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22 May 2021


Bill Tozer

Never heard of him.

‘John Cena Sucks Up To Communist China, Saying He’s ‘Very, Very Sorry’ For Calling Taiwan A Country’

Actor John Cena walked back his remarks that Taiwan is a country, saying he is “very, very sorry” after facing mounting pressure to issue an apology to communist China



CNN cuts ties with Rick Santorum over disparaging comments

Will anyone notice?



Wow, does Taibbi nail down the ex-KVMR crack news team or what?



In the category of "if it looks like a goombah, walks like a goombah, and talks like a goombah"

A criminal grand jury has been convened in NY to investigate the trump Organization's financial dealings and statements...


Posted by: Babsy Cross | 25 May 2021 at 03:37 PM


Don Bessee

Senility or just more of creepy grampa joes lies -



Bill Tozer

Vertical Smile Bobbie Cross bores me to tears, especially when his mangina starts fluttering in the wind.
Washington Post “Fact Checker” Does a 180 on Wuhan Lab Leak Theory

NY Times Eats Crow (or Bat?): Covid Wuhan Lab Origin Theory Un-‘Debunked’

Stealth Enemy of the People editors strike again:

BUSTED! Brit Hume helps EXPOSE Vox for secretly changing their article about the COVID lab-leak theory to make it ‘less embarrassing’

Another Daily Chuckle:

You think? The Lefties are always the last to know

‘Minneapolis mayor admits that calls to 'defund the police' led to a spike in crime’

Gee, who could ever foreseen this unintended consequence? Definitely not our Leftinista betters, the brightest and the best among us. Nature abhors a vacuum.

St. Louis Mayor Plans to Defund Police, Shut Down Jail, Even as Murder Rates Soar



A poll that will make the poll dancer soil the undies.
78% of voting repubs want Trump to run.
38% of minorities want same.
Already beating "name your LIB" by double digits.

No Emery, I'm NOT going to post the link. You won't read it anyway.

No,, don't post that poll Emery, it's been discredited.
No,, not that one either.

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 2:59 pm

More Matt Taibbi:

"Fact-Checking" Takes Another Beating
Fact-checkers are great, but the media business keeps trying to solve its credibility problem by misrepresenting what they do.


Bill Tozer

Poll: 61% of out insane lefties think all Republicans are racists.


I just love the smell of sweaty trumpers, as reality collides with their reality.

Don Bessee

What do you do when no one wants to hear your lame talking points for lefties lies and then there is fredo -

When it comes to total day viewers, Fox News was the only basic cable network to surpass the one-million viewers plateau with an average of 1.2 million. MSNBC finished second with an average of 842,000 and ESPN finished third with an average of 764,000 viewers. HGTV and CNN joined them among the top five, but CNN’s 569,000 average viewership was less than half of FNC’s audience.

CNN had its worst week since Sept. 2019 and has finished behind both Fox News and MSNBC in the total day category for 14 consecutive weeks. "Reliable Sources" wasn’t the only show contributing to CNN’s problems, as "CNN Newsroom," "Don Lemon Tonight," "Erin Burnett OutFront," "The Lead with Jake Tapper," "The Situation Room," "Cuomo Prime Time" and "New Day" all hit yearly lows in various categories.


The troubled "Cuomo Prime Time" had its worst week across the board as namesake host Chris Cuomo has been engulfed in a series of embarrassing scandals that forced even liberal observers to bash the lack of journalistic ethics at the network. Cuomo, the little brother of embattled New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D., was forced to address a stunning report from the Washington Post revealing he participated in strategy sessions earlier this year to address sexual harassment allegations against the governor.



Bill Tozer

People, be nice to the Jews. Being your normal anti-Semitic Dems is helping Trump!!

After Furious Backlash, NYT Changes Headline Of Column: ‘Attacks On Jews Over Israel Are A Gift To The Right’

“Many progressives, particularly progressive Jews, have worked hard to break this automatic identification and to open up space in the Democratic Party to denounce Israel’s entrenched occupation and human rights abuses,” wrote Goldberg.

“This wave of anti-Semitic violence will increase the difficulty of that work,” argued Goldberg. “The Zionist right claims that to assail Israel is to assail all Jews. Those who terrorize Jews out of rage at Israel seem to make their point for them.” [No shit, Sherlock].......

