrepreneurship. "Two-thirds of that new job growth that we enjoyed under the Trump administration was coming from small businesses."


Don Bessee

Screw over the job creators and enrich the criminal element -

GOP Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton has publicly criticized the idea of prisoners being given the stimulus checks. “Dylann Roof murdered nine people. He’s on federal death row,” he tweeted on March 6. “He’ll be getting a $1,400 stimulus check as part of the Democrats’ ‘COVID relief’ bill.” Two days later, Cotton called out the sharp divide between Democrat and Republican votes to exclude prisoners from this second payment.

“On March 6 at 10:12am, the Senate voted on an amendment to exclude prisoners—like the Boston Bomber—from getting stimulus checks,” Cotton wrote. “Congress (or at least Republicans) did not intend to send prisoners serving life sentences stimulus checks as part of CARES. Murderers in prison haven’t lost income because of COVID.”



Don Bessee

Reality check -



Bill Tozer

‘Biden’s Nominee For Top Civil Rights Post Hyped The Jussie Smollett Hoax, Criticized Police For Seeking Actor’s Cell Phone’


Oh BTW you Y-Ts, there is a new classification for you. ‘Caucasian’ is being replaced with ‘pigment deficient’ on more and more HR forms. As if being a Y-T wasn't bad enough......

Don Bessee

A good night giggle -



Don Bessee

Oh wait a bigger giggle ROFLOL -




The queen has spoken... It's NOT Joe's fault.
"Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) admitted Wednesday there is a crisis at the southwest border, but exonerated President Joe Biden from any and all blame due to his short tenure of office.

“The president has been in office not quite two months,” Pelosi said during an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”"

George Rebane

Walt 917am - Another piece of evidence that Pelosi is either evil or very stupid. Only a politician with either of these deficits would attempt to deceive their not-too-bright constituents with such a blatant lie. (Do the RobertCs even recognize such a constant stream of perfidies?)

Don Bessee

Trump was right they would miss him -



Don Bessee

Rules are for you little people -



Don Bessee

A disaster for the county is a disaster by any other name -

Biden border officials say he's wrong not to acknowledge migrant 'crisis'
The Biden administration has refused to call the border situation a 'crisis'




"Highjacked"? I'm pretty sure Repubs started it.

Don Bessee

A seismic shift that will leave them behind with no friends at the table, go woke go broke -

In the memo, which has no named author, CGCN warns the “business community” that their previous allies in the Republican Party are moving on from protecting business interests to instead focusing on populist priorities of protecting American workers. As the GOP shifts downward away from the elites and towards the everyman, the memo notes, the Democrats in Washington continue their efforts to punish companies with tax hikes and regulatory burdens. In other words, companies may be left with nobody to defend them or their interests—all because they decided to abandon neutrality in favor of woke leftism, fighting culture wars that have driven Republicans away from them back toward the refreshed GOP base while Democrats will never reward them for being woke enough.

“For the business community, the news that President Biden is considering the first major tax increase since 1993 was probably unsurprising,” the CGCN memo opens. “And maybe not so troubling, given that it will be difficult to pass in a nearly evenly divided Congress. But when that news is juxtaposed to Sen. Roy Blunt’s (R-MO) recently announced retirement, it might be time for concern. The reason is straightforward: Blunt’s retirement, along with Senators Portman (R-OH), Burr (R-NC), Shelby (R-AL), and Toomey (R-PA) creates greater political space for the GOP’s younger, insurgent populists to flex their muscles. This suggests, among other things, trouble ahead for the tried-and-true coalition of Republicans and corporate America—and the issues they care about.”

That “coalition” of the GOP and corporate America, the memo continues, “reliably fought what they viewed as big government, anti-free-market policies” for “decades.”

