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07 April 2021


Bill Tozer

Quotes and a link. Being a Lefty means never having to admit being dead wrong and on the wrong side of history, the present, and the future.

Insight: “The principle that the majority have a right to rule the minority, practically resolves all government into a mere contest between two bodies of men, as to which of them shall be masters, and which of them slaves; a contest, that — however bloody — can, in the nature of things, never be finally closed, so long as man refuses to be a slave.” —Lysander Spooner (1808-1887)

For the record I: “Stacey Abrams and the Democrats cost Georgia $100 million in revenue because they complained about something they didn’t read and they said something about it that wasn’t true.” —Senator Rand Paul

For the record II: “CHALLENGE: Find one Georgia citizen who WANTS to vote, but is thwarted by having no ID. Just one. And if you find one, watch how quickly their problem is solved by volunteers. What we have — in all likelihood — is an imaginary problem, which is fairly normal for us.” —Scott Adams

The bottom line: “Denver’s black population … is somewhere around 9 percent. You want to see a segregated city, come visit Denver. That might be something [MLB Commissioner Rob] Manfred, who runs a league with one black majority owner, might ponder as his limo drives by the blinding whiteness of neighborhoods … on his way from Denver International to downtown. … A new Morning Consult poll shows only 36 percent opposition to the new law. Can you imagine what those polls would look like if most of the media weren’t blatantly lying about the bill 24-7? But Manfred obviously doesn’t care about the lies. He doesn’t care about the fans. He doesn’t care to know anything about the law. He doesn’t care about the black community. If he did, he wouldn’t have moved the game. Rob Manfred, like so many others who wilt at the first sign of left-wing hysterics, is there to protect Rob Manfred.” —David Harsanyi

Straight from the horse’s mouth: “We’re not standing here and calling for companies to boycott. That’s not what our focus is on from the White House. We do believe that the focus on Georgia is a reminder … that this is much bigger than Georgia.” —White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki (Yes, it is much bigger — as in Democrats’ attempt to rewrite all election law from Congress in the form of HR 1.)

And last… “Wait until the MLB finds out that the former president of Coors Brewing Company (Coors Field), Joseph Coors, was a Goldwater supporter and helped start the Heritage Foundation.” —Amber Athey
Now Biden Wants a Border Wall
DHS Secretary Mayorkas says that border wall construction needs to resume to fill “gaps.”



New York has gone rotten to the core.. So Lefties,, just which Repub you going to blame here?

"Washington is sending trainloads of money to blue states to bail out their high-tax, high-spend habits. As longtime government guru Dick Ravitch writes in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, "Congress has been generous, allocating more than $12 billion to New York state, $6 billion to the city, $6 billion to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and $9 billion to the state’s schools."

The state’s take raises the total budget about to be adopted to $212 billion, some $18 billion higher than the fiscal year that just ended. Florida, which has 2 million more people, will make do with spending $97 billion this year.

Ah, but in Albany, it’s never enough. Not as long as the Legislature is in session."

Just like Ca.,, people and business are leaving.

Thug friendly, Massive taxation..
Yup,, good job LIBS.....


Yes,, going to kick N.Y. while it's down.
Looky what the illegals gust scored!

"While more than a million jobs have been lost in New York and an estimated 80,000 New York businesses may not make it to the end of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, Cuomo and state Democrats will provide $2.1 billion in stimulus checks and unemployment-style benefits to nearly 200,000 illegal aliens.

Previous estimates suggested illegal aliens could receive up to $28,600 a year thanks to the taxpayer-funded benefits approved by Cuomo. Weekly, illegal aliens could receive $500. For those unemployed since March 2020, illegal aliens could receive, on average, $12,600.

New York, and particularly New York City, has been ravaged by Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio’s (D) economic lockdown measures that have now been in place for more than a year. Historic venues, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, and local neighborhood spots have had to close their doors for good as a result of the lockdowns.

