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02 April 2021



Speaking of cancel culture, little Tucker Carlson attempted to cancel the insurrection of 1/6 by stating “A mob of older people from unfashionable zip codes somehow made it all the way to Washington, D.C., probably by bus." What a bunch of BS! Apparently he can't believe his own lying eyes.


I don't know about that,crossman, the one guy parading with a confederate battleflag in the capitol could be three times the age of the usual Antifa protester.

Don Bessee

Let them eat cake -



Bill Tozer

Don B.

Did you know that the WH and Capitol have set up private barber shops (beauty parlors) for members and staff personal use. Now Nancy can get her hair blown while hair dryers (inside and outside) are banned in her district. :)
More Enemy of the People, aka, enemy of the truth. Democracy dies in darkness.

1) ‘Legacy Media Corruption Is At The Heart Of Our National Conflict
The Georgia example is instructive in illustrating exactly how much of our conflict is downstream of the broken media’

This is how fact checking is done. It’s all Media Matters no matter how you slice it.

2) ‘Facebook ‘Fact-Checking’ Site Claims Without Evidence That Pete Buttigieg Rode His Bike All The Way To Work Like A Big Boy’

“Facebook is censoring stories about Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg’s commute to work last week, using a “fact check” from a group called Lead Stories. The “fact check,” however, offers no proof to dispute the premise of the story it claims is false: that Buttigieg was caught on video unloading his bike from an SUV to shorten his commute to the White House.

The video that was taken last week, then reported on by a number of outlets, shows Buttigieg’s team of Secret Service agents and their SUVs unloading the former college town mayor’s bike for him, then trailing behind him for the rest of his journey to the White House.“

3). ‘Ben Domenech Fact-Checks NPR’s Mara Liasson Spewing Lies About Georgia Voting Law
APRIL 7, 2021 By The Federalist Staff’

“Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech corrected National Public Radio’s Mara Liasson on Fox News Tuesday when she claimed voting laws in Colorado and Georgia bear no similarity after Major League Baseball (MLB) moved their all-star game from Atlanta to Denver”

BONUS: Lying Jennifer Rubin said the government should Fact Check the media, roflmao. No, airhead, you got it ass backwards again. It should be the other way around. Media SHOULD be fact checking the government.


WOW Sideshow Bob,, back to that fake inserection?
You missed using "armed" (since most of the protesters had arms)
Don't let little details of fiction get you down.
Funny how it was the ANTIFA crew that brought the climbing gear.

Bill Tozer

Dear Diary. Dark Days indeed.

‘Government Teachers’ Union Boss Attacks Jewish ‘Ownership Class’ For Criticizing School Closures’

“The president of the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten, attacked Jews who criticized her union’s efforts to keep schools closed for in-class instruction as members of the “ownership class.”

“American Jews are now part of the ownership class,” Weingarten said in an interview with the Jewish Telegraphic Agency a month ago reported by the Jerusalem Post. The 63-year-old union president who represents 1.7 million members was responding to those who criticize efforts to keep schools closed while they exploit the coronavirus crisis for billions in stimulus money that won’t be spent for years.

“I think some people are very skeptical of the power that they perceive teachers unions to have,” began the interviewer. “They look at, for example, the ongoing struggles in Los Angeles, where they see this bi dollar figure of aid being given for school reopening and are baffled by the perceived resistance of teachers to going back to work.”

Weingarten took issue with the complaint. At the time, the Los Angeles teachers union, which operates in the second-largest district in the country, was pulling every excuse to remain remote, and even went as far to slam the state’s plans to reopen as “propagating structural racism.”

“What I hear when I hear that question is that those who are in the ownership class now want to take that ladder of opportunity away from those who do not have it,” Weingarten said.”


Meanwhile, many school districts in CA are taking the Covid Relief money to pay teachers bonuses....as the teachers have been vaccinated and refuse to go back to work.


OK,,, who's ready to fly United?

