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11 May 2021


Bill Tozer

Ah, finally. I remember bantering back and forth with the Former News Misdirector about this case. Punch took the side of the illegal alien. Sympathy for the deceased female and her loved ones was not as important as defending the so-called ‘hard working man who was just trying to provide a better life for himself and his family.’ Spare me.

‘The trial of Mollie Tibbetts alleged killer has started in Iowa’

Child molesters, gang bangers, and human traffickers : off limits. Labeling poor refugees with aggravated felonies as poor refugees with aggravated felonies is sooooo wrong. Spare me.

‘AOC, dozens of House Dems cite 'racial reckoning' to oppose targeting gang members for deportation’
Ocasio-Cortez and 34 other Democrats objected to immigration authorities targeting aggravated felons for deportation


I know. All those with aggravated felonies are just hard working people trying to provide a better life for their families.
On another topic, where is Bobbie?

OOPS: PolitiFact Quietly Retracts 'Pants on Fire' It Gave Tucker Carlson on COVID Last Fall


Bill Tozer

On a number of issues, it is getting hard to tell the difference between the Chinese Communist Party line and the Democratic Party line. As, for example, the current conflict in the Middle East and America’s historic support for Israel.

“To coin a phrase, you don’t have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing in today’s Democratic Party. It is blowing in step with the Chinese Communist Party and Hamas.“


Don Bessee

Corporate sponsorship for illegals flooding into well everywhere, ya might want to remember that when you book your next trip -

and funding from the TripAdvisor corporation.

In a video message to Biden, Blackburn and Fleischmann said they are sending a letter to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to understand why the administration is flying border crossers into the U.S. in the middle of the night.

“[Rep. Fleischmann] and I are working to get to the bottom of this planes flying into Chattanooga under the veil of darkness and migrant children being moved from planes, put on buses, and then transported to other locations,” Blackburn said.

“When we think of the fact that we have been left in the dark as the elected public officials in our great republic,” Fleischmann said. “The administration has not been forthright in terms of telling us what is going on. It’s a problem that’s happening in Tennessee … it’s a problem all across the United States.”



Bill Tozer

Lobbyist For ‘Foreign Partners Of Russia’s Nord Stream 2’ Donated To Biden Campaign, Pro-Biden Super PAC: Report


Don Bessee

Just couldn't let this one wait and wanted the koolaid drinkers to have to spit it out in the am. ROFLOL -

“A loan of $1.2 billion has closed on the asset known as the Bank of America Building (555 California Street) in San Francisco,” Trump said in a statement on Wednesday night. “The interest rate is approximately 2%. Thank you!”

Bloomberg News reported last month that investors had snapped up commercial mortgage bonds related to the property. Proceeds were being used to refinance the skyscraper and to give Vornado and Trump a $617 million payout.



Bill Tozer

My thoughts on the Jan 6 inquisition. The Dems have nothing going into 2022, don’t want to mention Biden’s handling of the economy, the border, international affairs, the Middle East, China, pipelines, energy independence, inflation, or anything Biden & Co touched in 4 months that has turned to crap. In fact, the worse thing for the Democrats going into 2022 is touting their own polices.

But if they get everyone to focus on Trump for the next 20 months, then they can hide themselves behind the distraction and misdirection. Without Trump, the Dems in and of themselves are holding a handful of air. “Trying to catch the wind” as Dylan once sang.

I believe this whole Jan 6 Commission is what desperate Dems do in desperate times. Errr....is what Dems do anytime and everyday,.
Already they are calling Jan 6 the worse threat to our democracy....worse than Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Was it Biden who just said what happened on Jan 6 was the worse (or biggest) threat to our democracy since the Civil War? Or maybe is was some other lefty turd sandwich on unhinged false media, aka, lamestream. Maybe the New Democrats are the biggest threat to our democracy, maybe the media is indeed the true enemy of the people. Anyway....