Those forced to close include The Roosevelt hotel in Midtown East, which opened in 1924; the Copacabana nightclub, which opened in 1940; The Paris Cafe, which opened in 1873; and Empire Coffee & Tea, which opened in 1908, among hundreds of others."

I will let the crickets do the yelling from the LIB side of the fence.

Scott O

Anyone notice how many fences the left puts up after claiming "fences don't work"?


Scott.. That's Emery's socialism for ya'.
Canada has gone full Commie. No Bill of Rights to speak of.

Scott O

Walt - I have friends in Canada and I follow the events re citizens rights there. Especially the Mark Stein court suits and Jordan Peterson and his travails. It's a mixed bag. A lot of what they do there is astonishingly primitive as to civil rights and yet once in a while there is a glimmer of hope. Canada, overall - strikes me as a very polite and well behaved bunch of proles that are treated pretty well until they get independent ideas. Then the govt puts the hammer down and you had better be ready to put up an expensive defense or just knuckle under.
There are a lot of very conservative Canucks. And a majority of either leftists or people who are just too 'polite' to offer resistance to the leftys.


Scott, do you remember when Ann Coulter got run out of Canada?


Scott.. The Church pissed off the law. That was full blown retaliation. Now where have we seen that before?

Scott O

Ah, sorry I misspell, it's Steyn. Here's his latest -
"The strange figures known as Wokists currently destroying America aren't just reprises of earlier enemies. They represent something rather new. The political cult of Wokism combines the worst aspects of every political cult in history.
Whether they realize it or not, Wokists themselves combine the lunatic loyalty of the Manson family with the hollow pseudo-joy of Jonestown residents, the racism of National Socialists, the inhumanity of Mao Tse-Tung, the bratty tantrums of Veruca Salt, the nihilism of Bakunin-style anarchists, the totalitarianism of Stalin's Soviet Union, the child torture and sacrifice of the Mayans, the derangement of Heaven's Gate followers, the sadistic violence of the Jacobins, and the ruthless control-freakism of the current Chinese Communist Party.
Now add to that noxious syncretic blend the Wokist use of powerful communication technologies to shape narratives and meta-narratives, destroy opponents, and recruit new converts, and you've got yourself a thing."
Walt - Ann (and others) got ran out of all sorts of places.
By those who claim to want "inclusiveness'!
Followers of Christ were persecuted from the beginning. They were instructed to follow God and not humans. That's never gone down well with some humans.

Bill Tozer

‘Biden has yet to reunite any migrant families separated under Trump’

Scott O @ 8:36 pm
Steyn sums it up pretty good. I am still running on Yury Bezmenov‘s words. The Left has been programmed to act to certain stimuli with....well, Steyn laid it out with his “The political cult of Wokism combines the worst aspects of every political cult in history”.

No amount of evidence, videos, data, or what they see with their own eyeballs can persuade or dissuade them. The are trapped in a trap they cannot break free of. It’s irreversible. The change of the perception of reality is complete. Operation Active Measures is a nice way of putting Ideological Subversion. Cultural Revolution leads to the Khmer Rouge, but they are incapable of seeing that. They’ve been programmed to act to certain stimuli in a very specific way.
Walt @ 8:20 pm: Kindly suffer patience with me if this has been posted before. Thank you in advance. Canadian Church stuff.

‘Out, You Nazis!’: Viral Video Shows Pastor Kicking Out Officers From Church Easter Weekend

Get out!” Pawlowski yells, referring to the officials as “Nazis” and the “Gestapo,” the secret police of Nazi Germany. “Immediately get out of this property! I don’t want to hear anything! … Until you get a warrant, out! Immediately go out and don’t come back!”

“And don’t come back without a warrant!” he again warned, as the officials left his church. “Do not come back without a warrant, you understand that? You’re not welcome here. Nazis are not welcomed here. Gestapo is not welcomed here. Do not come back, you Nazi psychopaths.”


Lol. Out, you Nazi psychopaths.
In related news events......

-‘Federal judge flays Wayne State for bias against Christian student club’
Holds university officials personally liable, orders trial to set compensatory damages for constitutional violations.


