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17 May 2021


The Estonian Fox

For the last 5 years, I've shown a graph of oxygen & CO2 levels vs time, during a dino talk that I give to local 7th graders. The present CO2 levels are the LOWEST they have been for the last 550 million years. Even Uncle Joey B isn't that old.

I'm more worried about the O2 level - it has been monotonically decreasing from 26% (40MYA) to the present atmospheric level of 21%. I've yet to find a good reason for that. If that keeps up, I won't have enough breathable O2 in another 80 MY or so.

And as far as Crichton is concerned - how can you trust someone who lets AI run amok (Westworld); an alien virus run amok (Andromeda Strain); and cloned dinos throwing their DNA around willy-nilly and running amok?

Don Bessee

Yet creepy grampa joe and whats her name & co. just love the chi coms and believe them! -




we're about a year into a grand solar minimum predicted by valentina zharkova.

anyone watching the falling temps?



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