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07 May 2021


Scott O

GR - "The bottom line of all that we’ve witnessed is that 1) there is no consistency in what people are doing and 2) the state-to-state public policies. How/when/where people wear masks and socially distance varies all over the place."
My wife and I have traveled by car and airline during the "lockdown" this last year and almost a half and have experienced differing attitudes depending on who we are with and where we are.
The schools around here have been back in session since last Sept. Some stores still ask for patrons to use a mask but notably the eldest refuse.
I would say at least half of the restaurants and businesses around here have no mandates at all for any sort of social distancing or masks.
Amazingly our economy is booming. Who would have thought?
It's not a matter of denying the existence of a virus, its a matter of wanting to live our life freely according to our own sense of safety.
The frightened children can decide to hide under their beds, but please allow others the right to not do the same.

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