"In today’s edition of The Woke Gestapo Have Gone Stark-Raving Mad, I give you United Airlines admitting its primary objective is not to hire the most qualified pilots for a training course that decides who will pilot airliners full of hundreds of souls. No, the top objective is skin color and vaginas.

Yes, the Woketards at United Airlines are openly bragging that when it comes to its training program for its pilots and co-pilots and navigators, skin color and vaginas come before skill and experience."

George Rebane

RX 927am - I know this will come as a surprise to the lamestream blindered devotees, but on 6 January 2021 there was NO INSURRECTION in Washington DC or anywhere else in the country. (Nor was there any evidence of a plan for an insurrection.) So exactly what did your lying eyes see to dispute that?

BTW, for the next insurrection that your brethren of the Left plan, it should probably not begin with an unruly mob storming the Capitol. This will come as news to you, but it takes a lot more than running around the halls of that domed building and waving flags to take over a government, even in Guatemala. Consider this a public service, and you're welcome.


And one again George counters with semantics.. the weakest of all responses to be used only when you have nothing else to say. And what word would you ascribe to the events of 1/6 George, a picnic, just some of the boys having some fun, a super spreader event, an attempted coup, or?? Please, inquiring minds want to know what you would call it.

Don Bessee

Its so funny when the koolaide drinkers can not deal with people not using the approved words and talking points. ROFLOL!

The socialist dems loves their terrorists and pay for slay funding in spite of laws against it! -

n 2018, President Donald Trump signed the Taylor Force Act into law, which prevents the U.S. from providing economic support and other funding to the Palestinian Authority while it continues to pay the families of deceased terrorists, or to pay terrorists in Israeli prisons — a policy referred to by critics as “pay-for-slay.” The Palestinian leadership, having refused to end the payments, lost U.S. funding. Trump also cut funding to the UNRWA because of concerns that it has supported terror. The Taylor Force Act allows for a limited set of humanitarian exemptions, such as funding for vaccination programs.

Blinken claimed that “All assistance will be provided consistent with U.S. law,” but did not explain how the funding would comply with the Taylor Force Act. He also did not provide any evidence of reforms within the Palestinian Authority or UNRWA, nor did he mention any Palestinian effort to discourage terror or to stop incitement against Israel or Jews.



Bill Tozer

Dear Diary. They just can’t get enough. Before they wanted it. Now they need it. Sounds like addiction to me.

They Came, They Saw, They Taxed
New York’s progressive legislators want to make the nation’s heaviest tax burden heavier still.


Don’t Californication the Nation!


Too much Rx again Bobby? Ya.. speaking of "semantics",, read the pile of donkey maure you just posted.
Not one fact you counter with.
Hear the news? All the deaths at the capitol protest,, just not what your proggy press claimed to be.
Now you go read up on that.. Dare ya'. Heart attacks and a drug overdose.(most likely a ANTIFA POS)
Sorry no killing by fire extinguisher. The ONLY homicide was done by a GOV. stooge pissing his pants.

Don Bessee

Ya what about that, have the strength of your convictions and move to LALA or NYC shitholes and kiss GA goodbye, hey what about the peoples republic of portland i mean they are only peaceful protesets right?




Chairman Biden takes another step towards a dictatorship.

"On April 7, 2021, the White House released a fact sheet announcing that President Joe Biden will use the Department of Justice (DOJ) to publish model red flag “legislation,” address AR-pistols with stabilizer braces, and issue a rule to “stop the proliferation of ‘ghost guns.'” "

You mean the ones that already have PLENTY of regulating?
Like criminals are going to do as Chairman Biden orders.

There are laws against criminals possessing guns.
Do tell just how well that law is followed...
Never mind the softening of criminal use of ANY gun.


Good news for the control freaks.

Bett shut down the county again.