“Daily Wire editor emeritus Ben Shapiro slammed the piece in no uncertain terms, tweeting, “Michelle Goldberg’s column is routinely a steaming pile of horses***. This one, however, is the Mt. Everest of steaming piles of horses***.”



Posted by: RXCross | 25 May 2021 at 05:14 PM

I just love the smell of sweaty trumpers.....

Of that I have no doubt.....Trumpers on top of you pounding away ....your husband in front of the TV in the other room, Jeopardy™ on, oblivious to it all!

I always knew that you were at heart just a dirty, dirty girl.

Bill Tozer

Maybe now our allies will respect us....not. But, they will like us. That is of utmost importance.

‘Merkel Flips Off Biden's Protest—to Buy Putin's Gas’

“When the U.S. created NATO, a primary purpose of the alliance was to serve as a western wall to defend Germany against the 400,000 Russian troops on the eastern side of the Elbe River. Seventy years later, Germany has decided to double its dependence on Vladimir Putin's Russia for the natural gas needed to run the German economy, despite the opposition of her great protector, the USA. The Biden administration decided to waive sanctions on Matthias Warnig, the ally of Putin whose company, Nord Stream 2 AG, is laying the pipeline beneath the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany that is now 95 percent complete. When done, Nord Stream 2 will make Moscow Germany's principal supplier of natural gas, and cut Kyiv out of hundreds of millions in transit fees it annually receives for letting Russian gas pass through Ukraine to Germany.

Previously, Joe Biden and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken had seemed resolute in opposition. Said Blinken:”



AWWww Babs... The only reality you know involves Rx.

Don Bessee

Ah yes the low information voter that we hear from so often like the pony tail of ignorance and the crossed one -

Political cartoon of the day: Bait and switch




Speaking of reality.. Can Babs back up Biden's statement?
"Trump campaigned on the statement that Blacks will take jobs from White people".
Biden made that claim. Care to show when Babs?


Don Bessee

Making special ops go to this crap when they are the primeir special forces in the world and now the socialist dem want marxist indoctrination. Are you fucking kidding, microaggressions! -

• The impact of secondary trauma and the impact of events such as the murder of George Floyd
• The emotional tax paid by Black employees as they navigate the biases of a white-centric society and have to adapt to fit in with white-dominated work cultures
• The psychic pain caused by microaggressions
• The emotional toll of exclusion



Don Bessee

So much for buy american now its appease the new green dealers -

President Joe Biden is seemingly ditching his “Buy American” promise less than five months into his administration with a plan to import materials for electric vehicles as part of a “strategy designed to placate environmentalists,” according to a report.

According to administration officials who spoke to Reuters, Biden is set to deal a blow to American miners by outsourcing where the United States will source metals needed for electric vehicle production.



Don Bessee

So much for the nazi's now know as the woken socialist dems never doubt those mutha mullahs are behind the worst -



Bill Tozer

Hey kids, rat out your parents. Hey people, rat out your neighbors. Can you say 'East Germany? Can you say 'Khmer Rouge '? Can you say Hilter Youth or Cultural Revolution? Can you say the 'anti-racists are racists? Good.

‘Anti-Racists’ Behind School Enemies List Now Gathering Info On Children As Top Prosecutor Joins In


You can sum up CRT in one word: racist.

Don Bessee

SO perhaps they should stop shutting down power production such as clean nuclear and gas? OH YA da green monster deal that is killing your standards of living. Then we have to get back to WATER FOR THE PEOPLE! -

California regulators told state legislators this week that they would ask consumers to conserve energy this summer to prevent blackouts.

"It's great if people do what we want them to do," said Assemblywoman Rebecca Bauer-Kahan (D-Orinda). "But it's a big 'if' and one of the most unreliable aspects of this to me."

The situation could mean Newsom will have to rely on Californians to limit their electricity usage and, if outages occur, not to point the finger at him

"He's been governor now for 2½ years," Gilliard said. "The fact is, the governor is the top guy."




W.H.O.? Biden?

Biden Shut Down Wuhan Lab Investigation Probing COVID-19 Origins: Report

Xho Bai Den......!


Ron Lowe: A party of hypocrites

I'm going to begin Punchy style......

So George, you think it's okay...(sorry....just needed to see what it felt like again.....I haven't scolded much since Ben was a regular).... that Don Rogers fills column inches in your local fishwrap by forcing homeless cranks like Ron Lowe and Tom Durkin to churn out bilge for ditch weed and leftover pizza crusts?