“Along with conservative talk radio and think tanks, it comprised the heart of the GOP,” the CGCN memo says. “At least on some issues, this union will likely endure for the policy fights ahead. But evidence suggests an unraveling is coming. GOP populists in Congress are often frustrated by (in their view) woke CEOs embracing avant-garde social agendas. The upshot, especially for policy, is a party increasingly unwilling to listen simultaneously to corporate priorities on, say, tax and trade policy, alongside their CEOs latest cultural forays. What does that mean for tax policy, and much else? For one thing, a party that once made cutting corporate income taxes a standard policy trope may be fading from view. Trump may be out of office, but his legacy, which GOP members indelibly embraced through letters, press releases, votes, and op-eds, lives on. In good measure thanks to Trump (and his U.S. Trade Representative, Bob Lighthizer), the GOP no longer accepts the inevitable tradeoffs of free trade and globalization.”



Bill Tozer

Insight: “If men use their liberty in such a way as to surrender their liberty, are they thereafter any the less slaves? If people by a plebiscite elect a man despot over them, do they remain free because the despotism was of their own making?” —Herbert Spencer (1820-1903)

Upright: “Throughout history, work was rarely seen as a primary provider of importance or meaning — for either sex. Work was little more than a necessity, and the vast majority of people would have happily abandoned their often back-breaking, drudgery-inducing work if they could afford to. For the most part, people sought — and found — importance and meaning outside of work. This was especially true in America, where ‘associations’ provided both importance and meaning. … Yet, to progressives, government is, or should be, almost everything in people’s lives. It should take care of as many people as possible. However, at a massive price: The more one relies on the government, the more one will inevitably lack a sense of importance. … The bigger the government, the fewer the institutions in which people can feel important. Therefore, given the deep human need to feel important, people will look elsewhere for their importance — like fighting systemic racism, heteronormativity, capitalism, patriarchy and transphobia. And, most of all, global warming — because you cannot feel more important than when you believe you are saving the world.” —Dennis Prager

For the record I: “When President Trump began promising a vaccine before the end of 2020, no one believed him. The Hill ran a piece headlined, ‘Trump’s new vaccine timeline met with deep skepticism.’ NBC News published an article titled: ‘Fact check: Coronavirus vaccine could come this year, Trump says. Experts say he needs a "miracle” to be right.’ Similarly, ABC News ran a report titled, ‘Trump promises coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year, but his own experts temper expectations.’ Back then, vaccine skepticism, which is now nearly universally condemned, was acceptable at the highest levels of our politics. Asked if she would take a vaccine approved prior to the election, then-vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris said, ‘Well, I think that’s going to be an issue for all of us.’ Now, these same vaccines are a key part of the success story that Biden wants to tell about his response to the pandemic.“ —Rich Lowry

For the record II: "It’s even worse to overturn a predecessor’s success and then falsely hold him responsible for the failure. This is what Biden is doing at the border. He has begun to dismantle the policies that Trump put in place to control the migrant crisis of 2018-2019. … The Trump administration had found ways, entirely in keeping with our laws, to turn away illegal immigrants during the pandemic, and to discourage bogus asylum-seekers by making them wait in Mexico while their claims are adjudicated. The Biden administration has blown holes in this arrangement without any evident follow-up plan except, of course, to maintain that Trump is to blame.” —Rich Lowry

Friendly fire: “No king in history of the world has been the ruler of two billion people, but Mark Zuckerberg is. … You should not have power over two billion people. I just think that’s wrong.” —Facebook executive Benny Thomas

Non sequitur: “The Catholic Church, and many other churches, really need to reexamine themselves and their teachings because that is not what God is about. God is not about hindering people or even judging people.” —CNN’s Don Lemon on the Catholic Church’s stance against same-sex marriage (“He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.” —John 3:18-19 [NKJV])

Double standards: “Rather than protecting the finely balanced system our founders created, today’s filibuster throws a system out of balance, giving one half of one branch of government what amounts to a veto over the rest of government. It promotes gridlock, not good governance. It’s not the guarantor of democracy. It has become the death grip of democracy.” —Senator Dick Durbin, who had no qualms about stifling Donald Trump with the filibuster