Scott O

Total comedy from the Biden admin - "The White House notes that Biden will also have “five federal agencies [make] changes to 26 different programs to direct vital support to community violence intervention programs as quickly as possible.” The White House made clear the agencies are acting where Congress has not: “These changes mean we can start increasing investments in community violence interventions as we wait on Congress to appropriate additional funds.”
They won't (can't) even name the agencies and good luck getting a direct answer to exactly what changes there will be to the 26 different 'programs'.
I had always thought a 'community violence intervention' was the PoPo.
Silly me.
It's the local Dem party NGO or similar.
That darn Congress just won't cut loose with the dough.
"Jim Crow On Steroids" turns out to be be insanity to the moon.
We end up paying the punks to shoot up the place.
And they wonder why blacks are buying guns at a record pace.
Let me know when the gun violence abates in the Dem shit-holes.
Perhaps those leftys that post here will chime in.

Scott O

Oh, and there's this - "The Justice Department, within 30 days, will issue a proposed rule to help stop the proliferation of “ghost guns.”"
So - wait a month and task some junior idiot to come up with "proposed" rules to "help" stop people from buying 1/4" pipe from Home Depot.
Or more likely - sic the feds on legal fire arm companies that don't financially contribute to the Dems.

Bill Tozer

Brother Walt @ 6:07 pm...on a roll. :)

“Hear the news? All the deaths at the capitol protest,, just not what your proggy press claimed to be.
Now you go read up on that.. Dare ya'. Heart attacks and a drug overdose.(most likely a ANTIFA POS)
Sorry no killing by fire extinguisher. The ONLY homicide was done by a GOV. stooge pissing his pants.”
Mr. Walt, if I may, I would like to add one tiny piece to your post:

One needs to look no farther than the DC police—the ones who would be handling the homicides at the Capitol and of any Capitol Police Officer. No murder investigations opened.

In the case of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, two people have been arrested that may have bear sprayed Officer Sicknick, one dude from W. Virginia and another from Penn or somewhere. Ohio? Anyway, they are going to get the book thrown at them with terms of twenty years for violating a laundry list of laws, but 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree homicide are not among the charges. Not even involuntary manslaughter. No sign of blunt force trauma, but Bobbie knows that. Office Sicknick passed the following day.

Bottomline: No murder investigations opened, none will be. Just have to look at DC Metro to get that settled in 3 seconds. But, noooooo.

Bill Tozer

Dear Dark Days Diary. This is what it has come to.

‘Lawsuit Forces Pennsylvania To Take 21,000 Dead People Off Its Voter Rolls’
The state of Pennsylvania has removed over 20,000 deceased voters from being able to vote following a settled lawsuit filed by The Public Interest Legal Foundation



Translation.. "They didn't agree with us rabid ECO bastards. They didn't toe the line with our Liberal brainwashing".


Wake up Emery!! Biden is lie'n again about guns.
You better be keeping score.

Paul Emery

Biden is soaring in the polls-up by 15.8 in job approval, highest approval since the first week of his Presidency. Disapproval is down to 40%.



Posted by: Paul Emery | 08 April 2021 at 09:40 AM

It’s good to have a hobby......


LOL Paul,, when yu poll Commies, you get commie results.

Paul Emery

So are you saying the majority of Americans are "Commies" Walt?


Posted by: Paul Emery | 08 April 2021 at 12:16 PM

.......maybe a metal detector.


Yes Emery,,a "majority" of those who identify as LIBS.
Yourself included.


Now don't forget Emery,, you were standing up for Greece and their political system... I guess you forgot about their demand for forgiveness of all their debt. Yes,, you better look that up.. Hop in that wayback machine and spin it back to 2015.

Oh wait.. Isn't that the home country of your ancestors?
And you said you lived there?(under Socialist rule... Remember that short discussion?)


It's a dark day for whoever draws the short straw for this ass-ignment..

I know a couple of Lefties that should take that job.

Paul Emery

So Walt I'm a Commie in your opinion. My time in greece was confined to a three week vacation. Amazing how you make things up just like your mentor and hero Trump.