I mean Ron Lowe probably hasn't had to worry about committing an unplanned pregnancy since the Nixon administration...?!

It was bad enough when Punch was polluting the airwaves at taxpayer expense....but this...!

Scott O

This might be another reason so few leftys are posting here lately -
Play the scary music:
Eco Anxiety!!

Be very afraid!


Posted by: Scott O | 26 May 2021 at 07:39 AM

Another ham fisted attempt to wring carbon taxes from the rubes.....well that yahoo from CNN the O'Keefe trapped did say that as COVID wound down they would go wall to wall Climate Change™.

Bill Tozer

Well, time to re-edit and scrub former comments. Looks like the Evil One (Rand Paul) is on the something. They know which way the political winds are a’ blowing. The evidence has blown a gapping hole in the Blue Wall.

‘Even Xavier Becerra Jumps on the Lab-Leak Bandwagon’


Being a Leftist mean never having to admit a mistake.

Paul Emery

Biden roaring in the polls. Up 13.8 in RCP job approval. Even Rasmussen gives him a +12.


Scott O

re Paul 9:37 - Must be the news he lifts weights in the morning!


Posted by: Paul Emery | 26 May 2021 at 09:37 AM



Big shooting in San Jose....!

Let us pray that it's a white guy so the narrative can continue moving forward!


Oh no! No No No No NO! The can't be right!

'No Basis' For Obstruction Charges Against Trump In Mueller Report, Newly Released OLC Memo Confirms

Looks like Punchy will be walking more back......or another poll....yeah.....that would distract things long enough for the former newsman to skate on another fuck up!



With most Trump appointees off the fine arts commission, Biden can put a progressive stamp on federal architecture

Three cheers for Brutalism!



"Three cheers for Brutalism!"

I expect you'll see Frank Gehry buildings modeled after stainless steel homeless encampments.

Luckily, it's an area where James Kunstler has ya' covered.



Posted by: scenes | 26 May 2021 at 01:09 PM

Luckily, it's an area where James Kunstler has ya' covered.

From the comments (Mar 2021)...

Once you see it as the poop emoji its hard to unsee it…

Bill Tozer

WATCH: Senate Chamber Erupts In Cheers After Passing Sen. Paul’s Amendment To Ban Funding Chinese Gain-Of-Function Research


Bill Tozer

The Wall would have paid for itself in its first year or two and billions upon billions after that. I hate to tell the lefties I told you so, but that would have been a big lie.

'Biden to Spend the Same on Health Care for Illegals This Year as Trump Did on the Wall'



Posted by: Bill Tozer | 26 May 2021 at 02:08 PM

Never about saving money.....why would democrats want to save money?

It's about demonstrating...."Look what we can do for you! Play ball and there's more where that came from....lots more!"

(at least until it isn't .....!)

Bill Tozer

Where’s Bobbie Roxy when you need him?

‘Indictment against Steve Bannon has been dismissed’

“While former President Trump issued a pardon for Bannon prior to leaving office, prosecutors had argued that the indictment dismissal "could have a broader effect than the pardon itself, among other things potentially relieving Bannon of certain consequences not covered by the pardon," according to the Washington Times.

Bannon previously pled not guilty to charges alleging he and three other individuals defrauded people who made donations to construct a border wall.”


The Estonian Fox

San Jose shooter has to be a white guy doing the shooting.
A well known rule-of-thumb:
If there are more killed than wounded, the shooter is likely not black.
If there are more wounded than killed, the shooter is likely black.


Posted by: The Estonian Fox | 26 May 2021 at 03:29 PM

Sailers Law.....! Nice!


Texas allows for anyone who's not a criminal to pack heat..
And the anti gun crowd is pissed. "how can that be allowed!!?
No background checks or training!!"
So Mr. and Mrs. anti gun,, do the criminals?

Scott O

E Fox and fish - yep. It's getting to be a well proven fact.
and his latest:
Trigger (pun intended) warning for leftys and other people that can't handle reality - you won't be able to refute the facts.

Don Bessee

The socialist dem commissars are not going to give up their new found power -

The Democrat speaker of the Maine state House stripped Republican lawmakers of their committee posts Monday after they entered the state House without masks in accordance with the governor’s most recent executive order.