A trip down memory lane: “[The legislative filibuster] is the most important distinction between the Senate and the House. Without the 60-vote threshold for legislation, the Senate becomes a majoritarian institution like the House. … No senator would like to see this happen.” —Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer on April 7, 2017

Tone-deaf: “I am not going to take this recall attempt lying down. And let’s call it what it is: it’s a partisan, Republican recall — backed by the [Republican National Committee], anti-mask and anti-vax extremists, and pro-Trump forces who want to overturn the last election and have opposed much of what we have done to fight the pandemic.” —California Governor Gavin Newsom
I was rather surprised to see lefties quite upset that the Catholic Church was acting like.....well....like the Catholic Church. Anyway, QUOTES:

Non compos mentis: “In a naked partisan power grab, extreme right-wing Republicans are trying to recall [Newsom]. Why? Because he dares to listen to scientists and fights to put power in the hands of working people.” —Senator Elizabeth Warren

The BIG Lie: “Antifa [is] a thing that doesn’t even exist.” —"The View" cohost Joy Behar

And last… “A society sensitive to 80-year-old children’s books and desensitized to porn is a society that’s degenerating, not progressing.” —Allie Beth Stuckey


Yep, our kids (and us) can’t read Dr. Seuss anymore, but the kids (and us) can watch on National TV the ex-stripper Cardi B gyrating her pelvis against a pole and simulate lesbian erotica. Poor Cardi. She complained that her outfit weighed too much and made it more difficult to do her soft porn routine.


Bill Tozer

Article expresses exactly what I been struggling to say.

'Progressives against Civil Rights'
As activists trade equality for “equity,” they jettison the principles of the civil rights movemen



This didn't take long, more good news for Emery.

"The Ford Motor Company, a multinational automaker, is reportedly planning to move a $900 million investment originally intended for an Avon Lake, Ohio plant to a site in Mexico, the United Auto Workers (UAW) union alleges."

Trump brought them back your hero Biden drove them out.
Ain't tax hikes great?


Here LIBS!! The lying bastard strikes again.

"White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Wednesday clarified that President Biden’s proposed tax hike would apply to people who earn $200,000 per year if they are married to someone who makes the same amount.

Psaki said at her daily press briefing that the proposed $400,000 threshold for tax increases applies to “families” rather than individuals."

But-but-but His Fraudulency said “anybody,” said he would not raise taxes on “anybody” making less than $400,000. He did not say families. He said “anybody,” which is singular, which includes those who are part of families.



hidin' biden

I expect it's not Green Screen follies but mpeg (motion picture experts group) confusion... moving objects colliding and real time encoding. What is foreground and what is background?

Such artifacts were common in developments circa 1990...not so much now, but not unheard of.

Bill Tozer

Re: March 18 update.

Science Goes Rogue

‘Father Arrested, Jailed For Contempt After Referring To His Daughter As ‘She’

“When she was in seventh grade, the girl’s school urged the girl to see psychologist Dr. Wallace Wong, who recommended the girl should begin taking cross-sex hormones at 13. Hoogland cited his daughter’s alleged history of mental health issues, and refused to give permission. Doctors at BC Children’s Hospital decided the girl should receive testosterone injections.”


Yep, it’s the same reason we (speaking for myself) to not allow 13 year old girls to get tattoos of their boyfriends on their neck or arms or anywhere. We have laws preventing 13 year olds from permanently They say George Shultz (former Labor Secretary, Secretary of the Treasury and Sec of State) had a tattoo of a tiger on his bottom, but he was of age and fighting WW2 as a US Marine when he got the tattoo. We have laws to prevent 13 year olds from permanently disfiguring themselves. But, times have changed.

George Rebane

BillT 102pm - Mr Tozer, thanks for that excellent and ever revealing comment. Do you think that any of our local liberals would dare take a stand to defend the Canadian court for arresting the young lady's father? Should any of them venture such a defense, it would be even more illuminating.