-‘California forces Christian college employees to undergo gender identity training at odds with faith’


-‘Appeals court strips legal immunity from college officials for anti-Christian bias’
University of Iowa administrators ignored "clearly established" law by singling out student group with traditional views on sexuality.

Hmmm. Speaking of Iowa, did you miss the big media celebration about the first Latino to win the Iowa primary? A victory for people of color. Broke the barrier. Historic moment for our nation!

Me neither when Rafael ‘Ted’ Cruz won the Iowa primary in 2016.


Scott O

I know everyone (except Emery) is aware of United's promise: (besides 'please don't burn our facilities')
"Over the next decade, United will train 5,000 pilots who will be guaranteed a job with United, after they complete the requirements of the Aviate program – and our plan is for half of them to be women and people of color."
Yes - after they 'complete the requirements' and our 'plan' is for 1/2 of them..."
blah, blah, blah...
At least the commies wouldn't commit to anything more than half of that. In a decade all the major brass at United that pushed that BS will be retired or at another job.
What a coincidence!
There's a reason folks think blacks aren't too swift in the thinker-box.
The majority of them (along with white leftys) buy into this bull shit with all they own.
Ever hear of "being sold down the river"?
This isn't politics, it's just folks that think vs idiots.

The Estonian Fox

Scott (8:36PM)-

One group that you left out was the Turks of 1915, and their compassion for those rich, Christian, Armenians. Shame on you.


Here Emery,, Tell us how Biden will do in the polls here.
"President Biden’s tax hike plan would cost the American economy one million lost jobs in the first two years, according to a study from the National Association of Manufacturers."
Or here?
"New weekly jobless claims rose to 744,000 for the week that ended April 3rd, the Department of Labor said Thursday.

Economists had forecast a decline to 680,000 from the previous week’s 719,000. This is the second consecutive week in which initial jobless claims moved up in contradiction to expectations. The upper end of the range of forecasts in the Econoday survey was 705,000.
Jobless claims can be volatile week to week so economists like to look at the four-week average. This rose by 2,500 to 723,750."

I'm sure you have a real good excuse.

Remember... YOU voted for this. (it's not like we didn't tell you so..... OVER and OVER and.....)

Bill Tozer

re: “Only the Dems’ leadership and the country’s Right know that the Dems’ progressive policies are designed for a socialist future. The Left’s rank and file remain eternally bamboozled as to where their leaders are taking us.”—GJR
From the TaxProf comes the news that a number of states are lowering, or considering lowering, the scores needed to pass the bar exam. Why? So that more minorities will become lawyers:

Last sentence: “It appears that China is now more a meritocracy than the U.S. The implications for our economic, cultural and military future are dire.”


Don Bessee

Time for a giggle -










Wow!!!! I must have really wanted that posted!


LOL Fish!! Great find!! Speaking of gun stocks... Anyone ever refinished fire maple? (Some may call it tiger maple)
Ain't going to mess with it till I know how NOT to screw it up.


So much for AGW... maybe a little global cooling is headed this way.

Bill Tozer

Question for liberals: does a just society require that everything be apportioned by quotas reflecting the relative racial and ethnic populations of the country? It’s worked so well for Lebanon, I can’t imagine how it could go wrong here.



Don Bessee

Yup the woken would cancel MLK were he alive -

The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. envisioned a just and equitable America, in which citizens treated each other as persons rather than as carriers of an indelible racial imprint. Today, the progressive left has bet against King’s vision… King himself would be called out and targeted for “anti-bias” reeducation if he were alive today.



Paul Emery

Yeah Walt it's not going to be an easy fix to repair the trashed economy that Trump left. Why is it it's always the Republicans that crash the economy and the Dems that pull us out? It took Bush two terms to wreck the ship after Clinton left us with a pretty near balanced budget but it only took one term for Trump. No wonder he was tossed out after one term along with the Repub Senate and House.

Bill Tozer

I know, it is a silly question. But seriously, some news items over the weekend really make me wonder.


Don Bessee

BT - Like at 6p?