State Rep. Laurel Libby (R) released a video of a confrontation between the seven unmasked Republican lawmakers and a Capitol police officer who told them they are required to wear masks in the state House, even though Gov. Janet Mills (D) released an executive order, effective this week, that ended the state’s mask mandate.



Bill Tozer

'Gov. Gavin Newsom No Longer Allowed To Restrict Houses Of Worship, Ordered To Pay $1.35M Settlement To Church Over Lockdown'

"The ruling marks the first statewide permanent injunction against COVID-19 restrictions on houses of worship in the country."

"Newsom, who received five rebukes from the Supreme Court,.."


Scott O

I wonder how much longer they can run this CRT stuff?


I never knew:
"The consulting firm claims that the “roots of white male culture” include traits such as “rugged individualism,” “a can-do attitude,” “hard work,” “operating from principles,” and “striving towards success”—which are “devastating” to women and minorities."

So - to be 'woke' is to believe blacks can't work hard.

Sorry leftists - I'll just have to be a normal white male.
You'll just have to carry on with your hate-based racism with some one else.


Posted by: Scott O | 27 May 2021 at 08:05 AM

Remember Dalrymple.....CRT isn't to inform, educate, or convince.....like all leftist indoctrination CRT is meant to humiliate.

I imagine that's why so many leftists really like it.....self abasement is such a turn on.

Scott O

fish - "meant to 'humiliate'..."
yeah, that's the plan - but 'frustrate' and 'infuriate' will end up being the result.
And they just can't figure out why Trump still has an allure.
Despite his faults - one of the few who's willing to stand up and call BS on this crap.

Scott O

Speaking of Dalrymple -
Snowflake trigger warning: 2 intelligent white males discus the reality of why you can't have equal outcomes in a free society.
Daniel's book 'Life At The Bottom' is up next on my reading list.


Re: yesterday's entertainment

"Laurie Smith, the Santa Clara County Sheriff, told the Today Show and other media outlets that the suspected gunman, Samuel Cassidy, possessed two semi-automatic handguns with 11 magazines and stored explosive materials in his locker.

I wondered why we were hearing so little about this.

Explosives.....you can't have explosives....those are illegal!

That guy is in a lot of trouble!

Bill Tozer

'Convicted Sex Offenders Pouring Across The Border: One Sector Sees 3,166% Increase'


Holy smokes! What can be worse that convicted sex offenders being released into our homeland?

A: Convicted sex offenders with Covid-19 being transported to a locale near you...at taxpayers' expense.

Bill Tozer

House Republicans Say Biden’s ATF Pick Should Be Disqualified For ‘Alarming Ignorance’ And ‘Anti-Gun Bias’



.....and really, what kind of Thursday would it be without another Hate Hoax to see us through?

Criminals Who Targeted Auto Shop With White Supremacist™ Graffiti Turn Out To Be Two Black Men

A tragedy....especially so close to St. Floyds day!



Q- the music, 'take the money and RUN"

Bill Tozer

Ain’t that the truth. Seems every country has their cast of weirdos. Across the Pond is no exception.

‘Dom’s dictatorship of weirdos’
Cummings’ call for a Covid king proves the man is an authoritarian nutcase.

“Among all the score-settling and spicy news lines from yesterday, Dom’s call for a Covid king has almost got a bit lost. For some time, the debate about Britain’s Covid response has been exclusively about why we didn’t lock down earlier, longer, harder etc, with barely a nod to the destruction of civil liberties this entailed. Now it seems casual talk of unelected rulers barely bears mentioning.”



Bill. Your closer to Linda town than any of us.
Gas 3.87 at the new Walmart station! It's worth the 20 minute drive.


Another Biden dumbshit nominee.
"ASSAULT WEAPON? During a confirmation hearing, Biden’s ATF Director nominee David Chipman wasn’t able to define the term “assault weapon.” And he wants to run the ATF?"

He was asked direcally.. "Define an assault rifle"
Nothing but stutters, and deflections. "That's for Congress to decide".

In MY book,,, "AR" stands for American Rifle.

Don Bessee

Talk about slobbering lap dogs, no wonder no one watches or believes them anymore -



Don Bessee

We are all paying the creepy grampa joe biden hidden taxes -

Rep. August Pfluger, R-Texas, is now calling on HHS to pay up, especially after the congressman said he previously received verbal assurances from Biden administration officials that HHS has the money to reimburse local health care providers for any costs they incur for treating migrant children.

