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12 May 2021



Yaaa,,,, Emery,, you have to "hang out" to do that.
Another Emeryinism..... Just "redefine" how one hangs out in bars. " I play a geetar.. I sing for my supper.. I don't associate with anyone in the establishment.. I hide in the back room on breaks".... That cover it Emery?

I really don't care where you hang out Emery.. Welcome to Amerika.
But be sure to get both you doses of the Trump shots.


I don't go into Nevada City Emery,, I have no use for it.
It reeks of dope.. You can smell NC long before you hit the city limits.

Bill Tozer

Perhaps if Empty Emery wishes to further discuss his barroom hangouts and his consumption (or non-consumption) of various libations and legal social lubricants, the Sandbox would be a grand place for The Lounge Lizard to continue talking about his favorite subject, aka, himself.
The world renown Sandbox is highly recommended to bore us to tears, not Scattershots.

Focus, Rusty Zipper, focus. The topics are listed above and I don’t see Mr. Boring on the list. Nowhere to be found. Now, in my best lame impression.....drumroll please...”And I don’t want to hear this bullshit that Don started it.” He started it! Why you coming down on me? He started it!

Hose before bros. Or is that Bros before Hose? I get that one all confused. Nevermind. Anyway, I am with the band!

Scott O

re George's 3rd point in this scattershots:
Hardly FOX or Breitbart and even they're starting to see the insanity.
BootyJudge - "I don’t want to get bogged down in a semantic or philosophical argument over what to call something.”
Oh, right! Because words have no fixed meaning!
Let's just toss the dictionary away!
Money quote: "We do have the money. That’s the thing. Like, we abundantly do have the money because the bill is paid for.”
Hear that?
The feds have paid off all the fed debt and have trillions in cash sitting in a bank account.
Or a printing press.
You could not give Putin and Xi a better gift.


Gotta love Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's take no prisoners attitude.
She has no problem confronting a LIB, and making a scene of it.
And what do the targets of her questions do? RUN!!

" DEFEND your position and stance!!" Yet they can't..

Like someone else we know..

Bill Tozer

How Chris Cuomo Hitched Himself to Rebekah Jones’ Sinking Ship of Lies

According to Cooke, police found “enough of what they were looking for in Jones’s home for another Leon County judge, Nina Ashenafi Richardson, to sign a warrant for her arrest. In January, Jones turned herself in. She is currently awaiting trial.”

This is CNN.

Man o man, they are jonesing for their masks already.

‘Mask Addiction: NBC Can’t Quit, Presses Fauci to Rip New Guidelines’

“Like they were fighting a nicotine addiction, NBC Nightly News just didn’t want to give up wearing the masks. Last year, NewsBusters documented NBC’s “despair porn” cycle where the network would cheer on crippling lockdowns then mourn for the devastation they wrought. Well, it was a new version of that concept on Thursday as the network tried to spread fear of the CDC’s new no masks for the vaccinated guideline. Anchor Lester Holt even tried to get Dr. Anthony Fauci to disagree with it.

As he came on the air, Holt tried to ride the line of supporting the move while stoking suspicion and fear:“


Bill Tozer

The glum lot just gets weirder and crazier and more f**ked up in the head.


Bill Tozer

‘The Washington Post’s Hit Piece On Josh Hawley Is Really A Hit Piece On All Conservatives’
Under the pretext of an investigative profile, the Post smears Sen. Josh Hawley by attacking small-town America, Christians, and the rule of law


That’s what our enlightened Lefty non-moderate Looney Extreme Left Democrats hate most. Rural American, Christians, and the rule of law. Sounds like Bobbie and a few wackos regurgitating their ignorance on the Union comment section. They are the ones who are truly irredeemable.


Sign of the Times.

Russian Army recruitment ad.

US Army recruitment ad.

George Rebane

scenes 811am - Holy shit!


Posted by: scenes | 14 May 2021 at 08:11 AM

Corporal huh.....? I guess UC Davis didn't pan out! I figured for sure that that fable was going to wind up with her as the company Zampolit.

Scott O

scenes 8:11 - I was going to comment, but George pretty well sums it up.

Bill Tozer

Scenes. Thank you for your “best post of the day” about the Wuhan Lab. Now, it’s making the rounds. Do you realize that was a 30 page paper? I devoted the time and concentration to the long article and it was worth it. Thanks, albeit belated.