Paul Emery


Are you saying that Trump and Bush left office with the economy in good shape?


Can't blame Trump Emery, You and all the rest of the LIBs went and made a deal with the devil to destroy the economy.
RED China gave you your wish.

And you actually voted for Biden with the crack smoking belief
that he was better than Trump? Biden would fix everything?
Sure thing Emery,, do tell us how that's working out.
Massive job losses on "day one". Illegals flooding over the border on day two. Proposed tax hikes on day three. Fuel costs up 70% on day four.

Sure Emery,, things are going SO swell.


Oh.. How come you didn't post our little discussion timeline Emery? The facts didn't play out in your favor?

Paul Emery

What are the "facts" Walt about the economies that were left by Bush and Trump? Can you give me a summary?

Bill Tozer

re: Scattershots update. the Crabb Fest. Saw this and I thought of the update for some odd reason.

‘A Nation Primed To See Racism In Everything Will Think Only About Race’
Americans are now trained to see racism everywhere, even where it doesn't exist

Staying with the Federalist.....

‘For Hating Trump So Much, Biden Sure Is Cloning A Bunch Of His Successful Policies’
Here are some of the ways the Biden administration is embracing Trump's policies despite their professed vehement opposition to the former administration.


Bill Tozer


Gutfeld: ‘Trump Is a Drug for the Media...Getting Clicks Off the Conflict They Create’

“But Gutfeld mocked the media’s “loathing” for their “drug” Donald Trump:

“Trump is a drug for the media...They talk about how they are going to quit. They wake up in the morning with a Trump hangover. ‘I can't believe I did all of the Trump last night, oh, my God.’ And they cop right on it. It’s like they have that extra dose of Trump to get over the Trump hangover,” he snarked.”

Don Bessee

Hazard pay, vaccination priority and gobs of stimulus bucks and the union is leveraging every kind of leftist agenda and then they do this to the kids. Indoctrination or child abuse or both? -

"She's a bully," the mother wrote in the "Open SM Schools" private Facebook group. "These rants were so often my child said he "tuned her out" and was just trying to get thru the class...this is exactly what's wrong with education and if the school district sweeps this then they are just as responsible."



Bill Tozer

‘Biden's American Jobs Plan could cost taxpayers about $666,000 per job created’
The Washington Post gave Biden "two Pinocchios" for claiming the American Jobs Plan, his infrastructure and jobs proposal, will create 19 million jobs.

Hmmm. Reminds me of the Jimmy Carter jobs program. About 20 years ago I was mocking how one state. A lady at the coffee table remarked that she was in that program in Texas when she was younger. Really? Never met anyone who when through the various government jobs programs from the Green Jobs training (solar panel installers) during the Great Recession and Joe Biden’s Spring Recovery Tour with all the new normal and green sprouts in shallow soil baking in the summer sun. Heard about a guy who works at some wrecking yard and when he flattened cars for the Cash for Clunkers program, he was doing a ‘green job’ that Obama created, lol.

Anyway, I asked the lady if she got a job after going through that long training program under Jimmy. She said, “No, and it was a big waste.”


Not playing your game Emery, Tough titty.
So just where is your Dear Leader's recovery Emery?
How is that going to happen with massive new taxes with no one working? DO explain that.
Still not one job created to stem the losses Emery,, babysitters down on the border don't count..
You still have yet to explain where all the new illegals will be employed.. (Well,,, in N.Y. the illegals get big bucks, while the homeless VETS on the street get f*cked by the OH so caring Proggys.


Here Emery,, a repeat just for you.
You can add this to your LIE tally.

"During an appearance on NBC's "Meet The Press" last Sunday, Buttigieg claimed that Moody's estimated the Biden plan would create 19 million jobs. National Economic Council Director Brian Deese also pushed the talking point last week on "Fox News Sunday.""

Can you smell the bullshit yet Emery?
Here... take a real good whiff.
"Buttigieg then attempted to spin the projected number of jobs created by saying that there would be over 2 million more jobs created with the "infrastructure" plan than if there wasn't a plan."