"What a shameful way to do business here," Pfluger told Fox News Thursday of how the adminstration has treated the Midland community.

"It's an outrage that our local hospitals are literally paying the price for Biden's border crisis," Pfluger added.



Don Bessee

Ya sure after a year of lies they told to help creepy grampa joe win. -



Nevada County Right Wing Watch

And to follow up my last point,

lets not forget Mr. Davey Boy Larsen of Carmichael, CA. White Right Wing Nationalist Extraordinaire of the Sacramento Valley. The very definition of a Gun Nut.

Scott O

Don 7:17 - Can't say those reporters aren't doing the hard investigative work they are famous for:
"President Biden is having a chocolate chip ice cream at Honey Hut Ice Cream in Cleveland and it’s possibly the most Biden thing ever."

Don Bessee

Someone sure is channeling the dark lord of liberal lament land! ROFLOL Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!



@ 9:50PM,, spoken like a buttsore LIB who lost the right to own guns. Now pissed that others can have them.


Posted by: Nevada County Right Wing Watch | 27 May 2021 at 09:50 PM

Gun nut?

Looks like Nevada City’s flabbiest keyboard commando is back from Baltimore.....

Anyway, to your point, the type and number of firearms that I own would draw guffaws from serious collectors if described as being owned by “gun nut”. But I get it.....the thought of anything more interesting than a woman’s “Purse Derringer” is bound to send the strapping young bucks of the Nevada County Right Wang Watch to their respective fainting couches.

See you next month.....


Interesting......I usually expect that if a legislator gets caught naked in a meeting or behind the wheel......Republican.

But then I saw “Canadian”.


Bill Tozer

‘NYT COVID reporter's claim of lab-leak theory's 'racist roots' hints at paper's news priorities’
News outlets including the New York Times have only just recently begun to explore the lab hypothesis.

Liar, liar, pants on fire: “we are redoubling our efforts”

‘Trust science? Fauci and NIH chief say Biden never consulted them before spiking COVID origin probe’



Thay......where did those Right Wing Wang Watcherth go.....?

Scott O

Nevada County's finest at 9:50 - "And to follow up my last point,..."
Waving his finger at a photo of Imelda Marcos.
Quickly, his wife steered him towards his bed.
"Dear, you know the doctor warned you about your drinking..."

Bill Tozer

@ 8:30 pm

Where did Chuby Checker go? Haven’t a clue. The Wing Nut of Nevada County started off with “And to follow up my last point,...” and that’s where ‘they’ lost me. Had to think back what was his last point. Oh yeah, something way Bqck about the affiliated Left Coast Association of Wing Nuts is watching us with all our insurrection talk and Johnny Rebs traitorous anti-democracy overt tendencies. Maybe we have been reported to the authorities and are all on the terrorist watch list. Probably gathering Exhibits A-K that were domestic White Terrorist, the biggest threat to the USA Today. Bigger than Global Warming. Mercy. I am thoooo frightened.
Love it when he plays his pipe organ and searches for the remnants of his skin flute simultaneously. Better show than the organ grinder.

‘And I don’t want to hear anymore of this crap that people are leaving California.’ Good thing his ma-in-law kicked the bucket so they snatched the old broad’s house....with a 3 digit local address .Sweet. One of the beautiful people with Frisco values. Just biden’ his time, I reckon.


Bill Tozer

‘CNN’s Hitler-Loving Freelancer Is a Symptom of a Dangerous Media Problem’

“Taken altogether what is clearly evident is that the liberal media has an underlying problem with the self-same and decidedly vivid anti-Semitism that is coming from various left-wing members of the Democrat caucus in the House. Not to mention the same problem with anti-Semitism that Fox reports this way:

‘US seeing wave of 'textbook anti-Semitism' amid Israel-Gaza tensions’

Israel-Gaza conflict has generated disturbing backlash against American Jews
When CNN is forced - twice - to fire people because of blatant anti-Semitism, and The New York Times has to apologize for running blatantly self-evident anti-Semitic cartoons? When the AP is seen by Hamas as an “asset” and uses a location “right beside” the AP office to launch rockets - and the AP refuses to report this? As the old US astronaut lingo might put it: Houston, we have a problem”

Boy, that TDS is some potent stuff:

LOL: Jake Tapper Imagines Himself as 'Not Particularly Opinionated,' He's Just Pro-'Truth'


And Tapper is blaming Trump for his own spewing of fakenews. The devil made me do it. Blame TDS combined with exploding Progressive activist melons. Fascinating to watch, but all things get old. Boring.