Don Bessee

Ya think? -



Bill Tozer

‘De Blasio Encourages NYPD To Confront Noncriminal Conduct They Deem Hateful’

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is encouraging the city’s law enforcement to police behavior they believe is hateful, even if it is not criminal.

“I assure you, if an NYPD officer calls you or shows up at your door to ask about something you did, that makes people think twice, and we need that,” de Blasio told reporters on Thursday

What? Is he now saying sending the Police is a better option than sending social workers?

Bill Tozer


Bill Tozer

Governor Ron DeSantis is taking a stand against critical race theory.

“Teaching kids to hate their country and hate each other is not worth one red cent of taxpayer money.”



Where is Dr. Emery? PAGING DR.EMERY,,
""When President Harris and I took ..." Biden said, before momentarily pausing, "a virtual tour of a vaccination site in Arizona not long ago, one of the nurses on that tour injecting people, giving vax each shot, was like administering a dose of hope." "

And you had the Geritol to say Trump had cognitive issues?

Bill Tozer

After Latest Arrest, It’s Clear That ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ Is A Haven For Child Predators



This would be a riot to witness.

Bill Tozer

Republican AGs Threaten to Sue Biden Admin – Demand Assurances Relief Bill Doesn’t Prohibit Tax Cuts


George Rebane

I invite the open-minded reader to consider the above comments, especially those starting at 126pm, to confirm that our Left's leadership is composed of anti-Americans dedicated to destroy our country, or an assemblage of utter fools and blithering idiots.

Scott O

BT 1:57/1:58 - That was a fascinating article. On several levels.
"While the shooter admitted that it was a “sex addiction” that drove him to kill, multiple politicians, corporate media outlets, and others have speculated if it was a targetted attack on Asian Americans."
In other words, people who don't have the facts of the case have made up a narrative they would like to spread around. Isn't that called 'fake news'?
Then there's Dee-Blabio who less than a year ago called for defunding the police now wanting to expand the duties of police.
"Officers, de Blasio continued, should evaluate “if someone has done something wrong” even if it’s not illegal or criminal and take action from there."
Ya mean like telling the punks illegally packing and loitering on the street corner they better not sell drugs or shoot other folks 'cause then they'll have to arrest them?
Does anyone really think the cops will go for any of this?
They know damn well after a few days of playing the scolding mommy, every so-called 'civil rights' group will be bitching to the police commission about the "on-going harassment and targeting of minorities".
When Dee-Blabio says the cops should 'evaluate' - he means check the skin color, sex and political affiliation of the wrong-thinker and only then start their lecture and finger-wagging.
What legal authority do cops have to compel anyone to listen to them give a lecture about legal behavior?
Da Mayor might want to check with an actual lawyer.

Don Bessee

The socialist dems propaganda ministry is suppressing the truth to protect their commissars on both coast-

Gavin Newsom recall developments ignored by ABC, get just 24 seconds from NBC



Bill Tozer

Media matters.....or does it??

“Margaret Sullivan of the Washington Post has written a column with the unwieldy title “‘Not racially motivated’?: The Atlanta spa shootings show why the media should be wary of initial police statements.” Actually, the shootings demonstrate, for the millionth time, that the public should be wary of mainstream media statements.”.......

“So why has the media adopted the “hate crime” narrative? That’s an easy one. As Liz Sheld of American Greatness says, the media is bent on “sowing suspicion and division among Americans.” When bad things happen, it will always pick the explanation that casts Americans in the worst, most racist light, even if a more plausible alternative is staring us in the face.

As will Democrats, including Joe Biden.”



Proof positive LIBS have no clue of the damage they cause.

"During an interview aired on Thursday’s “MSNBC Live,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki reacted to concerns that corporations will raise prices if taxes on corporations are increased by stating that President Joe Biden believes people “know that corporations do not need to raise the cost of goods in order to pay more taxes and pay more of their fair share.”"