‘Sean Davis: Jan. 6 Commission Is A ‘Nonsense’ Partisan Power-Grab, Just Like The Mueller Probe’

“The whole thing is political nonsense,” he said. “It’s meant to give them something to hang on to for the next two years, heading into 2022 that they can use to demonize their opposition, to shut their opposition down, and make sure that they have no one challenge them heading into the next election.”

The reason for the partisan commission, however, Davis noted, is still unknown.

“What’s really fascinating to me is I thought Democrats had already solved this little puzzle back in January when they impeached Trump over it and blamed him for inciting it,” Davis said. “What else is there to investigate? They told us it was all his fault, so what are they doing now?”


Hmm. “They told us it was all his fault, so what are they doing now?” Well, for starters, purging the military (and government) of any Patriots. America Haters to rule and crush all dissent




"To put it in a different way, to steelman the populist position, democracy does not reflect the will of the citizenry, it reflects the will of an activist class, which is not representative of the general population. Populists, in order to bring institutions more in line with what the majority of the people want, need to rely on a more centralized and heavy-handed government. The strongman is liberation from elites, who aren’t the best citizens, but those with the most desire to control people’s lives, often to enforce their idiosyncratic belief system on the rest of the public, and also a liberation from having to become like elites in order to fight them, so conservatives don’t have to give up on things like hobbies and starting families and devote their lives to activism.

I’m not suggesting this is the path conservatives should take; they might feel that a stronger, more centralized and powerful government is too contrary to their own ideals. In that case, however, they’ll have to reconcile themselves to continue to lose the culture into the foreseeable future, at least until they are able to inspire a critical mass to do more than just vote its preferences."


NEWS & POLITICS WATCH: Did CNN Finally Admit That Biden's Presidency Is a Disaster?

No....they’re far too “in the tank” for team progressive for to ever say that.....but click the link anyway for a classic photo of President LARP. I understand why Punch is so enamored of him.



Another moneyshot:
"Liberalism began as a doctrine of political scepticism directed at rulers, based on the truism that power corrupts, and always adopts a virtuous pose. In time, this gave rise to a complementary form of journalism that was basically adversarial towards the politicians it reported on. If we want to revive the spirit of liberalism and adapt it to a technocratic era, it will require a similarly sceptical form of science journalism, based on the recognition that appeals to Science have become the basic idiom for the exercise of authority."



Their bodies..... not their choice!

JOE BIDEN’S RETURN TO DECENCY: Two Migrant Facilities Closed After Allegations of Misconduct, Unwanted Hysterectomies.

.....unwanted hysterectomies?

Good thing the party of caring is back in charge.



re: 8:30AM Good article.

Dunno if this has been posted.


"We have reached the strange reality in which the state, through the organs of education, agitates for its own destruction. Educators have condemned the entire structure of the social order and celebrated those who would tear it down. They might get what they wish for, though not in the way they imagine. The ancient Greeks warned about the degeneration of democracy into ochlocracy, or “mob rule,” which occurs when the populace loses faith in constitutions and the rule of law. The result is anarchy. In Portland, educators are shaping the character of the young into this regime of disorder. When the city’s rioters chant “Whose streets? Our streets!” in call and response, we should heed them—and beware of what’s to come."


FYI the Bulletin o$ Atomic Scientists picked up the Wade piece


George Rebane

Gregory 910am - Wow! That’s quite an illuminating read. Thanks Greg.


it *is* the same read as it was under the medium.com links that had been shared and touted here before (thanks scenes and toz), but perhaps Don Rogers won't block this link.


Back at ya' Emery,, if Dominion voting machines were produced by a company Trump owned, would you trust them?(Dominion made by rabid LIBS? Care to prove they ain't?)

If hackers can get into a high security pipeline company, and hold it hostage, just what chance does a few voting machines have? (slim and none) And you actually believe they would admit to getting "F"ed over?
Emery has yet to give any reason why LIBS were hell bent on stopping any prying eyes into the voting issue. WHY EMERY,,,WHY!!!?? Going to court to stop the audit is a pretty good reason to dig deeper. That's what a guilty party does.