Insight: “To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men, their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism and religious dogmas.” —Dr. G. Brock Chisolm (1896-1971)

Upright: “Let’s be really clear. The 1619 Project is not history. … Of course we need to teach history. We need to teach about slavery … but we also need to teach how our country has continued to aspire for and work toward a more perfect union. And the answer to racism and discrimination in our country is not to then adopt another form of racism, which is exactly what the 1619 Project suggests.” —former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

Political futures: “We are having daycare issues, because our kids aren’t back in school full-time. That is the Biden administration kowtowing to the teachers’ unions. Our energy prices are going up because they shut down the Keystone Pipeline. Our border crossings are up to the highest over 20 years in April. Why? Because they are refusing to enforce rule of law policies at the border. This is all at their feet. They own this. They cannot make excuses. They are letting our country fall apart because of failing policies. And you know what? Everything is in crisis right now. … Everyone take note, this is why we have to win back the House in 2022 and get behind Republicans because this is the only way we are going to stop this free fall that we are seeing under the Biden administration.” —RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel

For the record I: “The conflict we are seeing is the direct result of the tragic mistakes of the Biden foreign policy. And when you are ambiguous, when you are agonizing, when you undermine our support for Israel, what happens is it encourages the terrorists who attack and launch the kind of missile and rocket attacks we’re seeing right now.” —Senator Ted Cruz

For the record II: “I remember 17% inflation and long [gas] lines and Israel being in trouble in the Carter years, and we don’t want to go back to the Carter years. We want to go forward.” —Senator Charles Grassley

Friendly fire: “I think it’s the wrong message and it’s confusing people. … What the administration really should be doing is, instead of continuing to hawk the message of masks in public, they should be hawking the message that vaccines are incredibly effective. And vaccines work.” —CNN medical analyst Dr. Jonathan Reiner

A blind squirrel finds a nut: “If you’re vaccinated and you’re outside, put aside your mask. You don’t have to wear it.” —Dr. Anthony Fauci

Braying jenny: “By only stepping in to name Hamas’ actions — which are condemnable — & refusing to acknowledge the rights of Palestinians, Biden reinforces the false idea that Palestinians instigated this cycle of violence. This is not neutral language. It takes a side — the side of occupation.” —AOC critiquing Joe Biden

Pot calling the kettle black: “For the sake of our democracy, reasonable Republicans across the country must take back their party.” —Nancy Pelosi

Puppet-in-chief: “You [reporters] are bad, I’m not supposed to be answering all these questions. I’m supposed to leave.” —Joe Biden

Non compos mentis: “If you drive an electric car, [the gas shortage] would not be affecting you, clearly.” —Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm

And last… “The media never shut up about Russia’s ‘control’ over the United States the past four years… But I don’t seem to remember our energy grid ever being held hostage by Russians when Trump was in office.” —Charlie Kirk


Thanks Scenes, for showing just how SCREWED we are.......
The only this missing is "I'm Joe Biden,, and I approve of this lame recruitment cartoon."


Tower 1150

What is the link to the paper you lauded?

Bill Tozer

Gregory @ 4:44 pm

Article of the day.


Posted by: scenes | 04 May 2021 at 06:27 PM

Ps: don’t you find the timing of the lifting of the Hallowed Mask Mandate a bit odd? Like, why now? Oh, besides the data pouring in from our 50 state experiments and it’s beyond clear which policies work best (red states) and which policies were wrong, the real reason is the Dems are being righted labeled as the Lockdown Mongers, which, like CNN, support for lockdowns is cratering, bigley. A whole bunch of the 60,000 small business owners got all riled up because they were put out of business never to open again by such policies, it’s gone on way too long...and the job report missed BY 3/4 OF A MILLION JOBS! And that’s where millions of do gets are pointing to; those responsible for the unnecessary misery. Dems, the party of misery.

Why now, Sherlock? Elementary my dear Watson. It’s a political decision. Dr. F’s rockstar is falling (read link above) and Biden is exposed once again as a monkey trying to hump a greased football. And with no general election next year, the Congress Critters and Govs are feeling the heat. Flaming heat. Scorching heat. Election losing heat. They respond by requesting more security, lol. All politics, all the time.

Don Bessee

So its not really follow the science -



Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe is getting bitch slapped by all the usual suspects from those mutha mullahs to vlad to the chi coms and the economy -



Don Bessee

The chi coms are playing 3D chess and the socialist dems are polishing their checkers -

The investigators discovered at least 700 land purchases funded or directed by China near military bases — evidently much more than they were expecting to find, judging from the stunned tone of the Sankei Shimbun report, and even more Chinese land buys are in the works.

These land purchases provided ample surveillance opportunities for numerous Japanese defense sites, along with U.S. military bases in Kanagawa prefecture and Okinawa. One of the Chinese land buyers in Kanagawa is “suspected to be related to the Beijing government.”

