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22 May 2021



How long did it take for you to figure it out Emery?
More believable than your CNN.

Bill Tozer

This is right up our creepy lefties alley. Now, what do you do with an erection, small child?

This should posted under evil marches on. I could not stupid 30 seconds.



I'm sure that it's only a matter of time before Punch condemns the lies emanating from the White House. He has always been such a stalwart defender of truth and the constant antagonist of politicians who ignore the truth.

From a source that Punch trusts.....

"Nothing has changed except Biden's budget lies are so big that even WaPo feels obliged to point them out.

Thiessen concluded: "From spending to taxes, Biden’s budget is a lie. He plans to tax you more and spend far more of your money than even his record-breaking budget plan admits."



Punchy 703pm

"I think their lives were in serious jeopardy and they would have sustained major injuries and possibly death by the crazed mob that broke down the doors and looted the offices of our elected representatives."

It's a guess, Punchy. Given the complete lack of weapons being carried, I think it clear it wasn't the intent.

Paul Emery


That is not the opinion of the WaPo but that of columnist Marc A. Thiessen. I thought you knew the difference but I overestimated your education and intelligence. that's like saying the Union supports all the opinions of the Other Voices columns.

Barry Pruett

Omg. Do you have any opinions that are your own Paul? I could give two shits what these self-proclaimed pundits think. Lol. I am smarter than all of them. 😂

Herbert Lydell

Going the way of Trump Airlines, Trump beverages, Trump: The Game, numerous Trump casinos, Trump magazine, Trump Mortgage, Trump Steaks, a Trump travel website, Trump telecom, Trump University, and Trump Vodka, the mega trump website “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump,” has tanked as well and is shutting down after less than one month of operation. More of a blog than a 'communications platform' the website saw 159,000 visits on its opening day. Followers diminished to less than 15,000 three days later and now the site is closing. The idea was to have visitors to share Trump’s long-winded posts on their own social media accounts in an effort to replace facebook and twitter which banned him. Apparently, much like the 2020 election, that didn't work and was a dismal failure..which is about par for a trump course even if, like trump, you cheat at golf.

Paul Emery

It was fish that was applauding the pundit not me. You must not have read his post

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