Bill Tozer

Altered states, altered reality.

‘Not Comedy: CNN Claims Republican Voters Really Do Support Biden’s Agenda”

You think?

‘Thanks, Captain Obvious! NBC Realizes MLB Move Hurts Black-Owned Atlanta Businesses’


Why are they always the last to know?

Don Bessee

Another winner for the pony tail of ignorance -




But Emery! YOU SAID you were "living in a socialist" nation.
I didn't make that up.
The actual question WAS..." When did you ever live in a socialist run nation?" And you stated,, "Greece"....
Busted again Emery... Just like your "non march" with the BLM gang,, (your denial came 6 months later) only NOW do you claim "vacation status".

Your as bad as the discredited polls you slap up.


Some crow for Emery.

Third Greece bailout: What are eurozone conditions?

October 4, 2009
Papandreou's Revelation
Pasok (Socialist) leader George Papandreou wins national elections, becoming prime minister. Within weeks, Papandreou reveals that Greece’s budget deficit will exceed 12 percent of GDP, nearly double the original estimates. The figure is later revised upward to 15.4 percent. Greece’s borrowing costs spike as credit-rating agencies downgrade the country’s sovereign debt to junk status in early 2010.

Ain't socialism great Emery? Right up to where other people's money is pissed away.

Now your pal Biden is doing the same damned thing.. Print and spend... Raise taxes when no one is working... Smart move.
Kiss more jobs bye bye. Still no "green jobs" for the pipe layers Biden fired.

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe is fine with tearing up the constitution -



Paul Emery

You got it wrong Walt' Never lived in Greece. I did live in Denmark for a few months. Perhaps that is "Commie" enough for you. Hope you're ok with that. It's the best I can do.

Don Bessee

Your best is never enough @416

Realllllyyyy -

A Black student was responsible for racist graffiti at an Albion College dorm, according to campus police.

Pictures of racist and anti-semitic graffiti surfaced on the City Watch NEWS Group Facebook page last week. The photos included messages like "white power," "Die N----s," and "KKK."

MLive.com reported on Thursday that Albion Chief of Public Safety Scott Kipp said the suspect, a 21-year-old Black male, was brought in for questioning on April 6 and admitted to creating most of the graffiti.



Paul Emery

Sorry to disappoint you Don.


Go back and show it Emery. Let's play your game for a while.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 08 April 2021 at 04:44 PM

......maybe a puzzle.

Paul Emery

Na Walt. It's your call so show your cards.


So you can't? Thanks Emery,, that says I'm right.
BECAUSE,,, It was associated with YOU visiting FAMILY.
Prove me wrong Emery.. Dig up the post!
With that,,
Lie'n Biden lies again.
" From the very beginning, you couldn’t own any weapon you wanted to own. From the very beginning that the Second Amendment existed, certain people weren’t allowed to have weapons.”

So.. just what firearm was OUTLAWED from ownership at the writing of the Bill of Rights?

Tell us Emery,, your old enough to have been there.

Just what "military grade weapons" are on our streets?

Lie'n bastards.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 08 April 2021 at 05:09 PM

......stamp collecting.


What will Biden sign next an executive order making the possession of, illegal? An unedited copy of Blazing Saddles?

Don Bessee

Virtue signaling instead of governing and thats why there are so many socialist dem shitholes -

Apr. 7—A series of symbolic—but widely supported—climate resolutions, including one declaring a climate emergency, continued to move through the Legislature on Tuesday.

The latest version of Senate Concurrent Resolution 44 would declare a climate emergency and request an "emergency mobilization effort to restore a safe climate, " among other climate-related resolutions passed by the House Committee on Energy and Environmental Protection. The resolutions already had moved over from the Senate.

"We're facing an existential crises, a climate emergency, " testified Ted Bohlen of Climate Protectors Hawaii.