The new wave of Chinese land purchases appears to be focused on Japan’s coastal air and sea radar installations.



Don Bessee

Already the limping gazelle? -

But 21 percent of Democrats also blame Biden, while only 15 percent of Republicans blame Trump.

Interestingly, the poll showed a minimal gap between men and women. That result suggests that Biden’s honeymoon among female voters may be dissipating.

The poll asked:

Which point of view comes closest to your own? The nation’s current immigration problems are due to the policies of the Trump Administration [or] The problems are being caused more by the policies President Biden has put in place?

The numbers are especially bad for Biden because the Rasmussen question named both Biden and Trump. The naming then encouraged respondents to tailor their answers to their partisan loyalties, as they do when considering how to vote nationally every two years.

Many other polls use techniques to help people exploit their policy preferences from their partisan loyalties. Those polls tend to show very strong, cross-racial, and bipartisan support for policies that favor Americans over policies that import foreign workers, such as refugees or visa workers.

The Rasmussen poll also asked voters: “Is the current situation with migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border a crisis?”

Sixty-five percent of respondents declared it to be a crisis.



Bill Tozer

Don @ 8:31 pm

Published last week, so a bit dated. (Mark Penn, co-director of the Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll, based on a late April survey.)

‘End of the honeymoon? Not yet, but Biden faces 'brewing problems,' warns Dem pollster’


Bill Tozer

Amen sister. Tell it like it is and was.

‘How A Year Of Unfounded, Contradictory CDC Guidelines Destroyed That Agency’s Credibility Forever’
Will Americans ever be able to trust the CDC again after the agency mismanaged, lied, and bent to politics of this moment?

“No other government agency has accelerated its own demise in the last year faster than the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It’s stuffed to the brim with scientists and doctors and virologists, yet instead of rising to the occasion of a global pandemic, the bureaucracy shattered its reputation and credibility beyond repair”


Bill Tozer

re: Scattershots. Just three quotes to start off with.

For the record: “President Biden had it easy. All he had to do was nothing. He could expect a new era of good feelings emerging from a tumultuous time. He could expect a booming economy, a more peaceful Middle East, a solution to the pandemic. All he had to do was calm the waters. This, after all, was what Americans voted for: not a transformational figure or a figure of radical change but a stodgy, supposedly empathetic grandfather figure who could barely be bothered to leave his basement for the entirety of the presidential campaign. Normalcy could be restored by installing a nearly inanimate object as president. Instead, Biden has served as a facade for the most radical administration in modern American history. And America is already paying the price.” —Ben Shapiro

“Highest gas prices since 2014. Worst conflict in Israel since 2014. Obama’s third term is going exactly as planned.” —Elijah Schaffer

“I miss mean tweets and $1.98 for a gallon of gas.”
Headline: ‘Palestinians Attack Israel, Dems Blame Israel’
2 more quotes and a meme

“The Colonial Pipeline attack] is just the latest in a series of cyber terrorism attacks against American infrastructure. Some cyberattacks have been launched from North Korea. Others from communist China and Iran. This one appears to have come from Russia. … That brings me to another attack on a pipeline vital to America’s economic and national security. Sadly, that attack was successful. The pipeline was shut down. Thousands of Americans lost their jobs, and we became more vulnerable to attacks like the one against the Colonial Pipeline. Of course, I’m talking about the Keystone XL Pipeline coming from Canada. It wasn’t attacked by Russian hackers, but Joe Biden just hours after he took office. The Colonial Pipeline can fight back against Russian hackers. The Keystone Pipeline couldn’t fight back against a president who foolishly declared war on our energy industry.” —Gary Bauer
“The media never shut up about Russia’s ‘control’ over the United States the past four years… But I don’t seem to remember our energy grid ever being held hostage by Russians when Trump was in office.” —Charlie Kirk

Bill Tozer

Are the Halcyon Days Over for Joe Biden?


Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joes venezuelaization of the US is on overdrive -



Bill Tozer

To mask or not to mask. Honey, does this mask make my cheeks look fat?

‘MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Admits The Left’s Need To ‘Rewire’ Their Perception Of The Maskless As ‘Selfish’ Threats’
When MSNBC's Rachel Maddow says, "We're going to have to rewire the way that we look at each other," she's right. And it's a real shame

“We should give Maddow credit for her honesty because, as she said, these are her personal feelings. Unlike the theatrical opining we often get from cable news pundits, Maddow’s insights on the post-vaccine masking landscape had the flavor of authenticity.

