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18 April 2021



a bad reader's digest version of CT's founding.

antonio Gramsci , mentioned only in passing, was THE precursor of CT, and he died in the '30's before the collapse of the big state socialist experiments.

it completely ignores the frankfurt school and herbert marcuse.

more later


Excellent perspective, thank you for sending this out. From the American Thinker forum, I have quoted John Green's essay about the consequences of diversity worship.

"People from diverse cultures throughout the world could come here and become full-fledged Americans. Our constitution provided a framework for anyone to become successful. All that was required was determination and hard work. In achieving the American dream, our forefathers shed their ancestral heritages and became enthusiastic Americans — and that was something to be proud of. But we don't melt anymore. Now we categorize. I blame it on the diversity movement.

The diversity movement was initiated by a number of universities in the 1960s. It was initially conceived as a way to address genuine equal opportunity issues. It was viewed by many organizations as a way to avoid lawsuits based on discrimination. In the 1980s, Lewis Griggs coined the term "valuing diversity" — and that's when it really took off. The ideology of "valuing diversity" has infiltrated the human resources (H.R.) departments of most major corporations and spawned an industry. A network of consultants and trainers now provide diversity training throughout government and the private sector. It's big money. Unfortunately, its ideology runs counter to that of a "great melting pot."

I have an example to illustrate its corrosive nature. At the behest of our H.R. department, the company I used to work for created a diversity council. It comprised representatives from numerous racial, ethnic, sex, disability, and religious groups. Its mission was to create a company environment that was welcoming to all of the above groups. The council wanted a high-level executive to be a member, to give them some "juice." They asked the company president to assign my boss to the council. Bob was a retired admiral and 100% proud American. He was also descended from Latino ancestors. As a person "of color," he'd be an automatic supporter of this initiative. All minorities think alike — don't they?

Bob had me tag along for his first Diversity Council meeting, because every admiral needs at least one aide in tow. The council set about their mission with a brainstorming session. "We should have a Kwanzaa day in the factory." "There should be a gay pride day as well." "Maybe we could have an ethnic food day in the cafeteria." This went on for hours.

Bob listened to everyone's ideas quietly. At the end of the meeting, he provided his own input. "The key is to help people from different cultures assimilate into our culture." That single sentence ended Bob's involvement in the Diversity Council. He was asked to leave and never come back. That's when I had an epiphany.

You see, "melting pot" is a metaphor for "assimilation," and assimilation wasn't the goal of the Diversity Council. That line of thinking was just a little too diverse for the Diversity Council. They wanted diversity — as in maintenance of our differences. They did not want assimilation — creation of a shared culture. The very words "valuing diversity" call for elevating the importance of our differences over our similarities. If our inherent humanity is of lesser value than our racial identity, we shouldn't be surprised that saying, "All lives matter" is now considered racially insensitive. Who could've seen that this was the end result of "valuing diversity"?

Whether intentional or not, diversity ideology has become another framework to keep us all separated. By valuing and encouraging our differences, we're reinforcing (strengthening) the things that separate us. We're raising, not lowering, the walls."

In my own thoughts, I see CRT as one more way to divide and conquer; the strategy of the radical left while using buzzwords that soothe doubts and confuse an honest conversation.

George Rebane

PL 1159am - Thanks much for that contribution.

Gregory 1156am - Looking forward to an extended comment from you filling the holes you point out. I will then post and addendum to Rufo's essay that will point to your and PL's expansions. Thanks.

Don Bessee

Sports can not live on the woken alone -


Bill Tozer

Might be on topic

‘Conflict Theory Doesn’t Like You’
Where does critical race theory come from? An older thesis that flattens all human experience into an unrelenting state of war.

Don Bessee

Same thing locally -

Texas nurse Brittany Logan told "Fox & Friends Weekend" on Sunday that she was "shocked" by the honesty of a sign she saw at a McDonald's drive-thru asking customers for patience as the restaurant deals with a staffing issue because "no one wants to work anymore" and decided to post it on social media.


Don Bessee

In comrade deblasios shit hole they let the gangs run rampant and cops be attacked without consequence but have a tshirt launcher as a publicity stunt and deblasios neutered NYPD swarms a nothing. -


Bill Tozer

Maybe on topic.

Anti-Colonialism’s Bad History

“Lenin’s thesis ignores history and destroys all nuance and countervailing evidence. Contemporary racial discourse frequently suffers from similar shortcomings, belittling individual talent and hard work, thus ignoring the successes of millions of men and women of color, from Oprah Winfrey to Thomas Sowell. It cannot explain the flourishing of US-based Indians, Taiwanese, Filipinos, Indonesians, Pakistanis, Iranians, Lebanese, Chinese, Japanese, Turks, Koreans, Syrians, Hmong, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Ghanaians, Nigerians, Bangladeshis, Guyanese, Egyptians, Thais, and Laotians. In 2019, all of those minorities had higher median household incomes than white Americans.

This kind of thinking undermines Western society at two levels. On a macro level, the heretofore dominant narrative of Western success—the gradual development of liberal political and economic institutions and changing attitudes to reason, science, commerce, and innovation—is being undermined by the increasingly popular view that the West got rich by making the rest of the world poor. On a micro level, the Westerner’s self-conception as a hard-working individual in control of his destiny is being challenged by a conception of the Westerner as a parasite and an irredeemable node in a vast system of oppression and exploitation.