Although SCR 44 is only a resolution without the force of law, "it's a recognition of symbolic importance, "




Yeah.....pretty much

Hunter Biden Incident Shows That Gun Laws Are For The Little People

PS: two things.....all the recreational chemicals are already starting to give Hunter that vacant “Biden Stare”....and just how long did it take to scrub the mung and nicotine from ol’ Hunt before that interview....the boy looks as fresh as a brand new baby’s ass.

Well done CBS News!


Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe is one expensive nanny -

Federal government spending $60 million per week to care for unaccompanied minors
The funding amounts to $3.1 billion per year



Don Bessee

They all look alike to the socialists at msnbc! -



Bill Tozer

Dark Days are here.

“John Fonte has written an excellent article called “End Nationalism, End America.” For many on the left, that’s the point. They may dislike nationalism, but what they really can’t stand is America. Their target isn’t the nation state; it’s our nation state. That’s why they want to cede as much of our sovereignty as they can get away with to international bodies.“


Don Bessee

Crumbling narrative is done when people know the facts -

Other key findings of the poll found 64 percent of Americans were “less likely to support companies and organizations that insert themselves into political issues and debates.” Also finding that 70 percent of all respondents to the survey agree with the statement: “Corporations and sports teams should generally stay out of politics.”

Among the voters who are familiar with the Georgia voting law, the survey found, 52 percent support the Georgia voter integrity bill. In addition, 71 percent of respondents said they were “more supportive” of the law after hearing what was in the bill.

The survey also included findings showing an overwhelming majority (78 percent) of the survey. SurveyMonkey took from a sample of majority Democrats, MLB fans, non-white Americans, and all age groups, supporting Georgia’s laws requiring voter IDs for absentee voting.

Sixty-five percent of respondents, including 62 percent non-white Americans, favor Georgia’s new policy allowing election offices to only send ballot request forms to voters who have requested them.

The poll found that 55 percent of Americans were initially supportive of MLB’s decision to move the All-Star Game out of Atlanta. Eventually, the poll found over half (54 percent) of the surveyed Americans said they became “less supportive” of the league’s action after learning what the new Georgia election law actually contains.




"My boy don't count"

"Politico managed to obtain a copy of the Firearms Transaction Record and a receipt for the gun in question, dated Oct. 12, 2018. It asked, “Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?” Hunter answered “no” despite his history of drug use — something that ultimately had him discharged from the Navy Reserve.

“Lying on the form is a felony, though prosecutions for it are exceedingly rare,” Politico reported, adding that neither Hallie Biden nor Hunter’s lawyer provided a comment on the matter."

Don Bessee

The 0 retread pussies caved quicker than anyone anticipated, how many planes of cash and dead Americans will it take for creepy grampa chamberlin to claim a pyric victory? -

(Bloomberg) -- Iran’s chief negotiator at nuclear talks in Vienna said the sides were focusing on removing U.S. sanctions in a single step, in a statement of progress that didn’t specify what Tehran was offering in return.

“We are negotiating the removal of sanctions all at once, specifying which sanctions and how, their details. All of these have to be precisely clarified,” Abbas Araghchi, who’s leading Iran’s team of negotiators, said on Thursday.



Don Bessee

The people are speaking -

Democratic Illinois governor, Chicago mayor booed at White Sox home opener
One observer said they drew more boos than the White Sox opponent, the Kansas City Royals



Don Bessee

The narcatos traficantes and their coyotes vote creepy grampa joe as the best business development worker of the year! -




re: my 6:11pm.....before an apparently top flight make up person got to Hunter.




The musket was the weapon of war at that time and an ordinary person could also own a cannon if they could afford it back then too. A cannon was the equivalent of a howitzer. These people have no idea of history except how to bastardize it to meet their narrative.


I have another for the lie counter to tally. (how high is that stack Emery?)

"President Joe Biden falsely suggested that Americans who purchase firearms at gun shows don’t need to first pass a background check prior to the transaction.
Biden said background checks aren’t required for firearm purchases at gun shows during his remarks at the White House Thursday."