That said, those honest remarks were troubling and revealing. Not only did they drip with knee-jerk contempt for strangers who, for whatever reason, diverge from Maddow’s mask orthodoxy, but they also expose the disturbing extent to which many Americans have rewired their brains to view anyone who declines to wear a public symbol of COVID allegiance on their faces as political enemies, threats, science-deniers, and conspiracy theorists.

While the CDC changed its tune overnight, the science didn’t change that fast. The CDC’s reluctance to update its guidance was irrelevant to reasonable Americans who rightly trusted the efficacy of vaccines and watched case numbers and virus-related deaths plummet as shots went into arms. Well-intentioned, intelligent, and reasonable Americans have read studies, assessed anecdotes, and made personal decisions in accordance with science, and they didn’t need the CDC to update its guidelines to get permission to live in accordance with what they already knew to be true.

Masking as a means of political posturing, however, has infiltrated our newsfeeds and tainted our attempts at returning to normal. A number of vaccinated Democrats, who belong to the self-described “party of science,” are refusing to follow the science for the explicit reason that they don’t want to be mistaken for Republicans.“

“As mask mandates fall around the country, liberals are being left disoriented. Now that the CDC says it is OK to forgo masks both inside and out, they desperately want to continue virtue signaling, but–on what basis can they claim masks as a virtue? It’s a puzzle!

You may remember David Hogg. He was a teenager elevated into an anti-Second Amendment crusader by a cynical press, and more recently the founder of an already-defunct pillow company. He said out loud what more than a few liberals are thinking:


Just as we thought: “science” has nothing to do with it, it is all about virtue signaling. But wherein lies the virtue? Soon, people wearing masks are just going to look silly, today’s version of Japanese soldiers hiding out in caves after the war was over.

Don Bessee

An outcome only creepy grampa joe and the socialists would embrace -



Don Bessee

Protecting their ideological chi com brothers? -



Don Bessee

Hey just like caracas and you can bet the poor folks are suffering the most -



Don Bessee

The socialist dems say antifa is not a thing but they are in fact the new red guard -

The three women, dressed in all black, are accused of vandalizing the former home of former Santa Rosa Police Officer Barry Brodd over his testimony during former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin’s trial in connection with the murder of George Floyd in mid-April.

“It appears the suspects in this vandalism were targeting Mr. Brodd for his testimony,” cops said at the time. “Mr. Brodd has not lived at the residence for a number of years and is no longer a resident of California.”



Bill Tozer

MIT Researchers Admit Anti-Maskers Are More Scientifically Rigorous

“Upon recounting my bout with COVID to an acquaintance, I was asked if I knew where I might have picked up the virus. When I mentioned my hunch about the source, my acquaintance gasped, then inferred that I and those I caught it from must not have been wearing masks since the virus had spread.

“No,” I responded, much to her surprise, “we were wearing masks.”

Such a comment demonstrates the great confidence which many have placed in measures such as lockdowns and mask mandates in recent months. “Science confirms that these measures work!” many exclaim, arguing that those who question masks or other allegedly helpful restrictions are anti-science.

Yet new research from several MIT academics casts some doubt on the anti-science nature of COVID skeptics. In their paper, “Viral Visualizations: How Coronavirus Skeptics Use Orthodox Data Practices to Promote Unorthodox Science Online,” the academics show some curious cognitive dissonance, making anti-mask proponents out to be clever propagandists who create easily understandable charts and graphs to sway the public away from the authoritative opinions of experts.

At the same time the academics admit, almost in a puzzled fashion, that these “anti-maskers” do their investigations in a very scientific manner. “Indeed,” the paper claims, “anti-maskers often reveal themselves to be more sophisticated in their understanding of how scientific knowledge is socially constructed than their ideological adversaries, who espouse naive realism about the ‘objective’ truth of public health data.”

The MIT academics go on to admit that those opposed to masks are not afraid to get down and dirty in looking at statistics, nor are they afraid to increasingly question the media and government authorities, a trait MIT researchers call “a weaponization of critical thinking.” Even more surprising is the revelation that anti-maskers’ “approach to the pandemic is grounded in a more scientific rigor, not less.

People can bicker all day long about which side is right on this issue, but in this instance, these straightforward, honest comments from the MIT researchers should give us pause. They are clearly opposed to the ideas of the anti-maskers, yet they can’t help but begrudgingly respect the scientific methods of their opponent“


Bill Tozer

@ 8:15 pm. And Mr. Andy Ngo was there:



For those who still buy the story that the election was pure as the wind driven snow,,,, well,, here's a piss yellow pile.

"“The entire Database of Maricopa County in Arizona has been DELETED! This is illegal and the Arizona State Senate, who is leading the Forensic Audit, is up in arms. Additionally, seals were broken on the boxes that hold the votes, ballots are missing, and worse.

