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10 April 2021



Dr. Rebane, Let me see if I have this correct; I can think therefore I am, making a machine envious if it could think! Close?

The Estonian Fox

Mr. Descartes would have had it correct even if he were dyslexic - 'Sum, ergo cogito' stands up just as well as 'Cogito, ergo sum'.

I'd be overjoyed if our politicians showed a teeny bit of awareness of either saying.

Bob Hobert

Amazing stuff. Most of us do not deserve immortality. Who decides?

George Rebane

BobH 756am - Probably the same as always. When the time comes, then Golden Rule #2 (Them that's got the gold makes the rules) kicks in, and the decision follows.

ThomasO 1105pm - When we get to the stage where machines can feel 'envy', then the game may well be over for mankind.

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