I doubt lie'n Joe has ever been to a gun show.


Posted by: Walt | 09 April 2021 at 06:28 AM

He can bleat about “weapons of war” all he wants......horse has left the barn!

Bill Tozer

More good news. At least someone is addressing the fat women sneaking into our country and their fat children. And not just illegals. It’s an epidemic, people!

CDC Director: Racism A ‘Serious Public Health Threat’

“The CDC has stated, “Hispanic and non-Hispanic Black adults have a have a higher prevalence of obesity and are more likely to suffer worse outcomes from COVID-19.” The CDC blamed the obesity in those groups in part on racism, stating, “Racial and ethnic minority groups have historically not had broad opportunities for economic, physical, and emotional health, and these inequities have increased the risk of getting sick and dying from COVID-19 for some groups. Many of these same factors are contributing to the higher level of obesity in some racial and ethnic minority groups.”

The CDC added: “Obesity is a complex disease with many contributing factors. Neighborhood design, access to healthy, affordable foods and beverages, and access to safe and convenient places for physical activity can all impact obesity. The racial and ethnic disparities in obesity underscore the need to address social determinants of health such as poverty, education, and housing to remove barriers to health. This will take action at the policy and systems level to ensure that obesity prevention and management starts early, and that everyone has access to good nutrition and safe places to be physically active. Policy makers and community leaders must work to ensure that their communities, environments, and systems support a healthy, active lifestyle for all.”


Hmmm. Maybe this should have gone under ‘Socialist Semantics’. “Safe places to be physically active”? Good one as decriminalization of assaults and crime are running rampant among the Left....per their own policies. Someone smashed you car window and grabbed the loose change? File a report on-line.

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe is bought and paid for so empeor xi now runs the give away to those mutha mullahs -



Don Bessee

That was quick -



Don Bessee

Ya that unity thing didnt last a day in creepy grampa joes world -



Don Bessee

The victims families should sue the politicians that caused the deaths -

Last year, the United States tallied more than 20,000 murders — the highest total since 1995 and 4,000 more than in 2019. Preliminary FBI data for 2020 points to a 25% surge in murders — the largest single year increase since the agency began publishing uniform data in 1960.

The message from a new wave of progressive prosecutors is clear: making arrests for drug and weapons crimes that will go unprosecuted exposes officers to the risk of disciplinary action, lawsuits and criminal prosecution. To mitigate that risk, police take a more passive approach.

Data shows a precipitous decline in law enforcement activity from last June through this February. We found that across the 10 major cities we studied, deadly violence rose as engaged policing fell. Cities that cut (or threaten to) police budgets often saw the largest drops in active policing and the increases in homicide.

From June through the end of this February, Chicago’s police made 31,000 fewer arrests — a 53% decline as murders rose 65%. In Louisville, where massive unrest included the shooting of two police officers during a protest, homicides jumped 87% as the police made 35% fewer vehicle stops since June while arrests plummeted 42% during summer months compared with 2019.

From Los Angeles and Houston to New Orleans and Minneapolis, the political response to the unrest lead to de-policing and the resulting record violence.

Already bloody St. Louis hit a 50-year homicide high, a rate of 87 per 100,000 residents — a rate three times higher than Mexico and Central America. As Milwaukee announced slashing 120 officers from its police force, the city saw a 98% increase in killings.



Don Bessee

The peoples republic of portland in the face of massive crime spikes hires park rangers armed with pepper spray!



Don Bessee

How timely is that -



Don Bessee

creepy grampa pinocchio joe -



Don Bessee

Freedom is not free and you have to stand up for your rights emperor gavin and the SCOTUS agrees again -



Don Bessee

About those 'peaceful protests' -



Don Bessee

The people stuck in the socialist shit holes are not so accepting any more -



Don Bessee

All those liberal donations to blm sure make for a marxists high pay -

although it is not clear how much she is paid by BLM since their finances flow through a complex web of for-profit and nonprofit corporate entities.



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