She actually believe that line of CRAP!!?

Of COURSE they will raise prices.. They have stockholders.
There is a bottom line they have to meet.

George Rebane

Walt 954am - you've brought us another overwhelming piece of evidence that Democrats in the large (with few exceptions) are a bunch of people with deep and abiding intellectual deficits (fundamental tenet of Rebane Doctrine). But people like Psaki and Biden are simply stupid. The belief that taxes don't impact economic behavior is one of my most reliable litmus tests for identifying Democrats at social gatherings and in the public forum.

Bill Tozer

Insanity: Education

North Carolina School District: Ignore White Parents Because Their Children Are ‘Benefiting From The System’

‘An Inside Look At California’s Radical New K-12 Curriculum’

5 Colleges Embracing Neo-Segregation In The Name Of ‘Inclusion‘

And my favorite:

Newsom, Whose Kids Attend Private School, Remarks: ‘I’ve Been Living Through Zoom School’
“I’ve been living through Zoom school and all of the challenge related to it. ... It's brutal."

ROFLMAO. My new favorite.

Reporter: Saying ‘Biological Males’ Is A ‘Serious Anti-Trans Slur’



Now how did this photo get out?
Not good. When does the Presidential elevator show up?
I'm sure the "Little Rascal" power chair is on order. With Presidential seal and everything.

Bill Tozer

My, that didn't long. Is Biden going to make it?


Already entering the “told you so” phase of the declining Biden presidency
"Make no mistake, the CCP just humiliated the US government in public on US soil.

Immigration fail, China talks fail, higher Taxes -- do you miss Trump yet?--Scott Adams


Bill Tozer

Re: 3/19 update

To repeat: its not Biden's lack of foreign policy experience that concerns me, its Biden's foreign policy experience that scares the living daylights out of me. Biden has always always been on the wrong side of history concerning his magic touch to mess things up. He makes matters worse every damn time.
You will never hear Joe Biden say, "America First" at home or aboard.

NY Times:

'That Was Fast: Blowups With China and Russia in Biden’s First 60 Days'


George Rebane

BillT 427pm - My own understanding of 'experience' is that collection of correctly structured and summarized experiences that allow one to successfully navigate the next undertaking in the same/similar field. Bottom line - it's the successful codification of experiential knowledge for future use.

Biden (and perhaps those he has assembled) have not had much success with such undertakings.

Scott O

George 5:53 - "Bottom line - it's the successful codification of experiential knowledge for future use."
And who is in the Oval Office?
Looks like Biden's version of 'success' is limited to the Biden family.
You and I have the old fashioned idea of doing what's successful for our country.
Ah, well.

Don Bessee

Not taking it from the wokens -

In fact, in the case of Dr. Seuss, Americans have been actively defending their right to read. In the days after Dr. Seuss’ cancellation, his books soared to the top of Amazon’s best-seller list; indeed, as the Associated Press reported on March 11, Dr. Seuss sold 1.2 million books in the first week after the partial cancellation, more than quadruple the total from the week before.

Okay, so what about the specific banned Dr. Seuss books? They’ve been selling, too. As of March 20 on Amazon, one of the forbidden works, And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street, was selling for $200, and some prices have been much higher. The sudden high price is perhaps the result of Amazon’s algorithm reacting to the sudden surge in demand, although one can’t rule out a little opportunistic price-gouging. In any case, such high prices for Dr. Seuss send a clear signal to the crookedly entrepreneurial, and so counterfeiters will soon spring into action. Already, in fact, it’s easy to find dubious PDF versions on the web. We should note, of course, that such sites come with a strong warning of Buyer Beware. And yet at the same time, it seems readily apparent that human curiosity—combined with human greed and the willingness to flout copyright laws—will make sure that the entire Dr. Seuss canon will always be available.