About damned time this goes to trial.

The picture shows just what a pathetic POS the "security guard"
is. That should get him some celly credits in the big house.


In the immortal words of those legendary dogs Astro and Scooby Doo, 'ruh roh'.


Whether it's true or not doesn't matter as the folks currently running the country have a lot of Chinese skin in their game.


News you WON'T hear. Another good guy with a gun.

"A citizen armed with a scoped hunting rifle shot and killed a man who had just murdered an 87-year-old woman in an Fort Smith, Arkansas apartment complex, putting an end to a potential mass casualty event through the use of lethal force."

Bill Tozer

“Stuffed animals seem to play an important part in the lives of a surprisingly large number of left-wing students. Apparently, they make these students feel safe. As safe as Play Doh does, maybe even safer.

According to this report, a stuffed animal even helped a black teenager gain admission to Princeton:”


Yep, those teen years were rough for most all of humans. .


Posted by: scenes | 29 May 2021 at 06:35 AM

It’s just a claim.

I’m sure that Paul Emery’s “guy” (it’s been entertaining watching Punch morph into Todd....his mannerisms anyway) Xho Bai Den ....well his patrons would never do anything like that!

Bill Tozer

Federal Court Strikes Down Race-Based Restaurant Bailouts In Biden’s COVID-19 Spending Bill

“A federal appeals court struck down racist provisions in President Joe Biden’s partisan $1.9 trillion COVID-19 spending package that designated billions of priority financial aid to restaurants largely owned by minorities”......

“The Small Business Administration has injected explicit racial and ethnic preferences into the priority process,” Thapar wrote. “Under a regulation that predates the pandemic, the agency presumes certain applicants are socially disadvantaged based solely on their race or ethnicity…If you are in one of these groups, the Small Business Administration assumes you qualify as socially disadvantaged. Indeed, the only way not to qualify is if someone comes forward ‘with credible evidence to the contrary.”

While the dissenting judge Bernice Donald, claimed that the government is allowed to use “racebased classifications to remediate past discrimination,” Thapar also noted that “the schedule of racial preferences detailed in the government’s regulation—preferences for Pakistanis but not Afghans; Japanese but not Iraqis; Hispanics but not Middle Easterners—is not supported by any record evidence at all.””


Bill Tozer

Speaking of the courts..... “had been struck down by unanimous and near-unanimous votes.”

‘This Is How FDR Tried to Pack the Supreme Court
When his New Deal legislation kept getting struck down, FDR proposed a law targeting justices over the age of 70.’

Over the course of the Depression, Roosevelt was pushing through legislation and, beginning in May 1935, the Supreme Court began to strike down a number of the New Deal laws. “Over the next 13 months, the court struck down more pieces of legislation than at any other time in U.S. history,” Woolner says.

Roosevelt’s first New Deal program—in particular, its centerpiece, the National Recovery Administration, along with parts of the Agricultural Adjustment Act—had been struck down by unanimous and near-unanimous votes. This frustrated Roosevelt and got him thinking about adding justices to the court, says Peter Charles Hoffer, history professor at the University of Georgia and author of The Supreme Court: An Essential History. When he won the election of 1936 in a landslide, Roosevelt decided to float the plan.

It met instant opposition.

While it was never voted on in Congress, the Supreme Court justices went public in their opposition to it. And a majority of the public never supported the bill, either, says Barbara A. Perry, director of presidential studies at the University of Virginia’s Miller Center.

“Congress and the people viewed FDR’s ill-considered proposal as an undemocratic power grab,” she says. “The chief justice (Charles Evans Hughes) testified before Congress that the Court was up to date in its work, countering Roosevelt’s stated purpose that the old justices needed help with their caseload.”

“It was never realistic that this plan would pass,” Perry says. “Roosevelt badly miscalculated reverence for the Court and its independence from an overreaching president.”



They should have anticipated this.With the stress of the campaign and transition behind him that Joey Fingers would begin to weaken before his inner demons!