Don Bessee

Ted Cruz is too right about the woke pussies, they can not even deal with public comment on be part of wokenistas -

The Army disabled comments on new recruiting commercials amid criticism it’s too ‘woke’




One more for the silence of the Emery.
"Corporate leaders are targeting Republican election integrity efforts behind the scenes, hoping to shift the political dial in their favor by convincing lawmakers to reject basic election integrity laws in the future.

Corporate opposition to basic election integrity efforts came center stage following Gov. Brian Kemp (R) signing Georgia’s election integrity bill into law. Opposition came full force, as prominent leftists continued to mischaracterize the measure as suppressive and racist. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), for example, falsely described Georgia’s S.B. 202 as an “illegal voter suppression law,” despite the fact it actually expanded ballot access in several ways."

LIBS have no interest is free and fair elections.
Just like Emery has no interest in answering any questions.


"I'm not a socialist..But look at all the free shit I want to give....(at your expense) "
"President Joe Biden argued in an interview published Friday he was not a socialist despite his massive $6 trillion plan to redistribute wealth in America.

Biden’s agenda would dramatically raise taxes on corporations and Americans making more than $400,000 and use it to fund welfare programs — free childcare, free pre-school, free community college, and expanding food stamps.

His plans also expands the role of the state by expanding Obamacare health insurance premiums, a $400 billion program for home elder care, and hundreds of billions on the left’s Green New Deal priorities."

Don Bessee

Talk about showing weakness right out of the gate -



Don Bessee

Those socialist dems are a classy lot -




Another whopper from the liar in chief.
"President Joe Biden celebrated the announcement of a ceasefire between the Israelis and Hamas on Friday, noting he achieved peace quicker than former President Barack Obama did in 2014."

That should really piss off the Saudis. THEY brokered the deal.

You sure backed a real piece of work there Lefties......

Don Bessee

So where is the pony tail of ignorance on the putin cuddler in chief? The world wonders. -

Political cartoon of the day: Petro pals



Bill Tozer

Love the headline:

‘Oh, Look, Biden’s Breaking Another Bunch of Campaign Promises’


The WH says the Putin Pipeline is necessary for the geopolitical security of Germany and our buffer allies on Europe’s Eastern Front. National and region security for Europe and Ukraine.

Hmmm. Then why is natural gas banned in new hookups in Poop City by the Bay? What about our security? Remember odd and even days at the pump in those Carter years? We were being held hostage by OPEC....da Mullah Mullahs.

If gas is clean and cheap and dependable, why are the Lefties always trying to ban its export? Import ok, export from Oregon (think Portland area) bad, bad, bad. Hell, ban it all! Firkin Fracting is a BOOM for our economy. Gives us an edge, Colonialist Imperialistic oppressors that we are. Good old Yankee knowhow. American Exceptionalism.

Do you know why Getmany needs Putin’s Pipeline like really really bad? Cause they got rid of nuclear and the green energy policies turned out to one unmitigated disaster. The Great Green Savior of the Planet is a misguided place to put one’s faith, not to mention hopes or trust. Germany had to import Polish miners to get more coal out of the ground in the Fatherland’s eastern region and get those coals mines ramped up and humming. Baby, it’s cold in here, lol.

Bill Tozer

‘Fox News Is A Uniquely Destructive Force’: Leftists Call For Boycott Of FNC

Not Lefty enough, I reckon.

Hundreds Gather At Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s House To Slam Her Job Performance
"It’s not enough to be black, it’s not enough to be female, you gotta be right."


Bill Tozer

The Jan 6 Commission belongs in the dumpster.

‘Did the GOP Just Dodge a Bullet?’

“When he took the floor of the Senate to reject the Democrats' Jan. 6 Commission, Mitch McConnell may have salvaged his party's chances to recapture the House in 2022. For that commission, being spun as a "bipartisan" effort to learn what "really happened" in the Capitol that fateful day, is a Democratic scheme to have the left's version of events on Jan. 6 enshrined as the official history of the United States. And what is the left's version? It is that the forced entry and five-hour occupation of the Capitol by hundreds of Trumpists was "an attempted coup d'etat," an "armed insurrection," an act of "domestic terrorism," the "worst attack on the Capitol since the British burned it down in the War of 1812"—and a "threat to our democracy" unrivaled since the Civil War.