Bill Tozer

Opps @ 8:33 pm. I deleted the wrong sentence plus in editing. I am such a worm and all the song and dance.

I meant to convey that about 20 years ago I was in a friendly coffee shop and shooting the breeze with others. To point out just how obscene gov’t waste is, I was mocking Jimmy Carter’s job training program (forget it’s name) that spent something like 26 million dollars to train workers and only 7 or 11 folks found gainful employment in one region of the country.. A lady there responded that she went through that program and agreed it was a big waste and no, she did not find employment after the long training.

So, It seems that Biden’s $660,000 for each job created is par for the course.


George Rebane

PaulE 600pm - you’re really not serious, are you?

Ben Emery

Crimes are an illusion. If some entity poisons the land or water of others did they commit a crime? If yes, why aren't energy industry, biotech, CAFO's, etc. ever held accountable. But if some poor smuck robs someone of $20 they are sent to jail. It was a crime to help slaves escape from the South. It was a crime to smoke or deal cannabis in California not that long ago.

What defines a crime? Who creates the laws? Whose interests are laws created?


"It was a crime to help slaves escape from the South"
Ask your Southern Democrats about that.
". It was a crime to smoke or deal cannabis in California not that long ago."
Hate to break it to ya'.. But it still is in plenty of states and countries.

It's also illegal to attack cops, and destroy government buildings... Now how come you're not complaining about ANTIFA?
Seen Portland news lately?

Bill Tozer



Bill Tozer


Rioters Smash Police Cars, Vandalize Police Station In Minneapolis While Looters Storm Businesses Following Police Shooting



Get ready for a real cool Winter.

All that clean work from the ECO buggies... GONE...


What happened to P. Emery? Just speechless regarding all of Biden's "accomplishments"?

No Emery,, Not taking a spin in your wayback machine.
It's time for you to live in the present..(You know,,, what you voted for)


And one for Bobby. And you where whining about Trump and some campaign donations?
"BLM Global Network Foundation co-founder and executive director Patrisse Khan-Cullors, a self-proclaimed “trained Marxist,” has purchased four homes across the U.S. since 2016 for a total of $3.2 million, according to the New York Post."

Bill Tozer

@ 10:58 am: she’s with her people!

‘Twitter Suppresses Tweet About BLM Founder Buying $1.4 Million Home In Mostly White Neighborhood’

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors purchased a $1.4 million home last month in Topanga Canyon, a secluded area of Los Angeles whose population is reportedly less than 2 percent black. The self-described Marxist is now facing criticism for the extravagant purchase, including from Jason Whitlock, an African-American sports journalist.

Whitlock tweeted about the controversy last week, writing, “Black Lives Matter Founder buys $1.4 million home in Topanga, which has a black population of 1.4%. She’s with her people!” He added a link to the story on the celebrity property blog The Dirt. Twitter quickly deleted his post and locked his account for “violating our rules against posting private information.”


Back to the thin blue line: crime (and human nature).

‘The Wall Between Civilization And Our Innate Savagery Is Weakening
Despite being surrounded by material abundance and wondrous gadgetry, human depravity still finds a way.’

Unthinkable to our Social Justice Left is that crime creates poverty, not the other way around. Affects plummeting property values, businesses fleeing because of crime, and the only ones left are the most vulnerable, defenseless, the elderly who are stuck, and the poor including immigrants, the easiest prey. Unsafe to walk the streets, or allow your kids to walk to the park.

The coyotes are in charge of the hen house. “But it was just a stupid 20 dollar holdup!” Spoken by someone who has acts like he has never been stabbed. Now, if you want to talk about root causes, money can’t fix it.
A wee bit dated because he moved, by applies everyday. ‘5 reasons I am leaving CA’—Ben Shapiro.


Don Bessee

Never going to give up total control -

Critics erupt on Fauci after he says to not eat indoors, even after getting vaccine

Mark Meadows: Democrats have 'zero intention of giving back their newfound control, even if you're vaccinated'



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