Alleged instances of police brutality must be rigorously investigated, of course, but much of what has happened in the United States and other parts of the Anglosphere following the death of George Floyd—the public shaming, self-abasing apologies for minor or non-existent infractions of the new ethical code, cancellations, and violence against persons and property—amounts to a moral panic. This public hysteria threatens to deepen divisions among groups of people and undermine capitalism and liberal democracy—the economic and political foundations upon which the very success of the Western societies rest.

Finding a way out of this panic will require an open debate about colonial history (not only its crimes, but also its accomplishments) and a recommitment to the basic precepts of classical liberalism. It is individuals who are responsible for their own actions. Crimes, no matter how heinous, cannot be passed onto the progeny like some modern variant of the original sin, condemning them to unending purgatory. That is why freedom of speech is so vital, and that is why “anti-colonialists” are so determined to snuff it out.”

Bill Tozer

#5 caught my eye. Plus the two hoaxes mentioned once again proves the Left is running out of white racists. The supply just does not meet the demand.

Education Insanity: Top 10 Stories Of The Week (Vol. 11)

The Estonian Fox

Connecticut Gov. Trumbull declared a fasting day for April 19, 1775, saying "God would graciously pour out His Holy Spirit on us to bring us to a thorough repentance and effectual reformation that our iniquities may not be our ruin."

With a spelling correction and an extra comment word, we in the present day, doing to ourselves, now have to fear: "God would graciously pour out His Holy Spirit on us to bring us to a thorough repentance and effectual reformation that our (perceived) inequities may not be our ruin."

What have we come to?

George Rebane

Efox 626am - We have come to the beginning of the end.

Don Bessee

Did mad max give him a get out of jail free card -

Cahill was responding to a motion by Chauvin’s defense lawyer, Eric Nelson, to declare a mistrial after closing arguments because of Waters’s comments. He denied the motion, but agreed that Waters’s remarks were so egregious that they created grounds for possible appeal if Chauvin is convicted of murder or manslaughter.


Don Bessee

The illegals from socialist countries demand your money -



I see that the "usual progressive suspects" who frequent this blog are noticeably absent from the comment streams when presented with the facts by which they preach. They'd rather visit and lob undefended accusations with the most frequent being something like "Trump Bad" or "America Evil" than present any actual defense of their progressive beliefs.


we live in a time where even the atheists become religious.


and just a quick reading assignment for Poll Emery.

"The Media Lied Repeatedly About Officer Brian Sicknick's Death. And They Just Got Caught.
Just as with the Russia Bounty debacle, they will never acknowledge what they did. Their audience wants to be lied to for partisan gain and emotional pleasure."

George Rebane

scenes 834am - Good catch Mr scenes; another example of the Woke Revolution eating its own.

The Estonian Fox

From James Kunstler's 4/19 column, which started out commenting about Mad Maxine's call to insurrection over the weekend. Or was it for going to a Sunday church gathering?

"What’s actually at issue here is whether black people in America really want to join with the other ethnic groups present in the land in a national common culture — that is, a consensus about behavior, ceremonies, and manners — or would rather opt out of it, oppose it, or violently destroy what’s left of it. The key to these questions is how to explain the failure-to-thrive of a large black demographic despite the apparent victories of a long civil rights campaign, colossal expenditures of tax money for assistance, and affirmative action galore. I would explain it as the malign influence of neurotic white liberalism acting on the aforesaid black ambivalence about joining in or remaining apart from that common culture."

With Asians and Hispanics now speaking up too, blacks face a bleak future. There may soon be no one wanting to provide them help, other than themselves.

Hint: when you go to the bookstore, they won't show you where the self-help books are. You're expected to find them yourself.

Don Bessee

They are going to take away his woke card for telling the truth -



for a simple and honest description of crt i give you piece from prager U, by James lindsey, co author (with helen pluckrose) of Cynical Theories, the best book on the subject.

Lindsey and Pluckrose are both bona fide liberals (of the enlightenment variety).

Bill Tozer

Critical Race Theory Would Not Solve Racial Inequality: It Would Deepen It

Bill Tozer


“When I first encountered critical race theory (CRT) in the early 1980s, I considered it an interesting, albeit flawed, part of a larger interesting but flawed academic movement — critical legal studies. Nowadays, however, I consider CRT to be superstructure built to cover the fact that Blacks, to a disproportionate degree, have not done what it takes to succeed in a society where barriers to their advancement have largely been removed (and where Blacks sometimes are treated more favorably than Whites due to their skin color).

CRT has produced a war on standards — standards like grades, test scores, rules of school conduct, criminal laws — that are supported by common sense and vast experience, and that wouldn’t be questioned if Blacks were meeting them to the same degree as Whites and Asian-Americans. That war is destructive. America can’t be a great country if it discards important, time-tested standards. I doubt it can even be a well-functioning society.

But the war on White identity and American history seems even more dangerous than the war on standards. A nation that teaches children to hate its history and to demonize a plurality of its population is probably doomed.”

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