Moreover, those who shouted, "Hang Mike Pence!" were out to kill the vice president to prevent his doing his duty and overseeing the count of the electoral votes that would make Joe Biden president. And the instigation and inspiration for the assault was Donald Trump's two months of promoting the "Big Lie" that the presidential election had been "rigged" and "stolen," as was his rally speech on the Mall that day that called on his followers to march on the Capitol. This is the party line the establishment wants written into the record as the official version of events that day. But is that the truth, or is that a painted-up version of the truth?”


Don Bessee

Well that explains all the putin enrichment, ass kissing and cuddling, creepy grampa joe is in love with his tooth caps! Putin is clearly much scarier than corn pop -

Putin to would-be aggressors: 'Will knock their teeth out'



Don Bessee

The chi coms are bitch slapping the creepy grampa joe admin and making the lose face in front of everyone -

Pentagon chief unable to talk to Chinese military leaders despite repeated attempts



Bill Tozer

Well ya, tell us something new.

‘Fake Florida Whistleblower Rebekah Jones Admits Entire Operation Was A Hoax’

Rebekah Jones, the Florida COVID-19 “whistleblower who wasn’t,” conceded Thursday that her entire operation to frame health officials with manipulating pandemic data was a hoax when she admitted she was never asked to delete deaths in the database.

“Deleting deaths was never something I was asked to do,” Jones wrote in a since-deleted post captured and published by National Review’s Charles C. W. Cooke. “I’ve never claimed it was.”


Good for her. You are only as sick as your secrets. Confession is good for the soul.

Bill Tozer

The Global Left has a huge antisemitic problem. Cut to the chaste: there is no difference between anti-Zoinists and anti-semitism to our Woke Mob, no matter how the try to hide it.

Worth watching a few minutes of Ben 'the Jew' Shapiro.


Bill Tozer

PRAGER: Men Give Birth. America Was Founded In 1619. And Israel Is The aggressor.

"Leftism is a moral sickness in the human condition."


Scott O

You have to hand it to the leftys. They can admit, over and over that they are full of it, yet do it with a straight face and still claim the high moral ground.
Remember when developers complained in Kali that environmental rules had gone too far and were being abused by people that simply wanted to stop the projects?
Brown and the Sierra Club told them to stop whining as it just wasn't true.
Then Brown wanted a choo-choo train and suddenly he sings a different tune and there wouldn't be any need for any of that environmental review stuff!
He actually complained that it would keep the project from being built. Do say!
It continues...
Newsom now wants a bunch of houses but that pesky environmental quality stuff is just getting in the way.
Note to you dirt movers who aren't billionaires - sorry, you ain't wealthy enough. You don't qualify.
This is corporatism on steroids. "Special" people get special rules.
And the left cheers.
I'm sure this will fix everything.

Barry Pruett

Here’s some more polls for you Paul.


Paul Emery

Thanks for the good news Barry. The news is that Trump is far and away the likely Republican choice in '24 with 49% support from the Repubs . Trump, the biggest loser in n modern history is still the Repubs choice with 49%. He's the gift that keeps on giving for the Dems.
The only poll on Biden support I follow is RCP consensus which shows Biden approval at +11.2. That's pretty much whats it's been for months now with a couple points variation up or down. Even Rasmussen has him up + 6. You can follow the trends here:



I thought I heard the whine of Leftys again.
'Files provided by county officials show there are no chain of custody documents — absentee ballot transfer forms — for 385 out of the 1,591 dropbox collections that took place in Fulton County between September 24, 2020, and November 3, 2020, the Georgia Star News reports.'

LIBS sure hate the idea of chain of custody.

Oh.. Emery... That's a discredited poll.

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