We can observe, incidentally, that much the same thing happened after the HBO Max streaming service pulled the 1939 classic Gone With The Wind; DVD sales soared. And the same sales spike held true for lesser films threatened with cancellation, such as Disney’s Swiss Family Robinson. Indeed, even sales of humble Mr. Potato Head jumped 70,000 percent in the wake of the news that Mr. P. would soon be emasculated.



Don Bessee

Now thats funny! -




Looks like the free rent has come to an end.

"Under the order, private property owners are required to allow non-paying renters to live rent-free until the federal government says otherwise, costing landlords billions of dollars in unpaid rent — all while landowners remain responsible for property taxes, mortgages, and the costs of their property. And if a property owner tries to get their property back by filing an eviction case, the federal government says it can fine them up to $100,000 and even put them in jail.

But last week, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas entered a final judgment declaring the federal government’s eviction moratorium unconstitutional and set the CDC order aside."

Don Bessee

So who is really the socialist racist? =

SF School Board Member Accused Asians of Using ‘White Supremacy’ to ‘Get Ahead’



Don Bessee

Ya got that right -



Bill Tozer

This week in education insanity. Number One caught my eye. Lie teachers, lie like there is no tomorrow. Thr biggest lie told is they are "educating" school children.

'Education Insanity: Top 10 Stories Of The Week (Vol. 7)'


Bill Tozer

re: wealth tax. A few minutes with Dan Bongino



Will Chancellor Biden even make it to my six month prediction?

His lap dogs are turning on him.


Bill Tozer

Green energy stuff. The definition of plumb loco.



• So now we’re informed that indoor pot operations have a huge carbon footprint:

* With American car-makers like GM engaging in cheap virtue-signalling with announcements that they will cease making internal combustion cars by 2035, it is worth noting that Toyota, the company that first brought hybrid-electric cars to the U.S. market, is saying, “Not so fast.” P.J. Media reports:

* Remember how we’re told that China is now on board with the Paris Climate Accord? Well, somebody forgot to tell China:


It’s like living in a B horror movie. Here comes the Blob.

George Rebane

We notice that our liberal commenters make not a peep in recognition or response to the cited malfeasances and incompetencies by the Biden administration. To them it all passes by the board since the lamestream covers not a smidgen of it.


You know,, "for infrastructure" Looks like that train to Hawaii is a done deal.


Two rats announce their fleeing of the sinking ship.

Don Bessee

Girl we know exactly what you mean especially his 3rd term crew -


Don Bessee

Mexico acknowledges what everyone knows other than the socialist dems propaganda parrots in the lamestream -



Bill Tozer

You just knew that sooner or later the climatistas would grow anxious about the fact that our current national panic about race might come to eclipse the ongoing leftist panic about climate change, which is of course The Greatest Existential Threat to Humanity.TM

So what to do? Naturally, work overtime to link climate and racism. What you get is a mashup of climate change and racism clichés in Scientific American, a former science magazine. But it is a somewhat confused account of things:


Really, the left better have a big meltdown soon to relive all that pressure. I do believe they have been in the longest panic attack in the annuals of mankind. At least a falling off the barstool drunk eventually passes out, no matter how crazy he was in a blackout.

Hell’s bells. Greta recently came out and said that AOC’s NGD isn’t good enough and does not go far enough when one factors in equity. And it wasn’t equity in the USA she was referring, but equity for all the indigenous people in every Colonized poor country on the planet. The Green New Deal falls pitifully and insufficiently short.

No comment.

Don Bessee

Not so fast -

The GAO is reviewing the order, according to a report by Politico, noting the president may have broken the law by trying to control funding approved by Congress. Congress passed a government funding package in 2020, signed by Trump, that included $1.4 billion for wall construction

A group of four additional senators — Mike Lee, R-UT, Josh Hawley, R-MO, Dan Sullivan, R-AK, and Ron Johnson, R-WI, and over 60 House Republicans joined the earlier request to the GAO, Fox News reported Tuesday.

