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01 April 2021


Barry Pruett


Honestly same wisdom. If we want disunity, we keep going down a bad road. Some bi-partisanship may lead us out of this craziness.

Bill Tozer

Why do lefties act so dumb? Why do we acknowlege that they are insane? Why can there never be unity? Because they have been brainwahed. By design.

Must watch for every 'righty'...or Lefty. Lays the plan all out there.


Scott O

"...in the present case, the reestablishment of a preferably unified America"
Unified in what?
Aims? Goals? Realities?
Hell - the lefties have fled from even commenting here since their "hero" Biden was elected.
Paul just told us that he thought everything Biden did is fine and then he totally bailed.
There is no unified America.
There are those that support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and there are those that hope that the Chinese don't take total control before they die.
It's pretty clear it comes down to cowards vs patriots.
Even the keyboard cowards are too frightened to offer an opinion.

George Rebane

Scott0 921pm - Looks like we're in violent agreement. Happy Easter to you and Caroline.


Does this fall under "order to destroy EVIDENCE"?

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