“Mark Brnovich, the Attorney General of Arizona, will now be forced to look into this unbelievable Election crime. Many Radical Left Democrats and weak Republicans are very worried about the fact that this has been exposed. The DELETION of an entire Database and critical Election files of Maricopa County is unprecedented. Many other States to follow."

The Estonian Fox

David Lacey showing a gun to BLM protesters ON HIS FRONT PORCH on Mar 3, 2020.
"He was protecting his wife and family from protesters the night of the incident. This diversion allows David to avoid the risks of a jury trial. We are happy the judge and the attorney general agreed diversion was appropriate.”

Melina Abdullah, the lead organizer of Black Lives Matter’s L.A. chapter who was listed as one of the victims of the complaint, spoke out against diversion at a hearing last month. According to the L.A. Daily News, Abdullah told the judge the incident “was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life”.

What was in her mind that told her it was OK to invade a homeowner's property, with a bunch of like-minded peaceful protesters?

Bill Tozer

Morning chuckle. Sad but fun.

“I demand proof that intelligent life exists within the Biden administration.”

“If such proof is forthcoming, I demand proof that the AP is a bona fide news organization.”

“AP stated we must not focus on property destruction it is only the underlying grievance that matters!”



Got to love real journalists like Mr. Andy Ngo.


Bill.. AP is full of denials.

"The Associated Press (AP) denied any knowledge that Jala Tower, the building housing its offices in Gaza, was also shared by Hamas terrorists, as claimed by the Israeli military and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after the office block was bombed on Saturday."

Bill Tozer

Good morning Walt.
Yep, it is eyebrow raising to witness going from being energy independent for the first time in 50 years to gas lines in just four months. Now John Kerry has come out and stated that pipelines are good for the environment, ROFLMAO. Mercy.

‘Joe Biden is proving even more of a ‘master of disaster’ than Jimmy Carter’

“It’s stunning how much success Biden has managed to reverse in not even four months. With long lines at the pump, slowing growth and rising inflation, it’s looking like the Jimmy Carter era — except that it took Carter years to produce the disasters that this president has fostered in scant months.”


No wonder the Dems are obsessed with Trump and racism. It’s the ONLY arrows they have in their quiver. That, and their number one issue; late term abortion on demand, no questions asked.


I miss cheaper gas, peace in the Middle East, Iran kept in check, no chaos at the southern border, low inflation, the highest employment rate for women, blacks, minorities, high school dropouts, manufacturing jobs returning from overseas, and mean tweets. Poof, like magic, all disappeared in just 4 months.

The Estonian Fox

Seems that the AP was unappreciative.

When was the last time that the bombers, while attacking, gave an hour's notice to the bombees?

Oh, that's right, I forgot. My bad. Paul Tibbets radioed Tojo at 7:40 AM Hiroshima time on Aug 6, 1945. Evidently, Paul didn't yet know about the one-hour rule. Satellite reception wasn't real good.


And Mr. FOX.. The Japanese were 5 minutes early.....


Yes,,, this sums it up quit well.
"Graham: ‘Everything Biden Is Touching Is Going to Crap’ — ‘There Is a Piling on Effect All Over the World’"

Maybe Emery can find some great accomplishment that actually was good for America?(🤣🙄)

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 9:14 am

Silly Walt. Empty Emery finds that kind of stuff boring and of little interest to him. The only thing that Empty Eeeeeeeeemeryyy finds of import is Trump Derangement Syndrome and pot. All other topics are boring, boring, boring to him. Other topics do not prick his curiosity.
Too bad “Hands up, don’t shoot” never happened or was uttered. Don’t matter anyhow, I reckon.

‘Democratic Rep. Cori Bush praises BLM activist who called for death of cops and popularized the 'Fry 'em like bacon' chant’


I just don’t get it. All the Dems and Squad members are decrying the death of brown people (Arabs) in Israel and Gaza. Both Hebrews and Arabs are citizens of Israel and both look like brown people to me. In fact, one cannot tell the difference is skin color of the average person on the street in Israel between Jew and Arab. They all look alike in skin color, basically. In fact, the only way to tell the difference is by attire. Yes, the Orthodox Jews stand out, but that is only because of the hair style, hats, and attire they don, not their skin color. To me, they are all ‘persons of brown color’. But, what do I know?

Bill Tozer

John Solomon:

‘How the COVID lab leak theory went from panned to seriously considered’

New House GOP intelligence report lays out "overwhelming circumstantial evidence" virus leaked from Wuhan lab conducting U.S.-backed research into bat coronaviruses that has been linked to gain-of-function studies.


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