If the GAO rules against Biden, it will further the narrative that his administration is straining the bonds of executive power to execute his radical agenda on immigration and border security.

A senior Department of Homeland Security official told Breitbart News that Biden’s decision to pause wall construction cost taxpayers six million dollars per day.



George Rebane

re DonB 806am - My 'clinically insane' assessment garners more evidence by the day and stands.

Bill Tozer

Why Is Biden Creating His Own Crises?


‘Why is Biden creating his own crises?’, the writer asks. I dunno. Maybe cause ‘that substance’ rolls downhill or maybe the biggest ones float to the top. And Biden is the one who said he would take Trump behind the gym and smash Trump’s face. Same as the midget Robert De Niro who has big time daddy issues. I dunno. I suppose there is a method to the madness.

Maybe Biden is flexing his toxic masculinity. Corn Pop was a real bad dude, so Public Pool Lifeguard Joey Fingers with the Golden Leg Hairs grabbed a chain and showed Corn Pop he really means business.

Amateur Hour at the White House, on our streets, and at the border, and everywhere you look.

Don Bessee

I would have to agree with that -

Arizona Governor Calls Harris ‘Worst Possible Choice’ to Manage Border Crisis



Don Bessee

UH OH he got off the approved talking points, he might lose his liberal card over this. As anticipated creepy grampa joe called the reporters off the approved list -



Don Bessee

Coddling the codger -

Reporters fail to ask Biden about COVID, reopening schools, Boulder shooting, Russia at first press conference
President's plans to increase taxes, Keystone Pipeline cancellation also go unmentioned



Don Bessee

Thank God for self interest -

The Democrat Party’s mutiny over different aspects of the administration’s agenda speaks to the Democrats’ splintered front, which is challenged to present a united attack against a Republican party that has an opportunity to win back the House in 2022.



Don Bessee

Now i didn't see that coming, kind of creepy having them agree with me -

The New York Post’s editorial board slammed reporters who behaved more like activists during President Biden’s first formal press conference on Thursday, which came 64 days into his administration and was largely devoid of anything resembling tough questions.

"Stonewalled for [64] days by President Biden, the press decided their first opportunity to question him should be used to let him monologue on his favorite topics," the board wrote in a column headlined, "Reporters suck up to ‘nice guy’ Biden."

"The AP kicked things off by suggesting Republicans were obstructionists -- how is Biden going to get around that? There were a number of questions about the filibuster, with the media basically begging the president to get rid of it. These weren’t inquiries, they were activism," the editorial board continued.

America’s oldest continuously published daily newspaper also criticized reporters for questions that set Biden up to scold Republicans, failing to mention former President Donald Trump by name and singled out PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor for declaring Biden a "nice guy."


"It’s shocking how low the bar has been set for President Biden. He seemed confused going from questioner to questioner," the Post’s editorial board wrote, noting that at one point Biden appeared to lose train of thought and simply said, "Anyway," before moving on.

The Post pondered why reporters didn’t yell and interrupt like CNN’s Jim Acosta did during Trump’s presidency, and noted that correspondents failed to ask key follow-up questions.


"The discussion of the border that dominated the press conference was malarkey. Biden took no responsibility, saying it was a perennial problem," the editorial board wrote. "Yet President Trump’s ‘remain in Mexico’ policy solved that issue, and Biden threw it out on day 1. Biden’s other answers tried to have it both ways. No, we won’t be deporting poor desperate people. Yes, we’re not letting most people in. Which is it? But it didn’t matter to reporters, who were only interested in whether people could be processed and let in faster — not anything about border security."




Posted by: Don Bessee | 25 March 2021 at 04:31 PM


Poor Tater.....I hear they have an opening at a local radio station in your area. It's something!

Don Bessee

It looks like creepy grampa joe already forgot signing the executive order -




Before the usual suspects whine about "proof",,, well,,,
here it is. The Cheat sheet.

You know,, something Trump NEVER needed.

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