‘Looks like she’s 19’: Uproar after Biden’s remarks about girl at Virginia military base


Don Bessee

Sticky fingered socialists -

Black mothers of police shooting victims accuse BLM of profiting from their ‘loved ones’
Patrisse Cullors’ lavish lifestyle has ignited nationwide outrage



Paul Emery


One of RR's favorite news sources Brietbart is now claiming that the Moon landing was fake.

"Buzz Aldrin Has Opened Up About That Iconic Moon Landing Photo

By Ken Macdonald

Buzz Aldrin said that his photo on the Moon was “so well staged” – and conspiracy theorists everywhere are celebrating. Because even though some 600 million people watched Apollo 11 land on the Moon on July 20, 1969, the truth of that momentous achievement has long been debated. Some people have pointed out inconsistencies in the Moon landing photographs. Others have gone so far as to claim that director Stanley Kubrick faked the entire thing for NASA. But now, 50 years later, Aldrin has finally revealed the surprising facts about his time on the Moon. "


Barry Pruett

Please read the article you ding dong. That’s not what the article is about. Lol

Don Bessee

Only the pony tail of ignorance would fall for clikbait and its not brietbart but a riff on Aldrin. What a maroon! ROFLOL



Emery,, can't you ever get past the fake headline?
Trump was supposed to be guilty too. How did that work out?


Hey Emery.. Go to BB,, and find their story and post it.


Here Emery, a factual story from BB.

Never really endangered,, but it will make for a good scapegoat
excuse. "We just say it is."

Bill Tozer

So Paul Empty, what is wrong exactly with interviewing Buzz Aldrin (an historic pioneer astronaut to the surface the Moon) and reporting on what Buzz had to say?? Is there something wrong with that? What, he can only do interviews to Rolling Stone or Mother Jones....or maybe Raw Sewage has a juicey tantelating hit piece on it.

What a stink ass.

Buzz has been a contrarian for years.

Paul Emery

So Walt are you saying that the Buzz Aldrin story is not factual? It was Breitbart's editorial decision to run it.

Don Bessee

affluent times is your link oh great pony tail of ignorance. Clickbait. LOL -


Don Bessee

Comrade deblasios race to the bottom, cant let SF beat us says the commie mayor!



Don Bessee

A plan only a socialist dem could like. Turn a secure border into an open sewer of covid flow, salt them on red states and now export jobs. Talk about screwing working class people of color! -



Barry Pruett

Watch the Indy 500 today folks.



Oh well, you know how B. Aldrin deals with stink asses.


In the daily 'lack of self-awareness' department.





Emery,(our own lesser prairie chicken) and his war generation gets ignored by their dear leader again.
"President Joe Biden will ignore the annual Rolling to Remember motorcycle rally in Washington, DC, on Memorial Day despite past presidents taking part in the day’s events."

All the warriors that died going to a Democrat's war dishonored again.


BTW Emery,, never could find the bullshit story you claim.
Not on BB.
So your a "moon faker" too?
Now some trivia for you... Just who stated "The truth is out there."


More trivia to reflect on.
When Trump showed up, unemployment was nearly ZERO. Big Biz, came home. Money came home. Manufacturing was done on U.S. soil again. Fuel prices LOW,, and NO INFLATION.

Most of that list is gone now. Ain't it great when Proggys are in charge? Gas in PV. is pushing 4.50 a gallon. That's more than when the guy Emery voted for (at least once) was doing his best to phuck things up.


One more,, just to torment Emery.

And you have the low hanging fruit to whine about Trump?

"President Joe Biden unveiled his 2022 budget request Friday, proposing a $6 trillion spending package that would bring the U.S. to its highest levels of spending since World War II.

Biden’s plan includes funding for his American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan, among other major initiatives. The plan calls for an increase in spending to $8.3 trillion by 2031, with each year adding a $1.3 trillion budget deficit. If that rate is maintained, the U.S. would surpass even its sustained spending levels of World War II by 2024"

Where are the taxpayers Emery? Your Dear Leader is paying them not to work.

Paul Emery

Trumps former lawyer claims Trump can be reinstated as president. Trump really knows how to pick them.

"Controversial former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell on Saturday falsely claimed that the former president could be "reinstated" as president while speaking at a QAnon conference in Texas.

Powell is one of the leading proponents of the "Big Lie" that Trump won the election that incited the violent January 6th insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

Powell said, "he can simply be reinstated" — despite the U.S. Constitution offering no such provision."


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